MonkeyDustChucky1  if you're familiar with the command line, type: apt-cache search mail server|less, maybe you find something00:00
washuu_deI used firestarter for more than one year. Now I upgraded to maverick and firestarter does not work right anymore. It looks to me like there is a firewall over which I have no control now00:00
murfiedude.. there is no mail server with a web interface00:00
washuu_denot maverick! I meant natty00:00
Hilariemurfie squirrel mail00:01
gennL3d: it should be sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade00:01
murfieeither you're looking for a html mail client like squirrelmail, or you're looking for a mta and you should just use postfix00:01
Chucky1i forget other people do use root00:01
Chucky1postfix with squirrelmail00:02
L3dwith the install it says e: unable to loacte packages00:02
Chucky1sudo apt-get install updates00:02
brightsparkL3d: sudo apt-get update, not sudo apt-get install updates00:03
Chucky1oh im rusty damn00:03
L3dE: Unable to locate package updates00:03
brightsparksame for upgrade00:03
gennL3d: because you're trying to install the package called 'updates' with that command and there is no package by that name00:03
L3dso it gets and installs at the same time ?00:03
aminepour aler sur ubuntu fr00:04
murfieI vote we should bundle ubuntu with a package called 'updates'.. who's with me?00:04
murfieit should do something like the 'sl' command :)00:04
washuu_deI have a question. Say when you have time...00:05
L3dso whats the cmd to instaal the updates and stuf ??00:07
L3ddam i confused00:07
murfiejust click the update button00:07
L3dand this keyboard isnt helping00:07
brightsparkL3d, sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade00:07
mongyL3d,  forget ssl, just use ssh locally.  sudo apt-get install ssh,  ssh youruser@localhost -D 1234  then in browser set proxy to SOCKS5  localhost 1234 (replace 1234 with whatever you like)00:07
murfiefirst of all, forget the sudo thing00:08
brightsparkL3d, update has apt check if new upgrades are available; upgrade installs the latest version of the package00:08
murfiedo sudo -s once and do passwd to set a root password00:08
L3dthis si fun00:08
brightsparkmurfie, we do not encourage setting a root password here.00:08
L3dnow i get id00:09
murfiewhere's "here"?00:09
gennwashuu_de: just ask00:09
fructoseAnyone know a graphical mail client that works with local mail?00:09
washuu_de@Genn: I used firestarter for more than one year. Now I upgraded to maverick and firestarter does not work right anymore. It looks to me like there is a firewall over which I have no control now00:10
L3dso i need ghostry and ssh ,wich i need to copy the text from here ,so no ssl :D00:11
brightsparkmurfie, this channel in particular, and most ubuntu support you will find is the same.  The accepted practice is to use sudo and gksudo as appropriate.00:11
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murfiebrightspark: it's like asking your parents if you're allowed to go to the movies, while you're 20 years old00:11
MonkeyDust!root| murfie00:12
ubottumurfie: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:12
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amineje veu re rejoint ubuntu fr00:13
yeats!fr | amine00:13
ubottuamine: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:13
L3dwill do ,thnx pps will return in a short while gl&hf and gtfo wit youtube imo00:13
murfieif you don't separate root and a user in sudoers, you're asking for troubles00:13
washuu_degenn: Are you here anymore? Do you need more info? Say so please instead of just disappearing00:13
L3dknow all dutch +belgium certificates were hacked weeeeeeeeeeeeee00:14
murfiein fact, a root password must be strong, and a user password, oh well, tends to be less strong. and when that user is in the sudoers file, you have an immediate security breach, hence, don't be a fool and just use a root password and use it wisely00:15
aminemerci yeats00:15
amine /join #ubuntu-fr00:15
mes0ri think my lucid distro (vendor provided) is running an older kernel.  How can I find the default kernel version?00:15
_cbAm using 9.10 the Karmic Koala and planning to upgrade to 11.10. When I installed 9.10 I created several partitiions (recommended by a book). Want to do a fresh re-install but want to leave /dev/sda10 intact. Will I be able to do that pretty easily?00:15
gennwashuu_de: still her but not really familiar with firestarter or firewalls. sorry, hope someone else can help.00:15
amine /join #ubuntu-fr00:16
washuu_deGenn:ok. I ask at another time. people here are busy. Time for bed for me anyway.00:16
brightsparkamine, ne tapez pas un espace avant le "/".00:16
washuu_deGen: tnx anyway00:17
gennwashuu_de: no worries. good luck.00:17
yeats!info linux lucid | mes0r00:17
ubottumes0r: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)00:17
murfiecb: yes but be sure to do manual partitioning00:17
aminere salut00:18
mes0rubottu: thanks so i should be on 2.6.32 at least.   how would my vendor have gotten the 2.6.18 kernel installed00:18
ubottumes0r: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:18
aminere salut00:18
Yukiiisalut amine00:19
Yukiiitu es d'ou?00:19
yeatsmes0r: could be an older installation that just still has the older kernel installed?00:20
mes0rso they are just installing from an old version, gotcha.  i will ask them to update00:21
yeatsmes0r: mind you, it would have to be *really* old ;-)00:21
mes0rok thanks00:21
frotzedAnyone involved in the papercuts stuff?00:23
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excelsiorhow does one edit the gui Applications menu without using the gui editor? The gui editor doesn't work.00:24
washuu_deCan anyone help me with DCC problems? It started after I upgraded from maverickt to natty00:24
MonkeyDust!anyone| excelsior washuu_de00:25
ubottuexcelsior washuu_de: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:25
ubottuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.00:25
excelsiorMonkeyDust: !inappropriate00:25
zteamIs there any way to disable the executeflag permisson00:26
excelsiorhow does one edit the gui Applications menu without using the gui editor? The gui editor doesn't work.00:26
zteamI need to install a wine application from a cd and the executable flag prevents me from doing it00:27
HatoriZteam. Change it00:28
murfiecopy it to another medium first00:28
brightsparkzteam: right-click>Properties>Permissions.  select the ones you want.00:28
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washuu_deI want to use xdcc. I changed from maverick to natty. It worked in natty. now it is not working. Is that a correctly formed question ? Oh yes.. xdcc doesn't work since I upgraded.00:29
zteamHatori, that won't work on a CD...00:29
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excelsiorhow does one edit the gui Applications menu without using the gui editor? The gui editor doesn't work.00:30
zteambrightspark you can't change the permisson on a CD00:31
frotzedexcelsior, what version?00:31
HatoriExcelsior. You can use a lot of basic editor. Almost of configuration was on plain files00:31
indicatorHi, I have a thinkpad T520 and for some reason, I cannot connect to wireless n access points00:32
murfieuse a cable?00:33
indicatorthat's not a fix...00:33
HatoriExcelsior. You can copy it to disk00:33
zteamand if I try to run it from a commandline I get this00:33
zteamwine /media/cdrom/ installer.exe00:33
frotzedexcelsior, maybe gedit ~/.local/share/applications/name.desktop00:33
zteamwine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\plugplay.exe"00:34
bigterdanyone know of a good torrent client that will run in the background, and scan a folder for new *.torrent files, and automacically fire them up if detected?00:34
frotzedbigterd, pretty sure Deluge can be configured that way00:35
qmanjr5Is it possible to set an SFTP location to the sidebar?00:35
bigterdfrotzed, thx  i'll check int oit.00:36
murfieuse rtorrent00:36
bigterdgarh! which is the simplist?00:37
bigterdprefer it to work on open or freebsd, but linux is fine.00:37
gennindicator: do you see the network?00:37
murfieas I said00:37
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frotzedDepends on what you want.  Deluge has a gui, rtorrent is command line00:39
frotzedOne is wildly popular, one is obscure.00:39
bigterdstrictly ssh00:40
bigterdand it's a 486/66 with 8mb ram00:40
frotzedsounds like you need a console-driven client00:41
excelsiorfrotzed: thanks, but no cigar. I'm using 10.10, any other thoughts about where to find a way to edit the Applications menu? Someone has managed to mess it up, and I can't get the Office menu back where it belongs.00:41
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:42
abstraktoh man, so I just tried sudo apt-get install nvidia-9600:43
abstraktand the command 'worked'00:43
abstraktbut now my system is totally hosed00:43
abstraktwtf, i can only see one line of text in irssi00:43
abstraktweird, the user list is blocking the rest00:43
logladywhat do i type to switch to a different server00:43
bigterdabstrakt, i tried to upgrade a 8x distro to the latest, but first i had to go to 9x, then 10x, then 11x, only to discover i had to use a gui to do it!00:43
bigterdha, shit.00:43
polardude1983Hello, I am trying to convert any videos in a folder, and have the same output name as the input name. Right now any video converted renames to movie.mp4. How do i keep the original title?00:45
washuu_deI upgraded to natty and now I can't use DCC anymore.00:45
webnethello all im back!00:47
excelsiorI have a problem with my Applications menu, Accessories is missing, Office was accidentally dropped in Science and can't be moved back, I'm using Ubuntu 10.10, I installed the Edubuntu package, can anyone recommend a solution?00:48
washuu_deI give up on you. Godd night00:48
theopensourcemchelp installing a tar00:48
gotgnuis there any way installing gnome 3.2 in ubuntu 11.10?00:48
webnetok excelsior, right click the menu and select edit menus.00:48
gnu_lorienI can't seem to get ctrl alt backspace to work in Ubuntu 11.10. I use xfce so I tried the setxbmap setting from https://wiki.edubuntu.org/X/Config/DontZap and it doesn't seem to work00:49
xanguagotgnu: oneiric already uses gnome 3.200:50
glebihangotgnu, you're already running gnome3.2, if you mean gnome-shell, it's in the repos00:50
webnetthat will allow you to edit the menu back to the way it was excelsior. pm if you need additional help00:50
gotgnuglebihan: so just sudo apt-get install gnome-shell?00:50
frotzedgotgnu, there are many many tuts online for using gnome-shell in ubuntu 11.1000:50
glebihangotgnu, yes00:50
gotgnuglebihan: see I thought ubuntu 11.10 was gnome 3.000:51
glebihangotgnu, it's 3.200:52
gotgnuglebihan: thanks man00:52
glebihangotgnu, you're welcome00:52
frotzedjikay, hello00:53
jikaycan you help me00:53
sbts-tvhi all, are there any raid experts around?00:54
sbts-tvjikay: hi there00:54
jikayfrotzed, hello00:54
jikayhi too00:54
frotzedjikay, I can try00:54
polardude1983When converting a video in command line how do i keep the original title? espcially when batch converting?00:56
logladywhat do i type to switch to a different server00:57
RxDxi bought a notebook with nvidia optimus.. how can i enable the nvidia graphic card on ubuntu?00:58
sbts-tvpolardude1983: i haven't seen anything you have said previously but, first would need to know what commandline you are using to do the conversion.00:58
polardude1983sbts-tv, here is the command line for what im using http://paste.ubuntu.com/765497/00:59
sbts-tvRxDx: there should be a menu item (normally in Applications>Settings or Applications>system) called "Additional Drivers"00:59
logladyjoin #logladyland01:00
sbts-tvloglady: check out "/help server" and "/help channel"01:00
sbts-tvloglady: that is for servers, if you want to join another channel look at "/help join"01:00
sbts-tvpolardude1983: give me a moment to look01:01
RxDxsbts-tv: there are no officialy driver that supports optimus technology01:01
``PeeRsomeone is on weechat here?01:01
ArcademanIs there any directions on how to do a net install of Ubuntu I might find?01:04
sbts-tvRxDx: Oh, sorry I am so used to ubuntu being very wuick to have new nvidia drivers available.01:04
LABcrabHello!  i have many files that end with ".temp" extension.  How can i bulk remove them please?01:04
sbts-tvRxDx: hve you found anything on the web regarding drivers for optimus?01:04
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webnetLABcrab, why do you need to remove them?01:05
Gskelligcan someone help me with a 403 forbidden apache error on my ubuntu server?01:05
sbts-tvLABcrab: with EXTREEM caution in each directory that contains the files try "rm *.temp" if it blows up your system don't blame me. please do read "man rm" first01:05
LABcrabwebnet: Let me make a correction, sorry.01:05
LABcrabWhat i mean is to remove the ".temp" extension.  For example, rename "file1.png.temp" and "file2.mp3.temp" to "file1.png" and "file2.mp3".01:06
velociostrichSince dbus has replaced gconf, are all applications no longer using gconf? How can I remove the unnecessary keys in gconf that are now in gsettings/dconf?01:07
sbts-tvLABcrab: well that changes things quite a lot!!!!!01:07
burnt1hi, just moved from windows 7 to ubuntu, loving it01:08
burnt1got a q :)01:08
