psusithe upstream config.guess and config.status obviously change whenever I build the package... debuild complains the next time I try to build... why aren't these changes ignored?  did I forget something?00:21
tumbleweedwhy should the be ignored? if you want something that gets generated to be ignored, delete it in clean00:24
psusibut it's in the orig tarball00:24
psusior was it?  hrm..00:24
tumbleweeddeleted files are ignored00:24
psusihrm... the upstream code isn't finding -ldevmapper, I think because the library is actually named libdevmapper.so.1.02.1... how do I fix this?00:41
psusino, that's not it.. hrm....00:55
psusiAHA!  transitory linking error!01:10
psusidarn new gcc behavior01:10
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Resistanceis there a way to force debuild to use a specific PGP key ID, assuming i have more than one PGP key available?04:32
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ajmitchEvilResistance: you can pass the key id to debuild with -k05:02
EvilResistanceanyone here know if its possible to get a specific upload to a PPA reversed? i accidentially entered the wrong upload destination in dput :/05:48
EvilResistance(on LP.  i posted in #launchpad, but nothing)05:48
EvilResistancebroder:  i accidentially uploaded my ZNC code (the one i modified to remove certain features and add others) to my backports-staging PPA05:57
EvilResistanceit bumped the version number up05:58
broderjust delete the source and binaries05:58
EvilResistancewhen the upload was destined to its own specific PPA05:58
broderi think if you do that and wait long enough you can upload the same version again05:58
EvilResistancebroder:  that'd delete the entire package, no?05:58
broderbut not positive05:58
EvilResistancei.e. all versions05:58
EvilResistancei dont even see the version that actually *built* on the archive's lkist05:58
EvilResistance(I cancelled the pending builds though)05:59
brodernot sure then05:59
EvilResistanceyeah if i have to i'll post a question against launchpad itself to see if it can be done06:00
EvilResistanceit might need some lp-admin magic to fix it :/06:01
EvilResistanceugh and now dput won't upload the source tar06:03
EvilResistancethe orig.tar.gz06:03
EvilResistanceso i cant put it into the right ppa06:04
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paissadhello guys10:52
paissadi have this .desktop file, http://zlin.dk/p/?NDE4M2M0, but after i install the .deb package . i don't see the application in the menu11:00
paissadi use KDE in Ubuntu oneiric11:00
jtayloris it installed correctly?13:51
frafuHi I uploaded a package into a PPA, and shortly afterwards, I uploaded an updated package into that PPA, but it did not superseed the first uploaded package. I am aware that it is a problem with my versioning scheme: 0.96.1+bzr536-0ppa~oneiric1 and 0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~oneiric1. Could anybody please give me an advice about how to do the versioning? Here is the situation: The ubuntu repositories are shipping 0.96.1-0ubuntu1. The version that I am publishing13:59
frafu is a snapshot of the 0.96 branch with a preview of 0.96.2. So, I want my snapshots to superseed 0.96.1 but it should be superseeded by 0.96.2. Thanks in advance for any advice.13:59
frafuWhat about 0.96.1-bzr542~ppa~oneiric1? Would that work?14:02
jtaylor0.96.1+bzr536-0ppa~oneiric1 is smaller than 0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~oneiric1, it should ahve superseeded14:03
frafujtaylor: Here is the PPA: https://launchpad.net/~onboard/+archive/snapshots14:07
frafuDo you think that I have stumbled on a bug in launchpad?14:08
jtayloroneiric has a package with precise as suffix, thats not so good14:09
jtaylorbzr542~ppa~oneiric1 will not superseed bzr542~ppa~precise114:10
frafujtaylor: I think that I know now what happened: the versioning scheme is correct if I understood you correctly. I surely made a mistake while publishing the packages, because my intention was to publish the packages for the oneiric and the precise distributions. Thanks for your help.14:18
jtaylordpkg --compare-versions is useful for such things14:18
