ApOgEEmorning all02:02
sweemenghi ApOgEE 02:03
sweemenginteresting stuff of the day02:03
sweemengafter kepler-22b02:04
ApOgEEsweemeng: yes interesting02:21
sweemengin the future we are header, we don't need a desktop!!!!!!02:21
sweemengin the future we are heading, we don't need a desktop environment!!!!!!02:22
sweemengand it will not be emacs02:22
ApOgEEwhat a coincidence... i was looking at creating firefox xpi few hours ago02:24
ApOgEEreading thru and getting to know XUL02:26
ApOgEEperhaps, there is something I have to do about it... but I haven't got any idea yet...02:28
sweemengthese api is for webapp, not plugin02:29
ApOgEEindeed, but it relates in sense of browsing experience02:29
ApOgEEsomething in my brain... about getting something more, out of ordinary web experience... but I couldn't pull it out yet02:31
sweemenghave other project02:32
sweemengotherwise, i am to write some classic game for this02:32
ApOgEEheheh.. is it possible to integrate 3D game on the API?02:33
ApOgEEor perhaps, 2D game with 3D experience02:34
ApOgEEsweemeng: I feel very happy this morning, since I could download 2GB torrent, completed in less than 2 minutes02:36
sweemengApOgEE, webgl02:36
sweemengit is a 3d for use in browser02:37
sweemengvia javascript02:37
ApOgEEi don't know if it is because of the seeds... or my internet speed02:37
ApOgEEbut this is awesome02:37
sweemenghard to say mate02:37
sweemenghard to say02:37
ApOgEEI don't know if you like this stuff, kinda 'fanboy' stuff... LOL02:38
ApOgEEsweemeng: from an article I just read... Linux: quite a large number of Linux graphics drivers are, sadly, not good enough to work with WebGL.02:41
sweemengand that too02:41
* sweemeng just got a machine running optimus02:41
* sweemeng wonder02:41
sweemenghave to drop hacking on cuda 02:43
sweemengfor other project02:43
ApOgEEwhat is your current project?02:43
sweemengscraping part of these guys02:43
ApOgEEhmm... nice02:44
ApOgEEopen data... what is actually the output format?02:45
sweemengdoesn't matter02:45
sweemengcurrently we go for json02:45
ApOgEEcould it be anything I like? json, xml, etc02:45
ApOgEEwhere to submit the data? on my own server?02:46
sweemengand we have to scrape02:46
sweemengkaeru is creating a server02:46
sweemengyou can host it yourself first02:46
ApOgEEI see... so then, the data can be use by mobile apps and whatnot02:47
sweemengApOgEE, thats the whole idea02:47
sweemengthis is the place holder of the catalog02:47
sweemengonce server up02:47
sweemengi put a full catalog there02:47
sweemengthen also host data or what not02:47
ApOgEEI'm interested to work on one... looking after some collection of useful data to scrape... heheh02:48
sweemengApOgEE, those are processed one02:49
sweemengApOgEE, didn't have a data list yet02:49
ApOgEEsweemeng: it is legal to republish the scraped data right?02:49
sweemengbecause it depends apparently kaeru have asked during oscc days02:49
sweemengit is public domain02:49
ApOgEEI'm afraid that IC list could be sensitive... 02:50
ApOgEEisn't it?02:50
sweemengpersonally identifying information is sensitive02:50
sweemengbecause of privacy02:50
ApOgEEthen, if we can scrape it even from public domain, and put it on the list... we may have some trouble02:51
sweemengbut if it is stuff like company information, then the board member information is public02:52
sweemengjust saying02:52
ApOgEEIf it wouldn't cost any legal issue, I'm looking after scraping free mp3 download links... hahahaha...02:52
ApOgEElist it by genre, country of origin.... perhaps, list of malaysian songs would be priceless...02:54
sweemengyang lanun lanun jangan la02:54
ApOgEEand then, KDN will search me and give me some trouble02:54
sweemengwe are focus on govt information anyway02:55
ApOgEEgov info... hmm... i don't really have any interest in that. and couldn't think about why others are so interested in that. since they are not interested in me either... lol02:56
sweemengthe big idea is http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/10/data-new-york-city.html02:58
sweemenguse it for something we can use02:58
ApOgEEsweemeng: sometimes we have to be carefull with transparency propaganda...03:00
sweemengthen we need comparative data03:00
sweemengwe start with one side03:00
sweemengthen go another side03:00
sweemengit is non partisan 03:00
sweemengand there is a part to get user to submit it03:01
ApOgEEeven it is non partisan, i still kept secret of some sensitive raw data on data monitoring i did, because some sensors faulty will cause people panic.... lol03:03
ApOgEEthey want to know it like making everything transparency... when they knew, they got panic...03:04
sweemengApOgEE, so be it03:06
sweemengthere is stuff that we kept secret03:06
sweemenglike i am not going to go out tell how much money i have03:06
ApOgEEthat's why they said.. 'the truth is bitter'03:06
sweemengbut there si stuff from the administration by the big g or even the opposition state need to be transparent03:07
* sweemeng don't trust anyone03:07
ApOgEEyeah, that's okay03:07
* ApOgEE either03:07
sweemengso put everything out03:08
sweemengsee how it goes03:08
sweemengat least we wouldn't hearing stupid stuff quoted by citizen 03:08
ApOgEEhmmm... i don't have any idea yet on what kind of data should be interesting in that subject03:09
sweemengApOgEE, one thing i really really want to do03:09
sweemengnon critical issue reporting03:10
sweemengso that everybody can pressure local authority to finally fix the potholes03:11
ApOgEEeven thou it looks 'Mars' or 'Zargus' to me at the moment, I can see some good things nearby03:12
* sweemeng meanwhile trying to do something03:12
sweemeng3 more week till leaving this office03:13
sweemengmore like 18 working days03:13
ApOgEEoh wow... where are you going?03:13
sweemengno where03:13
sweemengattempt to be independent while i still can03:13
sweemengi.e single not married03:13
sweemengno kids haha03:13
ApOgEEI'm jealous ... X\03:15

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