atruno-changing the icon size does not change the size of the program drop down display which is thin and strains my eyes with tiny icons despite the size of any other icons i set to on desktop or in filemanager.00:12
atruno-when i click on the mouse in the absolute upper left hand corner the menu that drop down each entry is very small.00:14
haywire17Anyone know how to force a monitor resolution above 1024x768 in Xfce 4.8?00:23
ako_I have some problems with bluebird theme, can anyone help me please?00:44
xubuntu926hi all!00:45
xubuntu926any opinion whether this is better than ubuntu?00:45
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:46
xubuntu926ok thansks, sorry00:46
* GridCube opinion is "yes"00:46
xubuntu926hahaha thanks00:47
GridCubenow go to #ubuntu and ask if its better to anyother thing :P00:47
Piciand I'll give the same answer there.00:48
xubuntu926so it really is personal preference? theres no big upside?00:49
PiciIts just a different user interface.00:50
Unit193If you like, Unity, then Ubuntu is [better[, if you like Xfce, then Xubuntu is [better[00:50
xubuntu926well i hate unity so I think I'll give xubuntu a try00:51
xubuntu926thanks a bunch man00:51
Unit193There are still more options than Xubuntu too00:53
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doc|homehey, anyone had their sound mysteriously stop working recently?07:52
TheSheepunmute it07:53
doc|homeit's not that07:55
doc|homehmmm, after unplugging and plugging back in my sound card I get "usb_set_interface failed"07:56
cYmenI tried installing xubuntu on an eee pc yesterday and installation went fine but afterwards I couldn't get wireless to work anymore it said "device not managed" does anybody know what that means?09:19
_Pete_cYmen: check if the wlan interface has configured already in /etc/network/interfaces09:29
_Pete_if it is, I gues nwdamager doesnt handle it anymore09:29
cYmen_Pete_: I'll check, thanks.09:33
ako_I have some problems with bluebird theme, can anyone help me please?10:04
Sysiask a question and see if someone knows10:05
ako_When I change the theme from Greybird to Bluebird, the controls become ugly, as if there is a problem like missing a library or something10:05
ako_how can I find out what is wrong?10:05
ako_I am using 11.1010:05
Sysion all apps?10:07
ako_(I think) only those coming from gnome10:07
ako_like Evince10:07
Sysithen that's because bluebird lacks gtk3-part which some apps use10:07
ako_Can it be fixed?10:08
Sysisudo cp -r /usr/share/themes/greybird/gtk-3.0 /usr/share/themes/Bluebird/10:10
Sysicheck paths with pressing tab for autocompletion10:11
ako_Sysi: Thanks, that fixed it! :)10:12
Sysinow they look like greybird, should be a lot better anyway10:15
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CaptainKnotshow do I disable tap to click on a touchpad in 11.10?10:53
xubuntu465any opinions between abiword and libreoffice?11:21
xubuntu465as in does abiword cut it?11:22
knomedepends what you are trying to achieve11:22
knomeabiword is good for basic word processing and a bit more too.11:22
xubuntu465sweet, thats exactly what I wanted to know, thanks11:23
xubuntu465so are you a xubuntu user? You like it?11:24
CaptainKnotsI use xubuntu on my netbook11:26
SysiCaptainKnots: synclient TapButton1=011:27
Sysiput that to autostart if you want11:28
CaptainKnotsSysi: thanks11:30
CaptainKnotsSysi: how do I add that to startup?11:38
Sysisettings -> sessions and startup11:39
echoJONES@find espn15:06
PiciechoJONES: Can we help you with something?15:06
toluyвсем привет, а тут вообще русские сидят?15:13
Sysi!ru | toluy15:13
ubottutoluy: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:13
toluy))) thanks15:14
toluy!ru | toluy15:17
ubottutoluy, please see my private message15:17
SirShmoopyhello, i just switched to xubuntu from ubuntu and ran into an annoyance. every few minutes my volume level resets- there is a click as the speakers spike, and the sound is set to max regardless of previous state15:46
SirShmoopyi have my stereo hooked up to the main out on the mobo, running 11.10 with a fresh install, and so far the sound reset itself three times typing this15:48
incorrecthow can i edit what gets started up by the 'launch gnome services on startup'?15:51
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incorrecthi, i was messing around and i've broken the nm-applet appearing in the indicator, it now appears in the notification app16:56
FiReSTaRThey guys, i have 2 panels on the bottom.. when i maximize windows, i'd like for them to reach the top of the "top" bottom panel.. currently they're reaching the top of the "bottom" bottom panel, so a part is obscured by the other panel.. is there a way to fix that?18:20
ruslan_osmanovis there a way to downgrade from gedit 3 to gedit 2?18:48
w30what search term do I put in synaptic to find /dev/video0 and v4l devices?18:51
xubuntu357hey, guys!18:52
urthmoverxfce4-terminal How can I make the links clickable?  right now I can right-click a link and select Open Link.....but I'd like to click it from the terminal window.....How can I accomplish this?19:02
Myrttitry pressing ctrl at the same time19:03
urthmoverMyrtti: hmm nope doesn't work19:03
urthmoverMyrtti: was worth a try though19:04
Sysimiddleclick works19:04
urthmoverSysi:  yep that works...19:04
