akgranerHere's another great leadership site - thought I'd share - http://www.lisapetrilli.com/01:15
ashamsBookmarked :-)01:27
Cheeseheadakgraner: Sorry for delay in responding. Busy day.01:38
CheeseheadFirst three months of IRC sessions are arranged, I've just been quite slow at sending round a final e-mail to the trainers, and then publishing the schedule. Not hard, just very busy past couple weeks01:40
Cheeseheadphilipballew: I wasn't around when you pinged last, but I'm briefly around now.01:41
CheeseheadSorry I missed you01:41
philipballewits all good. I am here to.01:41
philipballewyou got a sec for a pm?01:41
akgranerno worries - I was just curious :-)01:42
akgranerI understand busy  - my new job is keeping me busy that's for sure01:42
philipballewwhat kinda job did you get akgraner ?01:49
akgranerUser Experience and Community Specialist with Linaro01:51
ashamsCool, congrats :)01:52
akgranerThanks!  That's why I haven't been around a lot - still settling in01:53
akgranerbut it will all level out soon I am sure :-)01:54
CheeseheadI had wondered why Linaro began popping up more often in your feeds...02:10
akgranerthe have an Ubuntu build as well so it all goes hand in hand really05:36
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