[01:19] I have used a poster from spreadubuntu (http://spreadubuntu.org/en/material/poster/ubuntu-uk-installfests) and modified it for my needs. I was going to upload it back and credit the author but it states it was submitted by Anonymouse and the comments don't appear translatable by google translate. [01:19] Should I just suggest the original author is anonymous or is there something else I can do (I don't really know much about licensing so don't want to get in any hot water) [01:23] Just link to that url [01:27] elky: cheers. [01:29] On the topic of licensing, the loco logo, is there anything special with that or is it considered public domain as it's a team logo? [01:55] head_victim, the svg metadata seems to say public domain, but ask cafuego for clarification [01:55] (cafuego made it)