maizdoes anyone know on how arista-transcoder work in kubuntu11.10? mine seems to be not working00:46
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poyntzI'm getting no sound on kubuntu oneiric. please help me diagnose the problem01:50
holsteinpoyntz: open a terminal... run a few commands and look for your audio device... look in01:54
holsteinthen, run these 2, which are more important... if you see the device here, all is well (usually)01:54
holsteinaplay -l01:55
holsteinarecord -l01:55
poyntzholstein: lspci | grep audio didn't find anything :S01:58
holsteinpoyntz: how about when you just run lspci, and look?01:58
poyntz00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)01:59
poyntz01:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc RV710/73001:59
poyntzholstein: it was case sensitive01:59
holsteinand aplay -l ?01:59
holsteinpoyntz: cool... so its likely just something fiddly with the volume applet, or the wires02:01
holsteinis this a fresh install for you? or something that broke after an update?02:01
poyntzfresh install02:01
poyntzon ext402:02
poyntzI tried updating originally but it broke02:02
holsteinpoyntz: you can open alsamixer in the terminal, and try tweaking everything there a bit02:02
holsteindont trust the labels02:02
poyntzno lock :(02:05
holsteinpoyntz: which?02:09
holsteinalsa mixer?02:09
holsteinchecking the cables?02:09
holsteinwhen is the last time you heard sound from that system?02:09
poyntzbefore the last apt-get update & upgrade02:10
holsteinpoyntz: ?02:10
holsteinso its not a fresh install?02:10
poyntzit is02:10
holsteindo you have the last kernel there?02:10
holsteinpoyntz: if it were my system, i would try the LIVE CD of the last time it worked, and confirm that the hardware is fuctioning02:11
poyntzi installed fresh from a live install on the existing ext4 partition02:11
holsteinthen, i would try going one way or the other with ALSA02:11
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holsteinif theres a front and back port, try the other one02:12
poyntzholstein, what i meant is it was working off the fresh installation02:12
poyntzi thing something broke during my last few updates02:12
holsteinpoyntz: OK... so do you have an older kernel there?02:12
holsteintry booting that older kernel02:12
holsteinyou might need to unhide grub, or i think you can hit shift to show grub temporarily02:13
poyntzwouldn't the fresh installation replace the old kernal?02:13
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holsteinpoyntz: yes, im just not following you02:13
holsteini thought you said audio worked on the fresh install, then you udated02:13
holsteineither way, look for an older kernel02:13
poyntzi updated a few packages02:14
poyntzcant remember which ones02:14
holsteinif you have one, boot it, and test02:14
poyntzi don't think i do02:15
holsteinpoyntz: well, boot and check.. it literally wont hurt to see if you do or not02:15
poyntzi don't02:16
poyntzgah, i'll do it anyway02:16
holsteini think you'll find the fix to this in a kernel or alsa up/down grade02:16
maizI can't use arista-transcoder in kubuntu 11.10 , anyone know how?02:17
holsteini would probably just try another transcoder02:18
holsteinmaiz: whats the error?02:18
maizholstein: hold on..02:19
maizholstein: http://paste.ubuntu.com/765549/02:19
maizholstein: im not really sure where to start..just install some dependencies needed..yet still..do i need to sudo?02:20
holsteinmaiz: you can try gksudo i suppose02:21
holsteini wouldnt imagine why you would need to, nor feel comfortable running it as root all the time02:21
maizholstein: okey..i try first...02:21
maizholstein: yes, exactly02:21
poyntzholstein: no luck :/02:22
poyntzi'm on the old linux image02:22
poyntzstill no sound02:23
szalis anyone informed what was changed from 11.04 to 11.10 to make KDE correctly recognize the difference between the Regular and Semibold weights of the Ubuntu font?02:23
holsteinpoyntz: i would look at ALSA, and step that back down a rev02:23
maizholstein: I just wanted to reduce my video file size from 172++02:23
maizholstein: ffmpeg recommend?02:23
holsteinmaiz: i have no idea... what was the error as root?02:24
poyntzholstein: could it be a driver issue?02:24
holsteinpoyntz: sure, but you just tried the older ones02:25
maizholstein: nothing..let me try first, and try to workit out02:26
szalyofel: do you have any insight in this respect?02:28
poyntzholstein: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/90241002:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 902410 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Compaq 621, IDT 92HD88B1, Green Headphone Out, Front] Playback problem" [Undecided,New]02:29
maizanyone know a good transcoder for kubuntu?02:29
szalmaiz: define 'transcoder'02:29
poyntzholstein: one person commented that my microphone is mutes, which doesn't make sense to me, as I haven't switched it to mute02:29
