pleia2grantbow: I shall bart it up this evening!00:14
* pleia2 checks train schedule00:14
pleia2wanted to do berkeleylug this weekend, but work :(00:15
nhainespleia2: just tell them you're working on trying to hear what the berkeleylug speaker is trying to say.00:28
nhainesAnd if they could ease up on the pager it would really help out.00:28
pleia2nhaines: hah, unfortunately I have a migration scheduled that I actually have to pay attention to, not just on call00:30
MarkDudegrantbow, are you aware Dave Nielsen has a pic of him and a monkey for his profile pic?00:31
MarkDudeSetting the bar high, he is.00:32
pleia2at dvlug \o/02:19
bkerensapleia2: Desert Valley?02:21
bkerensathey have a lug?02:21
akkDeath Valley LUG would be fun!02:26
akk(but I think this is Diablo Valley)02:26
grantbowit is!02:28
MarkDudeYay, Grantlug is back02:44
* MarkDude is sry he mussed going02:44
pleia2we're still here :)02:46
grantbowthanks MarkDude02:47
* MarkDude 's Dad should be here any minute. He is driving down from PNW02:48
MarkDudeNEar bkerensa02:48
MarkDudepleia2, you can go shopping near the fountain, see all the crazy stuff. Also stop by Gerald R Ford Liberty Bell02:49
MarkDudeAnd Richard Nixon memorial trachcan02:50
akkWow, what a tourist spread!02:50
akkThough I don't know if it quite holds up to downtown San Jose, where we have the billiard ball thingum and the poopsnake.02:51
MarkDudeThe snake is lol02:54
MarkDudequetz.... sumthin02:54
akkquetzalcoatl, but quetzy for short02:54
akkour poopsnake is second to none :)02:54
MarkDudeThat is sooooo true02:54
MarkDudeWalnut Creek has the Liberty belll, and less chance of being robbed02:55
MarkDudeAs well as plenty of White Whine02:55
* MarkDude has lived there on and off02:56
* MarkDude should have gone, it appears I would have had time :(03:24
pleia2aw, yeah03:27
bkerensaakk: Ahh drats I meant Death Valley LUG04:29
bkerensaand yeah it would be fun.... I love Death Valley04:29
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