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wizonesolutionsActionParsnip: We're both talking about ntfs-3g yeah? Just to confirm. Also, does NTFS-3G treat internal partitions different than external hard drives? I've got a couple externals that are mounting fine on another box, and actually other internal partitions too...dunno what's...different about this one!00:00
kanhiyaI found that Ubuntu 11.10 is just a crap of mind00:00
kanhiyawaste time in finding solutions of bugs00:00
kanhiyaSo manu bugs00:00
ActionParsnipwizonesolutions: the location of the partition is moot, as long as it is seen correctly by the kernel, all access is abstracted by the kernel.00:00
wizonesolutionsActionParsnip: Anyway, no luck with those options either. I put them in exactly as you wrote them.00:01
kanhiyaWaiting for LTS and will be last linux Distro , i will try otherwise will switch to Windows00:01
wizonesolutionsActionParsnip: Good to know. Probably diff NTFS-3G versions then is what's throwing me off00:01
tjkentwizonesolutions: what is your problem now?00:01
wizonesolutionsActionParsnip: All I needed on my home server was uid=<username>,gid=<groupname> and I was golden. But that doesn't seem to be enough here.00:02
wizonesolutionstjkent: Trying to get write access as my normal user to an NTFS partition.00:02
wizonesolutionstjkent: AKA, trying to mount it as such.00:02
tjkentyou can't mount it at all?00:02
tjkentwhen you try to mount it does it say that it is busy or can you not even see it?00:03
wizonesolutionstjkent: I mount it, but it basically ignores anything I specify about permissoins.00:03
wizonesolutionstjkent: Mounting works. But the permissions are not as I want.00:03
tjkentI am assuming that you are dual booting?00:04
ActionParsnipwizonesolutions: try changing ntfs-3g to auto00:04
KFPHi there.  I just upgraded my graphics card, but I can't seem to get it to work properly.00:04
wizonesolutionsActionParsnip: You mean for the filesystem basically?00:05
wizonesolutionstjkent: Yep, dual-booting.00:05
tjkentwhat is wrong with the permissions are you not able to write anything to it?00:05
agentgasmaskActionParsnip: No, I'll have to do that. I thought there might be 3rd party raid tools that would work with it.00:05
netninjawizonesolutions: not to be smart, I'm joining the convo in the middle, but did you just try "sudo mount /dev/<whatever> /<mountpoint>"?  Doesn't that default to auto?00:06
wizonesolutionstjkent: File/directory ownership. Users is owned by root/root, so I can't cd in or see anything.00:06
macPawnscan anyone help me get my touchpad recognized00:06
macPawns11.04 i386 fresh install00:06
marabi2hello  netninja sup00:06
KFPMy old graphics card was an Nvidia GF 8500GT and the new one is an Nvidia GTX550 Ti.  When I try to use the Nvidia proprietary drivers, the computer refuses to start X, saying "kernel module NVIDIA not found".00:06
tjkentwell I got one way that you can do it, but I don't use ntfs-3g00:06
tjkentand I am able to do everything00:06
tjkentalso it mounts when it boots00:07
wizonesolutionstjkent: If it's safe...then I don't really care if it's ntfs-3g or not.00:07
wizonesolutionsnetninja: pretty sure that won't do it but humoring you, one sec.00:07
netninjasorry :/00:07
tjkentyea it is safe00:07
netninjajust brainstorming00:08
wizonesolutionsnetninja: No prob, appreciate it. It didn't work :(00:08
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ActionParsnipKFP: did you remove the driver before switching the hardware00:08
wizonesolutionstjkent: OK so shoot00:08
tjkentpm'd it to you00:08
aikInsaan|homehow does one get to the Ubuntu GUI from bash shell?00:08
wizonesolutionsActionParsnip: Changing to auto wouldn't do it since netninja's suggestion didn't work.00:09
tjkentI wrote the whole thing for my school so I know that it works00:09
netninjaaikInsaan: "startx"?00:09
KFPActionParsnip:  Uh, I removed it afterwards.   ._.       Then reinstalled.00:09
tjkentwizonesolutions: did you get it?00:09
ActionParsnipKFP: did you reboot so that you were using the open driver for a spell?00:10
ActionParsnipKFP: you may want to add the xorg edgers updates ppa (not the xorg edgers itself) and instal the 285 driver00:10
marabi2hi ring2 sup00:11
kevin_hi all. any way i can default /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward and ip_dynaddr to "1"? or do i have to just set it to 1 always in an init.d script00:12
KFPActionParsnip: I think I'm using the open driver now (I deleted xorg.conf after X refused to start. Now I'm in X but not using the Nvidia driver.)00:12
KimbleHi.  I'm trying to grant write permissions to a CIFS share to a user.  The share is mounted thusly in fstab: user=transmission%,noatime,nodiratime,rw,noexec,_netdev,sync. Transmission is the user I want to be able to write to the share. But it keeps getting a permission denied error. Ideas?00:12
netninjawizonesolutions: try mounting with these options: "rw,auto,user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000"00:12
ActionParsnipKFP: does:  sudo lshw -C display | grep driver    show: driver=nouveau00:13
crazytranekevin_, i believe /etc/sysctl.conf is where you should look00:13
netninjawizonesolutions: remembering to mount with 3g ntfs00:13
crazytranejust add "net.ipv4.ip_forward=1"00:14
crazytranemight even be there already00:14
wizonesolutionsnetninja: Just tried similar with normal ntfs, will try with ntfs-3g (cc tjkent)00:15
wizonesolutionsThis is totally funky :D00:15
wizonesolutionsoh yeah, one thing to revise from my original statement because I guess NTFS-3G has moved on from what I knew. xattrs and POSIX ACLs *are* enabled00:16
wizonesolutionsit's by default, it seems00:16
netninjawizonesolutions: yeah, when I mount my Win8 partition from unity, it mounts this way automatically00:16
wizonesolutionsbut that may be interfering somehow00:16
KFPActionParsnip: It doesn't show anything at all. :\      (well, it shows "sysfs (PCI)" for a bit but that disappears after a couple of seconds.00:16
kevin_crazytrane: great. thanks a lot00:16
KFPEr, "PCI (sysfs)".00:16
crazytraneno prob00:17
aikInsaan|homehow does one get to the Ubuntu GUI from bash shell?00:17
ActionParsnipKFP: ok then try:  sudo lshw -C display00:17
wizonesolutionstjkent: You mentioned rebooting in PM, I just don't understand why I can't umount and then mount -a. What cached data or whatever is getting reinitialized upon reboot? Doesn't it just read from /etc/fstab like mount -a does?00:17
netninjaaikInsaan: startx00:17
KFPActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/8VpZbtyW00:18
aikInsaan|homehow does one get to the Ubuntu GUI from bash shell?00:18
tjkentwizonesolutions: fstab is read when your system boots00:18
wizonesolutionsnetninja: No luck on those options either :/00:18
netninjawizonesolutions: wow.  tjkent is right: are you adding this in fstab and then "mount -a"?00:19
wizonesolutionstjkent: Yeah mount -a and normal mount commands also check it if for example I type "mount /mnt/windows" <--- my mount point00:19
tjkentaikInsaan|home: startx00:19
JetJaguarXPaikInsaan|home  The Ubuntu GUI should launch automatically00:19
wizonesolutionsnetninja: Yeah, I umount first00:19
aikInsaan|hometjkent: that doest work00:19
tjkentaikInsaan|home: what is the error00:19
ActionParsnipKFP: looks good, add the repo and install nvidia-current to get the 295 driver00:20
wizonesolutionsnetninja: And it *does* get mounted again, so it's responding somehow. I don't see how it could only be half-responding, hence my question about what is different about rebooting if both methods are reading the same file.00:20
bobweaverhello there I was looking aroung the net looking for top ten things to do after install ubuntu install. and Have found some cool stuff. but I guess I would like to hear from you also. Like what do you install after installing ubuntu. also I am having some troubles with my nvidia (02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation C77 [GeForce 8200M G] [10de:0845] (rev a2))   I can not seem to get anything to record the desktop,00:20
bobweavercorrectly that is. also my interneal mic will not work here is alsa for that  http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=c862089cec79175cfa218c69e04a720c4460136d00:20
KFPActionParsnip: System -> Administration -> Additional drivers  says that the Nvidia (version current) driver is in use, but when I try "Nvidia X Server Settings" it says it's currently not in use. :/00:20
MaynardJKeenanif I instal the wireless drivers of my laptop through the software center00:21
MaynardJKeenan<MaynardJKeenan> should this fix my wireless problems?00:21
tjkentwizonesolutions: it worked for me00:21
netninjawizonesolutions: I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but if you "sudo umount /<mountpoint>" and then edit your fstab with the options I suggested, then "sudo mount -a" that should reload your fstab... is that what you're saying doesn't work, after you put what I suggested ("rw,auto,user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000") into fstab?00:21
bobweaverOh also I have xorgers repo and nvidia current00:21
KFP"You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."     <--- But when I do that, it refuses to start X.00:21
aikInsaan|hometjkent:  it says '-bash: startx: command not found'00:21
wizonesolutionsnetninja: That's exactly what I've been doing, yep.00:21
ActionParsnipKFP: but did you add the repo?00:21
netninjaaikInstaan: did you install the server version, or a version without GUI?00:21
netninjawizonesolutions: :(  sorry, that'd be my gamble-best-bet.  anything in logs?00:22
aikInsaan|hometjkent: installed an ubuntu image00:22
tjkentaikInsaan|home: uname -a00:22
wizonesolutionsnetninja: Would that be syslog?00:23
OffGridOpsHaving issues w/wireless on Compaq CQ57 (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1886539) got a pm to ask here.  It won't connect.  Thanx00:23
netninjaaikInsaan: "an ubuntu image" -- again, did you install a server image or an image without GUI?   where did you get your image?  what does uname report?00:23
tjkentwizonesolutions: dmesg|less00:23
aikInsaan|homeLinux mx.xen76.node00001.gigatux.com #1 SMP 2011-11-19 15:14:49 +0100 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:23
aikInsaan|hometjkent:  Linux mx.xen76.node00001.gigatux.com #1 SMP 2011-11-19 15:14:49 +0100 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:23
tjkentI figured00:24
bobweaverOffGridOps:  grid please open your terminal and type in: lspci -nn && lsmod && rfkill list all        then use paste.ubuntu.com to paste that to us thanks00:24
wizonesolutionstjkent: It actually was in syslog it seems...one sec00:24
OffGridOpsk just a sec00:24
aikInsaan|hometjkent: what does that mean :p00:24
wizonesolutionstjkent: netninja: From log output, almost certain that the POSIX ACLs feature is burning me somehow, just not sure what options to set to disable it...or something. http://pastebin.com/bd685NFN00:25
PiciaikInsaan|home: Thats on a VPS?00:26
KFPActionParsnip: Yup. Downloading updates now.00:26
aikInsaan|homePici: yeah that's true00:26
wizonesolutionsGASP. I *do* have a UserMapping file. When did I create this!?00:27
* wizonesolutions renames00:27
netninjawizonesolutions: hah.00:28
OffGridOpspasted it00:28
PiciaikInsaan|home: You typically don't install X windows on a VPS. You could use x forwarding to run some graphical applications on the server but display them locally. What is your goal?00:28
wizonesolutionsnetninja: As usual, burned by software working correctly. As a programmer, I'm used to it. lol00:28
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netninjaaikInsaan|home: you're using a VPS/CT?  you *do* *not* want a GUI for this.00:29
netninjaaikInsaan|home: I run a hosting company.  Running X on a CT is a massive resource killer.  Welcome to command line :)00:29
aikInsaan|homenetninja: oh thanks00:29
aikInsaan|homenetninja: my goal is to install mono00:29
wizonesolutionsnetninja tjkent ActionParsnip: Renaming the .NTFS-3G/UserMapping file I had but had forgotten about solved the issue. Do you guys have a karma system I can ++ you on or something?00:29
OffGridOps@bobweaver:  Paste from OffGridOps at Tue, 6 Dec 2011 04:28:02 +0000  Not sure if that's what you wanted00:29
aikInsaan|homeso I can run a .net stack00:30
netninjaSo, back to my problem for a second... if, when I'm finished with Memtest86+, and there are no issues, what else can I do to see what's wrong with suspend (doesn't reinitialize video drivers when un-suspended), and hibernate (doesn't actually hibernate - when I switch back on, it's a fresh boot)???00:30
tjkentwizonesolutions: tjkent ubuntu forums00:30
tjkentaikInsaan|home: I am thinking that you downloaded the server disto00:31
wizonesolutionstjkent: How do I do it there?00:31
Picitjkent: its a VPS, of course its the server release.00:31
bobweaver!paste OffGridOps00:31
aikInsaan|homePici: I want to get mono up so I can run the .net stack and serve asp website off it00:32
aikInsaan|homedo I need to go through it all via CLI?00:32
tjkentwhen did you guys realize it was VPS?00:32
netninjawizonesolutions: unfortunately, no, just pm me here, or on efnet, or blitzed, if you want to buy hosting space with root access :)00:32
stinkfistdo you guys have any idea why wont my firefox work on wireless?00:32
stinkfistI just installed my wireless drivers and it says that i am connected00:33
stinkfistbut firefox wont load any pages00:33
wizonesolutionsnetninja: Haha OK :P00:33
stinkfistas if its offline00:33
PiciaikInsaan|home: Yes, but your app may not work out-of-the-box, there may be programming changes needed for it to run on mono.00:33
netninjastinkfist: can you ping from a terminal window?00:33
stinkfisterm Im going to try that00:33
stinkfistill google how to ping from a terminal00:33
OffGridOpswas gonna say ping www.google.com or yahoo from terminal00:34
bobweaverOffGridOps:  your card is turned off by a switch   (Hard blocked: yes)   turn it on. if that dont work then rmmod hp_wmi00:34
OffGridOpswherre can i go to learn how to do that?00:34
JosePHey, I have a question00:35
JosePis there a way to delete duplicate songs on Rhythmbox?00:35
netninjastinkfist: open a terminal window; type "ping yahoo.com", after a few seconds, type "Ctl-C" to stop, and see if you have any packet loss in the stats.00:35
aikInsaan|homehmm.....life getting excited00:35
aikInsaan|homeso I should install mono and apache server and mercurial and everything else via the CLI00:36
PiciaikInsaan|home: Thats how the rest of us do it.00:36
VinZe_DiamoNdhola como estan?00:37
JosePBien, y tu?00:37
VinZe_DiamoNdmuy bien gracias00:37
KFPActionParsnip: There, installed updates.00:37
aikInsaan|homePici: wow!00:37
somsip!es | VinZe_DiamoNd00:37
aikInsaan|homethat is amazing00:37
ubottuVinZe_DiamoNd: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:37
aikInsaan|homealways wanted to do it....ended up with a win server00:37
aikInsaan|homeand never learnt a thing!00:37
monohedronhi guys, I'm looking for a way to load an image straight into the clipboard00:37
JosePaikInsaan|home, I had a windows server00:38
JosePnever worked00:38
bobweaverOffGridOps:  this is what rfkill list does   if it say softblock  yes then there is a software trouble . if it say hard block there is a hardware swich that is blocking it00:38
JosePnever like it00:38
JosePswitched to Ubuntu, and in 2 days, I achieved what I didn't in 6 months00:38
VinZe_DiamoNdaparte de mi alguien habla español00:38
aikInsaan|homeso there need to be code changes if I want to run on mono??00:38
Picisomsip: there might need to be some00:38
PiciVinZe_DiamoNd: /join #ubuntu-es00:38
JosePVinZe_DiamoNd, mira, hay un canal para espanol. creo que es #Ubuntu-es00:38
somsipPici: not me mate00:38
Picisomsip: oops, sorry ;)00:39
PiciaikInsaan|home: there might need to be some00:39
bobweaverOffGridOps:  so if you flip the switch a bunch and rfkill list still shows that YES then it is wmi fault as that is what controls the switch00:39
bobweaversomethimes fault *00:39
monohedronlooking for a way to load an image straight into the clipboard00:40
OffGridOps@bobweaver:  so i am seeing the wireless light on the keyboard with a blue light (f12 key).  What I don't know how to do is turn the hard block from off to on I guess00:40
bobweaverOffGridOps:  you said it was a cq57 ?00:40
OffGridOpsyes sir.  profiled it on the thread above.  brand new.  wifi worked with the stick00:40
KFPActionParsnip: ...But still the same situation.   Can't start X without deleting xorg.conf first. And then I'm stuck with 1280x800 resolution (on a 1920x1024 display), and can't use Nvidia X Server Settings. :\00:41
VinZe_DiamoNdnadie me contesta pero graciasx00:41
OffGridOpswait one.  weird thing happened when i hit f1200:41
aikInsaan|homePici: what sort of changes are we looking at...??00:42
bobweaverOffGridOps:  cool look at rfkill list     again is hard block still blocked ?00:42
OffGridOps@bobweaver:  communicating via wireless now.  does this mean that each time i want to use the wireless I need to click the f12?  it seems odd that the blue light on the key stays blue whether it is on or off.00:43
M4dD0Gplease how do i download these files hat room. A little helpful information for beginners: http://pastebin.com/Y72QcnB900:43
bobweaverOffGridOps:  if it is switched off00:43
PiciaikInsaan|home: I don't know. I'm not fluent in mono or .NET.  You may want to check out #mono on irc.gnome.org00:43
aikInsaan|homewill do00:43
aikInsaan|homethanks guys00:44
SolarisBoymono the viral infection?00:44
OffGridOpsjust a sec00:44
M4dD0Gsorry wrong link https://libgarmin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libgarmin/libgarmin/dev/00:44
monohedronare there any other channels where I could pose that question?00:44
monohedronlooking for a way to load an image straight into the clipboard00:44
Picimonohedron: ##linux, as it isn't Ubuntu specific.   (also, xclipboard *might* be helpful)00:45
bobweaverM4dD0G:  that is a svn package? do you have subversion installed ?00:45
monohedronthanks can't retrieve channel list00:45
netninjamonohedron: load it... from where?00:45
monohedrona file00:45
netninjamonohedron: ugh.  so, right-click and hit copy?00:46
monohedronor even pipe it into clipbrd00:46
M4dD0Gbobweaver: no il go see if i can get it thanx..!00:46
netninjamonhohedron: I"m trying to get you to refine your question with more relevant details :)00:46
OffGridOps@bobweaver:  so no it is not.  i disconnected the wifi by f12 and then had to mash it a bunch of times to get it back on.  i believe that the f12 is the key here and that some kind of work needs to be done to turn the light off and on or it will always be a mess and maybe notations put in about the cq5700:46
kierkkadonSo while trying out Darwinia (could use a little more helpful tutorial, imo) it crashed and froze. On windows I usually ctrl+alt+del my way out of any program freezes, but I had no idea what to do in Ubuntu. Ctrl+alt+del logged me out and ended all open processes apparently, so I signed back in.00:46
kierkkadonApparently, to GNOME 2. When I had been using 3.00:46
kierkkadonHaving no idea what was going on, I restarted my whole computer, log back in, and it's back to normal. What do?00:46
kierkkadon(I'm completely new to linux, if you haven't noticed)00:47
netninjamonohedron: as in, "I'm trying to figure out how to write a script which will automatically take a file as input and place the resultant image (jpeg, png, whatever) into the clipboard.00:47
OffGridOps@bobweaver:  would like permission to use your name in the ubuntu forums thread and give a rundown on our discussions tonight00:47
monohedronnetninja, jup00:47
monohedronthat would do00:47
bobweaverM4dD0G:  sudo apt-get -y install subversion && svn checkout  https://libgarmin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libgarmin libgarmin00:47
netninjamonohedron: are you familiar with programming languages, or are you *not* looking to write your own?00:48
DarwinSurvivorhas anyone here had issues with gnome-terminal not redrawing properly? (tried nvidia 180 & 190, using gnome-shell w/o compiz)00:48
marabi2hello how are you doing my dear?00:48
monohedronyes i can do that in python for example but I don't get it that there isn't a tool like xclip700:48
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M4dD0G bobweaver: im on a N900, im trying to get navit installed. it's installed now00:49
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bobweaverM4dD0G:  not sure what that is sorry00:49
wtfTrolli got an irc related question00:50
funnyfingersWill (or has?..) Ubuntu continue to use init LSB for the foreseeable future or will it move to systemd?00:50
M4dD0Gbobweaver: it's a gps map. open source.00:50
wtfTrolli know how to set IRC ops from conf but is there an IRC op mode00:51
PiciwtfTroll: #freenode would be a more appropriate place for this00:51
bobweaverOffGridOps:  that is fine (fourms ) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/josephmills00:51
binMonkeyhi, guys.  i want to creat a launcher for a precompiled binary that runs in a terminal emulator but nothing i've tried works.  any ideas?00:51
M4dD0Gim getting segmentation fault when trying command "svn checkout http://libgarmin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libgarmin/libgarmin/dev libgarmin"00:52
funnyfingersbinMonkey sort of like in Windows where an extension tied to an executable?00:52
KimbleWhat's the best practise for disabling a /etc/init.d/ service from running on boot?00:53
monohedron!ops wtfTroll trolling00:53
ubottumonohedron: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:53
StepNjumpHi guys, up until recently, my computer was working well. Yesterday it told me I only had 1.5 GB left available on my partition and now it's down at 3.5 MB.. Strangely enough, I think I have plenty of room. I tried du -sh, looked at gparted... I think my home partition is on the same partition as / anyone could help?00:54
binMonkeyfunnyfingers: i don't think so.  i can run it from the terminal using ./adom.  but addiing /home/binMonkey/adom/adom or ./adom to a launcher does nothing but open up a terminal.00:54
OffGridOps@bobweaver:  ok thanx and it will be in the ubuntu thread as listed initially00:54
Picimonohedron: what?00:54
Picimonohedron: I don't see any issues.00:54
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: try df -h (du is for the current folder)00:55
brightsparkHi, the icons for my volume and network connection (maverick; in the notification area) do not reflect my current icon theme.  How can I fix this?00:55
Picimonohedron: if you want to pm me about it, thats fine too.00:56
sudomanStepNjump: what if you try # apt-get clean ?00:56
sudomanStepNjump: that would clear out your apt cache.00:56
funnyfingersKimble - it is a symbolic link from within /etc/rcX there is also a command that does that for you.  I forget the name offhand.00:56
StepNjumpThanks DarwinSurvivor and sudoman.. Let me try those. brb00:56
M4dD0Gbobweaver: im getting segmentation fault when trying command "svn checkout http://libgarmin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libgarmin/libgarmin/dev libgarmin"00:56
funnyfingersrc0.d/    rc2.d/    rc4.d/    rc6.d/    rcS.d/00:57
funnyfingersrc1.d/    rc3.d/    rc5.d/    rc.local00:57
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stinkfisti think x chat bugged for a while00:57
stinkfistso if anyone replied to me please repeat ; _ ;00:57
bobweaverM4dD0G:  let me try00:57
StepNjumpThanks DarwinSurvivor, df -h reports that my / is on sda6... I guess.... and that I have 8 GB available still... But a lot of applications were starting to tell me that I am running out of disk space!00:58
Kimblefunnyfingers: hey.  Hmm, I'll look into it. Thanks.  Get back to me if you remember the command for it :)00:58
crazytranekimble, install bum from apt-get00:59
sudomanStepNjump: maybe you do have different partitions then?00:59
crazytranethat is an easy way to do it00:59
StepNjumpsudoman, yes I have a lot of other partitions...00:59
Kimblecrazytrane: looking it up now. Ta.00:59
crazytraneif you like the gui, otherwise chkconfig will work too00:59
bobweaverM4dD0G:  open termminal : mkdir <name of program>   then   cd <new dir >  then   svn checkout https://libgarmin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libgarmin/libgarmin/dev/01:00
StepNjumpfrom previous failed installs01:00
Kimblecrazytrane: oh, bum needs a GUI? I'm CLI only. So, chkconfig then?01:00
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: paste the entire output of "df -h" to pastebin.org and post the link01:00
crazytraneoh yeah01:02
stinkfistwhen i write sudo lshw -C network in the terminal they ask for password01:02
stinkfistwhat password are they asking for exactly ?01:02
DarwinSurvivorstinkfist: you are using "sudo" which asks for YOUR password to perform adminstrative actions01:02
stinkfistbut it never let me finishes typing it for some reason01:02
L3dcan someone explain to me how to add the xvba lines in etc/env ,cause i keep getting errors ,and i dont know if i need to justify and what not :/01:02
DarwinSurvivorstinkfist: what do you mean by "never lets you finish"?01:02
ActionParsnipDarwinSurvivor: could use:  df -h | pastebinit01:02
bobweaverM4dD0G:  after that run :  ./autosh.sh    then  ./configure   then   make    then make install01:02
borillionum how do you grep for things like symbols ex '->cow01:02
Picistinkfist: for security reasons, it won't echo back asterisks or anything when you type your password.01:02
stinkfistit always interrupts me saying Sorry try again01:02
DarwinSurvivorActionParsnip: *if* he has pastebinit installed...01:02
Hilikuscan somone take a look at this pulse log and tell me if there's anything wrong? i'm trying to start pulse from the mpd user unsuccessfully01:02
OerHeksstinkfish you won't see dots or stars when typing your password01:02
ActionParsnipstinkfist: just ttype your password and hit enter, sudo gives no visible feeback01:02
M4dD0Gbobweaver: ERROR SHADOW:/home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps# mkdir libgarmin01:03
ActionParsnipDarwinSurvivor: its easy to install, great tool01:03
bobweaverM4dD0G:  I will write a script01:03
L3dsomeone pm me pls .......01:03
DarwinSurvivorActionParsnip: i agree, but getting every user that has stuff to post once to install it gets a little tiring :P01:03
stinkfistit wont let me finish typing it...01:03
StepNjumpDarwinSurvivor thanks! http://paste.ubuntu.com/761098/01:03
Kimblecrazytrane: thanks for the recommendation. chkconfig looks the business. Karma +01:04
L3dvaapi and some good upate support would b nice tho ..01:04
M4dD0Gbobweaver:  SHADOW:/home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps# mkdir libgarmin /home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps# cd /home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps/libgarmin//home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps# cd /home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps/libgarmin//home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps# cd /home/user/MyDocs/Navit-Maps/libgarmin/01:04
L3dhow do i need to add the xvba lines in etc/env i know im in terminal and in the env file but what next ?01:05
L3di like nana but im purdy new to all this01:05
crazytraneno prob, kimble!01:05
L3dlol nano01:05
stinkfisti think i got it now i understand what actionparsnip meant01:06
stinkfist>.< i was pressing enter so i can see what i was typing01:06
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: good lord, why so many unused partitions? you have 10 partitions split between 2 drives and only appear to be using 1 of them (plus swap)....01:06
PiciL3d: Just type the lines in there that you need and save and you're done.  What part of it are you having issues with?01:06
ActionParsnipDarwinSurvivor: true but very worthwhile01:06
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: do you dual-boot into a bunch of other distros/os's?01:06
brightsparkHi, the icons for my volume and network connection (maverick; in the notification area) do not reflect my current icon theme.  How can I fix this?01:06
brightsparkgtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid.01:06
ActionParsnipbrightspark: could try logoff then logon01:06
StepNjumpDarwinSurvivor.. I know... I need to recover the files from those old installations! I'm a real organization nightmare.. I know!01:06
L3dxvba needs to work with vaapi man ..01:06
StepNjumpDarwinSurvivor, no! not even... just ntfs that I'm slowly phasing out too01:07
StepNjumpI'm a work in progress01:07
L3dkeep getting errors at the vainfo01:07
brightsparkActionParsnip, thanks.  This has persisted across reboots for some time now.  When I actually open power management it uses the correct icon, but not in the tray.01:07
ActionParsnipbrightspark: does it affect all themes?01:08
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: well, bottom line: you are using a 35GB partition for *everything* in ubuntu and have 8.1GB of that left (line 2). try "sudo apt-get clean" as sudoman suggested01:08
bobweaverM4dD0G:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/761101/   <-- take that and copy to gedit   then name garmin-script  and put in home dirctory. then open terminal and do a chmod +x garmin-script   then run ./garmin-script01:08
tjkentI can't get my printer to show up in ubuntu01:08
StepNjumpYes I have done this DarwinSurvivor.. Haven't seen the error since01:09
tjkentI have downloaded the driver but it won't show up under printers,01:09
L3dok so i dont know hwta im doing wrong ,cant i just use synaptic for all this extra work ??01:09
brightsparkActionParsnip, yes.  I see the icon for the volume control and the logoff/shutdown menu change but not the icons for volume or network.01:09
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: it probably wasn't an error at all. the apt cache can EASILY take up multiple GigaBytes of space if not cleaned after a few months of updates01:09
StepNjumpDarwinSurvivor, which partition contains my grub info (/boot)?01:09
M4dD0Gbobweaver: ok thanks. will try it now. theres something wrong with svn. don't forget im not using ubuntu, but maemo5.01:10
sudomanStepNjump: if you didn't set it manually, it is under /01:10
StepNjumpBesides DarwinSurvivor, I'm not even sure which software was telling me that I was running out of space. Could have been ubuntu one01:10
sudomanStepNjump: ... the same partition that / is on01:10
L3dwhy is vaapi such a difficult thing ...01:10
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: from your post: the actual data is in sda6, but the bootloader is either directly in sda or sdb (check your BIOS to see which drive it boots from).01:11
StepNjumpok sudoman01:11
bobweaveroh M4dD0G what is maemo5 ?01:11
L3di see there is a diffrance in players and oss too heh01:11
StepNjumpI should have created a /boot partition though with all those other old partitions01:11
StepNjumpboots from sda01:11
DarwinSurvivorso /boot is part of sda06 (main partition), but it will be "activated" by a small bootloader in one of the 2 drives' boot sectors01:11
M4dD0Gbobweaver: os for nokia N90001:11
L3dcan someone pm me please to get thru this vainfo issue ?01:12
bobweaverM4dD0G:  we should take this conversation to #ubuntu-offtopic01:12
StepNjumpbut which partition... ! ??? Don't know... Not a problem. I will eventually reinstall the boot info in a /boot partition and do a update-grub but it scares the heck out of me01:12
sudomanStepNjump: i don't think there's much of an advantage of having a separate boot partition unless you are trying to encrypt as much as you possibly can. (you have to leave the boot partition unencrypted, because otherwise, you wouldn't have a kernel to perform the decryption.)01:12
StepNjumpOk guys, thanks for your help. I will let you know in case the error happens again01:12
StepNjumpWell that's another good reason sudoman. I want to encrypt my ~/ eventually so... good point01:13
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: sda6 ( mounted as "/" )01:13
L3dhow do i install tar.gz files again ?01:13
L3dill get the splitted desktop ones than ..01:14
sudomanStepNjump: but you can do that without encypting the the / partition. if you don't encrypt that, you don't need to install a separate /boot partition. you can just let them stay together01:14
M4dD0Gbobweaver: ok, sorry..!01:14
StepNjumpOk DarwinSurvivor.. Yes that's what I thought! thanks for confirming sda601:14
bobweaverM4dD0G:  this phone looks awesome !01:14
sudomanStepNjump: if you are interested in going all the way, look up installation instructions for "full disk encryption"01:14
L3dhow do i install the splitted desktop libva1 and xvba tar.gz,s01:15
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: basically, unless you see a drive mounted AS /boot, that means it is simply in the drive mounted as /01:15
StepNjumpoh I see what you are saying sudoman.. So I would just encrypt a separate ~/ on it's own partition?01:15
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: with ecrypfs you don't even need to use a separate partition01:15
sudomanStepNjump: actually, ubuntu supports encrypting individual home folders, but you could also encrypt a separate home partition01:15
StepNjumpyes but I wouldn't want my / encrypted all the way! That would be dumb no?01:16
sudomanStepNjump: the first might be easier to set up, i don't know01:16
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory01:16
netninjaQuestion: I had Ubuntu installed on my laptop with everything working fine.  I upgraded to 8gb ram from 2 (two new 4gb chips) and all of a sudden, suspend doesn't re-initialize the video after I bring it out of suspend, and hibernate doesn't restart from session on bring-out-of-hibernate, it starts fresh.  Memory checks out ok.  Any ideas?01:16
StepNjumpoh really! sudoman.. even my ~/Documents folder alone?01:16
StepNjumpThank you very much DarwinSurvivor and sudoman for all your help01:16
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: ecryptfs can be used to encrypt ANY folder (~/, ~/Documents, ~/Private, etc)01:17
sudomanStepNjump: well, you might want an encrypted /tmp and swap since those sometimes get temporary files from your home folder written to them. beyond that, it's a certain level of paranoia. (i have "full" disk encryption)01:17
L3dsplitted desktop has libva1 with patches ,is this still the normal libva1 ?or do i need a libva cause its now-where ,im lost here ,someone ?01:17
DarwinSurvivorsudoman: swap is a good idea, but /tmp is never written to the HDD, so there's no point encrypting that01:17
brightsparkActionParsnip, I just confirmed that the problem persists across logoffs no matter which icon set I am using.01:18
sudomanDarwinSurvivor: didn't know that... thanks for the heads-up :)01:18
DarwinSurvivorsudoman: oh, wait, hold on a second01:18
StepNjumpok great!01:18
DarwinSurvivorsudoman: nope, my mistake, it is on the HDD. I hade manually set it up as a ramdisk :P01:18
L3dicon problems brightspark ?01:18
sudomanDarwinSurvivor: good idea :)01:18
StepNjumpIwill encrypt just ~/Documents, /tmp and /swap then!01:18
L3dremove smplayer i think ..01:19
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: sorry, /tmp IS on the HDD, you can mount it as a ramdisk if you like, but that pre-allocates ram (make sure you have LOTS before doing that!)01:19
sudomanStepNjump: you mean "swap", no '/'. it's a partition, not a folder01:19
brightsparkL3d, yes- the notification area does not use the correct icons based on the theme I have selected.01:19
StepNjumpI don't understand DarwinSurvivor? I only have 2 GB01:19
L3dwhat player do u use ?01:20
brightsparkL3d, volume control uses the correct icon, but not battery or network01:20
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: the easiest (and most common) thing to do is encrypt the home folder of each user (~/), that includes Documents, Pictures, settings, cache, etc01:20
StepNjumpoh ok sudoman.. so swap partition has to be encrypted eh?01:20
blaodsahey can anyone tell me what getty is and where it is for?01:20
L3di got some other folder vieuw with smplayer some times ,i dunno01:20
StepNjumpright.. Well I don't care about my pictures.. Nothing that I need to hide there.. It's more my banking info01:20
sudomanStepNjump: it doesn't have to be... but if you are willing to find good instructions, it can be done.01:21
SolarisBoyits a vty no?01:21
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: you can make /tmp a partition that resides in RAM, but then you have a limited size for /tmp and part of your ram gets used up for it. I wouldn't bother if I were you01:21
brightsparkL3d, The program 'smplayer' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:01:21
brightsparksudo apt-get install smplayer01:21
=== aidenhong_ is now known as aidenhong
L3dlol bankling info in a pc01:21
SolarisBoyblaodsa: they are virtual tty's01:21
SolarisBoyblaodsa: they spawn the VT's you access with CTRL + ALT + FN01:21
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: when encrypting the home folder, it automatically decripts it when you log in (using you password), it's 100% transparent and VERY easy to use.01:22
SolarisBoyblaodsa: if tou have for instance 4 running you have like that many available virtual terminals that you can switch too01:22
L3dsom programs change layout wich can do some other layout changes i think .. dont know anything else01:22
L3dwhat do i use for installing tar.gz ??01:22
StepNjumpYes ok DarwinSurvivor and sudoman.. I appreciate all your explanations. BTW, is there a macro available for xchat that would type our correspondent's nick when replying on the channel? either by right clicking or anything?01:22
determinologyIve ran into another problem when im on windows the internet is fast but when being on ubuntu the updates+apps+internet browsing is slow..Any ideas and even sometimes it doesnt connect to the page and i have to refresh01:23
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: also remember that lots of applications (even banking ones) save stuff to ~/.config, ~/.local, etc in the home folder, so you should encrypt the entire home folder if you are going to bother encrypting in the first place01:23
