micahgScottL: re updating seeds> I'd suggest updating as you go so the changes get coverage in the daily images, you can then poke for a meta upload at your leisure01:56
micahgScottL: also, not being an "Xfce Ubuntu" per se, Ubuntu Studio has more flexibility WRT default apps, you should be able to use most GTK based apps w/out issue in Xfce, the only issue might be a GTK3 theme, but you'll inherit one from Xubuntu in any case01:58
* micahg should probably just reply to the ML in context01:59
ScottLmicahg, what will (or should) happen with the setting packages that will be OEL'd02:02
ScottLxubuntu includes much more setting in a single package (i.e. -default-settings) than ubuntu studio 02:03
micahgScottL: you can inherit or make your own02:08
ScottLmicahg, what i mean is that some of the existing ubuntu studio packages will not be necessary02:28
ScottLshould have said "existing ubuntu studio setting packages"02:28
ScottLfor example, ubuntustudio-icon-theme should no longer be necessary02:28
micahgScottL: that's fine, you can seed/unseed whatever you wish, if you need something removed from the archive, let me know02:29
ScottLmicahg, okay it's the 'removing from the archive' that i will need to seek...but later, let's get things built and released and see about doing the actual 'removing' next cycle02:30
ScottLjust being prudent02:30
micahgarchive removals just need sponsorship in terms of acknowledgment that it's the proper course of action, so you just file a bug with the reasoning and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors02:30
micahgthat's fine too, just letting you know you have some freedom here02:32
micahgyou are not bound by what xubuntu does (except WRT the xfce component versions :))02:32
ScottLso you are suggesting that i might parse out what is in the xubuntu-default-settings package into the respective ubuntustudio-* package?03:06
ScottLi hadn't considered this03:06
ScottLi understand what you mean now about making changes and seeing results without changing seeds03:07

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