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Unit193Howdy, oCean10:48
oCeanDear IRCC, I expected an IRCC meeting at this point..11:05
jussiIm here11:05
jussi1 sec11:05
oCeanah, no prob11:05
jussiright, wheres the topyli monster...11:06
jussielky: ping?11:06
jussinhandler_: ?11:06
jussibah, gues we have to wait a min11:07
jussitrying to get Juha on phone.11:10
Unit193Oh boy, 6am so I'm dead tired :P11:10
jussihey topyli!11:11
topylihi. sorry, had to run for buzzyness11:11
jussitopyli: are you phone or pc bound?11:12
topylii have a computer now11:12
jussiexcellent. your chairing since elky isnt here11:12
topylihonored :)11:12
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topylido we have quorum by any chance?11:13
jussitopyli: lets do the membership app first, shall we?11:13
jussior hang on, Ill go find some rmb meber to step in11:13
jussimeh, lets do it. we can grab someone later or grab one of our members on the ML.11:15
topyli#topic Membership applications11:16
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Membership applications
topylithere's one, funkyHat11:16
jussifunkyHat: lets have your spiel :)11:16
topylifunkyHat: would you like to introduce quickly?11:16
funkyHatHello ⢁)11:16
topyli#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MattWheeler11:17
topylithat was quick :)11:18
funkyHatNot really sure what I should say here. Ubuntu Membership is my next step in infiltrating the evil Ubuntu machine.11:18
jussifunkyHat: you give us a quick intor to who you are and what you do.11:18
jussiright, so czajkowski has agreed to step in as a replacement for this membership application.11:19
funkyHatOk. I am an operator in #ubuntu-offtopic, as well as helping out in #ubuntu and a few other channels11:19
topyliyay czajkowski11:20
sagacihi funkyHat11:20
funkyHatI've also done various other things including bug reporting, some bug and FTBFS fixes (but not for quite a while as I've been extremely busy with real life™)11:21
funkyHatI also do quite a bit of ubuntu activism at uni, and did at college before that, as well as installing ubuntu and supporting it on friends' computers11:22
jussifunkyHat: so where do you see you main areas of contribution going forward?11:23
funkyHatThe reason I've applied through the IRCC rather than an RMB or the DMB is I think most of my contribution has been IRC related11:23
czajkowskifunkyHat: what areas would you like to see an imprivement on in the IRC world ?11:25
funkyHatGoing forward I'd like to get more involved with the IRC team in general, I'd be happy to have +o in more channels if extra help is needed11:27
czajkowskiok thanks11:27
funkyHatI'm also interested, if time permits, in standing for the IRCC. But even if that doesn't happen I would still like to take more of an active role11:27
czajkowskifunkyHat: and on the IRCC how do you think that group can help with ops and governance? have you thougt about that kinda thing? just curious11:28
funkyHatI think the main thing I'd like to see improved is the (real or percieved) level of beuracracy.11:29
czajkowskiI'm out of comments.11:30
jussifunkyHat: do you intend to continue your bug fixing work?11:30
funkyHatYes. I am still hoping to, eventually, get upload rights through the DMB, but I think I won't get to that point for quite a while11:33
jussitopyli: any comments or questions?11:33
topylii was going to say i miss testimonials for your "real world" advocacy and help (i'm well aware of your irc contributions), but i understand that many of those people may not be the wiki-editor type11:33
jussifunkyHat: also, do you have anyone here who you want to "cheer" for you?11:34
topylii do the same (fix people's windows computers by replacing the problem with ubuntu) and i know how happy the people are when everything goes well11:34
LjLI think it may be inferred from this talk that Matt can become the shy type when it comes to talking about himself, I'd extend that to actively looking for testimonials ;)11:34
jussiLjL: did you have any comments on matts behalf?11:35
LjLMatt didn't receive the IRC survey, so I asked him to help me with mine.11:35
funkyHatYes I do find it quite difficult to talk about how amazing I am. My thought process mostly degenerates to talking about hats or food11:36
LjLI can say he has a fair bit more input than he managed to convey here11:36
czajkowskiand I've seen funkyHat active in #ubuntu-uk helping folks.11:36
LjLOh sure, he does help in other channels too. Overall I think he doesn't help *too much*, or do anything *too much*. I find that a plus, because I've often seen people getting "burn out" before time.11:37
LjLHe is balanced.11:37
jussiright, topyli, vote time?11:37
funkyHatI was hoping h00k could make it too, but as he mentioned on my wiki page it would be 4:00am where he is11:38
topylii'm happy enough to vote at this point, unless someone wants to add/ask something11:38
topyli#vote Accept funkyHat as member11:39
meetingologyPlease vote on: Accept funkyHat as member11:39
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)11:39
meetingology+1 received from jussi11:39
meetingology+1 received from czajkowski11:39
meetingology+1 received from topyli11:39
meetingologyVoting ended on: Accept funkyHat as member11:39
meetingologyVotes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:011:39
meetingologyMotion carried11:39
jussicongrats funkyHat11:39
funkyHatyaaaaaaayy ■▎⢁D11:39
czajkowskifunkyHat: congrats11:39
topylicongratulations funkyHat, and thanks for applying11:39
czajkowskijussi: are there more folks today?11:39
jussithanks czajkowski for stepping in.11:39
funkyHatThank you11:39
* funkyHat hugs everyone11:40
czajkowskijussi: grand I can go back to bed now11:40
topylinight czajkowski, thanks11:40