brightsparkStepNjump, xchat has tab completion, which is probably easier to use in the first place.01:23
sudomanStepNjump: in weechat at least, you can start typing the first few letters and hit tab.01:23
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: type the first few characters, then hit <tab> for auto-complete01:23
jehoshua02Any tips on how to troubleshoot an "unable to read" message with ImageMagick?01:23
StepNjumpI know DarwinSurvivor. It's really nice. I had it before but got worried that in the event my X would crash, I wouldn't know how to decrypt at the TTY01:24
blaodsaSolarisBoy: and what can i set or run when i start getty in a normal console?!01:24
netninjaQuestion: I had Ubuntu installed on my laptop with everything working fine.  I upgraded to 8gb ram from 2 (two new 4gb chips) and all of a sudden, suspend doesn't re-initialize the video after I bring it out of suspend, and hibernate doesn't restart from session on bring-out-of-hibernate, it starts fresh.  Memory checks out ok.  Any ideas?01:24
L3dso after all my cmd time ,do i still need additional res drivers ?01:24
L3dyou,d say allways heh no ?01:24
SolarisBoyblaodsa: why would you want to start getty from a normal console?01:24
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: the link I posted includes instructions for manual decryption via command line01:24
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: besides, you should have external backups anyways :P01:25
L3di allready got catalyst ,does this change after this ?01:25
blaodsaSolarisBoy: because my teacher told me i should do it .. and he wants to know the anser.. :D01:25
StepNjumpoh nice, I'll try weechat! sudoman. Ok DarwinSurvivor.. copy that. I will encrypt the whole ~/ then01:25
SolarisBoyso you want your homework done?01:25
SolarisBoyblaodsa: your teacher told you you should do what?01:25
L3dim confussed01:26
blaodsaSolarisBoy: user getty in an normal console and find out what goes on ..01:26
DarwinSurvivorStepNjump: just make sure that you save a copy of the "encryption key" when you set up encryption (it will tell you to anyways). That key can be used to decrypt everything, so print/write it on paper and you will never lose your files :D01:26
L3dthis joint should make up for that01:26
SolarisBoythat doesn't make sense01:26
L3ddo i need additional restricted drivers after i allreadsy installed catalyst ?01:27
SolarisBoyyou can access getty from a normal console as long as your on a remote connection to the host (like DRAC or ILO) or you are in front of it01:27
L3dgosh i mean ubuntu restricked extras ,do i need those after catalyst ?01:28
L3di hope it doesnt do annything to the rest of my stuff see01:29
L3dmy last question ehm restricked extras ,do i need those after i installed catalyst and the likes ?01:30
Drone4fouri recently installed a Oneiric based Linux distro. it booted fine until I changed my fstab. i altered my fstab so i could access my ntfs and other Linux partitions. Now when I boot in recovery mode, it hangs after 2 or 3 seconds.  instead of using a pastebin, you can view my various fstabs and error message in the forum thread i created, here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=dab3245f216a61fdac23b704b521601:30
Drone4fourugh, correct URL in full: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=dab3245f216a61fdac23b704b5216800&p=11516014#post1151601401:31
n3oincHello all. I was wondering if someone could help a noob out. I'm trying to figure out how to get Ubuntu (Running in VirtualBox) to consider the NIC it has as being an actual wireless interface. Any ideas?01:31
=== werdnativ_ is now known as werdnativ
L3di need to go on forums these days ...............01:31
brightsparkDrone4four, what exactly does Oneiric-based mean?  You probably won't find help for something other than real ubuntu here.01:31
Drone4fourbrightspark: Mint 1201:32
Drone4fourit's basically Ubuntu Oneiric, just with a different GUI01:32
brightspark!mint | Drone4four01:32
ubottuDrone4four: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:32
L3dmy last question ehm restricked extras ,do i need those after i installed catalyst and the likes ?01:32
L3di can do this ..01:32
n3oincL3d: I believe that has something to do with encoded/compressed formats. Watching DVD's etc... Think you need that.01:33
Hilikushow can i install pulseaudio 1.1 which is currently on precise in oneiric?01:33
L3di know that installing stuff sometimes needs to be done in a proper order am i wrong?01:33
L3dno im good at reign i gues01:33
L3done dvd i plyed ,went purdy good01:34
L3dsrry for my dutch miss-spells01:34
seanmc98is there a way to blok ads system wide on ubuntu?01:35
L3di dont want to install the ubuntu restrictive extras now because im not shure if stuff will fook up01:35
L3daddblock and better privacy work from browsers sows01:36
seanmc98even on chrome?01:36
L3ddont know if theres fine tunning01:36
Drone4fourseanbrig1t: Linux Mint comes with ads?01:36
L3du have that ubu chrome ?01:37
n3oincAny idea how to make Ubuntu think a wired card is actually wireless?01:37
seanmc98L3d, yes chrome in ubuntu01:37
Resistancen3oinc:  if its not a wifi card, then no01:37
n3oincResistance: It's a bridged virtual adapter01:38
L3di think it works wait a sec01:38
n3oincResistance: From a wireless card01:38
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bhrandonIs there a way to list files and fodlers in a directory by size?01:38
bhrandonusing terminal01:38
L3dthat and better privacy and addblock work a ok01:39
L3djave allways complains :p01:39
sudomanDrone4four: i think he is talking about browser ads.01:39
L3dwell maybe there all like guards .01:40
L3dnoscript ,better privacy ,addblock heh cant seem to find it , arnt in the software center but in the issue mag,s01:42
ravenffmpeg where to find .ffpresets files? x264 presets (veryslow, ...) missing01:42
=== atriv_ is now known as atriv
L3ddoes ffmpeg work for dual cores from the pc ?01:44
Hilikushow do i install a package from 12.04?01:44
L3di thought it does01:44
ravenffmpeg where to find .ffpresets files? x264 presets (veryslow, ...) missing01:44
itscoolhow do i change the order of the icons in the unity bar? clicking and dragging is not working. using 11.10 ubu01:44
netninjaitscool: click and drag, but drag it out sideways first.01:44
L3dhold mouse button pherhapns01:44
neonflx2so a while back i got banned because i was voicing my opinion about the direction is heading with unity, i was not belligerent or did i use any foul language, the reason i got banned was because the op did not agree with my point of view, reality is that unity  has created some controversy and for the op to banned me just because it shows that we are not as "open source" as we think we are01:45
itscoolnetmind, forgot to mention that I was dragging sideways too with no success.01:45
netninjaneonflx2: who cares?01:45
ActionParsnipHilikus: sudo apt-get install packagename   12.04 is supported in #ubuntu+101:45
neonflx2you may not, in the long run you will01:46
netninjaneonflx2: thanks for telling me what I will care about.01:46
ActionParsnipneonflx2: voicing opinions is offtopic here, this is support ONLY01:46
netninjaneonflx2: what ubuntu does with their GUI is really the least of my worries, considering there are 4 billion alternatives.01:46
L3dare the ubuntu restrictive extras still needed after i have catalyst ,cause vaapi wont work  ?01:46
ActionParsnipneonflx2: if you disobey the guidelines of the channel you will be ejected and/or banned01:47
bhrandonnvm I got it. ls -s -S01:47
itscoolneonflx2: it is clear from your statement why you got banned. this channel is for helping people with their installations, not with debating the roadmap of ubuntu. there are other forums, mailing lists, developer channels and irc spots for that.01:47
neonflx2haha disobey, i like that term01:47
ActionParsnipneonflx2: so the op didn't ban you for disagreeing with unity in any way01:47
neonflx2feel like i'm a slave01:47
gogetaneonflx2: lol unity is fail but venting abought is kinda old hat01:47
ActionParsnipneonflx2: you agree to the terms when you join the channel, just stick to the simpe guides and you will be fine01:47
bhrandon#ubuntu-offtopic was referred to me for off-topic discussion Neonflx201:47
neonflx2yes the op did not like my criticism of unity01:48
L3done time i did install restrickive extras and my resolution and everything went wrong ..01:48
ActionParsnipneonflx2: you can feel like a slave if you want as long as you follow the rules of the channel, its quite simple01:48
crazytraneventing about unity is so, like uh 11.0401:48
ActionParsnipneonflx2: maybe but criticism is also offtopic here01:48
gogetaneonflx2: yea it goes to the offtopic raging hear as i said is old news01:48
netninjaneonflx2: no one is this stupid in real life.  unity vents don't have any place here.  that's all there is to it.01:48
neonflx2that is why mint is surpassing ubuntu, cause of the reluctant to acknowledge that unity is flaw01:48
ActionParsnipneonflx2: all non-support stuff is perfectly welcommed in #ubuntu-offtopic01:49
netninjaneonflx2: and at the risk of feeding a troll, the obvious statement applies: if you don't like it here, go somewhere else.01:49
randomuserdoes installing gnome-power-manager no longer provide a gnome-power-manager gui ?01:49
itscoolso back to the unity bar, if click and hold and drag sideways off the bar doesn't work, and i have installed ccsm. what are my options to get it to work so i can reorganize my icons?01:49
L3dgood or bad to install restrickive extras after catalyst and the likes ?01:49
neonflx2not a troll im still using ubuntu01:49
ActionParsnipneonflx2: it's not at all, and if you think distrowatch is a good gauge, you are sadly mistaken01:49
neonflx2just stating the facts01:49
KFPActionParsnip: Still stuck with "Kernel module nvidia missing". Any ideas?01:49
ravenffmpeg where to find .ffpresets files? x264 presets (veryslow, ...) missing01:49
jsilvaHi all, I want to install tinycorelinux inside ubuntu, but I can't find information about it. Any help?01:49
gogetajsilva: do you mean in a vm01:49
L3dvainfo got u there too ?>01:49
gogetajsilva: tiny core is a distro01:49
ActionParsnipKFP: what if you run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig01:49
netninjaneonflx2: your opinions about GUI design are hardly facts.01:49
itscooljsilva: install virtual box and then tiny core ontop of that01:50
jsilvagogeta: No, in the same disk, using the same ubuntu partition01:50
gogetajsilva: that would explode your install01:50
ActionParsnipneoark: if you don't like unity/gnome, you can always switch to xfce, lxde, kde or another DE. Gnome is not the only desktop01:50
netninjaitscool: are you logged in as a user, or as a guest?01:50
itscooljsilva: or reduce the size of your ubu partition and install tiny core in dual boot into the remaining new space you opened up.01:50
L3dsudo nano works ..01:51
KimbleI'm struggling to turn off boot services. I have smbd, winbind and nmbd in my init.d folder. I no longer want them to run on boot. What's the best way to do this?01:51
itscoolnetninja: as user.01:51
gogetajsilva: you can vm it or use a seprate partation but you can but 2 os on the same partation01:51
KFPActionParsnip: It then fails to restart X, saying "kernel module nvidia not found" and goes to terminal instead.01:51
gogetacant put01:51
ActionParsnipKFP: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install dkms01:51
jsilvagogeta: it is possible, but I am trying to point a custom entry in grub2 and is not working01:52
gogetajsilva: even if you did the data would cruupt01:52
gogetajsilva: oh you mean a furgal install01:53
gogetajsilva: where tiny core is on a image file01:53
ActionParsnipjsilva: install virtualbox-ose  then download and MD5 test the tinycore iso and use it to boot in a new virtual system01:53
gogetaActionParsnip: hes talking abought fugal install01:53
itscoolKimble: you can make a backup folder in there and move them into there. and reboot, that should likely do the trick.01:53
=== brennan is now known as eternalulz
jsilvaActionParsnip: thanks but I don't want tinycore inside ubuntu, I want boot tinycore from ubuntu grub01:54
Kimbleitscool: i guess that's one way :)01:54
itscoolKimble: problem is, tho, what depends on them. will the be satisfied and will your system hang because they aren't running?01:54
L3dThe action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources. what do i do next to get gecko to install ?01:54
gogetajsilva: yea there grub script isnt very smart01:55
jsilvagogeta: :/01:55
Kimbleitscool: I've disabled them manually while booted and nothing seems to complain, so hopefully things should be fine.01:55
L3dim trying to update wine with the added url but i cnt get past that01:55
itscoolis there a unity config file that can be edited by hand to control the order of the icons?01:55
gogetajsilva: ever run puppy its nearly the same but a bit more loaded01:56
ActionParsnipL3d: how did you add the wine ppa?01:56
gogetajsilva: with mutch smarter installers01:56
KimbleUnless: I'm mounting a local cifs share usine fstab. Will uninstalling smbd, nmbd and winbind interfere with that?01:56
itscoolkimble: sounds like you got the preliminary data you need to proceed with a mv to a backup folder.01:56
L3dcopeyd in other sources01:56
ldiamondI used to love Ubuntu, however, 11.10 has Unity only and I hate it. What are the alternatives? (I tried Xfce, but it's far less functional than Gnome was on Ubuntu... speaking of media keys on kb and some other basic functionality or bugs)01:56
ActionParsnipL3d: did you use add-apt-repository ?01:56
ActionParsnipL3d: or did you edit sources.list01:57
anadoni'm trying to print off a giant image from my standard printer.  How do I do this?01:57
gogetaldiamond: xfce is abought as close as you can get01:57
L3dlast one in settins01:57
ActionParsnipL3d: undo whatever you did, then in a terminal, run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa01:57
ActionParsnipL3d: and you will have zero issues01:57
ldiamondSo no plans to have a gnome2-like UI in Ubuntu?01:57
gogetaldiamond: you can try mint with mate witch is a gnome 2 fork onto gtk3 but is still very early01:58
ActionParsnipldiamond: you can use xfce, looks and smells like gnome201:58
ldiamondActionParsnip, I tried Xubuntu and it's a sub-par distro01:58
gogetaldiamond: most ditros to me are sub par these days01:59
jsilvagogeta: is there a way to test grub2 files without rebooting?01:59
gogetaldiamond: linux is so busy trying to change they forget it wasent broken01:59
L3ddo i need third party developers repository and launchpad/rexbron?02:00
ldiamondgogeta, what distro do you use then?02:00
gogetaldiamond: arch02:01
itscooljsilva: found this, long read, but describe what you want to do with tiny core. >>> http://gr8idea.info/os/tutorials/tiny-core/install.html02:01
ldiamondsubpar as well?02:01
gogetaldiamond: arch comes with a base kernel and a package manager02:01
L3ddont know where thay came from ,i think ubuntu games is supposed to be there02:01
gogetaldiamond: you build it yourself02:01
ldiamondugh, I don't have time for that02:01
anadoni'm trying to print off a giant image from my standard printer.  How do I do this?02:02
gogetaldiamond: its very well documented if you can read and type ts easy02:02
ldiamondI used to run ubuntu 10.04. It was functional02:02
itscoolldiamond: you can also install gnome-desktop and that will give you a gnome2-like interface. i've got installed on mine.02:02
ldiamondin 11.10 isn't gnome-desktop giving you Unity?02:03
L3dhttp://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu is this normaly in the other sources list ?02:03
ldiamondare you referring to gnome-panel package?02:03
itscoolldiamond: no02:03
gogetaldiamond: lets hope when mate gets a bit less buggy ubuntu picks it up02:03
gogetaldiamond: so we all get the gnome 2 ui back02:03
L3dThird party developers repository02:03
itscoolldiamond: look at the description in synaptic for the entry 'gnome-desktop', you'll drool again.02:04
ActionParsnipldiamond: its the same distro, just a different set of default apps, the underlying mechanics are 00% identical02:04
gogetaldiamond: i think there is a ppa for mate for ubuntu02:04
gogetaldiamond: note its still very early most thing probly whont work02:05
netninjawill ubuntu run without a swapdisk?02:05
ldiamondActionParsnip,  what distro are you refering to?02:05
tofaHi I would like to update from ubuntu 10.04 32 bit to any release after and including 10.04 that is 64 bit, which my processor supports. I have a dual boot system. Is there anyway to do this from within ubuntu and thereby not disturb the dual boot?02:05
Hilikusdoes anyone know a way to update pulseaudio to 1.1? i can't find a ppa or anything for 11.1002:05
ActionParsnipnetninja: yes02:05
=== GNUdog|away is now known as GNUdog|work
L3dActionParsnip what is normaly in the other sources list btw ?02:05
gogetanetninja: yes swap is kinda pointless on systems with alot of ram02:05
ActionParsnipldiamond: xubuntu, its the same ubuntu, just uses xfce4 as the de instead of gnome02:05
netninjaActionParsnip: I think my suspend/hibernate issues are because I have no swapdisk, even though I attempted to install one.  How can I get the system to recognize the swap disk?02:05
OerHeksHilikus, build it yourself ?02:05
ActionParsnipL3d: the default repos02:05
ldiamondActionParsnip, yes, but the default apps don't work well.02:05
HilikusOerHeks: there's too many dependencies02:06
ActionParsnipnetninja: you will need swap for hibernate02:06
ActionParsnipldiamond: you can install gnome apps in xubuntu and they will run02:06
netninjaActionParsnip: so how do I get it to recognize?02:06
L3dcan i get a picie ?02:06
gogetaldiamond: you can install the aps you like after and remove the ones you dont02:06
L3dill look a picture up on google02:06
ldiamondgogeta, one being gnome :p. At least it would handle the media keyboard02:06
ActionParsnipnetninja: recognise what, the swap?02:06
ravenhow to control cpu frequency by cmd02:07
gogetaldiamond: one of the reasion i whent to arch to install the apps i whanted02:07
netninjaActionParsnip: am I to add the swapspace in fstab?02:07
ActionParsnipnetninja: you should have on02:07
netninjaI have a swapspace; it's not in use when I "mount" or "df -h"02:07
L3dno "other sources " is normaly on than i gues ?02:08
gogetaldiamond: wg i whant xfce4 with pidgin firefox and mplayer02:08
netninjaso, my question stands: how do I get the system to recognize the swapspace?02:08
L3dno getdeb.net gmaes02:08
gogetaldiamond: so only those apps are installed02:08
StepNjumpDarwinSurvivor sorry for not getting back to you. I was away. I just read what you wrote. Thank you.02:08
L3dfor games ?02:08
ActionParsnipnetninja: do you have it defined in /etc/fstab02:08
netninjaActionParsnip: hence my question, "do I make sure it's added in /etc/fstab?" :P02:09
* netninja checks02:09
ActionParsnipL3d: you can add the getdeb ppa with the deb on their site02:09
ActionParsnipnetninja: the default install will have made one and added it in fstab02:09
ActionParsnipnetninja: I am not aware of how you installed so cannot say for sure how YOUR setup is02:09
L3dim not shure how amny links were made with wine ...02:10
OerHeksnetninja, swap not in use means ready, but not in use yet.02:10
ActionParsnipL3d: after you add the deb, run:  sudo apt-get update    and the site will work as needed02:11
netninjaActionParsnip: I have a line in fstab which says "/dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0"02:11
netninjaOerHeks: I have no idea what that means02:11
ActionParsnipnetninja: oh you used encryptfs?02:11
netninjaOerHeks: oh, I getcha02:11
anadoni'm trying to print off a giant image from my standard printer.  How do I do this?02:11
netninjaActionParsnip: perhaps?  Not sure what that is02:11
netninjahow about, what's the easiest way to get just a basic, nonencrpyted, non complicated swapspace so I can hibernate?02:11
netninjaI have a 9gig partition ready for swap02:12
L3dok i get it a litle ,hoping it will overwrite whaevr it did first ..02:12
ActionParsnipnetninja: its a secure file system, you manually choose it at install time, it's not default02:12
netninjaI didn't know swap could be so complicated02:12
HQRajaKnow of any IRC client for Ubuntu that's as close to mIRC on Windows as it gets?02:12
netninjaActionParsnip: the only secure thing I picked was for my /home directory, not for this swap thing; regardless, I seem to have it on, so how might I fix my fugup? :/02:12
ring2HQRaja, xchat02:12
L3dso thaty did change after all heh02:12
HQRajaring2: Using it right now but kinda feel some lack02:13
ring2HQRaja, lack of what?02:13
ActionParsnipnetninja: if you encrypt it, then it can be a bit more complex02:13
HQRajaring2: Like the dead-simple alias/popups/scripting of mIRC for starters02:13
OerHeksnetninja, no swap on an encrypted filesystem is a security measure. you don't want a burglar recreate your data.02:13
ActionParsnipnetninja: maybe you need to run:  sudo swapon /dev/partitionname02:14
* netninja checks, and thanks :)02:14
HQRajaBut perhaps that's because I haven't really explored all the options of XChat yet?02:14
netninjaI'd really like it to not be encrypted, the swapfile... I could care less.02:14
itscoolnetninja: sudo swapon -s02:14
L3drighto connecting :)02:14
itscoolnetninja: if that returns a result table your swap is active02:14
ActionParsnipnetninja: encryptfs causes too many headaches imho02:15
sp4zanyone got bf2 working in ubuntu?02:15
netninjaParsnip: I only meant to encrypt my home directory02:15
ActionParsnipsp4z: what is bf2?02:15
gogetaActionParsnip: all enc couses to many headackes lol02:15
sp4zbattlefield 202:15
netninjaParsnip: swapon: /dev/sda6: read swap header failed: Invalid argument02:15
L3dehh ehats this Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/rexbron/bugfixes/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found02:15
ActionParsnip!appdb | sp4z02:15
ubottusp4z: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:15
HQRajaBTW speaking of swap...does one need swap with 4GB RAM, when one never even utilizes 3GB out of that?02:15
ztag100does wine really work well?02:16
sp4zalready checked there - punkbuster doesn't work. wondering if anyone has it working via VM or something02:16
gogetaztag100: when it fells like it02:16
itscoolnetninja: run less /etc/fstab and see if you even  have a swap partition02:16
stinkfisthi guys so02:16
ztag100gogeta thats what I heard02:16
stinkfistpinging is not working02:16
ztag100It works when it likes to02:16
ActionParsnipsp4z: it will perform badly in a VM02:16
gogetasp4z: yes most anticheat does not work on wine being there pretty mutch rootkits02:16
CaptAnonHow do I choose the right display in terminal?02:17
netninjaitscool: I do, posted earlier, lemme do it again02:17
stinkfistcan anyone help me with my wireless setup?02:17
ActionParsnipstinkfist: details please02:17
ztag100hmm... how big do you guys think the stickers at the bottom of a computer are?02:17
L3dill remove those lines first right ?02:17
ActionParsnipCaptAnon: right display in what sense?02:17
netninjaitscool: /dev/mapper/cryptswap none swap sw 0 002:17
itscoolstinkfist: use mtr, it's better than ping in many regards.02:17
netninjaitscool et. al: but I didn't intend for it to be encrypted02:18
sp4zactionparsnip, gogeta: so pretty much have to run windows for it then?02:18
ravenhow to control cpu frequency by cmd02:18
ztag100I want to make one with the ubuntu logo instead02:18
netninjaif I just remount it as /dev/sda6, would I be able to use it unencrypted?02:18
CaptAnonWhen im in Ctrl Alt F302:18
stinkfistactionparsnip I downloaded the drivers wireless for my laptop02:18
ActionParsnipL3d: the ppa only supports natty, I suggest you remove it02:18
gogetaztag100: wine had a relly nice relese for a wile but has sence gone downhill02:18
stinkfistit shows in my taskbard that im connected02:18
CaptAnonI want to open a program I need to choose a screen or something?02:18
stinkfistbut when i open firefox it doesnt load pages02:18
ActionParsnipsp4z: yep, blame the devs for not suporting linux02:18
ztag100hmm.. good to know02:18
ActionParsnipstinkfist: which wifi chip?02:18
ActionParsnipstinkfist: can you ping
itscoolnetninja: remove that entry and then check your partition setup and see if you still have a partition set aside for swap. then if you do, turn it into swap with 'mkswap <device' and then issue the command 'swapon' to active it.02:19
gogetasp4z: yea and anything dx11 will need windows anyways wines fails hard at dc1102:19
stinkfistill try02:19
ActionParsnipstinkfist: there is a native broadcom driver, you don't need anything manually downloading from the web02:19
itscoolnetninja: also, maybe you should update that entry to point to the swap partition itself.02:19
CaptAnonthe terminal says "cannot open display"02:19
stinkfistit says network is unreachable02:19
ActionParsnipCaptAnon: is it a GUI app?02:19
gogetaActionParsnip: anticheat is like a rootkit wine can never work with them kernel level hacks02:20
klj613how can i make any files uploaded by a specific user automatically have ownership theuser:www-data ? i asked this earlier not sure if it had any responses02:20
CaptAnonI think so.02:20
netninjaitscool: I just edited fstab to be "/dev/sda6 none swap sw 0 0" and I'm hoping this would work; does that seem right?02:20
ActionParsnipgogeta: sure but a native app will work well02:20
netninjaitscool: assuming I'm right that sda6 is swap, which it is? :)02:20
ActionParsnip!broadcom | stinkfist02:20
ubottustinkfist: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:20
sp4zgogeta, bf2 is dx9c02:20
itscoolnetninja: yeah that sounds great, now do swapon and then swapon -s to see if you succeeded.02:20
stinkfistim using ubuntu 10.04 i downloaded the drivers from the software center. Also I cant ping
stinkfistthank you ubottu02:20
L3dok i added this line yeah another one ,sudo apt-add-repository ppa:rexbron/bugfixes .. gues thats all02:20
ActionParsnipstinkfist: can you ping the internal IP of your router?02:20
gogetasp4z: it will run but punkbuster will not02:21
itscoolstinkfist: are you using the same box to talk on irc with us?02:21
netninjaitscool: rebooting02:21
determinologyi neeed help on getting ubuntu R8168 driver02:21
sp4zyeah ok thanks02:21
L3ddont know why but vaapi demanded it02:21
itscoolnetninja: you didn't really have to do that. :)02:21
stinkfisterm Actionparsnip how can i find my internal ip. is it the local loop address?02:21
ravenhow to control cpu frequency by cmd02:21
stinkfistitscool no you see my internet works fine with ethernet02:21
stinkfistwhen i disconnect ethernet my wireless isnt working02:22
ActionParsnipstinkfist: no, it's the IP of the config page of the router, most home grade routers use
itscoolstinkfist: oh ok. is your broadcom usb or pci or internal?02:22
CaptAnondisplay=1 or somthing like it I think?02:22
stinkfistalright i found it using show ip im going to try to ping it :) brb02:22
gogetaitscool: brodcom shoudl work out of the box02:22
itscoolgogeta: not always, i've found that with ubu i have had to reinstall it on many occasions02:23
netninjaitscool: well, "swapon" and then "swapon -s" didn't work; "swapon" by itself demanded arguments, so I figured restarting was best02:23
itscoolnetninja: i should have mentioned to sudo it02:23
gogetaitscool: my old pcima on my c610 dell works out of the box02:24
stinkfistum its says network is unreachable when i try to ping my home grade routers02:24
netninjaitscool: I did :)02:24
netninjaitscool: well, now there is *no* swapfile02:24
itscoolgogeta: depends on which broadcom it is then i reckon.02:24
itscoolnetninja: is the partition you told it, was it formatted as swap?02:25
itscoolnetninja: it must be a dedicated partition. can't be shared with something else.02:25
itscooldo sudo mkswap <device>02:25
netninjaitscool: it was once formatted for swap, I'll format it again, and yes, it's a 9gig all by itself (I have 8gb ram, so I went 9gb swapfile for hibernate)02:25
* netninja formats02:25
itscoolnetninja: ie>> mkswap /dev/sda302:26
gogetanetninja: lol 9gb swap02:26
gogetanetninja: hibernate does not use swap btw02:26
netninjagogets: I have 8gb ram; larger than ram is required for swap for hibernate.  why are you lulzing?02:26
netninjagogets: I and Parsnip think differently02:26
itscoolnetninja: dear god man. I hibernate with a 4gb swap and loads of spare room left over. what you are you hibernating?02:26
tofaHi, I need to update from ubuntu 10.04 32 bit to a 64 bit ubuntu OS is there someway of doing this from within ubuntu?02:27
netninjaitscool: do yu understand what hibernate does?02:27
gogetaitscool: i hibernate with 1gb swap02:27
gogetaitscool: my system has 8gb ram02:27
itscoolnetninja: yes i do02:27
itscoolnetninja: i know the difference between it and sleeping as well02:27
netninjaoh neat.  that's great.02:27
netninjaso do I02:27
* itscool leaps for joy!02:28
stinkfistitscool my broadcom is internal. i think. it came with my laptop.02:28
netninjaso "what I'm hibernating" isn't really a valid question, then, is it?02:28
keithzgtofa: not so easily, but as long as you keep a separate /home partition (or at least back it up) it shouldn't be too hard to just reinstall but have everything act like nothing much happened ;)02:28
netninjasince it writes RAM to disk?02:28
stinkfistalso Actionparsnip i cant ping my home grade routers02:28
netninjaso, what's being hibernated will change every time...02:28
gogetanetninja: hibernate is a snapshot of the whole running prosses and sent to disk02:28
L3dits wierd i have extras and 3rd  pary but its all updates :)02:28
tofakeithzg: So how would I do that?02:29
gogetanetninja: maybe your thinking sleep thats to ram02:29
netninjagogets: yes, you're right, so... what does that have to do with "what are you hibernating?"02:29
itscoolnetninja: it is because i'm curious as to what you have that comprises 9gb of state that needs saving so your can turn your machine off, ship it to jupiter station 2 and restart it later after the red dwarf docks with port authority there. :) dude. I am a cat.02:29
* netninja bangs head off desk02:29
netninjaI know what sleep is02:29
netninjaI didn't say it writes to ram02:29
netninjaI said it writes ram to disk02:29
L3dthe update works from the console cool ,thnx actionman :D02:29
gogetanetninja: yea but not in the fasion you think02:30
netninjagogets: the only thing I'm not aware of is *where* it writes to disk (swap vs fs), which really, I don't care.02:30
L3dsome real action ..02:30
gogetanetninja: just whats running02:30
gogetanetninja: it goes directly into the fs02:30
netninjagogeta: I don't care what fashion it writes, I'd like it to work again; it stopped working when I upgraded my ram from 2gb to 8gb, and apparently my swap got fucked up as well.02:31
netninjaI'm less concerned with the specifics of something indirectly related to the actual problem, as I am to fixing the problem.02:31
gogetanetninja: oh its broken?02:31
L3dlaters pps and thnx for the help ,cant wait for the new version ,gona try buying it with a mag02:31
netninjaso getting hung up on where it writes to, I don't really care as much about as fixing the fact that it just *does* *not* *hibernate*02:32
toxedwhy dosent banshee close on xfce wen exited upon ?02:32
gogetanetninja: hibernate can be quite large in some cases02:32
L3ddo i need ubuntu server for my dual xeon server hpx400002:32
itscoolnetninja: easiest thing to do is back up the home partition, and create an install file from your synaptic. reload your ubu of choice. drop in your home partition during install and reload from  your synaptic file aftewards. but you won't discover anything that way.02:32
gogetanetninja: maybe to big and you run out of fs space02:32
CaptAnonCan anyone help me open a program in terminal Can not open display02:32
netninjagogeta: well, I have 40gb available on the fs, with just 8gig of stuff on the disk, an 8gig swap (which is now disabled), and 8gig of ram02:33
gogetanetninja: humm02:33
=== mike_ is now known as Guest43631
netninjaso unless 8gig of ram plus 8gig of files running very few system files takes up more than 40gb, that's not the issue, I'm afraid02:33
e75how can i change the device for sound output from the cli?02:33
netninjayeah, humm :(02:33
L3dhow does ubuntu server work ,is it bette for my server hpx4000 ?02:34
netninjaagain, this all works fine until I upgraded to 8gb of ram from 2; ram checked out fine02:34
L3dfaster than/02:34
itscoolL3d: are you using your machine for file serving or as a workstation or as a gaming platform?02:34
L3dmoslty games but i dl allot and make some funky music ehh02:35
L3ddamn my spellngs bad ..02:35
L3djsut think there are diff drivers like windows :s02:36
Artemis3netninja, did you do memtest after installing the ram?02:36
itscoolL3d: then you don't want 'server' that for things like file serving, apache and other stuff of an enterprise network nature. stick with the standard ubuntu for gaming.02:36
Artemis3netninja, you let a whole pass go perfectly?02:36
netninjaArtemis3: just a few hours ago as well02:36
netninjaArtemis3: yes, took almost 3 hours02:36
itscoolL3d: no, but if you are having driver issues please let us know as we might be able to help you solve the problems. :)02:37
L3ddont wana begin talking about windows here hehe02:37
Artemis3netninja, actually i have 8g of ram and no swap so that shouldn't be a problem02:37
itscoolL3d: oh, so you are finally fed up with bg trying to get you ready w8 and now you want to go Ubuntu? Yeah just do the standard desktop edition. you'll be fine.02:38
L3dwell im doingthat survay thing with the upd manager ,and i like this cjat altho it is very busy :p02:38
netninjawoah, crazy! - since blowing up my swap just a minute ago, now Hibernate isn't even an option any more02:38
itscooldon't bother with 64bit support, it's still weak. unless someone here says otherwise.02:38
Artemis3netninja, ok, if you want to hibernate, as opposed to suspend, your swap must be a little bigger than your ram02:38
L3daargh chat02:38
lhasapersonally i just turn off the monitor :|02:39
L3dim on 32 with one or 2 64 pci sluts02:39
somsipitscool: otherwise02:39
itscoolL3d: well there you go, someone says otherwise.02:39
OerHeksitscool next release will be 64 bit recommended02:39
netninjaArtemis3: yes, I'm aware of that, and yet, people in this forum keep saying that and then the opposite of that; I've always believed that was true02:39
somsipitscool: :)02:39
netninjaArtemis3: however, there are plenty of people in this channel that say this is not true with apparent self-examples :(02:40
itscoolsomsip: OerHeks: you guys saying the flash issue with 64 bit has been resolved?02:40
Artemis3netninja, you swap should something like 8,1g, or perhaps 8,01g02:40
OerHeksArtemis3 is right, swap needs to be bigger than ram to store more pointers02:40
L3dknow what i like ,no more bad driver updates and the likes with this xfx card weeee02:40
somsipitscool: just connected here and it worked02:41
somsipitscool: gah...http://www.wechoosethemoon.org/02:41
OerHeksitscool, no, 64 bit will be recommended, not about flash at all.02:41
netninjaArtemis3: I'm formatting it for swap now at 9gb.02:41
Artemis3netninja, should do.02:41
OerHeksflash is dying anyway02:41
itscoolsomsip: OerHeks: I'll keep that in mind when i build my next beastie as my last beastie died 3 days ago and now i'm using this old sempron frankie.02:42
L3dwent to the movie apollo 18 a day before my birth day ,wen it came out =)02:42
quixotedonwhy can't we use novell moonlight on the latest version of firefox??02:42
somsipitscool: isn't there a thing about Semprons not being great with 64bit OS, or did I fream it...02:43
L3dmy resolution is so high ,i need a break too lolz02:43
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest77511
xanguaquixotedon: http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/ you can from there02:44
L3dgoogle is in everything with its statistics ,how come ?02:45
L3ddo i have a google lso ?02:45
=== Detergentizer_ is now known as Detergentizer
L3dso its like some streaming thing ?02:47
L3di lost it all with the changes in winamp except somafm.com02:47
quixotedonxangua: thanks a bunch02:47
OerHeksi thought winamp is for windows, L3d02:49
the_truthdoes anyone have a reccomendation for anti-virus?02:49
the_truthor some type of security?02:49
xangua!antivirus | the_truth02:49
ubottuthe_truth: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:49
OerHeksiptables will be enough the_truth02:50
the_truththanx for the help02:51
netninjaweird - the swap partition needs to be formatted, isn't loaded as swap right now, but I can't format it since something has a lock on it.  I'm booting into livecd to format the partition and fstab is already updated to reflect the swap on startup02:51
the_truthis there any way to recover files after a reformatting?02:51
itscoolthe_truth: in linux you can use photorec from another linux like a live cd, and on windows there are loads of options.02:52
the_truththe files were on a previous ubuntu02:53
itscoolthe_truth: meaning, you are on the new ubuntu which was installed ontop of the old ubuntu?02:54
the_truthi had made a copy of the partition and it got erased02:54
ilearnzany1 know how to fix microphones(built in) i thinking drivers arent here or w.e i not sure02:55
L3d_so can i watch cartoon network and adult swim on this ?02:55
itscoolthe_truth: did you write anything to the erased partition yet?02:55
=== L3d_ is now known as L3d
the_truthwell ubuntu now is the whole hdd02:56
itscoolilearnz: under sound preferences. is the mic unmuted? if so, in terminal try 'alsamixer' to unmute the mic.02:56
MoeJoebloeHey guy's saw this spammed earlier what the heck is it? http://bit.ly/uPBolO02:56
HQRajaSo you have already installed the OS on the partition after erasing it?02:56
itscoolthe_truth: how long has it been02:56
itscoolugh, you are looking at a long time like maybe 5 days if you stop right now and use another method of accessing the system to recover the files just recover 90% chance of gibberish.02:57
OerHeksplease don'y spam MoeJoebloe nice try though02:58
the_truthhow would i recover any of it?02:58
