nuvolariMaaz: tell kbmonkey enjoy: http://www.linuxandlife.com/2011/12/8-text-based-applications-in-linux.html10:40
Maaznuvolari: Sure, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode10:40
inetpronuvolari: nice list13:13
octoquadhi all!18:03
Kiloshiya superfly octoquad and others18:03
superflyhi Kilos, octoquad18:03
Kiloslooks like neil either forgot his lappy in ahab land or is taking a break from pc's18:04
Kilosnuvolari, is als ok daar seun18:04
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:05
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:05
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:09
KilosMaaz, ty18:09
MaazEnjoy Kilos18:09
zerefheh, cant use compiz with gnome318:55
zerefthese "absa" notifications are starting to get annoying18:59
superflyzeref: Gnome3 or Gnome Shell?19:01
zerefthe shell19:02
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:06
Kilosgood luck tomorrow superfly 19:06
Kilosbe thinking of you19:06
superflythanks Kilos19:06
superflyzeref: Gnome Shell doesn't use compiz, it uses clutter19:07
tumbleweedsuperfly: any progress with your packgae?19:43
superflytumbleweed: nope, just been reading documentation and stuff19:47
superflyBut I think I do see the differences in the packages - well, at least in the rules files19:47
superflytumbleweed: in your opinion, should I upgrade the package format, or rather just fix up the existing package? or are they one and the same thing? ;-)20:11
tumbleweedsuperfly: IIRC your package was pretty straight-forward, so not that much work, either way20:12
superflyMaybe for now fix it up, and then look at upgrading it later?20:12
tumbleweedpersonally I'm not a CDBS fan, and prefer not to bring new packages into the archive, using it20:12
tumbleweedbut that's not rejection material20:12
superflytumbleweed: is there a way we can do what we do in the Makefile without CDBS?20:18
* tumbleweed tries to find suprefly's code again20:18
tumbleweedfound it20:19
* superfly goes back to see the beets package20:20
superflys/see/look at/20:20
* tumbleweed has a quick go at reworking it in debhelper20:21
superflytumbleweed: can you pastebin me what you're doing please? so that I have a better understanding of what is going on20:22
tumbleweedsuperfly: why are you installing the python bits in a different way to everything else?20:43
superflytumbleweed: not too sure... I just followed cocooncrash's lead :-)20:44
tumbleweednormally one uses a Makfile for everything or setup.py for everything20:44
tumbleweed(the makefile is allow to call setup.py)20:44
superflywell, because this is a PyQt4 application, it needs to do a few things that Qt4 apps do, but it also needs to be installed like a Python app20:45
tumbleweedok, but you can make your setup.py do whatever you want, it could handle the qt translation stuff20:45
superflyI looked at the "eric" package (the PyQt4 IDE) and it was extra complicated20:45
tumbleweedright now to install it, you have to run both setup.py install and make install20:46
superflyyeah, I figured as much20:46
tumbleweedusually in that situation, one makes the makefile call setup.py for you20:46
superflyyeah, I was thinking that would be the way to do it20:46
tumbleweedgeneral tip: whenever you are writing a series of ;-separated commands (such as a loop) in a makefile, put a set -e; in front of it20:47
tumbleweedotherwise you'll miss failures20:47
superflyyeah, I read that in the documentation, but thanks for reminding me 20:48
tumbleweedyou don't need pyversions an dpycompat20:49
tumbleweedsuperfly: here's a really quick pass http://paste.debian.net/148367/20:52
tumbleweedthat's dh instead of CDBS, and dh_python2 instead of pysupport20:53
tumbleweednext, I'll try and move it out of the sysetm python-path, it doesn't need to be importable for everyone20:53
tumbleweedoh, you need to include the licence statement (not the complete licence, that can be referred to in /usr/share/common-licences) in debian/copyright20:55
superflyright. that's easy enough to do20:55
tumbleweedand the format of that file has changed a little since you last use dit20:56
tumbleweedbtw, dh_python2 can generate the dependencies from requires in the setup.py, if you want20:56
superflytumbleweed: it's cool, at this stage we know the dependencies, and they vary slightly from distro to distro, so I think making them manual might be less hassle in the long run20:58
tumbleweedyeah, same with ibid20:59
tumbleweedit makes more sense to go the requires route if you are dealing with python people rather than distro people20:59
tumbleweedpython-sqlite... you know python contains sqlite these days, right?21:02
superflytumbleweed: yes, but the python-sqlite package is for SQLite 2.8, which the old Windows version of OpenLP uses, so it's there so that people can import from it21:03
superflythe new version (i.e. this version we're packaging) uses SQLite 3, which is part of Python :-)21:03
tumbleweedright, you probably only need to Recommend or Suggest it then21:04
tumbleweed(recommends are installed by default, for almost everyone)21:04
superflyyeah, it's only used in 2 or 3 places in the code, and even there it's a conditional import, as it were21:04
superflyif it's not there, the code doesn't fall over21:05
tumbleweedah, right, yes, it shouldn't crash without it21:05
tumbleweedbonus points if it says "you need ... for this to work"21:05
tumbleweedoh, the debian packaging includes the makefil21:06
* tumbleweed simplifies further21:06
tumbleweedhttp://paste.debian.net/148368/ <- install to a private location21:07
superflytumbleweed: well, it says something of the sort :-)21:08
tumbleweedsuperfly: http://paste.debian.net/148377/21:14
tumbleweedgot rid of the Makefile, it wasn't doing anything *that* useful, and moved those bits into debian/rules21:14
