ubottuusr13 called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:53
usr13Anyone interested in keeping FuzzyNuts on #ubuntu ?01:58
usr13I guess no one is here right now...02:01
usr13Anyone interested in keeping FuzzyNuts on #ubuntu ?02:02
elkyusr13, dealing with it02:04
milamberanyone around?02:05
usr13elky: Ok, good.02:09
elkywas there anything else? if not, note that this isn't a channel for idling in :)02:12
pangolinmedia-832: Can we help you?05:45
pangolinmedia-832: Unless you need something from the ops please don't idle in this channel05:48
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (rectec appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)09:46
bazhang<indystorm> yo any hotties in here?13:48
Myrttiircname  : shellmix.com13:48
Myrttiinteresting stalker info13:50
pangolinlastlog shows they have a one track mind13:52
marienzstalker and shellmix.com won't work well14:52
marienz(it's a not very well run shell server that's usually not running identd and has been used by a bunch of troublemakers/ban evaders, so stalker will just group all of those together)14:52
Myrttimarienz: I know14:54
Myrttifigured that out immediately14:54
MadkissHi there.17:42
MadkissoCean: So, what's your real name and your position in Ubuntu?17:44
oCeanI don't see how it matters what my real name is, though you can find it on my wiki/launchpad page.17:44
oCeanI'm merely a volunteer in the ubuntu community, that's all17:44
MadkissIt matters because i'd like to actually know who's reprimanding me for saying "Jesus Christ" in #ubuntu afer all the hours of work I did for you people develoment wise :)17:45
oCeanfor me?17:45
Madkiss(judging it a "swear")17:45
oCeanI'm a volunteer as I told you17:45
pangolinit isn't the words but the intent with which you used them.17:46
pangolinin this case I agree that it was inappropriate language17:47
oCeanas soon as you entered the channel you were given links to our channel guidelines and Code of Conduct. Both make it clear that one should try to keep the channel family friendly and professional17:47
MadkissI'm pretty sure you've all seen the Sopranos.17:47
Madkissif I ever wanted to actually swear the statement would have contained different words.17:47
MadkissWell, I guess ill discuss this with Roaksoakx17:50
pangolinwho is that?17:50
Madkisshe's the guy using the debian packages of the linux-ha cluster stack that I created as base for his work.17:50
pangolinthat is fine, discuss it with him. Please remember to follow the Ubuntu guidelines.17:51
Myrttiif you notice, you're not banned from #ubuntu17:51
pangolinHave a nice day.17:51
Myrttinothing prevents you from using the channel17:51
Madkissthat's not the point.17:52
pangolinoh, you are threatening to take away permission from him to use your work?17:52
pangolinI don't see what he has to do with #ubuntu then17:53
Madkissy'know, I'm out for "family and profession" and all that.17:53
CarlFKdare I ask: what is the point?17:53
MadkissI'm feeling insultd by being warned for having said "jesus christ".17:53
Madkissthat's about it.17:53
Madkissi've seen all this stuff happening on debian mailing lists for years, and it has not turned them to the better.17:54
pangolinWe aren't debian17:54
Madkissand yet you're heading torwards the same direction17:54
CarlFKMadkiss: sorry we upset you.17:54
CarlFKMadkiss: we (guessing including you) are volenteers, just hanging out trying to help17:55
CarlFKfar from perfect, trying to deal with other humans, stuff happens.17:55
oCeanI don't feel sorry for adressing him. I would have done that for others as well17:55
oCeanI AM sorry if the guidelines are upsetting, but those are in place for good reasons17:55
pangolinnevertheless we have guidelines and they must be followed by everyone in our community which includes people of many different beliefs.17:55
MadkissCan I see the part of the code of conduct forbidding the use of divine appraisals?17:56
pangolinthat would be the don't be off topic part17:57
pangolinreligion has nothing to do with support17:57
pangolinubuntu support*17:57
oCeanMadkiss: As said before, it's not litterly in the text. Let me repeat myself: Both make it clear that one should try to keep the channel family friendly and professional17:57
MadkissSo you'll stop claiming that praying to god the way I did actually is cursing?17:57
CarlFKMadkiss: let it go.17:57
oCean#ubuntu is also not the channel for prayers. I think there is #religion17:58
pangolinMadkiss: you will drop this and stop trying to turn it into a anti-god discussion.17:58
CarlFKMadkiss: thanks.17:58
Madkissoh, and while we are at it.17:59
MadkissoCean: Keeping a channel with 1500 people in it "professional" and "family friendly" is an absurd goal.18:00
MadkissI've been Freenode staff for more than four years18:00
oCeanoh ok.18:00
oCeanthanks for the heads up18:00
pangolinmost freenode staff idle in here18:00
Madkissand channels with more than 400 pepople will turn oncontrollable sooner or later.18:00
CarlFKMadkiss: all things considered, I think it is working out pretty well18:00
Madkissi'll leave defining "working well" to you, but I don't have that impresion. YMMV.18:01
CarlFKI will admit I am surprised how well it is working out.18:01
MyrttiMadkiss: thank you for your opinion. we still prefer trying to control it instead of letting it slip to total anarchy.18:01
Madkissafter all, I answere my question mseylf. ;)18:01
Myrttiif you don't have anything else on your mind, you're welcome to go back to #ubuntu and continue on what you were doing.18:02
pangolinerr not exactly18:02
pangolincontinue helping/getting help while following the guidelines18:03
MadkissI'm afraid I can't put another support/help-hat on my head.18:03
MyrttiMadkiss: so did you have anything else on your mind?18:04
Madkissno, it's okay18:04
* Myrtti points at the topic18:04
pangolinjrib: got another one for your files18:05
pangolin<Madkiss> I've been Freenode staff for more than four years18:05
ubottuMahaVishnu called the ops in #ubuntu (DasRacis)22:34

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