Resistanceanyone here able to help me figure out how to get my blog into planet.ubuntu.com?01:36
Resistanceits a wordpress blog01:36
rmg51that sounds like a pleia2 thing :-D01:37
Resistancebut pleia2 is in the channel (hopefully)01:38
MutantTurkeyyeah where is pleia when you need her social skills!01:39
rmg51afk at the moment01:39
Resistancewell i poked the MOTUs just in case they know01:39
Resistanceanyone know where pleia2 is?01:57
Resistanceor should we assume she's missing01:58
Resistancefor unknown reasons01:58
pleia2Resistance: instructions are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlanetUbuntu#Adding_Your_Blog03:07
Resistancepleia2:  yes, i'm aware03:10
Resistancei had other questions that were...03:10
* Resistance basically had to gut his PHP config to fix a memory allocation issue, as well as fixing the permalink formatting, among other stuff03:11
Resistancepleia2:  finally got around to actually putting it into the thing's config though03:11
Resistance(although i noticed the user entry before mine had a syntax fail, but i didnt fix it)03:12
Resistance(specifically, fae = <something>.png)03:12
Resistanceinstead of face =03:12
pleia2I'm about to run out the door, did you have a specific question?03:12
Resistancenope, figured it out03:13
pleia2ok :)03:14
Resistancepleia2:  when you get back, got a question for ya, because the feed is 408-ing on planet.u.c03:56
Resistances/the feed/my feed/04:15
pleia2Resistance: what feed are you using?04:29
Resistancepleia2:  https://blog.trekweb.org/categories/ubuntu/feed/04:29
Resistance(its an SSL'd blog)04:29
Resistance(its entirely possible i did not paste it correctly into the ubuntu-planet config, but that's semi unlikely)04:31
Resistancewhile i have you, is there a way to combine sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install <package> into one command?04:32
* Resistance is writing a tutorial for installing nginx stable onto Ubuntu and then configure it for PHP04:32
pleia2apt-get update && apt-get install package04:32
Resistanceprepending with sudo in the beginning?04:32
pleia2I don't know why it's not working, sorry :(04:32
pleia2maybe planet doesn't support https?04:32
Resistancemight not, but who would i poke about that?04:32
Resistance(if i have to, i'll de-https the thing, but meh)04:33
pleia2you could submit a ticket: rt@ubuntu.com04:33
pleia2that goes to canonical IS, who manages the tech side of it04:33
Resistancei'll send them a ticket after this post... (tis a LONG one with lots of <pre> tags and in-line <span>s04:34
jthananyone have any ccie study guides?04:47
jthanI'm taking a test on cyber security late this week to enter a contest for a scholarship..04:48
Resistanceif anyone wouldnt mind reading over my HOW-TOs i just wrote for setting up nginx on Ubuntu, i'd appreciate your insights/input/opinions.  https://blog.trekweb.org/categories/ubuntu/nginx/05:50
Resistancepleia2:  i just submitted the ticket :p05:54
Resistancegood morning to thee :)05:55
andrew( pleia2: evening )05:55
Resistancewell, my blog is up and running...05:56
Resistanceand theoretically is in the planet.ubuntu.com config05:56
Resistanceit doesnt get aggregated... ends up with 408 timeouts :/05:57
Resistanceanyways, bleh05:58
JonathanDGood morning.09:53
rmg51morning JonathanD10:09
JonathanDhey rmg5110:19
andrewIs there a way to disable LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) from trying to recover a document?14:08
InHisNamedel filename.doc14:18
andrewI'm looking for a solution that is perminint14:22
andrewSince the workflow is to essentially force close libreoffice when it's no longer needed (no changes are made to the document the whole time it's open)14:24
rmg51andrew: look under options load/save14:47
rmg51there is an auto recovery option to save every so many minutes14:48
pleia2jedijf: I'll need to pick your brain about NTR and Mt Airy Learning Tree in the near future18:09
pleia2maybe find kevin too18:09
=== lamal666 is now known as lamalex
jedijfyou get invited and my brain gets picked18:54
jedijfpleia2: ^^^^ :)18:55