burnt1I dont see system menu on my tool bar01:08
burnt1just applications and places01:08
sbts-tvLABcrab: check out the man page for find. it has an option "exec" that will allow you to do what you want01:08
xanguavelociostrich: don'y you mean Dconf ¿¿01:08
LABcrabsbts-tv: isn't there a blk page?01:08
velociostrichxangua: Yes, whoops01:08
burnt1am i doing anything wrong01:08
xanguadconf != dbus velociostrich01:08
velociostrichxangua: I know01:09
velociostrichxangua: Typo01:09
velociostrichor rather, a brainfart01:09
sbts-tvpolardude1983: I am just having a look to see what I can find.01:09
frotzedburnt1: what functions are you looking for in particular?01:09
burnt1how do I system > prefs01:09
polardude1983sbts-tv, ok thank you01:09
burnt1sorry just system > preferences01:09
abstraktso I just did sudo apt-get install nvidia-9601:10
burnt1so can set stuff, just dont seem to see it01:10
abstraktand I totally screwed up my system01:10
webnetOhhh LABcrab . ok01:10
abstrakthow can I undo this? is it possible?01:10
frotzedburnt1: the vast majority of those preferences are going to be managed via the "apps" in the dash01:10
tmusHow do I install oneiric (desktop) on a preformatted / part? the installer seems to insist on mkfs'ing it?01:10
chromaticwtI have kernel 3.1.4 installed and I just compiled 3.1.5, how can I use ksplice to install the new kernel without rebooting?01:10
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burnt1frotzed,  thanks, but going through guides trying to learn, and lots say goto system > preferences etc01:11
velociostrichchromaticwt: Deep wizardy.01:11
burnt1so struggling a bit01:11
velociostrichchromaticwt: I don't know if this is the right place for that kind of question, there might be a kernel related irc channel that's better01:11
frotzedburnt1: what version of ubuntu are you using?01:11
robin0800velociostrich: you use dconf editor01:12
_cbAm moving from Ubuntu 9 to Ubuntu 11. Will a backup from Evolution on 9 restore on 11 (Assume 11 comes with Evolution)01:12
velociostrichrobin0800: You mean to say that in using dconf editor that will remove superflous gconf keys? That sounds unlikely01:12
frotzedburnt1: so on the dock on the left, on top is the link for the dash.  I'd start by exploring what the apps do in that dash.01:13
root____1Hiiiii guys01:13
burnt1but I installed old style gnome01:13
burnt1got rid of tool bar01:13
burnt1just want those options01:13
frotzedburnt1: ooohhhhh01:13
burnt1so can go system > preferences etc01:14
RyanPI'm running Oneiric. gnome-settings-daemon keeps crashing on me. Logging out, removing ~/.gconf and logging in works for that login. Is this something other people have seen?01:14
sbts-tvpolardude1983: unfortunately handbrake doesn't give you an option to do that as far as I can see. so I think you should read "man find" and especially look at the "exec" option.01:14
burnt1im an it manager for a finance house so trying to get down with linux, so can migrate everything over01:14
root____1hii Guys i have problem when i do : Can't Find /dev/sr0 ; i don't have a SATA .. HELP HELP HELP HELP !!!!!!01:14
polardude1983sbts-tv, ok will do01:14
sbts-tvpolardude1983: you basically need to use find to "find" each file and run handbrake on it using find's exec function01:15
polardude1983sbts-tv, k01:15
robin0800velociostrich: if they are common I guess it will but you can also install gconf editor01:15
MattheasDoes anyone know how to assign a specific driver to an ethernet port?01:15
``PeeRRyanP: what does it do when it crashs ?01:16
burnt1this is upsetting me a little... want system menu!01:16
velociostrichrobin0800: That's not the problem. Since I've upgraded to 11.10, it left gconf keys that are no longer needed since there are dconf keys that do the same and those gconf keys are ignored. I was just curious if there was a way to remove them01:16
webnetLABcrab, i would say go to the desired directory in terminal.01:16
mopheadHi everyone! Where do I find my divx cache?01:16
frotzedburnt1: I understand your frustration01:16
burnt1why is it not there?01:17
burnt1they remove it or somthing01:17
webnetLABcrab, then type rm *.temp01:17
sbts-tvLABcrab: what do you mean by a "blk page" ?01:17
webnetAnyone want to second me on that01:17
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chibasHey Guuyyys01:18
frotzedburnt1: unfortunately I can't help you much with your specific situation.  I'm very familiar with the old gnome 2 and the new Unity but not gnome 2 on 11.1001:18
webnetoh dont do that.01:18
chibasI Have Problem Can't Find /dev/sr0 ???????01:18
webnetLABcrab, dont follow my direction01:18
RyanP``PeeR: My trackpad stops working and the file browser doesn't look or act right.01:18
frotzed* but not the gnome 2-style menus on 11.1001:18
sbts-tvwebnet: if you read the rest of what LABcrab said, he made a mistake, he wants to rename, not remove01:18
LABcrabsbts-tv: Precisely.01:19
MattheasDoes anyone know how to assign a specific driver to an ethernet port? 3 of the ports on my multiport NIC have gone to eth*_rename01:19
Ogredudegood lord, ejabberd is horrible01:19
webnetsbts-tv, yeah i just saw that thats why i said dont do what i said01:19
LABcrabi wish it was easier.  Sometimes there are bulk programs that rename picture files from "IMG2432.JPG" to "03 - Photo.jpg"01:19
MattheasOgredude: What was your first clue :D01:19
mopheadHi everyone! Where do I find my divx cache?01:20
OgredudeMattheas: when I saw the config file was incomprehensible and the documentation was completely unhelpful01:20
sbts-tvLABcrab: it can be done with a script (bash, perl, etc) or outright using find.01:20
webnetsbts-tv, LABcrab  isnt a temp not actually the file but a temp file used when downloading?01:20
LABcrabsbts-tv: Is there a guide somewhere?01:20
Ogredudemoving to jabberd2.  I read that its config is in XML.  I understand XML.01:20
MattheasOgredude: that's nothing. Openfire just released a software update that makes it impossible to use spark. SMH x401:21
LABcrabwebnet: That was simply an example.  :)01:21
webnetLABcrab, what do you mean01:21
burnt1ah thanks frotzed01:21
sbts-tvLABcrab: a quick google search for these terms "linux use find to rename bulk files" shows up quite a few options01:21
``PeeRRyanP: did you just upgrade for 11.04 or 11.10 ?01:21
MattheasDoes anyone know how to assign a specific driver to an ethernet port? 3 of the ports on my multiport NIC have gone to eth*_rename01:21
LABcrabBut they must keep their original name!01:22
sbts-tvLABcrab: yep01:22
LABcrab"rename -v 's/\.JPG$/\.jpg/' *.JPG"01:23
LABcrab"rename -v 's/\.temp$/\/' *.JPG"01:23
RyanP``PeeR: It's a new install.01:23
robin0800velociostrich: your best bet is a good backup and a clean install but gconv is still migrating to dconv and a certain amount of duplication still exists though very few gconf keys appear to work now01:23
sbts-tvLABcrab: goes to show, even a knowledgeable person can learn, I had not used rename before, one of the links I mentioned is about the same as yours01:23
``PeeRRyanP: new install, did you read this : http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/10-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-11-04/ ???01:23
webnetOK LABcrab, here go to dir command: mv *.jpg.temp *.jpg01:23
webnetSecond me sbts-tv ?01:24
``PeeRit's not most up to date RyanP but it could help01:24
velociostrichrobin0800: In that case I'll just leave it alone. Hopefully by the next release dconf will have fully replaced gconf and perhaps the installation scripts will take care of the unnecessary keys, or it will be possible to simply remove gconf altogether.01:24
mopheadHi everyone! Where do I find my divx cache? Trying to play a streaming file in vlc01:24
sbts-tvwebnet: not so sure that will work, I think the shell globbing and expansion may cause a major stuff up there.01:24
sbts-tvwebnet: the rename command is actually designed to do the job01:25
OgredudeMattheas: really?  That sucks.01:25
OgredudeI'm only guessing at this point that jabberd2 is going to be okay01:25
LABcrabwebnet: Doesn't accept anything but directories.  :(01:25
``PeeRRyanP:  it's not most up to date RyanP but it could help01:25
webnetsbts-tv, ok. makes sense01:25
MattheasOgredude: XMPP as a community has lost their minds01:25
RyanP``PeeR: Yes, I've got the updates installed, and the additional drivers installed and such. I won't swear to it, but I'm thinking this might have started happening after the most recent updates.01:26
sbts-tvLABcrab: I have been doing embedded linux system design and server support etc for nearly 20 years and never had occasion to use rename so thankyou for helping me learn a little more01:26
Ogredudeit looks like there's about fifteen zillion different XMPP servers available, and absolutely no indications of which ones are decent and which ones are crap.01:26
OgredudeI only installed ejabberd because it's what was listed on Ubuntu's wiki page01:26
LABcrabsbts-tv: you're welcome.  :)  But webnet's command only seems to work with directories.01:26
Ogredudeall I want is an internal IM server, dangit :)01:26
``PeeRRyanP: well yeah I think developpers have a lot of job, this is a big change... Can't believe they already releas 12.xx ...01:27
webnetun try adding -R to the end of mv LABcrab01:27
sbts-tvLABcrab: not true, mv will take directories, or file, or for that matter even devices. but used like webnet mentioned it will make a mess of everything.01:27
LABcrabDoesn't accept it.01:27
RyanP``PeeR: Oh sure. I was just wondering if this was a known problem or anything.01:27
sbts-tvLABcrab: I recommend making a copy of a few files into a temp directory and testing BEFORE running on live data. you could even just use "touch" to create a few empty files and try it out01:28
webnetok sbts-tv is right LABcrab01:28
``PeeRRyanP: not by me sadly... sorry01:28
RyanP``PeeR: Ok, thanks01:29
``PeeRRyanP: you're welcome01:29
sbts-tvwebnet: mv has no -R option :)01:30
webnetsbts-tv, you are correct. lol idk i must have been thinking of the rm command. recursive is already implied on a move command01:31
sbts-tvdiverdud`: mv doesn't have a recurse (-R or -r) option, sorry :)01:31
LABcrabsbts-tv: Doesn't work for me at all. Does nothing.01:31
mattgyverMy Wireless card suddenly became disabled but was working earlier, any suggestions? (10.10)01:32
sbts-tvLABcrab: please paste your exact command01:32
webnet^^ yes01:32
|Long|hi guys, is there a cmd can tell me which hard drive is not mounted?01:33
mattgyverdisregard, I had a moment.01:33
LABcrab"mv -r *.*.temp *.*"01:34
webnetsbts-tv, what if he used the -v parameter in mv01:34
sbts-tvLABcrab: no you can't use mv, if you want a ready to go command you MUST use rename01:35
webnetok. lol. i know from experience bulk rename is semi complicated with the rename comman01:35
sbts-tvwebnet: mv is designed to handle one file or the top of a dir branch only. it actually does no processing on multiple files.01:35
LABcrabsbts-tv: Can you help me please?01:36
webnetsbts-tv, OHHH ok gotcha01:36
pierre_desktopHi, I installed a new theme with icons and all. It was a .deb file but when I try to look for it in package manager, it's nowhere to be found. Another user tried to desinstall it from the terminal but then it wrecked his ubuntu installation. Would there be a way to reinstall the gnome default theme at all? I'm running Ubuntu 11.0401:36
milamber|Long|: are you looking for: sudo fdisk -l    ?01:36
michaeljwjrWhy is it that no matter what when I update my drivers on my video card, my System Info still always says "VESA:CYPRESS" under Graphics ?01:36
sbts-tvLABcrab: if you could pasebin the output of ls for a sample of the files you want to rename please01:36
|Long|milamber, that doesn't tell me which drive is not mouted01:37
usr13|Long|: mount01:37
n0sqi'm having trouble converting 2 mandriva machines to ubuntu 11.10 - i formatted all partitions except for /home but i can't login except as guest - i won't lose much data if i formatted /home but i'd rather not do that01:37
LABcrabSubstitution replacement not terminated at (eval 1) line 1.01:38
LABcrab1 : commande introuvable01:38
|Long|usr13, yes that work thanks alot01:38
sbts-tv|Long|: there are two commands you should try, "mount" which will tell you what is mounted, and "sudo blkid" which will tell you what drives are on the system. also "cat /proc/partitions"01:38
|Long|sbts-tv, thanks01:39
usr13n0sq: Just use same user name and do not format /home/user01:39
LABcrabi almost want to give up and rename them manually!  :O  :(  :'(01:39
webnetLABcrab, try this:01:39
milamber|Long|: also the command: df01:39
webnetLABcrab, find /folder/the/files/are/in/ -name *.jpg.temp -exec rename -n 's/jpg.temp$/jpg/'01:40
BarkingFishah, webnet - did you manage to sort out kripton and his graphics issues earlier?01:41
michaeljwjrWhy is it that no matter what when I update my drivers on my video card, my System Info still always says "VESA:CYPRESS" under Graphics ?01:41
n0squsr13: i did that but i can't log in - it seems that it accepts the password but i keep getting dumped back to the login screen01:41
sbts-tvLABcrab: I think you will have some luck with something like "rename s/.temp// *.temp"01:42
sbts-tvLABcrab: have you read the man page for rename? also check this link for some examples http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2009/06/how-to-rename-files-in-group/01:43
