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EvilResistancecan someone help me reverse an upload to a PPA?  i accidentially put in the wrong PPA address for dput when uploading a version of ZNC (which i modified) to the PPA, instead of sending it to the *correct* ppa, and i need to reverse it back to the last-uploaded version05:44
EvilResistancei cancelled the builds for that upload, but i still need to reverse said upload05:46
wgrantEvilResistance: Delete the package, then copy the old one (you'll need to change the Published selector to Superseded on +copy-packages)06:28
EvilResistancedefine "copy the old one"06:29
EvilResistancewon't a delete on the uploaded version remove the older version?06:29
EvilResistanceas well*06:29
EvilResistanceoh there it is06:30
EvilResistancei see06:30
EvilResistancethat didnt work :/06:31
EvilResistancewhatever, the version of the package i have for natty and the version i have for oneiric are basically the same06:32
EvilResistance*copies the natty version back*06:32
wgrantWhy didn't it work?06:47
EvilResistanceit wouldnt let me copy it in06:48
wgrantWhy not>06:48
EvilResistancesaid the source already existed in the PPA06:49
wgrantDid you tell it to copy binaries too?>06:49
EvilResistancein any case06:49
EvilResistancewhat i did now06:49
wgrantYou have to.06:49
EvilResistanceis i got it fixed by copying in the binaries from the repository i copied the binaries to after buildinbg06:49
wgrantYou can't build the same binaries twice in one PPA -- it would create conflicting files.06:49
EvilResistance(one PPA for staging, one for deploying)06:49
EvilResistancein any case, its working now...06:50
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ajf_is there any way to run autogen/autotools in a launchpad ppa recipe? I have everything including the debian/ packaging info in the repository, is the only way to get it to build to merge it with a seperate -build repo I need to sync every time I change the configure.ac? I was hoping to maintain just one repository.15:09
ajf_it works locally, but launchpad doesn't let me use the 'run' command in the bzr-builder recipe15:09
tumbleweedajf_: why not autogen at build time?15:14
* tumbleweed waves dh_autoreconf at ajf_ 15:14
ajf_Ah excellent, thank you.15:19
constajf_: in your official packages please don't do that16:21
constajf_: its better to include the configure script in your official releases16:21

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