lunaphytei'm a little confused about setting up a frontend only computer to talk to a backend only server.00:03
lunaphytei've set the backend up, and when i run mythtv frontend, it asks country and language, and then when i click save, i then see a very sparse windows that simply says "no upnp", with an ok button.00:04
lunaphytewhen i click ok, the next page says "mythtv could not connect to the database. please verify your database…"00:05
lunaphytewhat does "no upnp" actually mean?  is something supposed to happen automatically?  or am i supposed to manually configure the database settings?00:06
patdk-laplunaphyte, no upnp means it couldn't automatically locate the database server, so you have todo it manually05:05
lunaphyteoh, hey there.05:06
lunaphytewhy wouldn't it be able to do it automatically?  should it?05:06
patdk-lapdunno, I don't use upnp05:06
patdk-lapI always do it manually05:06
boneliferjust got a HDHomerun Dual tuner(original grey). From within the hdhomerun program I can scan a particular QAM-256 channel and get the subchannels(right terminolgy?). I can click the view button and see it popup in VLC.  When I scan within mythtv setup, I get the same channels found, but this time, all I can see is static.05:09
lunaphytenow it says "could not connect to the master backend server"05:10
boneliferthe weirdest thing is when I scanned for my PVR-500 it looked like it locked on to all channel numbers, then at the end it said it didn't find any. Then in the channel editor it had added all those channels despite most wouldn't have a signal. which was easily fixed by going into the channel editor and doing the "D-ENTER" dance with my keyboard till those extra channels were deleted.  Was so excited a few days ago when I go the HDHo05:17
bonelifermeRun I know wish I hadn't updated to 11.10, just has been a pain.05:17
lunaphytethis is stupid.  why do i have to tell mythtv-setup its own ip address?05:28
lunaphytethese settings are un-clear05:28
lunaphyteand why is it asking for the ip address of the master backend?  it *is* the master backend.  doesn't it know this?05:30
patdk-lapit could be a secondary master backend05:50
patdk-lapor a third backend05:50
dekarllunaphyte: so you already configured the backend ip stuff? http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User_Manual:Detailed_configuration_Backend#Host_Address_Backend_Setup07:33
dekarlthere is also a part for mysql to configure, see http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Mythfrontend#Allowing_mythfrontend_on_a_remote_machine_to_access_mythbackend_running_on_a_second_machine07:33
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] User Manual:Detailed configuration Backend - MythTV Official Wiki07:34
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Mythfrontend - MythTV Official Wiki07:34
dekarlafter the backend setup part the backend detection via UPnP should work07:34
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bixteri want to use a sdhc card for theme and thumb caching. i wrote something to set this up automagically, does mythbuntu/ltsp have something that can do this nativly?14:47
Unguidedhello all! I have 2 newb questions. 1. Can anyone tell me where to get the mythbuntu installation manual i have seen on some of the youtube videos & 2. can anyone tell me if the logitech mini controller will work with mythtv. Thanks so much for your help in advance.15:43
Unguidednever mind. i found my answer. just didnt look far enough.15:59
boneliferI have a PVR-500 and a HDHomeRun, right now I've got seperate "input connection" for each. In LIVE TV, I only see the PVR channels, I have to manually enter the HDHRs. Do I need seperate "input connection" profiles or am I missing something to combine them in the LIVE TV module?22:40
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