poyntzholstein: the output amp is mutes02:29
maizszal: i want to make/convert my video file size...02:30
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maizszal: render video from kdenlive make the file bigger02:30
jcarlos_hi everyone02:35
holsteinpoyntz: so you have sound now?02:40
poyntzno luck :(02:44
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poyntzplease help me sort out my audio03:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 902410 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Compaq 621, IDT 92HD88B1, Green Headphone Out, Front] Playback problem" [Undecided,New]03:28
M41nFr4m3 hi im on 10.04 and when i try to connec to my wifi i see the two green dots and the blue thing goin and the wep key keyring keeps showing up i was connected to my router just fine yesterday i am currently on the SAME router, only on windows. which connects just fine03:59
M41nFr4m3it'd be nicee if i could get some help04:00
M41nFr4m3on this04:00
holsteinnaught101: did you upgrade?04:00
naught101holstein: me?04:01
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M41nFr4m3it'd be nicee if i could get some help04:03
maizM41nFr4m3: keyring?04:04
M41nFr4m3u kno04:04
maizM41nFr4m3: did you set any password or anything..04:04
M41nFr4m3the thing where u have to put in the wep key04:04
maizM41nFr4m3: no, im not sure, im farr from expert here04:04
M41nFr4m3u never used wifi b4?04:04
M41nFr4m3that has an ecryption key04:05
holsteinnaught101: sorry!04:05
naught101holstein: no worries :)04:05
maizM41nFr4m3: im using mine right now04:06
maizM41nFr4m3: what is your password, try to type in your password to the keyring thingy04:06
maizif you have kwallet or something..04:06
M41nFr4m3ive done it numerous times04:06
maizM41nFr4m3: oh!?04:07
M41nFr4m3i was connected yesterday04:07
M41nFr4m3all day04:07
M41nFr4m3and im connected now04:07
M41nFr4m3im on windows tho04:07
maizM41nFr4m3: have you try to unplug the device and plug it again? the wifi adapter or something ..04:07
M41nFr4m3prolly cant help me thnx neway04:08
skierpagewhat's up with Kubuntu 12.04?  Most of the problems I'm having with Nepomuk are supposedly fixed in newer software, so should I try futzing with Project Neon or wait for 12.04 alpha?04:17
szalskierpage: -> #ubuntu+1 please04:17
skierpageszal, OK. Is that also the place to ask about http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Using_Project_Neon_to_contribute_to_KDE ?04:20
* szal has no idea what Project Neon even is04:20
skierpageszal, User: "Software doesn't work". Developer: "Good news, fixed in the current version!" User: ??!? upgrade to pre-alpha, switch to a more current distro, download nightly packages (Project Neon, I think), or rebuild the whole thing from scratch.04:23
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kamilnadeemIs the folder widget part of Kubuntu default plasma desktop, I mean when you did your installation was it it on the when you ran Kubuntu 11.10 for the first time >?05:02
kamilnadeemFolder View*05:03
maizkamilnadeem: yes06:02
excognachi all06:23
Firefishehi excognac06:24
FirefisheI'm using oneiric 11.10, and a nautilus window opens every time I log in to kde.  It happens in gnome, as well.  Any idea how to stop this?06:24
excognacWhy is that the kernel update appears in apper and muod but does not wanna get done with apt-get update? Repositories set properly06:25
excognacFirefishe: no idea, I have trouble with logging out06:25
Firefisheexcognac: What happens when you log out?06:26
Firefisheor try to?06:26
excognacdebugging. BTW Firefishe: You mean Dolphin<06:26
excognacAnd debugging tells me plasma desktop crash06:27
excognacevery single logout06:27
Firefisheexcognac: You may have to do:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (but be careful here.)  After doing:  sudo apt-get upgrade - sometimes a kernel release indicates it has been held back.  This is usually found at the end of the upgrade output.06:27
Firefisheexcognac: I mean nautilus.  I log in to kde, a nautilus window opens up.  I haven't found a way to disable it.06:28
Firefisheexcognac: Additionally to the above:  You may do a:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -- after the upgrade process, if you want to play with the held-back kernel release.06:29
Firefisheanyone please correct me or add more if needed06:29
excognac Firefishe So those are sort of beta kernel upgrades?06:34
Firefisheexcognac: Generally speaking, if the end of an upgrade (not dist-upgrade) process says something like 'these packages held back' (they'll usually be listed by name), I would say yes.  It has been my own personal experience that this usually, but not always, almost always applies to kernels; sometimes other packages are affected, though.  The output will give indication.06:36
Firefisheexcognac: As I like to be on the bleeding-edge, I usually do the dist-upgrade to get the latest kernel releases, bugs and all ;).06:37
