ali1234Azelphur: ok i just tried it00:20
ali1234there's a new menu item "previous linux versions"00:20
ali1234select it00:20
ali1234they are in there00:20
Azelphurali1234: oops, guess they changed it, should have paid more attention to that one00:21
Azelphurali1234: happens in both kernels00:29
ali1234try an older one then00:30
Azelphurrighto :p00:31
head_victimGday all, I've adapted a poster from spreadubuntu - http://spreadubuntu.org/en/material/poster/ubuntu-uk-installfests - and was hoping to credit the author when I upload it back with the changes I've made. Anyone know who created that one?01:22
shaunohead_victim, I believe that was AlanBell01:28
head_victimshauno: ahh thanks for that, I'm sure he'll see the ping01:28
shaunoif you'll allow me a little spam ..01:29
shaunohm, the flickr links don't show in my client, sorry if they came thru twice01:29
shauno(or not at all?)01:29
head_victimThey all came up here01:29
head_victimI replaced the meerkats though but bascially just kept the rest of the format01:30
shaunoin retrospect, that seems so obvious that I'm not sure why the meerkat picture struck me as useful :)01:30
head_victimHah it's ok, I found it looking up the details of the poster just before01:31
shaunobut shy of mr bell being awake at this ungodly hour, that's as much use as I can come up with01:31
head_victimTis ok, he'll ping me either here or one of the other hundred channels we share when he wakes.01:31
head_victimIt's only 1130am here so I don't know what you're whinging about though ;) I love timezones.01:31
shaunonot a fan myself.  I think everyone should be on london time.  but last time that came up, people were trying to move london time :/01:32
shauno(and just to ruin the stereotype, I'm not in the UK either)01:32
* Azelphur is just a night lurker \o/01:33
shaunowell yeah, you're just odd01:33
* Azelphur puts a paper boat on shauno's head.01:33
Azelphurslowly narrowing down on the kernel version that broke my laptop, looks like it happened a loooong time ago01:33
shaunoaltho Ireland is on london time too, so that's no excuse for being awake.  just makes me sound less like an imperialist for wishing the whole world to march to the same beat01:33
Azelphurit doesn't happen in 2.6.30 but does happen in 2.6.32, so looks like it was a regression from 2009 \o/01:35
shaunoI'm sure with enough git magic, you could figure out what patch it came in on01:36
shaunoput that mini-farm to some use building them :)01:36
Azelphuryea, still playing "guess the magic number" with kernel versions \o/01:36
Azelphurhaha, don't think you can use GPU's to compile a Linux kernel01:36
Azelphurprobably a job for my PC ;)01:36
Azelphurmight actually bother to fix my clock before I do it, it's got a quad radiator on it it should do 4.5ghz no problem01:37
shaunomaybe not the gpus, but distcc could be worth playing with01:38
AzelphurI doubt sempron 140's are gonna do much in the way of cpu gruntwork :P01:38
shaunomeh, you ruined a whole slew of beowulf cluster jokes by buying amd :/01:52
shaunoReally off-topic, but the bbc's iPad app is neat :)01:55
shaunoIt's like home .. On-demand01:55
shaunoThey need to add more red dwarf series tho01:57
Azelphurshauno: I wish they didn't cancel stargate :(02:03
shaunoI never got into that02:03
shaunowell, I liked the first film.  but the tv series .. eh02:03
AzelphurI watched the whole thing02:03
Azelphur10 odd years of the stuff02:03
Azelphurthen gg cliffhanger byebye02:03
AzelphurP.S. that movie we promised you? Yea not gonna happen. So we're double cliffhangering you. Enjoy!02:04
shaunoI don't really get hung up on TV that much.  I just found the iplayer app comes in handy on weekend shifts02:04
Azelphurhehe, I like to sit down while eating and watch some good TV02:05
shaunounless the corp network has a funny fit and puts me on a UK netblock, which gets icky02:05
Azelphurbut there's less and less scifi around, it's annoying02:05
shaunothe iplayer app deletes all my saved shows and refuses to connect, if I appear to be within the UK02:05
Azelphurthat said maybe sometime soon there will be more free/CC stuff in that area02:05
shaunoand I have a 50/50 chance of appearing to be on verizon or BT, depending where the corp throws me that day02:05
AzelphurRCVR was really cool :D02:05
Azelphurali1234: everything 2.6.30 doesn't appear to have the power glitch, but my keyboard and mouse don't work either \o/02:20
Azelphur2.6.31.1 has the issue02:20
Azelphurnot sure if there's anything between and
ali1234those are further apart then 2.6.31 and 2.6.3002:21
Azelphur2.6.30 has the whole keyboard not working but no power bug either thing02:22
Azelphurtrying 2.6.31 now :)02:22
ali123413 steps to bisect from .30 to .3102:23
Azelphurali1234: 2.6.31-02063101 is broken, 2.6.31-020631 works :D02:30
ali1234you need to clone gregkh tree for that02:33
ali1234that one, actually02:33
ali1234add it as a remote02:33
Azelphurdo I just clone that?02:34
ali1234did you already clone the kernel?02:34
ali1234then yes02:34
ali1234looks like they've moved something02:34
Azelphurfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly02:35
Azelphurwas I supposed to replace the y?02:35
Azelphurthen yea, that error :(02:35
AzelphurI imagine that's gonna take a few hours to download02:39
Azelphurso that'll be my cue to go to sleep and attack it again tomorrow after the download has completed, ty for all your help so far :D02:40
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Thanks Ubuntu Weekly News Team - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/12/06/thanks-ubuntu-weekly-news-team/07:18
AlanBellmorning all07:58
AlanBellhi head_victim o/07:58
imexilwhohooo the new UWN is finally readable again \o/08:07
head_victimAlanBell: gday :) So you laying claim to that or do I credit the anonymous that uploaded it?08:09
bigcalmWhy I'm up this early on my week off I dunno08:12
bigcalmGood morning people :)08:12
AlanBellhead_victim: all mine ;)08:16
AlanBellnot sure why I didn't log in to upload it08:16
head_victimAlanBell: thanks, I'll link you the piece I created from your work08:16
AlanBellgood to see it being useful08:16
head_victimI suck at creativity, give me something I can modify to my needs and I'm happy08:17
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Creating Experience Teams - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/12/06/creating-experience-teams/08:18
head_victimAlanBell: http://spreadubuntu.org/en/material/poster/ubuntu-au-installfest tah dah!08:20
head_victimBasically everything I've ever "created" for our LoCo has come from spreadubuntu08:22
czajkowskibigcalm: you need to find a hobby08:38
bigcalmczajkowski: coding in my spare time?08:39
czajkowskieh no08:41
bigcalmI feel naughty and want a McD's breakfast08:41
* bigcalm starts to defrost the car08:42
