waynewGood evening folks02:02
Mike_Hhey waynew02:21
waynewhey Mike_H02:28
waynewMan, this is weird to me - xterm uses esc as alt. Or maybe it's just linux mint :P02:30
waynewnow that I think about it that's definitely not the case02:30
waynewit's xterm02:30
waynewI've decided that I much like linux mint - it runs a lot better on my older hardware than Ubuntu proper02:34
waynewI think it's the lack of the Unity interface02:34
Mike_Hwaynew: "wps" = "woo pig sooie"02:58
Mike_Hyou're in the Arkansas channel02:58
Mike_Hhow could you not know this02:58
waynewwell, I think that's the first time I've heard it used in a chat room, lol02:59
waynewbleh... I think I need to put a different optical drive in this system :-\03:03

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