excognacok thank you Firefishie06:38
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liudashello! is there any way to turb off bug/crash reporting09:05
liudasit became reallu annoing while i am interuptet tu seng crash reports almost everytime i try to turn off computer09:06
liudasusually it sais something about plasma crash09:06
liudasi use kubuntu 11.1009:06
Peace-liudas: what?09:07
Peace-liudas: are you french ?09:08
liudasok. almost everytime i am shuting down computer i recieve bug report window09:08
liudasno i'm not09:08
liudaswell, i got already nervouse about that09:09
bbeckliudas: I get the same thing.  A plasma crash window often appears when I log out.09:09
liudasso i'm loking forward to do somethink not to see that problem report09:09
liudasso i'm not the only one09:10
liudasany solution?09:10
Peace-kde version ?09:10
Peace-mmm you could try to upgrade kde09:10
Peace-liudas: it seems btw a issue with your video card09:11
liudasit's intel video09:11
Peace-liudas: try to disable destkop effect09:11
bbeckI get it in 4.7.3, but hopefully on your box an upgrade fixes it.09:11
Peace-liudas: oh ok it's a driver problem then...09:11
koleopteroliudas: I see that too with 4.7.3 and with intel video09:11
Peace-there is a bug report i guess09:12
koleopteroyes it does09:12
liudasok so what i can do? wait until it will be fixed?09:12
bbeckI have not tried turning off the logout kwin effects, perhaps that has something to do with it.09:13
liudasor is there any way to disable bug reporting for awile09:13
liudasi turned of fade off effect at logout - didn't help09:13
Peace-liudas: if you are a noob wait09:13
Peace-if you are not you could upgrade to 4.7.4 thatis the latest stable release09:14
liudasok guys thant you indead09:14
liudasupgrade from kubuntu ppa?09:14
koleopteroPeace-: that wasn't very nice now was it :P09:14
Peace-liudas: you could try to upgrade intel drivers...09:15
Peace-or upgrade kde...09:15
Peace-i think it's not safe for normal users btw09:15
Peace-i mean wait for the fix09:15
Peace-i have heard about this bug on intel video driver09:16
liudasok thank you09:16
liudashave a good and happy day :)09:16
Peace-liudas: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/87676209:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 876762 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "KDE crashes at login with desktop effects enabled" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:17
Peace-ah this is on login09:17
koleopterowell login is fine here lol09:17
Peace-it's the driver09:19
Peace-they did something of wrong so for some card is login and for some is logout09:19
koleopterowell tbh I had been using kubuntu for a month till last week (distro-hopping) and again since yesterday and despite that bug everything works perfectly (amazingly so) so it's not much of a problem if you think about it09:20
Peace-i have no issue on kubuntu09:21
Peace-i have never had big problems on kubuntu09:21
koleopterodoes anyone here know what that update-apt-xapian thing is doing? It is very often using 100% of my cpu for several minutes at which point the system slows down to a crawl09:23
Peace-koleoptero: another bug :)09:25
Peace-koleoptero: it try to indicize your package list or something like that09:25
Peace-koleoptero: kill the beast09:25
koleopteroI've grown tired of killing it lol09:25
koleopteronow I usually just stop doing anything till it stops09:25
koleopteroI'll check what it comes with and ditch it if I can09:26
koleopterochmod -x update-apt-xapian should do the trick lol09:32
Peace-koleoptero: yes it does09:40
phoenix_firebrdis there a channel for digikam?10:33
phoenix_firebrddigikam crashes and i have the crash log, if anyone interested i will paste the log10:34
yofel_szal: not really, iirc the font itself got updated, but that's all I know10:45
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Kottizenphoenix_firebrd: can you report it as a bug?10:45
phoenix_firebrdKottizen:  i am just doing that10:46
phoenix_firebrdKottizen: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28709910:46
ubottuKDE bug 287099 in Face Detection "Digikam crash when using facerecognition" [Crash,Unconfirmed]10:46
Kottizenphoenix_firebrd: wonderful :)10:46
Kottizenphoenix_firebrd: you're Swedish?10:47
phoenix_firebrdKottizen: no , why do you ask?10:48
Kottizenah, never mind, just saw that you replied to a bug report10:48
szalyofel: yeah, found that out myself, they just left the Medium weight out10:48
phoenix_firebrdKottizen: no i just added my comment after showing you the bug report check the page again , mine is the 4th comment10:49
phoenix_firebrdanyone here have power to change a bug report status10:51
jubo2wow. the upgrades fixed the wlan :D10:53
jubo2and peace too10:54
