sauc1ergot a setup q:23:13
sauc1erI am in the process of building a home server (VM, smb, etc...). It is *buntu based and I want to setup a barebone system (thinking of a zotac nano box) as front end. Is it better to integrate the backend into the existing server or would it be better to buy another box with an mITX board and install the tv card in there.23:13
sauc1erTo break it down: Run the "backend" locally on the HTPC and use existing home server as NAS or get a barebone and use just as frontend23:13
dekarlif you keep the "existing server" running 24/7 anyway its easiest to just put some DVB cards and disks into it. You can the netboot your frontend from there23:23
dekarlthe devs will hint at using a real CPU with good performance/power ratio instead of crippled stuff like Atom, etc.23:25

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