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philipballewis there an easy way to install Debian as my second os in place of back track thats currently installed without messing up grub?04:45
holsteinphilipballew: sure... i usually let the linux's share a swap partition04:47
philipballewalright. is the best way to do that and just not let debian set up its own mbr?04:47
holsteinphilipballew: either way04:48
philipballewalright, and yeah. sharing swap sounds smart04:48
holsteinphilipballew: i would just know how to update grub from a live CD, and all is well :)04:48
philipballewi have 4 gigs as well so i am not sure swap is always nessessery04:48
holsteinphilipballew: you have to get the alternate CD's with buntu to *not* install grub these days04:48
philipballewmakes sence i guess. well i was gonna install debian only this time as ubuntu is already installed. i need debian as i am going to be making packages for them now04:49
holsteinphilipballew: cool04:51
holsteinkeep me posted on that04:51
philipballewalright. I will. thanks for the info04:51
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ashickur-noorHow are u all?08:51
uwefine and you?08:59
ashickur-noorme also09:00
uwewhere are you from?09:01
ashickur-noorand u?09:02
ashickur-noorHave you tried knoppix?09:03
uweyes knoppix is cool09:04
ArizonaBahi can anyone help me with figuring out what is wrong with this comman on excel09:35
ArizonaBaplease ? NOTE = "E"09:35
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Arizona_Baycan anyone help me with visual basic sheets?10:31
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kanouthello everybody! I try to install ubuntu 11.10 on a win7 system. The installer doesn't recognize the win 7 OS. What can I do to rescue win 7 from the installation?10:58
Arizona_Baywhat do u mean it doesn recognize it?11:03
Arizona_Baylike in the repartition?11:03
Arizona_Bayjust check on instal side by side11:03
kanoutit doesn't have that option11:05
Arizona_Baydid u make your partitions?11:05
kanoutyes I have made unallocated space for ubuntu to use but still it doen't see it. Even though the disk utility from the live cd sees it as unallocated space. I have tried also fedora installer and it happens to be the same thing.11:07
Arizona_Bayit sees as the whole disk empty?11:09
Arizona_Bayalso u should check out #ubuntu11:09
Arizona_Bayare you sure u didnt wipe it out?11:10
kanoutyes. if i quit the installation win7 starts normally.11:10
Arizona_BayI have honestly no idea..11:11
kanoutWin 7 have made a small partition sized 100 MB which is system use, and this partition is marked by Active11:11
kanoutI think something is messed up with the MBR11:11
Arizona_BayI am really more noob then u are11:15
Arizona_Baylike i said check out the main channel11:15
kanoutok thank you for your time.11:16
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Arizona_Bayit was my pleasure :D11:38
hobgoblingot that working again then :)12:57
hobgoblinhello iggy19 geoff4413:14
geoff44Hi hobgoblin13:14
hobgoblinneed help or just wandering about :)13:15
geoff44This is my first time on a IRC13:15
hobgoblinoh - well welcome to IRC and this channel then :)13:16
hobgoblinwhat brought you here?13:16
geoff44Thanks hobgoblin - where do you hail from?13:16
uwehi geoff welcome here13:16
hobgoblinsouth of england geoff4413:17
geoff44Hi uwe - I'm from Australia13:17
uwei am from germany13:17
hobgoblingeoff44: if you've come following a link - the offtopic channel is #ubuntu-beginners-team - this is the support channel13:17
hobgoblinoh cool - I know a few that get here from oz13:18
geirhaIsn't it awfully late over there now?13:18
hobgoblinI'd have to guess so :)13:19
geoff44Yeah 20 past midnight13:19
geoff44I'm pretty ancient - the 44 refers to my date of birth13:20
hobgoblinthat's not ancient :p13:20
hobgoblinmy mum told me13:20
uwehehe is she from that age <hobgoblin> ?13:21
geoff44You interested in cricket hobgoblin?13:21
hobgoblinuwe: one more in fact :p13:21
hobgoblingeoff44: only when we are winning ...13:21
hobgoblinnot much of a sportsman13:22
geoff44NZ is cleaning us up in the test match13:22
hobgoblinoh dear13:23
geoff44This is a good learning experience for me13:23
geoff44Thanks hobgoblin13:23
hobgoblingood - that's what life is for13:23
hobgoblinso are you using a linux system now?13:24
geoff44How old are you uwe?13:24
geoff44Yes 11.10 mainly gnome shell13:24
hobgoblinaah cool13:25
uwe38 geoff4413:25
geoff44Yes you're only a youngster uwe13:26
geoff44I guess the other channels are mainly technical in nature?13:27
hobgoblinthis is one actually - this is the beginners team support channel - we have some others, offtopic #ubunt-beginners-team13:28
geirhaAm I the only one using Unity? Sometimes I feel like the only one. :)13:28