usr13n0sq: Sounds like the system either did not use the existing /home/ partition, or it is full.  ( /home/ is on a seperate partition, right?)01:43
usr13n0sq: df01:43
n0squsr13: yes - /, /usr, /var,/home are different partions01:43
LABcrabAll i get is an evil blinking cursor!01:44
usr13n0sq: I don't know then.01:44
n0sqi tried going back to mandriva and had the same problem01:44
``PeeR my mouse...01:44
menii want to make usb that can boot ubuntu,also that ill be able to save changes on this usb, Universal-USB-Installer can do that right?01:44
usr13n0sq: Could it be that the /home/ partition is full?01:44
* n0sq hates these live cd's because you can't customize the install01:44
``PeeRwhen I scrollup the wheel... it makes like I was doing BACK... in firefox but also in everything where I can do BACK...01:45
n0squsr13: nope, not full01:45
LABcrabsbts-tv: Typing that just gives me an empty cursor that keeps blinking.01:45
usr13n0sq: I don't know.  I've done it myself and so I know it works, not sure where you may have gone wrong. Sorry...01:45
FuzzyNutsHi, do you want the boinc ball case?01:46
FuzzyNutsI need help, I just repackaked Fuduntu with AmigaOS Kernel instead of Stable 3.0.1 Kernel of Linux while driving my blue mustang to Red Blue Hat Offices!01:46
sbts-tvn0sq: can you login as any user? if so start a terminal and use "ls -la /home" to find out what user and group own the directories there. then "grep username /etc/passwd" and "grep groupname /etc/group" and make sure things look right01:46
webnetBarkingFish, nope01:46
sidney_can someone [lease tell me how to tell which repository is old or outdated and how to remove them http://paste.ubuntu.com/765080/01:46
sbts-tvLABcrab: as I asked before can you please pastebin output of "ls" for the directory you need to rename files in01:47
n0sqsbts-tv: only as guest01:47
swAnd actually it was Fwet who had Blue Car as his Mustang is very very very blue. My car isn''t classified as blue as it's colour code is Navy Blue so it's not really blue.01:47
usr13n0sq: I suppose you could boot into failsafe mode and create another user, give new user admin privileges, (and all other necessary privileges), and then log in as the new user and try to fix it from there.01:47
sbts-tvn0sq: that should be fine01:47
FuzzyNutsGuys, HELP! I just repackaked Fuduntu with AmigaOS Kernel instead of Stable 3.0.1 Kernel of Linux while driving my blue mustang to Red Blue Hat Offices!01:47
FuzzyNutsWhat do I do?01:47
n0squsr13: i don't know what the problem is either because i've put ubuntu on 2 other laptops with no problems01:47
=== sagaci_ is now known as sagaci
n0squsr13: there is no failsafe option given at boot01:48
milambersidney_: that looks like a stock set for lucid . . . are you experiencing any issues specifically? you may just need to comment out the line for the cd . . .01:48
n0sqno grub menu at all01:48
usr13n0sq: Don't remember, but you should see it at the grub boot menu01:48
FuzzyNutsdisregard this i'm a dumbass01:48
``PeeRnot sure if I've been clear...01:48
``PeeR my mouse...01:49
``PeeRwhen I scrollup the wheel... it makes like I was doing BACK... in firefox but also in everything where I can do BACK...01:49
FuzzyNutsCan anyone help me? Fuduntu still wasn't 2 years ago.01:49
n0squsr13: there is no grub menu at all01:49
swand I have thermodynamics netbook with truck power instead of passenger car performance engine01:49
``PeeRFuzzyNuts: ask01:49
sidney_milamber, update manager and terminal failed to update mismatch size01:49
usr13n0sq: add new user to   adm plugdev netdev admin01:49
FuzzyNutsPeeR: I said, I just repackaked Fuduntu with AmigaOS Kernel instead of Stable 3.0.1 Kernel of Linux while driving my blue mustang to Red Blue Hat Offices!01:50
hendaushelp please01:50
milambersidney_: can you pastebin the output of: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:50
usr13n0sq: What do you mean there is no grub menu?  Sure there is.  Hit Esc as it is starting to boot.  (Keep hitting it because the time window is narrow.)01:50
milamberusr13: isn't it right shift for grub?01:50
hendauswhat is the code to convert wav to mp3 on ffmpeg_01:50
usr13n0sq: milamber says it's shift  Yea, hold down the shift key.01:51
swLearn the space science or GTFO01:51
sbts-tvhendaus: not to be rude, have you read the manpage for ffmepg? "man ffmpeg"01:51
usr13milamber: I think most any key will do it but shift is more-than-likely best to use.01:51
usr13n0sq: So hold down the shift key.01:52
milamber!language | FuzzyNuts01:52
ubottuFuzzyNuts: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:52
usr13someone boot FuzzyNuts01:52
hendaussbts-tv,  hi friend, i am newbie and i dont know much on ubuntu01:52
FuzzyNutsJust because you don't know the space science01:52
n0squsr13: isn't the grub menu suppose to come up by default? why should i have to press any key to see the grub menu?01:52
nick000in unity why can't i hold down my arrow keys ?? this is driving crazy when trying to code01:53
``PeeRgoogle is your friend if you don't find here what you're looking for...01:53
=== pierre_desktop is now known as stepnjump
FuzzyNutsBecause unity is SHIT01:53
LinoSPhi   Is ext4 fs  a good choice for a 10 yo system?01:53
usr13n0sq: It's just that they have it on a short fuse01:53
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, pangolin, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:53
nick000this is happening every couple of days ;/01:53
milamberLinoSP: it is fine for general use, any particular reason you ask?01:53
stepnjumpI installed a .deb package but the package is not listed in the Ubuntu Software Center. Should I be able to remove it by apt-get install package-name.deb?01:54
FuzzyNutsLinoSP: I'd say ReiserFS, then use it to kill your wife01:54
hendaussbts-tv,  can u help me please01:54
stepnjumpsorry apt-get remove ...01:54
nick000I have spoken to other people and they have had the same issue.. is there any workaround to allow the arrow keys to work correctly ??01:54
``PeeRsorry, wrong window01:54
n0squsr13: i couldn't get it to come up - it shouldn't go by that fast anyway01:54
sbts-tvhendaus: for questions like that there are a large number of examples on the web, a google search for "ffmpeg wav to mp3" should be informative01:54
milamberstepnjump: unless you installed it as a package probably not. you have to use dpkg01:54
Soathdpkg -r01:54
LinoSPmilamber: because im installing   lubuntu in an old  Laptop with 160MB of RAM01:55
FuzzyNutsdo rm -rf01:55
sidney_milamber, http://paste.ubuntu.com/765528/01:55
milamberLinoSP: then ext4 is fine01:55
usr13n0sq: Did you hold down the Shift key the whole time?01:55
stepnjumpmilamber ok and how should I find the packages name?01:55
hendaussbts-tv,  ok i read from websites but i come to here to get a help if someone help01:55
sbts-tvhendaus: also most linux utilities will have a "manpage" for ffmpeg if you run "man ffmpeg" at the command line (terminal) you will be able to read all about it, including get some examples01:55
milamberstepnjump: are you not sure what the package is called?01:55
FuzzyNutsWho said dixie dancer?01:55
usr13n0sq: What version of Ubuntu did you install?01:56
LinoSPmilamber: thx ;)01:56
milambersidney_: that usually means you are trying to run it from the command line with software center open01:56
stepnjumpyes of course... ok.. I thought they were called something else hum.... ok milamber  thanks let me try it01:56
swI think A500 is my only real hope argumenting here01:56
stepnjumpdpkg -r or -P milamber ?01:56
BiboAre you trying to convert music or video or something??01:56
milambersidney_: only one program can access the directory at a time01:56
n0squsr13: 11.1001:56
swIt's a counter attack defending myself from other attacks of the series of Attacks in BattleZone. Which is blue in Firefox.01:56
usr13n0sq: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:56
FuzzyNutsusr13: He installed the repackaked verson Fuduntu with AmigaOS Kernel instead of Stable 3.0.1 Kernel of Linux while driving my blue mustang to Red Blue Hat Offices!01:56
nick000has anyone else had the same issues with 11.10 unity where they can't hold down their arrow keys ???01:57
milamberstepnjump: -r will leave the config files -P removes everything01:57
FuzzyNutsnick000: Use a decent OS, programmed by those with intelligence in UI design?01:57
stepnjumpmilamber it was a theme package, with new icon set, etc... After uninstalling, will Gnome default icons automatically revert back?01:57
* LinoSP revives an AMD-K6 380Mhz xD01:57
BiboUnity blows imo. I like GS but it's having issues with my graphics card, so I'm using XFCE now <301:57
n0squsr13: i can't get it to shut down or reboot, also01:58
_cbAm using geany 0.18. Anyone know how can I export and import preferences?01:59
SlackerDcpu propaply plays stupid space shuttle OS with my GF!01:59
FuzzyNutsn0sq: use thermodynamics netbook with truck power instead of passenger car performance engine01:59
usr13n0sq: Alt-F6  and then  Ctrl-Alt-Del01:59
usr13n0sq: Maybe you have some other, more fundamental problem. Not sure.  Not much to go on here.02:00
Bibon0sq: it's your keyboard bro02:00
FuzzyNutsHey bibo02:00
FuzzyNutsdo you have thermodynamics netbook with truck power02:00
nick000FuzzyNuts: Yes, i am thinking of changing window manager but its just crap that it does this ;/02:00
BiboFuzzyNuts: Yeah it's running on diesel02:00
LABcrabThanks!  i just renamed them manually.  :P02:01
n0sqBibo: keyboard works fine02:01
stepnjumpmilamber: yep that's what I feared:  sudo dpkg -P 120508-MagIcons_0.3-0_all02:01
stepnjumpdpkg: warning: there's no installed package matching 120508-MagIcons_0.3-0_all02:01
milamberstepnjump: dpkg -l | grep Magicons02:01
=== pade is now known as ``PeeR
stepnjumpthanks milamber02:02
``PeeRdamn, not the same thing with ssh lol02:02
FuzzyNutsPeeR, ShitOS absolute beats farging Raeg with 1% marketshare!02:03
IbisFuzzyNuts: WinRAR sucks. YOu can just install RAR inside linux's built-in archieve utility.02:03
elkyFuzzyNuts, please behave02:03
IbisFuzzyNuts: Or use Peazip inside windows. That decompresses .RARs.02:03
FuzzyNutselky: U mad because ShitOS absolute beats farging Raeg with 1% marketshare!02:04
FuzzyNutsYou're so idiot, you think that lanax beats moran for somebody!02:04
stepnjumpok milamber, now it has desinstalled it. Should I do an update or anything or just log out and log back in?02:04
IbisPeazip/7zip are wonderful free alternatives. No need for silly "winRAR".02:04
milamberstepnjump: if you did the -P you should be good with a logout02:04
velociostrichAnyone know the name of the plugin in XFCE that provides the volume control thing that also has play/pause/etc buttons in the menu for banshee/rythmbox?02:04
webnet!language | FuzzyNuts02:04
ubottuFuzzyNuts: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:04
FuzzyNutspoo absolute builded Android Desktop instead of 64 bit!02:05
stepnjumpgreat thanks... Hope I'll talk back at you in a few seconds... Let me cross my fingers02:05
usr13velociostrich: Just add the mixer to the pannel02:05
stepnjumpand make a little prayer02:05
Bibovelociostrich: panflute, but you'll need xfapplet to run in in xfce because it's a gnome thing02:05
Gskelligcan someone help me with 403 error with apache on an ubuntu server02:05
elkyFuzzyNuts, if you can't behave here, go elsewhere please. this is a support channel02:05
usr13velociostrich: Oh, add rythmbox to it.02:05
velociostrichusr13: I wanted to know so that I could take a look at the source. Thanks02:05
FuzzyNutsbut my truck poward netbook propaply plays blue Android Desktop for somebody!02:06
* sbts-tv applaudes elky 02:07
milamber``PeeR: works02:07
usr13Gskellig: read the log file02:07
``PeeRlol thx milamber02:07
usr13Gskellig: /var/log/apache2/error.log02:08
velociostrichBibo: That's not the one, unfortunately. I think I may be able to figure out which it is though...02:08
webnetOP webnet02:09
=== gerald is now known as Guest59052
HellhammerHow do i get the network manager to return to the notification area if i removed it?02:10
sbts-tvany experts in raid about?02:10
FerchoLPdo someone use RapidSVN?02:11
``PeeRam I fucked if I don't know my root password?02:11
xangua!root | ``PeeR02:11
ubottu``PeeR: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:11
``PeeRI'm able to do sudo commands but I can't do su -02:11
xanguaHellhammer: with unity¿02:12
usr13!language | ``PeeR02:12
ubottu``PeeR: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:12
Hellhammerim using gnome202:12
FerchoLPyou can:     sudo su02:12
tektimesudo passwd would let you change it02:12
usr13tektime: That's really not a good idea.02:12
webnetSudo passwd woul ENABLE the root account tektime02:12
xangua!panels | Hellhammer02:13
ubottuHellhammer: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:13
=== Guest83282 is now known as zkriesse
``PeeRsudo su -02:13
usr13tektime: And that is not what he asked.02:13
``PeeRwrong window02:13
webnetIf your user is in the sudoers then there shouldnt be an issue02:13
tektimei thought he already has root enabled and has forgotten the password02:13
sidney_milamber, here we go http://paste.ubuntu.com/   http://paste.ubuntu.com/765540/02:13
usr13tektime: I doubt it....02:14
sbts-tv``PeeR: is there a reason you want to use su -?02:14
