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FableflameHello, I'm new here.06:44
alouriegood morning08:41
jibelgood morning08:56
jibelmvo, just to avoid overlap, I'm investigating the lts-server upgrade failure08:56
jibeland will file a bug08:56
FableflameWhat's up?09:10
brendandgema - if we create wiki pages to cover the work we do for the QA tasks, should they go under QATeam on the Ubuntu wiki?09:12
mvojibel: thanks09:24
FableflameSo how complicated is it, helping ubuntu-testing?09:28
brendandFableflame - it depends what you want to do09:29
brendandFableflame - do you already participate in ISO testing?09:29
Fableflamebrendand, No, I've kind of just gained interest in helping out.09:48
Fableflamebrendand, welcome back09:55
Fableflamebrendand, you having connection issues?10:11
brendandFableflame - i'm alright, just flicking between systems10:11
FableflameSo, how complicated is ISO testing?10:25
brendandFableflame - ISO testing is straightforward10:27
brendandFableflame - It's only done at certain release points though. Alpha 1 was just finished last week10:27
FableflameThen what about testing daily builds? That's smoke testing, right?10:28
brendandFableflame - technically, no10:43
brendandFableflame - you can test the daily images if you like, but have you seen the mail on the ubuntu-qa mailing list?10:44
FableflameNo, I haven't joined any mailing lists yet.10:44
brendandFableflame - ok. https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-qa10:45
FableflameI just decided that I wanted to be a part of this a couple of hours ago10:45
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FableflameLooking at the last message that was posted, I don't know if there is anything there that I can do.10:57
FableflameMaybe I should re-read it10:58
brendandFableflame - next ISO testing is the start of February11:02
brendandFableflame - if you have a spare system you can run alpha1 on and keep updating, then report bugs if you find issues11:02
Fableflamebrendand, using it on my main system actually won't be a problem, I don't use it for anything important, really.11:03
brendandFableflame - ok. bear in mind it can be unstable (hopefully not but no guarantees)11:05
Fableflamebrendand, will do. The only thing I use this laptop for is facebook and email. I keep windows on my desktop for Steam.11:09
Fableflamebrendand, also when I install the alpha1, should I just stick to using the apps that come with it, or should I install the apps that I normally use? Like I use Gnome3 instead of Unity on this install.11:11
brendandFableflame - to be honest, unity bugs will be much more useful than gnome-shell bugs, but who am I to tell you what to use11:12
Fableflamebrendand, that's kind of what I was thinking, what with everybody constantly complaining about Unity. I don't dislike it, I just prefer Gnome.11:12
Fableflamebut I can stick with Unity for testing's sake11:13
Fableflamebrendand, has anybody gotten back to you about testing apt yet? Because that sounds like something simple enough that I could handle.11:22
brendandFableflame - well, this is more in the context of testing it automatically on a regular basis. i wouldn't imagine it would be worth someone doing manually with every build11:23
Fableflamebrendand, oh. You'll have to forgive me. I'm hoping this gets easier the longer I'm around.11:24
FableflameI've never contributed to a project like this before11:25
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FableflameIs 12.04 supposed to look exactly like 11.10 at this point? The background on the log in screen even still says 11.10.12:45
patdk-wkI don't think that stuff changes till beta13:19
jibelFableflame, that is bug 89239413:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 892394 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu Precise) (and 2 other projects) "Greeter logo needs to be updated for 12.04 (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89239413:21
Fableflamejibel, oh okay13:26
Fableflamejibel, yeah, thanks.13:28
FableflameI need to make a launchpad account13:28
FableflameSo once I'm all registered with Launchpad, should I start doing Test Cases?14:20
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alouriehello again15:27
stgraberskaet, jibel, Daviey, utlemming: Working API to push results to the ISO tracker, just replace my login by yours and blablabla by the API key you set in User profile: http://paste.ubuntu.com/761764/16:21
utlemmingstgraber: awesome, thank you kindly16:22
stgraberI'd suggest setting up separate accounts (local drupal accounts) for thins like Jenkins (like we have for our ubuntu-cdimage account)16:22
stgraberAPI currently only allows pushing results, I'm finishing testing the one for updates, listing results and removing results16:22
skaetstgraber: *\o/*  thanks!!!16:22
* skaet starts to look forward to seeing the results showing up16:23
jibelcongrats stgraber that's great16:23
stgraberdoh, just noticed I missed something kind of important in the API, linking bugs ...16:24
alouriedoes this mean possibly external apps for tracking?16:24
stgraberwill post an updated python script in a few minutes with the updated API call (I'll add bugs and critical_bugs, both being lists of ints)16:24
alouries/tracking/iso testing/ ?16:24
stgraberjibel, utlemming, Daviey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/761775/16:29
stgraberupdated to include an extra "bugs" parameter which is a dictionary of bugnumber (bugnumber string) => bugimportance (0 = regular, 1 = critical)16:29
stgraberalourie: yep, with the API you can do most of what's available on the website (at least once it's complete), so the initial use is for automated testing, but someone could also have checkbox or something else push results directly16:35
