kcina freenode staff direct me to this channel to ask for cloak for my bot for #ubuntu-indonesia, is this the right thing to do?04:27
m4vkcin: if you want a ubuntu bot cloak, yes. But the IRCC has to approve it first.04:32
m4velky, topyli, jussi: ping ^ (I can't remember which ones are GC)04:33
Unit193IRC Council ¿ IRCC04:33
m4vkcin: IRC Council04:34
m4vkcin: anyway, what does the bot do and why should it have a ubuntu bot cloak? also, take a look in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Cloaks04:36
kcinIt just an helper bot for search, and querying http://apt-web.dahsy.at/ among other things.04:38
kcinwe also have an active local forum here -> http://ubuntu-indonesia.com/04:40
bkerensa;) We have a guy spamming everyone in #ubuntu-motu via pm09:51
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Unit193Howdy Andy80, how may we help you?22:41
Andy80This is my LP profile https://launchpad.net/~andreagrandi and I've been added to "Ubuntu Members" already. Who do I have to ping to have the "ubuntu/member/andy80" cloak activated? Thanks :)22:42
k1l_jussi: jussi01  tsimpson elky  topyli   (just some IRCC cloak highlight)22:43
Unit193...That would do it :P22:43
Andy80oh jussy! I met him during last "ubuntu global jam" here in Italy :) I'll ping him then22:44
k1l_Andy80: they are already pinged. just wait some time. they are not online 24/722:45
Andy80k1l_: oh thank you so much :)22:46

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