philipballew_hey can someone help me compleate this opperation on my system http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1728905 the bottom last post.00:19
philipballew_Its on an oem installiation and I want to just edit the text files but am stuck on the last step of add/appends vga-758 to the kernel boot line in 10_linux section00:21
pleia2SCaLE talk accepted \o/04:58
akkWhat's your talk?05:00
pleia2"Bringing Linux into Public Schools and Community Centers"05:00
nhainesgreg-g: it's more fun this way.  :)06:29
nhainespleia2: congrats!  :D06:29
philipballewpleia2, the our can probably just be removed06:41
philipballewhe has a busy plate as well06:42
bkerensanhaines: Hey hey now... I'm from California.... I just dont happen to live there :P07:26
bkerensaI was born in the state Capitol even ;)07:26
nhainesbkerensa: details.  ;)07:37
nhainesbkerensa: Hehe, just teasing.  I'm glad you're around and also working on your own LoCo too!07:37
bkerensanhaines: :P07:38
nhainesWoo, at work early.15:26
MarkDudeakk,  how do do the shirt that D won?18:51
MarkDudeSend it to your house- or just mine and meet up18:52
akkHe's not being very helpful -- says "at your convenience, whichever way you prefer to deal with it".18:54
akkAre they mailing it anyway? If they are, sending it here probably makes the most sense.18:55
MarkDudeWell, I can order it tonight, and have it sent directly to you19:34
MarkDudeI need to do a report on the event19:34

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