itscoolon linux like say from another linux system with drive mounted into it you could do it with 'photorec'02:59
jtokarchuksomeone lose a drive?02:59
the_truthwhere can i get that?02:59
jtreminioHello - how do I unmap CTRL + Q to close the current application?03:00
itscoolor you could put the drive into a windows machine and use runtime.org's recovery software on it.03:00
the_truthI  lost a partition by re-installing ubuntu03:00
jtokarchukjtreminio, open dash, run keyboard, change it in shortcut03:00
jtreminiojtokarchuk, attempting to remap ALT + Q in that gui closes the gui.03:01
jtokarchukjtreminio, ironic, eh03:01
quixotedonxangua: moonlight could not be installed because it's not compatible with firefox 8.003:01
SultansElephantpartioning is for nerds03:01
quixotedonxangua: this is what i've been experiencing actually :)03:01
SultansElephantwipe it babby03:01
itscoolthe_truth: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec03:02
cane99Need to extended a network from a drop that goes back to my switch, issue is they had a pair of wireless device devices what were super old that was extending it.03:02
cane99I'd like put one wireless router and patch it to the drop and plug the another 50yrds aways that extends the network.03:02
the_truthjtokarchuk I lost all my data after re-installing Ubuntu and would like to know how to recover them03:02
jtokarchukthe_truth: how important was this data03:03
itscoolthe_truth: from terminal do> sudo apt-get install testdisk03:03
itscoolthe_truth: then follow instructions from that website.03:03
funnyfingersany plans for Ubunto to use systemd?03:03
the_truthjtokarchuk on a scale of 1-10 a 8.503:03
jtokarchukif it's that important, you should probably send it for recovery. Using it right now is burying your files deeper.03:04
AdminSetupHi...I want an application to run continuously....Though it crashes I want it to restart...Any idea to what to do ?03:04
the_truthi also believe that the root user security loop hole was taken advantage of too03:05
the_truthhow can i be sure it wasnt?03:05
xxiaoanyone used fcoe-utils under ubuntu?03:06
crazytraneAdminSetup, check out monit03:07
the_truthi also believe that the root user security loop hole was taken advantage of too03:07
zZGz_wait what03:07
xxiaothe fcoe initiator on 11.10 is not working at all03:07
AdminSetupcrazytrane : What is it ????03:07
funnyfingersAdminSetup - you can have a cron job that reads the PID file and then checks for that pid.  Also it could just run the init.d script for the status and react accordingly.03:09
netninjaok, how can I get rid of "cryptsetup"?03:10
netninjaI don't want that on my laptop, it's causing way too many problems03:10
jonathon_Strange flash issue. 10.04, Chrome and Chromium will not play embedded flash videos (on Facebook specifically.) Reads "need update." Will play videos on youtube. Everything works in Firefox.03:10
crazytraneAdminSetup: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/11/monit-install-config/03:10
AdminSetup<crazytrane> Thanks... ;)03:14
crazytraneno prob, monit is pretty sweet03:14
the_truthHow do i get photorec to run?03:16
cane99Need to extend my network in a warehouse. I have a drop in the middle of the warehouse but not one 50yrds away.03:20
cane99Someone had some very old AP's but now they aren't working03:20
the_truthHow do I get photorec to run i cant get it too run03:21
bowechothe_truth:  I would recommend reading this link off of their site: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Step_By_Step03:21
cane99anyone setup wireless bridge in here?03:21
bowechoIt will walk you through it step by step03:21
matindoes anyone know how to set up svn on ubuntu 10.04?03:21
matinI'm having some troubles, if someone could help me03:22
the_truthI cant get it too run it says cannot find dile03:22
the_truthUbuntu is linux correct? Not OSx03:24
mazda01the_truth, ah, yes03:25
beatbreakerthe_truth, lol03:25
the_truthis there any reason I wouldnt be able to access or add to my base file system?03:25
beatbreakerthe_truth, what do you mean? on boot?03:26
the_truthim new to this im sorry but i need help and dont care if i look like a noob03:26
beatbreakerthe_truth, please explain the full problem03:26
the_truthi mean from click n drag too the file system03:26
aeon-ltdthe_truth: because you don't have permission to if it's outside your /home03:27
aeon-ltdthe_truth: for example the stuff in /etc /usr03:27
beatbreakerso you're in ubuntu, and you click and drag a folder form the desktop to somewhere else, and it doesn't copy?03:27
matinso does anyone know how to set up subversion?03:27
the_truthThe whole problem is im trying to recover files from my previous version of ubuntu and Im goin crazy tryin ta figure it out03:27
mazda01the_truth, ubuntu runs on the linux kernel where as OSX runs on XNU which has with much of BSD's code in the kernel03:27
beatbreakermatin, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=setup+subversion03:28
aeon-ltdmatin: try #svn03:28
matini meant that i need help03:28
mazda01the_truth, check out a live cd like system rescue which has dd_rescue on it. very cool stuff03:28
the_truthphotorec system rescue ahhhh how do i do all this?03:29
mazda01the_truth, i personally have a 16GB usb stick which has multi-boot on it which allows me to boot into ubuntu, system rescue, amongst other things. it's great for data recovery03:29
mazda01the_truth, just many many others before you learned how to do it. Use google and start reading.03:30
the_truthI have been.... *sigh F(_)[K03:30
Flannelthe_truth: Please mind the language, thanks.03:31
the_truthmy bad frustrated!03:32
mazda01the_truth, ok, take a deep breath. LOL  I will link you to a great tutorial. let me find it.03:32
Flannel!undelete | the_truth03:32
ubottuthe_truth: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel03:32
StepNjumpDoes anyone know how to connect to this server here through weechat-curses?03:33
SultansElephanti think the_truth should get credit for his ascii like filters03:33
matinok so no one is responding on #svn03:33
mazda01SultansElephant, i agree. LOL03:33
Flannelthe_truth: Except don't put a lot of faith in those working.  But it is theoretically possible.  First thing you need to do is ABSOLUTELY STOP using the drive in question.03:33
Flannelbeatbreaker: LMGTFY is not acceptable in this channel.03:33
mazda01the_truth, YEAP, listen to funnel for sure! stop accessing the disk completely03:33
Flannelmatin: What are you having trouble with?03:34
matin& well setting it up03:34
the_truthThanx... N thats this drive could i clear the part that the partition was on?03:34
matinFlannel: i followed tutorials03:34
matinand it still wasn't working03:34
Flannelmatin: Are you following a guide?  Are you trying to set up a server? just to use it as a client?03:34
beatbreakerFlannel, sorry03:34
matinI'm setting up a server03:34
mazda01the_truth, you will want to use system rescue to create an "image" of the drive, then you will fiddle with that to see what data you can recover. this way , you aren't accessing the disk BUT only that one time to create an image with dd_rescue03:34
Flannelmatin: Alright, which tutorial? just so I know what steps they're having you go through03:34
mazda01the_truth, go to the other channel, much easier to help ya03:35
stepnjump2ok, nevermind... I found it03:36
stepnjump2This is a test03:37
stepnjump2Anybody familiar with weechat03:37
matinFlannel, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/install-subversion-with-web-access-on-ubuntu/03:37
aeon-ltdStepNjump: they are in #weechat :)03:38
netninjacan anyone help me uninstall cryptsetup?  I apparently installed it by accident and I feel like it's causing all kinds of problems03:38
J101Does anyone know how to move the window controls to the right side instead of the left. I think I'm in Gnome panel, but Unity is still installed because everythig broke and I had to reinstall when I tried removing it03:38
J101the close button, etc03:39
=== StepNjump2 is now known as StepNjump
giikeranyone knows how to transfer file from a Mac to ubuntu?03:39
Flannelmatin: Alright.  In general howtogeek is a horrible place for accurate tutorials (for Debian based systems, they tend to do things the RPM based way), but this one looks pretty accurate (mostly because its straightforward).  What steps are you having trouble with? or just "get to end, stuff don't work"?03:39
netninjagiiker: can you mount the machd on the local machine?03:40
matinhaha ok Flannel03:40
netninjagiiker: if they're seperate machines and you just need to move some files, use dropbox :)03:40
matinwell now i just tried to import, svn import /home/fouad/public_html file:///triumph03:40
giikerI tried the T mode, but apparently I need somepackages to read the MAC filesystem03:40
matinsvn server is triumph on root03:40
matinwhen i try to import03:41
giikermatin: the file I need is 6 GB03:41
matinsvn: Can't open file '/triumph/db/fs-type': Permission denied03:41
netninjagiiker: you can mount easily a linuxfs on the mac, and transfer it that way03:41
netninja(I'm assuming they're networked?)03:42
Flannelmatin: Alright.  That makes sense, now that I take a second look at that tutorial.  Let me ask, is your intent to do this via apache? (http(s):// links) or do you not care what protocol?  Do you want/need the apache browsing ability?03:42
matinthis is my first time using subversion03:42
giikernetninja: you mean with nfs maybe?03:42
matinmy objective is to subversion my website03:42
netninjagiiker: what is your linux filesystem?03:42
netninjagiiker: and are both machines networked, as in, visible to each other on the network?03:43
giikernetninja: ext403:43
Flannelmatin: Right.  So, you're already running apache on this machine (or don't mind running it if you're not already)?03:43
matinit's ubuntu 10.0403:43
netninjagiiker: http://okomestudio.net/biboroku/?p=142903:43
netninjagiiker: try that03:43
giikernetninja: I can netwrok them together03:43
Flannelmatin: Alright, just a couple more questions.  Do you intend for this to be local-LAN only? or visible from the outside world?03:44
matinoutside world03:45
matini have that set up03:45
Flannelmatin: over http or https or both?03:45
giikernetninja: reading it now, thanks!!03:45
matini have no idea03:45
matinif you could please explain the purpose of hem03:45
matini understand https is secure03:45
Hilariewhat would cause uptime to show high numbers while top doesn't show anything is using much cpu?03:47
=== dvz- is now known as Guest30218
Flannelmatin: Well, currently you're serving stuff over http but not https.  The only thing about this with regard to your svn is it means your passwords would be transmitted in plaintext.03:48
matinmeh, nothing too important03:48
matinill just stick with http for now03:49
Flannelmatin: I suggest you make sure to use a different svn password than your regular user account password.  Just be congizant of it :)03:49
tr3esHow do I change the size for the top bar in Ubuntu 11.10?03:50
=== Guest30218 is now known as dvz
Flannelmatin: So, lets make this work.  From that tutorial, I think you have a /svn directory, is this true?03:50
Flannelmatin: Alright, lets go ahead and delete that.  We have to re-create the repository anyway, so the least we can do is do it in a non-obnoxious location.03:51
netninjano matter what I do, I cannot seem to salvage this ubuntu install to get it to hibernate, suspend, or use a swapfile03:51
matinI'm also new to linux03:51
matin…so how do i do that?03:51
* netninja contemplates reformatting/reinstalling03:51
Flannelmatin: I'll come back to that, give me a sec.03:51
Flannelmatin: Do you have /var on a separate (large) partition, because you're expecting to put a lot of stuff in /var/www? or do we just have one partition with everything on it?03:52
matini moved html directory from /var/www03:52
matinto /home/fouad/public_html03:52
Flannelmatin: ... why did you do that?03:52
tr3esHow do I change the size for the top bar in Ubuntu 11.10? Anyone?03:53
netninjamatin: are you planning on using this system with a lot of other people, or just yourself?03:53
matinsorry tries, i don't use ubuntu03:53
matinnetninja, by myself03:53
Flannelmatin: No worries, everyone is new at some point :)03:53
netninjamatin: was there a need to move this directory?03:53
matinnetninja, nope :)03:53
matinseemed like a good idea03:54
Flannelmatin: Alright.  I'm not going to deal with that at the moment, but go ahead and pastebin the output of `df -h` (pastebin is http://planet.ubuntu.com/, you paste output, hit 'submit' then give the url here for us to look at)03:54
netninjamatin: and what are you trying to do exactly?  like, what are you using the /var/www/html or /home/you/whatever directory for, just your apache, right?03:54
Flannelmatin: Er, sorry. paste.ubuntu.com03:54
matinnetninja yeah03:55
matinand it's working03:55
matinFlannel, any directory?03:55
netninjamatin: sorry, I guess I"m confused as to your specific problem?03:55
Flannelmatin: just `df -h`03:55
Flannelnetninja: Setting up subversion server.03:55
matinnetninja, I'm trying to set up an svn03:56
matini guess this is one of the drawbacks of learning coding on webhosts03:56
Flannelmatin: Alright, so we've just got everything in /, which is fine.  We're still going to put /svn in /var though, because that's where it belongs.  (There is no standard here, other than /var for variable sized data)03:56
netninjamatin: you're setting up svn into your html directory for your website?03:56
* netninja shuts up, Flannel obviously has this one :)03:56
matinok so how do i move it03:57
matinjust svnadmin?03:57
Flannelmatin: Personally, I made a /var/devel/ which I then put /svn/ and other things in, but you're free to just create it in /var/svn/03:57
matini cd'd into var03:57
matinthen i just do svnadmin create /svn?03:57
Flannelmatin: No, we're not moving, we're going to delete the old one: `sudo rm -r /svn` (Be very careful with that, you don't want a space in between '/' and 'svn')03:58
Flannelmatin: No03:58
matinalright deleted03:58
matinlol yeah deleting / would be pretty bad03:58
ResistanceFlannel:  PM for a sec?03:58
FlannelResistance: Always.03:59
Flannelmatin: Alright, now go ahead and make a svn folder, sudo mkdir /var/svn/ if you want it in /var/svn/ (for example, mine is /var/devel/svn/)03:59
matini just stuck with /var/svn04:00
SachinDeyI installed Ocelot yesterday and i don't see the GRUB before it startup, Grub   did install04:00
Flannelmatin: That's fine.  Ok.  So, in our head we realize we have to update the apache config to point there, which we'll do in a minute.  Right now, I need to ask: Is this going to be your only svn repository? or do you think you'll have an immediate need for more than one?04:01
ResistanceSachinDey:  if there's no other OSes, you wont see grub usually04:01
ActionParsnipSachinDey: if you hold shift at boot, do you see grub then?04:01
matinonly this one04:01
Flannelmatin: We can add more later, of course, so you're not really locked in, but we can do it for "1" now or for "many" now (with a little bit more work)04:01
Flannelmatin: Alright, good.04:01
=== aidenhong_ is now known as aidenhong
Flannelmatin: Alright, I'd normally say we're ready to create it, but before, I feel compelled to ask: did you change the default user/group that apache runs as?04:02
matinis there a way to check?04:02
Flannelmatin: this would consist of replacing `www-data` with $something-else in your apache config.04:02
=== Auriel__ is now known as Auriel
matini feel as if a tutorial told me to04:03
Flannelmatin: This is why I asked :)  Also, did I mention howtogeek is a rotten place for tutorials yet? :)04:03
SachinDeyI see it now, thanks ActionParship04:04
SachinDeyIts just a solo linux machine, Resistance04:04
Flannelmatin: If you didn't change anything, /etc/apache2/envvars would list it, BUT since you may have hardcoded it, we'll need to probably check /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.  So, the command to do that:04:04
matinnano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf?04:05
Flannelmatin: Nah, we'll use grep, it's easier!04:05
matinah ok04:05
ActionParsnipSachinDey: if its only Ubuntu then Grub won't show as there isn't really much need, you can use the shift trick if you need recovery mode or an older kernel to boot04:05
matinso just sudo grep /etc/apache2/apache2.conf04:05
Flannelmatin: Let me pause this, because this is a teaching moment.04:06
Flannelmatin: So, `sudo` is only used when you need elevated permissions.  MOST (not all, but probably 99%) config files are world readable, so there's no reason to sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf (unless you intend to change something) or sudo grep /etc/whatever04:07
SachinDeyOne of the good thing about Ocelot is, the 10 seconds start up04:07
Flannelmatin: Its not the end of the world, most of the time sudo X will work just fine, but it can cause problems, and certainly can lead to accidental changes :)04:08
matinah ok04:08
Flannelmatin: anyway, the command you can pastebin the output to is: grep User /etc/apache2/apache2.conf && grep Group /etc/apache2/apache2.conf && grep www-data /etc/apache2/envvars04:08
matinthank you04:08
Flannelmatin: All on one line (command1 && command2 && command3 means 'do command1, then if it has no errors, do command2, and the same with command3)04:08
bowikaxu_hello, anyone who can recommend a tutorial, doc, forum, etc ... on ubuntu orchestra server?04:09
ActionParsnipSachinDey: if boot time impresses you, try xpud. Boots in 3 seconds here04:09
bowikaxu_can't create node servers :-S04:09
DroidInccan i use grid with gnome3?04:09
ActionParsnipDroidInc: sure, enable it04:09
Flannelmatin: So that command looked first for the string 'User' in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, then it looked for 'Group' in the same file, and then the last command looked for 'www-data' in /etc/apache2/envvars04:09
DroidIncunder compiz?04:09
ActionParsnipDroidInc: yes, in ccsm04:10
Flannelmatin: The first two told me you haven't hard coded the values (theyre still ${APACHE_RUN_USER} and ${APACHE_RUN_GROUP}, respectively) and the last one told me you haven't changed the defaults for those settings either.04:10
Ed_Moneywhen upgrading to 11.10, something went wrong and now my computer boots up to the GNU GRUB screen. I can run "Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.38-12-generic in recovery mode" and see that my home directory looks to be mostly in tact. How can I fix my machine so it boots up to 11.10 or the previous version?04:11
the_hulkhow i can share a large file upto 2 GB with my peer?04:11
ActionParsnipthe_hulk: samba or ftp or sftp will do it04:12
DroidIncActionParsnip: its enabled but the key bindings dont work anyway to get em to?04:12
bowikaxu_anyone with orchestra server knowledge?04:12
Flannelmatin: Still with me?  Or confused as heck?  (Take your time, just want to make sure you're not looking at the screen dumbfounded)04:13
the_hulkActionParsnip, ok04:13
ActionParsnipDroidInc: are you using unity?04:13
ActionParsnipDroidInc: Unity is a shell for gnome 304:13
ActionParsnipDroidInc: so if you use unity you will also be using gnome 304:14
matinFlannel, sorry had to get up for a second04:14
Flannelmatin: No worries.04:14
matinI'm good :)04:14
ActionParsnipDroidInc: if you press ALT+F2 and run:  compiz --replace    does it activate?04:14
Flannelmatin: Alright.  So, the point of that was to figure out what user and group apache runs as.  You're still default, which means it runs as www-data:www-data.04:15
roastedhello! I am unable to unmount my sd card. It just sits there for... well... forever. Literally. GParted, disk utility, etc. I'm also experiencing issues with this sd card in my phone. I was trying to pop it in my laptop to do a file system check but I can't unmount it to initiate the FS check. Any ideas?04:15
DroidInckilled my gnome304:15
DroidIncbut now my grid keybindngs work04:15
ActionParsnipDroidInc: you just need to reload the WM so it rereads the config04:15
matinFlannel: right04:15
ActionParsnipDroidInc: Gnome was untouched, only compiz changed04:15
Flannelmatin: Now that we know that, we want to make /var/svn/ owned by www-data:www-data (because the apache user is going to be how we interact with it): sudo chown www-data:www-data /var/svn/04:16
matinalright done04:16
DroidInccant alt f2 and no terminal open =X04:16
roastedthis sd card is driving me crazy...04:17
Flannelmatin: Now, we're ready to create our svn repository.  Again, we want to do this as our apache user.  So we'll use sudo to open a shell as our apache user, then move to our subversion directory, then make a repository.  What name do you want to give this repository?04:17
roastedonce I forcibly unmount it, it wont come back unless I restart my laptop. awesome04:17
Ed_Moneyhow can I back up my home directory in recovery mode?04:18
matinFlannel: triumph04:18
Flannelmatin: Alright.  So, `sudo -u www-data -i` (it likely won't ask for your password, but if it does, remember, it's YOUR password)04:19
DroidInchow do i reload gnome wm now04:19
Flannelmatin: then you'll see probably nothing but a `$` prompt.  You're essentially logged in as apache right now, you can probably `ls` and see your site's files.  So we want to change to our subversion directory, `cd /var/svn/`04:20
Flannelmatin: and then create our repository: `svnadmin create triumph`04:20
matinwhen i did ls04:20
Flannelmatin: sure04:20
matinit says ls: cannot open directory .: Permission denied04:20
Flannelmatin: Oh, this could be due to the fact that you moved it to your homedir.04:21
StepNjumpmatin you may need to chown04:21
StepNjumpmatin go on your terminal and type ls -al04:21
Flannelmatin: You can cd /var/svn/ and `ls` successfully though, right? (it'll be empty, but it wont error)04:21
matinsudo chown www-data:www-data /home/fouad/public_html04:21
Flannelmatin: No, don't do that.04:22
StepNjumpOh sorry Flannel, I didn't realize you were helping him04:22
matinoops i just did that :P04:22
Flannelmatin: That's alright.  It gave you a "you're not allowed" message anyway, because you're www-data, right?04:22
matinyeah Flannel04:22
matini can cd into svn and ls04:22
matini mean /var/svn04:22
Flannelmatin: (even if you did it as your user, we can fix it later)04:22
Flannelmatin: right.  So, `svnadmin create triumph`  (we could have just did `svnadmin create /var/svn/triumph` instead of cd etc too, but this is obviously more educational :)04:23
NorthwoodsWhen i run localhost , it says Forbidden , you dont' have access to /04:23
matinwhere do i do that04:23
Flannelmatin: Just in the terminal, where you're currently in /var/svn/ as www-data04:23
Flannelmatin: Same terminal04:23
matinok created04:24
Flannelmatin: 'triumph' in that case is a relative path, 'whereever I am' being the default working directory04:24
Flannelmatin: Alright, now we want to get out of our www-data terminal, and go back to your normal user, so we use `exit` (which is similar but different than logout)04:25
matini also use exit to exit ssh04:25
vicroolap view for linux???04:25
OerHeksvicro what is olap view ?04:26
Flannelmatin: After that, we need to go into apache and point it at our new repository location.  So... lets see, this would be in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default04:27
Flannelmatin: At least, that's probably where it is.  You may have done it differently if you were using a different tutorial.04:27
Dex7hello everyone04:27
Dex7please help - in my ubuntu unity 11.10 when i open skype04:28
Dex7and press left top menu(change status) fist time - it's open correct.04:28
Dex7when i minimize skype window and maximize it back04:28
Dex7 - left top menu from icon not available (just dont opened)04:28
Dex7how can i fix this?04:28
FloodBot1Dex7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:28
matindefault isn't the enabled one04:28
Flannelmatin: We want to edit that file, so `sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default` in that file you should see a <Location /svn> directive, with SVNPath /svn in it, etc.  If you don't, let me know, we'll need to find it.04:28
vicroonline analitic process ---> for for multidimensional data analysis (In BI)04:28
matinbut ok04:28
Flannelmatin: No, we want the enabled one.04:28
matinit's /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/krydia04:29
vicroMOLAP, ROLAP, ,etc in Oracle, mysql, postgre database04:29
matinand I'm in it04:29
matinbut I'm not seeing a location /svn04:29
Flannelmatin: Alright.  Go ahead and open that, and pastebin its contents please (there shouldn't be anything sensitive in it)04:29
randomusrhow to print ascii code into characters?04:29
randomusrthought it was just using ALT + # and the number?04:30
jose__como puedo instalar archivos .run04:30
Flannelmatin: That doesn't look like a complete file, but just a section of the middle of one.04:30
ActionParsniprandomusr: http://blog.andrewbeacock.com/2007/06/getting-right-alt-key-alt-gr-to-work-in.html04:31
Flannelmatin: (actually it looks like the end of it)04:31
vicrojose_ : chmod +x tuarchivo       &&  ./tuarchivo04:31
matinoh hey you're right04:31
Flannelmatin: Oh, right.  Sorry, you're right! there isn't a <Location /svn> in that file!  Because as of ... 10.04 or 8.04 or something, it's actually in /etc/apache2/mods-available/dav_svn.conf04:33
randomusrActionParsnip, the plot thickens as I'm using a mac. Any difference?04:33
Flannelmatin: so, go ahead and close this file, then open that (with sudo) in nano. (and pastebin if you don't mind!)04:33
Cyber_AkumaIs there any option when installing Ubuntu so it does not search for another OS when it installs grub? I only want the bootloader to have Ubuntu entries even though I will have other operating systems installed. Likewise, will these settings remain when grub is updated though the update/package manager?04:33
matinFlannel http://paste.ubuntu.com/761252/04:34
=== sweetgrass_ is now known as sweetgrass
Flannelmatin: Alright.  Now we need to change line 11, where it says SVNPath /svn, we need to move that to point to our new path, SVNPath /var/svn/triumph04:38
matinis that it?04:39
Flannelmatin: Save it, restart apache, and it should be.  You should see "Revision: 0" at http://playtriumph.tk/svn once you log in.04:39
matini can't log in04:41
matinoh ok04:41
matinbad password04:41
matinwhen i log in04:41
matini get an error04:42
FloodBot1matin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
Flannelmatin: Which one?04:42
matinsorry, when i logged in i got http://paste.ubuntu.com/761256/04:42
Hilikusi'm trying to use pulse in my network but when i go to paprefs all ther checkboxes are grayed out. how do i enable them?04:42
au_faitI almost gave up on 11.10 because of the video was bad and it just seem like a hassle because  but once I got through that it is ok04:44
au_faitnice work guys04:44
au_faitI'm still n love with ya04:44
ActionParsnipau_fait: could switch DE ;)04:44
VIPER-IIActionparsnip can we have a little word in private?04:45
Flannelmatin: Did you view http://playtriumph.tk/svn/ or  http://playtriumph.tk/svn ? (trailing slash)04:45
matinboth are the same04:46
au_faitde ?04:46
ActionParsnipVIPER-II: sure04:46
au_faitdesktop environment?04:47
Flannelmatin: Alright.  Lets look at our apache error log, that'll tell us what it's not able to do.  pastebin `tail -n 25 /var/log/apache2/error.log` (that just displays the last (up to) 25 lines of that file)04:47
danielfengjoin #douban04:47
shaneolol forgot the /04:48
au_faiti dont like kubuntu04:48
au_faitand unity sucks04:48
StepNjumpyes it does!04:48
shaneounity isnt that bad04:48
StepNjumpUbuntu 11.04 forever!04:48
au_faitI know you guys are doing gnome ... it is next'ish04:48
shaneoespecially with unity rotate04:48
au_faitStepNjump,  I wish I would have said that!!!! but I already switched04:49
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
StepNjump11.04 is the last version that Ubuntu will be running classic04:49
shaneoi did love gnome 2.* though04:49
Flannelmatin: Alright, if I had to guess, I'd say we didn't successfully update /etc/apache2/mods-available/dav_svn.conf04:49
arkanabarCan anyone help me with my HP LJ which doesn't get print jobs, even tho the firmware autodownloaded just fine?04:49
arkanabarLaserjet 1018, if it matters.04:49
Flannelmatin: Actually, let me ask this instead.  Can you please pastebin the contents of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dav_svn.conf?04:50
StepNjumparkandabar, did you download hplip?04:50
au_faitgnome reminded me of NeXt04:50
arkanabarlemme double check.04:50
arkanabarStepNjump,  yep, it's the newest version.04:51
arkanabarI remember something about the URI being autoconfigured wrong last time, but I can't find anything on that.04:51
StepNjumparkanabar, did you run it with the printer connected or unplugged?04:51
Flannelmatin: Alright, so you have (line 19): SVNPath /svn/triumph, this needs to be /var/svn/triumph04:52
arkanabarStepNjump, I don't suppose I've run it.  Which is better, & should I delete the printer I have now?04:52
StepNjumpWell, when I installed my printer, it worked fine but when I ran hplip, my printer was not connected arkanabar04:53
Flannelmatin: If you look at your error log, it was looking for /svn/triumph/format (format is a file in the repository that apache was looking for), which is how I knew this wasn't configured correctly (should be looking for /var/svn/triumph/format)04:53
matinRevision 004:53
matinso…. how do i use it lol04:53
matini know git04:53
matinwhere you do git push origin master04:54
arkanabarStepNjump, hplip is apparently a metapackage.  what command do I need to actually run?04:54
Flannelmatin: So, now go back to your homedir, make a scratch folder, go into it.  `svn checkout https://playtriumph.tk/svn/ .`04:54
Flannelmatin: That'll checkout the repository (its empty) to your current working directory (which, you've made a new folder for)04:54
matinI'm on my macbook pro04:55
Flannelmatin: Er sorry, http not https.04:55
matinand I'm sshing into my "server"04:55
StepNjumphplip! but follow the instructions on the screen and in the installation instructions on the web site carefully. Each steps are important arkanabar04:55
Flannelmatin: you can do this on your macbook pro, if you have svn installed.04:55
matinwhich is just a crappy computer in my living room04:55
matinhow do i set it up04:55
StepNjumparkanabar, also, ensure your printer is supported before trying to install it04:55
Flannelmatin: At this point, your server is set up, and we're off to svn-land.04:55
arkanabarStepNjump, hplip:  command not found04:55
StepNjumpIt doesn't support ALL HP products!04:55
arkanabarStepNjump, it is.  I got it to work on my lappy just fine.04:55
Flannelmatin: Install svn on your macbook.... I don't really know how to do that :)  We CAN do it on your server too if that's easier04:55
StepNjumpof course, you have to download the app. Hold on04:56
StepNjumpI think you should run it by ./hplip04:56
StepNjumpfrom the terminal line04:56
StepNjumpRead the instructions carefully.04:57
matini think it's installed04:57
matinwhat are the commands?04:57
matinfor pushing to a svn04:57
arkanabarStepNjump, ./hplip:  No such file or directory04:57
Flannelmatin: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.7/svn.intro.quickstart.html  That book is a good book.  You oviously don't need to set up a repository, just use it, so you can skip the first svnadmin bit.04:57
Flannelmatin: `svn` is the command04:57
StepNjumparkanabar: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/installtree.html04:58
VIPER-IIThanks for your help ActionParsnip!04:58
Flannelmatin: If you've got stuff you want to import, then svn import will work.  I prefer an initial structure commit first, but that's just personal preference.04:58
matinhow do i commit?04:59
StepNjumparlamabar" http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install_wizard/index.html04:59
StepNjumparkanabar: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install_wizard/index.html04:59
Flannelmatin: svn commit -m "message", I encourage you to peruse that page/its links (and the rest of it).  It's actually a pretty quick read for the basics (skip the reference and advanced stuff, etc)05:00
Flannelmatin: especially if you're already familiar with git05:00
Flannelmatin: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.7/svn.tour.importing.html for instance.05:00
StepNjumpDoes anyone know about an app to record all sounds coming through the soundcard?05:00
arkanabarStepNjump, according to your last link, hplip should support my printer.05:01
StepNjumpgood arkanabar05:02
arkanabarhow about that.  it just up and worked this time.  who can figure?05:02
StepNjumpThen just download it.. but be CAREFUL to read every screen before going to the next screen. ALSO ENSURE your printer is NOT connected UNLESS at the end when HPLIP asks you to connect the printer05:03
StepNjumplol arkanabar...  likes the website05:03
arkanabarexcept that the printer is NOT visible when I try to print from Impress.  grrrrr....05:04
arkanabareh, I opened up printer properties, and there it was.... this time.05:05
FolkloreI had a problem of running a bash script stand alone turns out the problem was I didn't include the #!/bin/bash on first line and also because I didn't cd to the path I was doing stuff like cd /home/me etc... in the script05:05
Folklorejust wanted to let all know that fixed it and it works great now05:05
Folkloreas there was confusion last time05:05
StepNjumpbut arkanabar, did you run hplip before?05:06
Dex7in my ubuntu unity 11.10 when i open skype and press left top menu fist time - it's open correct. when i minimize skype window and maximize it back - left top menu from icon not available (just dont opened) how can i fix this?05:06
arkanabarStepNjump, don't think so.  I unplugged the printer & plugged it back in.05:06
StepNjumpanyone familiar here audacity?05:06
arkanabarand blam, it automagically set it up.  wewt!05:07
ActionParsnipDex7: where did you install skype from? Are there any bugs logged?05:07
wrekthello. i booted up with the startup disk, ran ndiskgtk and installed the driver for my wireless usb. i rebppted and when i ran lshw -C network i got back instead of CLAIMED UNCLAIMED ENABLED DIABLED by the NETWORK a 0. any ideas what to do now?05:07
matinthanks Flannel05:07
ActionParsnipwrekt: which network chip is it?05:07
StepNjumpNo no arkanabar! I said don't connect your printer until HPLIP asks you to do it! UNPLUG your printer 1. download hplip, 2. run HPLIP 3 wait for the prompt to connect your printer. This is not Windows!05:07
matinbut now when i do svn commit05:07
matinnothing happens >.>05:08
wrektActionParsnip, its a wirelss usb by linksys and i believe i succesfully installed the driver05:08
StepNjumpplug and play NO!05:08
FolkloreI do have a question fwrite doesn't seem to write anything unless I fclose05:08
Folkloreany know why?05:08
ActionParsnipwrekt: thats the make, linksys don't make chips, they buy them from Atheros, Broadcom and Intel and make devices05:08
ActionParsnipwrekt: if you run:  lsusb   what is the 8 character hex ID you get?05:09
StepNjumparkanabar... do you understand?05:09
wrektActionParsnip, oh sorry got you. the number is 1737:007705:10
StepNjumpOk guys, I'm trying to record my audio using audacity. Any idea?05:10
Dex7ActionParsnip: no nothin in my log. installed from repositry (default)05:10
ActionParsnipDex7: try the file from www.skype.com05:11
ActionParsnipwrekt: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127340105:11
matinhey guys05:11
matinwhen i do svn status, it says ? js and ? css05:11
HilarieI recently purchased a VPS and installed 11.04 on it, any suggestions on a remote system monitor?05:11
wrektActionParsnip, sigh i will investigate further. might pay to get a diff wireless card though lol they are quite inexpensive these days05:15
arkanabarStepNjump, I'm well aware it isn't Panes.  And yet, in this case, it's managed to behave very much like it.05:16
ActionParsnipwrekt: indeed, if you look at what works before you buy, you can get a system that works out of the box05:16
ActionParsnipHilarie: could use snmp and go old school :)05:16
=== r3v0 is now known as zz_r3v0
ActionParsnipHilarie: http://library.linode.com/server-monitoring/cacti/ubuntu-10.04-lucid05:16
arkanabarIt may not have been the "right" way, but it did work.05:17
HilarieActionParsnip, You rock05:18
ActionParsnipHilarie: just websearched dude05:18
ActionParsnipHilarie: nothing fancy or unique...05:18
HilarieActionParsnip you are at one with the google05:18
ActionParsnipHilarie: duckduckgo here05:18
jakuplusing duckduckgo too05:21
Flannelmatin: You need to svn add first.  You've checked out, then you copy (filesystem) then add (files from filesystem into svn), then commit.  `svn status` will tell you what has been added (not yet committed), or question marks mean "not under version control"05:21
matinhow do i add to version control05:21
Flannelmatin: `svn add file`05:21
matini kept doing svn add .05:22
Flannelmatin: where file is a particular file, or a glob of files05:22
matinyeah haha i just got it :P05:22
Flannelmatin: to add your current directory?05:22
Flannel`svn add *` does work, although it may not be what you want05:22
matinalright thanks so much Flannel05:22
matini gtg05:22
mikeCool, there is an ubuntu channel05:22
matingood night05:22
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=== Guest33948 is now known as RobertsWeb
RobertsWebHey guys!05:23
RobertsWebWondering how to keep ubuntu server up-to-date so my repositories still work. I have a server with 9.10 installed and apt-get no longer works05:24
JoeSigalPlease help me with this site problem! http://bit.ly/uPBolO05:24
ActionParsnipRobertsWeb: install LTS and it will be supported for a long time :)05:24
RobertsWebActionParsnip, does that mean I need to reformat the server?05:25
RobertsWebcan I update with a disk or something?05:25
dumnuthi, i have a 2.4g wireless mouse that does not work, does anyone know where i can get driver for it?05:25
RobertsWebdumnut, whats the company/model?05:26
dumnutRobertsWeb: cpi05:27
NorthwoodsWhy do i have to run gsudo nautilius everytime i want to paste something into directories like /var/www05:28
