snap-lrick_h_: Bah00:43
rick_h_snap-l: party pooper00:43
snap-lrick_h_: har har00:44
rick_h_jcastro: http://www.outflux.net/blog/archives/2011/12/05/ec2-instances-in-support-of-a-bsp/01:16
rick_h_jjesse: chilling in your fancy room?01:18
jjesseyes sir01:18
jjessethe JW Marriott is probably the nicest hotel setup I've been in01:19
jjessethey treat you very nice and status helps :)01:19
jjesserick_h_, you hanging out by yourself?01:24
rick_h_jjesse: was, trying to see if I do hang outs when chilling hacking on bookie anyone stops by :)01:24
_stink_just checked for your hangout, rick_h_01:31
_stink_don't see it01:31
_stink_maybe i'm g+ handicapped01:31
rick_h__stink_: heh, well it's gone now01:31
rick_h_I closed up, about to head offline01:31
rick_h_do I not have you in a circle _stink_ ?01:32
rick_h_oh, you're in ther01:32
_stink_rick_h_: "You are in Rick Harding's circles too"01:32
_stink_was just going to drop in and bug you :)01:32
rick_h_so started one01:32
rick_h_just to test you see it01:32
_stink_about time for kid's bed now :P01:32
rick_h_ok cool01:33
_stink_stupid plugin install01:33
_stink_some other time :)01:33
_stink_rick_h_: you still away?01:33
rick_h_not yet01:34
rick_h_trying to finish this glass of wine first :)01:34
_stink_rick_h_: er, i meant out of town01:35
rick_h_oh, no. back in town01:35
_stink_unless that's what you meant too :)01:35
rick_h_no, thought you were asking if I was afk yet01:35
_stink_yeah, i am good at being ambiguous.01:36
rick_h_got back this weekend, so back to normal for dec01:36
_stink_rick_h_: is it nice to reclaim your full working from home schedule?01:36
rick_h_meh, it's mixed01:36
rick_h_I liked the balanced schedule01:37
rick_h_but it's nice not to have to commute/run the dog to puppy day care on Tues/etc01:37
_stink_you've probably seen that01:37
rick_h_yea, good stuff01:37
jrwreni don't know if i should feel happy, or dirty. i wrote a objc on linux today.02:04
rick_h_jrwren: I vote dirty02:10
snap-lI'm doing a presentation for MUG on a brief history of UNIX02:19
jrwrenhow brief?02:19
snap-ljrwren: Definitely dirty02:19
snap-l40 minutes02:19
snap-lgoing to do some show and tell.02:19
jrwrenwow, a real snoozer. :p02:19
jrwrenobjc is nice once you get passed the craziness of it.02:20
snap-ljrwren: I'll make it entertaining and worth your while02:20
dzhosnap-l: http://crackmonkey.org/unix.html03:02
snap-ldzho: Thank you. That's jst the sort of thing that I'm looking for04:08
rick_h_morning party people12:36
brouschyou're chipper12:37
rick_h_couple of good nights sleep in my own bed has me in better spirits12:37
brouschit can do that12:38
mydogsname1srudymorning to ya12:54
brouschmydogsname1srudy: how often do you eat pasties?12:55
mydogsname1srudyah not much ;) dont care for them  , but i do like venison13:02
brouschthat's disappointing13:03
mydogsname1srudyah they are a bit dry need to have more juice in them ;)13:03
brouschadd gravy!13:04
jjesseeverything is better w/ gravy :)13:04
mydogsname1srudyya that works but i like gravy on frys13:04
mydogsname1srudywhat ?13:05
brouschfries need salt, pepper, and vinegar, not gravy13:06
mydogsname1srudyheh its a yooper thing i guess13:06
rick_h_psh, they need A1 mixed with ketchup13:06
brouscharby's sauce and horsey sauce are also acceptable13:07
rick_h_arby's is evil, the only reason I stop there is that I need to hit up some arby's sauce13:07
brouschi'm addicted to horsey13:08
rick_h_though I think the only reason I get qdoba is because I want to use my tenessee sunshine13:08
rick_h_ugh, never liked horsey crap13:08
mydogsname1srudyhotbeaf with frys and gravy13:08
brouschwhat's hotbeef?13:08
brouschwhat's tenessee sunshine?13:08
brouschwhat's taters, precious? what's taters?13:09
mydogsname1srudywhat's monkeyjuice13:09
rick_h_the best taco sauce out there13:09
rick_h_tonight is taco night, just so I can use the sauce13:09
rick_h_can't find it in stores around here, so every new year I order a box13:09
mydogsname1srudytonite is tater soup nite13:09
brouschah, i use tapatio13:10
rick_h_brousch: remind me next event, I'll bring you a bottle :)13:10
brouschbetter than cholula13:10
rick_h_it's too early in the morning for that stuff13:12
brouschwe go to qdoba for the queso13:13
brouschthis is the biggest reason that chipotle sucks13:13
WolfgerHeh... Old news, but Slackware release version 13.3713:36
Wolfgerthat right there makes me want to install it13:36
snap-lGood morning13:48