webnettektime, that still wouldnt make a difference02:14
arooni-mobilemy touchpad doesnt work on my t420 laptop;  running latest ubuntu02:14
stepnjumpnope... the theme is still there :(02:14
frankperez87does anyone know of a good screen/audio recorder that can export videos as mp4 or avi02:15
``PeeRsbts-tv: nope... It's my computer... I can sudo if I want but I don't understand why I can't be root.. hehe I have installed ubuy myself...02:15
RickleeCan someone help me im installing ubuntu 11.10 32bit and everything installs correctly but after the restart the boot menu didn't show up its just stuck with a dos blinking thing...02:15
marthahow can install skype onto here?02:15
frankperez87PeeR: do sudo su02:15
usr13frankperez87: Are you wanting to do screencasting ?02:15
frankperez87that should let you run as root02:15
webnetRicklee, its not dos its bash02:15
xanguamartha: go to skype.com02:15
sidney_http://paste.ubuntu.com/765545/     http://paste.ubuntu.com/765540/02:15
marthai did that02:15
webnet!bash | Ricklee02:15
ubottuRicklee: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:15
marthait doesnt fully install02:16
webnetRicklee, it sounds as though no bootloader has installed02:16
``PeeRfrankperez87: and then I'll be able to change the root passwd ?02:16
marthamy cousin built this comp so i dont know how it works compared to dell or hp02:16
=== aarcane__ is now known as aarcane
RickleeIt wont boot into ubuntu at all it just hangs02:16
marthawindows 7 i mean02:16
sbts-tv``PeeR: if you want to become root just use "sudo -i" I would advise reading the manpage for sudo :)02:16
RickleeI've installed it 6 times now02:16
RickleeHow do I get the bootloader to load?02:17
usr13Ricklee: What do you see on the screen?02:17
sbts-tv``PeeR: just remember that the reason you are steered away from being root is it is *DANGEROUS02:17
marthaor better yet..how can i reboot my laptop with a usb?02:17
``PeeRlol yeah I'm a bit coward tonight, thanks guys ;) lol02:17
``PeeRsbts-tv: yeah it's not windows, they don't ask "are you sure?!"02:18
RickleeIt loads my bios screen then right begot its supposed to show the bootloader there is nothing02:18
sbts-tv``PeeR: you should NEVER need to set the root password.02:18
usr13Ricklee: What does it do when you boot?02:18
marthahelp me please =)02:18
webnetsbts-tv, dont bother i already tried in pm02:18
``PeeRsbts-tv: even in the installation!?02:18
usr13Ricklee: The screen is black?  or...?02:18
usr13Ricklee: What version of Ubuntu did you install?02:19
sbts-tv``PeeR: yep, the root password when set, opens up potential security holes. on a system that uses sudo it should never be set02:19
nick00011.04 i can't hold down any keys ! ;(02:19
webnetnick000, ok? we need more info to help you02:20
RickleeIt wont boot into ubuntu at all. Not a blank screen ut shows my networks loading and drives loaded.  All the usual stuff before it is supposed to load the IS02:20
sbts-tv``PeeR: anything the *must be done as root can be done safer using sudo02:20
usr13Ricklee: Did you tell the installer to write grub to the mbr of the primary drive?02:20
webnet^^ i second tht02:20
``PeeRwo sbts-tv , can I add sudoers without being root ?02:20
RickleeHow do I do that /02:20
``PeeRwo = so02:20
webnet``PeeR, yes if you are a sudoer02:21
usr13``PeeR: sudo02:21
webnet``PeeR, which you are by default02:21
sbts-tvif you want to edit the sudoers file you should ALWAYS use sudoedit02:21
nick000webnet: when using the unity windows manager on 11.04 on my laptop i can't hold down any keys on my keyboard doesn't matter what application i am in.. say if i want to print a string of AAAAAAAAAA's i can't just hold down the 'A' key02:21
``PeeRok nice... i thought that I had to be root to change sudoers02:21
sbts-tv``PeeR: if you want to edit the sudoers file you should ALWAYS use sudoedit02:21
nick000webnet: if i reboot it fixes the issue but then it willl evenually come back again.. it is drivin me crazy specially if i need to work on a doc or do some coding..02:22
colloquialismichey guys02:22
usr13!sudo | ``PeeR02:22
ubottu``PeeR: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo02:22
colloquialismici have a bit of a problem02:22
sbts-tv``PeeR: if you just edit it with anyold editor you can end up breaking your system02:22
webnetOHHHHH. that nick000, click the ubuntu button on the top left of the screen and then do a search for keyboard02:22
Bibocolloquialismic: what's the problem?02:23
usr13``PeeR: There is probably no real reason for you to want to edit sudoers in the first place.02:23
Rickleeusr13 how do I tell the installer to add the bootloader into the mbr of the drive?02:23
colloquialismicBibo, I am unable to connect to my router on ubuntu... however I CAN connect on Windows.. Here is a results/testing http://paste.ubuntu.com/765537/02:23
nick000webnet: do i select keyboard? or one of the other results.02:24
``PeeRyeah guys I'm playing with my machine at home to not make mistake at my job ;)02:24
RickleeSomeone help me....02:24
usr13Ricklee: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation02:24
=== kevin is now known as Guest41946
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: it would appear that you don't have a network cable correctly connected02:25
nick000webnet: do i change the input method ?02:26
webnetselect keyboard nick00002:26
colloquialismicsbts-tv, no... it is fully connected :(02:27
usr13Ricklee: You can fix it.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub02:27
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: hmmmmm, let me look again....02:28
webnetnick000,  put a check in the repeat keys checkbox02:28
usr13Ricklee: But maybe you need to first check cmos settings to see if it is set to boot to HD02:28
sidney_You know i configured this firewall two weeks ago and haven't heard from it at all. Wonder if it really works02:28
RickleeIt's set to boot from my only Hdd02:28
meniive installed ubuntu on usb, i missing wireless driver, how i can download the driver for ubuntu and install it from the usb plesae?:)02:29
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: do you have a network cable connected, or are you trying to use wireless?02:29
colloquialismicsbts-tv, it is wireless, and my router is connected... i can use it on windows..02:29
nick000thanks webnet !02:29
webnetno prob. was it unchecked nick000?02:29
webnetwas that the problem?02:29
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: ahhhhhh, wireless. what version of ubuntu are you using?02:29
menianyone please?^_^02:30
usr13sidney_: CanYouSeeMe.org02:30
RickleeSeventh install and it boots fine lol.02:31
usr13meni: see what it is first.  lspci02:31
RickleeHow would I add windows 7 and windows xp to my Hdd and have it show up on the boot menu?02:31
meniim switch to windows atm02:31
menibecause i cant use wireless on ubuntu :S02:32
sidney_usr13, great thanks02:32
sbts-tvmeni: what wireless card?02:32
usr13Ricklee: If you left free-space on the first part of the primary drive, install there.  Otherwize start over.  But better still, install vbox02:33
colloquialismicsbts-tv, I am using 10.04 LTS02:33
usr13!vbox | Ricklee02:33
ubottuRicklee: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:33
menimay be dell wireless 1397 WLAN mini-lan?02:33
=== postgres is now known as justlist
Gskelligthis cafe i'm in actually blocks ssh traffic02:33
Gskelligwhy the hell would you do that02:33
sbts-tvRicklee: as far as I know, you need to install xp first, then win7 then ubuntu, as xp trashes everthing else and win7 trashes the bootloader, while ubuntu gets it right. there are of course "difficult" methods that can be used to do it other ways, but not any I would recommend02:34
usr13!dual-boot | Ricklee02:34
ubottuRicklee: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:34
RickleeYou guys think its better to use virtual box rather then use install the OS on my Hdd?02:34
GskelligRicklee, honestly it depends on what you want to do with it02:34
usr13Gskellig: Ask the sysadmin, (not us).02:34
IbisRicklee: Depends on your intentions.02:34
Gskelligjust bitching02:34
Gskelligi dont think this cafe has a sysadmin02:34
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: ok, click on the network icon, and tell me if your wireless network is listed there02:34
webnetJOIN #ubuntu02:35
usr13Gskellig: I doubt seriously that any hotspot would allow ssh02:35
RickleeI can't get league of legends to run on ubuntu so I guess I would use it fir that02:35
Gskellig=\ all the other cafes in this area have02:35
colloquialismicsbts-tv, Yup02:35
=== me is now known as Guest23855
usr13Gskellig: Every network has a sysadmin02:35
sbts-tvmeni: that isn't really any help. please wait a few minutes and I will try and help you02:35
Gskelligwell then their sysadmin was the guy from qwest who came and setup their network like 3 years ago02:35
sbts-tvRicklee: absolutely02:36
menisure tyvm02:36
Guest23855hi, does anyone know how to disable the visualizations in the Totem browser plugin in firefox? running Ubuntu 11.10, and I'm a bit of a noob02:36
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: is it showing as connected, or just available?02:36
colloquialismicsbts-tv, available02:37
RickleeSo virtual box would be the best choice to run league of legends? Or if you guys know a way to run it on ubuntu?02:37
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: is your wireless net configured for some level of wep or wpa encription?02:37
brightsparkmeni: is it possible to get a wired connection to the internet on the machine missing the wireless driver?  That would be the simplest way to get it working.02:38
GskelligRicklee, have you tried wine/playonlinux02:38
RickleeYea it didn't work02:38
happygoluckyGuest23855: Edit>Preferences>Display untick the show visualizations when audio file is played radio button02:38
Ibisusr13: That's kinda stupid... Windows don't use SSH as far as I know.     And generally, linux SSH is secured well.  You would have to be stupid to have your system hacked up, unless theres a security hole I'm missing.02:38
intensdown_hi. anyone here knows about message queues and threads in C?02:38
meninot directly,i can connect this computer to another computer that has internet (with LAN) ?02:39
colloquialismicsbts-tv, uh.... maybe thats the issue02:39
sbts-tvintensdown_: try #C02:39
intensdown_but i need an invite02:39
menior i can download from windows and copy to usb?02:39
Guest23855happygolucky: is that for the broser plugin or the app itself? I don't see any prefs for the plugin02:39
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: I would start off by removing all encription on the network if you can. then test to make sure you can connect.02:39
Ibisusr13: In fact, desktop versions of ubuntu probably doesn't ship out with ssh connectablity (That's ubuntu server, I'm sure this is true, I was mad I couldn't connect to my desktop until I installed something to do with SSH).02:40
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: once you can connect readd WPA2 encription.02:40
happygoluckyGuest23855: the app, i'm sorry.02:40
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: be warned earlier versions of the wireless stack did have issues with WPA.02:40
brightsparkmeni: you will need to determine the package you need.  Do you know the name of the package  containing the drivers you are missing?02:40
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: also make sure you use WPA and not WEP. WEP is very easy to crack02:41
Guest23855maybe I'll try uninstalling the plugin and see if there are settings available at install02:41
webnetregister athlonx2  jlgriffin@webnetvn.com02:41
menii guess not ,how i can check that?02:42
arooni-mobilehow do i check the mail for that user02:42
sbts-tvcolloquialismic: iirc there were also issues with some devices that could operate in "WPA/WPA2" mode. you should always use either "WPA" or "WPA2" with wpa2 being the preference02:43
menibrightspark- how i can check which package i need?02:43
sbts-tvmeni: please run "lspci" and look for entries showing something like "wireless" or "802.11" and finally "network"02:44
Elw3where do i permanently disable swap use ?02:44
sbts-tvElw3: why would you want to disable swap?02:44
brightsparkmeni: See if there is a menu option under System- something like Additional Drivers or Hardware Drivers.  That ought to have information on which you can install.02:44
Elw3sbts-tv: to spin down the hd02:45
meni2which command you said to run again please:)02:46
brightsparkSee if there is a menu option under System- something like Additional Drivers or Hardware Drivers.  That ought to have information on which you can install.02:46
webnetanyone here have perminent nick? need a little help really quick. PM me :D02:46
sbts-tvElw3: if swap is keeping the hdd spun up the disabling it will crash your system, due to lack of memory02:47
meni2ive got hardware drivers02:47
meni2that isnt good?:S02:48
sbts-tvmeni: so you are all sorted?02:48
brightsparkmeni2: your original post stated you were missing drivers- please clarify02:49
meni2im assuming, because ive just install ubuntu on usb and try to connect from wireless02:49
meni2and its disable02:49
RickleeAny comparability issues with 11.10 64 bit?02:50
meni2maybe that? broadcom b43 wireless driver and broadcom STA wireless driver?02:50