ActionParsnipRobertsWeb: you can upgrade to Lucid from Karmic05:30
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: because the file is not owned by your user05:30
NorthwoodsActionParsnip, but how do i give all rights to my user ---> Northwoods05:31
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: if you add your user to the group which owns the folder, you should get write access05:31
NorthwoodsI'm suppose to be the owner of this machine, sorry i'm new to ubuntu05:31
NorthwoodsActionParsnip, you mean like root user ?05:31
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: no, if you run:  ls -l /var/www   what is output?05:32
Northwoodsi should add myself to root group ?05:32
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: no, that would remove any security in your system05:32
Northwoodstotal 1205:32
Northwoods-rw-r--r--  1 root root  177 2011-11-26 22:42 index.html05:32
Northwoodsdrwxrwxrwx 16 root root 4096 2011-12-06 10:55 sraas05:32
Northwoodsdrwxrwx---  2 root root 4096 2011-12-06 10:55 ysl05:32
FloodBot1Northwoods: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:32
Northwoodssorry for flood05:32
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: if you use pastebin you won't flood the channel05:33
NorthwoodsActionParsnip, how do i set permissions for my user login05:33
hugaluajust wondering - what ubuntu release, or between what years did Ubuntu gain the most popularity? And was ubuntu forked off Debian, was the first 2004 release just the same as debian unstable at the time?05:34
is_derekHi All05:35
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: can you run:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit; clear ls -l /var | pastebinit05:35
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: what is output?05:35
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: can you run:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit; clear; ls -l /var | pastebinit05:35
ActionParsnipNorthwoods: that ^05:35
napsterHow can I cut a video from command line. I have a video which is 2 hours long. I want to cut from 00:10:00 to 00:22:00 to get a splitted out video. How can do that using cli?05:35
is_derekHas anyone had issues with their laptop touchpad freezing up?  Logout fixes it.  I am on 11.1005:35
NorthwoodsActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/761281/05:36
kadobancan anyone tell me how to fix this huge dependency mess in aptitude? i'm trying to install ia32-libs package, and I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/761280/05:37
Northwoodsi just changed my group from regular to ROOT05:37
kadobanit wants me to remove about a million packages in order to do that, which is not acceptable of course...05:37
napsteror even splitting into two parts is more than enough!05:37
Northwoodsi'm going to logout and login again05:38
ActionParsniphis call, oh well05:39
xnapster, ffmpeg -vcodec copy -ss 00:01:00 -t 00:03:00 -i infile.mpg outfile.mpg05:40
napsterx ty05:40
kadobancan anyone even tell me what the conflict lines mean? they seem like non-sense, I don't understand what's conflicting with what05:41
StepNjumpIf anyone is interested to know how to record audio 'what you hear' from their computer under ubuntu, I finally found it.. Hope it helps http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-recording-internal-audio-in-ubuntu.html05:48
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niftylettuceusing 3.1.4-030104-generic and 11.10, bluetooth not working, my icon says bluetooth is on, but when I go to preferences its stuck on the OFF switch05:58
niftylettucei have a bluetooth normal USB dongle05:58
niftylettuceworked fine in 11.0405:58
niftylettuceerr 10.04*05:58
niftylettuceodd, i had to `$ /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart` to get it working06:02
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=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
ActionParsniphi chalcedony06:08
smokeycastlewhats the ubuntu chat channel?06:09
chalcedonyhi hi ActionParsnip *hugs*06:09
somsipsmokeycastle: #ubuntu-offtopic06:09
aaronsnoswellI'm trying to create a one liner that adds to the path and appends the given directory to ~/.bashrc in one hit. So far I'm stuck. This is what I have so far: https://gist.github.com/143697606:09
ScroogeMcDucketsHello All!!! I'm having a problem with booting into Ubuntu 10.0406:09
StepNjumpDoes anyone know how to select and copy text in elinks?06:10
ActionParsnipaaronsnoswell: echo "export PATH=$PATH:$1" | tee -a ~/.bashrc06:10
aaronsnoswellActionParsnip, You always come to my rescue <306:11
ActionParsnipaaronsnoswell: add that in a script and it will take a pararmeter, this will be added to the path. I suggest you use a test file first, then switch to ~/.bashrc when you are happy with the results06:11
mbrochhhey all, does anyone know about a nice distraction free editor? I am thinking of something that I can put on fullscreen, that has the text in a column centered on the screen rather than left aligned...06:12
aaronsnoswellmbrochh, scribes is nice. I just use gedit though.06:12
mbrochhaaronsnoswell: gedit is left aligned, isn't it?06:12
aaronsnoswellmbrochh, yeah06:12
SachinDeynautilus is not showing folder icons06:13
StepNjumpactionparsnip, you use elinks right?06:13
almoxarifeSachinDey: that is not good06:13
mbrochhaaronsnoswell: looks like scribes is left aligned as well..06:13
almoxarifeSachinDey: not at all or smaller and all in a column ?06:14
ActionParsnipStepNjump: i've used links2 but not elinks06:14
ScroogeMcDucketsHello All!!! I'm having a problem with booting into Ubuntu 10.04, its a windows dual boot. Got some automatic updates today and now if I try to boot into ubuntu its telling me that it cannot boot because of a corrupted hal.dll. Can anybody help me with this06:14
SachinDeyalmoxarife What to do now?06:14
almoxarifeSachinDey: not at all or smaller and all in a column ?06:14
StepNjumpok actionparsnip. Do you know if links2 allows to select and copy text by using mouse?06:15
=== mglidden_ is now known as mglidden
SachinDeyalmoxarife all icons are blank like an empty text file06:16
ActionParsnipStepNjump: should do, you can use CTRL+Shift+C to copy in terminal, does it work?06:16
almoxarifeSachinDey: in what particular folder?06:16
StepNjumpactionparsnip, no I am trying to copy text from elinks and then paste it elsewhere but mouse is useless in elinks so can't select my text06:17
SachinDeyalmoxarife the whole of nautilus, seems like the theme default theme is not working06:17
almoxarifeSachinDey: do you mean the desktop is one big blank?06:18
skegeekIs the recommended eBox software meant to be used on top of web/mysql servers or instead of them?06:19
ActionParsnipStepNjump: is there an elinks channel?06:19
inashdeenhi, how do i completely remove java from my system. i dont any java at all06:20
skegeekRather, does it run on them or are they contained inside the package?06:20
ActionParsnipinashdeen: what is the output of: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; dpkg -l | grep -i java | pastebinit06:20
skegeekinashdeen: How do you manage to never use Java? A lot of the web uses it...06:20
ScroogeMcDucketsI'm having a problem with booting into Ubuntu 10.04, its a windows dual boot. Got some automatic updates today and now if I try to boot into ubuntu its telling me that it cannot boot because of a corrupted hal.dll. Can anybody help me with this?06:21
=== rymate1234|away is now known as rymate1234
inashdeenActionParsnip : thanks for the pastebinit repo btw. :) never knew you can have something like that btw, here is it http://paste.ubuntu.com/761303/06:22
ActionParsnipinashdeen: makes life easier :)06:22
SachinDeyalexomarife here is a screenshot http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50238248/13.png06:23
inashdeenskgeek: i got some conflicts after trying to install openjdk6, 7 and sun. now is removing all and then only install one.06:23
StepNjumpactionparsnip, no I don't think so (channel). I downloaded elinks2. though it's very nice, still won't allow me to copy to pastebin06:23
ActionParsnipinashdeen: sudo apt-get --purge remove openjdk-*       look at what else it is removing, if all is ok, hit Y then ENTER06:23
ActionParsnippastebinit should be in a default install as should apt-fast06:24
inashdeenActionParsnip : all are only java files. but now it is installing sun, like previously :(06:25
aaronsnoswellActionParsnip, I'm still tinkering with my oneliner - I want it to be a command that you paste in, rather than a .sh file. I don't think tee will work wit that.06:25
binarymutantdoes gnote not have a systray icon anymore?06:25
aaronsnoswellIe, the user would paste in the command then append the directory they want to it.06:25
inashdeenActionParsnip : just extra note, how do you actually execute pastebinit just now? want to read the manual06:25
inashdeenSorry, how do remove openjdk without install sun java?06:26
=== GirlyGirl is now known as Guest71449
almoxarifeSachinDey: what did you do recently icon related? clear a cache? tried something like a 'cleaner'?06:27
ActionParsnipinashdeen: you can pipe commands in to it or use it to pastebin files. e.g:  pastebinit ~/.bashrc06:29
ActionParsnipinashdeen: the piping commands you just ran so you have a working example06:29
ActionParsnipinashdeen: saves messing around unsing the web interface to pastebins06:29
xwhy would anyone use unity when fluxbox+ubuntu is so fast ;\06:30
StepNjumpActionParsnip, I found it. In elinks, you have to press SHIFT key before selecting the text06:35
crystalHow can I install a graphics card driver to my computer? It is saying no proprietary graphics driver installed06:35
inashdeenActionParsnip : sorry, i got disconnected. what is the command again to remove all java just now?06:35
aum__Hello everyone, i have a program which needs to be run by root, so i set the setuid bit to that program but in that program06:38
aum__a system call to firefox is there, while invoking firefox its giving error of gtk and setuid, can anyone help me in this06:38
ActionParsnipinashdeen: sudo apt-get --purge remove openjdk-6-*06:42
inashdeenActionParsnip :thanks06:42
ActionParsnipinashdeen: do the same for 7 too, watch what it wants to also remove06:43
plusEVI messed up my desktop enviroment using compiz. and now I only have  grey bar at the tome. I can only get into my home folder. Is it any way I can open a terminal from here so I can enter the compiz options?06:43
plusEVtome = top06:43
Kapil_SibalHah aha06:43
inashdeenplusEV : whice ubuntu are using? what kind of mess did you get yourself into?06:43
skumaracan anyone help me with this dpkg errors? http://pastebin.com/q6QPhnKd06:43
plusEVlatest verion06:44
bullgard6How to extract out of a  .png file that comprises 5 pictures, a single picture?06:44
plusEVeverything i gone. I only have top bar with File, edit, view, go, bookmarks and help06:44
plusEVSo how do I open a terminal from the home folder? =p06:45
inashdeenplusEV : try alt f2, see if that runs something06:46
plusEValt-f2 does nothing.06:46
crystalHow can I install a graphics card driver to my computer? It is saying no proprietary graphics driver installed06:47
plusEVthis sucks massive amount of balls.06:47
inashdeenskumara: just enquiry, are you trying to upgrade gnome?06:48
urlin2uplusEV, ctrl-alt-f1 will get you to a cli.06:48
skumarainashdeen, i'm trying to update ubuntu as usual using the update manager. It gives me error and crashed. So i went to sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. I end up receiving that error no matter what I do.06:49
thomedyi am trying to update my broswer to force enable webgl.. it was working before i updated browswers... i checked about:config06:50
thomedyon firefox and it is set to true06:50
thomedyand also i chromium-browser --enable-webgl --no-blacklist06:50
thomedyand still nothing06:50
plusEVurlin2u: Do you know how to enter the CompizFusion config from that terminal?06:50
thomedyi know it works because idt did06:50
thomedyplease help06:51
urlin2uplusEV, you can't open the compiz gui from there but you can log in and run run sudo unity --reset    then reboot the unity desktop should be set to stock.06:53
crystalHow can I install a graphics card driver to my computer? It is saying no proprietary graphics driver installed06:53
urlin2uplusEV, actually I don't think you need the sudo just the unity --reset06:54
skumara i'm trying to update ubuntu as usual using the update manager. It gives me error and crashed. So i went to sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. I end up receiving that error no matter what I do. http://pastebin.com/q6QPhnKd please help06:54
plusEVurlin2u: allright lets see if its fixed.06:55
zeroedoutcrystal: what graphics card do you have? You can only do that if you have a current nvidia or ati card06:56
plusEVurlin2u: still the same after reboot.06:56
deserteglanyone have link to minimal karmic (9.10) cd (iso)? Thanks...06:57
zeroedoutskumara: you can try reinstalling  libclutter-imcontext-0.1-006:58
zeroedoutThat's where it started having the error, so that's the package I would try messing with first06:58
aum__Hello everyone, i have a program which needs to be run by root, so i set the setuid bit to that program but in that program06:58
aum__a system call to firefox is there, while invoking firefox its giving error of gtk and setuid, can anyone show me a way to invoke gtk program through setuid program06:58
zeroedoutaum_: I'm guessing gksudo isn't an option?06:59
bullgard6How to extract out of a  .png file, that comprises 5 pictures, a single picture?06:59
urlin2uplusEV, have you tried the other desktop options at the login window. Losing the desktop while tweaking compiz is quite common, but not a problem if you find a instructional web site, getting it back when broken is just as easy. This make take a few kicks to get it back.06:59
crystalzeroedout, Not sure which one I have. How can I tell the graphics card?06:59
plusEVurlin2u: compiz (unity) - Warn: unsupported internal format Segmentation fault.06:59
aum__zeroedout, no user interface is not there in the program to enter the password07:00
zeroedoutcrystal: do an "lshw" in a terminal and it'll give you alll the info about your machine07:00
urlin2uplusEV, what is the desktop yourt using?07:00
plusEVno idea07:00
crystalzeroedout, just fcause PCI (sysfs)07:01
crystalzeroedout, just says PCI (sysfs)07:01
crystalnvm loaded.07:01
zeroedoutaum: the program doesn't need a UI for gksudo to work. gksudo is just a very easy graphical way to give root permissions to a program (gui, cli or otherwise)07:01
urlin2uplusEV, really.....not sure what to say.07:02
plusEVurlin2u: I am in now. everything is back to normal. I do not know what I did but it works.07:02
plusEVurlin2u: thx for help07:02
deserteglnobody? just looking for a link to minimal karmic (9.10) cd (iso)? Google has led me no where..07:02
urlin2uplusEV, no problem.07:02
zeroedoutdestertgl: don't know, but am curious as to why you want 9.10....07:03
ActionParsnipdesertegl: why do you want the ISO of a dead release?07:03
aum__zeroedout, you mean  { system("gksudo firefox");} will not ask for a password ?07:04
computerscomputers here07:04
crystalzeroedout, what line of text am I looking for the graphics driver.07:04
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computersanswering all ubuntu questions07:04
zeroedoutaum: I misunderstood, that will ask you for a password07:04
desertegl9.10 is the only release to have excellent video playback and hardware acceleration for my hardware (GMA 500 "poulsbo")07:05
ActionParsnipdesertegl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=180499007:06
deserteglaccording to the wiki anyway. I've tried 10.10 and videos were jittery. I wanted to give karmic a try.07:06
Sp0tterdo any of you guys have an AMD e-350 apu?  I wonder how facebook games (farmtown) work on it?07:07
Sp0tterthinking about getting one for my wife07:07
ActionParsnipdesertegl: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTAwMDc   poulsbo is in the default config07:07
zeroedoutcrystal: it will probably be under -display07:07
crystalzeroedout, Found it, what information do you need to help me with my problem?07:08
ActionParsnipSp0tter: which GPU too?07:08
zeroedoutcrystal: is the vendor "ati" "nvidia" or something else?07:08
ActionParsnipSp0tter: looks like an ION equiv for ATi, should be fine07:08
deserteglactionparsnip: let me browse the links you provided, thank you. and PS. I do understand it can work on other releases, I just read that out of all releases, 9.10 had the best performance.07:09
crystalzeroedout, vendor: Intel Corporation07:09
zeroedoutcrystal: Then there is no proprietary driver :D! Are you experienceing any problems with the default driver?07:10
Sp0tterActionParsnip: its much better than an ion07:10
Sp0tteraccording to benchmarks07:10
Sp0tterAMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics07:10
crystalzeroedout, yes the videos/flash games seem laggy and fuzzy. But it could just be my computer.07:11
ActionParsnipSp0tter: I'm not an ati fan but should be fine, were the benchmarks under Linux?07:11
Sp0tteri'm a huge ATI fan, i have 20 ATI/AMD cards running now :)07:11
ActionParsnipSp0tter: then ION may work better, differnt OS. Benchmarks in Windows don't necessarily reflect Linux performance07:11
zeroedoutcrystal: flash sucks. let me state that again, flash sucks. For youtube, go to www.youtube.com/testtube look for "html5" and join the test for that. That will give you great performance, but not every video uses html5 yet (it will default back to flash if the video doesn't do html5)07:12
ActionParsnipSp0tter: I use only nvidia, they have supported Linux for as long as I've used it (started in 2001)07:12
chalcedonythe only reason for using ati is price07:13
Sp0tterand btc mining07:13
zeroedoutcrystal: You can try dwhelper, to download videos in their native format. That will give you good performance on them, even full screen, but it does require the extra step to download07:13
aum__zeroedout, i think when we invoke a command using sudo or gksudo and we are a sudoser then it always ask for a password...07:13
ActionParsnipzeroedout: works fine here, not had an issue07:14
crystalzeroedout, thanks for that. How about other videos, I want to view online. Not downloading though.07:14
nevynActionParsnip: really I thought nvidia support only arrived quite recently due to dave airlie's efforts07:14
zeroedoutcrystal: As a third alternative, you can try a lighter webbrowser, chrome, rekonq, qtweb, or epiphany may deliver better performance. But I'm not certain that will help. dwhelper is probably your best bet (but it does require that one extra step)07:15
ActionParsnipnevyn: it's been ages. I was running proprietary driver on my Riva TNT2 Ultra 32Mb07:15
nevynoh.. proprietary driver. yeah that's not supported by linux07:16
xflash does suck, and flash support in 64bit linux is even worse.....07:16
nevynask anyone on lkml07:16
chalcedonyActionParsnip, my son was running nvidia at least that far back07:16
ActionParsnipx: 64bit flash works great here in chromium daily build.07:17
zeroedoutActionprsnip: I've had flash work great with properietary nvidia drivers, but the problem is that it is not a long term solution. When nvidia drops support for the card, I'll either be stuck on an ancient kernel or novoeu07:17
xActionParsnip, hrm. well I can't have any other sound playing or it doesn't work for me which is annoying and it seems to lock up firefox all the time. i'd use chromium but there is no option to make all the text a certain size which is a deal breaker for me.07:18
ActionParsnipx: why would you want 2 sounds coming out, itd sound like a big mess?07:18
afidegnumhello good morning, pls how do i add permission to user "afidegnum" being the main user to modify contents in /var/www folder?07:19
afidegnumso far I can't do anything unless I am in root07:19
nevynActionParsnip: new mail notification over music or something07:19
ActionParsnipx: zoom in and out of the browser with CTRL+scroll wheel, makes things bigger07:19
xActionParsnip, nah thats not a replacement for having an option to make all text one size like firefox ;\07:19
lightaafidegnum, add him in www-data group07:19
ActionParsnipnevyn: yeah I disable all that stuff, stupid beeps and chirps for events really are redundant07:19
afidegnumwhat is the command for that please?07:20
ActionParsnipx: horses for courses :)07:20
nevynActionParsnip: there's reasons to do it tho07:20
lightausermod -g something I don't remenber07:20
ActionParsnipnevyn: not here unity-mail uses notify osd nicely07:20
thomedyim trying to enable webgl inmy ubuntu 10.0407:20
lightathen check if folder can be editable by group, and you should be good07:20
xActionParsnip, and more so than actually playing 2 sounds at once, If I have mpd paused in the background I have to actually 'stop' it or flash acts like I have no sound. maybe a problem with pulseaudio (bloatware) or firefox or flash who knows haha.07:20
thomedyand i had it a bit ago but now even though in firefox webgl-force-enable is set to true07:21
luoluoluohi there, can I find files using regex? like "find -name *[A-Z]*" to find out all the files whose name contains upper letters?07:21
thomedyand opened chrome in term with --enable-webgl07:21
llutz_afidegnum: lighta usermod -aG     DON'T use usermod -G   only!07:21
lightaor do an ln -s link in /var/www to your user folder, so he can,t put his file here then they'll be link07:21
garden92anyone know of a good file transfer program for linux?07:21
xgarden92, transfer to what?07:22
afidegnumit's getting confusing07:22
nevynafidegnum: adduser afidegnum www-data07:22
lightait was another option afidegnum sorry07:22
garden92x: another computer07:22
llutz_luoluoluo: man find (-regex)07:22
xgarden92, on your local network, is it running windows or linux?07:23
thomedygarden92 do you know ftp07:23
luoluoluollutz_: thanks07:23
thomedyftp into ftp.name.suffix07:23
thomedyand then put or get07:23
thomedyand your set07:23
garden92x: yes and both thomedy: yes07:23
thomedyany ftp program like filezilla would require both name and pass anyway07:23
thomedyso thats it07:23
xgarden92, if its a computer on your local network, there are better options than ftp..07:24
thomedyoh your not going accross07:24
thomedymy bad07:24
garden92x: what would be better than ftp?07:24
bullgard6How to extract out of a  .png file, that comprises 5 pictures, a single picture?07:24
thomedyhe gots me... but i trust him07:24
thomedyor her07:24
thomedyx is kinda vague07:24
xgarden92, what system is the other computer windows or linux07:25
lightasftp garden9207:25
nevynbullgard6: use gimp and crop07:25
garden92both linux07:25
xgarden92, then i'd use nfs-kernel-server07:26
afidegnumnevyn: see, in /var/www I made mkdir test and I had this error mkdir: cannot create directory `test': Permission denied07:26
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.07:26
afidegnumwhat do i do ?07:26
bobweaverafidegnum: you need permissions07:26
nevynls -la .07:26
afidegnumeven I chmod 777 from root but I can't modify that folder from afidegnum07:26
bobweaver!permissions | afidegnum07:26
ubottuafidegnum: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:26
xafidegnum, sudo chown user:group folder07:27
aum__ i have a program created by root the program invokes "firefox" through system call, now i want this program to be07:27
aum__used by normal user so i set the setuid bit, now when the program is invoked by normal user its giving gtk and setuid error,07:27
aum__is there any way to solve this issue...07:27
lightadon't put 777 on /var/www afidegnum at leat 77507:27
llutz_bullgard6: just a guess: convert 'yourpng.png[1]' extracted.png     where [x] is the number of the frame youwant07:27
CommaCrazyhi all, after an upgrade to 11.10 whn I download something from the net and open it in a containing folder it gives me the launch application chooser. does any one else have this problem?07:27
CommaCrazyany solutions by any chance07:27
xCommaCrazy, what kind of file is it?07:27
garden92x: and what would i use for windows to linux. for future prefrence07:27
xgarden92, samba07:28
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:28
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CommaCrazywhichever file that is downloaded when I right click and tell it Open in containing folder, the application chooser pops up07:28
bullgard6nevyn: Do you mean the file /usr/share/wordpress/wp-includes/js/crop from the DEB program package wordpress?07:29
CommaCrazybefore upgrade the folder containing the file downloaded would pop up07:29
nevynbullgard6: no.07:29
xCommaCrazy, what program are you telling 'open containing folder' transmission ?07:29
garden92x: thanks07:29
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
bullgard6nevyn: So what do you mean by 'crop'?07:30
xgarden92, np. samba also works linux/linux so if you need linux > windows linux > linux it can do both.07:30
nevynbullgard6: so is it an animated png of which you require a frame of the animation?07:30
Shasta_Hey I need help. Im trying to install wine on Ubuntu but its not working... Im also doing it all offline.. Can anyone offer help?07:30
garden92x: cool i'll look into that07:30
CommaCrazyFireFox Download tab07:30
bullgard6nevyn: No,I am not speaking about an animated picture.07:31
xShasta_, can you just connect to the web or is that not an option ?07:31
Shasta_x no I need wine to install my drivers to my linksys07:31
Shasta_and wine isnt installing07:31
xShasta_, linksys what ?07:31
Shasta_I run the wineinstall and it crashes07:31
nevynbullgard6: so gimp is an image editor (package gimp) it contains a crop operation which removes evertthing but the selected area07:31
Shasta_x WUSB54GSC V207:32
nevynthis can then be saved to a new filename as a new image.07:32
bullgard6nevyn: Ah, I see. Thank you very much for your help.07:32
Shasta_Its not about my linksys its more about getting wine to install07:32
=== arunce_ is now known as arunce
xShasta_, just missing how you are going to use windows drivers in linux without ndiswrapper ?07:35
Shasta_Im not sure =p07:35
Shasta_I cant really install anything07:35
Shasta_without internet07:35
Shasta_Hate having to drag it onto a USB07:35
Shasta_and in07:35
=== william is now known as Guest65477
xShasta_, yea, I have found a guide to install that device using ndiswrapper. if you'd like.. installing wine isn't going to help get that device working. and i'd really plug in a wire so I had internet incase you need to dl a program07:36
Shasta_I would need a long ethernet cord then lol07:37
Shasta_Can I get that guide07:37
xShasta_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225206&highlight=WUSB5407:37
varys0101Shasta_: you dont need windows drivers necessarily07:38
varys0101unless you have some crazy obscure card07:38
xShasta_, wabt to hear something funny ?07:38
Shasta_lol Sure07:38
=== aarcane__ is now known as aarcane
xShasta_, apparently that usb is supported now ( the catch is you need to connect to the internet first haha)07:39
Shasta_Wtf XD07:39
Shasta_Im also running an old version07:39
Shasta_Of Ubuntu07:39
StarryNighthello guys and gals07:39
bobweaverShasta what is card and ubuntu version ?07:40
xShasta_, well I just saw @ the end of the guide that since ubuntu 10.04 and some kernel long since outdated its supported now. so i'd upgrade your ubuntu if possible.07:40
Shasta_I can update it.. But... It'll be a pain to download07:40
StarryNighti just installed the latest version on my lappy and i am happy with it07:40
varys0101Shasta_: clearly all you need to do is ninja your computer near your broadband modem07:40
bobweavermight just need a simple modprobe07:40
Shasta_haha lol07:41
varys0101even if you have to hang upside down from wires07:41
xbobweaver, what does he need to modprobe ?07:41
xwifi blows anyway wires FTW!07:42
StarryNighti know it is a dumb question but should i be worry about viruses?07:42
xStarryNight, only from your g/f sorry I had to...07:42
Shasta_lol Screw it.. Im downloading the Latest Ubuntu and Installing it... At least then it saves me the troubles07:42
StarryNightyea lol07:42
varys0101StarryNight: certainly should worry about viruses and security on one hand, on the other not really07:42
xShasta_, thats what im sayin shasta mcnasty.07:42
bullgard6llutz_:  This created a new file which comprises (all old pictures plus a second copy of the first picture).07:42
xwell actually on linux, you need not worry about virii07:42
xthe most dangerous thing on ubuntu is the sudo command.07:43
StarryNighti bought this lappy used windows for couple weeks and went back to linux07:43
varys0101good point x07:43
llutz_bullgard6: oh, wrong guess though (works with multiframe gif). sry07:43
xI have fubar'ed more than one ubuntu using sudo!07:43
Shasta_lol Sudo FTW07:43
varys0101StarryNight: make sure you know what a command does before you paste it in to your CLI07:43
Seveassudo make me a sandwich07:43
xyes sir.07:43
varys0101sudo or sudonot there is no /try/07:44
StarryNighti am just looking for a good software to play bluray07:44
xShasta_, on the bright side, you came in here thinking you needed wine. ;-)07:44
xnow you just need a cold beer and a new ubuntu iso07:44
Shasta_Haha lol07:44
kazagistarmy I downloaded the bios update for my aspire one (that is supposed to solve a number of issues). However, it contains only a .bin, a .wph, and a flashing program for windows or dos. When I try to run the dos version under a live freedos, it says "illegal Instruction occured". Any ideas?07:44
xpretty l33t eh.07:44
varys0101all right so ive been using ubuntu since intrepid ibex and no i still dont know crap about linux -- i cant get my headphone jack working out of the box on oneiric for the first time07:45
Seveaskazagistar, yeah, boot into windows.07:45
CommaCrazynvm just needed to choose nautilus07:45
Seveasthose things don't run under anything else07:45
varys0101it works, its just coming out of both speakers and headphones07:45
bullgard6llutz_:  Thank you for commenting.07:45
Shasta_Ubuntu makes my life easier XD07:45
xvarys0101, open from a terminal 'alsamixer' and make sure nothing has an MM in the bottom should be 0007:45
kazagistarSeveas: and if I dont have windows? and the drive is a encrypted LVM partition?07:46
xvarys0101, oh wait it does work, then just mute you speakers.07:46
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Seveaskazagistar, then you can't run it07:46
Seveasget an extra harddrive and install windows on it. And/or complain to acer that they force you to use inferior operating systems =)07:46
kazagistar... is there some way to make a small windows live usb key?07:47
xlol seveas kinda blunt. but true....07:47
its_meHello, does anyone know a git revision system that's closest to GitHub and installable on Ubuntu (11.10)?07:47
varys0101x: i see that front jack was set to mic instead of line in i think im hot on its trail thanks07:48
Seveasits_me, gitosis + cgit gives you shared repos and a web interface for browsing. No bugtracking and all the other shazam07:48
xvarys0101, also, the program pavucontrol is very handy! you might have to download it.07:48
nevynSeveas: gitolite is the current prefered access control system for git. gitosis is essentially unmaintained07:49
its_meSeveas: bug tracking and stuff are important right?07:49
nevynits_me: gitolite gerrit, gitweb trac(with some effort)07:50
Seveasnevyn, ah, good to knoe07:50
almoxarifekazagistar: I have found win-dos on the internet, look for repairing MBR, that's what I needed it for then07:50
Seveaseww trac07:50
=== Shasta_ is now known as Shastafication
SeveasI just use github. Pay for private repositories if you need private stuff.07:50
bobweaverhow to stop ubuntu from installing popularity contest on install ?07:50
its_menevyn: I don't understand. A bit more clear please? (I am new to git & programming)07:50
xwhat is popularity contest ?07:50
kazagistaralmoxarife: are you saying I can use MS-DOS or something to run it?07:51
almoxarifebobweaver: remove the package07:51
wookienzguys, i have a WD 2 drive Raid 1 USB device. One of the drives has gone bad. any chance i can just remove the good drive, stick it in my ubuntu system and mirror it just in case the other goes bad/07:51
bobweaverx:  Iit is used to giveinfo to devs about what is installed on your computer07:51
xbobweaver, as in developers ?07:51
bobweaverx: yes07:51
xhrm weird. I have never heard of it.07:52
bobweaverdebian package I think07:52
almoxarifekazagistar: run a bios upgrade?07:52
nevynits_me: so if you like github use github. if you want to keep everything onsite. then there are a bunch of options.07:52
varys0101x: interesting pavucontrol -- i have no concept however on what settings are optimal -- im confused at what these two devices even are. on windows its just realtek driver or whatever. ive got an HDMI device that shows activity and internal stereo audio that doesnt07:52
kazagistaralmoxarife: yeah, one that does not work in freedos07:52
xvarys0101, are you using a stereo wire out for audio on your pc?07:52
its_menevyn:  okay, thanks.07:52
bobweaverx:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/popularity-contest07:53
nevyngitolite will do really nifty access control for central internal git cannonical repositories I use it every day (it can do nifty things like per branch and per file tree restrictions)07:53
varys0101x: nah just a regular pair of microphones in a mic jack -- on the mobo theres three jacks one for mic in and two for headphones as if you would need two07:53
cheshairHi! I was told to get and try instantbird as an irc client. On my Ubuntu 11.10 repos is not present, though. Is there any particular reason for this? Or is it just that the package is yet to be created?07:53
xbobweaver, weird. sounds almost like spyware (harmless though) but for linux haha!07:53
almoxarife!info popularity-contest07:53
ubottupopularity-contest (source: popularity-contest): Vote for your favourite packages automatically. In component main, is standard. Version 1.53ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 29 kB, installed size 192 kB07:53
its_menevyn: yes, I will checkout your suggestions (gitolite gerrit, gitweb trac)07:53
Resistancecheshair:  there's other IRC clients available, if you cant find one07:53
xvarys0101, I mean, how are you getting audio out of your computer. using speakers connected via analog or... ?07:54
nevynits_me: you also may want to checkout gitorious07:54
varys0101x: internal laptop speakers07:54
bobweaverx:  lol repos are spy ware  but good ones07:54
nevynwhich is probably the closest to what you want07:54
kazagistarafaik, there is a opt-in check box for popularity contest, unlike spyware07:54
cheshairResistance, well... I know there are others :-)07:54
andrew_46cheshair: Don't like xchat, irssi etc?07:54
Seveaswookienz, yeah, that should work07:54
its_menevyn: I couldn't find the downloadable files07:54
xvarys0101, sorry, and whats your problem again ( your sound is working correct ) ?07:54
its_meI heard it's open source, but where can I download it?07:54
=== zz_r3v0 is now known as r3v0
its_meAnyway, I will look into it again now and see if I can find the links07:55
varys0101x: my problem is just ignorance and not knowing what the right setting is most likely. yeah i can get sound just not exclusively from the headphones07:55
bobweaveralmoxarife:  I just remove with apt before running ubiquity ?07:55
cheshairandrew_46, i am using xchat but i don't like it very much, i can give irssi a try but i preferred something more of a gui than of a tui07:55
xvarys0101, ok. one sec07:55
nevynits_me: http://coding-journal.com/installing-gitorious-on-ubuntu-11-04/07:55
andrew_46cheshair: Looks like it has a simple binary: http://instantbird.com/faq.html#installlinux07:55
Resistancecheshair:  you realize instantbird isnt technically a full irc client right?07:55
* Resistance was reading through reviews about it07:56
varys0101Resistance: *eye roll07:56
its_menevyn: Thanks a lot for the link. I will check it out today. Gotta run. TC and thanks again! :D07:56
almoxarifebobweaver: you don't want it? sudo apt-get remove popularity-contest                  done!07:56
StarryNightanyone is running nvidia video card?07:56
Resistancecheshair:  its closer to pidgin than IRC client07:56
bobweaveralmoxarife: sweet I will try07:56
ResistanceStarryNight:  yeah, but not one with Optimus.  Sup07:56
xvarys0101, so it plays through your internal speakers and your headphones currently ?07:56
bobweaveralmoxarife:  I hope that it is not build into ubiquity07:56
almoxarifebobweaver: it will probably brake ubuntu-desktop though07:57
cheshairandrew_46, yes but i thought it was better using software from the ubuntu repos (does this idea of mine make any sense?)07:57
* bobweaver needs to learn more about live cd 07:57
xbobweaver, if when you do that command, it wants to remove alot of packages. don't do it lol07:57
StarryNightoh just wondered i installed the drivers for it but i noticed jitter and would evey few seconds just freeze the screen for like a second or so when watching a movie07:57
ResistanceStarryNight:  i get that too, sometimes.07:58
bobweaverx:  lol07:58
StarryNightwondered if thats common07:58
ResistanceStarryNight:  could be just the movie, or some weird issue with your card, but i dont think its uncommon07:58
ResistanceStarryNight:  i've seen it with nvidia, intel, and ati(amd) cards, so its not specific to nvidia07:59
andrew_46cheshair: From the repository is recommended but should not limit you completely :). Looks easy enough to install, give me a sec and I will try it07:59
gnome-xchatim new to ubuntu and lovin it07:59
cheshairResistance, i see... i didn't get that, thanks for pointing out. Main issue form me is that I am looking for some confortable way of turning on my pc and having automatically logged in in my IRC chans of choice. With xchat autologin capabilities this is a pain, as far as i can se07:59
xvarys0101, in alsamixer if you use your arrow keys to scroll, you see nothing in there named speakers or something that would indicate it controls the laptop speakers?07:59
ResistanceStarryNight:  also, there's a bunch of other factors that cound impoact that07:59
