Laneyfor some reason the train stops for 10 minutes at every station01:26
funkyHatTrain driver's probably speeding01:28
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Laneymade it02:27
ImliHi can anybody help me?05:10
ImliI have problem with my huawei 3g USB on UBUNTU 11.04.It is not connecting05:12
popeymorning all08:38
MartijnVdS\o popey08:44
christelgood morning :)08:55
AlanBellmorning all o/09:12
MooDoomorning all09:12
christelgood morning AlanBell! :)09:17
christelannd MooDoo!09:17
AlanBellchristel \o/09:19
AlanBellwe had yummy food in the dark last night09:19
AlanBellczajkowski: hows things?09:22
christelwe did indeed!09:24
christeli cant believe we had shark09:24
AlanBellwith frikkin lasers on their heads09:25
christelhahaha yes!09:26
christelGOOD MORNING bigcalm[mob]09:26
bigcalm[mob]Ack, not so loud09:27
popeybigcalm[mob]: i think i found one of your houses on mc09:28
bigcalm[mob]Good morning christel :)09:28
popeybigcalm[mob]: on top of a hill with an unfinished garden09:28
bigcalm[mob]popey: that sounds like mine09:29
bigcalm[mob]I have to say, the T-Mobile reception isn't the best here09:30
bigcalm[mob]Good to see many of you last night :)09:31
bigcalm[mob]Though I didn't see any of you for awhile09:32
christelsuch a comedian! :p09:33
bigcalm[mob]Looks like christel just defused a bomb09:35
christelI AM AMAZING09:36
bigcalm[mob]Again with the shouting09:37
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:51
jutnuxbrobostigon: Howdy10:52
brobostigonhi jutnux10:53
czajkowskiAlanBell: meh, if I could have a new body for xmas I'd be happy11:18
* christel gives czajkowski a christmas body11:36
christel(you now look like santa, sorry)11:37
czajkowskiback is giving me jib11:37
czajkowskibut I do have a date for op in January11:37
czajkowskiso if it could just behave till then I'd be happy11:38
christeloh good! when is it?11:40
christelgood that you have a date, not that it's bothering you11:40
czajkowski7th January they had a date for me next week but I fly the folowing week so not allowed11:41
awilkinsNew computer core :-)  to replace dying one :-(11:55
awilkinsAh well, I get to see what fuss is with these shiny new i7 CPUses11:56
MarquessDeBonBonYou're replacing just one core?12:07
MarquessDeBonBonI hope you have a portable fab handy.12:07
AlanBellhi all12:21
BigRedSGood morning!12:22
AlanBellI am sat in front of my brother in law's computer and it is a bit broken12:22
* BigRedS looks shifty12:22
BigRedSEr, I wouldn't know anything about that12:22
AlanBellwon't boot at all, and the drive (with raid controller) is unhappy12:22
AlanBellwon't create mount points in /dev apart from /dev/sda512:23
AlanBelland sda5 is just swap12:23
BigRedSSurely it's booted more than not at all if you're as far as having /dev?12:23
AlanBellrunning from live CD now12:24
BigRedSpresumably the raid is normally /dev/sda? And swap is on some second disk?12:25
AlanBellfdisk -l shows the partition table12:25
BigRedSI'd be tempted to run testdisk to see if it disagrees with fdisk, but by that point I've normally given up and given it to The Hardware Guy12:26
AlanBellthe thing will boot to a grub menu with a list of kernels but the keyboard seems unresponsive at that point12:26
AlanBellyeah, it is a hardware issue, just want to get some data off12:27
BigRedSoooh, odd. There's not a lot else to try to see if the issue is the keyboard or the software at that point12:28
AlanBelldoing a SMART test now, will see what that can do12:29
AlanBellkeyboard works on a live CD, but PS2 mouse does not!12:29
AlanBellthis thing is borked12:30
AlanBellthe PS2 mouse has power to it, but I am having to navigate the desktop by keyboard (lucky I do a lot of orca testing)12:30
BigRedSI take it this isn't mdraid?12:30
BigRedSI've seen several complaints of poor/patchy PS/2 support in 11.1012:31
AlanBell528 bad sectors :(12:35
BigRedSOooh, not a good sign12:37
AlanBellneed another TB disk or something to rescue stuff to (if anything is left)12:39
AlanBellthat is the kern.log12:42
AlanBelllots of media errors when trying to get partition information from sda12:42
Myrttidoes anyone have experience in configuring zsh?12:42
BigRedSMyrtti: I have a nifty prompt with teh time and everything. But I did that a few years ago and haven't touched it since12:43
BigRedSMyrtti: there's a script to get you started, I think you get prompted for it the first time you run zsh12:46