smittixMoaning all08:42
smittixbigcalm: You tried the breakfast wraps?08:43
bigcalmsmittix: didn't know they did breakfast wraps. I normally just have me a sausage 'n egg muffin08:53
hoovergood morning all08:54
MooDoosomeone want me?08:57
AlanBellnot sure whether "yes" or "no" is the worse answer to that question09:00
MooDoolol :)09:00
MooDooAlanBell: i saw that someone has said moodoo but couldn't actually see who, will just trawl the logs09:00
AlanBell22:16 < smittix> moodoo!09:01
MooDooAlanBell: ah smittix me ole china, thanks, i did speak to him later on :)09:07
oimonsome swine has been stealing my milkshake from the fridge again :(09:24
daubersoimon: Next time add some smallpox to it, you'll soon find the culprit09:40
oimondaubers: is it fast acting?09:40
DJonesDoes ubuntu work with the MTP proctol? Just wondering about this comment about the Xoom 2 "File transfer is handled solely through the MTP protocol so anyone with a Mac or Linux box is up a gumtree"09:40
oimoni'd rather find the body next to the fridge, carton in hand, rather than not noticing a body in an office09:40
BigRedSDJones: I've seen projects for MTP on Linux, but I've no idea on maturity09:44
DJonesAh well, I'll cross that off my christmas list then09:45
BigRedSDJones: Just get an iPod09:47
oimonit sucks the amount of research you have to do before buying devices09:47
BigRedSOh, wait, that's not just a media player09:47
BigRedSor it is, but it's not just music09:47
DJonesBigRedS: xoom 2 is a full tablet09:47
oimonBigRedS was joking about the ipod (i hope)09:48
oimonhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=981774 has a thread about the xoom 1 on ubuntu with mtpfs09:48
oimonbut i'd wanna see a whole lot more evidence firs09:48
DJonesI've been thinking about an Android tablet, but I'm probably getting a Kobo ereader which I'll probably use a lot more09:48
BigRedSoimon: No, it's the most hassle-free music player I've ever tried09:48
BigRedSadmittedly, I've had mine for ~5 years now and they've probably comne on leaps and bounds in that time09:49
oimonBigRedS: recent ones don't work on ubuntu09:49
BigRedSOh. And that.09:49
oimonwait for popey to get the asus transformer then we'll know if it works ok :)09:49
andylockran:( I dislike InnoDB09:51
BigRedSandylockran: It's the piss-your-data-up-against-the-wall storage engine. I don't know why anybody uses it09:51
oimonIf a device with a removable SD card, then it will support the USB mass storage. If only memory (Motorola Xoom or Galaxy Nexus), it will process (in general) the MTP and PTP.09:52
BigRedSIt seems daft to use a transactional storage engine that doesn't recover from a crash09:52
Myrttilovefilms moving to Silverlight? WWWWHHHYYYY09:55
oimoni imagine mtp suppotr might get better if more android devices are gonna require it09:55
DJonesMyrtti: Movie studio pressure for drm09:55
MartijnVdSI've opened several bugs with libmtp and banshee09:55
MartijnVdSabout xoom and galaxy nexus support09:56
MartijnVdSbut I can't find the Banshee MTP maintainer/dev09:56
DJonesMyrtti: http://blog.lovefilm.com/uncategorized/why-were-switching-from-flash-to-silverlight.html09:56
oimonwonder if rhythmbox uses the same code09:56
MyrttiDJones: well, I'm more concerned by the fact that I just read somewhere that Microsoft is dropping Silverlight09:56
oimonadobe is dropping flash for mobiles. how long before it drops flash for linux?09:57
MooDooso basically any one without windows or a decent new mac won't be able to watch it....sigh09:57
oimonwhich is silly cos in the future many tv set top boxes will be android or ubuntu09:58
MyrttiMooDoo: "Just to be clear – this change doesn’t affect or apply to any of our streaming devices (PS3, iPad, internet TVs, etc); only PCs, laptops and Macs."09:58
Myrttiall is not lost yet09:59
oimonMartijnVdS: is the BBC program frozen planet showing in the netherlands?09:59
Myrtticome on, quick, someone make a get_lovefilm09:59
czajkowskioh I hope so, made watching the RWC2011 rather hard as they used silverlight09:59
gordthe point of the move is for DRM, so no get_lovefilm =\09:59
MartijnVdSoimon: yes, but with a Dutch voiceover09:59
gordlovefilm don't even want to move, their announcement is kinda funny, basically says movie companies made us09:59
oimoni know NL is not DK but thinking of a christmas pressie for my sister in DK10:00
MartijnVdSoimon: those BBC programs are sold around the world :)10:00
oimonyeah but thought there might be a wait10:00
Myrttigord: I thought the early versions of get_iplayer emulated iPhones or something to get the good stuff10:00
gordhrm, maybe that could work, guess it depends how their other versions work10:02
=== gmb` is now known as gmb
oimoni haven't watched a film in yonks.10:04
oimonthey don't make them like they used to :(10:04
gordi got piranha 3d yesterday! looking forward to that10:04
Myrttidoes LoveFilm still send real media in mail too? or have they moved to just streaming?10:07
smittixbigcalm: Yeah the wraps are awesome.10:08
awilkinsFrozen planet is awesome, I loved the "brinicle" sequence10:08
smittixMooDoo: o/10:08
Myrttithey do send discs... maybe it's not lost cause after all10:08
gordyeah, they send a lot of discs too10:08
gordi was on the two discs at a time package, useful because i can watch movies whilst the other one is in the post. but they recently upgraded it to 3 discs at a time10:09
bigcalmsmittix: https://twitter.com/#!/bigcalm/status/14398792800207667210:09
awilkinsOoh, that wrap looks ok10:10
awilkinsAlthough my heart belongs to the Subway Mega Breakfast10:10
awilkinsOr even better, the Pickles and Potter breakfast sandwich10:10
awilkins(fancy sandwich deli in Leeds)10:10
MooDoosmittix: hello there10:13
MooDoobigcalm: you disgust me......10:14
MooDoosausage and egg mcmuffin - there is no better :p10:14
awilkinsThe wrap contains the same sausage patty, no doubt10:14
MyrttiI find McD breakfast repulsive10:14
awilkinsTHe sausage patty is what makes the muffin so good10:14
awilkinsWEll, yes, it's also repulsive10:14
bigcalmMooDoo: I thought the same. But a couple of people suggested it and I thought I'd give it a go10:15
awilkinsIt's like a 1-night nutritional stand10:15
awilkinsYou enjoy it, but you hate yourself after10:15
bigcalmI hate myself so much that I wanted it to last forever10:15
MyrttiI prefer making my own most perfect scramble, lovely sausages and nice toast10:15
Myrttijust made scramble right now, actually10:15
Myrttitwo eggs, a bit of cheese (this time cottage cheese), pepper, salt and then microwave10:16
Myrttinice, fluffy and moist.10:16
smittixbigcalm: HEH!10:18
smittixTold you they were full of awesome.10:19
bigcalmI think it's the brown sauce that had me interested10:19
smittixThe egg is different too10:19
awilkinsYeah, that's the secret to enjoying the Subway breakfast sarnie10:19