bobweaverI dont care if it is on my computer as long as dpkg dont touch it :>)07:59
Resistancecheshair:  nothing will *easily* do that07:59
Resistancesave for pidgin or stuff like it07:59
varys0101x: i dont get any sound anymore i totally just screwed around too much its a settings thing .. re: alsamixer yes i see speakers07:59
Resistancecheshair:  anything that claims to be instant messaging and irc...07:59
cheshairResistance, ah thank you so much07:59
Resistancecheshair:  is probably not a full irc client07:59
Resistancecheshair:  you can set xchat as a startup item though08:00
Resistancei.e. after you login it loads08:00
StarryNightwhen i run windows i have no problem but just linux but if i just use generic drivers i dont get that issue just with nvidia drivers for linux08:00
Resistancebut i'd not recommend that08:00
xvarys0101, ok. hit M on the one called speaker and the 00's should go away on the bottom.08:00
varys0101x: master, speaker, pcm, front, front mic jack mode, S/PDIF, S/PDIF Default PCM, S/DIF Playback SOurce, Beep08:00
xvarys0101, make sure everything except speaker is unmuted.08:00
kazagistarwhen I turn on my netbook normally, it blackscreens right away until I turn it off, but if I turn it on in recovery and "resume" it boots normally08:01
varys0101x: do i want it MM or 00 is one muted or something08:02
xvarys0101, MM is muted08:02
cheshairResistance, each time I launch xchat, it automatically log me in in ubuntu channel, which i do not want. There is a way to change this, of course, but i didn't find it, that's a bit frustrating. Anyway, you already answered my question, thank you very much08:03
Resistancecheshair:  #xchat for xchat help08:03
Resistancecheshair:  but you're welcome :)08:03
cheshairResistance, yes sure08:03
varys0101x: thanks for your help, i got it to work by turning speakers bar all the way down (while unmuted)08:03
varys0101handy alsamixer thing08:04
varys0101muting speakers though makes both headphones and internal speakers go away08:04
xvarys0101, hrm ...08:04
varys0101but turning speakers to 0<>0 is a workaround it seems08:05
garden92how would i install a game from an iso?08:05
xvarys0101, in pavucontrol on the config tab. under the card ur using (internel audio) or whatever. in the dropdown box of options does it have any like line out or something.08:05
xvarys0101, I don't doubt what ur saying it's just weird that it would work that way.08:06
kazagistargarden92: if it lacks more nasty copy protections, you should be able to just mount it and run it (in wine if it is a windows game)08:06
=== aidenhong_ is now known as aidenhong
varys0101x: nope08:06
varys0101x: three options with the word "output"08:07
xgarden92, if it's a new game, or one that uses like alot of resources it probably won't work / run very well in wine08:07
andrew_46cheshair: This will get you a look at the application in action anyway: http://paste.ubuntu.com/761376/ It is a single command...08:07
xvarys0101, your using the internal audio analog, like an intel chip or something ?08:07
varys0101x: yeah i guess according to alsamixer its..08:07
StarryNightok so i signed in with 2d ubuntu and it seems to fix the problems08:07
varys0101IDT 92HD balalalabh08:08
cheshairandrew_46, that's too kind of you! thank you veeery much!08:08
its_menevyn: Ubuntu Software Center has gitolite + gitweb (as addon for gitolite), which is easier to install. Do they have the same interface as GitHub?08:08
garden92X: its a linux port and i think older then 0408:08
its_menevyn: (This is a private project and I wouldn't host it on another service)08:08
xgarden92, if it's ported to linux why do you need wine?08:09
andrew_46cheshair: If you like the application you should be able to drop the whole folder and contents in /usr/local08:09
cheshairandrew_46, fine08:09
garden92x: thats just what kazagistar said. im not trying to use wine08:09
xvarys0101, oh. well i'm not sure on the details of that kind of card (IDT?) but if turning down the speaker vol works for you i'd say go with it since im not sure what else you can try if muting the speaker also mutes the headphone.08:10
xvarys0101, the only control I know that should affect everything would be 'pcm'08:10
xor master obviously...08:10
Folkloreim running server in terminal08:11
Folklorebut when I close it out it takes like 2 minutes to get it to run again right08:11
Folklorekeep getting a bind error08:11
Folkloreany know why it takes so long to reset?08:11
StepNjumpI installed a package using dpkg, how can I remove the package please?08:11
Folklorethe binaries deleted and isnt running08:11
xStepNjump, sudo apt-get remove packagename08:11
varys0101x: i think my laptop's soundpanel has something to do with it, like it'll show muted on the physical-actual display when its no etc08:11
StepNjumpok thanks X08:11
varys0101not *08:11
=== jnassar is now known as jean
=== jean is now known as jnassar
xvarys0101, I know what you mean sort of, laptop sound chips are weird. I'm glad to have a desktop with a decent intel /realtek chip I hated my old laptop.08:12
StarryNightx what kind of desktop r u using?08:13
garden92kazagistar: how do i mount in linux?08:13
bobweaverStepNjump:  you couls also use dpkg if the repo dont see the package I think that -p and -r are the ticket08:13
RTYGY45hail !!08:13
xStarryNight, oh. it's just a gigabyte mobo with an i3-550 overclocked to 4.2ghz with an upgraded air cooler. nothing special just a kit I bought a year or so ago.08:13
RTYGY45x yeah overclocking latest CPUs is easy08:14
RTYGY45you get at least 1.5Ghz out of it08:14
RTYGY45but you break it fast08:14
xRTYGY45, yea all I did was give it +0.40 vcore to push from 3.2ghz to 4.2ghz08:14
RTYGY45also power consumption increase so you pay more money for it08:14
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:14
Resistancei think you guys need to read that ^08:14
xResistance, calm down bro.08:14
bobweaverStarryNight:  something like dpkg -r -P <package >08:14
StarryNighti only use semptron on my desktop cause i just watch movies on it08:14
xResistance, computers 'are' on topic here.08:14
Resistancex: /query please08:15
RTYGY45you don't want to pay like 30watts extra for unused power08:15
llutz_x: no they aren't. this is ubuntu-support not hardware08:15
StarryNightmy lappy is what i use the most so i just got i5 core second generation08:15
StepNjumpbobweaver, yes the apt-get remove didn't work for dpkg -i brscan2-
RTYGY45so always understand if it's worth overclocking08:15
* [Xaronic] is away: [avionic] is AFK08:15
xyou know whats funny llutz_ i've been helping people for... an hour or so and you were quiet till you wanted to repremand someone for nothing08:15
xResistance, point made, but please refrain from sending me private messages.08:16
RTYGY45i want to install minimum linux with only a GUI like gnome 2.x08:19
RTYGY45anyone know how ?08:19
llutz_RTYGY45: get a minimal-iso of *buntu <11.1008:19
PW-toXichi, I have an ubuntu server running, which i rarely reboot. But when i reboot, it takes hourse, because of the file system checks.. Can I and should i disable them?08:20
varys0101 RTYGY45: no, but I also can point out that this is a Ubuntu support channel08:20
varys0101or listen to llutz_08:20
xRTYGY45, download a server version of ubuntu.08:20
varys0101i dunno08:20
varys0101and x08:20
bobweaverStepNjump:  dpkg -r -P  brscan2-*08:20
llutz_RTYGY45: from 11.10 there's no gnome2 anymore08:20
xRTYGY45, you can dl a server version and install it.08:20
RTYGY45llutz i want 11.0408:20
benonsoftwareHi all08:21
RTYGY45x i tried yesterday but after i finished it didnt start08:21
RTYGY45so i need a guide08:21
RTYGY45or someone who used the minimum cd08:21
llutz_!minimal | RTYGY4508:21
* andrew_46 waves to benonsoftware :)08:21
ubottuRTYGY45: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:21
StepNjumpOh breat bobweaver, let me try that one08:21
xRTYGY45, you installed a server version of 11.04 and it failed to boot or... ?08:21
RTYGY45yeah it failed to boot08:21
xwhat error..?08:21
RTYGY45after i downloaded everything08:21
RTYGY45black screen08:21
sattysynaptics is not working08:22
xmaybe a bad .iso did you check the md5 ?08:22
RTYGY45no i didnt08:22
nevynits_me_gb: no.08:22
xIf I see another spider in my basement im getting the glock.08:22
llutz_RTYGY45: did you get behind grub at boottime or was it black before?08:23
RTYGY45llultz i will try again today08:24
RTYGY45it was black screen and nothing response08:24
xRTYGY45, check the .md5 on the .iso !08:24
almoxarifesatty: not working, how?08:24
llutz_RTYGY45: iirc pressing lef-shift will show  you the grub menu08:24
Fouladgood morning , i was seraching for ubuntu update commend and found sudo apt-get update is that correct ?08:24
xFoulad, that will update your package DB08:25
llutz_Foulad: that updates package informations08:25
xbut it wont install updates.08:25
sattyalmoxarife i am not able double click and drag and drop with touch pad08:25
xFoulad, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade08:25
Foulad<llutz_> <x> whst will update ubuntu all of it ?08:25
almoxarifesatty: what version of ubuntu?08:26
xFoulad, that cmd I just gave you will.08:26
Foulad<x> thank you very muchj08:26
xnp ;-)08:26
sattyalmoxarife u 11.1008:27
stinkfistdo you have a command that will let me zoom in/resize with my touchpad?08:27
Foulad<x> can you give me shutdown commend as well ?08:27
xFoulad, sudo shutdown -r now08:27
xis reboot err sorry.08:27
xno -r for shutdown08:27
llutz_Foulad: halt08:27
almoxarifesatty: and this just happened or its been this way from install?08:27
Foulad<x> sudo shutdown now ?08:27
llutz_Foulad: sudo halt08:27
xyea or halt I guess though I have never used halt.08:27
Foulad<llutz_> thank you08:28
sattyalmoxrife , its from installation08:28
llutz_Foulad: or: sudo shutdown -h now08:28
xdo you need the -h ?08:28
Foulad<llutz_> i have 2 languages how can i change keyboard language by keyboad when i would like to witre08:29
stinkfistwhere can u find skype in ubuntu08:30
llutz_Foulad: idk08:30
stinkfistits not in the internet tab in applications08:30
=== masterhumper is now known as sejo
RTYGY45i choose which option to install ubuntu mini ?08:30
xstinkfist, awesome name and sudo apt-cache search skype find the package name, then sudo apt-get install packagename08:30
RTYGY45last time i choose command line08:30
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
llutz_Foulad: systemsettings-keyboard maybe?08:30
stinkfistlol thanks x08:30
Fouladany one know how can i change keyboard language to write from keyboard not from top bar08:30
almoxarifesatty: go into system settings > mouse-touchpad , touchpad tab and click on the settings you need08:30
sattymox any pointer for this problem08:31
xstinkfist, I don't see skype in the repo's. you might have to see if they have a .deb on their website ?08:31
sattyalmoxarife i did that several time but no benefit08:31
almoxarifesatty: what kind of machine you got?08:31
bobweaverx: you can get skyp in the software center ?08:32
scroogemcducketsHi. I'm running into a boot problem with ubuntu 10.408:32
xstinkfist, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype08:32
sattyalmoxarife : Lenovo g46008:32
stinkfisti still cant find skype08:33
stinkfistit is installed08:33
stinkfisti just dont know where it is08:33
xbobweaver, yea, I see that it says that. but I can't find it.08:33
xstinkfist, locate skype08:33
xin a terminal08:33
stinkfistthats the command?08:33
Foulad<stinkfist>  dash home and search for it if you have 11.1008:33
scroogemcducketsHi. I'm running into a boot problem with ubuntu 10.4, can anyone help with this?08:33
xstinkfist, open a terminal and type locate skype.08:33
xstinkfist, thats how you can find it if it's installed.08:34
stinkfistoh thanks08:34
stinkfistfound it08:34
stinkfistits on my windows partition :/08:34
xLOL -__08:34
xstinkfist, you need an ubuntu ver of skype08:34
llutz_stinkfist: apt-cache policy skype |grep -i insta08:34
master_hey i'm new here08:35
xscroogemcduckets, what kind of boot problem ?08:35
stinkfisthow do u do that straight line08:35
StepNjumpbobweaver it worked! thank you very much08:36
bobweaverStepNjump:  np08:36
bobweaverx: 100% in the repos http://imagebin.org/18720208:36
StepNjumpbobweaver, have you ever used weechat?08:36
almoxarifesatty: not sure what to tell you, perhaps someone else has had the same issue08:36
scroogemcduckets<x> I ran some updates today in ubuntu and its no longer booting, its a dual boot with windows xp.08:36
xscroogemcduckets, any errors... ?08:37
bobweaverStepNjump: no I have not you can pm me and tell me all about it08:37
xbobweaver, Im not doubting it, just saying it doesn't show up on my machine08:37
scroogemcduckets<x> yes its saying to replace the hal.dll08:37
almoxarifescroogemcduckets: is it a wubi install?08:37
StepNjumpoh no bobweaver, it's just that I was told that this IRC has a way to easily autofill the line with previous nicks used for faster use but I haven't found how to do it. It's a curses type of IRC client08:38
scroogemcduckets<x> yes08:38
xbobweaver, did you have to add a repo to find it ?08:38
xStepNjump, type part of nick then hit tab ?08:38
sattyalmoxarife : problem solved08:39
xscroogemcduckets, so you had dualboot windows... 7 / ubuntu ?08:39
almoxarifesatty: cool, what was it?08:39
scroogemcduckets<x> xp/ubuntu08:39
StepNjumpX: oh great!08:39
StepNjumpx thanks a lot08:39
sattysudo synclient SingleTapTimeout=36008:39
bobweaverx: lets see:  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ && cat /etc/apt/sources.list08:40
StepNjumpthat is great!08:40
StepNjumpx: The tab works08:40
xwhen I search for skype all I find is something about pidgin-skype and someprogram named earcandy only 3 results none of them skype.08:40
xbut I don't need skype so MUAHHAHahaah!.08:41
xsorrry im a bit toasted.08:41
StarryNightskype.com :)08:41
xcellphone.net ;-P08:41
master_how to install tor08:42
ikonia!skype | x08:42
ubottux: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:42
llutz_!tor | master_08:42
Superxglhi all, a side question pls, what is the difference between open source software and traditional software in testing ?08:42
ubottumaster_: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl08:42
master_i had problem08:42
xikonia, I know I referred someone to that community link a minute ago ;-) thank you though.08:42
master_i have problem08:42
xmaster_, whats that problem?08:42
=== Guest3671 is now known as Termana
master_pluging not install08:43
llutz_!details | master_08:43
ubottumaster_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:43
master_i use ubuntu 11.1008:44
master_new version08:44
master_and i install the validater08:44
xmaster_, what plugin ? how did you try to install, and what error ?08:44
master_show  connection error08:45
master_that pluging not support08:45
master_like this08:45
StepNjumpHas anyone ever successfully install a Brother printer on Linux? http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/index.html08:45
StepNjumpI keep getting error messages08:45
xStepNjump, not that it helps but usually HP is easiest on linux08:46
llutz_StepNjump: hl22250dn works fine here (10.10) with debs from brother08:46
xStepNjump, well it helps if you didn;t buy it yet.08:46
StepNjumpx: llutz_ I am trying to manually install the scanner drivers over my LAN and it doesn't seem to want to connect08:47
xStepNjump, what do you mean install over the lan... ?08:47
llutz_StepNjump: scanner? multifunctional printer? no idea about those08:47
StepNjumpx: I found it in the trash! lol It is not working over USB but is working fine on scan on windows lol08:48
scroogemcduckets<x>hey thanks anyway. I'm gonna go back to google.08:48
StepNjumpon the network08:48
StepNjumpllutz_: yes multifunction08:48
xStepNjump, garbage gem eh. love those.08:48
StepNjumpx: lol08:48
xI have a real nice amplifier from the 70's someone abused by putting in the trash ;-(08:49
RTYGY45abused it ?08:49
xyea. since it still works 100%08:49
RTYGY4531 yrs and it is still working ?08:49
xfuq yea.08:49
xsansui au-8500.08:49
Superxglok, then , is there any channel about software testing?08:49
StepNjumpx: The first goodie I found in the trash was a HP netserver. It had sda, sdb and sdc in there.. Nice machine... BIG! I was living in California in those days not too far from Silicon valley08:50
RTYGY45well.. it at least it died before you08:50
RTYGY45you are still a life08:50
xit's older than me !08:50
RTYGY45ooo ok08:50
RTYGY45i thought you are near 60 or somethig08:50
xoh hellz nah08:50
andrew_46StepNjump: I did but on another distro: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/slackware-vs-brother-hl-2140-a-742981/08:51
xStepNjump, what did you mean by trying to install over the lan ? and what kind of file is the driver ur trying to install?08:51
StepNjumpthanks andrew_4608:52
aiu_hello, im completly new to linux - though iwould like to setup a cloud9 testing environment - do i need the server or desktop version?08:52
icerootaiu_: 2 server installations08:53
StepNjumpx: well.. I tried to install the scanner drivers08:53
StepNjumplet me check08:53
icerootaiu_: if you mean the ubuntu-cloud08:53
StepNjumpx: I tried to install those: brscan2-0.2.5-1.i386.deb  brscan-skey-0.2.1-3.i386.deb  cupswrapperMFC420CN-1.0.2-3.i386.deb  mfc420cnlpr-1.0.2-1.i386.deb08:53
aiu_nope, the "mozilla" collaborative development ide08:53
aiu_@ iceroot08:53
xStepNjump, how did you try to install them. and are you on 32bit linux ?08:54
aiu_@ iceroot http://cloud9.io/08:54
Raghu__When compiling the package,  mingw-runtime-3.15.2 I am getting the *** buffer overflow detected ***08:54
llutz_StepNjump: did you "sudo apt-get -f install" after installing those? what error do you get?08:54
StepNjumpx yes on 32 bits08:54
icerootaiu_: server down08:54
aiu_sorry @ iceroot http://c9.io/08:54
StepNjumpllutz_: it just wouldn't connect to the printer I think... Let me see the error message I received08:54
Raghu__When compiling the package,  mingw-runtime-3.15.2 I am getting the *** buffer overflow detected *** Is this my i386-gnu-linux/libc problem?08:55
RTYGY45which is better? GRUB or LILO bootloader ?08:55
aiu_@ iceroot https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud908:55
llutz_RTYGY45: depends on your needs. both do their job08:56
xRTYGY45, go with grub08:56
StepNjumpllutz_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/761405/08:56
Raghu__When compiling the package,  mingw-runtime-3.15.2 I am getting the *** buffer overflow detected *** Is this my i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 problem?08:56
master_apt-get install tor tor-geoipdb08:57
icerootaiu_: server-edition is ok for that08:57
ikoniaRaghu__: it certainly looks from that high level error message that it's not happy with your libc component08:57
=== Amr0d_ is now known as Amr0d
master_after this step what ill do08:57
ikoniaRaghu__: have you considered looking if there is a pre-compiled version already available ?08:57
icerootaiu_: if you dont need a gui(desktop) use the server-edition of ubuntu08:57
bhedamac os  x file manager   in ubuntu08:58
=== rymate1234|away is now known as rymate1234
ikoniabheda: pardon ?08:58
bheda   i used to   mac os file manager   is there a clone of it ubuntu08:58
marcvangendI'm trying to figure out which user Apache is running as.08:58
marcvangendWhen I do "ps aux | grep apache", I get 1 process running as root and 5 as www-data. So which is it?08:58
ikoniabheda: not a clone no08:58
Raghu__ikonia: I am cross compiling this for my MIPS...08:58
ikoniabheda: there are file managers such as nautilus on ubuntu08:58
llutz_marcvangend: www-data08:58
Raghu__ikonia: i can paste the full backtrace here08:58
=== rymate1234 is now known as rymate1234|away
omkar_hey what are you talking about08:59
StepNjumpllutz_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/761407/08:59
ikoniaRaghu__: no thanks,08:59
llutz_marcvangend: apache starts as user "root" to be able to bind port 80/443, then it forks to user www-data08:59
bheda   but i wanted the tab effect   of mac os x  file manager  how  to    i  just googled i didnt find  wat i was looking for08:59
aiu_@ iceroot thx for your advice08:59
ikoniabheda: not sure that's part of the default file managers08:59
llutz_StepNjump: no helpful error in that.08:59
bheda  macubuntu  doesnt have   it   also09:00
xlol. was that a trolling attempt -_-09:00
ikoniabheda: that's b ecause it's just a skin09:00
marcvangendllutz_: OK, thanks. In that case I still don't understand why Apache doesn't allow my to use files that are in the www-data group... but I will search on!09:00
ikoniax: ?09:00
mazda01i am issuing sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd bs=1M against a disk I am purposely trying to to zero out. it's 160gb. it still isn't done, is that normal?09:00
xikonia, ?09:00
ikoniamazda01: yes09:01
ikoniamazda01: it has to write 160GB of nothing09:01
mazda01ikonia, ok, do i just ctrl-c it?09:01
StepNjumpIf anyone is interested to know how to record audio 'what you hear' from their computer under ubuntu, I finally found it.. Hope it helps http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-recording-internal-audio-in-ubuntu.html09:01
ikoniawhy would you ctrl-c it09:01
mazda01ikonia, oh, so keep waiting?09:01
llutz_mazda01: "killall -USR1 dd" on 2nd terminal09:01
StepNjumpooops error09:01
ikoniamazda01: correct, just wait for it to finish09:01
llutz_mazda01: itll show you the progress09:01
StepNjumpllutz_: I think I will go to bed... I thought it would have been easier09:01
mazda01llutz, there;s definitely no progress of anything. LOL09:02
StepNjumpthanks though llutz_09:02
=== r3v0 is now known as r3v0_zz
RTYGY45GUYS !!!09:02
ikoniamazda01: do "iostat 5" and make sure there is disk activity on the target device09:02
ikoniaRTYGY45: please stop that09:02
bhedai have one more problem  i  just dont see many of the  wifi connections in my area in ubuntu  which im able to see in windows7  i have a laptop acer5733 having atheros  ar5b95   i  just says no wifi networks detected09:02
RTYGY45i installed ubuntu mini and finished the installation09:02
RTYGY45now it's askig me for a user pass09:03
RTYGY45i didnt use anything09:03
Raghu__ikonia: any clues why the libc is crahsing?09:03
llutz_mazda01: if your dd doesn't respond to USR1, it hangs09:04
ikoniaRaghu__: not without more details,09:04
mazda01ikonia, ok, installing sysstat, 1 sec09:04
mazda01ikonia, doesn't come default in 10.04 apparently09:04
elagozحد هنا مصررررررررررررررررررررررررررى ؟09:05
xmazda01, or 11.1009:05
elagozطب حد هنا عرببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببببى09:05
xwhat is that arabic ?09:06
mazda01ikonia, ok, the iostat 5 came back and it shows different numbers for TPS each time on the disk. sdd             152.8009:06
StepNjumpx or llutz_ maybe you guys could help me with this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/761418/09:06
ikoniamazda01: ok, so it's "working"09:06
elagozwhy u ask X ?09:06
Raghu__ikonia: Thanks for your support. I am using the bitbake to cross comiple, And my host is running on Ubuntu 11.0.09:06
ikoniaRaghu__: no idea what bitbake is, not how I cross-compile09:06
xStepNjump, is that .deb in the .dir you are trying to install from ?09:07
Raghu__ikonia: I dont understand why host pc's libc is getting used here. see the the backtrace.09:07
Raghu__*** buffer overflow detected ***: /toolchain/raghup/ea/build_tv550_debug_rebuild001/staging/i586-mingw32/usr/lib/gcc/i586-mingw32/3.4.5/../../../../i586-mingw32/bin/ld terminated09:07
mazda01ikonia, here's a pastebin  http://pastebin.com/XLCpfVAe09:08
Raghu__i586-mingw32-gcc -B./ -shared  -Wl,--image-base,0x6FBC0000 -Wl,--entry,_DllMainCRTStartup@12 mthr.o mthr_init.o mingwthrd.def -Lmingwex -o mingwm10.dll09:08
mazda01llee, what's USR1?09:08
Raghu__collect2: ld terminated with signal 6 [Aborted]09:08
StepNjumpyes x09:08
StepNjumpaccording to the brother website, they have two drivers for my printer: cups driver and LPR. I don't know the difference x09:09
xStepNjump, according to that error that .deb is not in that directory it says it can't find it... check ur spelling09:09
StepNjumpno it should be fine... let me check again x09:09
ikoniamazda01: looks like it's doing stuff09:10
mazda01StepNjump, yes, are you absolutely sure it's named: cupswrapperMFC420CN-1.0.2-3.i386.deb?09:10
mazda01ikonia, ok, thanks a lot! it's only been a few hours so I guess 160gb take s along time09:10
StepNjumpx:  you were darned right!09:11
xmazda01, if you are writing zero's then heck yea dude. 160gb of 0's is alot.09:11
llutz_mazda01: "killall -USR1 dd" as same user in 2nd terminal. all running dd will/shall respond with a status on it09:11
mazda01ikonia, would you guys know how to break in a hard drive, like to make sure it's fully tested before putting it into a raid array?09:11
StepNjumpI was one lever up! x and mazda0109:11
Raghu__ikonia:  *** buffer overflow detected ***: /toolchain/raghup/ea/build_tv550_debug_rebuild001/staging/i586-mingw32/usr/lib/gcc/i586-mingw32/3.4.5/../../../../i586-mingw32/bin/ld terminated09:11
Raghu__ikonia: collect2: ld terminated with signal 6 [Aborted]09:11
mazda01llutz, so is there another way to make sure a stupid gpt partition table gets removed then? can I just kill the dd command?09:12
xmazda01, not really drives fail whenever they want.09:12
ikoniamazda01: break in ?09:12
xmazda01, and by doing tons of stress tests or whatever to make sure it won't fail, you might make it fail haha!09:12
mazda01x true BUT if I test it thoroughly I can be sure it's not a DOA for the most part09:12
xmazda01, check it for bad sectors, if no bad sectors. then it's not currently DOA09:13
mazda01ikonia, ensuring a drive is NOT DOA09:13
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
ikoniamazda01: errr, if it spins up, it's not DOA09:13
xikonia, not true.09:13
mazda01i have stirred the pot. LOL09:13
xnot true at all lol.09:13
ikoniayes it is true09:13
ikoniaif a hard disk spins up, it's not "dead"09:13
xso a disk that spins up but is unuseable it's not 'dead'09:13
mazda01i have been looking into unRAID and many suppliers of hard drive server (file storage) claim to break in servers for 2 weeks prior to shipping it to you09:14
llutz_mazda01: parted   "mklabel DOS"09:14
xk your right :-) agree to disagree09:14
llutz_mazda01: sry "mklabel msdos"09:14
theadminWhy use dd to make a partition table anyway? fdisk /dev/sda <<< "o"09:14
StepNjumpx and mazda01 Awsome.. It installed! Now I have to configure the network. What is the difference between the CUPS and LPR driver?09:14
mazda01theadmin, i never said I am using dd to make a partition table09:14
theadminmazda01: to wipe, I meant09:15
xmazda01, anyway I have gotten like 10 hd's over the years with 'bad sectors' on them as soon as I got them they spin up, but they are useless since they are already failing and will only give problems.09:15
mazda01StepNjump, glad it worked, no idea. you'd have to google to find out different09:15
theadminmazda01: You can just create a new one (the command I specified does so for /dev/sda)09:15
xStepNjump, i don't know what lpr is, but ubuntu uses cups09:15
mazda01x that's my point. so what is the test to check for bad sectors?09:15
xcheck the brother website for more info09:15
StepNjumpoh ok.. that's what it worked anyway x.. Thanks a lot to mazda01 also09:15
StepNjumpWorks so great with the TAB in weechat.. this is soo awsome09:16
xmazda01, um, under system administration like gnome-disk-utility or something shows if you have bad sectors09:16
Raghu__Any idea why following error is coming while cross-comipling? *** buffer overflow detected ***: /toolchain/raghup/ea/build_tv550_debug_rebuild001/staging/i586-mingw32/usr/lib/gcc/i586-mingw32/3.4.5/../../../../i586-mingw32/bin/ld terminated09:16
mazda01x don't have gnome-disk-utility is that available to 10.04? i can look, sorry09:16
mazda01theadmin, what was the command again?09:16
=== hase is now known as footofthehare
theadminmazda01: Creates an empty MBR partition table on /dev/sda09:17
theadminmazda01: fdisk /dev/sda <<< "o"09:17
footofthehareso i removed the nvidia drivers from my other computer and i have the new ones to install but when i try to boot it up it doesn't go into a terminal just into a broken looking screen09:17
elagozya ged3an 7ad masry aw 3arby hena ?09:17
xmazda01, not sure. I used to have it (though im on fluxbox now) and I would like to get it again my self actually. apt-cache says package name is gnome-disk-utility but I can't find the executable for some reason... hrmmm09:17
footofthehareis there a button i need to press when it's booting up to go into terminal09:17
Raghu__Any idea why following error is coming while cross-comipling? *** buffer overflow detected ***: /toolchain/raghup/ea/build_tv550_debug_rebuild001/staging/i586-mingw32/usr/lib/gcc/i586-mingw32/3.4.5/../../../../i586-mingw32/bin/ld terminated09:18
mazda01footofthehare, no, at some point you can hit ctrl-alt-f109:18
ikoniaRaghu__: look at the libc component it's using from your toolchain09:18
ikonialooking at that error, it's in there09:18
mazda01footofthehare, and that will take you a terminal like window to log in without a gui, is that what you mean?09:18
footofthehareyes, mazda09:18
elagozhow i can open Ntfs on Xubuntu  ?09:19
mazda01LOL, so apparently I used that USR1 dd command and here's the status: 159330074624 bytes (159 GB) copied, 8515.58 s, 18.7 MB/s09:19
xanyone know what the binary is called for gnome-disk-utility ?09:19
inashdeenhi, i am installing open kdk 7. and when i want to  update-alternatives -s it, i got this error http://pastebin.com/8nTm78Mx09:19
theadminelagoz: The same way you open any usual partition, just make sure ntfs-3g is installed09:19
mazda01so it's almost done then?09:20
llutz_mazda01: correct09:20
mazda01llutz, thanks09:20
Raghu__ikonia: how to i update my libc component?09:20
footofthehareok ctrl alt f1 just makes the screen go blank, am i screwed here?09:21
ikoniayou don't09:21
ikoniaRaghu__: and it looks like it's the libc component in the toolchain, not the system09:21
footoftheharedo i have to do a complete reinstall09:21
mazda01x i have a disk utility which is this command: palimpsest09:21
deej1976x: palimpsest09:21
mazda01footofthehare, slow down, relax.09:21
xmazda01, yea I just figured that out on google09:21
xmazda01, that is the one i was talking about.09:21
mazda01footofthehare, what is the issue?09:21
Raghu__ikonia: but the backtrace logs shows that libc is picked from this location /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.609:22
bobweaverfootofthehare: no you do not worse case boot live cd mount hard drive and chroot it then rm the nvidia that locks you up09:22
xmazda01, if you select a disk, on the right it shows its status if it's healthy or has bad sectors! you can even do benchmarks on it.09:22
xdeej1976, thanks also.09:22
ikoniaRaghu__: sounds like your spec file is not aligned then09:22
mazda01x ah, ok. i love the Main Menu choice in my 10.04 install, cause it shows me exactly what menu choices are and what exact command they are. Did that stay in 10.10, 11.04, and 11.10?09:22
footofthehareI removed the nvidia drivers that were installed to get the 64 bit ones, and the guide was following said that after i removed them i just need to go into a terminal when i reset and install the new ones but i see no terminal just the purple screen09:22
mazda01lol dd: writing `/dev/sdd': No space left on device09:23
Raghu__ikonia: I didnt understand your msg. I am bit new to this toolchain building09:23
bobweaverfootofthehare: you have live cd ?09:23
mazda01YEAH, DONE!!!!!!09:23
elagozi don't hv anything in manger files ?09:23
xmazda01, idk cause this was an Xubuntu (xfce ubuntu) install that I changed to fluxbox, so I make my own custom menu entry's for programs I actually use, some times like just a second ago it can be annoying to find a programs name when it's nothing to do with the package heh ;-) but I love fluxbox so it's worth it. and it does auto-add most stuff to the menus'09:23
footoftheharegoing to burn one with the laptop i guess i had one but i gave it away, lol09:23
footofthehareso i need live cd?09:23
theadminelagoz: So what, just access it the normal way via the console...09:23
ikoniaRaghu__: your compiler uses a spec file to contain it's paths on where to look/link against,09:23
jasonmsphey all..  Where can I go for help writing expressions for searches in Evolution?09:23
INodeNotHerewhen i start my computer rather than the normal GUI kicking in. i get screen with the time in the top center and a small icond with the name of my computer in the center of the screen. could someone please help09:24
bobweaverfootofthehare:  it is good to share09:24
ikoniaRaghu__: it appears your compiler is looking at your host, rather than the toolchain or target libs09:24
deej1976footofthehare: If you've install, try ctrl+alt+f109:24
master_how to close any program in ubuntu by forec09:24
mazda01x i tried flux before, enlightenment, and some other lightweight ones but the ease is just not there for me. been using ubuntu for 5+ years09:24
=== zhengyang_ is now known as zhengyang
theadminmaster_: pkill "program name"09:24
mazda01x all of my hardware can handle gnome's heavier resource footprint09:24
theadminmaster_: you can also use "xkill" in order to kill programs by clicking on their windowz09:24
master_but from were i got this option09:24
happygoluckyfootofthehare: you should also be able to get a terminal from ctrl alt t09:25
Raghu__ikonia: Ok, I also guess the same. Where exactly this spec file woule be and what is the name of it?09:25
footoftheharek burning live cd now09:25
mazda01footofthehare, no, you don't need a live cd09:25
bobweaverfootofthehare:  good09:25
theadminmaster_: Um, they are both just commands.09:25
ikoniaRaghu__: it depends on your toolchain/setup, I can't help on that as I don't know wha tyou've setup09:25
mazda01footofthehare, i don't who you want help from BUT, if all you did was change some graphics drivers, you shoulkd be able to access tty1 easily09:25
ikoniaRaghu__: it's not a dyanmic file, it's use when the tool chain is built09:25
xmazda01, yea I diudn't like flux the first few times, and I didn't do it for the memory use although I did go from like 24% use on xfce to 11% on flux which is nice ;-) I just like how fluxbox is and I map all my favorite programs to alt + letter keys so it's ez to launch stuff anyway. it's just very fast09:25
elagozhome & trush & Desktop & system part09:25
mazda01footofthehare, by resarting the machine, waiting for it to get to a point that its done booting, and then hit ctrl-alt-f1. log in, and correct your issue09:26
Raghu__ikonia: Can this be dependent on my mingw configure settings?09:26
mazda01x i am sure it is. everyone has their personal prefs. that's why i love linux!09:26
xmazda01, exactly unlimited options, and they are all free!09:27
ikoniaRaghu__: no, that is the target build, not the toolchain components09:27
mazda01x i love FREE.......FOSS FTW09:28
Raghu__ikonia: thanks for some clue...i will digg further if i can get more details.09:28
mazda01x yeah, the disk utility is awesome, not sure how i've not seen that this entire time. shows smart status if drive supports it also! where's the benchmarks though you said?09:28
mazda01x nevermind, i am blind. found it09:29
xmazda01, umm... select a disk then left side of the pain where the smart data is.09:29
xmazda01, I do have a 1tb with 1 bad block. just 99.9% of the time  you will get alot more bad blocks soon.09:30
xyour drive has free blocks / sectors whatever to remap to.09:30
mazda01x true09:30
xthis drive actually came out of a usb enclosure ( the usb part died and I think killed 1 block on this hd haha!)09:30
mazda01x LOL, check out this photo https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-jqo4_HeNMJY/Tt3g8QIG9kI/AAAAAAAABX4/mXEG5Ck4_RI/s713/Screenshot1.png09:32
mazda01x "the operation concerns the hard drive" LOLOLOLOLO09:32
mazda01x the disk I am testing came out of a maxtor external firewire enclosure.09:33
mazda01firewire is so 199909:33
xmazda01, you can only do a read benchmark if the disk has partitions on it I believe09:33
mazda01x just wrote zeros to it09:33
xfirewire is actually alot faster than usb 2.0 I believe09:33
mazda01x i know that but with 3.0 out now09:33
xI have never used it lol09:34
xyea im kinda dumb cause the mobo I bought a year and a half ago or whatevr didn';t have it. but I dont have any 3.0 devices and by then it will be time for a new comp so it almost doesn't matter ya know?09:34
x+ any 3.0 device is 2.0 compatible so.....09:34
elagozhow i can open Ntfs on Xubuntu  ?09:35
mazda01x yeah, it was hilarious. i was in Radio Shack (small electronic shop) looking around. Saw an external hdd that said USB 3.0 on it. I asked the sales guy if he knew if USB 3.0 was backwards compatiable to USB 2.0. He was like, huh?09:35
windI've heard people saying firewire hard disks and sound boxes being more reliable.. and of course firewire hard disk will be a bit faster than 2.0, if the actual disk exceeds that 30MB/s barrier :)09:35
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:36
mazda01x i wanted to see how smart the guy who is selling the stuff was and obviously this was way over his head. LOL09:36
Lasers_mazda01: You probably blew his mind when you said the word 'backward compatible'09:36
windseeing many usb hard disks "drop out" suddenly and reconnecting them fixing it for a while, I can believe the argument of firewire being more reliable (or maybe it's the implementation in some cases)09:36
xall they know how to do at radioshack is sell cell phone's thats like 98% of their business now.09:37
INodeNotHerehow can i run a ubuntu system upgrade from the terminal09:37
windbtw, if you dare to disable journaling of the hfs+ partition then you can use them without fuse in linux and it might be bit faster09:38
xINodeNotHere, what do you mean system upgrade, just install the new updates? or upgrade whole distribution ?09:38