jutnux Howdy everyone.13:10
jacobwgood afternoon jutnux13:21
jutnuxHello jacobw, how are you on this fine saturday afternoon?13:21
gordonjcpafternoon all13:23
jutnuxWho has their openid setup?13:25
jutnuxBacon Sandwiches *drool*13:29
StevenRjutnux: *sniff*. Now I want bacon sandwiches.13:30
jutnuxUnlucky, I have 4 of them sitting here ;)13:30
jutnuxOh yes, HP open sourced WebOS13:30
BigRedSopenid? People set that up themselves?13:34
jutnuxI set up one on symantec13:34
jutnuxbut Google is an openid right?13:34
jutnuxalong with linkedin13:34
DaraelI tend to use my Launchpad one.13:34
jutnuxGood idea, why didn't I think of that ._.13:35
jacobwi'm sure i have an openid13:35
DaraelWell, it's Ubuntu SSO, these days, of course, but I still think of it as Launchpad.13:36
BigRedSOh, I thought you meant set it up on your server as your own openID provider13:37
jutnuxNo way, too much effort ;)13:37
BigRedSI've just been peripherally involved in setting that up for someone, and it seems that every implementation of it is broken13:37
jutnuxI'd prefer to use something that wont go down13:39
ali1234google openid isn't great13:40
jacobwi'm relearning to touch type13:40
jutnuxJacobw: I've been able to touch type since I was 11. Bad times ensue when you setup your fingers wrong and you end end up typing something like shwhe ueicl rf;ls13:41
jacobwi've discovered that i've been doing it wrong for years, with my right fingers on 'hjkl' rather that 'jkl;'13:41
jutnuxI just use 3 fingers13:42
jutnuxcan still type 121wpm13:42
jutnux3 fingers on each hand that os13:42
jacobwso you don't use your little finger?13:43
jutnuxHave no use for it lol13:43
jutnuxMy fingers move so swiftly as they're quite big13:43
BigRedSjacobw: that's really common - I spent a while off-by-one on both hands. I don't think I really do home-row style touch typing any more, though13:44
BigRedSI just do muscle-memory and inefficiency13:45
jacobwits an obvious mistake13:46
jacobwi blame vim13:46
BigRedShaha! yeah, I'd not thought of that13:46
DaraelWell, to be fair, what kind of ridiculous person puts ; on the home row?13:47
Darael(disclaimer:  Programmer-Dvorak typist)13:47
jacobwa c programmer13:47
BigRedSc, perl, php programmers?13:47
BigRedSand anything else that ends statements with ;13:47
DaraelIt's still not as common as the letters, though...13:47
jutnuxPretty east to find out if you're a geek13:48
jutnuxsee how worn the ; key is, as not many people use it correctly anyway.13:48
DaraelI would at least shift it one to the right, so it's not under the rest-position for the fingers.13:48
BigRedSI've never been able to look at line endings the same since my sister asked why I had all these crying faces - all those lines ending );13:48
jutnuxYou've passed the curse on :-{13:49
DaraelImagine what a Lisp programmer with commented code sees - winking-sad-face?  ";("13:50
BigRedSI've been pondering writing a source filter since, so I can end them with :) and it'll 'fix' them to ); but I think that might just _really_ confuse me13:50
jutnuxAnyone here hack in java?13:51
BigRedSHah. I had a go at Java once13:52
jutnuxIt is quite gooood13:53
jacobwi hate java13:53
BigRedSI needed to write about 40K before I could start solving the problem13:53
Daraeljutnux: Someone probably does.  There are a hundred and nineteen nicks in here, after all, and only a /few/ of them are bots.13:53
BigRedSin Perl, I just need to write "#! /usr/bin/perl" and I can get on with it13:53
jutnuxIn java, I just have to open up eclipse ;)13:53
DaraelOn the other hand, BigRedS, some languages have tentacles, but Perl /is/ tentacles.13:54
BigRedSI'm sure it has its plus points, but I'm not patient enough for it :)13:54
jacobwthat's why i hate java13:54
jutnuxI like Python too13:54
jutnuxWhen I was 9 I made a notepad app in VB.net13:54
jutnuxToo cool.13:54
BigRedSDarael: I'm still not sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that Perl always seems to do _exactly_ what I meant.13:54
DaraelEw, VB.net.13:54
jutnuxI was 9 :-(13:54
BigRedSIt implies a good deal of wrongness in my head...13:54
DaraelBigRedS: Worrying.  Functioning DWIM is not supposed to have been implemented yet.13:55
BigRedSHaha, I know! It's going to catch me out one day, I'm sure13:55
Daraeljutnux: Oh, fair enough.  No negative reflection on thee, then.  But still, ew, VB.net.13:55