jubo2anyways.. Wicd might have helped yeah but still .. whoa. the upgradees whoa.. now if I just could get audible alerts and bubbles turned on and the Compiz Scale-plugin turned back on I'd be one happy compuuter camper10:57
liudasI bet I wount be the first to ask this question: when and where we will be able to try kde 4.8 on kununtu? :)11:04
phoenix_firebrdliudas: what to try 4.8 right now?11:07
phoenix_firebrdliudas: use project-neon  to try 4.8 now, else if you want 4.8 normal release wait till feb 201211:09
liudasthanx buddy11:10
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phoenix_firebrdliudas: yw11:34
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sercanubuntu 11.10 dan 12.04 e güncelledim12:06
sercanşimdi de 12.04 den 11.10 a geri almak için ne yapmam gerekiyor12:06
sercangoogle arama motoruna sordum ama belki de yanlış sormuş olabiliriim bulamadım12:06
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:14
frogonwheelserr no, that's not spanish. sorry12:14
sercantürkce bilen yokmu:)12:15
szalhow can one take Turkish for Spanish? :o12:22
ubottuHvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!12:24
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lokifaerbonjour à tous13:17
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BluesKajHiyas all13:47
kereellhi guyz)14:58
kereellfirst night with kubuntu15:00
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kamilnadeemThe calculator widget is not working in Kubuntu 11.10?16:29
Torchkamilnadeem: works for me16:30
Torchkamilnadeem: what's wrong with it for you?16:30
kamilnadeemstrange, I am only able to press 1234 as I press 5 or 6.... teh calcutor returns to 0?16:31
kamilnadeemthat is clears out ?16:31
Torchkamilnadeem: you're right. happens here too16:31
kamilnadeemTorch: Is it the first time you have checled it.16:32
Torchkamilnadeem: yes. i don't use it normally.16:32
kamilnadeemTorch: Well but it should work. Right.16:33
Torchkamilnadeem: absolutely. it appears it has a serious bug.16:33
kamilnadeemLet's call out to some experienced user in here.16:34
kamilnadeemBlueskaj You here?16:35
BluesKajkamilnadeem, not an experienced user with the calculator ...haven't used it in ages :)16:36
kamilnadeemBluesKaj:  :D16:36
kamilnadeemIs it happening on your side too?16:36
BluesKajkamilnadeem, Kcalc works fine here16:38
kamilnadeemBluesKaj: Not that but the calculator widget ?16:39
BluesKajok , hang on16:39
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BarkingFishkamilnadeem: Confirmed16:40
BarkingFishThis happens here too16:40
BluesKajyup, here as well16:41
BluesKajkcalc works fine tho , so there's an alternative16:41
BarkingFishSeems to work sort of OK if you use the numpad on your keyboard, but still resets to 0 sometimes if you hit the 5 or 6 key in a number16:42
BluesKaja lot of these widgets are crappy ..the weather stn assumes we all live in the US for example16:42
ubottuKDE bug 281484 in widget-misc "Calculator plasmoid does not accept entries with more than 4 digits" [Normal,New]16:42
kamilnadeem:( , I was writing about the activities in KDE for my blogpost on Kubuntu 11.10 , had made a wise screenshot how activity helps a student and hence placed Calculator widget , calculated and phew it is not working16:42
BarkingFishBug title on that is wrongish, it doesn't like numbers with 5's or 6;s in them, regardless how long they are16:43
kamilnadeemBluesKaj: I was able to configure my city "Lucknow" in both the wather widgets.16:43
* BluesKaj doesn't rely on widgets much16:44
TorchBarkingFish: i don't think that is the case.16:44
BluesKajkamilnadeem, nice to hear. I gave up on the weather widget 2yrs ago or so16:45
kamilnadeemBluesKaj: :) I also personally keep three widgets. Folder view , analog clock and system monitor.16:45
BarkingFishTorch: I just tried it here - I added 446 to 225 and as I hit the 5, the screen set to 0 - I hit enter to get the answer, and it gave me "ERROR"16:46
BarkingFishI've added a note to 28148416:46
kamilnadeemBarkingFish: good16:46
TorchBarkingFish: it does accept 5 and 6 for me, however: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/12/10/plasma-desktopa22135.jpg16:47
BarkingFishTorch: Which KDE version?16:47
TorchBarkingFish: 4.7.316:48
BarkingFishI'm on 4.7.216:48
kamilnadeemTorch: Same here16:48
BarkingFishThis has been in since pre 4.7.1 apparently16:48
kamilnadeemBarkingFish: what distro16:48
BarkingFishKubuntu 11.1016:48
kamilnadeemBarkingFish: ? haven't you received the 4.7.3 updates ?16:48
BarkingFishI won't upgrade to 4.7.3 until they fix plasma and sort out the numerous mass of bugs and assorted cockups which went with it.16:49
BarkingFishI downgraded from 4.7.3 3 days after I first tried it16:49
kamilnadeemBarkingFish: what all problems are you having16:49
kamilnadeemand was 4.7.2 working well, I am also having some crash issues with 4.7.316:50
kamilnadeemI am doubting whether KDE is good for a total new user to land on ? :(16:50