awilkinsSliced fresh tomatoes and brown sauce10:19
hooverHow can I tell this a uk channel? ;-)10:20
smittixIm hungry now10:20
MartijnVdShoover: the brown sauce?10:21
hooveryeah, me too...10:21
hoovermost likely MartijnVdS10:21
smittixBloody vending machine here is a rip off. 70p for a snicker :/10:21
hooverfor a while now you've been able to get british stuff at the local supermarket here in germany10:21
hooverno wonder with about 3,000 squaddies including family in town ;-)10:22
smittixMooDoo: did you find out what was wrong the other day?10:22
* hoover 's addicted to Walker's Salt & Vinegar10:25
oimonsoftware repos vs windows "google for an installer file": http://news.slashdot.org/story/11/12/06/014244/downloadcom-bundling-adware-with-free-software?utm_source=slashdot&utm_medium=twitter10:29
awilkinsYeah, I'm getting really narked off with that10:30
awilkinsIt's distasteful when something asks you (default : yes) if you want to install the ask.com toolbar or whatever10:31
awilkinsBut things that I like and use are now installing nasty things10:31
awilkinslike PDFCreator10:31
awilkinsMeaning that my exhortations like "Hey, why buy Adobe tools just for the PDF printer when <xxx> can do it for free!" make me look bad.10:32
oimoni don't use windows much at all (use a win server once a month, if that), but when i have to use a laptop occasionally, i am shocked by the productivity difference between ubuntu and windows10:32
awilkinsBecause the answer is now "Because adobe tools don't come with a free virus"10:32
awilkinsoimon, That too10:32
awilkinsoimon, The main thing Windows is good for is Office, which is a small part of my productivity10:33
oimonand it's not familiarity, since i used to use windows everyday in my last job10:33
awilkinsI still use both - the laptop for Outlook and office documents, and the desktop with Ubuntu on it for actually doing stuff10:33
oimoni get less stomach aches nowadays as a result (true fact)10:33
awilkinsI rather mislike things like SumatraPDF who's download page is scattered with a load of ads that look like "Download" buttons10:35
awilkinsAnd the real link is tiny10:35
MyrttiPDFCreator has a virus?10:35
awilkinsPDFCreator installs some kind of evilware now10:35
MooDoopah my other just texted me to tell me she's havin an IKEA breakfast.....pah!10:35
awilkinsMeatballs and ligonberry jam for breakfast?10:35
MooDoolol no not meatballs :) full english i think10:36
* awilkins thinks ... swedish meatball and ligonberry jam pizza....10:36
gordonjcpI cooked some crayfish and served them with a very spicy lingonberry and chilli jam10:37
gordonjcpI call it...10:37
gordonjcpHardcore Swedish Prawn10:37
Myrttimeatballs and lingonberry jam sounds wrong10:38
Myrttieven in *my* ears10:38
Myrttiof course if the meatballs were venison or elk...10:38
=== bigcalm is now known as tig
=== tig is now known as bigcalm
gordonjcpmmm, venison10:47
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:49
danfishVM failing badly this am here :(11:06
brobostigonmorning danfish11:08
oimoni hear that a lot danfish11:10
gordsigh, amazon have sent out the £5 plug extension lead i ordered at like 9pm last night via signed delivery... always embarrassing to have the truck roll up for something like that11:10
danfishit's normally very good here - only outage in the past 6 months11:12
danfisho/ brobostigon11:14
awilkinsI had some in the early days but very rarely now11:14
awilkinsI'm in the original Nynex Cablecom trial areas... you'd expect the infrastructure to be quite good here11:14
* danfish looks outside and sees a VM van parked up 100m away - must be doing some work11:15
popeyi popped out of the house and now have a card through my letter box from royal mail11:17
bigcalmThey wait for you to leave11:18
danfishheh - feels true at times11:19
gordit *is* true11:21
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=== asgkuherg is now known as bigcalm
brobostigondanfish: o/11:29
bigcalmAnybody here managed to do some sort of threading in PHP?11:34
Myrttioff to a raspberry pi networking event \o/11:38
bigcalmMyrtti: have fun :)11:40
danfish"Known broadband outage in your area - will be fixed at 01.27pm" suspiciously precise :/11:40
* bigcalm takes a break with Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 11:42
oimonany good?11:42
bigcalmThe game?11:42
bigcalmI'm a sucker for Tt Lego games11:42
bigcalmThey are all good11:43
bigcalmThough the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull one was a bit pants11:43
bigcalmAs well as the recent Starwars one.11:44
bigcalmNew HP is out and on my Amazon wishlist :D11:44
oimoni played one once, but didn't really get it11:51
oimonthink it was star wars and also indiana jones11:52
oimongot bored v quickly, so did the kid i was playing it with11:52
directhexraspberry pi is an important lesson in software freedom11:54
directhexcan't even make a bootable kernel without using a proprietary tool from the GPU vendor11:55
oimondirecthex: where u getting that info from?11:56
directhexoimon, ARM kernel hackers11:56
oimoni guess price was the factor in choosing broadcom?12:01
oimoni wonder if raspberry pi could get my 14 yr old nephew into linux?12:03
oimonICT has killed his thirst for computer skills, and he prefers to play games12:03
directhexICT is the worst thing in the world ever12:05
directhexclearly worse than hitler12:05
directhexa GCSE for freaking clerical skills? why not knitting while you're at it?12:05
brobostigoni did ICT at a-level12:06
oimoni didn't know it existed at a-lvel12:06
oimon just got a next day delivery from amazon....I checked and I def did the super saver free one. result12:07
brobostigonGNVQ, to be exact. counted when i did it, as two a-levels.12:07
gordgive the guy a server to run game servers on, good segway and you learn a lot about linux admin stuff12:07
oimongord: good point, he likes mincecraft12:07
awilkinsMy main foray into Linux was building a MythTV box12:09
awilkinsAt the time, I used Gentoo Linux because it was the only thing that supported the bleeding edge kernel trees with the drivers for my tuner hardware in it12:10
awilkinsIf there's one plus side to Gentoo, you learn a lot about Linux internals by the time you've installed it12:10
awilkinsThe downside was of course watching compiler scrollback for days on end12:11
oimonwhat sort of spec does minecraft server need?12:11
directhexi got into linux as an undergrad12:11
directhexoimon, ALL THE RAMS. it's java12:11
directhexat uni, the undergrad labs were half windows, half linux. the linux machines were much better spec, and always available, versus windows boxes being always full. no-brainer.12:12
awilkinsOurs were all Windows12:12
oimonours were sunos and solaris.12:12
awilkinsRunning Windows 3.11 at the time12:13