Elw3sbts-tv: is this a "why" or a "how" channel, i know what im doing, i alredy have swapoff and hdparm in rc.local , i just wonder if there is a more professional way to keep the hd sillent as the rc.local solution02:50
meni2or that ? : broadcom corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g ?02:51
meni2(rev 01) *02:51
sbts-tvElw3: well the obvious solution to me if you *really* don't want swap, would be to either delete the swap partition or change its partition type to something else02:52
brightsparkmeni2: I am confused now as to your problem.  Can you please describe exactly what you are finding that is unexpected?  Are you missing the network icon?  Is the wireless option greyed out?02:52
meni2with red "!"02:53
sbts-tvElw3: but having said that, swap should only wake up the drive when swap is needed, and never at any other time. linux is very good at managing memory, so if you have enough ram, swap won't touch the drive02:53
wspardawhi people02:53
wspardawhow you all doing02:53
sidney_Will someone please take a look @ my repository source and tell me if anything is wrong  http://paste.ubuntu.com/765563/   http://paste.ubuntu.com/765565/02:54
brightsparkmeni2: does it give you a description of why there is an exclamation point there?  Maybe you must hover the mouse over it or something?02:54
meni2both btw02:54
indystormhey any hot bitchez in here?02:55
Elw3sbts-tv: then i play a bit with hpparm to adjust the times i guess... i had just juse the -y option02:55
brightsparkmeni2: That explains the grey option but not the exclamation point.02:55
wspardawhi people02:56
brightsparkindystorm: go to #defocus for that02:56
meni2i dont have alot knowledge in ubuntu:S please ask whatever needed02:56
Elw3later then02:56
sbts-tvElw3: there are a number of things that can keep the drive awake. especially a number of daemons that run and access the disk.02:56
wspardawI found a "bug" that i believe should be set to whislist because is a feature request02:57
wspardawany body?02:57
szalwspardaw: bugs go in Launchpad, not much use coming to IRC w/ that02:57
Scorpiohi there! I'm looking for a lightweight alternative to ubuntu with access to the ubuntu repos. I've tried lubuntu and its great and all but the file manager is too limiting imho. Any solutions? maybe a better file manager or a different flavor all together ?02:57
FerchoLPI use xubuntu and I think it's great02:58
brightsparkmeni2, I am using an older version, so I can't walk you through the menus.  My best guess is that you are missing a proprietary driver.  I would suggest you determine which driver you need, use Synaptic to get the package on another machine and copy it over via usb.  Someone with the new version will be better positioned to help you.02:58
wspardawi cant change it to whishlist02:58
meni2that maybe those : ?02:59
meni2maybe that? broadcom b43 wireless driver and broadcom STA wireless driver OR  broadcom corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g02:59
ScorpioFerchoLP: heard it has lost its lightness so to speak. That true ?02:59
wspardawbig number #90223502:59
=== canha is now known as Queops
FerchoLPScorpio I really coudn't say because I'm using it since a few months ago. BUT it is really lighter than Ubuntu/Kubuntu, specially if you don't install kde-libs03:00
brightsparkmeni2, I do not know enough about the new version of ubuntu to properly help you determine the cause of the problem.  You may find someone more up-to-date if you hang around in the channel for a while.03:00
meni2k ty for help:)03:01
brightsparkmeni2, good luck.03:01
FerchoLPI've used Xubuntu with KDE stuff like Yakuake, Kate etc. Now I made a freshh install without those nor any packge dependant on kde, and I think it run smoother03:01
meni2anybody may help?:)03:02
ScorpioFerchoLP, i'm running wm so i'll give it a shot. any idea if its any good as a server edition ?03:02
ScorpioFerchoLP: vm* sorry - its late03:02
meni2that may be good ? http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php03:03
FerchoLPwell, it's essentially ubuntu. I use ubuntu server (no-gui) in some vms and works fine03:04
meni2anyone may help ?^_^03:05
QueopsHey guys. First time i got USB headphones, mine are the HP premium digital headset HUD-02, any tips on how to make them work? :\03:05
ScorpioFerchoLP: I'm using VM for ruby on rails dev. I've used dual boot but got fed up pretty fast. Its not a beast but 2.8x2 can barely hold the freakin gnome03:06
Jeremy3DQueops, you're still in Unity channel03:07
QueopsJeremy3D, hell no!03:07
FerchoLPwell, I have a few xubuntus running on vms and runs ok. It gets my CPU really hot though03:08
FerchoLPbut I have a c2d 1.6, so you will be fine03:09
ScorpioFerchoLP: thanks for the tip. installing right now03:10
VustomI have a USB with 2 partitions, I need to write 1 .img file to one partition, and 1 .iso file to the other, how do I go about doing this on Ubuntu? (I've already made the partitions)03:11
=== brueni1 is now known as bruenig
ScorpioFerchoLP: good thing about opensource. can just download and install. as many versions as you like. Try doing that with XP, win 7 and so on. either clostly or well.. bad.03:12
FerchoLPyep. I even have always in my backpack a live Xubuntu on a pendrive just in case03:13
webnetill b bak on l8r g2g now tho03:13
meni2anyone can help please?:)03:14
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest63732
ScorpioFerchoLP: i use a smaller distro but yeah. just in case the "party music machine" crashes03:14
poyntzplease help me sort this out:03:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 902410 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Compaq 621, IDT 92HD88B1, Green Headphone Out, Front] Playback problem" [Undecided,New]03:15
poyntz- audio on mute and I can't unmute it.. or something similar03:15
Elw3talking about pendrives, i just got the error : no place for mbr found while trying grub install on a pentdrive.. what now ?03:15
wspardawcan somebody triage a bug for me03:16
wspardawset it as whislist03:16
VustomI have a USB with 2 partitions, I need to write 1 .img file to one partition, and 1 .iso file to the other, how do I go about doing this on Ubuntu? Can anyone help me..?03:17
OerHekswspardaw, i think we can't , launchpad does.03:17
ScorpioElw3: not a linux expert by far. sorry m803:17
wspardawthats what it says on the how to triage manual03:18
wspardawon ubuntu03:18
wspardawso i believe nobody in here can help me?03:19
trismwspardaw: perhaps ask in #ubuntu-bugs03:19
OerHeksVustom, here is a howto to install a iso on your ext hdd > http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/23/install-ubuntu-11-04-on-external-hard-disk/03:21
Jordan_UVustom: What is your end goal?03:22
VustomOerHeks: Does that say how to put two ISOs on two seperate partitions on one USB?03:22
OerHeksVustom, make sure, your bios can be set boot from ext hdd03:22
Vustom2 partitions (done), I need to write 1 .ISO to one of the partitions, and then a .IMG to the other03:22
Sicrusneed help on a cpp program, paying03:23
Elw3Vustom, unetbootin shout be able to03:23
VustomI tried UNetBootin but when I select the .img to write it doesn't do it and goes straight to installing the boot loader :/03:23
VustomI tried renaming the .img to .iso too, no luck03:24
Jordan_UVustom: Please explain your end goal.03:24
threezerocan someone help me get dropbox running on my ubuntu?:(03:24
VustomJordan_U: I told you, I have a .IMG and a .ISO, they need to be on a separate partition on the same USB storage device03:24
Elw3an image file , should be installed with dd if i remember correckt03:24
Jordan_UVustom: I assume you want two Live distros on your USB drive at once?03:25
VustomOne is a distro, the other is a boot loader03:25
Jordan_UVustom: What you've described so far is a step, not an end goal. What distro and what bootloader?03:26
poyntzplease help me sort out my audia03:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 902410 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Compaq 621, IDT 92HD88B1, Green Headphone Out, Front] Playback problem" [Undecided,New]03:27
meni2may i have help please?:)03:27
Elw3Vustom, where is that image from ? there should be how to for that03:28
=== bruenig is now known as brueni2
Jordan_U!patience | meni203:28
ubottumeni2: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:28
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=== pretendperson is now known as Gskellig
meni2k ty03:29
almoxarifepoyntz: you are wanting the hdmi sound I assume?03:29
Elw3meni2, what was the question again ?03:29
meni2ive just installed ubuntu on usb, and i cant use wireless03:30
meni2its greyed with red "!" on it03:30
threezerosearch everywhere seems like there is no solution for ARM build dropbox?03:30
ubuntu_n00bhi, i have a problem with clock drift03:31
Elw3meni2, had this wireless worked before on other ubuntu versions ?03:31
ubuntu_n00bcan anyone help me?=03:31
meni2that my first:S03:31
Tech-1ubuntu_n00b:  explain the problem, someone may respond03:32
ubuntu_n00bhere's a link that might fix my problem, but i have to install a package and i want to make sure that it's the correct one03:32
jmc93739653Have you tried the Dropbox web interface?03:32
meni2i enter to hardware drivers in system-> administration and got there : Broadcom STA wireless driver that may be connected?03:32
ubuntu_n00bbasically, the clock is correct when my computer starts03:33
ubuntu_n00bbut it drifts forward quite quickly03:33
threezeroi want a syncing option03:33
ubuntu_n00bit's already 20 min off03:33
threezeroi'm sure the web interfence would work03:33
Elw3meni2,  using kde or gnome ?03:33
threezeroalmost pull my hair out trying to figure it out03:33
SwedeMikeubuntu_n00b: look into "ntpd"03:33
meni2GNOME as i see03:33
jmc93739653ntpdate and a cron script can correct time drif, if run regularly.03:34
SwedeMikejmc93739653: ntpd is better, it continously makes sure it's correct, ntpdate will make the clock jump meaning you might miss (or run twice) cron events etc03:34
=== max is now known as Guest33423
Elw3meni2,  when right klick on network thingie does it show a enable wireless box ?03:34
meni2that enabled03:35
jmc93739653SwedeMike, thanks for the knowledge drop /me doffs cap.03:35
SwedeMikejmc93739653: well, that article probably knows better than anyone in here.03:35
mrdebwhat article03:35
threezeroalso having problem with java plugin03:36
SwedeMikejmc93739653: oh, sorry.03:36
Elw3meni2, just wantet to know if the applet have found your card by that ^^03:36
SwedeMikeubuntu_n00b: that article is probably right.03:36
ubuntu_n00bhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/en/lucid/admin/adjtimex check out that package03:36
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest16552
threezeroi need to access a stocks website and usually on windows it will pop up a window telling u to install a signed plugin03:36
threezerothat window won't come in up ubuntu03:36
ubuntu_n00bsince i have an amd processor, should i download the amd64 package?03:36
meni2i realy dont know anything from the problem just try follow up from here ^_^03:36
mrdebubuntu_n00b: yes u cna but you dont have to. but it will be faster03:37
xanguathreezero: because is a windows plugin¿03:37
poyntzalmoxarife: just some sound. i've tried setting the primary driver to both my speakers and my internal audio. i get nothing03:37
threezeroits java based03:37
xanguaubuntu_n00b: is it 64bit¿03:37
threezeroi have got it working on mac before03:37
ubuntu_n00bno 3203:37
ubuntu_n00bthat's why i'm confused..03:37
Arm0urubuntu_n00b amd64 packages are for 64-bit installations03:38
mrdebwhat cpu is it03:38
xanguaubuntu_n00b: then go for 32bit03:38
jmc93739653I use 2.north-america.pool.ntp.org (i hope i have that right)03:38
ubuntu_n00bi don't see the option on that page..03:38
mrdebwhat amd is it03:38
xanguathreezero: there is a post on webupd8 that tells you how to install both java6 and java7, since oracle java is no longer on ubuntu repository03:38
threezerothank you03:39
threezerooh no i'm running 11.04 =\03:39
threezeroi can't update03:39
Elw3meni2, im lacking myself a wireless device to guide you trough this ...03:39
almoxarifepoyntz: you tried doing this thru the gui or did you go all script-warrior on it?03:39
Arm0urubuntu_n00b: the i386 package will be fine if you are using a 32 bit OS03:39
poyntzalmoxarife: just tried alsamixer03:39
meni2k ty :/03:39
ubuntu_n00bAMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+03:40
meni2 !patience | meni203:40
ubottumeni2, please see my private message03:40
=== brueni2 is now known as bruenig
mrdebubuntu_n00b: that will work with 64 bit so get that one, its faster03:40
almoxarifepoyntz: what version of ubuntu? btw, alsamixer is not the default setup for sound in ubuntu03:40
M41nFr4m3hi im on 10.04 and when i try to connec to my wifi i see the two green dots and the blue thing goin and the wep key keyring keeps showing up i was connected to my router just fine yesterday i am currently on the SAME router, only on windows. which connects just fine03:41
ubuntu_n00bhow can i use a package manager to install?03:41
mrdebyou go to software center or u can use terminal which is easy03:42
ubuntu_n00bis there any way to install that package through the app center? (or whatever it's called in ubuntu)03:42