hobgoblinI think sabdfl uses it sometimes as well geirha13:29
geoff44Hi geirha - i'm using Unity right now13:30
uwei use unity and ubuntustudio 10.1013:33
uwei do not like the unity desktop to be honest13:38
geoff44I just went back on it today to try the myunity tool13:40
hobgoblinoh I've seen that thing on the forums13:40
hobgoblinnot tried it though - wouldn't work with xfce :p13:40
geoff44In my opinion it doesn't do a huge amount13:41
geoff44I quite like gnome shell with 4 or 5 extensions13:42
geoff44I guess it is time for me to got bed - It has been a pleasure to meet you all.13:51
E3D3Hi, I'm a TOTAL network-noob or worse a little phobic. To open an extern file in an already running Emacs editor #emacs advised me to use a server & client. Is it true that it has nothing to do with internet ?14:45
holsteinE3D3: im not sure where you read or heard what you heard, or why... but yes that is true14:51
holsteina server client scenario does *not* have to involve the internet or a network14:51
holsteinthe server and client can be running 'locally' on one machine,14:52
E3D3holstein: Really thanks, more people tried to explain me clearly but your the first that don't use words I have to Google for. :-)15:04
holsteinE3D3: maybe check out http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsClient15:09
holsteinif its a file you are being asked to edit, you might want to see if you can download it and work with it locally in the editor of your choice15:10
holsteinrunning services like that on a network with linux is not the same as if you are in windows15:11
holsteinyour user has certain permissions, and that typically keeps you safer than if you were running a client and connecting to a server with administrative permission15:12
holsteinthis would be like connecting to a website (server) with your web browser (client)15:12
holsteini say, do what makes you feel safe, and read around, and ask questions like you are...15:13
E3D3I'm a little paranoid about what I don't understand and always skipped this subject. I just thought it would work like with most programs, changing the opening-command. Server & client scare me because I can't control to who they connect.15:13
holsteinE3D3: you can control that15:13
holsteinand you can control the permissions15:13
E3D3I like to learn things to the bottom but avoided internet with it protocol-wars so most children know more. I think its to complex, temporary knowledge full of nasty hidden stuff. So I connect to public WLAN without password and close it after my job is done. Also SQL talked about server & another account so I threw it away, to much sidekick to handle/learn about. I'm always behind with this stuff and keep feeling naked. I wish this15:27
E3D3'upgraded notepad' used different words & ways to do it, just like other programs. Thanks you for your patience, help and take away some anxiety. I will try to overcome the remaining. Good luck & Thanks15:27
holsteinE3D3: you can always work from a live CD15:32
holsteinif you are worried about something infecting your machine, or your machine's hard drive, take it out of the equation15:32
holsteinyou can boot a live CD, or from a read only USB stick, have some storage area that is encrypted, or wiped regularly15:33
holsteinthis site http://www.turnkeylinux.org/ hosts linux live CD"s based on ubuntu that offer server scenarios to fit most any need15:34
E3D3holstein: I feel much comforted and try to find a route to the base of all this with a true understanding instead of living in a fog and blind repeating others. Thank you for helping. :-015:56
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AlexIsAverageHey! I'm having some trouble setting up an Afterglow Xbox controller so that Ubuntu recognizes it. Can anyone lend a hand?17:22
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LemonAidHi guys. What does the ! character in the /etc/shadow represent? I know the * character means that account is locked for login. "root" has a !, so it leads me to believe it might be a temporary rights something..19:22
LemonAidI meant, in the lines in the /etc/shadow file.19:23
geirhaIt is explained in the man-page.  man shadow19:24
LemonAidWill check, thanx.19:25
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creedeHey all, I have a question. When I move my cursor to the left or the right edge of the screen, compiz (presumably) wants to resize the active window up against that edge of the window.22:04
creedeHow can I turn that off? It's annoying++.22:04
creede(I can get around it by switching windows, but I still want to turn it off.)22:05
urlin2ucreede, you might try the #compiz channel.22:06
creedeThanks, I'll try there.22:07

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