jedijfpleia2: here it is in a nutshell - the masses want free windows, as soon as that isn't the case, they go back. If you can prevent that, the next thing to keep them is steady and consistent support(live), or they revert to that cousin who knows computers...18:57
pleia2"go back"?18:58
jthanto windows18:58
jthanthe real one18:58
jedijfto other os'18:58
pleia2but windows collapses into a pile of goo if you don't maintain it too18:59
jthanbut it's familiar goo18:59
jedijftoday the 1st step iseasier to accomplish with working java and flash, the support is vital though18:59
jthanor they ignore its consistency and use it at a snail's pace18:59
pleia2jthan: doesn't matter, I've seen windows labs with half dead windows machines because they aren't maintained (it's how we got into one school, their windows lab is useless so the teachers ask us for ubuntu in classrooms)19:00
Resistancepleia2:  everything collapses into a pile of fubarish goo19:00
pleia2jedijf: noted19:00
Resistancepleia2:  also, the IS people at canonical received the ticket regarding planet.u.c and transferred it to the 'vanguard' according to the email19:00
jthanpleia2: I have seen the same in my very own school. I just like to play devils advocate.19:00
pleia2everything is web-based now, so we've had to bump up the ram in systems we support at partimus, nothing under 1G these days19:01
pleia2Resistance: that means they're paying attention to it and it should be looked at within the next few days19:01
Resistance'tis what the email said :P19:01
pleia2ok, I thought you were asking :)19:01
Resistancenope, just stating your idea was a good one :)19:02
pleia2jedijf: there wasn't a lab at NTR, that was just laptop recycling, right? MALT was the only lab19:02
pleia2and how long did MALT last? Why did it end?19:04
rmg51MALT still is19:05
pleia2I meant the lab :)19:06
Resistancethe lp librarian exploded19:07
rmg51lack of interest would be a good guess19:07
Resistancenow i cant attempt my Precise -> Oneiric -> Natty backport of php 5.3.819:07
pleia2rmg51: on whose side, volunteers or the MALT folks?19:08
pleia2(I am writing a talk about deployments in community centers and schools, not just asking for fun)19:08
* pleia2 nods19:09
rmg51mostly the leader19:09
pleia2it's a lot of work and not much reward19:09
rmg51we worked with the computer volunteers group19:10
pleia2they lost interest?19:10
rmg51leader did19:10
rmg51life got in the way19:11
pleia2so on the ground support and strong allies within the organization are vital19:11
pleia2(same is true for Partimus out here)19:11
rmg51you need good leadership to keep it going19:12
pleia2to keep things organized, make sure things get done, have goals? or ...?19:13
rmg51just to keep it ging19:14
rmg51if no one leads no one will follow19:14
pleia2thanks :)19:14
rmg51it all just falls apart19:14
* pleia2 nods19:14
pleia2how about on the technology side, LTSP work out well?19:15
rmg51we were there only one day each month19:15
Resistanceoooooh ... pleia2 did you know they suspended the lp publishers, and thats put the ubuntu archives and what not on hold?19:16
* Resistance wasnt aware of this ujntil about 20 minutes ago19:16
rmg51but it worked when they needed it19:16
Adom|officehot pockets = nerd fuel19:36
Adom|officei could eat hot pockets for lunch forever19:37
pleia2Resistance: I do all my dev work on the Debian side, don't pay much attention to lp ubuntu dev stuff19:38
pleia2so no, I didn't know that :)19:38
Resistancepleia2:  its lousing me up19:39
Resistancei need to test-build php5-5.3.8 from precise -> natty19:39
Resistanceand my pbuilder environments are failing19:39
Resistance(because they're evil, old, and crupted19:39
jedijfpleia2: rmg51 i think the biggest killer was the move, they lost their core19:53
rmg51Greg lost interest19:54
rmg51he never pushed to get a room setup19:55
pleia2jedijf: old core couldn't make it to new location, or didn't have inspiration to re-setup the lab, or something else?19:56
jedijfpleia2: more of the first19:56
* pleia2 nods19:56