mazda01then i overheard a guy wanting an adapter for his android phone that he could plug in and convert signal to composite or component connection. they were looking at the little usb mini connector. i had just grabbed a cable for my iphone to output my video/audio signal to my tv. so this poor customer wanted to do the same with his android but he must have had an older android without the output capabilities09:38
xI asked for a soldering iron once and the kid thought I was a space alien.09:39
mazda01INodeNotHere, sudo aptitude dist-upgrade?09:39
INodeNotHeremazda01: thanks09:39
mazda01INodeNotHere, although please google that first09:39
INodeNotHeremazda01: you right i should have sorry09:39
mazda01INodeNotHere, i haven't upgraded in a long time and it may have changed09:39
mazda01INodeNotHere, no, I mean I may be wrong09:40
INodeNotHeremazda01: i googled it you are right09:40
mazda01INodeNotHere, you can also issue man aptitude and read the man pages. Great toilet reading09:40
blackshirtINodeNotHere: what are you doing ?09:40
astro771i have installed wubi and get dumped to {initramfs} when I reboot saying it can't find device ... any pointers?  (win7, 64 bit ubuntu 11.10 )09:40
INodeNotHeremazda01: haha thanks09:41
footofthehareok now it seems like my keyboard isn't even working to let my into bios or anything09:41
xINodeNotHere, update current updates. or to a new ver of ubuntu!?!?09:41
blackshirtastro771: i think wubi just "helper" for windows-alumny :D09:41
footofthehare mn109:41
mazda01INodeNotHere, or man apt-get   and I was dead serious. THe "man" pages are very very helpful09:41
INodeNotHereblackshirt: the power cut during an dist upgrade and now my system is not bootable. so i thought i could chroot my ubuntu install and run the updade from the terminal09:41
FloodBot1footofthehare: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:41
Lasers_!upgrades | INodeNotHere09:41
ubottuINodeNotHere: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:41
footoftheharesorry i was trying the keyboard on this laptop it's not working on either wtf09:42
INodeNotHereblackshirt: thats not true, the system does boot. but when the gui kicks in all i get is an icon and my computer name in the center of the screen. and not the normal gnome GUI09:42
mazda01INodeNotHere, you could try to drop to tty1, issue sudo aptitude remove --purge gnome-desktop. then install that again09:42
astro771blackshirt: yes want to run with Win7 but boot device seems lost ... I have a root.disk  and swap.disk file but it doesn't seem to be able to find them09:42
=== zhengyang_ is now known as zhengyang
mazda01too much going on, lol09:43
INodeNotHeremazda01: thanks that sounds like a great idea09:43
mazda01if no one else needs me, i am off to bed09:43
auronandaceastro771: if you are serious about using ubuntu then wubi is not the way to go09:44
blackshirtINodeNotHere: can you boot on single mode ?09:44
truepurpleSomething changed with nautilus and it no longer has a list to the left of drives and stuff, how do I get that back?09:44
mazda01auronandace, that's sort of incorrect thing to say IMO09:44
Lasers_truepurple: Toggle on "Sidebar" in one of the file menu.09:44
xmazda01, I think he is right though honestly....09:45
Lasers_truepurple: Press F9 could work. I'm not on linux right now so I can't check that really fast. :(09:45
mazda01truepurple, ins't it under View, then check mark sidepane?09:45
blackshirtastro771: i have no play with wubi, but if you want, i think maybe better to install on dedicated partition09:45
mazda01Lasers, yeap, F9 works09:45
skegeekI was setting up ebox, and now i cannot login to my accounts because ldap password is incorrect. Any way to reset?09:45
Lasers_mazda01: Cool. Thx. :)09:45
auronandacemazda01: howso? wubi is meant to be a demo or preview for those only comfortable with windows systems. (linux was never meant to be installed through windows)09:45
mazda01auronandace, because something was "never meant" for something, that means it can become so? Was man meant to fly? was man meant to go into out space?09:46
INodeNotHereblackshirt: what is single mode?09:47
mazda01auronandace, wubi is meant for the lowly windows users who wants to try out ubuntu, and the ubuntu install from wubi can NOW be moved if so desired to it's own dual boot setup.09:47
INodeNotHereblackshirt: you mean single user mode?09:47
happygoluckyi think he's talking about run levels09:47
happygoluckybut i just glanced into this09:48
astro771blackshirt: auronandance: fair enough, I am not sure I want to "seriously" use it yet ...09:48
theadminhappygolucky: There're no runlevels in Ubuntu09:48
INodeNotHerehappygolucky: i think so to, i have never done this before. how wil this help09:48
lahwranif a glyph cannot be found in the current font, are other fonts searched? if so, how does the ordering of this search work? ie, what fonts do I have to copy to other oses for it to work09:48
mazda01INodeNotHere, trying single user mode, or fail safe mode from grub most liekly wont solve your issue09:48
happygoluckyall right well just going on the word single, i was away from keyboard etc.09:48
mahasonaHi everyone , I'm having a little issue with installing my usb model . I'm using prolink phs100 . the manul says to use sudo rmmod usbserial09:48
blackshirtINodeNotHere: yeah, single user mode ?09:49
mahasonabut when I do I get this error ERROR: Module usbserial is in use by option,usb_wwan09:49
INodeNotHeremazda01: the system does boot fine, i think the issue is something todo with gnome. i get everything OK when the system boots. just the GUI doesnt kick in right09:49
mazda01INodeNotHere, if it did crash during a upgrade, you just have to work thru the items that didn't get upgraded OR start again BUT first backing up your stuff you can't lose. so you would use a live cd or usb stick, mount the partition you want to restrieve data from, save it elsewhere, then feel confident you can do a fresh install09:49
INodeNotHeremazda01: sounds like a plan, thanks09:49
astro771I tried to install it while Microsoft Clikc-to-run had a virtual partition available and the install crapped out on it ... removing the virtual partiiton and trying again ... unable to get it working09:49
mazda01INodeNotHere, well, if it is merely a gnome thing, drop to tty1 and install a new desktop manager09:50
blackshirtINodeItHere: i think you can recovery throuhg console for getting gnome back09:50
mahasonaanyone ?09:50
blackshirtmahasona, if you have question, just ask ..09:50
astro771given that I need to create a dedicated partition -- will the ubuntu installer be able to resize a ntfs partition during install or will I have to do it in Windoze?09:51
mahasonaI did , blackshirt wait lemme repeat again09:51
mahasonaHi everyone , I'm having a little issue with installing my usb model . I'm using prolink phs100 . the manul says to use sudo rmmod usbserial09:51
mahasonabut when I do I get this error ERROR: Module usbserial is in use by option,usb_wwan09:51
theadminastro771: It can resize ntfs but SLOOOOWLY, I suggest doing it in Windows instead09:51
INodeNotHeremazda01: i think there might be more to it than that, first i will run an updrade-dist through chroot, i just need to figure out what "cp: not writing through dangling symlink `/mnt/etc/resolv.conf'" means first, trying to get dns working in the chroot09:51
astro771theadmin: thanks09:51
blackshirtmahasona: are you mean usb modem ?09:52
mazda01INodeNotHere, like xfce4 or even kde09:52
skegeekAnyone know how to recover LDAP password? The master password I set during ebox installation isn't working. I can't access my user account or root!09:52
lamahhow can i stop fallback mode?09:52
xINodeNotHere, doesn't dangling symlink mean wherever it's pointing is not there ?09:52
lamahin gnome309:52
blackshirtastro771: you can resize ntfs with gparted09:53
theadminlamah: Install graphic drivers.09:53
mahasonablackshirt: yes09:53
blackshirtmahasona: what your modem type card ?09:53
mazda01INodeNotHere, why? you can't connect to the internet?09:53
lamahtheadmin: i have graphic driver09:53
theadminlamah: If gnome3 forces fallback, you don't have one that works properly.09:53
mahasonausb prolink phs10009:53
blackshirtmahasona: are you on ubuntu box right now ?09:54
mazda01well, i gotta get to bed. it's 3:54 am here. good night! y'all09:54
lamahtheadmin: but with driver from amd.com again when gnome is started i got the fallback  mode09:54
mahasonayes, Im using 10.1009:54
theadminlamah: You sure you installed it properly and it's loaded and works?09:54
blackshirtcan you connect to internet through your modem now ?09:54
astro771blackshirt: so I can used gparted from a liveCD ... option ot resize is greyed out ... should I unmount it and then resize it?09:55
theadminlamah: lsmod | grep fglrx09:55
mahasonano , I'm connected trought one of my friends network09:55
mahasonatrough *09:55
lamahtheadmin: no on setup after before finishing the setup, gives core dumped09:55
lamahtheadmin: ati installer09:55
blackshirtastro771: maybe need ntfs-3g for write partition09:55
theadminlamah: That means it didn't install... So what do you expect09:55
theadminlamah: Use jockey, it should help09:56
ucenik11kolku dishi ima ?09:56
makedonec1544 users09:56
mahasonablackshirt: , I'm connected trough one of my friends network09:56
lamahtheadmin: what is a jockey09:56
blackshirtmahasona: network-manager can't detect your modem ?09:56
theadminlamah: It's the "Additional Drivers" tool that you can find in your menues, or just start from a terminal: jockey-gtk09:57
blackshirtmahasona: try to use wvdial, have you try it ?09:57
footofthehareok is there any reason why a keyboard would stop working all of a sudden while using the live cd and then not even work when booting to get into bios09:57
mahasonawhat is that ? blackshirt09:57
footofthehareit still works on a different computer09:57
footoftheharei can't even do a fresh install now because i'm stuck at the select cdrom type screen, so confused09:58
bullgard6http://f-spot.org/Features: "Photo Editor: Editing photos in F-Spot is a breeze. Easily rotate, crop, resize, and adjust red eye and other color settings with a few simple clicks." Whatdoes here »crop« mean?09:58
blackshirtmahasona: console based dialer... just install it and then run wvdialconf to see if your modem detected09:58
blackshirtmahasona: is your modem gsm or cdma based ?09:58
mahasonablackshirt: I'll lookup on google and see about that , give me minit , and its gsm09:58
llutz_bullgard6: "crop" in graphical programs usually means "take parts of a picture" (Ausschnitt)09:58
makedonecso kate te be :D\09:59
blackshirtmahasona: waiting for that09:59
footoftheharethe numlock light doesn't even come on ive never had a keyboard stop working like this before09:59
AdvoWorkHi there, im trying to do (in /etc/fstab) //IP/FOLDER/FOLDER /mnt/folder/ cifs guest  and it says wrong fs type, bad option when i do sudo mount -a   I fixed this on another client the other day by sudo apt-get install *something* but not sure what, ive tried nfs-common. Any ideas please?10:00
llutz_AdvoWork: apt-get install smbfs10:01
llutz_!cn | hellozh_10:02
ubottuhellozh_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:02
AdvoWorkthanks llutz10:02
happygoluckyfootofthehare: are you able to pass boot options prior to lockup10:03
mahasonablackshirt:  Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB1: Device or resource busy10:04
hellozh_#join #ubuntu-cn10:05
llutz_ /join #ubuntu-cn hellozh_10:05
inashdeenhi how do i find files using terminal. i learnt last time, it uses iname or something. thanks in advance10:05
blackshirtmahasona : what command are you issued ?10:05
llutz_inashdeen: find path/ -iname partofname10:05
hellozh_locate files10:06
happygoluckyinashdeen: find / -name '*yeah*' 2>/dev/null10:06
mahasonajust wvdial blackshirt , I got the same recourse busy comment 3 times10:06
StepNjumpgood night to all!10:07
happygoluckythanks step10:07
Kaconight? it's 11am here ;-)10:07
blackshirtmahasona: try $sudo wvdialconf10:07
blackshirtfor first run10:08
hellozh_i want to know , are you Americans?10:09
hellozh_i see10:10
muhammedu ??10:10
inashdeenhappygolucky : thanks10:10
Kacoi'm from europe10:10
inashdeenllutz_ : thanks10:10
ikoniaok guys, where you are from isn't a massive issue in this channel10:10
ikoniayou can still ask for Ubuntu support10:10
muhammedi'm new here10:11
inashdeensecond question my friend, how do i delete unnecessary files from my system. i've used bleachbit and ubuntu tweak, but i do realise there are still remnants10:11
blackshirtmuhammed: if there your question here, just ask10:11
happygoluckyAdvoWork: is what you're looking to install smbfs?10:12
ikoniainashdeen: ubuntu-tweak is not something I'd recommend10:12
ikoniainashdeen: you just remove the files you no longer want/need using the file manager10:12
theadmininashdeen: That should be clean enough. You can also safely wipe /tmp and /var/log/ unless you need stuff in those10:12
p-dotcould someone please give me some guidance with an issue with ubuntu 11.10 software centre?10:12
theadminp-dot: Just name the issue10:12
blackshirtp-dot: what your problem with usc10:12
llutzone don't want to wipe /var/log at runtime while (r)syslogd runs10:13
muhammedis this discussion forum??10:13
p-doti bring up swc and nothing happens the window just stays white and i cant view new progs installed or anything10:13
ikoniamuhammed: ubuntu support discussion yes10:13
theadminllutz: Yeah makes stuff act weird until the next reboot, but nothing too major10:13
theadminmuhammed: This is IRC.10:13
happygoluckyinashdeen: apt-get clean is something i do regularly as well as --purge when removing packages, other than that i dont know10:13
muhammedmeans what??10:13
inashdeentheadmin : basically what is /tmp and what is /var/log. i am remastering ubuntu, the last time i used bleachbit, the custom iso wont boot10:14
blackshirtp-dot: maybe better you are use aptitude/apt-get10:14
RTYGY45muhammed what are you looking for ?10:14
theadmininashdeen: /tmp is for temporary files of all sorts, /var/log is system logs10:14
muhammedi can't find my php.ini file10:14
blackshirtmuhammed: this is IRC channel10:15
p-dotblackshirt could u explain better? Im anoob10:15
blackshirtmuhammed: you can use find/locate to show your php.ini10:15
TACPILOTbeen trying to compile some code for days. new to ubuntu .. installed the headers but no linux link was made to the current headers in /usr/src . created link by hand.10:15
blackshirtp-dot: goest to your terminal, and run aptitude10:15
ikoniaTACPILOT: what are you trying to build10:16
p-dotsudo apt-get aptitude     ???10:16
blackshirtp-dot: i don't like usc for install/remove package10:16
TACPILOTtrying to compile a new version of busybox but is failing .. applying the recommended patch to header files has no effect10:16
blackshirtp-dot: just $sudo aptitude10:16
hellozh_can you send me some pdf of gtk?10:16
blackshirtp-dot: i think, usc bit a slow for me10:16
ikoniaTACPILOT: why are you doing this ? ubuntu packages a stable version of busy box10:16
p-dotsudo: aptitude: command not found10:17
TACPILOTassembling a cluster via perceus and trying to update perceus with 3.0 kernels and modern packages10:17
deej1976p-dot: terminal: sudo apt-get install aptitude10:17
TACPILOTthere is an issue with busybox > 1.19 and kernels > 3.010:18
blackshirtp-dot: sorry for my last "forgot", aptitude not default installed by ubuntu.. you can use $sudo apt-get -f install for fixing error on your packages10:18
ikoniaTACPILOT: not quite seeing how this is an ubuntu issue, could you expand on your setup a little please.10:19
TACPILOTI am new to ubuntu so I figure it may be how the build environment is setup10:19
ikoniaTACPILOT: what version of ubuntu are you using ?10:20
p-dotok did that10:20
ikoniaTACPILOT: which one10:20
p-dotnow what10:20
ikoniaTACPILOT: exactly which version10:20
p-doti cant even close the software center window thats opened10:21
p-dotalt - f4 doesnt it10:21
blackshirtp-dot: you can kill it10:21
lmgahoi people10:22
inashdeeni am using bleachbit now. i saw an option delete backup files. what is that?10:22
=== x_ is now known as Holy-Cornholio
lmgsay, any known issues with ubuntus current pthreads + openmp ?10:22
TACPILOTthis should be a relatively generic question regarding the standard ubuntu build environment10:22
ikoniaTACPILOT: could you please answer the questions I'm asking so I can understand your environment and problem10:23
TACPILOT11 - 64 bit10:24
ikoniaTACPILOT: 11 what10:24
ikoniaTACPILOT: there are two 11 versions10:24
ikoniaTACPILOT: ok, so are you following this guide http://www.perceus.org/site/html/debian_quickstart.html ?10:25
TACPILOTnot aplicable to the current project10:25
ikoniaTACPILOT: what are you actually trying to do then10:25
ikoniawhat guide are you following10:26
TACPILOTtrying to get busybox to compile with a 3.0 kernel10:26
RTYGY45how do i ask ubuntu in the command prompt to install gnome GUI ?10:26
RTYGY45apt-get install gnome..?10:26
TACPILOTI applied the recommended patch to the header files10:26
ikoniaTACPILOT: ok - why are you trying to do this as the busybox version ubuntu ships is compatible with the 3.0 kernel10:27
ikoniaTACPILOT: the 11.X repos contain busybox that is compatible with 3.X kernel10:27
TACPILOThowever is like the build system doesnt even know there there10:27
ikoniaTACPILOT: the 11.X repos contain busybox that is compatible with the 3.X kernel, so why are you trying to build another version ?10:28
TACPILOTwhy does it never fail I spend more time trying to justify a project and its needs then actualy getting answers10:28
ikoniaTACPILOT: because it's important to understand the question and the situation10:29
ikoniaTACPILOT: so many people do the wrong thing because they are not aware of option10:29
TACPILOTthe question still reamains .. is there something I need to do with the header files after applying a patch that will enable the system to utilize the change ?10:30
ikoniaTACPILOT: is there a reason you are dodging the question10:30
ikoniawhy are you trying to build a busy box version, when the 11.x repos contain busy box that is compatible with the 3.X kernel10:30
ikoniais there a specific reason you can't use that version ?10:30
TACPILOTsee what I mean .. since I been here I have asked one question and still all i get is a dance10:31
ikoniaTACPILOT: it's easier if you just answer the questions so we can understand your situation/reasoning better and help10:32
TACPILOTwhat question is that ?10:32
ikoniaTACPILOT: why you are trying to build your own version of busy box, when the 11.X repos contain a pre-compiled version that is compatible with the 3.X kernel10:33
TACPILOTperhaps its the wrong version .. but still that question has nothing to do with answering mine10:34
ikoniaTACPILOT: it is, you should use the ubuntu pre-built version, it's compatible with the 3.0 kernel as you initially wanted10:35
soreau! attitude | TACPILOT10:35
ubottuTACPILOT: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:35
DarsVaedain unity when hitting win+alt+arrorkey there pop up some little numbers, counting the items and such, what is that for, just left over developer code?10:35
ikoniaTACPILOT: you're using 11.X, and 3.X kernel, the busy box version in the repo would be a much better option, it works, it's pre-packaged, it's supported10:35
TACPILOTyes that would work for 99% of situation .. but then if that was a solution I wouldnt be here in the first place.10:36
ikoniaTACPILOT: ok, so explain the problem you're having with the ubuntu version10:37
ikoniaagain, the more we understand your situation, the better help you can get10:37
TACPILOTI apply the recommended patch to the headers .. its like the build system doesnt see the change10:37
soreauTACPILOT: You are wasting time by not answering the question. If you could give a valid reason for building it, someone might be apt to help you10:37
ikoniaTACPILOT: what recommended patches ???? what is the actual problem10:38
muhammedempathy is not working properly latest ubuntu10:38
ikoniaTACPILOT: if we can understand what you're doing and why, it's easier to help10:38
TACPILOTgetting link brb10:38
ikoniaactually, I can't be bothered any more, I'm not here to beg people to give me help with their problems.10:38
styelzDarsVaeda: you dont need to press the ALT key,   just press the WINDOWS key and press the coresponding number or leter shown . its keyboard shortcuts to the unity sidebar10:39
ikoniaTACPILOT: you want to get a direct answer, no questions "Contact the patch maintainers and ask them why their patch doesn't work or build"10:39
ikoniaTACPILOT: there is your direct answer, no other questions, no reasoning, contact the people who wrote the patches and ask them for support10:40
DarsVaedastyelz: neat! where do I find such stuff described? I only stumble upon them by random chance...10:40
ikoniaTACPILOT: contact the patch maintainers, we don't support those peoples patches10:40
ikoniaTACPILOT: ask them for help why their patches are not working10:40
ikoniagood luck10:40
TACPILOTsnub me for not kissing the ring .. :S10:41
ikoniaTACPILOT: no, for not giving any information after being asked approx 10 times, good luck with the patch maintainers10:41
inashdeenhow do i delete history listed in ubuntu software center?10:41
theadminWell that was weird.10:41
TACPILOTI have given more info than has ever been needed to answer the question10:42
ikoniaTACPILOT: good luck with the patch maintainers10:42
=== litos is now known as litush
styelzDarsVaeda: open Help, under unity Menu, type help to find it.. lots of info there10:43
soreauTACPILOT: You have not explained what problem you are having with the busybox version included with ubuntu10:43
TACPILOTI answered every question u asked yet u have not answered the single one I asked ... is there any one here familiar with the build environment ?10:44
inashdeenhi i am usin pidgin. is there any effects if i delete /usr/share/empathy files?10:44
styelzDarsVaeda: when help window appears, type in Keyboard Shortcuts and you will see all the links to this info10:44
ikoniainashdeen: what's in that directory10:44
ikoniainashdeen: are they taking up space ?10:44
DarsVaedastyelz: I see thanks10:44
theadmininashdeen: No, but you should "sudo apt-get --purge remove empathy" rather than emptying out package files manually...10:44
inashdeenikonia : not taking up space really , but i want my system to be smaller :)10:45
ikoniainashdeen: how much space would you get removing those files ?10:45
=== shi-tianlong is now known as cablop
ikoniainashdeen: ok, so empathy is built into the unity desktop, do you really want to save 1MB of space that bad ?10:46
ikoniainashdeen: try removing the empathy package from the package manager, it should remove those files if they are not needed10:46
=== GNUdog|work is now known as GNUdog|away
hrolfHey, I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 and trying Windows Key + 1 to get Home folder, but I already have it open what should I do so that when I press it I get a new window?10:46
muhammedis there any other software like empathy10:46
ikoniamuhammed: pidgin comes and goes10:47
ikoniawhat ?10:47
hrolfmuhammed: ?10:47
muhammedpress Ctrl + N10:47
TACPILOTwhy does any one need to justify what they are doing with a project.. ?  if a canned solution would have fixed the issue I would have gone that way.   I have a need .. I have a question .. why is it so difficult to get and answer ?10:47
muhammedhrolf : worked???10:47
hrolfmuhammed: Yes :)10:47
hrolfmuhammed: Thanks.10:47
ikoniaTACPILOT: the answer is we don't support those patches, nor do we know why they don't work, if you contact the people who make those patches they should be able to help you10:47
bkerensaTACPILOT: What do you need help with10:47
jferhrolf: try middle click also for multiple instances.10:48
soreauTACPILOT: The reason is because we want to be able to fix issues with components of ubuntu if there is a real problem10:48
RTYGY45there are a difference between a coder and developer and a user10:49
jferhrolf: window +shift + 1 also works10:49
RTYGY45you are talking to users10:49
TACPILOTmy question is with the standard build environment .. how do u get the system to see changes made to the installed headers ?10:49
RTYGY45you have a problem with a patch or a code then go ask the right people10:49
soreauTACPILOT: By helping us understand what is wrong, you could potentially help other users which is what the open source philosophy provides10:49
KFPHow can I find my stuff in Unity?   I just upgraded from 10.10, and now I can no longer find my main data hard drive.   It used to be nicely listed in the "System" menu, but nothing like that is no longer around.10:49
ikoniaTACPILOT: how are you changing the installed headers ?10:50
KFP(Well, yes, I can find it in the terminal.)10:50
KFP...But isn't there any GUI access to it?10:50
TACPILOTI directly patch the file10:50
ikoniaTACPILOT: what command are you using to patch the headers10:50
hrolfjfer: That's what I was looking for. Opening a new instance of the app. For Ctrl + N to work I must be in the Home folder (or in Nautilius)10:50
TACPILOTbecause of version differences patch wont work so I had to do it by hand10:51
jferhrolf: yes that should work for any app that you want a new instance of.10:51
muhammedis there any other software like empathy which can be minimized like empathy10:51
ikoniaTACPILOT: right so you've changed the files by hand, so you know they are different10:51
ikoniaTACPILOT: so the build process will see them as different based on what you've changed10:51
ikoniaTACPILOT: so what is the issue ?10:52
TACPILOTcontent is still valid10:52
ikoniaTACPILOT: so what is the issue then ?10:52
TACPILOTis there a command needed to run to update the build environment to see changes made to the headers ?10:52
ikoniano, it's dynamic10:52
ikoniaTACPILOT: what is the actual issue you are seeing10:53
TACPILOTI  can completely empty /usr/src/linux yet its like headers are still present in the system ??10:53
ikoniaTACPILOT: why do you think that ?10:54
BesogonHi. Have you notived that If you use Chrome or google chrome extensively it become freezing on web page downloading?10:54
ikoniaTACPILOT: I don't believe there should be /usr/src/linux on ubuntu10:54
ikoniaTACPILOT: I don't think it works like a generic symlink on redhat versions10:54
TACPILOTnew to this environment other distos I used required it .. is why I am not understanding10:55
sgo11hi, I am upgrading to 11.10 from 11.04 online. The state is 'Installing the upgrades about 8 minutes left'. I don't know if I press anything wrong by mistake or something weird happens. The popup window tells me "Could not install the upgrades: the upgrade has aborted. Your system could be in an unusable state. A recovery will run now(dpkg -configure-a)." what to do? should I click the 'Close' button? Currently, I still have unity running.....10:55
TACPILOTi made link for it was not there10:55
ikoniaTACPILOT: ok, so that maybe part of the issue, /usr/src/linux isn't how ubuntu does it (compared to redhat)10:55
ikoniaTACPILOT: ok, so you're doing your own thing, whcih is possibly why this isn't working10:55
DarsVaedaanother question about unity :( I have libreoffice opened, but there is no icon in the launcher/sidebar/window-desktop chooser, how do I get my libreoffice back?10:56
TACPILOTlike I said new to this build environment10:56
mr_louHey. I've just installed Ubuntu 11.10 at work. Running an older version at home. Why can't I rearrange the Close-Window X _ [_] buttons on windows anymore? And where do I move the side-bar? It's on the left, I want it on the right.10:56
TACPILOTwhere does ubuntu store reference to current valid headers ?10:57
deej1976DarsVaeda: Have you tried ALT-TAB10:57
DarsVaedayes there is nothing too10:57
ikoniaTACPILOT: I've answered your original question as you asked - I'm not helping any more as I shouldn't have to beg for you to give me information in order to help you10:58
TACPILOTI could have headers and full sources for a half dozen kernels .. how does it know which to compile against ?10:58
ikoniaTACPILOT: there are documents on https://wiki.ubuntu.com and https://help.ubuntu.com10:58
DarsVaedaif I just open the file again then the window pops up again, but that is not like a solution ;)10:58
KFPWhere in Unity can I find my other hard drive?   The "Files & Folders" option in the launcher only lists stuff in the "Home" folder.10:58
deej1976DarsVaeda: Are you sure libreoffice is running?10:59
DarsVaedathe file is locked10:59
TACPILOTmy question is and has always been about the build system ... all those other questions just clouded the issue10:59
theadminKFP: Just start the filemanager, nautilus, it should have them listed on the left side10:59
DarsVaedaand as said if I open the file "again" I get back the window10:59
TACPILOTI could have headers and full sources for a half dozen kernels .. how does it know which to compile against ?11:00
deej1976So in a terminal "ps -ef | grep libreoffice" show it running11:00
DarsVaedait also happens when I have the window opened seeing it11:01
Sidewinder1sgo11, Since there's a problem, I wouldn't close anything; just let it "do it's thing".11:01
muhammedsome applications cannot be removed from system which are installed using wine11:01
DarsVaedavisible on the desktop, there still is no icon11:01
TACPILOT if there are headers and full sources for a half dozen kernels in /usr/src  how does it know which to compile against ?11:02
deej1976DarsVaeda: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66802/why-doesnt-the-libreoffice-icon-appear-on-my-launcher-when-running11:02
ikonia!repeat | TACPILOT11:02
ubottuTACPILOT: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:02
sgo11Sidewinder1, I have restarted the laptop. I have partial 11.10 now. what to do? thanks.11:02
llutzTACPILOT: doesn't it use /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build now?11:03
TACPILOTI didnt expect that to be a difficult question for the pros here11:03
trijntjegnome-terminal keeps segfaulting on oneiric, how can I get more information about whats going on?11:03
DarsVaeda"Unity 3D was having a bad day and needed a break." :D11:03
TACPILOTnot sure?11:03
DarsVaedadeej1976: okay thanks I'll try that11:03
sgo11this is so crazy. how can an upgrade be aborted like this?11:04
Sidewinder1sgo11, I know it's not what you wanna' hear, but, I have no idea why. :-(11:04
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sgo11Sidewinder1, thanks for the reply. it doesn't matter why now. what to do next to have a full 11.10 installation?11:05
sgo11so far, the OS is kinda working. I have no idea what's missing.11:06
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Sidewinder1sgo11, Hope you backed up everything prior to; any specific error messages, other than couldn't upgrade?11:06
ikoniasgo11: it maybe worth backing up anything you want now, and look at doing a re-install11:07
sgo11Sidewinder1, no error message at all. it just said the upgrade is aborted.11:07
mbrochhhi all, does anyone know about a nice "distraction free" text editor, that can be run in fullscreen and displays the text in a column centered on screen?11:08
=== root is now known as Guest7839
Myrttimbrochh: pyroom11:08
mbrochhnormal text editors align to the left, which looks like shit on fullscreen.11:08
MyrttiI think it fits the bill11:08
mbrochhMyrtti: looks nice, does it have vim keybindings?11:09
ikoniaMyrtti: easy on the language please11:09
ikoniambrochh: easy on the language please11:09
Sidewinder1sgo11, Also, I'm on 10.04, so I'm not sure how much help I can be, trouble-shooting 11.10. I'd just keep trying it until something goes "Hinckey." I wonder if it may have been a 'false error message'.11:09
Myrttimbrochh: have no idea, I use emacs :-P11:09
ikoniaMyrtti: sorry11:09
sgo11ikonia, anything easier than re-install? it seems the partial 11.10 is working properly. I just don't know what it's missing. the upgrade process was aborted when there are only 8 minutes left. (out of more than 1 hour installation process).11:09
Myrttiikonia: no prob, just got me confused for a fraction of a second11:09
ikoniasgo11: personally, the failed installs never leave a good state, in my view. the best option to me is always a clean install to go to a known good install state11:10
ikoniasgo11: I fully understand that's a big step though11:10
sgo11Sidewinder1, ok. thanks for the reply.11:10
Myrttimbrochh: https://answers.launchpad.net/pyroom/+question/6092511:10
llutzsgo11: tried "sudo apt-get -f install"?11:11
sgo11ikonia, ok. thanks.... I shouldn't click the 'upgrade' button at all....11:11
Sidewinder1ikonia, Last thing I was gonna' do was suggest re-install to sgo11; I remember... :-)11:11
ikoniait's not a great approach, I agree11:11
sgo11llutz, what is that? I can try that.11:11
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deej1976!info focuswriter | mbrochh11:12
ubottumbrochh: focuswriter (source: focuswriter): A fullscreen, distraction-free writing program. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.3-1 (oneiric), package size 563 kB, installed size 1692 kB11:12
mbrochhdeej1976: funny, JUST at this second i opened the focuswriter website :)11:13
sgo11llutz, running the apt-get -f install. thanks a lot. it starts to install flash now.....11:13
deej1976mbrochh: Been a bit of press about writing package took be a few seconds to dig it up11:13
SaphyyHi. I have a laptop with nvidia optimus (msi ge620dx). I can only run ubuntu with the boot kernel option nomodeset. I can't turn off the CPU graphics card thingie in the BIOS. How do i approach this problem?11:14
=== mbrochh is now known as mbrochh^afk
KamZouHi, is there any way in Apache to configure my site with a password authentication (AuthType Basic) for everybody except 1 ip => this ip don't have to specify a password ?!11:15
ikoniaKamZou: may find it easier to firewall port 8011:15
ikoniaKamZou: unless you want others to see it if they enter the password11:15
ikoniaKamZou: if that's the case look at maybe .htaccess files ?11:16
stinkfistWhat software to instal to use my built in laptop camera?11:16
ikonia!webcam | stinkfist11:17
ubottustinkfist: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras11:17
KamZouikonia, i want everybody can see the website11:17
ikoniaKamZou: ok, look at htaccess11:17
KamZoubut for a specific IP, no login/password11:17
Sidewinder1!rootirc | Guest783911:17
ubottuGuest7839: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.11:17
KamZouikonia, indeed i'm already in this part of the task ... not .htaccess but <limitation> in my vhost11:18
KamZoubut don't know the syntax =/11:18
=== rs_ is now known as mr_lou
mr_louhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy#Desktop_Themes  <--- where is this in v11.10?11:18
ikoniaKamZou: never used "limitations", htaccess is fine/simple though11:18
SaphyyHi. I have a laptop with nvidia optimus (msi ge620dx). I can only run ubuntu with the boot kernel option nomodeset. I can't turn off the CPU graphics card thingie in the BIOS. How do i approach this problem?11:18
Daekdroommr_lou, it changed11:18
DaekdroomSome themeing options are available at the wallpaper selection window11:19
mr_louDaekdroom, So I can't move the X _ [_] buttons on windows from left to right anymore?11:19
sgo11llutz, apt-get -f install only installs and configures the flashplugin. then stops. One more thing it does is to show a list of packages that are no longer required (use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them). that's all. do you think this is all I missed? thanks.11:21
Sidewinder1mr_lou, There is a factoid for that, let me look.11:21
ubottuStarting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263311:21
DaekdroomSidewinder1, mr_lou ^11:21
mr_louDaekdroom, I don't suppose you'd happen to know how to move the launcher from the left to the right also?11:22
Daekdroommr_lou, not possible11:22
SaphyyHi. I have a laptop with nvidia optimus (msi ge620dx). I can only run ubuntu with the boot kernel option nomodeset. I can't turn off the CPU graphics card thingie in the BIOS. How do i approach this problem?11:22
KamZouikonia, somebody helped me, I was finding the "Satisfy" constraint ;)11:23
KamZouthanks !11:23
Sidewinder1Daekdroom, Thanks, I was having trouble finding it; 'tis early, yet, perhaps another cup of coffee is in order. :D11:23
ikoniaKamZou: nice11:23
mr_louWhich previous version do I need then, in order to be able to do that?11:24
theadminmr_lou: Use Xubuntu :P11:24
theadminmr_lou: Doesn't give you that mess11:24
mr_loutheadmin, Thanks.11:24
Daekdroommr_lou, you either use the Unity launcher at left, or you don't.11:24
Sidewinder1mr_lou, 10.04 works fine for me and is supported 'til 2013.11:24
mr_louDaekdroom, So can I kill Unity launcher and use some other launcher?11:24
Daekdroommr_lou, I think the panel requires you to use the launcher, but I'm not sure.11:25
DaekdroomBut you can install the fallback gnome session and use another launcher app11:25
p-dothow can i get rid of the unity toolbar?11:25
Sidewinder1mr_lou, Or x... xfce is another option.11:26
* mr_lou hates new versions. Too much always changes...11:26
Sidewinder1mr_lou, +111:26
RTYGY45i'm getting so fat i think i will explode soon11:26
myrmidettedoes anyone use the beagle search engine?11:29
bullgard6myrmidette: me not.11:35
myrmidettebullgard6, I'll keep that in mind11:35
RTYGY45how to install gnome in the command prompt for a minimum install ?11:36
RTYGY45using aptitude11:36
=== rs_ is now known as mr_lou
malicehi can i export a mysql schema with emma?11:37
ikoniamalice: what's emma ?11:38
maliceikonia graphical toolkit for mysql databases11:39
ikoniamalice: never heard of it11:39
maliceikonia http://www.ubuntugeek.com/emma-graphical-toolkit-for-mysql-database-developers-and-administrators.html11:39
maliceikonia do u know another one?11:40
ikoniamalice: the mysql official tools are normally fine11:40
mr_louRight... well, Ubuntun 11.10 is not for me then. Can't move or kill Unity and can't decide where to place Window Close buttons and such. That's a real shame. I liked Ubuntu. That silly decision makes no sense.11:40
mr_louI could get such sillyness by installing Windows 7.11:41
deej1976!notunity | mr_lou11:41
ubottumr_lou: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:41
maliceikonia i wasnt able to get a connection to my database with mysql administrator :) emma did it itself11:42
