infinitylynx: I'm back, if you're still needing help.01:14
Netham45Anyone know what the username/pass is for the AC100 images?01:54
infinityNetham45: There isn't one unti you've booted the installer.01:58
infinityNetham45: If you follow the instructions on the page, on first boot, you'll end up (eventually) in a graphical installer that asks you to create a users.01:59
Netham45I'm not on an AC100 but another tegra device02:00
infinityOkay... And?02:00
infinityThat image is an installer image.02:00
infinityIf you just want a rootfs, try ubuntu-core.02:00
infinity(which you'll have to manually configure as you want, but it at least won't have an installer in it that you won't be running)02:01
Netham45There's an alternate installer image that'd normally install this one, apparantly.02:04
Netham45Okay, I'll just make an acc't on my laptop for the image before I reflash it.02:05
Netham45I'm being really confusing, aren't I.02:06
infinityPerhaps, but that's alright. :P02:06
Netham45http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/11.10/release/ubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+ac100.tar.gz < Downloaded that and flashed to my tablet, an Acer Iconia A500. That's meant to be installed through that installer, but I just extracted so it got flashed w/o any accounts.02:07
Netham45So I need to mount my image on my PC and make an acc't and put the wifi drivers on and it should all be good02:07
infinityYeah, as I said, the instructions on the page point to needing the actual boot image as well.02:07
Netham45I have it booting, it just only has a 'Guest' user that obviously has no root access.02:08
infinityThat said, you could run oem-config on that image on first boot and have it properly "install".02:08
infinityJust touch "/var/lib/oem-config/run" in that image before you flash it.02:09
infinityAnd on first boot, you should get the installer running.02:09
Netham45Okay. That installer won't muck with my partitions, will it02:09
infinityWhich will set up a user "correctly", among other things.02:09
Netham45heh, I was just going to chroot and adduser02:09
Netham45(or is it useradd)02:09
infinityuseradd is the lower-level utility.02:10
infinityBut you'll need to also add yourself to a few groups if you want to mimic what the installer does.02:10
Netham45adduser, add to admin group, right?02:10
Netham45(or whatever the default sudoers group is)02:10
Netham45y'know, the installer sounds easier, I'ma just use that.02:11
infinityadm, dialout, cdrom, plugdev, lpadmin, admin.02:11
infinityThe installer might fail due to you not actually using the ac100 kerel (at least, I assume you're not?)02:11
infinityBut I guess we'll see.02:11
Netham45No, I'm not.02:11
Netham45Installer started.02:15
infinityIt may well die if it tries to do anything kernel-related.02:17
infinityUnless you removed linux-\* from the image first.02:17
infinityWhich I probably should have mentioned. :P02:17
infinity(I'm not sure what the installer will do with no kernel packages installed, but I'm hoping the answer is "nothing").02:17
infinityIt may not break anyway, though.02:18
Netham45Worst-case if it tries to overwrite one of the kernels I'll have another to boot to.02:18
Netham45infinity, in case you were wondering, other than not clearing the run file the installer worked great.03:57
infinityNetham45: If it didn't clear the file in /var/run, it means it didn't actually finish to the point of cleaning up.  Might want to run "oem-config-remove" as root to get it to clean up.04:11
XaseGrueMaster: any time to look at that nook kernel I posted by any chance?07:28
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mirabilosinfinity: now _I_ am awake too (having a late breakfast ;)12:15
sergey_I've just start with pandaboard. write ubuntu-11.10-desktop into 8Gb mmc card. Start board. It shows ubunto logo. "Resizing, please wait" and then drops to BusyBox (initramfs) :(13:56
sergey_what I am doing wrong?13:56
=== mirabilos is now known as mksh
mkshinfinity: nvm, I could confirm it on a debian armhf porterbox that it's broken14:24
mkshthe debian/armhf build also came in today and has the same problem14:47
mkshso it's not ubuntu specific, and I'll retreat14:47
XaseHey, is it possible to use the ubuntu-core in qemu to build it the way I want/need for my target device?17:32
XaseBecause I have no way to interface with my target device once booted.17:33
infinitydoko: And which password was that?19:18
dokoinfinity, my router :-/19:19
infinitydoko: And changed already? :P19:20
dokoinfinity, pitti's png optimizations talk loong on opendnssec  :-/19:24
infinitydoko: It takes forever on a lot of packages.  Maybe we need to optimize the optimizer.19:35
dokoinfinity, did you change the dynamic linker name in both ghc and ocaml?19:38
infinityDo either of them use the C PI?19:39
infinityGiven that haskell and ocaml stuff seems to be running, I'd assume not.19:40
dokoboth call ld directly19:40
infinityCause the old PI isn't on the buildds.19:40
dokocurrently trying to fix clang19:40
infinityclang's broken on all arches, isn't it?19:41
infinityOr, there's an open bug that would suggest that.19:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 792146 in llvm "clang can’t link any programs: cannot find crt1.o, crti.o, crtn.o" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:41
infinitySee comment 13, it's apparently "still broken".19:42
infinityBut yeah, whatever ghc and ocaml are doing, I assume they're doing it right, cause the binaries they produce are running fine as build-deps for other packages.19:43
infinityAnd /lib/ld-linux.so.3 doesn't exist on our buildds.19:43
infinityHrm, down to only 307 packages with dep-waits.19:45
dokothat's now most of the haskell infrastructure in place19:46
Netham45Anyone know what I have to do to get plasma mobile to work?20:37
Netham45nevermind, got it.20:42
infinityjcrigby: We're trying to dump gcc-4.5 out of main this cycle, and u-boot-linaro is one of the last packages still using it.  I assume you need to do some hand verification of code generation with gcc-4.6 or something before you can switch?21:48
infinityjcrigby: If you could put that on your TODO (sooner, rather than later), that would be seven kinds of awesome.21:49

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