snap-lGood evening01:33
dzhohiya snap-l01:33
snap-lGoing to watch The King's Speech01:41
snap-lApparently there's a king in there, and he says something01:41
rick_h_I think erica saw that and liked it01:41
dzhosnap-l: eventually he does, yes01:44
* dzho saw it, was pretty good, if you like that sort of thing01:45
dzhowe watched the Creature Comforts Christmas Special on DVD01:47
snap-lYeah, it was a pretty good movie03:42
snap-lI liked it03:42
rick_h_ ws      n? .??????????12:36
brouschrick_h_: coding in perl now?14:01
rick_h_brousch: heh, little guy got some "typing" time14:59
rick_h_the mechanized desk is great for him14:59
rick_h_can lower it right to where he can hit the keys while standing up14:59
rick_h_and then when he's done I just raise it to standing position so he can't mess with anything any more14:59
_stink_"when he's done"15:31
_stink_ours is never "done"15:31
_stink_it's just a matter of when he freaks out because we made him satop15:31
rick_h__stink_: yea, so "when dad says he's done"15:33
brouschi gave george his own laptop at age 2 i think15:34
_stink_rick_h_: :)15:35
_stink_we just had a meltdown over "dinosaur games" this morning15:35
rick_h_heh, ours was that dad decided it was time to practice sharing15:36
rick_h_"my book now! my book now!"15:36
rick_h_"no, you have 5 other books, daddy is reading this one"15:36
rick_h_"you have to learn to share it please"15:36
rick_h_which led to an attempt to bite which then ran into a series of meltdowns and timeouts15:36
_stink_nice.  that was last night for us.15:37
_stink_i guess they are getting to be two15:37
rick_h_yea, we're in full terrible two toddler mode15:37
rick_h_he's moodier than his mother :P15:37
rick_h_hey, _stink_ are you guys doing any potty stuff yet?15:37
_stink_rick_h_: not yet, really. we do have a little potty and he does ask to sit on it sometimes and he pretends to go potty.  but he doesn't really try.  lots of big wet overnight diapers and a few turds overnight so we figure he's not really close to being ready.15:50
rick_h__stink_: well we've been working on it with the thing that goes over our toilet, but he doesn't like being up there15:51
rick_h_so now looking to get a little sit down one for him15:51
rick_h_day care actually has a real mini toilet hooked into plumbing, but was curious what you guys were up to15:51
rick_h_if you had success with anything15:51
_stink_rick_h_: that little toilet sounds awesome15:54
_stink_but naw, we haven't really started trying anything15:54
_stink_waiting for him to just decide :P15:54
rick_h_yea, I told the wife we should try to match what they're doing in day care for best effect15:55
rick_h_and then saw that and went "well I'm not plumbing in a new toilet for him"15:55
brouschtwo was quite good for us. three is the real stinker16:34
brouschi have 2 used little toilets if you're interested16:35
snap-lAfternoon, everyone.22:14
rick_h_we having fun yet?23:45

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