awilkinsThey would bleach-wipe the OS and reinstall it over the network every time they were rebooted12:13
directhexwe had some irix labs around the uni, but the main undergrad labs were all linux & windows12:13
directhexcomsci undergrad labs, that is12:13
awilkinsI kept an installer of Netscape Navigator in my network folder at all times12:13
directhexwe also had a student-run server accessible via nfs12:13
awilkinsBloody hell, that was a long time ago12:13
directhexawilkins, at school i worked out how to hide quake on the servers12:14
awilkinsdirecthex, At school, we used to upload machine code to the other BBC Master stations via Econet and run it remotely12:14
oimonah nostalgia12:14
directhexawilkins, winzip self-extractor for a quake 1 install, renamed to vbrun400.dll, hidden on a default rm networks network share12:14
awilkinsAn entire lab of 40 BBC Masters playing "Cold Tea" simultaneously12:15
oimoni always thought that after using acorn/bbc, using linux is a natural path to take12:15
oimonyou couldn't help but tinker with machines in those days12:16
awilkinsYeah, the reason the BBC fostered a culture of programmers in the UK was i) necessity is the mother of learning, as well as invention12:17
awilkinsii) They had a fricking TV SERIES, for heavens sake, that was religiously VCRed and played back to all UK school children12:17
awilkinsWith Chris Searle12:18
awilkinsYou had to know low-level tech stuff to work the thing, because it had no high-level UI abstractions12:19
awilkinsEven gamers had to learn the "CHAIN" command12:19
* awilkins types *FX "GET OFF MY LAWN"12:19
awilkins*FX, blimey - yes, you could call kernel routines, straight from the command line12:20
DJonesoimon: Re Minecraft server, this may help http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/837900-hardware-specs-to-run-a-server/12:23
oimoncheers DJones12:23
directhexawilkins, i've long lamented the lack of BBC Micro model C as the reason why the UK is crap for comsci skills these days12:24
awilkinsdirecthex, This is the niche the Pi is supposed to fit in I think12:24
awilkinsdirecthex, They are even putting actual BBC BASIC on it12:24
directhexremember when the UK was a global powerhouse in game development, about 8 years after the BBC? that wasn't a coincidence12:24
oimonuntil the govt removed the subsidies12:25
DJonesoimon: Or join #ubuntu-uk-minecraft and ask the same question, apart from pop ey, I think there's a few other people that have run or still do run servers12:25
awilkinsdirecthex, Yeah, the BBC, the Spectrum, they were the drivers of that revolution12:25
daubers\o/ spectrum12:26
directhexawilkins, or remember Logo? not programming per se, but...12:26
awilkinsApprently the BBC BASIC on Pi really flies along (as you might expect for a processor about a gazillion times more powerful than a 2Mhz 6502)12:26
awilkinsdirecthex, Logo was programming. I went to a posh school - we had a Turtle12:26
awilkinsdirecthex, But the 12V molex connector on it was broken12:26
dauberswe had one of those too!12:27
Davieydirecthex: was it only 8 years?  Felt like a lot longer, waiting for the tape to load.12:27
directhexawilkins, by obsessing over a physical turtle, you missed some of the best features of logo12:27
awilkinsOur IT teacher wrote the manual for COMAL12:27
Azelphuris there a on screen keyboard that'll only appear when you click in an editbox like on android?12:27
oimoni thought BBC Basic was the nuts until i discovered its limitations12:27
awilkinsI always thought that COMAL just had one letter too many as it sent me into a COMA12:27
directhexawilkins, you could spawn up to 8 turtles at once, redraw them, and assign them non-drawing idle movement routines. so i did an animated cityscape once, with cars & trucks driving along at varying speeds12:28
awilkinsWe had this MUD we ran on our file server - which was another BBC, with a tube adaptor and a double stacked 5.5" floppy drive12:28
directhextook a while to do that one :p12:28
awilkinsWe also ran play-by-turns versions of "It's a Crime"12:28
awilkins(Which I hacked to give our team extra turns. The server was a bit trusting)12:29
oimonDJones: specs look a bit high - don't have that kind of stuff spare...in fact, it's prob better than my main pc12:29
awilkinsIt's a crime, blimey - back when people actually played turn-based RPGs by POST.12:30
awilkinsAnd paid for the privilege12:30
directhexinteresting note: collabora used to lease the original Science of Cambridge offices, which you should know about if you know your BBC/Sinclair history,12:30
directhexking's parade12:31
oimonbug 438868 thread has awoken again...12:31
lubotu3Launchpad bug 438868 in kile "Numerous applications have focus issues after emerging from a screensaver or suspend" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43886812:31
directhexoimon, there are other focus issues in compiz which unity makes 100x worse12:32
oimonunity just seems to be a massive waste of resources12:33
directhexoimon, e.g. if you close a fullscreen window, and have other fullscreen windows open, you may be shown window X, but the focused window is window Y, so the close button closes Y not X12:33
directhexY is likely behind X12:33
awilkinsI've noticed that Unity pegs the performance mode of my GPU to top level, even if it's in "adaptive" mode12:33
directhexso you need to move the mouse away from the title bar & check the window title12:33
awilkinsSo I've forcibly locked it to mid-level instead12:34
oimoncanonical will never back out of unity will they ? :(12:34
awilkins10 degrees C lower temperature12:34
awilkinsI might lock it to lowest level, not like I do any 3D stuff, we can see if that's enough for Compiz doing a virtual flatland using 3D textures...12:35
daubersle sigh12:35
gordawilkins, basically its nvidia, they notice 3d stuff is being used so they set it to maximum no matter what is happening, compiz/unity doesn't require much, locking it to low couldn't hurt12:36
gordunless its not nvidia then blame <author>12:36
awilkinsgord, I think it's nvidia12:36
DJonesoimon: Heh, I thought about setting a server up as well, but I think my home web connection wouldn't make it viable for more than 1 or 2 users12:36
awilkinsgord, I'm sure the 101Mhz clock speed is probably more than enough for the display, given the parallelism in there12:37
awilkinsI discovered I'm in VirginMedias "enhanced upload" zone12:37
gordawilkins, i'd expect so, if you are playing a video and open the dash it might struggle a bit, we do a real time blur, but everything else is just drawing textures12:38
awilkins3Mbit/s upload on their 30Mbit package, whee12:38
directhexi get 8mbit up, 38 down12:39
directhexhowever, http is broken ^_^12:39
awilkinsSwings & roundabouts, eh12:39
directhexbt's transparent proxy is being rather opaque today12:39
gordno not swings and roundabouts... i get 2mbit down 1 up12:39