jutnuxYes, it is disgusting.13:55
BigRedSis vb.net markedly different to vb?13:56
BigRedSnot that ever saw much of that, either13:56
jacobwBigRedS: i have the same 'problem' with perl13:57
jutnuxNever used Perl.13:57
BigRedSjacobw: it's a bit embarrasing talking about it to non-perl people, I find13:57
jacobwi would have said 'normal people' but 'non-perl people' works too13:58
penguin42BigRedS: Now you're actually supposed to use env aren't you rather than #!/usr/bin/perl ?13:58
BigRedSpenguin42: arguably, yeah. But I've never had /usr/bin/perl not work, though we do still have some machines without a working env...13:59
DaraelNot to mention if there's more than one version of the interpreter in question installed, using env can result in the wrong one launching.14:00
BigRedSwell, you get that with this, too. It's just more predictable which potentially wrong one you get14:02
BigRedSOoh. They finished painting the Forth Bridge14:05
SuprEngrBigRedS, not once the wives find out they haven't ;)14:15
jacobwdoes anyone know who the interviewee on bbc news is?14:44
jacobwright now14:44
brobostigonjacobw: razia iqbal ?14:45
brobostigonjustin cartwright.14:45
jacobwthank you :)14:45
brobostigonjacobw: i simply pressed my red button, and it popped up all the info.14:46
MooDoowell i've moved my works desktop machine from Fedora to Ubuntu....:S15:08
jutnuxBigRedS: Just programming and I keep seeing sad faces :'(15:29
penguin42not this unhappy lemur? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-1612567315:30
BigRedSjutnux: haha! Sorry about that15:31
BigRedSjutnux: I ended up subconciously avoiding them and getting syntax errors all over the shop :/15:31
AzelphurHow on earth can ifconfig return...nothing?15:51
MartijnVdSAzelphur: if no intefaces are up15:53
DaraelSomething took all of them including lo down?15:53
Azelphurifconfig -a shows stuff15:54
MartijnVdSAzelphur: also, use "ip link" and "ip addr", not ifconfig15:54
MartijnVdSip > ifconfig15:54
MartijnVdSiw > iwconfig15:54
Azelphurguess I'll try rebooting it and see if that fixes it, weird.15:54
MartijnVdSthe Windows solution!15:54
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you could just ifup -a15:54
* penguin42 had noticed a lot of Lego branded things this year - I think they had a book and a board game15:57
jutnuxAnyone seen the lego tree?16:14
jutnuxIn Birmingham I think it is16:14
Laneyevening all16:29
MooDoohiya Laney16:30
Laneyalright MooDoo16:30
Laneyjust got back from town16:30
Laneyrather busy!16:30
jutnuxDo anything fun Laney?16:32
Laneypurchased 1 christmas present16:32
penguin42a penguin?16:32
MartijnVdSthe lindsay lohan issue?16:33
christelLaney! you made it home then? :)16:51
Laneyhah! eventually16:51
Laneyslowest... train... ever...16:51
Laneydid you stay much longer?16:52
christelnot much longer, we left on the 23.23 from waterloo17:01
Azelphurlol at this site, http://www.youhavedownloaded.com17:24
AzelphurIt tells me that I'm using a private tracker or may not torrent at all, which is the polar opposite of the truth :P17:25
Azelphuralso, seems to do a lot of piracy.17:25
DaraelAzelphur: Doesn't have any records on me, either.17:26
AzelphurDarael: it's funny because I perform multiple downloads on public trackers on a daily basis.17:26
mgdmI didn't know there were that many Linux distros around!17:26
DaraelYes, I torrent a reasonable amount, too (though not as much as thee, Azelphur!).17:27
Azelphurif you put into the search box it comes up with lots of evil stuff has done17:27
DaraelThat's interesting, considering that there's usually only a router on that address.17:27
Azelphur192.168.1.2 and .3 are misbehaving too17:28
DaraelThat, I would expect.17:28
Azelphurseems like most of the block too, haha17:28
DaraelDitto 192.168.{0,2}.*17:28
DaraelFunny, that.17:29
Azelphurindeed, gotta wonder if it's catching their internal network haha17:29
DaraelI wonder how it's getting the IP addresses to attribute downloads to.17:29
AzelphurDarael: It looks like it's hosted inside godaddy, perhaps it's picking up all the piracy that goes on inside godaddy xD17:32
DaraelAzelphur: Heh.17:32
jutnuxI want a deadmau5 mask :-(17:50
christeldeadmau5 <317:58
jutnuxI'm more of a metal guy myself17:58
jutnuxbut deadmau5 is good17:58
Azelphurdoes anyone know a decent place that sells nice heavily customizable laptops like this http://www.xoticpc.com/custom-gaming-laptops-notebooks-15416-laptops-ct-95_51_149.html18:30
