Cheri703Unit193: around?20:14
Unit193Cheri703: Yes ma'am20:14
jrgiffordpaultag: you're in cleveland the 28th through 4th, right?20:14
Cheri703so....happen to have any other 775 processors laying around your house? the pentium D fried itself apparently, and husband needs a processor that is supported so he can update his bios so he can use his new processor -_-20:15
jrgiffordpaultag: need to make sure i'm able to snag you for coffee when you're around.20:15
Cheri703paultag: come visit mansfield!20:15
Unit193Ohhh.... That's not good at all...20:16
Cheri703he's trying to figure out if his older p4 is supported, but who knows20:16
Unit193I have a P4 that's that20:17
Cheri703ok, he thinks the one he has may work, I'll let you know, thanks though :)20:17
Unit193Heh, alrighty20:18
paultagjrgifford: Yep, I'll be back in CLE from 28->820:21
paultagCheri703: my cal is already packed, my friends have set up the whole time :)20:22
paultagI would, thought!!20:22
paultagthough *20:22
jrgiffordpaultag: ok, whenever fits your schedule. i'm like, two blocks away from coventry, so if you're able to be in that area i'd prefer somewhere around there, but it doesn't really matter. :)20:23
paultagjrgifford: I don't know if I'll be on the east side the whole time, but I plan on hitting coverntry, so yeah20:24
jrgiffordpaultag: awesome. just let me know (preferrably with more than an hours notice. ;) )20:24
paultagperhaps we can ubuntu-hour at tommy's20:24
jrgiffordi'd go for that, as would dad. :D20:25
paultagit's veggie + vegan for those who are20:25
paultagI need to find a mids accordion to hack20:26
paultagI want to make an 8bit accordion20:26
paultagperhaps use a snes sound generater20:26
paultagerm, generator20:27
dzhomids, or midi?20:28
paultagdzho: mids, like, not great so I don't feel bad about hacking it20:32
paultagdzho: midi would be too easy, but still fun20:32
paultagthey're also muchos expensive20:32
dzhohaha, ok20:34
paultagand I don't want to use any of mine20:35
paultagsince they're nice :)20:35
dzhohow many accordians do you have, paultag?21:15
paultagdzho: erm, 3?21:22
paultagplus s'more in the family21:22
paultagit's a family thing21:22
dzhoI Did Not Know This™21:23
paultagoh sure21:23
paultagI think I had a song of storm recording I did on a bet21:23
* dzho d/l's that for later enjoyment21:25
* jrgifford saves that for future blackmail :P21:25
paultagit's not my best work, but it ain't bad.21:25
paultagso yeah, 8bit accordion21:25

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