RTYGY45unity is more like a handheld GUI than a desktop GUI11:42
deej1976malice: in a terminal "mysqldump -h localhost -p -u userid database > backup.sql ?11:42
Sidewinder1mr_lou, Or, you could use 10.04 Lucid, but you'd probably stuck in the same situation in 04-2013..11:43
bullgard6!nounity | saalko11:44
ubottusaalko: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:44
malicedeej1976 hx worked fine :)11:44
malicedeej1976 thx11:44
deej1976malice: No  problem11:45
feastymr_lou, Try xubuntu maybe?11:46
sgo11hi, my ubuntu always mis-selects the monitor resolution. it should be 1280x800. but it always set to 1024x768. this happens after I used a projector some months ago. I tried to use nvidia-settings to generate xorg.conf file. but no luck. this is the file: http://www.pasteall.org/27086   any ideas? thanks.11:46
mr_loudeej1976, Thanks. Will try that.11:46
mr_loufeasty, I might, but will try gnome-shell first.11:46
sgo11in each boot, I have to manually change the resolution.11:47
feferfothi, how can i enable a browser plugin for gstreamer in kubuntu?11:47
stianhjIs there anyway to get inline images in AIM in Empathy? Works in Pidgin (DirectIM)..11:48
Studioenggot a stupid question, is it possible to change an interface using ppp0 (ie mobile broadband) to another interface, such as eth1 for example, but keep vpn using ppp interfaces? sorrt if it doesnt make sence, not sure how to word the question :/11:48
ikoniaStudioeng: that's tough to manage11:49
Studioengim assuming you cant just separate the 2 types of connection11:49
ikoniaStudioeng: not really no11:49
Studioengone for mobile and one for vpn11:49
Studioengshame, but makes sense, as they both share ppp11:50
stinkfisthey where can i get themes for ubuntu 10.0411:51
stinkfistis it possible from the ubuntu softwaRE?11:51
Studioengas you may of already guessed, im trying to have a setup that dials mobile broadband, but also accepts vpn connections11:51
theadminstinkfist: Try gnome-look.org11:51
sgo11hi, any ideas? (1) without xorg.conf (2) with xorg.conf generated by nvidia-settings with resolution auto (3) with xorg.conf generated by nvidia-settings with resolution 1280x800. all the three options don't work. each boot, the monitor will be set to 1024x768.11:51
stinkfistthanks theadmin :D11:51
wrektjetinteresting story: my graphics card just burnt out. what do i need to know about putting in a new one and rebooting? how will ubuntu handle this event?11:52
deej1976stinkfist: Have a look for bisigi-themes11:52
theadminwrektjet: If you have an xorg.conf, delete it. Other than this, nothing to worry about at all11:52
dr_willisstinkfist:  theres themes in the repositories - not installed by default.11:53
Sidewinder1wrektjet, If a video card 'went', it may also be the power-supply.11:53
stinkfistwhere is that dr_willis11:54
dr_willis!repo | stinkfist11:54
ubottustinkfist: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories11:54
stinkfistawesome thanks11:55
dr_willistime to learn some ubuntu basics befor worrying about themes. :)11:55
wrektjetSidewinder1, im hoping not as e/t else was fine as the fan was really dusty i had forgotten to clean it and i was in windows 7 so i wasnt monitiring the temp so it was my bad11:55
TeckDepotHello im a first time linux user and I do not like ubuntu 11.10 what is the next best distro11:55
dr_willisTeckDepot:  totally depends on what you are doing.. go to disrtowatch and download a few and try them out.11:56
wrektjettheadmin, so i will boot up in low graphics mode delete the xorg file and reboot with a new card and things would be ok?11:56
ikoniaTeckDepot: distrowatch.com11:56
theadminwrektjet: Yeah quite so :)11:56
TeckDepotyea thats what i did11:56
stinkfisterm how do i apply a theme once a downloaded it?11:56
theadminTeckDepot: Try Xubuntu... Or Mint.11:56
TeckDepotdecided linux mint11:56
wrektjettheadmin, except for my wallet. ok thanks11:56
theadminTeckDepot: Yeah, Mint is great11:56
TeckDepotwhich turned out to be ubuntu 11.1011:56
Sidewinder1wrektjet, Agreed. Not sure how one would test a P/S, either..11:56
ikoniaTeckDepot: study distrowatch.com11:56
wrektjetSidewinder1, freaking windiws11:56
theadminwrektjet: Wallet? Um, I suppose that's stored on your hard drive, nothing to worry about...11:57
sm0ggArch ftw11:57
dr_willisarch is definatly not ftw for most people...11:57
wrektjettheadmin, joke. referring to the $ i wasted by letting thi diaster happen. thanks again11:57
dr_willis'it all depends on your needs'11:57
TeckDepotfuck it Linux mint 12 it is11:58
ikoniaTeckDepot: stop the language11:59
ikoniaTeckDepot: this channel is for ubuntu support only11:59
ikoniaTeckDepot: if you want distro information, distrowatch.com11:59
Studioengim still on 10 :/11:59
dr_willis!language | TeckDepot11:59
TeckDepotwoha sorry11:59
ubottuTeckDepot: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:59
TeckDepotpardon my language11:59
RTYGY45so guys .. do you know how to switch to gnome shell on 11.10 ?11:59
truepurpleAnyone know anything about opera on ubuntu?11:59
TeckDepotwas very inapporpriate of me im sorry11:59
TeckDepotjust really tired11:59
dr_willistruepurple:  it runs, and works fine for me.. :)11:59
TeckDepotit slipped11:59
truepurpleRTYGY45, at the log in screen, there is a option to choose "classic mode"12:00
truepurpledr_willis, I installed it, but I can't find a Icon for it to actually use it anywhere12:00
ikoniatruepurple: gnome shjell is not classic mode12:00
dr_willistruepurple:  try it from command line i guess..12:00
Studioengcan you change the pptp interface to something other than ppp ?12:00
INodei am having issues with gnome not starting when i boot my PC could someone help point me in the right direction\12:01
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
RTYGY45ikonia then how do you get classic gnome ?12:01
RTYGY45like 2.x12:01
truepurpledr_willis, how do I add a icon for it?12:01
dr_willistruepurple:  i just pin it to the panel when stuff launches normally.12:02
glebihanRTYGY45, you don't, it's not there anymore12:02
RTYGY45ban if hte answer is wrong12:02
dr_willisbeen using opera for the last month or 3.. going back to chrome these days.12:02
ikoniaRTYGY45: stop that12:02
=== rs_ is now known as mr_lou
truepurpledr_willis, How do i do that?12:03
deej1976!classic | RTYGY4512:03
ubottuRTYGY45: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity12:03
=== kk is now known as Guest47099
dr_willistruepurple:  run it.. right click on the panel.. unity basics. :)12:03
truepurpledr_willis, I am not using unity12:03
truepurpledr_willis, and when I do that, it doesn't show up12:04
dr_willisi dont know what youa re using then truepurple....12:04
dr_willisHmm. the unity power users guide url i found.. seems to have vanished12:05
truepurpledr_willis, I am using "classic mode"12:05
Sidewinder1truepurple, 11.04, correct?12:05
truepurpleSidewinder1, yes12:06
dr_willishttp://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/4795149014/the-power-users-guide-to-unity   there we go.12:06
dr_willistruepurple:  does it run from a terminal?12:06
truepurpledr_willis, I told you I am not using unity12:07
truepurpledr_willis, yes12:07
dr_willisfind the opera.desktop file. copy it to your desktop if you want i guess.12:07
dr_willisor make a launcher for it some other way12:07
truepurpledr_willis, that is not useful instruction12:08
dr_willisabout as good as you are going to get from me at this time. Im not on a linux desktop at the moment.12:09
Sidewinder1truepurple, Did you install opera via apt-get or Synaptic/Software Center?12:09
dr_willisits very likely your menus just need refreshed.. or its just got an icon in a weird location.12:09
dr_willisyou could still make a custome launcher on your desktop if you wanted to.12:10
Studioengcheers guys12:10
Sidewinder1truepurple, And, when, exactly did you install it?12:10
truepurpleSidewinder1, I downloaded a file from their site that put it into the software center, and then I clicked install from there12:10
truepurpleSidewinder1, 5 minutes ago12:10
truepurpledr_willis, how about adding a icon to the menu?12:11
truepurpledr_willis, in internet with the rest12:11
dr_willisi dont use gnome-classic. so no idea.12:11
dr_willisits likely it may appear there if you log out/back in.12:12
Guest14859how can I check how much disk space I have left in ubuntu?12:12
dr_willisGuest14859:  df -h command is one way.12:12
dr_willis!info alacarte12:12
ubottualacarte (source: alacarte): easy GNOME menu editing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.2-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 52 kB, installed size 348 kB12:12
dr_willistheres always the menu editor tool to add menu entries.12:13
Guest14859dr_willis: thanks12:13
truepurpledr_willis, where-how12:13
dr_williswhere how what? alacarte is a gui tool to edit the menus.12:14
dr_willisused to be you could right click on the menu to laucnh it.. no idea if that works in the classic modes or not.12:14
afidegnumhello, pls how do I enable cron in ubuntu?12:15
dr_willisafidegnum:  cron is installed/enabled by default.12:15
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto12:15
dumb1224 Hi, how can I suspend when using a WM like openbox?12:15
dumb1224                  without root passwd? uPower?12:15
MonkeyDustor alt-f2 alacarte12:15
truepurpledr_willis, ah that worked, how do I give it the opera icon though?12:17
INodewhere can i find a log of gnome errors, gnome does not start when i boot my computer12:18
glebihandumb1224, http://openbox.org/wiki/Suspend_and_hibernate12:18
dumb1224glebihan: oh thanks12:18
glebihandumb1224, you're welcome12:18
dr_willissudo updatedb , locate opera.png    see where the icon is at.12:19
dr_willisINode:  so gdm login screen works?12:20
dumb1224glebihan: well pm-suspend requires sudo, in ubuntu theres scripts which doesn't require root to suspend or shutdown, like, press the power button12:20
truepurpledr_willis, what does that command do?12:20
Chris_____How do I download Ubuntu Latest pre packed with GNOME 3?12:20
dumb1224glebihan: isn't there?12:21
dr_willistruepurple:  looks for the file opera.png  using the locate database12:21
INodedr_willis: no it does not. boot seems to go fine, everything says OK next to it. but rather than the normal gnome log in screen i get a small icon of a computer and then the name of my computer in the center of the screen12:21
glebihandumb1224, not sure as I don't use openbox, but I think it would have been mentioned there if there was12:21
dr_willisINode:  you could try booting to 'text' mode and login at teh console and see what 'startx' gives for errors.12:21
INodedr_willis: the time is also displayed in the top center on the screen12:21
truepurpledr_willis, so I type sudo updatedb opera.png?12:21
dr_willisINode:  that sounds like its booting a messed up gnome desktop12:22
dr_willistruepurple:  its 2 differnt commands...12:22
INodedr_willis: ok i will do that12:22
dr_willissudo updatedb then  locate opera.png    see where the icon is at.12:22
Sidewinder1dumb1224, "Pressing the power button" is rarely a good idea. If you're referring to the button on the CPU; instead, have a look at REISUB.12:22
dr_willisINode:  you have it set to auto login?12:22
Chris_____How do I download Ubuntu Latest pre packed with GNOME 3?12:22
Sidewinder1!reisub | dumb122412:22
ubottudumb1224: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key12:22
dr_willisChris_____:  find some unoffical remastered ubuntu.12:22
INodedr_willis: i found a bunch of files inside /var/log/gdm should i delete all them and try and boot again. i should have a nice small list of log files then right? based around my issue12:22
truepurpledr_willis, updateb seemed to do nothing, not a menu to search or anything12:22
ubuntuanyone using the new ubuntu12:23
INodedr_willis: no auto login is disabled. i have to enter my password normaly12:23
Sidewinder1Not here,. :D12:23
Chris_____dr_willis:  are such packages stable?12:23
dr_willisINode: i would go to text mode. and try 'startx' and see if theres any error messages. You are using gnome-shell? or unity?12:23
ubuntufunny side lol12:23
dr_willisChris_____:  no idea. they are not supported here.12:23
dumb1224Sidewinder1: thanks, but I meant the script to shutdown/suspend my laptop without asking for passwd12:23
Sidewinder1dumb1224, OIC.12:24
RTYGY45what is the startx used for ?12:24
dr_willisINode:  it could be some weird breakage in your gnome settings. You could try making a new user and see if you canlogin as them.12:24
Chris_____dr_willis:  Okay, any way install GNOME3 on ubuntu?12:24
dr_willisChris_____:  gnome-3 is on 11.10 by default12:24
deej1976!notunity | Chris_____12:24
ubottuChris_____: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic12:24
INodedr_willis: i dont even get to the login console. this happends before i log in12:24
dumb1224Sidewinder1: I found a little script in /etc/acpi/powerbtn, it defines an event when the powerbtn pressed some action is done12:25
Chris_____ubottu:  Ty12:25
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:25
dr_willisINode:   try text mode, and the startx command perhaps. the way you describe it - it sounds like its auto logging into the gnome-shell.12:25
INodei think unity is installed, but i normaly just use ubuntu-classic interface12:25
INodedr_willis: ok will do. back soon. thanks for the hel12:25
INodedr_willis: are there an log files i should pay extra attention to12:25
Sidewinder1dumb1224, I hope it works the way you want.12:25
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!12:26
dr_willisINode:  id test by making a new user. if a new user works.. then its points to a user setting issue.12:26
auronandace!cookie | Sidewinder112:26
ubottuSidewinder1: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:26
INodeINode: OK, i will boot into text mode add a new user and get back to you, thanks for the help12:27
Sidewinder1Yum! Err, I mean, APT112:27
truepurpledr_willis, what does "sudo updatedb" do? It does not look for any files12:27
dr_willistruepurple:  it updates the locate database for the locate command to use...12:27
dumb1224Sidewinder1: but the problem seems it only gets invoked when the powerbtn is pressed12:27
dr_williswithout it locate will not be seeing the newest files.12:27
dumb1224Sidewinder1: anyother case it still asks for passwd12:28
dr_willisor you could just use the package manager tools to see what files that opera.deb installed where. it proberly installed some opera.png somewhere.12:28
Sidewinder1dumb1224, I stink at scripts; especially ones that I have screwed up, myself.. :-( Sorry..12:28
truepurpledr_willis, Sidewinder1 looking in the menu editor more, it seems there was a icon already, but it wasn't showing, the command was something like "opera %u" when I changed the command to "opera" the icon showed up.12:29
truepurplewhat was the deal with that?12:29
dumb1224Sidewinder1: thanks all the same12:29
=== root is now known as Guest9318
* JLuc is away: Occupé12:30
Sidewinder1!rootirc | Guest931812:30
ubottuGuest9318: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.12:30
dr_willistruepurple:  i imagine it defaulted to looking for an opera.png in the icon paths.12:30
dr_willisif the command was foobar  it would look for foobar.png  i imagine12:31
truepurpledr_willis, I don't know what you mean, but I mean, the ending of the command that I deleted made the link itself not show up in the menu12:31
RTYGY45dr_willis i'm trying to install a minimum ubuntu and now i'm in the command pompt. how do i install a GUI ?12:31
Sidewinder1dr_willis, Or, was the "%u" a variable for current user?12:31
dr_willistruepurple:  if there was an opera menu item allready when you ran alacarte.. it most likely ment it was added by the package manager tools.. but you needed to log out/back in or refresh the menus to get it to show, and you dident need to do any changes by hand.12:32
dr_willis %u = url passed to the item i imagine.12:32
tjingboemwhat is the command to see if my joystick works?12:32
dr_willis!find jstest12:32
ubottuFound: jstest-gtk, jstest-gtk-dbg12:32
dr_willistjingboem:  try jstest-gtk :)12:33
styelzmaybe Guest9318 is a virus12:33
* styelz hides12:33
Sidewinder1styelz, Doubtful, but one never knows.. :-)12:33
Sidewinder1styelz, I've always wondered why so many run chat clients as root..12:35
tjingboemdr_willis. that's a great program, thank you!12:35
dr_willisSidewinder1:  because some distros/live cd's default to root  by default12:36
* styelz ponders12:36
truepurpledr_willis, no, when I added a link to it before noticing the old one, that showed right away. But the old one did not show until I deleted that extra stuff at the end of the command for it. Any idea what %u (or something like that) might be meant to do and why it would cause the link to not show?12:37
Sidewinder1dr_willis, I always learn somethin' from you! Thanx. :D12:37
styelzSidewinder1: me too12:37
stianhjIs there anyway to get inline images in AIM in Empathy? Works in Pidgin (DirectIM)..12:38
ziro`what tools can i use for building servers to a spec?12:39
ziro`e.g. install x y z, use configuration blah12:40
raven11.10 how to set cpu frequency to "on demand"12:40
theadmin!clone | ziro`12:40
ubottuziro`: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:40
dr_willistruepurple:   its a command line argument.. that gets passed to the app.12:41
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning12:41
theadmin10.04? That's old12:41
ziro`maybe i just need to write a bash script12:41
dr_willisziro`:  i did an install to a 32gb flash drive. set it up how i liked.. then 'dd'ed it to other machines to clone its install.12:41
dr_willisziro`:  depends on your needs....12:41
ziro`it's more for building new production servers as well as setting up development vms12:42
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:42
dr_willisso you got some complex needs. :)12:42
ziro`well, i didn't think it was so complex :)12:42
raven11.10 how to set cpu frequency to "on demand"12:42
dr_willisYou want identical clones,  the usb/dd trick can work. :) or mondo/mindi12:43
dr_willisactually mondo/mindi last i looked ages ago - could even ask/set hostname and other differnt defaults after it restored the system12:43
ziro`well, we really want scripts to build these machines12:43
dr_willisGo for it. :)12:44
ziro`so we can install the later versions of packages than we'd usually just by changing the script we build from12:44
raven11.10 how to set cpu frequency to "on demand"12:44
truepurpledr_willis, if ubuntu doesn't care about the command, why would it hide the link because of said command?12:45
llutzraven: sudo cpufreq-selector -g ondemand12:47
dr_willistruepurple:  could be it was looking for 'opera %u.png'12:47
dr_willistruepurple:  could be the opera package makers messed up also...12:47
ravenllutz, does not work12:48
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.12:48
dr_willistruepurple:  could be you just needed to refresh your menus also and the opera %u might have worked..12:48
truepurpledr_willis, but the link itself didn't show, because of this comand, and this wasn't in the part for which icon to use, but what command to run12:48
z3braDoes somebody knows how to add a tabulation at the beginning of multiple line with VIM ?12:48
dr_willisgnome has known issues with not seeing changes to the menus items untill it gets refreshed.12:49
truepurpledr_willis, but new menu links showed right away, how do you "refresh the menu" anyway?12:49
ravenllutz, it still idles on maximum frequency!!!!!!!12:49
dr_willisz3bra:  how many lines? you could make a macro12:49
dr_willisz3bra:  or do it once by hand and use the . key to repeate it.12:49
ravenwhere to find tray icons like from mounted truecrypt sessions12:49
theadminz3bra: Hm... :42,666s/^/\t/12:49
z3brai don't really know...12:50
theadminz3bra: Wherein 42 and 666 are line numbers between which to search, inclusive12:50
Gentoo64raven, in the system tray12:50
z3bradr_willis "^" represent the begginning of the line ?12:50
ravenGentoo64, there is NO system tray and NO truecrypt icon with NO option to unmount volumes12:51
theadminz3bra: Yeah12:51
xanguathere is a cpufreq indicator raven12:51
Gentoo64raven, dno then. you can unmount from the truecrypt gui12:51
ravenxangua, where12:51
z3braOkay ! Thanks a lot dr_willis and theadmin !12:51
z3braBye !12:51
ravenGentoo64, i cannot access the GUI12:51
Sidewinder1truepurple, Rebooting will generally refresh everything; we do, however, try to avoid that as it is somewhat, winblozish. I would assume a logiout/logout would refresh most items.12:52
ravenGentoo64, because there is NO tray icon to come up with this gui again12:52
xanguaraven: http://askubuntu.com/posts/37997/revisions12:52
xanguaand other seful indicators http://is.gd/mOLuUu12:52
Gentoo64raven, you dont need it12:52
Gentoo64raven, click the truecrypt program icon12:52
ravenGentoo64, how to do it then12:52
Gentoo64raven, or in terminal try truecrypt12:52
Sidewinder1logout/login, even.12:53
ravenGentoo64, truecrypt already running12:53
Gentoo64try tabs see if theres something like truecrypt_gui12:53
Gentoo64raven, if only i knew where the system tray was... lol12:53
Sidewinder1Mornin' Browser12:54
smethiaHi Tom12:54
Gentoo64that would solve ur problem12:54
ravenGentoo64, do you know anything about this unity/gnome3 crap?12:54
truepurpleSidewinder1, there isn't a better/easier way? And why would one menu link require a refresh, but another wouldn't?12:55
Sidewinder1truepurple, I have no idea, sorry. Perhaps you might consider (if you've solved the problem) moving on to the "next item on your list." I will say that I have never added a program, form the providers/writers site, to Software Center and installed form there..12:57
Sidewinder1from, even.12:58
ravenxangua, why theese applets do not apopear after relogin12:58
Sidewinder1truepurple, I prefer Synaptic12:58
truepurpleSidewinder1, except I wouldn't know how to add it with synaptic12:59
xanguaraven: run indicator-cpufreq ¿12:59
Sidewinder1truepurple, That's partially my point. For me, I don't install anything, with few exceptions, not listed in Synaptics 35,000 choices.13:00
Sidewinder1truepurple, Even then, sometimes after installation, there's no icon and I launch form CLI; but usually that's for programs that I rarely use.13:02
dr_willisIf you used the .deb package. you basically did install it with synaptic, (or some other apt tool)13:02
dr_willisI imagine its the package  thats not runnng some post setup command to tell gnome to rescan13:02
truepurpleSidewinder1, its got lots of random files that are hard to search through, its confusing the way it works, and just because some program like opera isn't listed in it, doesn't mean I shouldn't use it13:02
dr_willisOpera I think is in one of the repos.13:03
ubottuOpera is an advanced, fast and free (as in beer) web browser. It is packaged for easy installation into Ubuntu. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser13:03
Sidewinder1truepurple, You are correct on all counts.13:03
dr_willisive had to many issues with oprea the last few months ive used it. back to using chrome.13:03
ravenwhy do i have to add thousands of repositories for something that was in ubuntu some releases before13:04
the_misfitfreaking browser wars, whatever happened to good ole KDE vs GNOME13:04
the_misfitalways somethin13:04
dr_willisraven:  which app are you refering to?13:04
truepurpledr_willis, like what kind of issues?13:04
jason00Question - let's say I have an SD card with an EXT3 partition that will not unmount. I fell asleep last night with my computer trying to unmount it via nautilus and it sat there for the better part of 6 hours unable to unmount. It was still trying when I woke up. Any ideas?13:04
dr_willistruepurple:  its not syncing with opera on my phone like its supposed to. and im constantly finding sites these days that have special features that dont work with opera.13:05
dr_willistruepurple:  main reason i was using it on the pc. was because i was also using it on my phone.13:05
ravendr_willis, all apps that make ubuntu ready to work at least a bit sensefully       http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/list-of-application-indicators13:05
the_misfitjason00: you can forcibly unmount it in a terminal13:06
the_misfitor just pull the damn thing out and stop being a baby13:06
dr_willisraven:  most of those indicator applets came out after the 11.10 release i belive.13:06
getitfixedHow do I package ubuntu 11.04 for xoom13:06
jason00the_misfit: stop being a baby? pardon me? The SD card doesn't WORK when I try to use it.13:06
truepurpledr_willis, Sidewinder1 I have flash installed, but it has a graphics update problem, where if I click a button that is meant to change a screen, it does not change fully, and I get broken artifacts of the two screens, the one before, and the one I am suppose to be at. Scrolling down on the webpage, and back up, updates the graphics, but moving something from another window in front of it, does not. This is the same in both opera and fir13:06
truepurpleefox, not in midori but that browser has lots of other issues, including with its flash13:06
dr_willisraven:  with any luck they will get included in teh default repos for the next release.13:06
jason00the_misfit: I'm trying to understand what's wrong with it. It's not about it properly unmounting, it's about it not working and it won't properly unmount as a result.13:06
the_misfitjason00: i was in jest i apologize you got offended. So the problem is ?13:07
superZoomhow do i run GUI app from terminaa13:07
jason00the_misfit: read above.13:07
dr_willissuperZoom:  type its name..13:07
dr_willissuperZoom:  ie 'gedit' to run gedit...13:07
the_misfitjason00: Does the OS detect it?13:07
jason00the_misfit: apologize I got offended? Or apologize you acted like a child? There's a difference.13:07
ravendr_willis, will canonical then think about the users again?13:07
the_misfitjason00: Relax, let's move on to your problem please!13:07
dr_willisraven:  pointless and off topic discussion.13:07
jason00the_misfit: the SD card is from my phone. FAT32 and EXT3 partitions. The EXT3 partition shows up as 0.0 B when its 2 gb in size.13:08
dr_willisThe focus for the next release from what ive seen will be 'polishing' the disrto.  so we will have to see what happens.13:08
jason00the_misfit: the SD card with EXT partition contains apps to my phone, so its necessary it works and I realized right away it was acting up13:08
jason00the_misfit: you know, I just did a backup - I wonder if it kicked it to my EXT partition and not FAT and maxed it out???13:08
the_misfitjason00: well, is your phone reading the data?13:08
ravendr_willis, most important to discuss about otherwise ubuntu will become 100% crap very very soon13:08
jason00the_misfit: FAT yes, EXT no.13:09
pangolin!ot | raven13:09
ubotturaven: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:09
jason00the_misfit: FAT is data, EXT is apps13:09
jason00the_misfit: I thought maybe the FS was corrupt.13:09
jason00raven: I happen to like Ubuntu's recent decisions. Very much in fact. Sorry you disagree, but other distros are available if you so choose.13:09
the_misfitjason00: have you tried mounting it using a live cd13:09
BarkingFishjason00: apologies for butting in, and I know this is OT - but what phone do you have? I've never seen one which reads linux partitions off a storage card.13:10
jason00BarkingFish: android.13:10
superZoomdr_willis: Surprisingly it is working now, but before i change owner and trying to run from root terminal, and it was giving error13:10
the_misfitya BarkingFish, he prob has a rooted phone13:10
BarkingFishok, thanks.  I think it's time for an upgrade for me :)13:10
jason00BarkingFish: my android is super low end and has so little space for apps, so I partitioned the SD card with 2gb EXT3 and used Link2SD (avialable in market) to automatically sym-link things over so I utilize the 2GB spot for apps instead of the lowsy 170mb onboard memory.13:10
jason00BarkingFish: the_misfit yes, my phone is rooted and flashed. :D13:11
jason00the_misfit: the other thing is, If I have the card in my laptop and unmount it, my laptop wont ever detect it again unless I reboot the laptop13:12
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
the_misfitjason00: Try booting a live distro like.. Partition Magic or something13:12
the_misfitand see if it sees both part13:12
truepurpledr_willis,  Sidewinder1, can you help me with my flash trouble?13:12
the_misfitat least eliminate the hardware possibility first13:13
BarkingFishjason00: One thing I'd also like to check - where did you partition the card into Ext3? Is it on the same distro you're on now?13:13
jason00BarkingFish: I partitioned it with gparted on ubuntu. I've done a lot of backups/recoveries lately so I wonder if osmething got corrupt....13:13
jason00the_misfit: here's what's weird... ext is giving me the headache, yet it operates fine on ubuntu. the fat partition comes back with 0 bytes used yet theres data on it. Strange...13:13
a433bon configuring squid proxy13:14
a433bi have got it to wor13:14
jason00the_misfit: I wonder if I can format the fat partition (I have those items backed up anyway) and see what happens.13:14
a433bbut i cant get authentication to work ?, any ideas13:14
BarkingFish!enter | a433b13:14
ubottua433b: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:14
the_misfitjason00: at least use a proper partition live CD13:14
jtokarchukjason00: sounds like the partition table is broken13:14
a433b!enter | a433b13:14
ubottua433b, please see my private message13:14
jason00jtokarchuk: yeah. I wonder if I borked it. :(13:14
a433bi do that how ?13:15
jason00the_misfit: whats wrong with GParted in Ubuntu vs GParted on Ubuntu livecd?13:15
BarkingFishwell ext3 is journalised, isn't it?  Would having a damaged journal affect it in any way?13:15
ShrekHello, how to change the interface language of Ubuntu 11.10?13:16
ShrekI want to use German and Portuguese.13:16
jtokarchukjason00, shouldn't matter, I'm thinking he means don;t use "dr. bobs magic partition creat0r recoverererer 5000"13:16
jason00BarkingFish: I'm not sure. I may just have to redo the card. I was trying to do a FS check but I cant do a FS check unless its unmounted... but it wont properly unmount... this is why ( the_misfit ) I was trying to spend so much time unmounting it.13:16
the_misfitjason00: well, it's my impression that your installed OS can't read the FAT partition, correct, and you're unsure if it's a hardware or software issue13:16
the_misfitjust a suggestion13:16
jason00the_misfit: my OS is Ubuntu. Ubuntu can read/write/sleep/eat FAT32.13:16
jtokarchukjason00: Stupid question but all the pins on the card are of course clean and not separated?13:16
jason00the_misfit: the fact Ubuntu CAN read it, yet its saying 0 bytes used, makes me wonder if its corrupt13:16
Sidewinder1truepurple, What you need to remember is that Opera was originally designed as a 'stripped-down', light weight browser. I would think Flash and other 'heavy', items might be problematic. Flash in Firefox, on the other hand, should kind' take care of itself; unless it's a graphics- card/driver issue..13:17
jason00jtokarchuk: oh yeah, we're good there. I never even pulled the card out to the laptop until I saw I was having issues on the phone. The issues didnt come about until I did a recovery and 3 backups.13:17
jtokarchukjason00: if ubuntu can play with ext3 fine I would backup what you have and just format your card, you probably have a damaged partition table, it doesn't know what's listed for the fat32 so it just reads 0B13:17
jason00jtokarchuk: which takes the 2gb partition + the phones onboard storage, zips it, and saves it to the FAT partition13:17
truepurpleSidewinder1, its not taking care of itself, I installed opera because firefox was having trouble with the flash, and opera updates the flash screen better, but still has the same problem13:18
jtokarchukjason00, as annoying as that is that's probably the proper solution13:18
BarkingFishWell I have to go guys, but I will say this  - for what it's worth, I've attempted to mix partition types on a card before (for a PC, not for a phone) and it never turns out well.  They're prone to taking a nosedive from my personal experience.13:18
jason00jtokarchuk: I'm fine with it. I was just trying to understand what caused it. :(13:18
jason00BarkingFish: with all file systems? Or just EXT?13:18
BarkingFishjason00: My last mix was Ext2|Ext313:19
jason00BarkingFish: k, appreciate it.13:19
Sidewinder1truepurple, Im' sorry that I can't be of further assistance. :-(  As I'm currently running Firefox 3.3.24 along with Lucid, 10.04 and it all 'just works', including flash..13:20
BarkingFishif it's not unmounting properly, the only thing I can suggest is that you shutdown your machine, remembering to do an ALT+SYSRQ+E to sync your disks first, then ALT+SYSRQ+R to remount the system Read only before you do.13:20
Sidewinder1Oops, make that FF 3.6.24...13:21
jtokarchukjason00, I just read upwards, quite unsure. If the card is still reading I am reluctant to say it's the card. Perhaps you had a bad block in your FAT that unmount puked at? I'm just speculating13:21
BarkingFishjason00: Sorry, that should be ALT SysRq + U to remount R/O, not Alt SysRq + R13:23
BarkingFishanyway, gotta go, see you later.13:24
jason00jtokarchuk: the other curve ball is the fact I'm using 2 different partition types on 1 card and using them interchangably13:25
jason00jtokarchuk: I did so many recoveries and backups in the last day that mayb eI just borked it13:26
jtokarchukjason00, certainly possible, pain in the butt, though =[13:26
jason00jtokarchuk: I should DD it to a .tar.gz for backup purposes13:26
jtokarchukjason00,  yes you should, you could even then mount it as an image and mess with it if you os desire13:26
jtokarchukjason00, so*13:26
ShrekHello, how to change the interface language of Ubuntu 11.10? I want to use German and Portuguese, and possibly another one.13:27
Sidewinder1truepurple, If you're experiencing the same or similar issues in FF and Opera with flash, that indicates, at least a flash or more likely problem with the video-card/driver, for same. I don't think that I could be terribly helpful with either, as I said they just work, for me.13:27
jtokarchukShrek, : go to the dash, and run "Language Support"13:29
Shrekjtokarchuk, dash?13:29
ShrekOh, got it.13:29
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
jtokarchukShrek, Install/Remove languages, install the appropriate ones, and enable them either system-wide or for what parts you like13:30
jason00jtokarchuk: so how do I format a card that won't properly unmount to format? o.O13:30
truepurpleSidewinder1, but it isn't the case in midori, and it wasn't the case for a long time. Someone said once that it was a issue with a newer flash version, but how might I revert to the last version that worked then?13:30
ShrekJtokarchuk, okay.13:30
jtokarchukjason00, will gparted read it?13:31
jason00jtokarchuk: read? yes. umount? no.13:31
jtokarchukjason00, allow you to perform actions on it?13:31
jason00jtokarchuk: I think I just got it using the -f tag... force unmount...13:32
jason00jtokarchuk: still failing to create ext3 over existing ext3. new partition table coming...13:32
=== sly is now known as Guest77190
jtokarchukjason00: back it up, blow the partitions away, force it to unmount, and try to start fresh. IF that doesn't work, for what the SD cards cost, it might cost you less to buy one than what you will put into it in your own labor13:33
jason00jtokarchuk: unable to create partition table. what the??????13:33
jason00jtokarchuk: I think I killed my sd card??13:34
jtokarchukjason00, it seems that way. how long have you had it?13:34
Sidewinder1truepurple, I'm not sure and this is probably horrible advice but, if it were me, I'd probably remove FF and reinstall with a previous version. cAUTION! That may screw up your system, I don't know but it sounds like you're somewhat desperate.13:34
jason00jtokarchuk: uh. 5 months or so?13:34
jtokarchukjason00, if you so wish, call the manufacturer and exercise your warranty, most of the people there have no idea what a partition is. so if you say "it doesnt work" they will believe you. However, the cost of the shipping to them will probably buy you a new card anyway13:35
truepurpleSidewinder1, reinstall flash with a previous version? Flash does not seem to be attached to any one particular browser13:35
Sidewinder1truepurple, It'll certainly kill your bookmarks/history unless you back them up.13:35
jason00jtokarchuk: I have another card in my car I believe....13:35
jtokarchukjason00, sorry I could not be of more help, got to run.13:36
jason00jtokarchuk: thanks13:36
Sidewinder1truepurple, No I meant remove Firefox and reinstall a previous version, one that worked for you, but the CAUTION, above still applies..13:36
truepurpleSidewinder1, reinstall a previous version of firefox? Its not firefox that is the issue here13:37
slakcphili am backing up some directories that have files over 150gb in them and getting real slow results with rsync13:37
Sidewinder1truepurple, Well, at this point I better gracefully "bow-out"; sorry...13:37
slakcphilthe drive is a usb 3.0 (hdparm reports reads at 2600 mbps) however the rsync writes very slow, like 4mbps13:38
slakcphilis there a way to speed up rsync13:38
slakcphilhas anyone backed up with rsync to usb 3.0 external drive?13:39
truepurpleSidewinder1, well thankyou for trying13:40
Sidewinder1slakcphil, Not that I'm aware of; I don't think there any "rsync optimization" which speed it up.13:40
Sidewinder1slakcphil, It may be the usb-interface that's the bottleneck; I use eSata, it's 4-6 times faster than usb.. :-)13:41
KorlMy computer should be able to run Warcraft 3 at max settings, - or at least somewhat close - However when running it in lubuntu it's laggy at minimum settings13:41
Sidewinder1truepurple, No problem, just wish I could've been of more service.13:41
KorlMy guess is it's something with Xorg - and ATI graphics13:41
Sidewinder1Korl, You're running WOW, through wine?13:42
felicitashow can i stopp ubuntu to update to the next kernel?13:42
KorlNot WoW - Warcraft 313:42