mrdebyes soft center03:42
Arm0urubuntu_n00b: Open a terminal. sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb03:42
mrdebyou do sudo apt-get install03:42
poyntzalmoxarife: i'm using kubuntu oneriic03:43
Arm0urmrdeb: I guess ubuntu_n00b downloaded the package ?03:43
ubuntu_n00bnot yet, i haven't03:43
mrdebno he needs 64bit03:43
mrdebhe is just asking how to do it later03:43
ubuntu_n00bwhy do i need 64 bit?03:44
mrdebbec it is faster03:44
mrdebu dont need it, but everything works with it now03:44
ubuntu_n00bso if i download the package and then run the apt-get install command, will the package automatically install?03:45
mrdebno u dont need to dl packages03:45
mrdebu go into software center and find programs then install it. but u could dl the deb and install it also03:45
ubuntu_n00bi'd rather install this through the terminal03:46
ubuntu_n00bthe software center runs slowly03:46
mrdebok so terminal u do sudo apt-get install firefox03:46
mrdebsame thing03:46
poyntzmy internal audio keeps getting set to mute03:46
poyntzand i can't unmute it03:46
poyntzplease help03:46
ubuntu_n00bi'm sorry, i don't understand. i already have firefox installed03:47
mrdeby not03:47
poyntz- when i try to click unmute nothing happens03:47
mrdebit can be anything, firefox is only example03:47
M41nFr4m3hi im on 10.04 and when i try to connec to my wifi i see the two green dots and the blue thing goin and the wep key keyring keeps showing up i was connected to my router just fine yesterday i am currently on the SAME router, only on windows. which connects just fine03:47
=== sbts-tv is now known as sbts
ubuntu_n00boh, how can i find the name of the package?03:47
mrdebis the sound card installed03:47
mrdebor seach apt03:47
mrdebidk how though03:47
ubuntu_n00bdo i have to include the version?03:48
almoxarifepoyntz: I am not sure what the gui looks like for sound config on kubuntu, this much should hold true, seems like you got two pieces of sound 'hardware' one analog the other digital-hdmi, the analog should be simple, the hdmi has multiple options (profiles), one of those will provide you with sound via hdmi cable03:48
ubuntu_n00bor just adjtimex03:48
mrdebubuntu_n00b: no it will install newest03:48
ubuntu_n00bit's installing03:49
M41nFr4m3now can I get some support?03:49
poyntzalmoxarife: correct. i just discovered that pulseaudio jacked the soundsystem. it wasn't alsa03:50
mrdebok good luck03:50
poyntzalmoxarife: or mabye i just set it as thus by accident03:50
poyntzpoyntz: either way, now if i 'test' sound i get the kubuntu sound03:50
=== Nuit is now known as rhun
poyntzhowever, still no sound for any applications03:50
almoxarifepoyntz: pulse jacked the sound on ubuntu since the cows left the barn, good luck getting all alsa pure with it03:50
poyntzalmoxarife: haha03:51
M41nFr4m3hi im on 10.04 and when i try to connec to my wifi i see the two green dots and the blue thing goin and the wep key keyring keeps showing up i was connected to my router just fine yesterday i am currently on the SAME router, on windows. which connects just fine03:51
N1Nja_If anyone would im making a channel for amd products support room #Advanced|Micro|Devices03:52
poyntzalmoxarife: so how do i make it work for applications?03:52
almoxarifepoyntz: I have both hdmi and analog sound being catered by pulse on my home entertainment system, it works just fine, the old days of pulse sucking or breaking are over03:52
poyntzalmoxarife: ah cool :)03:52
M41nFr4m3so much for a support channel03:52
poyntzhow did you get applications to defaul to it. do i just log out and log back in?03:53
almoxarifepoyntz: it would be there as your default sound if you indeed are running kubuntu virgin03:53
=== Jguy|2 is now known as Jguy
iluminator105what command in terminal brings up desktop sharing preferences03:54
=== mglidden_ is now known as mglidden
poyntzalmoxarife: at the moment it's not03:55
poyntzi'll try logging out and logging back in03:56
garagefirst time on irc. I'm running ubuntu 10.04. why does livecd not start when i put it in cdrom?03:56
garageit starts when in windows?03:57
pfifogarage, check you bios, you may need to change the boot order03:57
* rhun Hi :)03:57
garageI have made boot order CDROM first, but it never does it.03:57
pfifogarage, the CD may be bad then03:57
garageabit bp6 (old)03:58
webnetgarage, hmm how did you burn the cdrom?03:58
garagedownload iso, but as image to cdrom03:58
garagehave burnt image twice.03:58
webnetgarage,  what software did you burn with?03:58
garageI have done this for xubuntu, lubuntu, elive. Its gotta be bios issue03:59
garagewebnet: imgburn03:59
FerchoLPhow can I read the "battery health" value?03:59
pfifogarage, does your system use UEFI?03:59
FerchoLPor where03:59
FerchoLPusing xfce, not kde04:00
garagesorry, not sure about uefi. don't know what it is.04:00
pfifogarage, well ask google and find out if your using it04:00
webnetgarage, ok good. i was gonna say. the first thought i had was that you were burning and it wasnt an iso burner so it wasnt burning the disc as bootable04:00
toasty95what room is 12.1004:00
ubuntu_n00bhi, me again04:01
Jordan_Ugarage: Has any CD booted on this machine?04:01
ubuntu_n00bfor some reason the edit command isn't working04:01
=== Energybender_ is now known as Energybender
szaltoasty95: #ubuntu+104:01
webnettoasty95 i dont think there is one since the newest alpha release is only 12.04 precise04:01
ubuntu_n00bfor instance, i need to change the default os that grub2 boots into04:01
OerHeksgarage some bios needs boot-order on usb + hdd priority on usb04:01
garageJordan_u: no04:02
ubuntu_n00bso i want to edit one of the cfg files04:02
webnettoasty95, is there one?04:02
garageJordan_U: was going to try microsoft, but didn't yet.04:02
ubuntu_n00bi'm using the command sudo edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg04:02
ubuntu_n00bbut the terminal returns Warning: unknown mime-type for "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" -- using "application/octet-stream"04:02
ubuntu_n00bError: no "edit" mailcap rules found for type "application/octet-stream"04:02
szaltoasty95: and it's 12.04, 12.10 doesn't exist yet04:02
Arm0urubuntu_n00b try "nano" instead of edit04:03
garageperhaps a bios upgrade?04:03
ubuntu_n00bwhat's the difference?04:03
webnettoasty95, yeah it is #ubuntu+1 but its only precise there is no 12.10 yet04:03
=== zz_r3v0 is now known as r3v0
ubuntu_n00bthis is the second time that i've tried the edit command today and it didn't work04:03
webnetubuntu_n00b, or use vi [filename]04:03
Arm0urubuntu_n00b: There is no program called edit in GNU/Linux. Atleast none that I know of04:03
webneti prefer vim-nox personally04:03
Arm0urYes. vim anyday !04:04
webnetubuntu_n00b, thats because ubuntu doesnt have an edit command04:04
webnetubuntu_n00b, you have to use an editor like vim or nano04:04
OerHeksgedit is installed standard.04:04
ubuntu_n00bi see. thanks. so the command would be sudo vi /boot/grub/grub.cfg?04:04
webnetArm0ur, :D love vim04:04
webnetubuntu_n00b, yes04:04
ubuntu_n00bis teh vim already installed?04:05
webnetto change things you have to press i to begin inserrt04:05
Jordan_Uubuntu_n00b: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub04:05
garageOerHeks: I did not see usb as an option to boot from in bios.04:05
robin0800webnet: you are no supposed to edit that file04:05
webnetoh ubuntu_n00b it may not be04:05
webnetrobin0800, ?04:05
ubuntu_n00bif i use the sudo apt-get install vim will it work?04:05
OerHeksgarage, sorry, cd ofcourse04:06
ubuntu_n00bis that what the package is called?04:06
webnetubuntu_n00b, its sudo apt-get install vim-nox04:06
robin0800webnet: the file to edit is etc/default/grub04:06
ubuntu_n00bthat is a large editor04:06
Arm0urubuntu_n00b: Since you haven't used vi/vim before, it might not be suited for the quick editing that you want to do04:06
almoxarifewebnet: grub changes done via editing /etc/default/grub.conf and then with an update via sudo update-grub04:07
ubuntu_n00bok, i'll stick to gedit04:07
garageOerHeks: I have made boot order cdrom first, but it just goes right passed it into grub (existing ubuntu). It will try and read from floppy if i set 'A' as the first device to boot from.04:07
webnetrobin0800, oh i didnt even know what he was editing i was just letting him know to use vi or nano instead of 'edit' since edit isnt a command in ubuntu04:07
webnetalmoxarife, im not the one editing anything. i just told him to use an editor.04:08
garageOerHeks: I thought maybe there was something about the CD's, like they weren't meant to be booted from, just started while running windows because that is the only way they have started so far.04:08
milamberis anyone managing a large ubuntu installation? ie anyone using landscape or gotten spacewalk to play nice?04:08
robin0800webnet: if you edit the config file any update to grub system will wipe it out and the editor is gedit04:09
w30ubuntu_n00b, try nano; you probably have that editor04:09
mrdeb huh04:09
webnetrobin0800, almoxarife i was just telling him ti use an editor like vim-nox or nano  for ANY command line file editing. i have no clue what hes even editing.04:09
szal!anyone | milamber04:09
ubottumilamber: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:09
mrdebubuntu has nano and gedit04:09
almoxarifewebnet: grub changes done via editing /etc/default/grub and then with an update via sudo update-grub <---clue04:09
w30ubuntu_n00b, nano uses the backspace key for delete like the real world does.04:10
webnetalmoxarife, did you not get my last msg. i didnt even know he was editing grub?! i just got on and didnt see what they were talking about. i didnt tell him to use anything04:10
webnetother than a command line text editor04:11
w30ubuntu_n00b, vi and ed and vim are very fast editors after you spend two memorizing commands and shortcuts04:12
w30two years04:12
webnetalmoxarife, robin0800 tell ubuntu_n00b what you told me instead so he doesnt screw his system up04:12
milamberis there any software available for managing large ubuntu installations?04:13
webnetalmoxarife, robin0800 im not actually editing anything04:13
webnetw30 yeah it took me about 6 months to figure out my way around it at first :D04:13
almoxarifeubuntu_n00b: don't edit grub anywhere but in /etc/default/grub04:13
Snowiehowdy all. Been getting into using ubuntu 11.10 as a home DAW. i see that there is a studio version of ubuntu. if i have the default installed, is there a simple method of installing/replacing packages for the studio version for better real time and memory locks etc? or am i replacing a kernel?04:15
almoxarifewebnet: you were right, I was wrong, sorry04:15
ubuntu_n00balmoxarife: thanks, i figured that out04:16
ubuntu_n00bbut the file is set as read only04:16
ubuntu_n00band i can't change the permissions?04:16
webnetalmoxarife, huh? sorry i was pm ing what happened?04:16
ubuntu_n00boh wait04:16
mrdebyes u can04:16
ubuntu_n00bi gotta us sudo probably ;)04:16
Snowieubuntu_n00b: sudo chmod +w 'filename'04:16
fizyplanktonwhy are my SSH connections dying with more than a few hundred bytes of data if im on anything other than lan? if i know a command im doing has more than a hundred or so chars of output, i have to pipe it into a python program i wrote to output one line every 1/4 seconds, or make the display size so small that only ~~100 characters will display. otherwise, the connections just dies. the exception is if im on lan, or if it 04:17
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brucepaycheckis there very many lubuntu users in here??04:17
almoxarifeubuntu_n00b: why are you changing grub? btw, it is read only unless you have admin permission, and I am not sure you are ready for that04:17
Snowiebrucepaycheck: I have used it before04:17
sam22hail people of this channel !!04:17
Snowieubuntu_n00b: oh, sorry, scratch that, i will stay away from help with GRUB04:18
brucepaychecki was just wondering if there were very many people who use lubuntu that frequent the ubuntu chans and whatnot04:18
almoxarifeSnowie: great, now he's got way too much info04:18
ubuntu_n00boh shhhh04:18
ubuntu_n00bi've messed around with grub before04:18
Snowiebrucepaycheck: i used it as a media server on an ancient laptop for a while (as in still had old floppy drives and IR ports) and it worked great. wouldnt use it as everyday desktop unless forced though04:19
ubuntu_n00bit's default loading to memtest04:19
Snowiebrucepaycheck: which gui do you have04:19
ubuntu_n00bi'm running dual boot XP and ubuntu04:19
webnetubuntu_n00b, vim lets you write in sudo mode. you add a !w command and it overwrites04:19
ubuntu_n00bi wasn't using sudo, and that was the problem.04:19
ubuntu_n00bthe file is read only for anyone but the main admin, or something04:20
webnetubuntu_n00b, oh gotcha04:20
almoxarifeubuntu_n00b: do you know why it defaults to memtest?04:20
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
ubuntu_n00bwell, it started doing that after i upgraded04:20
Snowieso anyone help me with my ubuntu studio question, kernel rebuild or just different packages?04:20
ubuntu_n00bit added another boot option, 'previous linux versions;04:20
brucepaycheckSnowie lxde, it's the 10.10 version.  Just bought one of those 2007ish Everex computers and installed this to it to play around with while i up'd some of the hardware..  thinking about staying with it, i kinda like it..04:20