tumbleweedthe "using two build systems on after another" thing works great in CDBS, but not so well in dh...21:17
chigambamukokois everyone here based in Sa?21:40
chigambamukokoI miss home21:44
chigambamukokoI miss the African Mornings21:44
superflytumbleweed: ping22:00
superflytumbleweed: how old is debhelper v7 ?22:05
tumbleweedMaaz: rmadison debhelper22:06
Maaztumbleweed: *blink*22:06
tumbleweedit was in lenny, lucid, and hardy-backports22:06
tumbleweedOTOH, dh_python2 is pretty new. It's only in squeeze, maverick and later22:07
tumbleweedactually, I'm using debhelper 7.0.50 which wasn't in lenny or hardy-backports (but I think I have a local hardy backport of it somewhere)22:08
tumbleweedand lenny has a 8.0.0 backport22:08
superflyWe currently use Launchpad's PPA service to build packages for 10.04, and I'm just wondering if I need to keep our current package for the PPA, and this "new" one for Debian22:08
tumbleweeddh_python2 was supposed to be backported to lucid. Just nobody has doen it yet22:09
tumbleweedthe packages it produces have less moving parts (more reliable), and are faster to install / remove22:10
superflytumbleweed: OK, thanks for all of this... I had to do a little manual patching, because one or two small things changed in the package since you last looked at it22:19
superflyI think everything is fine22:19
tumbleweedsuperfly: can you post it somewhere and I'll have a look?22:20
superflyuh, sure, I'll just commit it and push it up to LP quickly22:21
superflytumbleweed: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~raoul-snyman/openlp/debian-package/files/head:/resources/debian/debian/22:23
tumbleweedsuperfly: looking...22:25
tumbleweed(oh, btw, I did notice a fair number of lintian warnings and errors that should still be dealt with)22:25
* superfly makes a note of that22:27
* tumbleweed likes new packages to be lintian-clean22:28
tumbleweedthen they can stay lintian-clean22:28
superflytumbleweed: how do I build this package on my local machine?22:28
superflyOh, I'm all for lintian-clean :-)22:28
tumbleweedsuperfly: so, it's not entirely trivial because of your odd layout22:33
tumbleweednormally, it's just "debuild -uc -us" (-uc -us meaning don't both signing)22:33
tumbleweedor bzr bd -- -uc -us for a bzr branch22:33
tumbleweedeasiest option here is: bzr export ../openlp-1.9.722:35
tumbleweedcd ../openlp-1.9.722:35
tumbleweedln -s resources/debian/debian .22:35
tumbleweeddebuild -uc -us22:35
superflylet me give that a go then22:36
tumbleweederr and then that'll break because your package has changed from the .orig.tar.gz22:36
tumbleweedso you may want to temporarly change debian/source/format to 3.0 (native)22:36
tumbleweed(keeping your packaging in your main branch, in an unusual subdir, is something tools are not going to like you for)22:37
superflywhat should I do instead, keeping in mind that we have build or packaging systems for mulitple platforms22:38
tumbleweeddon't bother too much about keeping your packaging in the branch up to date22:38
tumbleweedrather have something workable there22:38
tumbleweedbut keep the packaging for the version in the archive separately22:38
superflycurrently I keep the stuff in bzr up-to-date, and then when an update comes through, I copy it over to a specific location on my VPS, which submits the nightly builds for us22:39
tumbleweedyou don't use launchpad's built-in daily builds?22:40
superflyno, I think we started this before Launchpad started their built-in daily builds22:40
tumbleweedalso, in practice, daily-build packaging teends to have different needs to in-debian packaging22:41
superflytumbleweed: yep, that's why I decided to rather separate them now22:42
superflyI moved that stuff out to another directory22:42
tumbleweedsuperfly: "either version 2 of the licence." ?22:43
superflylemme fix that :-)22:44
tumbleweedif you meant "or later", change the licence to GPL-2+22:45
superflyno, I meant GPL2 only22:46
superflyJust trying to double-check the text22:46
tumbleweedsuperfly: lintian says22:50
tumbleweedP: openlp source: source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary resources/windows/psvince.dll22:50
tumbleweedP: openlp source: unknown-copyright-format-uri http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/copyright-format/1.0/22:50
superflyOK, the first one I know, but the resources directory should not be packaged22:50
superflythe second one I'll have to double-check the format22:51
tumbleweedsuperfly: the package just contains everything that's in the .orig.tar.gz (i.e. everything you release as your source tarball)22:52
tumbleweedif that's necessary for your windows builds, you may want to find an alternative, or a way to build it (I don't know what it is)22:52
superflyI'll check how the orig.tar.gz is built22:53
tumbleweedof course, we can also construct a separate source tarball for Debian (and debian packages often have to do this, to remove nasty stuff), but that's non-ideal22:54
superflywell, that stuff shouldn't be in the nightly builds either, so I should really work on how to eliminate it in any case22:57
tumbleweedoh, whoops, those were only the source package lintian warnings. I let you off lightly :)22:59
superflyThanks for all your help tumbleweed. I need to get to bed, a long day ahead of me tomorrow!22:59
tumbleweedyou'll also hit:22:59
tumbleweedP: openlp: no-upstream-changelog22:59
tumbleweedW: openlp: embedded-javascript-library usr/share/openlp/openlp/plugins/remotes/html/jquery.js22:59
tumbleweedW: openlp: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/openlp22:59
tumbleweed(don't woryr about no-upstream-changelog, if you don't have it, you don't have it)23:00
tumbleweednp, night.23:00

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