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Resistanceanyone here know how to get a wordpress blog onto planet.ubuntu.com?01:38
Resistancethought i'd ask whilst i hunt down people on the regional board who approved my membership01:39
micahgResistance: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlanetUbuntu01:44
Resistancemicahg:  yeah, but i have some questions ;P01:44
Resistancewhats a 'hackergotchi', and is there any special config i have to do within wordpress to make it work?01:45
* micahg is unfamiliar with the reference01:45
Resistancecan it be changed at a later date once uploaded?01:46
Resistance(i.e. if i change my image, so to speak)01:46
* micahg should probably set up a blog after 2 yrs :)01:46
Resistancemicahg:  lo01:46
psusiis there a bzr version of git rebase?01:50
psusithere some special package you have to install to get that?01:52
lifelessI believe its in 'bzr-rewrite01:53
psusiahh, there we go01:53
Resistancelifeless:  could i just use a smaller version of the launchpad avatar/image I iuse?02:42
Resistancefor the hackergotchi02:42
brodertumbleweed: git repository should show up at git://git.debian.org/~ebroder-guest/freeimage.git some time within the next 6 hours03:04
thedude_Just out of curiousity03:24
thedude_is there a formal way of suggesting my launchpad packages to be added to universe?03:25
broderthedude_: if your packages aren't specific to ubuntu, we really, really prefer that new packages come to universe through debian03:36
broderhttp://mentors.debian.net/ is a good place to start03:36
thedude_ah that makes sense03:38
JackyAlcineHey, I'm writing a debian/control file, is there a way for an app's dependencies to be automatically loaded into the Builds-Depends field?05:34
JackyAlcineI'm using CMake for building.05:34
broderJackyAlcine: you could probably do it, but that sort of thing is really strongly discouraged, because it creates the possibility of build-dependencies changing without explicit action changing them05:37
broder(which can affect otherwise unchanged rebuilds or security builds or any other type of builds)05:37
JackyAlcineI'll stick to standards then, and I see why that'd be discouraged.05:37
JackyAlcineThanks, broder05:37
broderthe debian ftpmasters will automatically reject any package whose build-deps are dynamically generated05:37
brodernp :)05:37
broder(the second item in the table at http://ftp-master.debian.org/REJECT-FAQ.html - it's talking about a misguided option in cdbs specifically, but is more generally applicable)05:38
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dholbachgood morning08:10
ApOgEEhi, I'm having problem with devel package. if I want to install devel package from source, which file should I copy to where?08:53
tumbleweedbroder: knew it'd be rejected. I'll add an override12:48
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brodertumbleweed: thanks - i didn't realize embedded-library was on the autoreject list. looks like it's built on everything, so i'll go ahead and sync it15:26
broder(once lp picks it up)15:26
tumbleweedbroder: did you see the bug requesting a patch for the next libpng? :)15:29
broderthe lp bug?15:29
broderoh, no. i thought i only saw one debian bug15:30
tumbleweedoh, also, your tags were the wrong type. Turned them into annotated tags15:30
broderthat was what git-import-dsc created15:30
broder(i thought it was weird too)15:31
broderanyway, getting that update pulled together was scarring enough that i really, really have no interest in adopting the package :-P15:31
* Laney receives a terrifying email from lp-udd15:53
Laneyseems the librarian is broken ...15:53
tumbleweedsoren was making noises about it in #launchpad15:56
Laneyso i saw15:56
tumbleweedand I'm also getting rude e-mails from scripts15:56
tumbleweedLaney: it didn't bump the stamp, did it?15:57
Laneyyeah but i rolled it back15:57
Laneyit also managed to get a few uploads15:57
tumbleweedok, we should make it not do that15:57
Laneymore than n fails -> abort15:57
tumbleweedprobably better go for a window15:58
tumbleweedmore than n fails from m entries15:58
Laneysounds ok15:58