BarkingFishPlasma desktop keeps dying at will, and twice took my entire machine down with it, failure to get network manager to work with ndiswrapper, panel keeps locking up and won't respond to anything - kernel panics on trying to use kstars, kdenlive, kontact, gimp, gwenview and about 20 other packages...16:51
BarkingFishdo you want me to keep going or do you have a good idea? :)16:51
holsteini think moving from *any* thing to somehting else is harder than just booting up something new, and learning it16:51
TorchBarkingFish: graphics card and driver?16:52
kamilnadeemBarkingFish: No way :D , I am only facing random crashing(doesn't takes the system down)16:52
BluesKajkamilnadeem, I'm using the 12 hr AM/PM widget clock , analog desktop clock , and now the weather stn , which finally works for my location16:52
kamilnadeemBarkingFish: Nice16:52
kamilnadeemBluesKaj: Nice :)16:52
BarkingFishTorch: ATI Radeon SE is the card, don't know what the driver is, or how to check16:52
kamilnadeemBarkingFish: that "Nice" was for BluesKaj16:52
BluesKajBarkingFish, have you considered using wicd-kde for your wifi NM?16:53
kamilnadeemGuys I am thinking of using Kcalc instead of that calculator widget for my blogpost16:53
BarkingFishyep, tried it before - it works with ndiswrapper but won't connect to wpa-psk and wpa2 networks, BluesKaj16:54
kamilnadeemor let me see if there is some other calculator plasmoid available for install16:54
BluesKajkamilnadeem, well ,then at least you advising ppl to use an app that works :)16:54
BarkingFisheven though I know the password is correct, wicd-kde insists that it's not16:54
BluesKajBarkingFish, it shouldn't need ndiswrapper16:55
kamilnadeemBluesKaj: That is the point , My blog is intended for those total new users and one doesn't want to drop them on something that is not working16:55
* BluesKaj nods16:56
BarkingFishno, but my wifi adapter does to make it work, BluesKaj - the native module doesn't operate it16:56
kamilnadeemBluesKaj: :)16:56
BluesKajBarkingFish, what model wifi adapter/chip ?16:57
BarkingFishBluesKaj: Siemens Gigaset USB 108, Atheros AR5523 chip16:57
BarkingFishshould work on ath5k, but the VPID isn't in the list of supported equipment on that module16:57
BluesKajis the actual module ath5k17:00
BarkingFishath5k is supposed to support the atheros 5xxx series of wifi chips17:01
kamilnadeemIt seems I have to use Kcalc for the post , well it works. :)17:01
kamilnadeemTake care everyone17:02
BluesKajBarkingFish, is this an anomaly , that your particular wifi chip isn't supported , seems rather odd to me... wonder if it could be the router settings WPA/PSK ..maybe some invstigation into the router wifi setup is in order17:06
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BarkingFish BluesKaj - I think it's a mistake that the chip isn't supported.  I've googled various linux topics in association with the VPID (129B:160C) and i can find stuff which is supposed to be supported (madwifi, etc) but doesn't work at all.17:08
BarkingFishThe only way I can get the stick to fire up is using ndiswrapper with the original net5523.inf from the disk which came with it, as the driver17:08
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BarkingFishI'm using the stick right now, and it works a treat.  I just wish it had operational native support instead of my having to go through the rigmarole of setting up ndiswrapper17:09
BluesKajok, BarkingFish , at least it works17:12
darkfinewhats going on?17:14
BarkingFishIf you'd've hung round long  enough, we'd have told you :P17:15
KottizenBluesKaj: hi - I reinstalled the system and it still didn't work, so I suspect it's a bug in the driver17:17
KottizenBluesKaj: tried to follow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1668737, and it lead me to the outdated tutorial of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules17:17
Kottizenmanually changed the repository's name to natty and it worked, but I the kernel version was incorrect17:17
Kottizenso I'm kinda stuck17:18
BluesKajKottizen,  ok ...this might more up to date http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Setup_audio_over_HDMI_on_nVidia_GeForce/nForce_controller17:18
Kottizenoh thanks - will try that!17:19
BluesKajKottizen, I was going to mention yesterday, the .asoundrc file is also required but i got sidetracked by the kernel module mixup.17:23
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darthanubiskde 4.8beta aka 4.79?17:57
darthanubisany chance we will get that?17:57
BluesKajmaybe on 12.0417:57
darthanubishow about 4.7.4?17:58
BluesKajdarthanubis, I'm running 12.04  which uses kde 4.7.3 by default18:01
darthanubisBluesKaj: not worried about 4.7.3 as I have that in 11.10. I asked about what the link I dropped is talking about? If not 4.7.8 then 4.7.4 making into 11.10?18:07
BluesKajdarthanubis, dunno , I'm not real concerned18:08
BluesKajdarthanubis, it's up to you to try alpha/beta applications , but I would go to #KDE to find out more18:09