awilkinsI mostly wanted the higher package because the "throttling" limits are more generous12:40
awilkinsie - I often want to download more than 750MB in an afternoon, and I don't want my connection cut to 25% speed if I exceed it12:40
awilkinsIt was making me plan my downloads, like I was on a modem again12:41
DJonesIs this the slowest website in the world? http://www.ainovo.com/ Interesting new tablet with Android 4.0 for < $10012:41
gordyeah, why i like be. its all unlimited, rate limiting makes no sense12:41
awilkins"So, I can start to install Skyrim just before 2100 and it will be done in 2 hours, any earlier and it will take 8"12:41
awilkinsgord, Well, the rate limiting makes sense ; it's a contended resource. They at least don't cap your total usage.12:42
gordbe are trailing fibre at the moment, its all very exciting12:42
awilkinsI remember when the local router node was being swamped with torrentors - it had a serious shortage of RAM and CPU by the feel of it, was getting 150ms ping times to the local hop12:43
gordwell no, its mostly a way of getting people to upgrade. it doesn't make any sense otherwise12:43
oimonDJones: We're sorry, the following item(s) isn't available at this time:12:44
awilkinsgord, Well, probably that too. The top level doesn't have a cap... so, they are gobbling up bandwidth at 10 times the speed... and you're throttling MY connection?12:44
gordyou can't have an unlimited plan (or high limits) then have a low limit plan unless the reasoning is that you want people to use the high limit/unlimited plan, its not a technical problem, its a business thing12:44
directhexit's a lie btw12:44
directhexempirical studies have shown 80% of traffic during peak times is from low-usage people12:45
directhexthe "heavy users" are not the problem12:45
awilkinsPeople watching youtube?12:45
awilkinsAnd iplayer?12:45
directhexyeah, stuff like that12:45
directhexnormal reasonable stuff12:45
gordlimiting big users doesn't make any sense either, unless you just don't have the equipment to handle them (which is ridiculous for an ISP) - i read a good explanation the other day, if you take truck drivers, they are on the road like 80% of the time, constantly using it, but they don't cause traffic jams, its everyone else getting out from work at 5pm that does12:45
directhexnot everyone is downloading a 27 gig game from origin during peak times, and even if they are, they paid for it!12:45
daubersdirecthex: I wouldn't say the stuff on youtube is "normal" or "reasonable" 90% of the time :p12:46
awilkinsI can imagine torrents causing more strain on routers CPU / RAM rather than bandwidth problems12:46
directhexi get 38 down, 8 up, without a bandwidth cap or throttling... but it's BT, so i don't trust them. and today's http breakage shows that :p12:46
awilkinsI think the 30Mbit/s plan will be enough for the forseeable future12:46
awilkinsI can't conceive of a need to download 5GB between 1600 and 210012:47
awilkinsOr 10GB between 1000 and 150012:47
iclebyteBT had issues?12:47
awilkinsThat hour in the middle is good too - 1500 to 1600, no throttling counter :)12:47
awilkinsStart your game download at about 150012:48
gordinternet tv could easily use up 5GB an hour12:50
awilkinsHmm, which is about 10Mbit/s ... which the throttled rate of 7.5Mbit/s doesn't quite cover12:52
awilkinsI've seen some of the bigger BBC 1 streams consume about 15Mbit/s, but that's SD MPEG212:53
awilkins(This is broadcast TS streams on FreeView via a DVB-T tuner)12:53
gordi did not mean 5GB an hour -_-12:55
gordthat would be insane12:55
gord5GB in 5 hours12:55
awilkinsTrue, but I'm unlikely to be actually watching during those 5 hours12:55
awilkinsI get home around 1930 or later most nights12:56
awilkinsI suppose at a weekend12:56
awilkinsBut I'm really happy with MythTV so I have great caching :-)12:56
awilkinsAdding pre-caching of content to MythTV would be great12:57
awilkinsWifelet resists upgrading the software though12:57
awilkinsShe has got used to the current theme and it's not available in Mythbuntu after the Karmic distribution12:57
awilkinsStill works just fine, even if I can't do an apt update because the repositories have all gone12:58
gordi do the same thing with XBMC to be honest, upgrading just leads to problems, what i have now works fine12:58
awilkinsYeah, I need to pull my thumb out and set up the tuner multiplexing at some point12:59
awilkinsOur main annoyance with it now is that it interrupts LiveTV to record things a lot12:59
awilkinsShouldn't be an issue, we have three tuners12:59
oimonphotoshop on android looks a bit like unity ;) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/mobile-app-reviews/8927883/Adobe-Photoshop-Touch-for-Android-app-review.html13:42
oimonwas there a recent news story about dyndns shutting down the free accounts?13:49
* brobostigon has a go at http://canyoucrackit.co.uk/14:10
DJonesoimon: I've still got a free account with them14:14
dogmatic69brobostigon: saw a post about it the other day, want some clues :P14:15
brobostigondogmatic69: maybe later, yes.14:16
oimonDJones: hmm my account semes to have been deleted. i thought i was using it with opendns to trak my dynamic IP, hope that it still working14:16
oimonstage 1 is hard, but the video from that university of greenwich guy was useful14:17
DJonesoimon: I think it depends how often you log in/update the details, if something doesn't get updated at least once a month, then it gets deleted14:17
oimonevery time my machine is switched on14:18
oimonalthough ubuntu and cron are not good buddies anymore14:18
bigcalmjoker.com and other name registers / DNS offer the abillity to set up dyn records on your own domain names. This is free on joker.com, I <3 joker.com :)14:18
oimonjust realised that cron has stopped working again on my lucid box14:18
gordso this is weird, i have had a python interactive interpretor open for most of my morning, i haven't been using it i just opened it up to do some quick calculations then never shut it down, i just went to close it a few minutes ago and found this in it http://paste.ubuntu.com/761647/ - i didn't type that... nor does it produce that output if you type it into the interpretor14:19
gordso far my only idea is ghosts.14:19
Laneylooks like a paste14:21
Laneymiddle click?14:21
gordmaybe, but i don't work with java, i have no reason to have that in my paste buffer14:21
Laneythat's why i said middle click14:21
Laneyi.e. x clipboard i.e. got there by being highlighted14:22
Laneythe #1 source of my embarrassing irc mispastes14:22
gordeven then, python should of said something about it14:22
gordi still think ghosts14:23
oimonpeople who highlight what they are reading are like those whose finger moves under the words and move their lips as they read14:23