brucepaycheckhave used it in a while.. didn't realize it had become this nice04:20
FerchoLPwhy why, why would someone who is using ubuntu would prefer vi instead of, say, nano04:20
ubuntu_n00bso then it bumped the memtest to pos 404:21
ubuntu_n00bwhere XP was previously04:21
ubuntu_n00ball better now04:21
webnetbrucepaycheck, everex? i worked on an everex machine the other day and i was like everex? are they any good/04:21
Snowiebrucepaycheck: i was impressed by lx desktop. im a unity whore now though. really feel like it fits the way i like to work better than any other04:21
fizyplanktonwhy are my SSH connections dying with more than a few hundred bytes of data if im on anything other than lan? if i know a command im doing has more than a hundred or so chars of output, i have to pipe it into a python program i wrote to output one line every 1/4 seconds, or make the display size so small that only ~~100 characters will display. otherwise, the connections just dies. the exception is if im on lan, or if it 04:22
webnetSnowie, im glad you like it :D thats what i love about linux vs windows/mac SO MANY CHOISES! :D im a gnome man only04:22
brucepaycheckwebnet, it's very minimal, actually had pcLInuxOS oem on it, from factory, no joke..  i've up'd ram and might throw a spare video card in it, but not bad for 20$04:23
webnetbrucepaycheck, $20 from factory? where. id love to get another machine that cheap for my custom test builds04:23
sam22webnet i like gnome 2.3x04:23
sam22i hate the unity04:23
brucepaycheckSnowie, I've yet to give any of the newer gui's an honest shot.  they look real pretty though04:24
Snowiewebnet: yeah, gnome was good. my friends are weirded out by the fact that i have become a 'freetard'. i have a mate who goes through hours of pain to steal cubase every time a new version comes out, and then tells me that i waste too much time configuring free software. he had to learn just as much as i did, just mine is legit04:24
fizyplanktoni hardly ever use any display manager. i stick in one terminal with almighty screen running04:24
brucepaycheckwebnet, nope i scored this on craigslist..  they originally wanted like 75$04:24
* almoxarife has a hybrid , a gno-ku, part gnome-shell part kde, works swell04:24
=== root is now known as Guest90049
webnetsam22, i cant STAND unity. i hate it hate it hate it, and somehow gnome 3's devs managed to mess up a bunch of stuff. i like gnome 2.X04:25
Snowiebrucepaycheck: i run unity in 2d mode, all the usage features, none of the resource hog. works a treat, would recommend it. but work of advice, learn all the shortcuts. im a kb man, so that's great for me04:25
brucepaycheckwebnet, i had only heard of this model running enlightenment OS from factory, was a strange surprise to boot it up and see an older pcLInuxOS..04:25
szalsam22, webnet: well, Gnome 2 is dead, deal with it or stick w/ 10.04 until it gets dropped04:26
Snowiebrucepaycheck: system key, then type first few letters of application name, hit enter, bam!04:26
fizyplankton10.04 FTW!!!04:26
webnetbrucepaycheck, no kidding. wow. lol04:26
pfifo8.04 > 10.0404:26
brucepaycheckSnowie, I think I might try that sometime, I had tried out the Unity operating system on a few machines a year or so ago, hadn't realized 2d was an option, i'll be messing with that a bit, i think04:26
usr13webnet: What about xfce?04:26
sidney_how do i uncomment these http://paste.ubuntu.com/765597/04:27
fizyplanktondoes natty use gnome 3? if so, you can get me off of 2 when you can pry it from my cold dead hands04:27
usr13sidney_: Why?  What do you need?04:28
pfifosidney_, delet the # and space at the beginning of the lines04:28
sidney_usr13, system 10.04 will not update04:28
ubuntu_n00bmy download speeds are really slow (1MBit). how can i test to see whether the problem lies in the wireless connection or something else?04:29
usr13sidney_: Are you sure you need backports?04:29
webnetszal, yeah im on 10.10 with gnome 2.32 and i love it. i actually cant go past 10.10 on my laptop04:29
usr13sidney_: The bottom two, yes, but not the top two, backports04:29
sidney_usr13, I have no idea04:29
n0squsr13: looks like it was a video card issue - i'll have to research this some more tomorrow to see how i can set the video card to vesa - for now, i'm up and running with mandriva 2010.2 with the vesa driver04:29
usr13sidney_: I don't think that's why it won't  update.  Where is the rest of the file?04:29
webnetusr13 i like xfce as well. gtk themes enables so easily themeable and i almost feel like its the best of gnome kde and fluxbox smashed into one04:30
sam22webnet how did you install gnome 2 on 11.10 ?04:30
szalwebnet: you better go looking for something that works w/ that thing, 10.10 will be dead in 4 months and a bit04:30
fizyplanktonlucid still has a few years left on it04:30
usr13webnet: Yes, I believe xfce is every bit as good as gnome2, maybe better.04:30
webnetszal i know, its the kernel thats the problem. i cant use a kernel past 2.6.3504:30
szalfizyplankton: 'a few years' is an overstatement..  April 2013 on the desktop, 2 more years on the server (and who uses a GUI on a server ;))04:31
sidney_usr13, give me the command again and I will get the list04:31
webnetusr13, agreed. :D i prefer the gnome menu tho thats where i get stuck04:31
Snowiehave to learn to google. fyi, how to get the ubuntu studio goodness https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu04:31
usr13sidney_: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list04:31
webnetusr13, i cant lose my apps | places | System layout04:32
fizyplanktonszal: i use the GUI on my desktop edition once, maybe twice a month. all i need is my one all powerfull screen session04:32
usr13sidney_: And sent resulting URL04:32
webnetsam22, ? im on 10.1004:32
usr13webnet: /join #xfce04:32
usr13webnet: You can get xfce to do all the cool stuff gnome2 did04:33
fizyplanktonwhy are my SSH connections dying with more than a few hundred bytes of data if im on anything other than lan? if i know a command im doing has more than a hundred or so chars of output, i have to pipe it into a python program i wrote to output one line every 1/4 seconds, or make the display size so small that only ~~100 characters will display. otherwise, the connections just dies. the exception is if im on lan, or if it 04:33
pfifofizyplankton, how are you running ssh?04:34
fizyplanktonpfifo: what do you mean? like what client am i using remotley?04:34
webnetsam22, its not quite hard on 11.10 its just risky.04:34
pfifofizyplankton, whats the command your running?04:35
sam22webnet i won't use 11.10 because i hate the new interface04:35
szalfizyplankton: and 255 characters display per line in IRC..  if you have more text, either keep that in mind or use a client that auto-wraps lines04:35
sam22if you install classic you add more trash to your ubuntu04:35
webnetsam22, you want to do it on a fresh install with no custom apps installed for least risk04:35
webnetoh 11.10 i mean04:35
sam22i did a server installation of ubuntu 11.0404:35
sam22now it takes 76MB when i start it04:35
sam220 swap file04:35
webnetsam22, server is ok, cause it dont have an interface to be all skrewy :D04:36
sidney_usr13, it's not giving me the list now bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied04:36
ubuntu_n00bmy download speeds are really slow (1MBit). how can i test to see whether the problem lies in the wireless connection or something else?04:36
sam22yeah and it takes alot of work and time to build04:36
usr13sidney_: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list  #Send resulting URL04:36
=== Resistance is now known as EvilResistance
usr13sidney_: sudo apt-get update04:37
fizyplanktonpfifo: i hardly ever use a command for a client. i either use padersync on my droid (which has the aforementioned problems on mobile data and wifi that isnt mine, but it works perfectly on my wifi) or PuTTY (which has the same problems unless its on my network) and i used to "ssh alex@ex.ter.nal.ip -p `non standard port i use`" untill my laptop broke04:38
urlin2uubuntu_n00b, you have done a speed test?04:38
webnetsam22, you can remove gnome 3 and put 2 on without too much trouble. i did it on a vm to see if i could04:38
sidney_usr13, http://pastebin.com/cYeCQuMU04:39
ubuntu_n00burlin2u: yes, it's 1MB on ubuntu vs. 11MB on XP04:39
sam22webnet it's possible if you have the time04:40
usr13sidney_: sudo apt-get update04:40
sam22it took me 2 days of work to get ubuntu server to work04:40
threezerois a 8gb partition for 11.10 too small?04:40
usr13Tell us what that does:    sudo apt-get update04:40
sidney_usr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/765604/04:41
pfifofizyplankton, does the problem happen when you connect with ssh from openssh package.04:41
sam22what is a good light weight browser with good support?04:41
sam22less than 20MB in size04:41
mrdebit is only good one04:41
threezeroso is 8gb partition too small?04:41
urlin2uthreezero, not for the basic system....unpacks to just less than 3 gigs.04:41
threezerothinking aboiut dual booting with mc04:41
usr13sidney_: sudo apt-get upgrade04:41
webnetsam22, aye thats the rub :D04:42
usr13threezero: Too small for what?04:42
fizyplanktonpfifo: i believe that the ssh server is openssh, but no matter what client i use, what platform i connect from, what command i do or dont use, if i am not connected to my local area network, i get those issues04:42
threezerostill thinking if i should vm ubuntu and dual boot windows04:42
threezerofor all the stuff i would put into it04:42
threezerocuz i'm not sure if you can access the mac side if dual booting04:43
sam22you will lose alot of perfromance on VM04:43
sidney_usr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/765605/04:43
threezerowell its going perform better than windows?04:43
threezerowindows xp i have on vm04:43
threezerois like watching snail race04:43
threezerobut i have to use it once in a while04:43
pfifofizyplankton, is it only happening with one server or any server you try to connect to (assuming you have another remote machine you can connect to)04:43
threezeroand i have limited space on my mac04:43
usr13sidney_:  apt-get --fix-missing update04:44
sam22if windows XP runs slow on VM then ubuntu will be the sme04:44
usr13sidney_:  sudo apt-get --fix-missing update04:44
threezeroi though ubuntu will be light04:44
FloodBot1threezero: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:44
sam22yeah XP is the lightest microsoft OS04:44
sam22they use it on netbook04:44
sam22because it's light and fast04:44
sam22windows XP takes about 120MB at start up04:45
sidney_usr13, E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)04:45
sidney_E: Unable to lock the list directory04:45
threezerohow about ubuntu?04:45
sam22while vista or 7 they take at least 1GB04:45
usr13sidney_:  sudo apt-get --fix-missing update04:45
usr13sidney_: sudo04:45
sam22threezero mine right now 76MB at start up04:45
sam22but i customized it from the beginning04:45
fizyplanktonpfifo: my machine and my broken laptop are the only machines in my house running linux, so i wouldnt know. however, i have run game servers on simmilar ports handeling much larger quantities of data, without any issues. so i dont thing its a networking issue04:45
threezerohow about stock?04:46
sam22less than 150MB04:46
sam22depend on what is installed04:46
threezerodamn.. maybe i should just buy a new macbook and triple boot that shit with 750gb04:46
sam22XP by the way use swap files also but ubuntu will take 0 swap file at start up04:46
threezeroi have 180gb right now on my its so embrassing......04:46
sam22alot of space04:47
pfifofizyplankton, do you have access to a machine with openssh's client on it?04:47
fizyplanktonthreezero: my laptop has a 30 GIG harddrive thirty gigabytes04:47
threezerothanks flzyplanton: i feel so much better04:47
fizyplanktonthreezero: and it has one twenty eight MEGS of ram04:48
sidney_usr13, same results04:48
threezeroare you running just linux on it?? how do you live with 30 gig? just my music library took up 24gig04:48
pfifoi have 2 1gb flashdrives, and thats it :)04:48
Tech-128 megs ?, how does it boot, lol04:48
fizyplanktonpfifo: i can, but it will only be able to connect to wlan04:48
StepNjump2Did anyone find a way to backup  the compiz settings04:48
AK_FREE BSD FOREVER... Nah, just kidding04:48
pfifofizyplankton, why cant you connect to a remote server?04:48
Tech-1StepNjump:  in compiz settings there is a check box to do that, cant remember where, but its there04:49
threezeroif i boot into ubuntu with 8gb usb key will that be faster?04:49
Tech-1the moor eram, the better04:49
fizyplanktonpfifo: i dont know any remote ssh servers. and the clients arent the issue. i have tried 5 different clients on 3 different platforms one 5 or so different networks. the only correllation is lan / no lan04:49
aeon-ltdnot always04:50
aeon-ltdthere will be a point where more ram would be useless (4gb for most people)04:50
aeon-ltdunused ram is wasted ram (other than 100mb spare to give room and time to write to disk)04:51
pfifofizyplankton, wait? your saying first you have an ssh server, and now your saying you dont... which one is it?04:51
ubuntu_n00bhow can i make sure that ubuntu isn't choking my comp with it's power mangagement04:51