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psusiquilt mail says it needs you to install "formail" but I can find no such package.  what do I need to be able to mail quilt patches?16:59
Laneyformail is in the procmail package17:00
psusiahh... apt-cache search wasn't turning that up...17:01
cjwatsonpsusi: for looking for files, you need apt-file rather than apt-cache17:05
cjwatsonor you can just run the command and let command-not-found tell you :-)17:05
psusiso quilt mail doesn't seem to understand DEP-3 headers... it puls the subject line and discards the rest.  Any workaround for that?18:10
jtaylorput the tags below the subject18:10
psusijtaylor: eh?  they are18:11
jtaylorwith a empty line between tags and subject18:12
psusithen that's not DEP-3 ;)18:12
psusisigh... but I guess I'll just have to manually go add the blank lines to all of these patches then18:13
jtaylorits the best possible currently18:13
jtaylorhow many patches have you got oo18:14
psusigot it done already, wasn't that bad18:21
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ockham_i'm currently trying to switch unity-lens-bliss from autotools to distutils.22:03
ockham_i'm not exactly a distutils guru, so i was wondering what's the proper way to substitute vars (as is otherwise done by autotools)22:04
ockham_can someone give me a hint on how to do that?22:05
ockham_tumbleweed: ^^22:10
ockham_( see lp:~ockham-razor/unity-lens-bliss/distutils )22:11
tumbleweedockham_: it doesn't have a concept of substitude vars22:15
tumbleweedockham_: however it's python, so you can do anything you want22:15
ockham_tumbleweed: i found distutils.util.subst_vars22:15
ockham_tumbleweed: could be useful22:15
tumbleweedwhy do you need them?22:16
ockham_tumbleweed: isn't that for, well, variable substitution? -- upstream's currently doing that --via autotools22:18
tumbleweedockham_: those are very simple substutions, you can easily do them yourself (if distutils.util.subst_vars doesn't do what you want, haven't heard of it or looked at it)22:20
oxulloGreetings, everybody. Got a noob launchpad question. I just fixed the issues described here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libavg/+bug/899183 and I'm wondering if I simply have to upload again the files (logs, debian.tar.gz, dsc, source.changes) or there is another custom in such cases (like bumping ubuntu revision leaving the previous as UNRELEASED). Thanks in advance22:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 899183 in libavg (Ubuntu) "Please upgrade to libavg v1.7.0" [Wishlist,Incomplete]22:30
broderoxullo: you definitely don't bump the version number - you don't need to do that until after that version has been uploaded to the ubuntu archive22:33
broderoxullo: and you shouldn't need to upload all of those files - at most, the .dsc and .debian.tar.gz22:33
broderand .dsc isn't all that important, really22:34
oxullobroder: pdebuild session log for convenience? so I basically overwrite the old ones22:34
broderoxullo: i wouldn't bother. anybody sponsoring will test the build themselves before uploading22:34
oxullobroder: alright. Thank you!22:35
oxullobroder: one last question, if I may.. Should I change anything on the state of the bug or just upload and brief comment? the potential sponsor is subscribed..22:37
broderoxullo: make sure ubuntu-sponsors is subscribed (i usually unsubscribe them when i don't think something is ready to be sponsored, but andrew didn't), and change the status to something other than incomplete - probably confirmed22:39
oxullobroder: I subscribed ubuntu-sponsors when I uploaded the first set of files, it's still there. Ok, thank you very much again!22:41
pcprattshi, I am making my own .deb;  installation works fine with dpkg -i but now I am trying to use apt-get23:45
pcprattsit seems that when I update reprepro it is using a cached copy of the deb23:46
pcprattsfor my development I need to be able to quickly update the apt repository with the same package version number23:46
tumbleweedpcpratts: you don't need to, or want to, use the same version number. You only think so.23:47
pcprattstumbleweed.  but this package isn't being released23:48
pcprattstumbleweed: I am working on releasing the package.  I am debugging the installer23:48