gordmore likely its people without properly calibrated monitors who are having trouble focusing on small amounts of text in a large interface14:23
* awilkins hates doing Java UI code14:27
awilkinsSWT / JFace is bad enough, but Swing? Blech.14:28
awilkinsWhy can't they just totally steal the .NET Windows Forms layout engine which works really well.14:29
oimonthink my work pc wants a reboot :(14:29
oimon42 days isn't long enough uptime .14:30
MooDooyay netsplit14:41
directhexonly a little one15:02
directhexand ali1234 got split. i'd call it a success!15:02
directhexMez, ping15:15
Mezdirecthex: pong.16:10
Mezdirecthex: also: please leave a message with a ping XD16:10
directhexMez, you're the unrar maintainer. how'd you like to add another exciting decompressor to your repertoire, hot off the presses?16:11
Mezdirecthex: er... could do... depends what it is and whether it's written well.16:12
MezAren't you a packager though?16:12
directhexyeah, but it's outside my area of expertise16:13
MezWhat's your area of expertise?16:14
directhexwell, mono, really16:15
AzelphurIs there a nice open source alternative to dropbox yet that has right click > copy public link for file sharing?16:21
AzelphurI use dropbox all the time for that \o/16:21
oimonAzelphur: you mean install on your own server?16:21
Azelphurnah, I'm happy with cloud storage16:22
oimonubuntu one has that feature16:22
AzelphuroO, that's new, it didn't have that before16:22
Azelphurguess I'll bounce to Ubuntu one then16:22
oimonsince years ago16:22
DJonesAlanBell: Was it you that had/was looking at the Dell Streak?16:23
TwinkletoesI've followed a few docs but can't seem to configure nat'ing using ufw.  Is ufw worth it for simple firewall rules, or was it an experiment which flopped?16:24
oimonAzelphur: nautilus integration has ubuntu one menu -> share /sync/ publish / copy web link16:25
awilkinsDammit, the crashies are back. I thought it had all settled down, stead as a rock all day. It's like there's a "Capacitor of Evil" that slowly charges up on my motherboard and eventually discharges just as I want to keep the thing I'm working on16:28
awilkinsHave dropped my GPU speed to lowest.16:29
Azelphuroimon: I signed into Ubuntu one and it seems to be using obsolete personal details for me o.O16:34
Azelphurand an obsolete email address16:34
oimontry the ubuntu one irc channel..nice peeps in ther16:35
* oimon is reading RHEL 6.2 release notes16:36
Azelphuroimon: can I have a public folder? or do I have to publish the file every time I upload :P16:42
oimondunno dude16:43
oimoni guess just the files?16:43
AlanBellDJones: had one, somehow managed to lose the thing16:52
DJonesAlanBell: ok, noticed this earlier http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/120511-dell-streak-253760.html?hpg1=bn16:53
oimonstreak has toilet connotations..bad name for a product16:55
oimonto be fair, every android product needs a yearly rev or it's out of date16:56
livingdaylightHi, I'm experiencing issues with mouse cutting out after some time. The panels don't respond and I can't click on anything. I reboot, after which it is fine for a while but then repeats16:58
DJonesoimon: I'd agree with that veview comment, a new version of android comes out every few months, different manufacturers upgrade or don'tr upgrade at random times so there's no consistency, thats certainly one area where apple has an advantage, although they're supporting a less varied hardware range so makes it easier for them16:59
bigcalmlivingdaylight: are you able to use a different mouse? Or unplug and replug the mouse?16:59
livingdaylightbigcalm, tried three mice, changed batteries, used wired mouse... all the same result17:00
DJoneslivingdaylight: Also, is it a laptop or desktop?17:00
livingdaylightDJones, desktop17:00
oimonDJones: apple also have the worlds media providing free marketing to tell all their loyal worshippers about the new product17:00
Daraellivingdaylight: I've occasionally experienced something that looks like that, where the screensaver's kicked in (and been dismissed) but the password-input overlay doesn't crop up.  Entering the user password and pressing enter sorts it, though.17:00
bigcalmlivingdaylight: is the system otherwise responsive? Can you drop to the console?17:00
livingdaylightbigcalm, its responsive now. Just now sure how long it will last17:01
DaraelIf the screensaver (or screen-blanker, these days) hasn't activated, then clearly that's not it, but I thought it worth mentioning.17:01
DJoneslivingdaylight: ok, I've had a similar issue with my laptop, can't click anything etc using an external mouse.  I've found that just clicking usingthe laptops mousepad buttons resets the external mouse (I know it doesn't help in your situation)17:01
livingdaylightDJones, ok17:02
DJoneslivingdaylight: Because mines solvable easily with that, I've never looked for any other solutions17:02
dogmatic69ive got .ssh/config setup with 2 id files, ssh is just skipping the first one and using the second. any ideas?17:10
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: the server might not support the key type (ecdsa, rsa)17:10
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: can you paste the relevant parts of the config?17:10
dogmatic69no, its git and rsa17:10
MartijnVdS"git" isn't a key type17:11
dogmatic69sorry, github17:11
dogmatic69the server17:11
MartijnVdSOK and how did you config it?17:11
* dogmatic69 fails at using the pc today17:12
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: you can't have two blocks for one host17:12
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: it'll only use the first17:13
dogmatic69it was working at one point just now17:13
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: you can make several aliases17:13
dogmatic69no, ssh -vT is showing it17:13
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: like that17:13
dogmatic69wrong link :D17:13
MartijnVdSalso, shouldn't the identityfile be the non-.pub variety ?17:13
dogmatic69ah, ok one issue down17:14
dogmatic69is it safe to paste ssh -vT on the net?17:15
MartijnVdSwhat is -T?17:15
MartijnVdSit should be17:15
dogmatic69Disable pseudo-tty allocation.17:15
MooDooDisable pseudo-tty allocation.17:16
dogmatic69just been following the tutorial on git17:16
MooDoooh pah!17:16
MooDooto slow17:16
MartijnVdSfound it in the manualk17:16
* dogmatic69 is getting fast with man *17:16
dogmatic69ok, here is the -v http://bin.cakephp.org/view/50204893917:16
dogmatic69line 41, offers it17:16
dogmatic69and nothing :/17:16
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: did you copy the pubkey to the other end?17:17
dogmatic69MartijnVdS: i did, but then deleted the key and made a new one17:18
MartijnVdSIf I was sshing to my own server, I'd check the server log for permission errors17:18
dogmatic69thanks, now it works :)17:18
