dscasselDarwinSurvivor: Mostly planning events and an occasional bit of administrivia.07:48
DarwinSurvivordscassel: ok08:14
BluesKajHiyas all13:47
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khooverhey guys, been having a problem with one of my other laptops; I hit the power button, power light turns on, nothing happens for a good 10 seconds, then the computer reboots - maybe half a second of power-off - stays on for another 10 seconds, and then crashes.18:09
khooverer, shuts down18:09
khooverno bios interface, no boot loader shows; the screen remains fully powered down.18:10
BluesKajkhoover, does actually go thru a shutdown or does it just quit18:19
BluesKajhmm, bad RAM ? .. just speculating18:20
khooverBluesKaj, possibly, but I managed to get it started once, and things looked fine. except for the fact that i still had yet to fix my breaking of sudo.18:22
khooverand it just quits, like, if i yanked the power cord18:22
BluesKajbut the screen stays lit , khoover ?18:23
khooverthe screen never starts. it's off throughout the process18:23
BluesKajoops sorry18:23
BluesKajmisread your post above about the scrn18:24
BluesKajI think it may be the PSU , but failsafe triggers shut the PSU down in case of hardware failure...I had the graphics section die on my mobo , and as soon as I installed anew pci gpu , all was fine ...as an example18:26
BluesKajit's a difficult problem tracking down hardware failure18:27

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