xsaidxif there no kernel theres nethin00:00
lalalaok thanks ... sounds positive00:00
xsaidxlalala: what you mean by content ?00:01
xsaidxlalala: if you mean source code you can get it by apt-get00:02
xsaidxbut i assume u dont want that tho lalala righ00:02
lalalai found a content list for the puredyne xubuntu remix live cd here:00:03
lalalaim looking for something similiar for lubuntu00:03
lalalaso i can guess better what is included in lubuntu, what it supports00:04
xsaidxwell lalala lubuntu its the cooler and lighteri guess archlinux its lighter but never test it00:06
xsaidxlalala: simalar to lubuntu doesnt exist cus lubuntu its juste greate00:07
lalala:)  i i believe the same . thats why i want to have it . how can i see before installing what kind of devices it supports?  xsaidx:  before you came i already said:  i found a driver for the touchpad that is usefull with linux kernel 2.6 plus X window00:10
lalalasometimes it only works by rebuild the kernel ... im really newbi ...  does it sound like its usefull for lubuntu?00:11
xsaidxlalala: lubuntu supports most type of pcs as i kno you can google what you lookin for00:11
xsaidxkeep in mind google is u friend lalala00:12
lalalai know man00:12
xsaidxwell i gtg just google  how to compile o sumthin00:12
xsaidxgood luck00:12
lalalathank you00:12
lalalayou too00:12
lalalaxsaid  with fancontrol you can at least find out if its the fan, without opening00:13
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lalalahey all    is there a live-cd version for Lubuntu?02:22
h4ckm3you can run live on the stock lubunto image02:23
lalalai downloaded lubuntu mini.iso     so i can boot this from cd and try without installing/ eg.   without changing anything on my harddrive?02:24
lalalasuper  merci02:26
h4ckm3there should be a bunch of boot options right at boot02:27
h4ckm3"try lubuntu" should be the one at the very top02:27
lalalathanks a lot  i gonna give it a try02:29
lalalahi  im back .. tryed  didnt work02:35
lalalai downloaded    mini.iso from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu02:36
lalalabooting from the cd   ... appears only install option02:37
lalalathe logo is the Ubuntu logo02:38
lalalawhere can i get a portable live cd version of Lubuntu?02:38
lalalathank you02:46
lalalaon a live cd start i cant install additional programs? for that i have to istall Lubuntu on my harddrive?02:49
holsteinlalala: you can try02:56
holsteinif they fit, they fit02:56
holsteini find i can get away with installing some things02:57
lalalaok, once i had installed Ubuntu parallel to Win7,  it was easy (starting the install in Win ---> bootmanager came out)        can i use lubuntu parallel to win7 and easy install/uninstall it?03:00
holsteinlalala: depends03:00
holsteinbascially, ubuntu = lubuntu03:01
holsteinand so on...03:01
lalalayes i undesrstand this now03:01
lalalabut it depends on what? how can i do?03:01
holsteinlalala: depends on how you do it... you can break things03:04
holsteini would first update everything03:05
holsteinthen, i would shrink my windows partition down, and think about how i would grow it back out (if needed)03:05
holsteini would think about how i would recover the MBR... fixbmr or whatever the command is from the windows install disc03:05
holsteinthen, i would let linux install to the free space03:05
holsteinyou can do all that from within the lubuntu installer03:06
ubot5GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:07
holstein^ i would read that and know what is happening with the boot loader, and hwy03:07
lalalagreat thank you03:09
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witedsduno if this is the right place i was wondering if there is a way to setup a computer so that you could connect to the same profile form any linux computer in the house that shares the same lan network06:12
bioterrormaybe easiest way is to have a server/router06:16
bioterrorwhat ever you call it06:16
bioterrorand mount with NFS the home directory06:17
bioterrordoes it make sense?06:17
bioterrorthat's how I would do it06:17
witedsa little06:17
bioterroras I dont have a Sun Ray thin clients ;)06:18
witedswas just somthing that i was thinking to night if my main computer gose down i was thinking wouldent it be nice to have every thing on just a simpel server computer and use any desktop  with a linux os to connect to my profile06:18
witedscould save me some reinstalls06:18
bioterrorif you have one computer 24/7/365 on, and it has a RAID setup, why not then06:19
bioterrorall you need to do is just fix your /etc/fstab to mount that home partition with NFS06:20
witedsusualy leave my computers on 24/7 and my main desktop gets reset once a day to make sure it stays some what fresh rame and swap space wise06:20
bioterrorare you using windows or what? I only reboot when I have to and it's kernel updates06:21
witedsi am using linux but on an emachine el 1200 budget pc and i play games and other things that some times fill up ram enough that my computer slows down06:23
bioterrorLinux caches RAM06:23
witedsduno what it is have you ever played secondlife06:24
bioterrorI only play angry birds06:24
witedsyea i also play stuff like mine craft and other various games and ocasionaly things tend to slow down and lagg up a bit06:25
witedsthats when i restart it helps atleast06:25
bioterroryeah, nfs is smartest way06:30
witedsthanks for clearing that up and making it clear i was sure if it was going to be that esy and was having a hard time wording it for the search engins06:30
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`marianne`hiya :) i'm having a bit of a problem setting up dual monitors in lubuntu... there's no option for it in the monitor config tool, and when i installed AMD's proprietary graphics driver hoping to use amdcccle to config it... well, amdcccle just crashes every time i try to hit "apply" or "ok"10:36
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amin`hello guys12:55