darthanubiswhat are you talking about? Find what from #KDE?18:11
darthanubisI'm asking will 4.7.4 be available in some form of PPA to 11.10 like every other update release?18:11
darthanubisI also am not polling for "concern"18:12
darthanubisIf someone is knowledgable about the topic, then they can advise. If not, or they don't understand the question, then they need not be concerned with my query.18:13
BluesKajthen stop polling , this is not the room for alph/beta application support18:13
darthanubisit was not a poll18:13
darthanubisit was a question18:13
darthanubisnot looking for support18:13
darthanubisyou aer obviously confused18:14
BluesKajit takes a question to poll18:14
zeppohow can i reenable a internal audio device removed by kde? (i got a message that an internal audio device was removed and if i want to forget this device yes/no. i clicked yes, and i want to undo that)18:28
BluesKajzeppo, did you remove an audio application like plseaudio or some such ?18:30
zeppoBluesKaj: no18:31
zeppocheck this18:31
BluesKajor install new audio hardware ?18:31
zeppoBluesKaj: http://osdir.com/ml/kde-linux/2010-05/msg00000.html18:31
zeppono its a kde bug18:31
zeppoor feature18:31
zeppo(happens on every upgrade)18:31
BluesKajok zeppo , sudo apt-get install-reinstall alsa-base alsa-utils , then reboot , don't click yes if that phonon dialog pops up when you relogin18:35
BluesKajoops zeppo wait ..correction18:35
BluesKajsudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base alsa-utils18:35
zeppoBluesKaj: ok brb18:40
zeppo_BluesKaj: tried it didnt work19:03
zeppo_how can i tell the system to rescan my devices and load device modules on boot?19:04
BluesKajok zeppo_ , you might have to remove pulseaudio . after rebooting you should get that phonon dialog again , then you'll have to install pulseaudio again and reload alsa , sudo alsa force-reload19:07
SnowhogKubuntu 11.10, KDE 4.7.3. Anyone know if/how to prevent Ksplash from scaling the background? I see that there are two binaries: /usr/bin/ksplashx and /usr/bin/ksplahs_scale. Is it as simple as using update_alternatives and creating a symlink to ksplashx?19:10
BluesKajSnowhog, I just use the desktop settings (rightclick on the desktop) , and under positioning = scaled , works fine on my large screen monitor19:19
SnowhogBluesKaj: But that is for the Desktop Wallpaper. I'm talking about the background image that Ksplash uses after you login via KDM. KDM doesn't scale the background, but Ksplash does, and that makes for an uneven transition. This is happening because Ksplash is scaling by default the image it is pointed to.19:21
zeppoBluesKaj: i fixed the phonon problem19:21
zeppoi did:  sudo apt-get purge alsa-base alsa-utils pulseaudio19:21
zeppoand then19:21
zepposudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop  (which reinstalls the default packages)19:22
zeppoand reboot19:22
zeppoi got the phonon message about devices "removed", and i selected no and dont ask me again19:22
zeppowhich apparently is a bug cause it removed my analog internal audio device which is perfectly working19:23
zeppo(and i got the same at another pc too)19:23
BluesKajok Snowhog , sorry I misread your post, I don't use the pw login ..I'm the only use here at home so I set it to autologin19:25
scott__i need to install windows on my netbook. i've already downloaded the .iso i'd like to install. and i realize i'll lose my kubuntu installation, but i'll partition later. my question is, how do i begin the install from the iso?19:31
holsteinscott__: from the windows iso?19:32
scott__holstein: yes19:33
holsteingrub is all you will lose https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows19:33
scott__mkay....still, how to begin the install?19:33
holsteinscott__: depends19:33
holsteini dont know what iso you have, and i have no idea how you 'download' a windows installation CD19:34
holsteinbut, i would check the documenation... most install CD's come with instructions, and its typically a matter or selecting it from the bios, or a bios key at boot19:34
scott__holstein: i said i have the .iso, not the cd.19:35
scott__i'm on a net book so....no dvd drive19:35
holsteinscott__: i would try a windows support channel19:35
holsteinwhen i have installed windows in the past, i select what i want to boot from the bios, just like with a linux install CD19:36
BluesKajscott__, burn the iso to a cd first then use the cd to installwindows , but be sure to make a ntfs partition for windows with gparted live cd19:36
scott__holstein: again, i point out that i'm on a netbook, which means there isn't a cd tray from which to boot from19:37
holsteinwhen i used to try installing XP from USB stick, it was *not* trivial19:37
SnowhogBluesKaj: Found a reasonable and simple solution to the scaling issue with Ksplash.19:38
* BluesKaj reminds himself to stay away from netbooks for dual booying19:38
