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Cheri703Unit193: any use for a p4 3.2ghz processor?23:24
Unit193Well, I'd guess it doesn't work in this, but it's better. Got the page for it?23:25
Cheri703uhm....dunno? I just took it out of my old desktop I'll go look23:25
Cheri703which number do I search for?23:29
Unit193Bottom one23:31
Unit193Or I could take the number23:31
jandruskNo, but if you want you can send me one and I can test it out for you ;)23:34
Cheri703Unit193: should be one of these I believe: http://ark.intel.com/compare/27468,27467,27466,27502,2750023:36
Cheri703socket 478 btw23:36
Unit193Checking on this23:46
Unit193Figures, I was right23:51
Unit193It's not compatible, thanks though23:56

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