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rickspencer3hey pitti, jibel09:25
rickspencer3https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/ :,(09:26
jibelrickspencer3, there is a problem with jenkins09:26
jibeli.e not with the images. the slaves didn't restart this morning09:27
jibelpitti, rickspencer3 jenkins is back.09:33
jibelI'll trigger all the jobs09:33
rickspencer3thanks jibel09:33
rickspencer3did you find the problem?09:33
pittijibel: merci beaucoup09:34
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tumbleweedcan someone plesae process archive-admin sync requests?11:20
cjwatsonI did yesterday, but there were a few I shelved until I could think about them properly; is there something you care about particularly?11:23
tumbleweedah, I thought they'd been piling up, because I hadn't seen one I approved go through11:25
cjwatsonprocessing that one now11:34
tumbleweedsorry, should have said, yes, thanks11:35
mvofwiw, I uploaded release-upgrader-{apt,python-apt} to lucid-proposed now, the libs/release-upgrader-python-apt packages are co-installable with the apt/python-apt on lucid and it will not affect the regular system in any way. a updated update-manager is ready too and can land once this is availalbe in -proposed. I tested the upgrade with my PPA (that has the packages too) and its working there13:56
infinitymvo: Shiny.14:23
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skaetmvo,  :)15:13

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