frafujtaylor: This is what I did wrong:  0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~precise1  was intended for the precise distribution, but I forgot to replace oneiric with precise in the debian/changelog and it superseeded  0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~oneiric1 in the oneiric repo of the PPA. Thanks for the command to compare the versions. I get warnings if I use it on my versioning scheme. Could you please tell me whether the problem is with my versioning scheme or with my usage of the comm14:46
frafudpkg --compare-versions '0.96.1+bzr536-0ppa~oneiric1_amd64.deb' gt '0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~precise1_amd64.deb'14:47
jtaylorwhat warning14:47
frafudpkg: warning: version '0.96.1+bzr536-0ppa~oneiric1_amd64.deb' has bad syntax: invalid character in revision number14:47
frafudpkg: warning: version '0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~precise1_amd64.deb' has bad syntax: invalid character in revision number14:47
jtaylorit only takes version number14:47
jtaylornot the whole filename14:47
jtaylor= the part before the _14:47
Ampelbeingilir: hi, do you want to request a sync for nautilus-image-converter or are you ok with me doing it? It build fine in precise, buildlog at http://people.ubuntu.com/~amoog/nautilus-image-converter_0.3.1~git20110416-1-amd64-20111210-1540.gz14:47
frafudpkg --compare-versions '0.96.1+bzr536-0ppa~oneiric1' gt '0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~precise1'14:49
frafudoes not output anything. Should it not tell me that it is wrong?14:49
AmpelbeinYou should check the returncode14:49
jtaylorput an && echo "yes" behind it14:50
jtaylorif you see it the statement is true14:50
frafudpkg --compare-versions '0.96.1+bzr536-0ppa~oneiric1' gt '0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~precise1' && echo "yes"14:52
frafustill no output14:52
jtayloras its false14:52
jtaylor536 < 54214:52
Ampelbeinfrafu: if you want some output: dpkg --compare-versions '0.96.1+bzr536-0ppa~oneiric1' gt '0.96.1+bzr542-0ppa~precise1' && echo "true" || echo "false"14:56
gilirAmpelbein, bug 883071 needs to be fixed first before we can sync again14:56
frafujtaylor: thanks; I understand now: the echo is only executed if the previous statement was true.14:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 883071 in nautilus-image-converter (Ubuntu) "Please remove nautilus-image-converter from sync blacklist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88307114:56
Ampelbeingilir: Oh, didn't see that. Does that mean that even manual sync wouldn't work?14:57
frafuAmpelbein: Thanks for the alternative method that gives an answer in both cases.14:58
gilirAmpelbein, only fakesync works, which is a waste of time considering the sync can be automatic when it will be removed from blacklist14:59
Ampelbeinthanks for the info.15:00
frafuDoes anybody know, whether there is a way to see how many times a package has been downloaded from a PPA?15:10
jtaylorfrafu: can be done via launchpadlib15:10
jtaylorthere is no direct display15:12
jtaylorbug 68814115:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 688141 in Launchpad itself "Show PPA download stats in the web UI" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68814115:12
frafujtaylor: Could you please give me some details about how to use launchpadlib? Does it have to be through the means of an application or is there a more direct way?15:20
frafuDo python bindings exist?15:21
jtaylorit is a python library15:21
tumbleweedfrafu: https://help.launchpad.net/API15:22
jtaylorinstall lptools and ipython, start lp-shell15:22
frafuGreat. :-) Thanks to both of you.15:24
jtaylorhow does one go about fixing bugs in main packages?15:35
jtaylorvia merge request?15:35
tumbleweedjtaylor: there's nothing special about main15:37
tumbleweedmany desktop packages have their packaging in bzr under the desktop-team (although IIRC they may be using UDD now, or about to be using UDD)15:38
geserjtaylor: the same way you fixed universe packages before you become MOTU15:38
jtaylorso a merge request/debdiff?15:40
nigelbHey Laney16:29
Laneyeet eez cold16:30
* nigelb waves from a comfortable 22 C.16:32
Laneyhold me16:36
tumbleweedyeah, a nice comfortable 20ish here too (touch wood it doesn't get too crazy hot next week)16:57
nigelbjtaylor: congrats on MOTU!16:57
nigelbWhy so late :)16:57
