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ScottKGot a good start of 4.7.4 today.02:19
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* ScottK would appreciate it if someone could look at kdenetwork failing to build in oneiric-proposed.06:57
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debfxScottK: kdenetwork ftbfs is caused by bug #90138911:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 901389 in libmsn (Ubuntu Oneiric) "4.1-0ubuntu1.1 breaks compilation of kdenetwork package on lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90138911:44
ScottKdebfx: Thanks.14:47
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ScottKdebfx: I uploaded an SRU for that for oneiric.16:47
Riddellthanks ScottK, upstream breakage is that one17:02
RiddellI'm doing digikam for precise now17:03
Riddellgoodness it has lots of dependencies17:03
Riddellug, compile failures with qjson17:20
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Riddellhello Riddelll, how's that konversation merge going?20:24
Riddellloh just fine thanks20:24
Riddellyofel: do you think tomahawk is ready to go in the main archive for precious?20:33
Riddellor whatever its called20:37
RiddellI have the cognitive ability of golem now20:37
muntiKubuI guess 4.7.8 merges not done yet? or 12.04 will get 4.7 because it's an LTS? 20:44
RiddellI plan to do 4.8 beta update next week20:48
* Sput just notices that ScottK is no longer in #quassel21:23
yofelRiddell: No, I would need to clean up the packaging, and we would need to get a few build-deps into the archive first21:28
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Riddellyofel: ok but we have until april, the question is if tomahawk will want to be shipped from april for six months or if they're developing too fast22:05
yofelRiddell: I can talk to muesli, but they're releasing quite often with new things, so I believe latter. If we tried to get it into the archive anyway we'll need qtweetlib, jreen and clucene-unstable in there first at least22:57
BarkingFishguys, can I borrow one of you to #kubuntu please? I've a user there who I can't help, and nobody else around to back me up :)23:03
BarkingFishThe user is on 9.10 and is having trouble with their display, doesn't start on login, but will if they kill it and run startx23:04
BarkingFishI know precisely squat on 9.10, since I didn't join till 11.04 :) Help...23:04
Riddellyofel: mm, clucene-unstable sounds scary apart from anything23:05
yofelcurrent clucene in the archive is 0.9.21b which is too old. And the only working tarball from upstream is "" - which IIRC was the lucene versioning scheme I think23:09
yofelcurrent clucene git is that release + 1 commit, which is what the PPA uses right now23:09

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