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hot_wheelzHi guys05:07
ajcullenHey 05:16
head_victimsagaci: agenda item added - the brisbane installfest09:50
head_victimAlso tweeted/dented09:53
ajcullenHey sagaci 11:27
sagacihi ajcullen 11:27
ajcullenHow are you? 11:27
ajcullenBack lol 11:30
sagacigetting tired but then again, it's kinda later11:31
ajcullenYer pulling an all nighter tonight 11:31
sagaciwhat's the occasion?11:32
ajcullenJust a lab party 11:33
ajcullenLan 11:33
ajcullenNeed to coordinate massive Lan cod 11:33
ajcullenJust downloading everything I need to for clean windows 11:35
ajcullenNearly there11:47
ajcullenSagaci... U ready to do the install 11:53
sagaciI'm ready to help you11:54
sagacihave you installed windows11:55
ajcullenOkay windows is installed all backed up ready to shrink and re install 11:55
sagaciwell just shrink your windows partition by 50GB11:56
ajcullenDoing that now... Going to do a 50/50 split 11:58
sagaciok as long as your windows partition still has a decent size left11:59
ajcullen150 each 11:59
sagacithat's fine11:59
ajcullenTaking ages to query shrink space,11:59
ajcullenShrinking 12:03
ajcullenCool 149 windows and 149 unallocated12:05
sagaciyep so reboot into an ubuntu live environment12:06
ajcullenGot to reinstall windows first? 12:07
sagaciwell I'd reinstall windows first12:08
sagaciand then reshrink12:08
sagacibut then again you could probably just reinstall it over the windows partition and leave unallocated as it is12:08
ajcullenThat's what I think the game plan was 12:10
sagacisounds like a good game12:10
ajcullenTis 12:10
sagaciNovember team report needs to be done12:13
ajcullenTrying to avoid system partition 12:18
ajcullenNearly done12:36
ajcullenFinalizing 12:42
ajcullenFar out... I have 101mb of unallocated space separate from the other 12:50
ajcullenOkay fixed 13:17
ajcullenNext step13:17
sagaciso boot into ubuntu13:20
sagaciI have to go out for a while13:20
ajcullenOkay... Should I just do a simple install of ubuntu? 13:21
ikt4 days to 'get' argparse16:12
iktsomething considered easy :/16:12

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