urthmoverSysi: ok I guess I'll remember how to do that .... would be nice to figure out how to configure the left click though19:04
Sysitoo bad it's same for xorg quickpaste..19:05
VelophileHi all...anyone know if the all the indicator applets are supposed to work in xfce4's indicator plugin? specifically the power and network ones19:58
CiPiVelophile, sudo apt-get install indicator-multiload20:48
CiPiI don`t know if all, but this is the best one I find...20:48
VelophileThanks, that'll show traffic and system load, the one I'm after is a replacement for Wicd or Network-Manager, it's called indicator-network and uses connman under the hood20:49
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Crash_O-DAnyone know what resources are needed for reg ubuntu?20:56
PiciCrash_O-D: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements20:57
Crash_O-DThanks pici20:57
Crash_O-DI just installed xubuntu and got error in grub no such device entering rescue mode20:59
Crash_O-DI am installing it on a second drive in my laptop21:00
carlossi have a webserver running on my xubuntu box.  my phone is on the same network and i'd like for my phone's browser to hit that web service.  how do i do this?21:19
Unit193Your phone is on WiFi I'd assume? If so, type in the IP of the computer. What browser on the phone?21:20
carlossi'm having no luck21:21
Unit193I take it you got the correct IP? Type ifconfig   at a terminal to confirm21:21
carlossinet addr: is the one i want, right?21:22
carlossor bcast?21:22
Unit193Did you try with another computer?21:23
carlossno luck, Unit19321:25
carloss"web page not available"21:25
crazymutexare you able to connect to the web server from the server itself?21:26
carlossya, crazymutex21:26
carlossfirewall related?21:26
crazymutexthat's a start21:26
crazymutexyou're sure the phone is on the same network as the server?21:27
carlossi've tried from another laptop on my network, also21:28
carlosssame thing21:29
carlossjust spins21:29
carlossdns related?21:30
crazymutexyou got a firewall21:30
crazymutexon server21:30
carlosscrazymutex: my firewall settings are weird.  they say i can enable certain applications to pass through firewall onto my machine21:31
crazymutexor your web server doesn't listen on INET for some reason (weird config?)21:31
crazymutexare you using the IP of the server to connect to it?21:31
crazymutexwhy do you mention dns?21:31
carlossnever mind i guess21:31
crazymutexfirewall where? on the xubuntu box?21:32
carlossoh, i was looking at firewall for my router21:34
carlossthere's two that i need to worry about?21:34
hacker11Hi guys21:35
hacker11Is this the official Xubuntu channel?21:35
hacker11Just started using it and I'm really enjoying it21:36
Myrttigreat \o/21:37
Crash_O-DLol i would try and enjoy it if dang grub error. Trying to install again. On 2nd hdd in laptop. Since windows on first drive21:38
hacker11I was getting errors with Ubuntu and Kubuntu but Xubuntu seems fine so far21:38
carlosscrazymutex: yup.  had to enable incoming traffic from xubuntu21:39
Crash_O-DI had ubuntu working but need lighter resource version why trying xubuntu21:39
hacker11Yeah ubuntu is pretty intensive, but it should be better for my now that I have a new Bulldozer.21:40
teknodukehi o/21:42
Crash_O-DI keep getting into grub rescue saying error no such device21:43
GridCubedid you moved your sata ports?21:44
Crash_O-Dif I can I get into windows backup windows in just install on that drives21:45
Crash_O-Danyone know how to get back into the windows bootloader?21:47
TheSheepfdisk /mbr21:47
Crash_O-Dunder the grub rescue?21:47
TheSheepno, under window21:47
GridCubeusing your windows installation disk21:48
Crash_O-DI cannot get into windows because of the grub recovery mode21:48
Crash_O-Dthat oughta be fun to find a windows disk21:49
Crash_O-DThanks though21:49
hacker11Do developers ever come on this channel?21:51
GridCubeas a matter of fact most of them are here now21:56
GridCubewell not "here" they might be iddle21:56
Crash_O-DI'm using windows 764 bit and I'm under the command prompt on the cd and fdisk not recognized21:59
GridCubeyou need to use the recovery option at the boot22:02
Crash_O-Dbootrec /fixmbr to fix it. and since windows boot record had ubuntu list and I just clicked on that any booted into xubuntu22:05
Crash_O-DThank you google22:07
Crash_O-DThanks for help with windows and mbr helped me to figure what to do22:07
Crash_O-Dhas anybody had experience with enlightment? I heard it uses less resource is then x f c e22:10
Crash_O-Dsorry I'm using irc on my phone22:11
Crash_O-DWhy in xfce it does not need proprietary drivers when needed them in ubuntu22:12
crazymutexfluxbox !!!22:18
Crash_O-DFluxbox? Is why i dont need special drivers22:23
GridCubeCrash_O-D, xfce doesnt use fancy graphic stuff, so it can be handled with standard drivers22:33
DoverOs4D drivers22:34
Crash_O-Dwill it still be able to do dual monitor? because I haven't hdmi out port.22:35
Crash_O-DI have hdmi out22:36
DoverOsi don't see why it wouldn't22:37
DoverOsdon't take my word for it : D22:37
DoverOsu could just configure it in gfx or something22:37
Crash_O-Dis there a way to make it when I hit delete a file that it confirms I want to delete22:42
DoverOsCrash_O-D: get kde : p or something22:46
Crash_O-DThanks, but need low resources22:47
DoverOsuse your trashcan22:47

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