Wolfgerwow. snap-l knows how to stun a room into silence... ;-)15:20
_stink_no one challenged rick_h_ on his assertion that Arby's is evil?15:21
_stink_expensive, sure15:21
jrwrenArby's Roast Beef Sandwitch Is Delicious15:21
jrwrenI miss their old signs.15:22
brouschbeef-n-cheddar slathered with horsey sauce nomnom15:22
jrwrenand I still love it when I see an old store with an old sign.15:23
jrwreneven more so if it is dark and the lights are on but some bulbs are missing.15:23
_stink_A  y s15:23
The_Machine"I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's!"  ~Marge Simpson15:25
snap-lThe only reason anyone loves Arbys is because of the Horsy Sauce15:28
snap-lseriously, that stuff is like crack15:29
* snap-l has a bunch in his fridge.15:29
_stink_do you acquire it legally?15:30
brouschyou didn't hijack a truck?15:34
snap-lNot yet.15:34
snap-lBut I ear the first hits are free15:34
_stink_i was thinking the dash-in-fill-up-some-teeny-paper-cups-then-run method15:35
brouschthat doesn't sound sanitary15:35
Wolfger_stink_: challenging rick_h_ is problematic, even when he's horribly wrong, as he is in his assertion of Arby's15:42
_stink_well, i'm glad that rick_h_ is on his own here.15:47
rick_h_more for the rest of you :P15:48
brouschdigikam, i love you. i am deleting 8000 photos from my 64,000 which are just face crops generated by iphoto15:56
rick_h_are they not named in some common way you could just find | rm15:57
brouschit turns out they are15:58
brouschbut i didn't notice because they are all mixed in with the other 64,000 photos15:58
brouschdigikam's advanced search and filter let me figure that out15:58
snap-lbrousch: NIce.15:58
Wolfgerdigikam and k3b are two reasons KDE rules16:00
brouschanother nice thing is i have my droid and nook autoupload photos to specific folders via ubuntuone. digikam can then include those folders without moving the photos16:00
ColonelPanic001<3 KDE16:00
brouschdolphin is much faster than nautilus for the same sftp connections16:01
brouschdigikam is using an assload of ram, but that's probably because i have so many damn photos16:02
brouschusing 1.5G right now16:03
rick_h_psh, that's a kneeload, it's got a ways to go before a##load :P16:12
brouschwhen i start with 4G, 1.5G is an assload16:12
rick_h_oh, well you didn't say you were running a "little person" in your ram levels16:13
brouschi could switch to the macbook pro for 8GB16:14
snap-lbrousch: What are you using? A laptop?16:15
snap-lbrousch: that's your problem right there.16:15
snap-lYou need a nice, reliable desktop machine. :)16:15
brouschdesktops are dead16:15
snap-lportability be damned.16:15
jrwren "I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's!"  ~Marge Simpson16:15
jrwren "I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's!"  ~Marge Simpson16:15
jrwrenIIRC that wasn't marge.16:15
brouschnext step will be cloud server and tablet16:15
jrwrenit was one of the next door neighbor kids.16:15
jrwrenand the next door neighbor mom says "Wow, she really is hungry"16:16
jrwrenbut I might recall wrong.16:16
brouschthere are no girls living next door to the simpsons16:16
jrwrenyes, but those boys sound like girls and look like girls and act girlie.16:16
jrwrentry fspot instead of digikam and note the ram usage.16:17
snap-lfspot is a dog16:18
brouschfspot failed to index my 64,000 photos without repeated crashes16:18
snap-lHappier with shotwell for my needs.16:18
snap-lbrousch: ++16:18
brouschshotwell worked, but doesn't have all these nifty features i need to prune my library16:19
snap-lF-spot may have contribued to me taking less photos16:19
brouschi liked fspot a few years ago16:21
snap-lYeah, F-Spot isn't horrd, but it's has some definite stability issues.16:27
WolfgerNo. No, F-Spot is horrid. You're wrong.16:42
greg-gI'm trying to decide if I stay with shotwell or go back to f-spot17:05
greg-ggot the new DSLR so I think I care about features now17:05
greg-gat least, I'm supposed to, right?17:06
WolfgerIt's not good enough to be able to -1 a post on p.se... I want the ability to administer a slap to the face of the poster.17:07
rick_h_greg-g: you're supposed to be getting a mac now and a license of lightroom17:08
WolfgerNautilus and GIMP is all you need :-p17:08
Wolfgeror, you know, digikam. :-D17:09
snap-lLove reading the Perl hate in the SQLAlchemy channel17:09
rick_h_heh, well we are python folks :)17:10
snap-lOne gu is bitching about the mess the CPAN has become17:10
