cjohnstondoctormon: ping13:56
doctormoncjohnston: pong14:31
cjohnstondoctormon: I need a profile page designed for summit.. the back end work is all done, just needs the view page.. any chance you have time to make something?14:43
doctormoncjohnston: summit is the same as loco portal right? django, bzr, lp?15:06
doctormonbzr lp branch name and django app name15:07
cjohnstonbzr lp:summit15:07
cjohnston1 sec15:07
cjohnstonbzr merge lp:~chrisjohnston/summit/add-user-profiles15:08
doctormonTis makefile system is weird, it downloads a whole bunch of stuff each time we want to branch: fail15:09
cjohnstonyou can set it up the way nigel does15:09
cjohnstonusing virtualenv15:09
doctormoncjohnston: OK, so what do you need in this?15:17
cjohnstona design for the profile page15:17
cjohnstonwhich includes all of the different fields that could be filled out15:18
doctormoncjohnston: So it's the edit user profile template?15:19
cjohnstonno.. the edit is fine15:19
cjohnstonits the view page15:20
cjohnstonthere isnt really anything there yet.. just shows name.. but that's mostly cause i cant design15:20
doctormonOK, view page.15:21
cjohnstonyes please15:21
doctormoncjohnston: I can't find the link to the profile, the version I have just links to launchpad.15:46
cjohnstondoctormon: it doesnt link yet.. its and /u/doctormo/update15:46
doctormonoh ok15:47
doctormoncjohnston: Both your branch and the trunk return page not found :-(15:53
cjohnstondoctormon: you have to create the user first15:55
doctormoncjohnston: By logging in?15:57
cjohnston./manage.py update-profiles should do it16:01
mhall119doctormon: you'll need to log in, yes18:10
mhall119or run lpupdate on a sprint you attended (in person or remote)18:10
cprofittmhall119: I am getting an error when trying to init-summit18:14
cprofittError: No module named django_openid_auth18:14
mhall119are you in the virtualenv?18:14
mhall119did you get any errors during the make process?18:15
cprofittI do not recall running make...18:15
cprofittyeah, I do not see instructions to run make either18:16
mhall119you ran "pip install -r requirements.txt" in the virtualenv18:16
mhall119no trouble there?18:17
cprofittnot that I see in the scrollback18:17
cprofittah... here is one18:17
cprofittbzrlib/_annotator_pyx.c:4:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory18:18
mhall119what release are you working from?18:18
cprofittthis is just a virtual server... so I can rebuild if needed18:18
cprofittthe server is 11.1018:18
cprofittlet me rebuild the virtual server just to make sure...18:19
cprofittit only takes a little bit18:20
mhall119cprofitt: did you install python 2.6?18:20
cprofittI did not... and I think Python 2.7 is the default18:20
cprofittthe req says 2.6.1 or greater18:21
cprofittthe server is build using proxmox, KVM, 11.10 64bit server18:25
cprofittI am reinstalling now... just to make sure I did not screw it up18:25
cprofittso how is your day going mhall119 ?18:26
mhall119I'm tired already18:41
mhall119didn't even get to sleep in today, son had a belt test for taekwondo18:41
cprofittmhall119: did it go well?18:42
mhall119yup, got his new belt19:02
cprofittvery good.19:06
doctormoncjohnston: The user profile stuff doesn't work, I checked it out and it doesn't go through.20:13
cjohnstondoctormon:  what do you mean it doesn't go through20:15
doctormonThere is a username 'doctormo' I checked in the admin pannel, and the update-profiles has been run (I had to repair that script too) and it's giving me a 404 on /u/doctormo20:16
cprofittmhall119: rebuilt the virtual server and followed the instructions20:16
cprofittgot the following20:16
cprofittCannot build extension "bzrlib._annotator_pyx".20:16
cprofittUse "build_ext --allow-python-fallback" to use slower python implementations instead.20:16
mhall119do you have ubuntu-dev-tools package installed?20:16
cprofitterror: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 120:16
cprofittI do not think so20:16
mhall119try apt-getting that20:17
cprofittjust an normal install of the server20:17
mhall119there must be a library we all had already that wasn't included20:17
cprofittthat error was on the pip command20:17
doctormoncjohnston: Should I be running this on your branch or on trunk?20:18
mhall119cprofitt: pip will try and build stuff from source sometimes20:19
cjohnstonmy branch. it isn't in trunk.20:19
mhall119and if you don't have the right dev tools or headers, it dies20:19
mhall119cjohnston: where's you track lead stuff?20:19
doctormoncjohnston: OK that's the stuff that's now working.20:20
doctormoncjohnston: Here's the diff for the fix http://paste.ubuntu.com/766262/20:21
cjohnstonI'm out. maybe mhall119  can help20:22
cprofittsame error mhall11920:22
cprofittshould I install gcc?20:23
* mhall119 is no help20:24
cjohnstonmhall119: track-page mp20:24
mhall119cprofitt: install ubuntu-dev-tools20:24
cprofittI did that20:24
mhall119no luck?20:24
cprofittunless a reboot helps20:28
doctormonOK, I'm parking the design request until the code works. Give m a ping when ready.20:30
cprofittmhall119: does this mean anything20:36
cprofitt    No Cython, trying Pyrex...20:36
mhall119cprofitt: no...I've never seen the likes of that before20:38
mhall119this is an 11.10 VM you say?20:38
cprofitt11.10 64 bit20:38
mhall119oh, 64 bit.....wonder if that's the problem20:38
cprofittI could try and build it on 32bit20:42
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