amin`i just finished installing lubuntu and let me say it is Nice12:55
amin`and I want to ask what package it uses for notifications " like when networkmanager connect to a wireless connection and or when GNOME Mplayer opens a file"12:56
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amin`guys; in lubuntu; what is the package in charge of notification? like when the gnome mplayer shows that it opened the file or networkmanager when connect to a wirless15:31
holsteinamin`: i forget, but i found it somewhere like synaptic15:35
holsteini swapped out the one in xubuntu for the one from main ubuntu15:36
amin`holstein:  what was ke keyword15:36
holsteinnotification, pretty sure15:36
holsteinnofityOSD ?15:37
holsteini think thats the one i switched to15:37
amin`holstein:  you mean that was something else and you changed it15:37
holsteinamin`: whatever the ones that come with xubuntu are, i chagned them to the ones that come with normal ubuntu15:38
amin`holstein:  friend; right now i have notification-daemon in stalled on my fresh install15:41
holsteincool... that sounds like it15:41
david_j_rDoes anyone know if ibus ships with Lubuntu (Oneiric)? http://code.google.com/p/ibus/15:44
david_j_rOK - it looks like "not" - just checked in Synaptic (should have done before)15:46
david_j_rand it's listed, but not installed.15:46
david_j_rSo obvious next question: anyone out there using ibus on Lubuntu?15:47
amin`holstein:  is notifyosd the lib or the api i mean it is the underlining  substructure or that bubbly stuff?16:35
holsteinamin`: im not sure... it pulls in what it needs, but i dont recall what or how much it pulled in16:35
holsteinamin`: someone in my local LUG helped me out with it16:36
holsteinlemme see if he is around...16:36
amin`holstein:  could you do me a favor16:37
holsteinamin`: whats up16:37
amin`what exactly you installed with notifyosd? (the dependencies)16:37
holsteinamin`: i dont have that machine with me, and im not on buntu16:38
holsteini have access to lucid remotely...16:38
holsteinamin`: i would look at apt-rdepends16:40
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benoliver999I'm looking to get flux working on lubuntu. Seems to work fine on ubuntu, but I can't get it going here.17:05
benoliver999It does say that it'll only work if I'm 'running X on console'. I'm a n00b and don't know what that really means.17:06
xsaidxbenoliver999: whats flux ?17:07
benoliver999It's an awesome little app that changes the screen colour based on what time of day it is.17:09
benoliver999Redices glare.17:09
benoliver999There's a gui but I use the command line version which is very simple.17:10
xsaidxbenoliver999: you mean f.lux you try redshift if you cant make that f.flus work17:12
xsaidxi use myself redshift and its cool tho17:12
benoliver999Thanks for the advice, I'll look into it. Same thing?17:13
Myrttipretty much17:13
benoliver999OK, another wuestion - how do I run a command on startup?17:17
benoliver999Sorry to bother you, I found it.17:20
benoliver999Thanks for the help.17:20
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amin`right now ubuntu and lubuntu use right now ? notify-osd or notification-daemon?18:28
wxlamin`: the latter18:31
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Soojinwhat method are people using in lubuntu to get random wallpaper changing after a few minutes?20:13
bioterrorwhat's the benefit?20:16
holsteini would think http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php?topic=87784.0 would work20:16
Myrttiwallch might do the trick20:17
Myrttiit's in the repos20:17
holsteini would go with that then Soojin ^^... wallch20:19
Soojinhmm it only changes the bottom20:19
Soojinit's like the bottom application bar and the desktop are two sessions which this script doesn't understand20:19
Soojinhere you can see http://i.imgur.com/pqxeU.jpg20:26
Soojinthe bottom is another wallpaper while the desktop stands static20:27
psychx-How can I check for problems? Yesterday the lubuntu/pc was running fine - and when I turned it on today, everything is running poorly. For example, the first few times I tried to boot up, it either went to a black screen or into a text-only "terminal" style session. I'm finally on the GUI now, but everything is choppy. My mouse cursor/arrow freezes every few seconds, songs skip when played, etc.. I also couldn't find my external hard drive,20:29
psychx-even after unplugging it from USB and plugging it back in. I had to reboot to see it, which is where I'm at now.20:29
psychx-Should I reinstall or what?20:34
holsteinpsychx-: i would start testing hardware20:35
Myrttiboot to grub menu with pressing shift at boot, and run memtest for a few hours20:35
Myrttibetter yet, overnight20:35
psychx-ok i have work in an hour so ill do it before i leave for work20:36
holsteini would try letting a live CD run for a while.. determine if its the intallation, the hard drive, or other hardware20:36
speckmadehey - I've got similar problems on several machines with lubuntu with pre-boot authentication and an encrypted LVM. Most annoying: GUI doesn't start.21:16
speckmadeIs it a known problem? Pointers to useful resources appreciated...21:17
speckmadeThe system starts up after password entry till there are the two messages "* Starting NTP server ntpd .... [OK]"21:18
speckmadean "* Starting bluetooth .... [OK]"21:18
speckmadethen nothing else happens on tty7.21:19
speckmadeon tty1 we logged in and tried to start lxdm manually (sudo lxdm) - nothing happening.21:19
speckmadeThe same system as a live system (without the encryption) works fine on this same machine.21:20
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ftnHey there. On the start menu, I have a bunch of entries for games I installed a while a go. Is there a way to re-generate the menu?, please22:10
Unit193As you didn't say, I have3 to ask if you uninstalled the games, did you?22:12
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