jedijfand felt like they lost the mt airy part....19:57
jedijfi remember some saying that specifically. It moved to a more affluent area, and i guess they felt disenfranchised19:57
pleia2ah, yeah19:58
jedijfntr is worth revisiting. we were 4 years too early. now they caught on19:59
jedijfnow that they are selling xubu boxes20:00
pleia2I have xubuntu stickers!20:00
Resistancemeh i need a kde sticker :p20:01
MutantTurkeyxubuntu will always be my favorite :-)20:01
MutantTurkeythough I am itching to try out ubuntu studio (does that still exist?20:01
pleia2it still exists, and uses Xfce now20:02
pleia211.10 release was a bit rough (first one with Xfce), but they're looking at a good 12.04 release20:02
jedijfpleia2: the support is vital too, like you do with partimus; have to keep touching base. I guess the ultimate would be gurus within, but that's hard to get20:03
pleia2jedijf: *nod*20:03
pleia2we have one school with an on-site guru, he's awesome, but rare20:03
MutantTurkeyI don't know how well Unity fits into the recording environment20:03
jedijfreal-time unity20:04
MutantTurkeyUnity is developed in Qt right?20:04
MutantTurkeyI wish the methods it used for certain intergration were more or less a freedesktop standard. I'd be nice if other environments could benifit from some of those things20:04
MutantTurkeyI think canonical pushs things to quickly sometimes - like how they've already commited to Wayland and started using Unity well before it's prime time, turning away certain users20:05
=== Resistance is now known as EvilResistance
MutantTurkeyjedijf: got a job at the hamburger suit place now, working the register21:44
EvilResistancepleia2:  still alive?21:44
ssweenyshe's doing science and she's still alive!21:47
EvilResistanceyou're strange :p21:48
MutantTurkeyssweeny: I've been meaning to learn that son22:03
MutantTurkeyJonathan Coulton is really a awsome guy22:04
ssweenyhe really is22:04
MutantTurkeyI love his tracks22:05
MutantTurkeythey are really good and cheesebally22:05
ssweenyhis new album is pretty awesome22:07
ssweenyit was produced by one of the johns in They Might Be Giants22:07
ssweenythe outspoken one22:07
pleia2EvilResistance: am at work, so just slow to respond22:08
EvilResistanceah then i'll leave ya be22:08
jedijfMutantTurkey: i was there yesterday, hate the new layout22:24
jedijfMutantTurkey: did you mean mcd's?22:24
MutantTurkeywhich McD's is that?22:24
jedijfyork rd22:24
MutantTurkeyoh the new one in the grove? yeah the parking lot sucks22:24
MutantTurkeybut is not nasty anymore22:24
MutantTurkeyI mean it was gross before22:24
jedijfring around the drive thru22:24
MutantTurkeyno handle on the bathroom door. just a whole...22:25
MutantTurkeyjedijf: didn't I tell you about my hamburger suit job?22:25
MutantTurkeyup by thunderbird lanes?22:25
jedijfoh shit, that's you22:25
* jedijf deposits in change jar22:25
jedijfflori's or something22:26
MutantTurkeyyes that's me!22:26
MutantTurkeygot a job workin the counter there22:26
pleia2in a hamburger suit?22:26
EvilResistancemakes perfect sense :P22:27
MutantTurkeyno no no, they first hired me for that, now I am working counter22:27
MutantTurkeyeither way22:27
pleia2turkey burger22:27
jedijfMutantTurkey: you must not interview well :)22:27
jedijfeither that, or all new hires get the 'suit'22:28
MutantTurkeyjedijf: no they only needed me for that22:28
MutantTurkeytheir one employee is moving though22:28
MutantTurkeyso they needed someone to takeover22:28
jedijfphilly pug holiday party at nat mechanics <---biters22:37
jedijfwho's next phl.pm?22:38
MutantTurkeyso whaddya think about the 76ers vote?22:44
jedijfMutantTurkey: who won22:47
MutantTurkeyno idea22:47
jedijfhahah napathy wins22:47
MutantTurkeyhopefully not B Frankling Dogg22:49
waltman76ers vote?23:15
waltmanOh, the mascots?23:16
waltmanBig Ben, obviously.23:17
waltmanphilly pug? what's the p stand for?23:18
waltmanoh, the pythonistas?23:19
jedijfwaltman: yep23:21
jedijfben, dog, or moose....seems like ben should be a lock23:22

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