holsteineither way, i would ask in a windows support channel about the best most current way to install your legally obtained windows version without bruning a CD19:38
BluesKajSnowhog, in grub ?19:38
SnowhogBluesKaj: No. As Ksplash is scaling the background image it is told to use, but KDM is not, I just modified the KDM Theme .xml file (/usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/horos/horos.xml) and changed <normal wallpaper="Horos" scalemode="crop" /> to <normal wallpaper="Horos" scalemode="scale"/>19:42
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DragnslcrI really wish X would stop segfaulting20:04
BluesKajgraphics card driver/module problems perhaps , Dragnslcr ?20:09
DragnslcrThat's my guess. I know there are a couple open bug reports about Intel drivers20:09
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SnowhogShameless promotion of a slick and easy fix to smooth background image transition from KDM to Ksplash: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3119655.msg281096#msg28109620:43
mbrcan anyone help me solve this: http://pastebin.com/vtJBhGcm ?20:50
teijwindows est le best21:22
traceurspiritcé kler21:22
teijlinux sa pue21:22
traceurspiritvou ete une vi de merd21:23
teijles pigeon vole21:23
teijmange bolosse21:23
OerHekssudo service vocabulaire anglais -f21:24
teijsorry man21:24
traceurspiritt francai ??21:24
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:25
terrygIs there a kde app similar to gkrellm?21:31
Snowhogterryg: Are you wanting an actual KDE GUI application that does what gkrellm does, or just something other than gkrellm? I (and many) use/prefer conky.21:42
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mastercontrol_this feels like the deep end.21:43
DarthFrogDo your feet touch bottom? :-)21:43
mastercontrol_im not sure if there is a bottom.21:44
mastercontrol_its hard to un-ecm an ecm file in linux.21:50
mastercontrol_not sure whats going wrong.21:50
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mastercontrol_any newBs online?22:12
markustrying to install mac os x, kubuntu and win xp on the same machine22:12
markusthe viatkos disk runs on my machine without problems22:12
markushow would I start that project?22:13
markusfirst create the partitions for all systems?22:13
markuslike ntfs for windows, then xfs and swap for linux and hfs+ for mac os?22:13
BluesKajgood luck with that22:15
markusI tried to make my ntfs partition smaller. but that seems not to work22:16
markustried gparted. but that said there is an error on my disk22:17
markusthen I tried with partition magic22:17
markusdid not work neiter22:18
BluesKajis this a mac ?22:19
markusno. I have a normal notebook22:22
carayahi, my kubuntu can´t start:-( Just start login screen, but when I write log and pass, log screen coming again back:-( Another terminal (ctrl+alt+F?) work exactly and if I kill Xserv, and wirrite stratx  than kde start,22:27
carayasome idea, aor know where is some log files? In Xorg.0.log can found anything wrong :-(22:29
BarkingFishcaraya: if you get your Xorg.0.log file, and open it, could you paste the contents of it to paste.ubuntu.com, so we can take a look?22:34
carayaoh, sorry. Now is it on pastebin22:39
BarkingFishcan you post the link to the pastebin page?22:40
BarkingFishthank you22:41
carayaI thank you :-) for attention :-)22:42
BarkingFishYou seem to have a lot of errors in the log, caraya - including the fact that the module which supports your graphics card is missing.22:44
BarkingFishor at least, it can't be found22:44
carayabut why working inf i write stratx in console?22:44
BarkingFishmaybe when your system starts up the first time, something is being missed.22:46
BarkingFishBut I found this: (EE) Failed to load module "i810" (module does not exist, 0)22:46
BarkingFishYour xorg configuration seems to be using fbdev to run your display22:46
BarkingFishalso, caraya - are you comfortable using English? We have a channel which operates in Czech if you need one :)22:48
BarkingFishI'm not wishing to be rude, or to offend you, I'm simply offering you support in your own language if you wish to have it :)22:48
carayaI yes, if you uunderstand my english:-)22:48
BarkingFishI'm not having a problem, i'm just being polite and offering you the choice :)22:49
BarkingFish Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz.22:49
BarkingFishBut anyway, you say that if you use startx - your service starts up normally.  Do you know how to set your system so that it does not need you to login, but will load straight away?22:50
carayai know this forum, but the people on them are very slovly for answer :-(22:52
BarkingFishcaraya - sometimes it can be like that here, too.22:52
carayaBarkingFish: :-)22:53
BarkingFishA lot of our users in the channel are in Europe, and some in the US.  It's either very early, or getting very late :)22:53
