MarkDudeyou are hella funny bkerensa00:51
bkerensaMarkDude: I aim to please :P00:51
MarkDudeI got nervous when I saw that you commented00:51
MarkDudeI was like oh crap= is he gonna try to mess this up?00:51
MarkDudeJust met her last week00:51
bkerensaI have like $60 credit on Redbeacon but no idea what to spend it on00:53
MarkDudeI swear, has Shuttleworth called you and say he is willing to let you stay at his island- and use a jetpack to get there?00:55
MarkDudeYou have some serious tech pull00:56
* MarkDude respects the hell out of that00:56
bkerensaI would not want to stay at Shuttleworth's Island :P because when I tell him the water doesnt work he would say "We wont fix"01:00
bkerensahi teknotus02:17
bkerensaslangasek: I figure out the Kevin you were talking about16:32
bkerensahe is in #OSU-LUG his nick is Ngoke16:32
slangasekah yes17:02
slangasekthanks :)17:02
bkerensaTa ta I'm off to Fry's then the Container Store :P17:09
keesheh, that's a great use of a scanner.17:46
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