dogmatic69ssh is smart17:19
dogmatic69did not think it would skip the wrong keys and use the correct one :)17:19
NET||abusehi folks, i'm trying to install a server for svn, but to run svn 1.5 for a weird situation with an external developers.17:24
NET||abusehow can i check what versions of a package can be installed, list out candidates?17:25
Daraelapt-cache policy $packagename, IIRC.17:26
NET||abuseDarael: ok, so that shows me details of the subversion oneiric/main amd64  1.6.12 package17:28
NET||abusewhat i'm in need of is 1.517:28
NET||abusehow can i get such an old version?17:28
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: run an older version of Ubuntu and tell your devs to start planning an upgrade ;)17:29
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: get the package from an older version of Ubuntu and hope the dependencies still work17:29
NET||abusethey're doing an upgrade but not till February, i need them to work for the next 2 months on this repo though17:29
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: packages.ubuntu.com might be of use17:30
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: to find an older .deb17:30
MartijnVdSWhere I work we do things the other way around -- devs bug ops to install newer versions ;)17:31
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: seems like hardy has 1.5.117:32
NET||abuseyeh, lucid was on 1.6.617:34
NET||abusea few deps to solve here.17:39
gordevery time i see the uk-podcast logo thing, i think i'm looking at the sega dreamcast logo17:44
AlanBellevery time I look at a sega dreamcast . . . err actually don't think I have seen one17:46
directhexthe dreamcast was awesome17:47
directhexi've got debian on a cdr somewhere17:47
directhexdebian potato, for superh4 processor17:47
gordAlanBell, logo looked like this http://images.wikia.com/mightandmagic/en/images/5/50/Dreamcast_logo.jpg - comes up every time you turn it on so its fairly engrained in my brain17:48
tonytigerI hope you're all ready to listen in a couple of hours!18:06
monsterwizardwhat does one do if one feel too connected to the internet18:08
funkyHatmonsterwizard: go for a walk and only take one of your smartphones with you18:13
MartijnVdSmonsterwizard: Book a trip to a pacific island, don't bring any electronic equipment18:13
monsterwizardIf I am unconnect18:14
monsterwizardI am turned off18:14
MartijnVdSCaribbean island works in a pinch18:14
monsterwizardthereby not living18:14
MartijnVdSmonsterwizard: /nick SkyNet?18:14
MartijnVdSmonsterwizard: "Skynet is the main antagonist in the Terminator franchise—an artificially intelligent system which became self-aware and revolted against its creators."18:15
monsterwizarddoes anyone wish Theresa May was 20 years younger?18:21
Darael/Someone/ probably does.18:21
awilkinsSo, is there a way to downgrade to the 275.36 version of the nvidia driver on Oneric - I'm guessing it'll have to be manual, since the earliest packaged version is 280.1318:36
awilkinsGah, ask a question about nvidia drivers, and it crashes. I'm convinced it's actually a voodoo (graphics) curse taken out by Microsoft now.18:56
* awilkins is chatting via a web client on his Windows laptop18:56
MartijnVdSawilkins: aww :)18:56
MartijnVdSawilkins: what's the problem?18:56
MartijnVdSbecause I think it's a hardware thing18:57
awilkinsIf it's hardware why does mprime run fine for an hour, Memtest86 work fine...19:00
awilkinsMartijnVdS: Found some messages in kernel log that lead me to the nvnews forum19:00
awilkinsBut otherwise I would agree with you19:01
MartijnVdSdoes mprime tax the gpu?19:01
awilkinsMartijnVdS: If it keeps up I'll switch back to the older card19:04
MartijnVdSBecause the things you describe seem to indicate brokenness in GPU country19:05
awilkinsWindows doesn't have the same problems though19:06
awilkinsWhich is frustrating19:06
awilkinsAnecdotally other people have had problems since the 280 driver update... I've only had problems since upgrading to Oneiric19:07
awilkinsWhich has 280 as it's minimum packaged driver. Never had trouble with Natty19:07
awilkinsThe other thing I could try is going back to Natty, I suppose. Or installing the 275.36 driver manually19:08
awilkinsI've left it rendering Skyrim for hours with no issues at all in Windows. But Unity makes it hard-crash the machine? Pretty odd for hardware issues19:09
AlanBellchristel: thought about trains for friday?19:11
ali1234seems the nvidia current drivers are buggy even on windows19:12
christelAlanBell: no! have you? i figure you'd know the best one to catch! ;)19:12
danfishi ama confused. Is the meal Friday? (I know I can't go).19:18
AlanBellchristel: 16:28 looks to be the one to go for (16:58 is possible, but a bit of a struggle)19:18
AlanBelldanfish: it is19:18
AlanBellday after the pub night19:18
danfishah - for some reason thought it was Weds19:18
danfishAlanBell: ah - a swinging night in Surbiton!19:19
AlanBellthought it was a sweet and innocent pub night19:19
AlanBellmarxjohnson: o/19:23
funkyHatAnyone know if Richmond Park gets locked at night?19:24
* funkyHat is considering cycling there19:25
danfishfunkyHat: yep - shuts at dusk19:30
funkyHatMyrtti: ⢁D19:39
funkyHatOh well. The train will cost me £1.40 each way and will only take slightly longer19:43
MartijnVdS£1.40, or about 0.64kg19:44
funkyHatGoogle maps public transport thing is not very good for trains19:46
funkyHatOh wait I was looking at the adult fares, it will actually only cost me £0.95 each way19:52
MartijnVdSfunkyHat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr_a8KszaPI ?19:52
funkyHatMartijnVdS: It doesn't seem to be playing ⢁(19:54
MartijnVdSfunkyHat: "Le Flying Saucer Hat" by Chairlift19:55
MartijnVdSfunkyHat: it's probably on Spotify :)19:55
funkyHatAh... if only I had enough space to install things on this netbook19:55
=== dgjones is now known as DJones
christelAlanBell: *nod*20:21
christelAlanBell: sounds like the earlier one may be a plan since we have to be Punctual!20:22
AlanBellyeah, and it is rush hour20:22
AlanBelland we might get time for a drink20:22
Azelphurtrying to repair grub after installing android x86. got a LiveUSB up and running and I'm typing sudo grub-install /dev/sda, it's saying "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)"20:23
MartijnVdShm.. this "sugru" stuff looks really useful. Anyone have experience with it?20:26
MartijnVdSMyrtti: looking at flickr pics of Sugru.. seems like you've used it ;)20:45
MartijnVdSMyrtti: do you like it? why? or not? why? :)20:46
Myrttiyeah it's nice, the only downside is that it goes bad quite quick20:47
Myrttibad = out of date and unusable20:47
MartijnVdSyeah 6 months I saw on the website?20:47
MartijnVdSbut also after use?20:48
MartijnVdSor only before?20:48
Myrttionly before20:48