tumbleweedso, put a .1 and the end and increment it continuously23:48
tumbleweedor stop using reprepro23:48
pcprattstumbleweed: okay so I guess you are saying I will be fighting alot if I do it my way.  okay.  I will increment the number. thanks23:49
EvilResistanceanyone got any idea when lp's librarian is going to be back up and running?23:50
broderEvilResistance: i'd pay attention to #launchpad23:50
EvilResistanceuntil then the package publishers are down :/23:50
tumbleweedif you want an easy archive that doesn't require you to increment versions, just use dpkg-scanpackages23:50
EvilResistancebroder:  was curious if the motu's knew anything that #launchpad wasnt telling normal users :P23:50
tumbleweedbut for debugging, you shouldn't need ot be usin gapt23:50
tumbleweedEvilResistance: naah, there's no secret channel23:51
broderEvilResistance: MOTUs basically never know anything about LP that #launchpad doesn't tell us23:51
ockham_tumbleweed: would you mind taking a look at lp:~ockham-razor/unity-lens-bliss/distutils ?23:51
EvilResistancei take it, though, with the publisher offline, its screwing up things for the alphas?23:51
EvilResistanceprecise alphas*23:51
tumbleweedbroder: although, we can see crash bugs, which non-ubuntu-devs can't23:51
broderwhat do you mean? alpha 1 has already been released. the next alpha isn't for a while23:51
tumbleweedthat's about it23:51
EvilResistancebroder:  they said that with the publisher(s) down that it affects the Ubuntu repos for new packages, so i was curious and asked :P23:52
pcprattstumbleweed: my package works perfectly with dpkg.  but now I am debugging upgrading packages with apt23:53
tumbleweedpcpratts: what are you doing that makes it not work with apt?23:53
cjwatsonEvilResistance: shouldn't be desperately long, I wouldn't worry about it23:53
pcprattstumbleweed: eh, not sure yet.  :)23:53
cjwatsonhours not days23:53
tumbleweedpcpratts: dpkg-scanpackages makes an archive that apt can use (it's flat, doesn't have pools)23:53
EvilResistancecjwatson:  since my pbuilder environment decided to explode, i'm kind of impatient ;P23:54
EvilResistancecjwatson:  okay, so, say, before midnight (approx 5 hours)?23:54
pcprattstumbleweed: okay, I'll look into that23:54
cjwatsonEvilResistance: dunno, I'm guessing based on what sysadmins are saying, I wouldn't like to give a deadline for fear I'd be holding them to it23:54
EvilResistanceokay then.23:55
* EvilResistance impatiently waits for LP to fix the problem23:55
cjwatsonI don't particularly want to hassle them since it's clearly been a pretty stressful day in sysadmin land23:55
tumbleweedockham_: there is'nt a debian directory23:56
cjwatsonthe publisher is down to avoid causing further havoc, basically23:56
EvilResistancecjwatson:  what about the builders?23:56
EvilResistancea few hours ago all the amd64 virtual builders showed as disabled23:56
cjwatsonbuilders are still running23:56
ockham_tumbleweed: um, yeah. i was asking about my autotools -> distutils conversion for now...23:56
EvilResistanceas did the un-used i386 builders23:56
cjwatsonthat's something different23:56
EvilResistancecjwatson:  they're the PPA builders23:56
EvilResistancethat's the issue :/23:56
cjwatsonyes I know23:56
tumbleweedockham_: you probably don't want to install the python bits as data_files, but as a module23:57
cjwatsonnot sure what that's about; I suppose it could be connected to librarian breakage, as that takes out a very large swathe of Launchpad23:57
cjwatsonlots of builders being down does tend to trigger alerts, so it won't be forgotten23:57
ockham_tumbleweed: yeah, i basically copied from other lenses. is there a more elegant way for /etc stuff, btw?23:57
tumbleweedockham_: in fact, I wouldn't try to put stuff into /etc wit hthe setup.py either23:57
cjwatsontomorrow should be a better day :-)23:57
tumbleweedsome things are more cleanly done with dh_install23:58
tumbleweed(you'd expect setup.py install to do something sane in a virtualenv)23:58
ockham_tumbleweed: i was meaning to keep setup.py usable for upstream, so i figured i needed to take care of /etc stuff23:59
tumbleweedockham_: oh, and import * is very poor style23:59

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