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pfifoI love Pangolin... with mashed potatoes and gravy04:04
toasty95what are major differences from 11.10to12.0404:11
toasty95when i upgraded my tool chain wont allow make ,install, clean.04:14
toasty95when i upgraded.  My tool chain wont allow make ,install, clean.04:20
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BluesKajHiyas all13:47
penguin42Hey BK13:51
* penguin42 is having a problem updating his PP for the 1st time in a week; W: Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-proposed/universe/binary-amd64/Packages 403 Forbidden for each entry - is this a known?13:52
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Ampelbeinpenguin42: I would think that the (proposed|updates|security) pockets for precise aren't available yet.14:17
penguin42Ampelbein: I'm getting it for everything as far as I can tell W: Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-amd64/Packages  403  Forbidden14:21
penguin42false alwarm; it's squid which broke for me14:23
Ampelbeinpenguin42: I was about to say, I can fetch them just fine14:24
penguin42which is then a case of why the squid on my other precise box broke14:25
penguin42I think what's happened is that my other box when it was upgraded to PP got a new squid config file14:29
penguin42and the box with squid was upgraded after this one, hence why I didn't see it last time14:31
jpdspenguin42: So it's working now?14:51
penguin42jpds: No, I'm swearing at squid14:51
penguin42jpds: If I turn off squid it's fine14:52
jpdspenguin42: Interesting.14:53
penguin42not particularly; well maybe - my old OO squid setup was a happy squid, this one seems to dislike anything other than localhost14:53
penguin42got it - as well as uncommenting the #acl lines for localnet you need to uncomment the http_access that matches it15:04
RaviorIs anyone having a problem with install in Ubuntu Software Center?16:24
RaviorEach time I want to install something it just freezes...16:25
RaviorIs a common bug or it's just at me?16:25
Ravioralso the same thing happens with the Update Manager.16:26
* penguin42 doesn't use software centre much - but let me try it16:26
FernandoMiguelRavior: I guess its apt-get updating in the background16:26
FernandoMigueland failing ?16:26
FernandoMiguelcan you try it manually and see if it's getting any errors?16:27
RaviorNo errors when installing it manually. Only when I try to use the Update Manager or the Software Center.16:27
penguin42Ravior: Clicking the install button doesn't seem to be doing anything16:29
penguin42Ravior: It greys out and I don't see anything else16:29
penguin42but the app hasn't frozen - it keeps running and I can look at other apps16:29
Raviorthe same thing happens with the Update Manager16:30
Raviorbut I figured a way around it16:30
Raviorfirst you sudo apt-get update in the terminal, then surprisingly it's working normally.16:31
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CaptainKnotswould it render my netbook useless to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 right now?19:27
FernandoMiguelCaptainKnots: how confortable are with getting your hands dirty?19:29
CaptainKnotsFernandoMiguel: very19:30
FernandoMiguelthan do it19:30
FernandoMiguelmine is fully functional19:30
FernandoMiguelshame it takes longer to shutdown than to boot :S19:30
CaptainKnotsFernandoMiguel: I must admit...unity has come a long way since 11.0419:35
CaptainKnotsI actually find it practical on a netbook now19:35
CaptainKnotsbeats kde and gnome 319:36
CaptainKnotsthats for sure19:36
CaptainKnotsI still prefer xfce or lxde19:36
bjsniderthere's no question gnome-shell is the thing cool people use19:46
Raviornot that long way since 11.04... The Workspace Switcher is still kinda useless. Can't work on multiple windows without getting a few Half-Orange-Screen-of-Death.20:00
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SilverFoxanyone run penguin on a macbook pro 5,3 yet?21:12
urlin2uSilverFox, you know this is the precise channel correct?21:17
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penguin42coo; not seen that before 'The following package disappeared from your system as all files have been overwritten by other packages: libtag1c2a  Note: This is done automatically and on purpose by dpkg.#23:57
penguin42haha although apt-get dist-upgrade again has just installed the i386 version23:57

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