SkummelSidewinder1 it's not 4-5 times faster then usb3. USB3 got theoretical max speed of 5 Gb/s.13:43
KorlSidewinder1: I'm usng Pentium M 1.7ghz, 1.5gb ram, and the graphics card is an ATI RV250 mobility radeon firegl 9000 I believe hangon I can lspci the graphics card13:44
slakcphilSidewinder1, it is interfacing through a pcix card that has usb 3.0 ports13:44
KorlSidewinder1: Yeah the graphics card is right13:45
Sidewinder1Skummel, Well my current sys is an "Antique", Dell Dimension 4550 with usb2, max so, if memory serves, I got a 4-6 times advantage w/eSATA; at that time. :D13:45
tgais it possible to do a minimal install from a desktop cd?13:46
* Sidewinder1 Is starting to become overwhelmed, at this time; probably need more coffee.. :-)13:46
xangua!minimal | tga13:46
ubottutga: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:46
tgaxangua: thanks, I know about the minimal cd, that's not what I'm asking13:47
tgais it possible to do a minimal install using the desktop cd or do I need the alternate/server for that?13:48
jason00Question - if I want to take an SD card or flash drive device and DD it into a .tar.gz in its exact format for later recovery, how would I do it? sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/home/jason/backup.tar.gz ????13:48
xanguatga: alternate will install full desktop and server is for server edition13:48
tgaso you're saying there is no way to install anything else than the full ubuntu-desktop when using the desktop cd?13:49
islet96anyone knows about mplayer as screen saver at 11.10?13:51
urthmovergood morning.  I have built a very minimal ubuntu desktop and am running xfce.  it's great.  I also have been using vim for all my editing needs.  My question is which gvim package should I install on my system?  vim-gtk vim-athena vim-gnome?  I am looking to install the least ammount of dependencies but still have the grqaphical version of vim specifically so that I can just double click on the file in thunar and have vim/gvim open up.13:55
meta-coderurthmover, read the description of the packages?13:57
=== BluesKaj-busy is now known as BluesKaj
sindileis there a ppa for pulseaudio 1.1 for ubuntu 11.10 64bit13:58
BluesKajHiyas all13:58
urthmovermeta-coder: I am...I guess my question is more basic than that really....is it possible to install an app that utilizes gtk libraries without the end user having to install all the gtk dependencies?  does that make sense?13:58
=== administrator is now known as Guest82043
urthmoverI have an image of a dev being able to compile a self contained app .... and the end user not having to install all the dependencies13:59
Guest82043does anyone know the username and password for the live cd alpha release of Ubuntu 12.04?13:59
slakcphilurthmover, maybe you could try to compile it yourself and then only install the *required* dpends13:59
urthmoverroot toor  Guest82043 ?13:59
sipiorurthmover: you can do that sort of thing, but then all of your apps will be five times the normal size.13:59
Guest82043urthmover tried that14:00
smwGuest82043, try user ubuntu pass ubuntu14:00
urthmoverok slakcphil14:00
urthmoverI agree sipior14:00
Guest82043smw tried that too14:00
smwGuest82043, please use a real nick14:00
=== Guest82043 is now known as hickleberryfun
urthmoverafter having looked at the dependencies  I think that vim-gtk accomplishes my needs whereas vim-gnome would require me to install the whole gnome suite14:01
wrektjetis there a way to investigate whether a computer running ubuntu has been hacked and is attacking other computers14:01
slakcphilwrektjet, there are many ways...14:02
smwhickleberryfun, hm... user ubuntu no password?14:02
urthmoverwrektjet: netstat -a  will show you currently open connects  and resolve the ip  then just whois the ip's  might be mildly helpful14:02
slakcphilyou can use tiger to check for some14:02
hickleberryfuntried it smw14:02
slakcphillsof for open files14:02
smwhickleberryfun, let the system just load?14:02
smwhickleberryfun, why is a user/pass needed?14:02
slakcphilfor who is logged in14:02
hickleberryfunsmw after the install of a wireless driver14:03
smwhickleberryfun, ?14:03
slakcphilw command is a personal paranoid reflex for me :)14:03
urthmoverslakcphil: is there a ps switch that shows who initiated a process?14:03
smwhickleberryfun, are you logged in?14:03
urthmoverslakcphil: nvrmnd I'll rtfm the man14:03
hickleberryfunsmw if you logout and log back in the driver activates and is usable, otherwise it is not possible to use on the live cd14:03
slakcphil-o user it hink14:03
Piciurthmover: 'u'14:03
smwhickleberryfun, so open a terminal, type "whoami" then type passwd14:04
hickleberryfunsmw no i use this computer, just booted up on here to see if i could find the login information14:04
slakcphilPici is right -u for username and -U for uid14:04
slakcphilps --help14:04
urthmoverthx Pici slakcphil14:04
wrektjeti will look at all of these thnx14:04
smwhickleberryfun, ok, whoami will tell you the username to login as (ubuntu I think)14:04
smwhickleberryfun, passwd will let you set the password14:04
Piciurthmover: I meant u alone, not -u14:04
smwhickleberryfun, then you logout and log back in14:05
hickleberryfunsmw but you still need to know the current14:05
smwhickleberryfun, sudo passwd ubuntu14:05
smwhickleberryfun, that should not require a password14:05
urthmoverPici: interesting  ps u  shows me just my processes14:05
smwhickleberryfun, note that "ubuntu" is the user who you are logged in as14:06
smwhickleberryfun, anything else?14:06
Piciurthmover: ps aux will show all processes.14:06
=== soundarapandian is now known as soundar
hickleberryfunsmw.. even with sudo you must know the current password, otherwise sudo cannot be used14:06
usc911Hey guys, im having some odd issues. I have a pretty new and decent spec asus laptop, over the last couple of days when every im doing anything even slightly cpu intensive ( am currently untarring) the cpu fan goes absolutely ballistic, I cant work out what would possibly be the issue, any thoughts/suggestions?14:07
smwhickleberryfun, really?14:07
smwhickleberryfun, that doesn't make sense14:07
smwhickleberryfun, you tried it?14:07
ikoniausc911: probably your cpu needs cool when it scales up while untarring14:07
usc911ikonia:but its never happened before and I used to failry hammer vmware14:08
Sidewinder1usc911, ikonia That was my thought, as well.14:08
hickleberryfunsmw, how so? no i havent tried it, but whenever you use the sudo command, you are ALWAYS prompted for your password unless you have entered it recently and your system is set to save the password for an amount of time within the span14:08
ikoniausc911: different types of use, vmware is more ram than cpu14:08
smwhickleberryfun, but this is a live cd14:08
usc911ah ok14:08
hickleberryfunsmw and gksudo for a graphical interface prompt14:08
smwhickleberryfun, it should work. The people who made the disk must have built in a way to obtain root14:09
ikoniausc911: look at it from a simple point of view, your cpu use goes up when you untar, = your cpu is more used, = your cpu is hotter, = turn on the fan14:09
agentgasmaskHi all. Can I delete the /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/profile/cache directory safely? Is it required?14:09
usc911ikinia:how about video (iplayer in particular) that also hammers the fan and hasn’t done previously14:09
hickleberryfunsmw i guess ill try it but it will probably be a waste of time- definitely appreciate the help though14:09
xanguasmw: there is no root password on ubuntu14:10
smwhickleberryfun, If I were making the disk I would setup sudo nopass. I am sure they did it.14:10
ikoniausc911: that can be quite busy on the cpu, also depends if the flash plugin is being used14:10
ikoniausc911: it sounds like your laptop may not have the best/most compatible apci interface, but it does work14:10
usc911ikonia: thanks14:10
smwxangua, "obtain root" in the sense of running with full sudo powers14:10
Sidewinder1usc911, Video hammers my cpu, as well; but it's an older system.. :-(14:11
usc911Sidewinder1: I'm just unsure why it has only just started doing it14:12
usc911mine now overheats (seemingly) and just cuts out14:12
Sidewinder1usc911, I understand, however, it sounds like the fan is working as designed; better to error on the side of cooling than too much heat. :D14:13
Sidewinder1usc911, You said it ie a lappy?14:14
usc911Sidewinder1: I agree, guess it's best to have it cut out rather than burn out. Yeah its an asus u33jc14:14
Sidewinder1usc911, OK. My wife has a lappy that was running too hot; she bought an aftermarket external fan system. About $35.00, that the lappy sits on; problem solved..14:16
=== marcelo is now known as Guest61088
usc911Sidewinder1:  Ok cheers man I shall have a look in to it14:17
wrektjetis there a way to downlaod all the required files for tiger onto a diff computer and move them via a flash drive onto the ubuntu machine?14:17
usc911my music is now having to be blasted ove rthe noise14:17
Guest61088gostaria de saber se alguem ja resolveu o problema de pendrive protegido por senha14:17
Sidewinder1!es | Guest6108814:18
ubottuGuest61088: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:18
=== Nom-_ is now known as Nom-
xangua!pt | Guest61088 Sidewinder114:19
ubottuGuest61088 Sidewinder1: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:19
evdveldehi all, i get a strange error when installing package with dpkg:14:20
evdveldeiw conflicts with aircrack-ng (<< 1:1.0~rc2-1)14:20
evdvelde  aircrack-ng (version 2.0-1) is to be installed.14:20
evdveldelast time i checked, 2 used to be greater than 114:21
wrektjetslakcphil, what is a normal output for w14:21
Sidewinder1xangua, My extracurricular language abilities obviously leave something to be desired; along with my typing skills, or lack thereof. :-)14:21
=== wangzh is now known as maomao
r3c4llhi, where i can see if a version of ubuntu is active?14:23
Sidewinder1xangua, But correct me if I'm wrong; I thought that Spanish and Portuguese were similar enough, that one could understand the other..14:23
r3c4lland if it still has support14:23
=== maomao is now known as huahua
slakcphilwrektjet, you will see like maybe a gnome session open in your name and if you have a terminal open it will show that as well, if there is someone remotely connected then it will show an ip or hostname14:24
xangua!eol | r3c4ll14:24
ubottur3c4ll: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:24
Picir3c4ll: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases14:24
=== huahua is now known as huamao
slakcphilthere is also the who command, also have a good look at the auth logs and messages file14:24
wrektjetslakcphil, oh so the second user is the terminal open. whew14:24
slakcphilin /var/log14:24
slakcphilwrektjet, :)14:25
wrektjettime to get busy14:25
wrektjetis there a way to see the auth logs from mor ethan 3 days14:28
icerootwrektjet: if you have not deleted them, yes14:29
icerootwrektjet: /var/log/auth.log.1 /var/log/auth.log.2.gz and so on14:29
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:29
icerootwrektjet: for *.gz you can use zless instead of less14:29
wrektjetoh ok i got it thnx14:29
wrektjetthat was easy thnx iceroot shoulda figured that out14:30
ubuntu_11.04 and 11.10 are slow as shit I can't use them from a flash drive with 2GB DDR2 6400mHZ -> SOMETHING IS WRONG THEN14:30
MonkeyDustubuntu_  you're free to use something else14:31
ubuntu_Unity sucks ass you all are idiots for switching it from Gnome, it's so fucking slow it retarded14:31
pangolin!language | ubuntu_14:31
ubottuubuntu_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:31
ubuntu_yeah except you push all your fucking updates on Debian14:31
icerootubottu: please stop trolling14:31
ubottuiceroot: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:31
compdoc11.04 and 11.10 are pretty fast, but Im not crazy enough to run them off usb14:31
Sidewinder1Heh, :D14:31
bosmanwhat happens14:32
=== pfsmorigo is now known as Guest66407
ubuntu_I would use debian but all your updates get pushed to it too14:32
icerootubuntu_: stop trolling14:32
ubuntu_so why intrude on people's OS like that14:32
Sidewinder1iceroot, I was waiting for you to ban/kick ubottu. ;-)14:32
ubuntu_make it as slow as possible and basically non functional14:32
icerootSidewinder1: :)14:32
BluesKajhuman_blip, too many stupid ppl ranting in this room14:33
icerootSidewinder1: that would be a funny mistake :)14:33
pangolinubuntu_: Do you have a support question?14:33
ubuntu_wow you can ban kick me it doesnt change the fact that you all fucked up with the latest releases14:33
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, Mornin' dude!14:33
BluesKajerr humano14:33
BluesKajhi Sidewinder114:33
icerootpangolin: what are you waiting for? christmas?14:33
deej1976!language | ubuntu_:14:33
ubottuubuntu_:: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:33
deej1976!attitude | ubuntu_:14:33
ubottuubuntu_:: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:33
geirhaHe's gone14:34
pangoliniceroot: if you have suggestions on how to better catalyse please join #ubuntu-ops and share them with us14:34
MonkeyDustalways a good laugh with people ranting14:34
Sidewinder1iceroot, pangolin's prolly gettin' another cup-o-coffee, from geni-around. :-)14:34
Sidewinder1Gentoo64, What?!14:35
Sidewinder1pangolin, So much for my coffee theory. :D14:36
MonkeyDustGentoo64  that'sa typo, there14:36
huamaoGentoo  invasion14:36
tiboi@locator linux torvalds14:37
Sidewinder1Translated as "pangolin puts baseball bat, in the corner.. ;-)14:37
tiboi@find bill gates14:37
Sidewinder1I know, I'll stop.14:38
Picitiboi: please stop14:38
gulzarany good alternative pdf viewer which continues to scroll next page something like evince and okular and not 'rigid' like xpdf which only scrolls one page at a time?14:39
Gentoo64gulzar, i think epdfview can14:40
Gentoo64why not evince?14:40
xanguagulzar: epdf ¿14:40
apwbdjpwhat's wrong with evince?14:40
gulzarGentoo64: evince isnot looking good with openbox...14:40
xanguaadobe reader¿ :P14:40
Gentoo64i dont think zathura can, not even 100% sure epdfviewer can14:40
gulzarxangua: Gentoo64: i will try epdf14:41
Gentoo64gulzar, i use epdfviewer with openbox14:41
Gentoo64works good14:41
Gentoo64looks just like evince, but without all the deps14:41
gulzarxangua: no adobe .. i will go for epdf14:41
huamaoevince can do that with proper setting14:41
ok2cqrhello, does ahnybody have experience with ipv6 on Ubuntu 10.04 server, please? IPV6 is working but after few minutes it stops and works again after /etc/init.d/networking restart14:41
Gentoo64ok2cqr, try #ipv614:41
Gentoo64you use autoconfig?14:41
ok2cqrGentoo64, No, I wrote settings directly to interfaces file14:42
Gentoo64hmm, :s14:42
Gentoo64what net card?14:42
Gentoo64not a realtek is it?14:42
ok2cqrit is virtual server, realtek card14:42
gulzarhuamao: no  it didn't... I installed okular for evince but okular is heavy so wanted womthing lightweight14:42
Gentoo64hmm not sure14:43
Gentoo64but i know some realteks need a special drive on linux14:43
Gentoo648168/8111 afaik14:43
Gentoo64or the cut out14:43
ok2cqrit is virtual server, ipv4 works without any problem14:43
Gentoo64hard to say14:44
Gentoo64it shouldnt be any different to ipv4 in terms of it working14:44
ok2cqrI have two virtual servers, both have the same card and the second is working but I don't know why :-(14:44
Fouladwhat is the keyboard shortcut for terminal windows ?14:44
gulzarhuamao: try to address with names.. it will create less confusion :)14:44
apwbdjpFoulad, Ctrl+Alt+T?14:44
Gentoo64ok2cqr, have you tried it with autonconf see if it still cutso ut?14:44
xanguaFoulad: control+alt+t , cotrol+alt+F (1 to 6 )14:44
r4yhello. I was using Firefox 3.6 on Ubuntu 10.04.3 and add-ons will not pop up,so I upgraded to Firefox 8 but I still have the same problem, so I used the Software Center to download Chatzilla and I have seaMonkey running it so I could get here14:45
apwbdjpxangua, that latter isn't actually a terminal window14:45
ok2cqrGentoo64, No I have not. I'm not sure how to use autoconf.14:45
Sidewinder1Foulad, I knew one of the terminal gurus would know. :-)14:45
Gentoo64ok2cqr, it was that by default14:45
Foulad<apwbdjp> <xangua> thank you , what is keyboard shortcut to change keyboard language14:45
Gentoo64before you set static ip14:45
* Sidewinder1 Is definatly, one.. :-(14:45
gulzarr4y: so prob is that the addons are not working???14:45
Gentoo64ok2cqr, id ask in #ipv6 as theyd know more then in here14:46
xanguar4y: rename yout .mozilla directory to try a new profile and see if it fixes it14:46
r4yNo add-ons pop up, I will check again for the exact message14:46
ok2cqrGentoo64, but how to tell the ip address to eth0 interface? With ifconfig?14:46
ok2cqrGentoo64, Thank you, I'll try it.14:46
Gentoo64or network/interfaces14:46
ok2cqrI didn't have anything about ipv6 there14:46
Foulad what is keyboard shortcut to change keyboard language14:47
apwbdjpFoulad, http://www.wikihow.com/Change-Keyboard-Layout-in-Ubuntu, not sure if this is what you're looking for14:47
apwbdjp!repeat | Foulad14:47
ubottuFoulad: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:47
Foulad<ubottu> thank yuo14:48
Foulad<apwbdjp> no , i have 2 languages on my ubuntu (arabic , english) if i would like to wirte on arabic i have to change it on top bar14:49
theadminFoulad: If you have multiple layouts installed, you will be able to configure the shortcut to switch it in "Keyboard".14:49
Foulad<apwbdjp> is there is way to change it with keyboard ?14:49
theadminFoulad: By default, if I recall right, it's Alt+Alt14:49
mboeruanyone here know kickseed, preseed, kickstart14:49
=== root is now known as Guest43897
mboerui need some help partitioning 2 hdds with software raid14:49
theadminmboeru: Those are redhat tools... We don't support them...14:49
Sidewinder1Foulad, At least you had the where-with-all to enclose in "<>" so she wouldn't stick her (ubottu) tongue, out at you. :D14:49
mboeruubuntu uses a combination of kickstart with preseed, called preseed14:50
Sidewinder1!rootirc | Guest4389714:50
ubottuGuest43897: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.14:50
r4yI don't know why it's not saying it now, but still nothing is poping up, but I looked under my history to find this as part of one of my searches firefox couldn't retrieve add-ons14:50
Foulad<theadmin> Alt+Alt not working for me , im trying to change my keyboard to arabic , they only way now to change it from top bar by mouse14:50
Gentoo64Foulad, why not set arabic as default?14:50
theadminFoulad: As I said, go to "Keyboard" in the settings center thingo, you'll be able to find the shortcuts for such stuff there (and change them too)14:51
theadminGentoo64: It's like with English and Russian - you need to switch because you can't type English with the Russian layout and vice versa14:51
Gentoo64ah yea14:51
dalvanGalera seguinte Não esta funcionando meus efeitos visuais do Ubuntu 11.1014:51
dalvanalguem sabe com abilita-los14:52
MonkeyDust!br| dalvan14:52
ubottudalvan: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:52
Foulad<theadmin> did not find it there !!14:52
mboeruso no kickseed knowers? :(14:53
Sidewinder1MonkeyDust, How in the world do you guys/gals, differentiate from Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian? I bow to you all!14:53
deej1976Sidewinder1 /whois nick ( ip address )14:54
Gentoo64i was gona say !it14:54
deej1976Sidewinder1 or domain14:54
Sidewinder1OIC.. Always something new to learn.. Now, if I could only type..14:54
deej1976Sidewinder1: Rectangular object in front of you with lots of buttons :D14:55
deej1976!info tuxtype | Sidewinder1:14:56
ubottuSidewinder1:: tuxtype (source: tuxtype): Educational Typing Tutor Game Starring Tux. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1-4 (oneiric), package size 109 kB, installed size 368 kB14:56
Gentoo64!keyboard | Sidewinder114:56
ubottuSidewinder1: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout14:56
plusEVworkspace switcher + 2 monitors = 8 monitors14:56
Sidewinder1deej1976, Thought that was a calculator..14:56
plusEVthis is just awesum14:56
deej1976Sidewinder1: It's the landscape one14:57
r4ySeems there is some problem for add-ons, but I am not sure if it is the same as Google has shown. I do have ad-block installed though. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&biw=994&bih=601&q=+firefox+couldn%27t+retrieve+add-ons&oq=+firefox+couldn%27t+retrieve+add-ons&aq=f&aqi=g1g-v6&aql=1&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=250200l250200l0l250962l1l1l0l0l0l0l405l405l4-1l1l0#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&source=hp&q=fire14:57
FloodBot1r4y: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:57
r4ysorry I didn't know that link was so long14:57
deej1976r4y: try using tinyurl.com as well14:58
Sidewinder1deej1976, ot, but I've actually tried many typing programs; just didn't have the patience.. :-( It's tough bein' old and "set-in-one's-ways".14:58
Gentoo64Sidewinder1, i bought a completely blank das the other week14:58
vegabondhi! please help me14:58
deej1976Sidewinder1: yes, cli rules14:58
Gentoo64can help, lol14:58
r4ythank you deej197614:59
vegabondhow can i use the command line to open an application14:59
Gentoo64vega-, type the app name14:59
apwbdjpvegabond, by typing the name of the application, and hitting enter14:59
deej1976vegabond: start a terminal and enter the name i.e. gedit15:00
Gentoo64try typing part of it and hitting tab15:00
Gentoo64some are weird names15:00
Gentoo64random e.g avidemux is avidemux_gtk15:00
=== phuzion is now known as phongzion
Gentoo64for the gtk one ofc15:00
vegabondok! tnx :)15:00
=== phongzion is now known as phuzion
apwbdjpGentoo64, even more twister: Ubuntu's disk utility: palimpsest15:00
Gentoo64yeah, lol15:00
Sidewinder1deej1976, I even tried ubuntu's sphinx-somethin'-or-other and couldn't get it configured properly, it's a speech to text program. If it'd worked, the floodbots would've set a permanent ban on my IP. ;-)15:01
Gentoo64not even tab can help you with that15:01
r4yIf you want to know what the name is for a program drag and drop it into the terminal then try omitting the rest. That usually works.15:01
Gentoo64r4y, dont work in all terminals/des.15:01
ok2cqrGentoo64, I just looked at dmesg and see eth0: no IPv6 routers present but ping6 to ipv6.google.com works15:01
Gentoo64bad practice imo15:01
Gentoo64ok2cqr, thats normall message15:01
deej1976Sidewinder1: Excellent wouldn't have to watch this terminal.15:02
apwbdjpr4y, Gentoo64 I remember an app that would give you the name of whatever window you clic on.. anyone know about that?15:02
Gentoo64:s not sure15:02
llutzapwbdjp: xwininfo15:03
apwbdjpllutz, I love you15:03
Sidewinder1deej1976, No, no; I'd still have to read the screen; just would've been able to speak (with no typos/spelling mistakes) and text would've been in my response window; just hit 'enter'.15:04
apwbdjpxprop seems to help with that too15:04
Gentoo64ok2cqr, keep a tail -f /var/log/messages (or similar) open see if it says anything when it cuts off15:04
Gentoo64or plain dmesg15:05
WicketUserhi , i tried to install mysql server and upgrade it but i got some error that i am not able to remove mysql server or install it again.. any suggestion?15:05
deej1976Sidewinder1: Even better then, Screen Reader reading off replies, and then a voice to text convert, woow15:05
Sidewinder1If, only..15:05
r4ySorry for flooding. I guess I should leave15:06
ok2cqrGentoo64, nothing was added15:06
Gentoo64so ipv4 still works fine when v6 cuts off?15:07
Sidewinder1r4y, I didn't think you were flooding..15:07
Gentoo64and only on one box, both have same net cards?15:07
WicketUserguys, i am new to ubuntu.. could u tell me how to uninstall a software completely?15:07
Gentoo64same router etc?15:07
ok2cqrGentoo64, yes, ipv4 is still working15:07
Gentoo64WicketUser, apt-get purge app15:07
r45c4lhello friends, actually i am having some strange problem that when i am trying to open some websites its saying may be my system is infected with some virus, so i have taken the o/p of netstat -an and pstree can any one help me to figure out the problem15:07
deej1976WicketUser: sudo apt-get purge [packagename]15:08
r45c4li am not that good with linux15:08
Gentoo64ok2cqr, hmm weird15:08
Gentoo64ok2cqr, paste /etc/network/interfaces?15:08
OerHeksWicketUser, normally stop the service before removal.15:08
Sidewinder1r4y, OIC, up above; everyone makes a mistake every now and then.. NP.15:08
Gentoo64ok2cqr, i probably cant help tho15:08
ok2cqrGentoo64, it seems that it iw working only if I leave ping6 ipv6.google.com running. After I terminate it, the connection is gone in a few seconds.15:08
r4yHmm, well, light bulb. I should backup .mozilla, then try un-installing ad-block then see if my problem with add-ons not popping up go away,so I need to go.15:09
Gentoo64r45c4l, its a stupid advert15:09
Gentoo64ignore it15:09
Gentoo64ok2cqr, ahh15:09
r45c4lbut Gentoo64 its really not allowing me to open couple of websites and asking me to fill stupid captchas15:09
Gentoo64ok2cqr, make sure ipv6 ping is enabled on ur box15:09
Gentoo64youll need it for a tunel15:10
Gentoo64or itl disconnect you15:10
r45c4lif u want i can upload  a screenshot too Gentoo6415:10
Gentoo64r45c4l, ok15:10
r4yTake care all. And thank you for the kind words Sidewinder115:10
Sidewinder1r4y, As an aside, I use adblock plus and have never has a problem with add-ons..15:10
ok2cqrGentoo64, I have native connection.15:10
Gentoo64oh ok15:10
BarbarianGood evening ladies and gentlemen15:10
r4yI have used ad-block a whole lot before without problems, so I don't what is going on15:10
zach_so I'm a newbie to irc... is there anyone that would be kind enough to walk me through it.... unless I figured it out already15:10
Gentoo64r45c4l, screenshot please15:11
r45c4lok 1 sec Gentoo64 till then here is th e OP of netstat -a and pstree http://pastebin.com/QqViiuEY15:11
Gentoo64netstat means nothing to me15:11
Gentoo64it could be anything15:11
Sidewinder1r4y, It can, at times, be a challenge, but I'm reasonably certain that you'll figger' it out.15:11
Barbarianr45c4l, because of the way linux works, any virus is probably confined to your browser. Try uninstalling and purging, then reinstalling it15:12
r4yisn't there an irc channel for zach, it is the freenode channel or something like that. I remember asking before15:12
Gentoo64Barbarian, that wont do anything15:12
=== enigmo is now known as enth
BarbarianGentoo64, no?15:12
Gentoo64you cant get viruses like on windows15:12
zach_ya r4y i think i screwed up the setup15:12
Gentoo64it wouldnt be confuned to the browser anyway15:12
Gentoo64imo it just wouldnt happen15:12
Gentoo64unless it was ie in wine (possibly)15:13
r4yI run chatzilla. It's great. It's an add-on for Firefox15:13
enthOpera has a pretty okay integrated irc client15:13
r4yYou can also get chatzilla through the Ubuntu Software Center15:13
BarbarianThats the way I've understood it, that individual applications can get compromised, but that never affects any other app or the operating system15:13
zach_cool thanks a bunch man15:14
r4yNo Problem15:14
Gentoo64Barbarian, nah. the whole thing about runnin "not" as root is so if anything bad does happen, the worst that can happen is a ruined /home15:14
Gentoo64not a ruined /15:14
r45c4lGentoo64, and Barbarian here is the screenshot http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/249/captchag.png/15:14
r45c4lby the way Barbarian i did not got it what you want me to do15:14
Gentoo64r45c4l, ok that looks normal15:15
Gentoo64the site just wants you to fill in crap15:15
Gentoo64to proceed15:15
Barbarianyeah... nothing to do with viruses there15:15
Sidewinder1Barbarian, I believe that you are essentially correct. You might look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=510812 if you've not already seen it.15:15
r45c4lyeah but these sites are normal sites Gentoo64 and Barbarian and this never happened before15:16
Gentoo64r45c4l, no idea. its not a virus tho15:16
r4yWow, what a great reason to have home protected with sudo, no?15:16
r45c4lits saying that may be some bot can be also there so is that possible ?15:16
Gentoo64it cant be15:16
dbristowLooks like the precise-preinstalled-desktop-armel+ac100.bootimg that's currently on cdimage.ubuntu.com fails the MD5SUM/SHA1SUM/SHA256SUM checksums15:16
Gentoo64r45c4l, then it wouldnt be /home15:16
dbristow12.04 alpha-115:16
Gentoo64r45c4l, as youd be running stuff as root, which is worse15:17
Barbarianr45c4l, have you tried filling that in and clicking next?15:17
dbristowEverywhere I have been able to download it from, it fails the checksum.15:17
Gentoo64r45c4l, you using proxy?15:17
Gentoo64tor, web prioxy whatever15:17
Gentoo64its prob that15:17
dbristowEvery other file passes.15:17
r45c4lno Gentoo64 thats what i also thought too but i checked and i am not on any proxy15:17
BarbarianAlso, thanks Sidewinder1! Thats a great read as I recently got my hands on a debian server I ssh to15:17
Gentoo64r45c4l, what dns you using?15:17
r45c4ltor i have disable as i dont need at home15:17
=== kevin is now known as Guest59563
Gentoo64r45c4l, id check for proxies, or random dns15:18
Sidewinder1Barbarian, My pleasure. :D15:18
r45c4lGentoo64, right now i am using a data card and if u want my dns i can give u the details here15:18
Gentoo64they can show as "bots" or suspicious and make you fill out captchas15:18
Gentoo64i reckon its a proxy15:18
codazodaUh-oh. I uninstalled nvidia and now my MacBook Pro won't boot.  Any ideas?  Recovery mode locks up at the resume, fsck, remount, root menu.15:18
WicketUserhow to stop service in ubuntu?15:18
r45c4lr45c4l@h4ckb0x:~$ nslookup15:18
r45c4l> server15:18
r45c4lDefault server:
r45c4lDefault server:
FloodBot1r45c4l: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:19
r45c4lopps my bad15:19
r45c4lsorry for flooding15:19
Gentoo64r45c4l, its ok, use a paste site next time tho. http://dpaste.com/15:19
enthhe be flodden15:19
Barbarianhttps://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/evilmalware.html <--- HAHAHAHAHHAAHA15:19
Gentoo64heh its true15:20
Gentoo64see why linux not having viruses, is nothing to do with market share?15:20
r45c4lGentoo64, and Barbarian this is the OP http://pastebin.com/9sfLV0KW15:20
codazodaCan't get Ubuntu 11.10 to boot, even in safe mode it locks up.  Am I reinstalling?15:20
Gentoo64r45c4l, no idea what that dns is15:21
Barbarianr45c4l, looks normal to me15:21
Sidewinder1codazoda, New install?15:21
Gentoo64try googles standard one15:21
dehorsedamn it and I switched to linux to avoid virus's15:21
Gentoo64thats like the standard dns nowadays15:21
Barbariandehorse, lol15:21
r45c4lok Gentoo64 and Barbarian just one more question what if i try to check my outgoing packets with wireshark ??15:21
r45c4lshould i just check for http packets or something else too ???15:21
Gentoo64you could15:22
codazodaSideWinder1, No, I had 10.10 then 11.04 then 11.10.  Upgraded each.  I just uninstalled nvidia today and now it won't boot, even in recovery mode.15:22
Sidewinder1dehorse, Please have a look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081215:22
Gentoo64but itll probbaly just be a load of mess15:22
dehorsei know. im  stupid lol15:22
r45c4lyeah you are right Gentoo6415:22
Gentoo64r45c4l, try different dns (googles) and see if it goes away15:22
dehorseTHANKS sidewinder15:22
Gentoo64i googled ur dns ip and cant find anything "normal"15:22
Barbarianr45c4l, don't think you'd find much with wireshark tbh15:23
r45c4laaah thats a nice idea Gentoo64 thanks, let me try15:23
Gentoo64but i spent 2 secs looking15:23
Sidewinder1dehorse, Glad to help.15:23
codazodaIs there a keystoke to exit the "Recovery Menu"?  That seems "broken" on my box.15:24
rtr-is it possible to install a minimal-install from a usual setupcd?15:24
Gentoo64rtr-, dont think so15:24
Gentoo64otherwise they wouldnt make a minimal cd :)15:24
codazodaI get a "low speed usb device" note and then the menu is unresponsive.15:25
Barbarianrtr-, put a minimal install on a usb with unetbootin, easiest way15:25
WicketUserhi , please could u tell me how to stop a running service in ubuntu 11.10?15:25
Gentoo64service stop15:25
Gentoo64service something stop15:26
BarbarianGentoo64, didn't know that, I always used init.d. I come here to help people and I end up learning, win15:27
|Anthony|can i use this package in 10.04:15:27
Gentoo64Barbarian, ubuntu uses service as well, which apparently stops in a nicer way15:28
Gentoo64i dont use ubuntu, i learn abotu it in here lol15:28
WicketUserGentoo64 : the service is there when i list them but i got : stop: Unknown instance:15:28
BarbarianGentoo64, just tried it with yacy, don't know the details but it's certainly faster15:28
dehorsesidewinder, aren't we on firefox 4 not 3?15:29
Gentoo64WicketUser, right service name?15:29
BarbarianWicketUser, What are you trying to stop?15:29
dehorseslash 815:29
Gentoo64damn, 9s nearly stable15:29
WicketUsermysql service15:29
Gentoo64WicketUser, service mysql stop15:30
Gentoo64might be mysqld15:30
sskalnik/etc/init.d/mysql stop ?15:31
WicketUseri got : mysqlid: unrecognized service15:31
dehorseis the standard firewall effective?15:31
Gentoo64dehorse, yes15:31
smaxI want to read the source of a tool.   Where does scapy go, if I apt-get install scapy?15:31
Gentoo64its diaabled by default btw15:31
smaxit's a python program15:31
sskalnikWicketUser, mysqld, not mysqlId15:31
BarbarianWicketUser, without the 'I'15:31
dehorsecool then i think im good thanks gentoo15:31
Gentoo64dehorse, just sudo ufw enable15:32
Gentoo64then allow ports15:32
Sidewinder1|Anthony|, It's not recommended to use packages from one version to another.15:32
Gentoo64or use the gui15:32
WicketUserthe same .. mysqld: unrecognized service15:32
dehorsegentoo you're a god15:32
Gentoo64WicketUser, try sudo service mysqld start15:32
Barbariansmax, probably in /etc somewhere15:32
samsul# service mysql stop15:32
Barbariansmax, or /var15:33
codazodaYup, the recovery menu is just broken.  I pulled recovery out of the boot options and I'm into a command line.15:33
WicketUserthe same15:33
Gentoo64WicketUser, no idea :s15:33
Sidewinder1|Anthony|, Especially Precise (not yet released) pkgs, in 10.04..15:33
Gentoo64WicketUser, try /etc/init.d/mysqld stop for the sake of it15:33
Gentoo64if that works, no idea why service dont15:34
urthmovergood morning15:34
WicketUser/etc/init.d/mysqld: unrecognized service15:34
sskalnikGentoo64, not /etc/init.d/mysql stop ?15:34
Gentoo64^ try mysql15:34
Gentoo64idk i dont use mysql lol15:34
Sidewinder1|Anthony|, And, since you're using a cloak, I would suspect that you already know better. ;-)15:35
sskalnikIt should be with a d, but sometimes...15:35
=== Nex4 is now known as EXio
WicketUserwhen i list the services i can see a service called 'mysql' but when i want to stop it i get "stop: Unknown instance:15:35
Gentoo64try rebooting maybe and see if it stops then15:36
Gentoo64no idea15:36
WicketUserthx alot15:36
BarbarianWicketUser, do ps aux | grep mysql15:36
Barbariantake the PID15:36
Barbarianand do kill <pid>15:36
Gentoo64i know i shouldnt suggest rebooting, but it can help sort itself out15:36
sskalnikWicketUser, sudo status mysql15:38
r4yHow to I down grade firefox back to 3.6 in Ubuntu 10.04.315:38
LiNuX`supmorning linux users... quick question. Has anyone else using ubuntu 11.10 ever experience video display bugs where the screen will randomly get pixelated as if the vid card were dead but then fine after reboot?15:39
WicketUseri got user1     3867  0.0  0.0   4444   812 pts/0    S+   16:36   0:00 grep --color=auto mysql but when i did kill i got "No such process15:39
Gentoo64r4y, youd have to somehow mask it afaik. why would you want to?15:39
BarbarianLiNuX`sup, nope, never happened to me. What vid card and what drivers?15:39
Gentoo64LiNuX`sup, you using nouveau?15:39
BarbarianLiNuX`sup, nvm, gotta run. GL!15:40
r4yad-block plus doesn't work for it, so it is disabled15:40
Gentoo64r4y, it should15:40
r4yFirefox 8 I mean15:40
Gentoo64works on ff8 for me15:40
Gentoo64so it does work... :s15:40
LiNuX`supbarabrian: I'm on a mac using bootcamp so I'm clueless r4y: I don't know what that is so I assume not15:40
sskalnikhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/760984/ <==== anyone know about packaging, help is appreciated15:40
r4yI tried un-installing ad-block plus and re-insalling it. I guess I shouldn't use the ad-block plus from the Ubuntu Software Center15:41
Gentoo64r4y, its one of the most popular extentions, afaik it should work even on the daily builds15:41
LiNuX`supthe issue randomly occurs, it's happened 3 times in the past month15:41
Gentoo64well uninstall that, and use the one from the ff addons page15:41
r4yOK, I will be back15:41
=== philip is now known as phil-
Gentoo64LiNuX`sup, ive had that, but only using nouveau (nvidia)15:41
=== phil- is now known as philip
Gentoo64could be something to do with firmware15:42
Gentoo64being loaded15:42
cakimy ip adress15:42
Gentoo64screens totally pixelated, like the cards dead. exact problem i had15:42
Picisskalnik: Have you tried asking in #ubuntu-packaging yet?15:42
Gentoo64only with nouveau15:42
cakimode +i15:42
Gentoo64caki, ?15:42
Gentoo64LiNuX`sup, try lspci | grep VGA15:43
LiNuX`supGentoo64: how can I find out what this mac has?15:43
LiNuX`supk will google it, thanks15:44
meerkatscan anyone tell me where to find, /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope?15:44
LiNuX`supare any of the people in here actual employees of ubuntu?15:44
Gentoo64LiNuX`sup, quite possibly nvidia you have15:44
Gentoo64LiNuX`sup, nope.15:44
PiciLiNuX`sup: There may be some.15:44
LiNuX`supI think so too since amd bout ati15:44
Gentoo64i dont know much about macs, but i know they do use nvidia15:44
pangolinmeerkats: in /proc/sys/kernel/yama/15:44
Gentoo64not sure if 100% do tho15:45
me0whey guys I have some problems with sound in Ubuntu 11.10.. the sound is enabled but I hear nothing in my headphones :(15:45
LiNuX`supI know I hate macs which is why I run ubuntu!15:45
dehorseone more dumb question: Force Quit?15:45
Gentoo64dehorse, you asking what it does?15:45
LiNuX`supdehorse: system monitor you can end task15:45