topyli#topic Bugs11:40
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Bugs
topyli#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-irc-council11:40
topylino newo nes, are there?11:40
topyliwe went through bugs last time: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCCouncil/TeamReports11:41
jussioh wait11:42
jussinah, I remember one. but it was bots.11:43
topylifor my own part, i have not emailed the IRCC list about https://launchpad.net/bugs/884671 . i have closed https://launchpad.net/bugs/88311911:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 884671 in ubuntu-community "Ubuntu IRC operator recruitment is slow and ungainly" [Undecided,New]11:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 883119 in ubuntu-community "Issues needlessly in the IRC Council's private issue tracker" [Undecided,Fix released]11:43
topyli#action topyli to finally mail council about the operator recruitment process11:44
meetingologyACTION: topyli to finally mail council about the operator recruitment process11:44
topylii think others are well in progress or stalled11:44
LjLIt would help if Launchpad worked... :P11:45
LjLGuess maybe we overloaded it! It works again now.11:45
topyliircc meeting effect11:45
topylithe guidelines bug should be un-stalled. let's advertise the draft again11:46
jussitopyli: +1 to that.11:47
topylii can send mail to list when i'm doing email at some point11:48
topyli#action topyli to advertise guidelines draft on team ML11:48
meetingologyACTION: topyli to advertise guidelines draft on team ML11:48
topylimoving on?11:49
topyli#topic Review last meeting's action items11:49
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Review last meeting's action items
topylii've decided against sending the #lubutu ops call. this council won't be able to handle it, especially thinking about probation and mentoring11:50
topyliso i'd leave it for the next one11:50
jussiIm in agreeance with that.11:50
topyliit's not urgent in any way11:50
topyli#agreed defer lubuntu ops call to new council11:51
topyli#agree defer lubuntu ops call to new council11:51
topyliagreed :)11:52
LjLIs the bot supposed not to reply to PINGs?11:52
topylino idea. i'm probably just using the wrong commands11:53
LjLThe command is in the list, though. Maybe it's napping.11:53
topylilet's move on, undaunted!11:53
topyli#topic Change eir default behavior11:54
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Change eir default behavior
topylipangolin: around?11:54
jussiI dont see any background info on the proposal page :/11:55
elkygah sorry, someone decided to play with a fire extinguisher, which means we all had to evacuate for the fun of it.11:55
topylijussi: it's there at the bottom, but it doesn't look like he really has a clear idea what he wants11:55
LjLI have no idea what the proposal is about, but I'll mention it would be nice if eir ignored the floodbots, I guess. It could be the other way around, but I'm not sure that's the best idea... as eir would still go blah blah comment your ban please to the bots, and highlight what the bots do in the team channel.11:56
topylielky: hi :)11:56
topylielky: we're just wrapping up, no worries :)11:57
topyliLjL: that's true11:57
oCeanhis proposal is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/IRCteamproposal11:58
elkyaw man, we made funkyHat a member? :P what *is* this world coming to? :P I turn my back for half a second and you do things like this :P11:58
oCeanAlso, I'd like to go back in time just a bit to cheer for Funkeh, now it's just Congrats!11:58
topyliLjL: we'll see how that can be arranged, it would reduce noise, and there's no need to have the bots 'discuss' like that11:59
LjLtopyli: yeah. If it can't be done, I'll make the FloodBots ignore eir instead.11:59
topyliwell, i'd like to just wrap up then12:00
LjLI have a misc. item, may I?12:00
LjLNot sure whether it's for the IRCC or CC meeting though.12:00
topylitry it and see :)12:01
LjLIt's about the Ubuntu IRC Members team.12:01
LjLI'm not sure it was its intended behavior for people who are ops but not members to be unable to vote on things or receive IRC surveys or other stuff...?12:01
jussiljl: read the description on the wiki about it?12:02
LjLjussi: you mean https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Membership ?12:03
jussibut in anycase, I think Its a cc thing.12:03
jussiljl, yeh.12:03
topyliwell i'd like all ops to be able to vote for the ircc, but yes it's up to the CC12:04
LjLUhm well, I'd just like to point out that it seemed backwards to send an IRC satisfaction survey to lots of people, excluding some ops.12:04
topyliindeed. we picked the irc members team as the audience, but that obviously wasn't a very good decision12:05
LjLOk. Well I guess I'll bring it up with the CC later.12:05
topylioh, and12:06
topyli#action topyli to ask if eir can be tweaked to ignore floodbots12:06
meetingologyACTION: topyli to ask if eir can be tweaked to ignore floodbots12:06
topyliother issues?12:06
LjLThanks for taking the time to making that survey, in any case.12:07
topylii still want to do a more proper analysis, but that's pending12:08
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meetingologyMeeting ended Sat Dec 10 12:08:25 2011 UTC.12:08
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-12-10-11.13.moin.txt12:08
topylithanks all, and congrats funkyHat :)12:08
funkyHatThankyou ᗡ⢁12:09
Unit193So, next meeting is supposed to be the 25th, tath going to happen that day?12:09
topylioh good point12:09
topyliwe'll either reschedule or just cancel it, and inform12:11
Unit193Alright, thannks12:11
topylii'll post the minutes once i get to doing them12:12
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