alouriestgraber: I thought actually about, maybe, more "single-task" applet, such as application with indicator. A participant would get, say, notification "There's a test available for you. Would you mind running it?", then person says yes, runs the test according to instructions, and reports the result right there.16:44
alourieno website, login each time, etc16:45
stgraberalourie: definitely doable, would just need to export the subscriptions API too so the indicator can query what the user subscribed too, the rest is already possible with the current API17:41
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alouriegema: ping21:20
gemaalourie: pong21:23
alouriegema: I may not be able to make the meeting tomorrow21:29
gemaalourie: ok, no worries, I will send a link to the logs to the list21:30
gemaalourie: if you have any update, you can send it to me whenever you can21:30
alourieso I'll read the logs later, and whichever you decide - I'll probably take it offline21:30
gemaalourie: thank you :)21:30
gemaalourie: we won't give you any extra tasks, no worries :D21:31
alouriegema: I have no problems with extra tasks :-)21:38
gemaalourie: haha, no tasks for no present people, that's the rule, you can send any comments/questions/progress on your current tasks to the list21:39
gemaalourie: I am really excited with so many collaborators21:39
alourieit's been awhile since it was like that21:39
alourieit's been quiet area in community QA for some time21:40
alourieI want to PR it now21:40
gemago for it21:40
alourieI am21:41
alourieneed a bit more time21:41
alouriebut I'll get there21:41
gemayep, I feel quite overwhelmed too, but getting there21:41
FableflameHas anyone had the Update Manager freeze up on you?21:41
alourieFableflame: no, not really21:42
gemaFableflame: me neither21:42
FableflameAfter clicking "Install Updates" it just kinda greys out and sits there.21:42
gemaFableflame: which version are you using?21:42
gemaI have been told that A1 has problems with the updates, so maybe you are seeing a version of that problem21:43
gemabut I am not sure, jibel is your man, when he is online, tomorrow21:43
gemaor maybe hggdh has seen it too21:43
FableflameIt just came back, didn't install anything. I tried again and it's doing the same thing O.o21:44
gemasorry I have to leave for today, talk to you tomorrow21:44
FableflameYup, there is already a bug filed. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/89467121:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 894671 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager freezes after initialization (affects: 3) (heat: 31)" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:45
alourieFableflame: I have it crashing a lot, so I do it manually21:45
alouries/it crashing/update manager crashing/21:46
Fableflamethe command for apt is apt-get update, right?21:46
alouriethat will fetch the updates21:47
alourieand then 'upgrade' will actually do the upgrade21:47
roadmrFableflame: usually apt-get update (updates the packages lists), followed by either apt-get upgrade (apply available updates) or apt-get install foo (install just package foo plus its dependencies)21:47
Fableflamethanks guys21:48
alourieyea, what roadmr said :-)21:48
FableflameWhat's foo? Sorry, I'm kind of a noob.21:49
alourieFableflame: it's a generic name for a package, not anything specifiv21:49
Fableflameoh haha21:49
alouriejust an example21:49
alourieyou'll see it  used a lot around code examples21:50
roadmrsorry, should have clarified on that :)21:50
FableflameNo problem. I should probably be a little more informed before I attempt helping out with testing.21:51
roadmrFableflame: all help is appreciated, and nobody was born knowing everything, so asking is ok21:54
Fableflameroadmr, thanks. So far people here seem pretty friendly.21:55
alourieFableflame: well, you've just started. We're going to be much worse later.21:59
alouriedon't worry, just be patient. Sometimes, you won't get answers right away, as noone would be awake to do so.22:00
FableflameI can't seem to find the list of bugs.22:04
FableflameFound it22:08
FableflameAre there no open bugs for Ubuntu Testing Team?22:10
FableflameOr do we just file our bugs with the rest of Ubuntu?22:11
alourieFableflame: what do you mean? filing and triaging bugs are 2 tasks within the QA team.22:14
alourietesting is another task22:14
alourieactually, filing bugs is not just /our/ task, it's everyones'22:15
FableflameSo what do I do if I come across something that doesn't work right?22:15
alouriefile a bug, of course22:15
alourieif you're sure it's a bug22:16
FableflameWhere do I file bugs at? I don't want to accidentally file them in the wrong place.22:24
roadmrFableflame: someone will look at them for triaging after you file them, so it's not too bad if you file them in a wrong place22:26
roadmrFableflame: best way to file a bug is from within ubuntu, open a terminal and type ubuntu-bug package22:27
roadmrFableflame: where package is the one where you found the bug22:27
Fableflameoh ok22:27
roadmrFableflame: for instance ubuntu-bug firefox22:27
roadmrFableflame: if later it turns out that the problem was in Flash rather than in firefox, a triager and/or developer will figure it out and change it22:27
roadmrFableflame: the advantage to using ubuntu-bug is that it adds a bunch of debugging information, such as hardware data, software versions, and so on22:28
Fableflameoh okay22:28
FableflameDo I need to set up my SSH key first? I just finished setting up my PGP.22:29
roadmrFableflame: not necessarily, you can file bugs without having configured the SSH key22:29
Fableflamebrb, gotta reboot22:30

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