Azelphurbut in the UK18:30
penguin42only alienware18:46
Azelphuralienware charges like 2x as much as xotipc :(19:09
ali1234Azelphur: most likely they only scan the most popular torrents19:10
Azelphurali1234: :P19:10
ali1234so if you don't download jersey shore or whatever, then they won't see you19:11
Azelphurali1234: *shrug* I pretty much do that, haha19:12
ali1234actually i'm starting to think the site is a pure scam19:14
ali1234can anyone confirm that it's at all accurate?19:14
Azelphurnone of my friends have had any sane results off it19:16
gordthe way they do it is the same way they do anything else, they just connect to torrents they get from various sites/feeds and grab the ips of everyone else in the swarm - it picked up some japanese tv shows i downloaded once19:20
gordwhich is specific enough if you ask me19:20
MartijnVdSyeah, only one person in the UK downloads hentai19:22
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gordkaKaizoku Sentai Gokaiger actually... japanese power rangers. shut up, its great and you can't get it anywhere in the west >:(19:23
MartijnVdSgord: :) Just trolling, sorry19:24
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jutnuxCypher out of the matrix?19:52
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)19:53
jutnuxHowdy bigcalm19:53
jutnuxMy school has started using memes20:02
jutnux"Bins weren't cool *baby face* until I started using them"20:03
MartijnVdSjutnux: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-best-of-the-college-freshman-meme ?20:03
jutnuxNope I'm British20:03
jutnuxAnd in a High School20:03
jacobwjutnux: how does one 'start using memes'?20:24
MartijnVdShow does one not use memes20:25
jutnuxjacobw: They started putting them on bins, on walls everything.20:25
jutnuxTheyre using QR codes yet we aren't allowed phones.20:25
MartijnVdSin my day, we decode qr codes with a slide rule and LIKED it20:27
jacobwi'm confused by the use of 'meme' to refer to an object20:29
MartijnVdSI think he means pictures20:29
jacobwmemes are a concept20:29
MartijnVdSlike from quickmeme20:29
MartijnVdSor rage comics20:29
jacobwoh, i see20:29
SuprEngrA meme a day keeps the boredom away!20:32
MartijnVdSuse ALL the memes20:32
MartijnVdS(or at least alot of memes)20:32
jutnuxI was a lover of memes, until I got an arrow through the knee.20:32
SuprEngrI was a lover of knees, until I got an meme through the arrow.20:34
BigRedSI've never unsterstood the idea of obscuring the bit that the camera is focusing on20:46
MartijnVdSmust be a german thing20:46
jutnuxMust have private details or something20:46
jutnuxWhen they are looking at the PDa that is20:46
BigRedSyeah, I'd have just thought that if you want to video it, you just tape over it20:47
MartijnVdSblack bar it20:47
MartijnVdSor something20:47
MartijnVdSnot the entire centre of the video20:47
jutnuxToo much effort I guess?20:47
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Guest62342Hi all.  I've just cloned my main disk to my spare... how do I now get my machine to boot from sdb instead of sda?21:59
DaraelReorder the disks in the BIOS?22:01
DaraelBear in mind that the disk that was formerly sdb will, IIRC, be reported as SDA when one boots from it.22:02
Guest62342Thanks, I did change to HDD boot priority but it's still running off the original :-(22:02
Guest62342Maybe I'll have to swap the jumpers over on the disks?22:03
gordonjcpDarael: o_O22:04
gordonjcpDarael: doesn't that rather depend on the order in which it detects the physical disks?22:05
DaraelOne would think so.  I'm going off hazy memory of my last multi-disk multiboot scenario rather than logic.22:05
jutnuxCashew nuts are so nice jeeeeeze22:05
Guest62342I'll revisit BIOS again... just in case. If it's still booting from the Seagate I'll swap jumper to get the WD as Primary Master... I'll be back :-)22:07
=== mike is now known as Guest6415
mikeatvillageDarael: Eventually got my machine to boot off sdb by making it the first HDD in boot priority and sda as third !22:34
Daraelmikeatvillage: Interesting.22:35
mikeatvillagedarael: more like weird :-)22:35
DaraelThat too :)22:35
mikeatvillagedarael: Thanks for your help22:36
DaraelIt wasn't particularly helpful help, I'm afraid.  However.22:37

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