dzhohas become?17:10
snap-lWhich, I agree, but seriously, CPAN is old. :)17:10
rick_h_is there a new package tool in perl everyone is using?17:10
dzhosagi ;-)17:11
greg-grick_h_: oh right, I forgot :/17:12
rick_h_greg-g: keep working on it, you're out west now, surely the hipster will start to seep in soon17:12
rick_h_greg-g: repeat after me "I could never use that functionally superiour thinkpad...it's...so...ugly? And no giant glass trackpad"17:13
rick_h_oops, superior damn I ruined the effect17:14
greg-grick_h_: my mind automagically fixed the typo/spelling mistake :)17:17
greg-grick_h_: and my lord, being out here is making my anti-hipster tendencies to be amplified, not nullified17:17
rick_h_greg-g: heh, rebel against the new norm?17:18
greg-gactually, hah, I think I am17:18
greg-gin A2 I had my Chrome bag, rode a fixie, had my bike lock in my back pocket, drank PBR17:18
greg-ghere, I using paniers and drinking better beer17:18
greg-goh, and a geared bike17:19
rick_h_heh, ok because I've not understood the fixies17:19
rick_h_so at least that makes more sense to me17:19
greg-ghehe, I still like the idea of fixies, but man, my commute from home to caltrain and back is hilly, I like the extra gears17:20
rick_h_yea, exactly17:20
greg-g(simplicity, more like driving a manual vs automatic)17:20
rick_h_they're there for a reason17:20
greg-g(that paren up there was me listing things I like about fixies, if not obvious)17:20
Wolfgerfixies are for stunts17:31
snap-lI rode a fixie17:31
snap-lthen my dad said I was too big for that bike. :)17:31
Wolfgeryou can get a single-gear bike that isn't a fixie, but multiple gears are nice17:31
snap-lDo they all brake when you pedal backward? :)17:32
Wolfgeruh, no17:32
Wolfgerwith a fixie, if you pedal backward you go backward17:32
snap-lSee, that makes sense. :)17:33
Wolfgerabout as much sense as pedaling backwards does...17:33
WolfgerI've seen some really awesome stunt riding with fixies. Can't imagine anybody wanting one for transportation though.17:34
greg-gI've never seen a kid ride a fixie, I seen kids ride coaster brake bikes17:37
snap-ler, yeah. :)17:37
Wolfgersingle-gear != fixie, although fixies are single-gear17:49
* greg-g nods17:50
greg-glike a rectangle and square17:50
brouschgreg-g: try digikam. you can use it in gnome18:08
brouschmany more features compared to gnome or shotwell18:08
snap-lFigured out why fail2ban wasn't kocking this chucklefuck off my system's sshd18:41
snap-lbut added a iptables rule to just kick it off until next reboot18:42
snap-lToo bad the B&N nook store doesn't participate. :)18:47
brouschd00d. install CM718:48
brouschdo not live in the sad little B&N app store18:48
rick_h_is the nook its own app store like the amazon one?18:53
rick_h_I didn't realize that I guess18:53
snap-land it's pretty limited18:53
* snap-l will bring it to CHC this Wed.18:53
rick_h_hmm, so do people submit their apps like they do amazon?18:54
snap-lnot sure how it works.18:54
rick_h_I've just not run into anyone with "I'm submitting my app to the google market, amazon app store, B&N empty shelves"18:54
brouschrick_h_: yeah18:56
brouschbut has like 100 apps18:56
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greg-ghttp://blog.pinboard.in/2011/12/don_t_be_a_free_user/ Discuss22:26
snap-lBurning cash is not just the domain of free apps, lots of paid apps burn cash just as easily22:44
snap-lAlso, one life-changing event can put you completely out of business (like, oh, I don't know, your server evaporating in an FBI raid)22:45
snap-lso, while I agree that if you love it, pay for it, that's not enough to keep stupid business decisions afloat.22:47
snap-lgreg-g: ^^22:48
greg-gsnap-l: good start, anyone else?22:48
greg-gso, yeah, I agree, pay for the things you like is a good mantra, just be careful about the things you like, I guess22:49
snap-lWell, don't think that it's some magic ward against service-evaporation22:49
snap-lSandy was a good example. IIRC, people were willing to pay for it, but the company got bought out, and the service was discontinued.22:50
greg-gI didn't know about Sandy, interesting22:52
snap-lI was a user22:52
greg-gyeah, so, right, just because your for-pay doesn't mean you won't be bought out and discontinued22:52
snap-lIsn't that what happened to Gowalla?22:52
* greg-g shrugs22:52
greg-gdoes gowalla no longer work?22:53

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