jtaylornigelb: thx17:03
psusican dh_makeshlibs actually operate on more than one package at a time?   lvm2 is exporting DH_OPTIONS = -pliblvm2app$(LVM2APP_ABINAME) -pliblvm2cmd$(LVM2CMD_ABINAME) -pliblvm2-dev... and there are no .symbol files for any of those18:45
broderdoes anybody object to multiarching openssl098?18:54
broder(i have a patch)18:54
Laneyare we intending to keep that for much longer?18:59
broderit seems useful for 3rd party app compatibility19:01
broderi guess cjwatson's description of it as a "compatibility" package had me thinking it wasn't intended to be just transitional19:05
broderit looks like acroread may still link 0.9.819:18
jtaylorpypy does too19:26
jtaylorand you can't just ask people to rebuild that, it needs more than 4gb ram ^^19:27
tumbleweedI'm working at packaging that...19:27
jtaylorI heard, thats great19:27
tumbleweedbut it won't build on my machine any more (6G rab, built fine a month ago)19:27
tumbleweedhave to use a 32bit chroot...19:28
psusiman pages should be in .manpages, not .install shouldn't they?19:35
* psusi bonks the debian lvm team19:40
psusinow if only I could figure out why the hell there are no symbols files for all but one of the libs in here19:44
psusiand dh_makeslibs on -c4 isn't complaining that it's found them either19:45
tumbleweedbecause nobody wrote them?19:49
psusithen dh_makeshlibs should complain that it has found new symbols shouldn't it?19:56
psusiand fail the build since I set it to -c419:57
psusiuntil I add the new symbols19:57
tumbleweedno symbols file doesn't mean there are new symbols19:58
tumbleweedit means we don't know19:59
psusiright.. we don't know what was there, but now we're scanning the libs, and should find a bunch of syms and print the diff for me to patch into the .symbols file shouldn't it?19:59
tumbleweedno, beacuse that would make for very messy build logs20:00
tumbleweedit's not that hard to run dpkg-gensymbols yourself20:00
psusiare you saying no because there NO symbols file, as opposed to an empty .symbols file?20:01
psusibecause normally when it finds new symbols, it does print the diff20:01
psusihrm... the man page for dpkg-gensymbols says if you use -c4, it should complain when new libs appear as well20:01
tumbleweedof course, it would be lovely if everyobody used symbols files, but in many packages, they seem to not be worth the effort (or at least, people say that)20:02
psusidebian policy requires that you use them doesn't it?20:02
psusihrm... let's see then... maybe I just need an LD_LIBRARY_PATH....20:06
psusiso without them, then that just means packages built against the lib will always depend on exactly that version they were built with?20:06
psusior newer?20:06
tumbleweedand you'll have no idea if you've broken ABI20:07
tumbleweed(not that symbols files are foolproof, but a missing symbol is definitly an ABI break)20:07
psusiso debian policy doesn't require their use for public libraries?  seems to defeat the purpose20:09
tumbleweedwhat's wrong with them being optional?20:10
tumbleweedlots of the debian policy is optional20:10
psusidamnit... what's wrong here?  dpkg-shlibdeps is complaining that it can't find library liblvm2cmd.so.2.02 needed by debian/libdevmapper-event1.02.1/lib/libdevmapper-event-lvm2.so.2.02, and suggests using LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you want it to find a private lib..20:13
psusiI added export LD_LIBRARY_PATH = debian/build/build_deb/tools to the rules file, which is where that lib can be found20:14
jtaylorwhats the library doing in /lib?20:20
jtaylorand the ld path should point to debian/package-name/usr/lib/whatever20:21
psusibecause it's a lib?20:22
jtaylorah lvm ok then the place is probably ok20:22
psusihrm... I pointed it to the build dir instead of the install dir... thought that would be better as it's there prior to install20:22
jtaylorshlibdeps runs after nstall20:23
jtaylorpointing it to something somewhere else just risks that you build a broken package20:23
psusiok... pointed it to the install_deb/lib directory... it's still complaining it can't find it... hrm...20:26
psusiaha!  the other target was needlessly including this one20:40
psusiahh... their rules file doesn't call dh_installman20:46
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