dOxxxgood evening...00:40
dOxxxI'm having a weird problem with WorkingTree.open(...)00:40
dOxxxIt's giving me a NotBranchError for a path that `bzr info` works just fine on.00:40
dOxxxI'm using bzr 2.5b4.00:41
fullermdDoes info say there's a working tree there?00:44
dOxxxhmm... it says "Repository tree (format: 2a)"00:45
dOxxxI can see files there00:45
fullermdProbably then.00:45
fullermdMmm.  Are you pointing at the _root_ of the WT?  Maybe you want open_containing() instead?00:45
dOxxxI was getting the same error woth open_containing00:45
fullermd(or is that even what it's called?  These are really vague memories, that never had any business in my brain in the first place)00:45
fullermdWell, OK, I'm about 5 guesses beyond where I have any business talking about bzrlib now   :p00:46
dOxxxheh ok thanks00:46
Noldorinhi jelmer01:13
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Noldorinhi wgz03:11
Noldorinjelmer, you around either?03:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 902437 in Bazaar Mac Installers "installer incorrectly installs script pointing at /usr/bin/python instead of /usr/bin/python2.6" [Undecided,New]06:16
glyphOh, it's a wiki.06:17
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glyphIs there any known configuration where running 'bzr branches' is reasonably fast?16:01
jelmerglyph: locally it should be reasonably quick16:02
jelmerglyph: you're talking about the branches command from bzrtools I guess?16:02
glyphjelmer: Yeah.16:02
glyphOh, I get it, it's slow because there are svn branches in here, and that's driving it crazy16:02
jelmerglyph: yeah16:03
glyphsvn checkouts, I should say, like, with .svn directories not .bzr directories :)16:03
jelmerglyph: "bzr branches" from bzrtools scans the directory structure and tries to open every path in existence16:03
jelmerglyph: bzr 2.5 has a new "bzr branches" command, which uses an API call and should be much faster for svn stuff16:03
glyphhowever, right now, 'bzr branches' against a server directory which I know contains only bzr branches, has taken about 15 minutes, and has downloaded 1.5 megs of data at 2kb per second16:04
glyphserver's running bzr 3.3.316:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 902566 in BzrTools "bzr branches is comically slow on a remote repository" [Undecided,New]16:41
glyphWhich is the version of bzr-svn which actually works?19:37
glyphIs 1.1.0 okay or do I need 1.1.1?19:37
wgzapparent tip.19:39
dOxxxfor bzr 2.5 you need bzr-svn tip20:12
Noldorinhey jelmer , poolie20:27
Noldorinhi wgz21:34
glyphwgz: I don't mean to work with bzr 2.521:38
glyphI mean to work, like, at all :)21:38
glyphjelmer: I think maybe I want to kill those revision properties that keep sending us to The Hell of Nobody Can Merge Anything21:39
glyphbut I want to make really sure I understand the implications first21:39
Noldorinwgz, i've got sshd running nicely on my windows server now :-)21:49
Noldorinwondering what specific things i can do to make it worth nicely with bzr21:50
Noldorindevs are actually having the weekend off :-P21:58
Noldorincome baaack21:59
glyphNoldorin: don't worry, some of us are slaving away21:59
Noldoringlyph, oh good ;-)21:59
glyphNoldorin: not on bzr, but bzr is getting in our way ;)21:59
Noldoringlyph, you're a core member?21:59
Noldorinoh okay21:59
Noldorinwhat's the prob?21:59
glyphNoldorin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/48560122:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 485601 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps" [Critical,Fix released]22:32
glyphNoldorin: it's fixed, but not really22:32
glyphlike, bzr-svn won't introduce this issue any more, but you have to upgrade everybody and then destroy all your old branches and repositories22:33
Noldoringlyph, ah right. don't use bzr-svn fortunately22:33
jelmerhi glyph22:34
wgzglyph: so we have bug 806348 for the bazaar side of handling bust repos, I agree it's confusing there's a closed bzr-svn bug for one bustage cause22:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 806348 in Launchpad itself "BzrCheckError: Internal check failed: Cannot add revision(s) to repository: missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80634822:34
wgzNoldorin: which one did you get working?22:34
Noldorinjelmer, wgz there you guys are heh22:34
Noldorinwgz, OpenSSH22:34
Noldorinwhich is reassuring :-)22:34
wgz...what version?22:34
Noldorinon cygwin, but still...22:34
Noldorin1.7.2 i think?22:35
wgzah, that's okay then.22:35
Noldorinit uses NTLM auth22:35
Noldorinand runs as a windows ervice22:35
Noldorinwhich is cool :-)22:35
wgzwas concerned that the native port seemed very dead22:35
Noldorinwgz, basically http://t.co/V8dN4h12 got me most of the way there22:36
wgzNoldorin: so, have you tested bzr+ssh with it yet?22:40
Noldorinwgz, yeah. it works :-)22:41
Noldorinwgz, are there any "recommended settings"/configuration though?22:41
wgzNoldorin: use an ssh agent, and maybe the append revisions only config setting... can't think of anything else in particular22:44
Noldorinwgz, what does revisions only?22:44
Noldorinand where do i set this config setting? ;-)22:44
wgzNoldorin: it's an option on init, or in .bzr/branch/branch.conf22:48
Noldorinwgz, ah ok22:48
Noldorinwgz, btw, is there any way i can configure the root path that bzr+ssh uses?22:48
Noldorinfor branches22:48
wgzNoldorin: ...not sure of the easiest way, there are probably several options23:09
Noldorinwgz, okay...23:10
Noldorinwhat are they then ? :-)23:10
Noldorinmaybe i can choose then23:10
wgznever tried it, but I'm guessing you could set the sshd to put people in a different cwd, or maybe include a cd in bzr_remote_path, or set up a lp: style alias as on your client23:11
Noldorinwgz, oh, so all paths in bzr+ssh urls are relative to the cwd?23:20
lifelessno, they are relative to the server root23:22
lifelesswhich defaults to / on the server23:22
wgzokay, scratch ideas one and two then, maybe lifeless has more.23:23
lifelesswhats the goal?23:23
lifelessoh, I see23:24
Noldorinlifeless, to change where bzr+ssh urls refer to on the fs...23:24
lifelessso, bzr <thing> bzr+ssh://host/... will invoke bzr serve --allow-writes / --stdout or something like that23:24
lifelessyou can mangle that by using a custom 'bzr' on the server, using a custom ssh server (like thomi's student-bzr-service or LP's hosting service do)23:25
lifelessyou can do it client side23:25
lifelessby using bzr-bookmarks23:25
lifelessor similar23:25
lifelesslastly, you can use bzr+ssh://host/~/ to mean 'relative to my home dir'23:25
Noldorinlifeless, interestingly, on cygwin all paths are relative to the home dir anyway23:41
Noldorincustom ssh server just isn't an option23:41

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