hadsG: Here01:08
Ghads: ohhh good news :)01:24
Ghads: when you've added it all up just let me know and I'll put the payment in asap01:30
ojwbanyone got any good suggestions for something easy and fairly cheaper for monitoring temperature and humidity in a greenhouse (and ideally outside too while I'm at it)01:32
ojwbideally without too much hardware hackery as that'll delay it actually happening a lot01:32
hadsWIthout hardware hackery your best bet would be an off the shelf weather station thingy.01:32
ojwbi wondered if that might be the case01:33
Gojwb: I seem to recall Jaycar have some nice modular ones, no idea how good etc they are01:33
ojwbdoesn't need to be all that precise, nearest degree should be fine01:34
hadsI have loads of different options for sensing temerature here, but all require some hackery.01:35
hadsHackery and weather proofing.01:36
ojwbthe weather stations seem quite plausible in price and function, assuming I can get a sane data feed out of them01:37
Gmost o fthe weather stations seem to be closed box solutions, hmmm01:37
hadsData feed = more $01:37
GEtherten w/ a couple of Temp/etc sensors would be fun, but hackery/etc01:38
* ojwb knows karora brought one back from the US or somewhere and got it talking to linux, but I think that was rather higher end01:38
hadsYeah, the EtherTen is the way I would go. Will have easy to use little temp sensor modules in the next day or two.01:40
ojwbhads: any idea of likely NZ prices?01:42
Ghads: the second one looks neat except for one thing.... blue LED01:42
ojwbcomms and power over ethernet should significantly reduce the amount of hackery required01:43
ojwband I think I can remember which end of a soldering iron to hold01:43
hadsG: Screwdriver will take care of the LED :)01:43
Ghads: haha01:44
hadsojwb: Let me finish what I'm doing and I'll work out the prices.01:44
ojwb-4 to +125 C is a little tight on the lower end for this application01:44
GThe EtherMega's look neat, but I don't really have a need for Ethernet for my project01:44
ojwbon the combo one01:45
karoraojwb: It was a Davis Instruments.01:45
hadsojwb: The DS18B20 should have a better range.01:47
karoraAnything with a decent rain gauge costs significant money.  The Davis is at the cheap end for full function weather stations, though there are some Oregon Scientific or La Crosse which cost fewer $$$ per weather station - you will just find that they don't last as well.01:47
hadsojwb: -55 to +125°C01:47
ojwbhads: yeah, but that doesn't get humidity, so you need to choose between them01:47
ojwbor buy both01:48
karoraI had a friend who bought a wireless weather station (rain, wind, temperature, humidity, barometer) for around $220 which connected to his computer via serial.01:48
karoraThe rain gauge had a capture area of about 10 cm2 - not really enough.01:48
ojwbi think rain fall isn't so interesting for me01:48
ojwbit's NZ, I know it rains a lot01:48
karoraWell, you know it's windy too.01:49
ojwbindeed - mostly I want to know if the greenhouse is too hot or too cold01:49
karoraIf you just want temperature / humidity / barometer I can sell you my old La Crosse.01:49
ojwbif the readings stop, that'll tell me if it's too windy and it has blown away01:50
karoraIt has a serial port interface which I used with a USB Serial.01:50
ojwbgot a link to the specs?01:50
karoraAnd it's well understood by Linux.01:50
Ghads: there is a cable missing no?01:51
hadsG: There is?01:52
Ghads: shouldn't there be a 3rd 7.5m?01:53
hadsOh dear, that day was a bad day, that's the third thing I messed up for you.01:54
hadsWas confused by the purple fiasco and didn't order a third.01:54
hadsI did order a 15M if that would suit? Or I have a blue 5M?01:55
Gyeah, that was my fault, I assumed they were common lengths in all colours etc, let me just check something01:55
GI might take the 15M, let me just check how long the cable to my HDHomeRun is01:56
karoraojwb: I think it's a WS3510.  I also have a WS3502 but the anemometer needs replacement.01:56
Ghads: yeah okay, bill me for the 15m, I'll use the 10m cable the HDHomeRun has instead of the 3rd 7.5m, and the extra 5m can be coiled out of the way for the HomeRun01:58
Ghads: replied!02:10
Ghads: thanks, and sorry for been such a pain02:10
hadsNot a pain at all.02:11
ibeardsleethose the gold plated super thick HDMI cables? ;)02:20
ajmitchthe ones that deliver a superior digital experience? :)02:22
Gibeardslee: you mean those $200+ Monster cables? I take great pleasure in telling sales people that they aren't going to fool me on that sorta stuff :P02:24
ibeardsleeI think one day I might lead someone on with that and then as they are ringing it up say .. actually I'll take one of these $15 jobbies02:27
ajmitchwhat a way to crush their hopes02:29

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