BarkingFishi will brb22:53
BarkingFishcaraya - sorry about that :)22:55
carayaits ok22:56
BarkingFishRight.  Let us try something.  I am going to help you set up your machine, so you do not need to login.  I want to see if the login is what is causing this problem.22:56
carayathe problem is may be in repositary, becouse if i can upgrade/update, then system write  http://paste.ubuntu.com/766387/22:58
BarkingFishcaraya: what version of Kubuntu are you using?23:00
BarkingFishoh damn23:00
BarkingFishhi again caraya :)23:00
BarkingFishWhat version of Kubuntu are you using?23:00
carayaold one .... 9.1023:00
BarkingFishoh wow.23:00
BarkingFishThat's pretty old.  I don't think then maybe that I can help you - I didn't start to use Kubuntu until 11.0423:01
carayabut now i canot upgrade for smae problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/766387/23:01
BarkingFishcaraya: can you try a distribution upgrade?23:01
carayalike apt-get dist-upgrade?23:02
BarkingFishor is that what you tried?23:02
carayadist_upgrade write nothing for upgrade23:03
BarkingFishI've asked some friends in another channel, to see if they can help you since I know nothing of the version of kubuntu you are using.23:05
ikoniacaraya: it's a simple issue, that repo is not responding23:06
ikoniacaraya: that file is not on the server23:06
carayaikonia: and support is over?23:08
ikoniacaraya: support of what ?23:09
carayaof 9.1023:09
ikoniacaraya: the repos for 9.10 are on oldreleases.ubuntu.com23:09
BarkingFishikonia: it's also an issue that when caraya tries to distro upgrade, nothing happens.  How can it be done to get them from 9.10 to the latest? is it possible?23:10
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade23:10
ikoniathere are instructions for how to deal with EOL releases23:10
BarkingFishbrilliant, thanks ikonia23:11
ikoniabut to get 9.10 to "current" before the upgrade, you'll need to use "oldreleases.ubuntu.com"23:11
carayathanks everione :-)23:11
BarkingFishcaraya: so you will need to change the repository you download from to the one ikonia mentioned23:11
BarkingFishor rather, don't change it, but add it to your sources.23:12
carayaBarkingFish: oki, thaks a lot23:12
canis__in rekonq-Where is the download window, or it's equivilant, and why is it so hard to find?23:12
BarkingFishcanis__: I don't think you'll find that there is a download window in rekonq23:14
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BarkingFishas far as I know, when you download, it asks you where you want to save stuff, then saves it - you just get a progress bar pop up on the screen while it's saving23:15
canis__That's my problem, I couldn't find it.  There is one, but it is in a very funky spot23:15
canis__For some queer reason you have to open a new tab just to get to it.  I just found that out in the rekonq channel23:16
volkerhallo zsammen. Habe soeben kubuntu 11.10 installiert. Wie bekomme ich akonadi weg, ohne das das gesammte kde verschwindet?23:23
volkeroh- sry, may i have do write in english?23:24
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!23:24
Torchvolker: also, current kde versions depend on akonadi23:24
volkerthx, for your answer. So what could i deinstall from this PIM programm? is there a list?23:25
Snowhogvolker: Would you please repost your question - in English?23:29
volkeryes, i do. I've installed kbuntu 11.10 today. now i want to deinstall akonadi. But the paketmanager tell me that in this case, kde-workspace an many other things will be gone.23:31
Torchvolker: why do you want to uninstall akonadi?23:31
Snowhogvolker: Correct. I don't think that you can uninstall akonadi - it is now intregal to KDE.23:32
volkerso - i search the way to deinstall akonadi - PIM...23:32
BarkingFishvolker: A lot of stuff in Kubuntu 11.10 relies on akonadi to work correctly - kmail needs it, for example.23:32
BarkingFishIf you uninstall it, you lose most of KDE. Simple.23:32
volkeri don't need kmail.23:32
Snowhogvolker: If you don't want to use Kontact/Kmail, you don't have to.23:33
Torchvolker: plasma depends on akonadi for the calendar widget, so you simply cannot uninstall akonadi as long as you want a KDE desktop23:33
Snowhogvolker: You can safely uninstall kontact and kmail if you don't want them.23:33
volkerok, i understand. [but i don't agree ;-( ]  I only want KDE Desktop (no widget's) if i want more then i'll install that. But thanks a lot, i try it - file by file.23:36
billytwowillyhi, updatedb.mlocat is hitting 100 % cpu usage and filling up my log files until the hard drive is full every time it runs.23:39
billytwowillyany suggestions on how to fix this?23:40
noaXesshey all23:45
noaXessif i want start ktimetracker i get this: Could not create the KTimeTracker part.23:46
noaXessand tahts the console output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/766414/23:49
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