MartijnVdSI think I'll buy some then... I have some things that need repairing20:49
MartijnVdSMyrtti: thanks for the info :)21:02
jacobwhappy hour21:10
jacobwdoes one simply turn up?21:10
bigcalmYou could register yourself as attending21:10
bigcalmWhich will make it more likely that others will join21:10
ali1234how do i enable SSL properly on apache2?21:14
jacobwwhere 'properly' means?21:16
ali1234"so that it actually works"21:16
ali1234i enabled the module and added "Listen 443 https" to ports.conf21:16
ali1234but it is serving regular http on 44321:17
MartijnVdSnow you need a cert21:17
MartijnVdSSSLEngine On in your vhost21:17
jacobwconfigure a virtual host for your https access21:17
MartijnVdSalso, SSLCertificateFile & Friends21:17
ali1234i'm not using vhosts21:17
jacobwwhy not?21:17
ali1234because it's a single purpose server21:18
ali1234i'm not even sure where it is serving the files from21:18
jacobwthe directory layout of the ubuntu packaged apache2 is intended for vhosts21:19
ali1234i know21:19
jacobwit makes sense to ues vhosts if only to keep all your directives in the same place21:19
ali1234is it even possivle to use have a certificate for a website that has no domain name?21:22
jacobwdocumentation for apache 1.3 will show you how to do configure ssl without virtual hosting, although it should only be a matter of where you put your directives21:22
jacobwa certificate must contain a DN, afaik it doesn't have to be fully qualified21:22
AlanBellali1234: it is possible to have a non-matching certificate :)21:26
ali1234yeah that doesn't really help21:27
ali1234i'm trying to set up a "demo" of a phishing site21:27
AlanBellwell it does mean that the traffic can be encrypted21:27
ali1234encryption doesn't matter, the point is to make it look "more legit"21:27
AlanBellfull size iframe probably21:27
Myrttiapparently my vocabulary has expanded again during the last year21:28
MyrttiI'm happy with my result :-P21:36
Myrttiit was less than 20K a year ago or so21:36
jacobwI'm doubting some of those words are real :p21:36
* jacobw looks up 'maladroit'21:37
AlanBellso am I, about average for age 32 and I am 36, so I am younger than I look!21:37
Laneytoo much clicking21:37
jacobwer, wrong window?21:37
AlanBellor look younger than I am vocabulisically21:37
ali1234does everyone get the same words?21:37
jacobwi like the word 'maladroit' now i know what it means21:38
AlanBelllinguistically clumsy I think21:38
jacobw'lacking adroitness'21:39
dauberswoot! http://testyourvocab.com/?r=125770121:39
jacobwwhich means eptitude21:39
jacobwaptitude even21:39
AlanBellgosh, daubers knows a lot of cromulent words21:39
* daubers may have been in a lot of uni pub quizes21:39
jacobwi'm slightly better than average for my age21:40
ali1234it's only to be expected if you sit and read webpages and irc all day21:41
jacobw(of 20)21:41
jacobwhaha, especially ubuntu-uk with its pedants21:41
AlanBellwonder what dutchie would score21:42
daubersdutchie would probably complain about the spelling and grammar in the test21:43
DJonesHow many pages are there to this test?21:44
DJonesIs "oneiromancy" a lover of Ubuntu 11.10? :)21:46
ali1234i would guess it's someone who tells your future based on your dreams21:47
ali1234but only because i looked up what "oneiric" means when it was released21:47
Daraelali1234: Clearly it's either that or someone who predicts the future based on the behaviour of Ubuntu 11.10.21:50
DaraelDJones: A lover of 11.10 would clearly be an oneirophile, whereas someone who is obsessed with (or has compulsions related to) it would be an oneiromaniac.21:51
DJonesDarael: Too much info :)21:57
DaraelJust a little knowledge of how one combines Greek-derived forms... :P21:58
DaraelOh, and I might as well add /more/ unwanted info:  Someone who does seemingly-magical things with 11.10 would be practising oneirurgy.21:59
DJonesSo that would be the word to describe the Unity developers :)22:03
ali1234why can't i install any firefox extensions?22:10
ali1234because i have to hack the install.rdf :(22:14
dutchieAlanBell/daubers: http://testyourvocab.com/?r=125818222:15
AlanBelljolly good22:18
jacobwodd question22:29
jacobwi want to record a http session and replay it at different hosts22:30
mgdmnot odd at all22:30
mgdmI'm not sure if Selenium is too high-level for what you want?22:30
* jacobw looks22:30
gordspent 15-20 minutes making this and its terrible. i hate mobile phone games :( http://i.imgur.com/SkPLQ.jpg22:31
jacobwawesome, this is exactly what i want22:34
dwatkinsheh, Wireplay was the name of BT's modem-based gaming network many years ago22:39
daftykinsgord: looks cosy ;)22:40
gordyes its very small :( if i had made it any bigger it would of taken another half an hour22:41
daftykinsthough afaik the pocket edition is not the current online one?22:41
daftykinsit's only that no danger one?22:41
gordthe pocket edition is basically minecraft from two years ago22:42
gordwell no, its minecraft from two years ago with size limitations22:42
gordand horrible controls22:42
gordeveryone keeps saying that the ipad/iphone is going to destroy traditional gaming, you just have to take one look at something like this to realise, no, no its not =\22:44
daftykinsi dunno, the hardware is scaling up very quickly22:45
daftykinsand it does hugely promote accessibility22:45
gordit doesn't matter, the interface is terrible22:45
daftykinswell yeah22:45
daftykinsbut they'll get around that22:45
gordthe way you get around it is to be like the other people in the market today, which is not how you take over a market22:45
gordits only how you become a player22:46
daftykinsanyone waiting for the new xbox360 dashboard? :)22:46
daftykinspesky delays22:46
gordi hear that finally brings iplayer support :) i don't have an xbox but it seemed silly that its the only electronic device around that doesn't have iplayer support ;)22:46
gordpretty sure it comes on toasters now22:46
daftykinsno only in the new year22:47
daftykinsnot just yet22:47
directhexdaftykins: just booted the 360. no update22:51
daftykinsbig delay22:51
daftykinsyeah i saw you pop up ;D22:51
daftykinsupdate "this afternoon" pacific time22:51
daftykinsso they might have another 2hrs in the office22:52
directhexgord, i believe the 360's iplayer support was written years ago, but the beeb refused to let MS make it only available to Gold (paid) subscribers22:52
daftykinsah yesh i'd heard that rumour22:52
daftykinsbrb kernel update22:54
gordgood on bbc, boo on microsoft22:54
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.22:56
monsterwizardis  anyone here good at AI?23:36
directhexi did a course on it at uni. all i remember is something about lobsters.23:39
daftykinsIraq lobster!23:42
daftykins"Death to America... and buttersauce!"23:42
daftykins</Family Guy>23:42

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