ubuntu_n00bconsidering the issues i've had with the clock and my oddly slow download speeds04:52
ubuntu_n00bi'm thinking it's a powermanagement issue04:52
fizyplanktonpfifo: the only server i know of is right in front of me at on port 25560.04:52
nofilicityhow could i install an earlier version of an apt package?04:52
nofilicityI have /usr/lib/libMagickWand.so.5 but I need /usr/liblibMagickWand.so.404:52
pfifofizyplankton, ok heres what i need you todo with whatever you have available. I need you to connect to a openssh-server using the openssh-client, send enough data to cause a disconnection and then tell me what the return value was of the openssh-client04:54
StepNjump3how can I activate eth0 from TTY?04:54
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fizyplanktonpfifo: check your private messages04:56
=== hacker is now known as Guest86893
excelsiorQuestion: is there a program for Ubuntu like WinAmp is for Windows?04:57
shareexcelsior: audacious04:57
Tech-1ya, audacious would be better04:57
MahaVishnuStepNjump, sudo ifup eth004:58
Tech-1make sure you also install audacious xtra plugins04:58
excelsiorI need to amp up my speakers, and the built in amp only goes to 150%, So audacious does that?04:58
BernSamsonwhats the difference between Banshee and Audacious?04:58
Tech-1vlc would do that04:58
MahaVishnuexcelsior, the more you amp it the worse its gonna sound.04:59
skilzwtf this s bullsh*t04:59
excelsiorWell I just want to be able to watch a movie without earbuds from across the room.04:59
skilzI done a apt-get upgrade yesterday and now my system runs like dogs ballz, 52% cpu constantly05:00
webnet!language |skilz05:00
ubottuskilz: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:00
Tech-1excelsior:  get better amped spkrs05:00
Tech-1logitech ftw05:00
excelsiorimpossible, I have a Dell Laptop05:00
skilzHow can I revert/undo the upgrade?05:00
webnetexcelsior, why does that make it impossible05:00
skilzPlease don't tell me I have to do each package manually...05:00
Tech-1and you are using those tiny spkrs to amp up ?, lol, dont do that05:01
skilzCanonical may have a legal case on it's hands.05:01
Tech-1hopefully not05:01
Tech-1they are the good guys05:01
MahaVishnuskilz, not a chance since you agreed to no warranty or merchantability of fitness when you d/led it. / installed it.05:01
mrdebskilz: why05:01
almostrootskilz: Every read the license?05:01
excelsiorlook, here's the thing, I just want to watch a movie from across the room, and be able to hear the low dynamic sound.05:02
Tech-1exactly MahaVishnu05:02
skilzLet's see how well it holds up.05:02
MahaVishnupretty good. since they have lawyers probably and your some derp05:02
webnetskilz, dont do that youll lose and waste a bunch on money05:02
skilzIt has put some bad code to affect the performance o our computers.05:02
Tech-1get a real comp05:02
webnetskilz, i doubt it has bad code05:02
MahaVishnuanyone got a real support question lol.05:03
skilzWhy is it only after the upgrade?05:03
skilzHow can I revert?05:03
webnetnew stuff is installed05:03
webnetyou cant really.05:03
MahaVishnuyou can't revert. you gotta do a new install of 10.04 if thats what you wanna do.05:03
Tech-1virtually every customer ive put ubuntu on, have been flawless, hands up to ubuntu.05:03
skilzsome new version of some software has bugs05:03
MahaVishnuskilz, but why would you continue to use a product from a company your planning to sue ?05:03
webnetTech-1, amen05:03
excelsiorTech-1: you install lts?05:03
Tech-1all the time05:04
skilzmy cpu is idling at 40% wtf?05:04
webnetfind out what process is doing iot05:04
webnetskilz, ^^^05:04
excelsiorI use the rolling releases, and they're buggy. I'm wondering if I should go back to LTS.05:04
mrdebthat is normal for ubuntu05:04
skilzthis is unacceptable, goes to 100% if I load firefox05:04
excelsioror lubuntu05:04
Tech-1youhave something running, check TOP05:04
skilzDoesn't look like just 1 process in particular05:04
webnetskilz, ffx is resource heavy anyways because of all the virus engines and the addons05:05
webnetuse opera if you are looking for lighter good browser05:05
excelsiorchromium is light and good, as far as I can tell05:05
Tech-1that 205:05
skilzxchat and xorg both usng around 30% cpu each why???05:05
webnetwhat are the main ones using huge cpu besides fffx05:06
MahaVishnulow end hardware ?05:06
Tech-1its prolly in your compiz or graphics setup05:06
skilzFirefox was fine before this upgrade05:06
webnetwel xorg is gnome's server05:06
mrdebr u on unity05:06
skilzG40 Thinkpad05:06
aeon-ltdskilz: what cpu?05:06
mrdebis that it05:06
skilzP4 cpu05:06
mrdebp4 is slow05:06
MahaVishnuskilz, p4 is slow...05:06
BernSamsonI use Chromium05:06
Tech-1lol, p405:06
BernSamsonhow do you uninstall things?05:06
aeon-ltdp4 not slow05:06
webnetskilz xchat is this which uses constant network access05:06
mrdebatom is faster than p405:06
aeon-ltdskilz: clock speed?05:06
MahaVishnup4 is pretty slow compared to anything from this era.05:07
webnetBernSamson, apt-get remove [package]05:07
Tech-1mt asus eee atom kicks but w/ubuntu05:07
skilzMy system was 14% cpu idle05:07
BernSamsonso 'sudo apt-get remove firefox'?05:07
Tech-1how much ram U got05:07
skilznow it's 49%05:07
MahaVishnu2.39ghz is not even a high end p4.05:07
mrdebatom is good for ubuntu05:07
aeon-ltdskilz: ok fluctuations are normal05:07
skilzt's not firefox05:07
Tech-1pkill firefox05:07
aeon-ltdskilz: what is eating it up right now?05:07
skilzFU%$*@ firefox05:08
skilzit's nothng to do with t05:08
Tech-1skilz:  terminal = ntop05:08
skilzit's some system process05:08
webnetskilz. i have 10.10 and my cpus are running at 6% and 4%05:08
MahaVishnuskilz, can you stop using the enter button for punctuation ?05:08
skilzlisten guys!!!05:08
FloodBot1skilz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:08
skilzI startx, then load firefox05:08
webnetskilz. pm me05:08
skilzI srartx then load fluxbox05:08
skilzthen conky05:08
Josh_hey people05:08
ubuntu_n00bhey again, how do i get to system?05:08
ubuntu_n00bIn Ubuntu 10.10, this is found under System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers.05:09
Tech-1stop panicking05:09
MahaVishnu11.10 here with firefox, xachat, transmission, terminator + whatever system crap on... 4% cpu use.05:09
Tech-1same here05:09
MahaVishnubut im not on a p4 heh.05:09
shareJosh_: don't spam05:09
aeon-ltdskilz: depending on your conky set up and refresh/reload rates you've set conky will probably take 1-5% of cpu at almost all times05:09
Tech-1atom ?05:09
bullgard4»~$ ps faux | grep gvfsd-cdda; /usr/lib/gvfs-cdda --spawner :1.1 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/3«. What does "spawner" here mean?05:09
ubuntu_n00bhey again, how do i get to system? In Ubuntu 10.10, this is found under System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers.05:09
skilzI startx then load fluxbox05:09
skilzthen load conky05:09
MahaVishnuTech-1, i3 550 oc from 3.2 to 4.2ghz. nothing special just my baby.05:09
ubuntu_n00bhow do i get to that 'system'05:10
aeon-ltdskilz: yes we heard.05:10
skilznothing else is running and already 40% cpu05:10
shareubuntu_n00b: use the panel?05:10
aeon-ltdskilz: wait a few seconds05:10
skilz2 days ago, same scenario, but 14% cpu05:10
Tech-1skilz:  terminal = ntop..that will show whats running05:10
ubuntu_n00bi'm running 11.1005:10
shareubuntu_n00b: oh.05:10
excelsioroh, while I'm here, the only thing I've found that fixes my wifi without having to reboot my laptop is sudo modprobe -r iwlagn, and then sudo modprobe iwlagn, where iwlagn is the name of the driver.05:10
aeon-ltdits 'htop'05:10
bullgard4ubuntu_n00b: Please add your operating system version and desktop environment to your question.05:10
MahaVishnuskilz, in htop your processor is always @ 40% idle ?05:11
almostrootJosh_: Are... are they fighting with spinning tops?05:11
aeon-ltdnot ntop, ntop will show network processes05:11
Tech-1ya, sry htop05:11
ubuntu_n00bi'm using ubuntu 11.10 and i think the desktop is unity but i could be wrong05:11
skilzIt's 87% now05:11
MahaVishnuskilz, there is nothing we can do about your cpu use honestly.05:11
Tech-1did you htop yet ?05:11
aeon-ltdMahaVishnu: bull.05:12
aeon-ltdyeah we can05:12
excelsiorI had a friend who used to run the latest bleeding edge Ubuntu, but he also carried around a couple of laptop harddrives...05:12
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, like what?05:12
sidneyshould I be able to visit this address and see the file http://hacktolive.org/repo/archive/pool/main/w/winetricks/winetricks_0.05:12
skilzBut it's not my cpu, it's ubuntu05:12
aeon-ltdMahaVishnu: simple, reduce the amount needed to process05:12
excelsiorand a screwdriver kit...05:12
Canadian1296Can anyone give me a little assistance on a Ubuntu LiveCD I'm making?05:12
polardude1983Hello, I am having trouble with a folder that has spaces in it in a shell script. I did the \ but it doesn't work. here is my shell script that im using http://paste.ubuntu.com/765616/ it just says no polly directory and doesn't find polly dogg dir05:12
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, huh?05:12
kionCanadian1296: yes05:12
pfifosidney, no its a shell script, you need to download it to view it05:12
flysnowchiuhi guys!  any ways to control the mem in conky when I use "lua"?05:13
kionCanadian1296: first download the .iso image05:13
MahaVishnupolardude1983, put  " around the file path " I think...05:13
aeon-ltdMahaVishnu: there will be a limit to what skilz's pc can do but really single core 2.4ghz can run most things easily - i'd say the only thing that would cripple it would be moderate flash use05:13
kionCanadian1296: after that i am pretty shure that rightclick will give you the option burn to disk05:13
sidneypfifo if i reinstall 10.04 you think it will update05:14
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, uhm single core p4 can barely transcode 720p on the fly.05:14
aeon-ltdyeah it can05:14
pfifosidney, im sorry i have no idea what you mean05:14
sidneysystem nolonger updates05:14
polardude1983mahavishnu, I tried putting " " around the whole "/home/user/polly doggy" but didnt' work. just said no polly dir found05:14
MahaVishnunot to stream it, it can do a file like eventually. trust me I had a p4 for many years a good one with h/t they are not that fast compared to anything. but this is all offtopic so who cares.05:15
aeon-ltd1080 it would struggle, maybe get around 10-12 fps, but 720 with a preloaded buffer would be fine05:15
pfifosidney, do a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade'05:15
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, nah tried it on ps3 media server to do 720p and it barely would stream it right ever.05:15
sidneypfifo,  dosent work05:15
aeon-ltdMahaVishnu: that's more likely a combo of processing and network bandwidth05:16
pfifosidney, can you pastebin the output of those commands05:16
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, nah dude. gigabit ethernet even 100mb ethernet has way more bandwith than 720p requires dude...05:16
bullgard4!unity | ubuntu_n00b05:16
ubottuubuntu_n00b: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity05:16
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, it was all processor, how do I know? cause now on the same network with an i3 I can stream 1080p no problem to the same xbox. ( yea ps3 media server works for xbox's )05:17
polardude1983mahavishnu, I have tried " ", and \ but none work for the shell script to recognize that the folder has space.05:17
MahaVishnupolardude1983, I think take the \ out and just use "05:17
aeon-ltdheh, point taken.05:18
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, honestly. I banged my head against the wall forever with that p4 I wouldnt lie about it.05:18
polardude1983mahavishnu, no still says no Polly directory instead of polly doggy05:18
Canadian1296kion: I'm talking about doing some customizations on casper before building the iso on a custom (minimal, no gui) lived I've been working on05:18
ubuntu_n00bi'm trying to install proprietary drivers for my onboard graphics card05:19
aeon-ltdi still stand by thay P4 = still fast and good for today's applications, just needs a lil compromising05:19
ubuntu_n00bit's a radeon xpress05:19
=== gaurav__ is now known as Guest35823
kionCanadian: oops.. sorry for that.. .cant help :(05:19
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, also p4 is 32 bit....05:19
GhostWolfhi all, have an issue, webnet has been trying to help me but he suggested i ask on the main, i woke up earlier today and seemed my mouse and kb stopped working, cause i couldn't get my power saver back to my normal screen, manually turned off the pc, turned it back on, it took a long time for ubuntu to load, so i rebooted agian manually, and this time selected the ubuntu recovery console, it seems im having a problem loadin05:19
GhostWolfg ubuntu, i have an image of what it says after the last part of the recovery mode05:19
sidneypfifo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/765617/     http://paste.ubuntu.com/765619/05:19
Canadian1296kion: Okay, thanks anyways  :)05:19
aeon-ltdMahaVishnu: nope some were 64bit capable05:19
MahaVishnuaeon-ltd, ah didnt know.05:20
Canadian1296Can anyone help with some casper customizations on a Ubuntu LiveCD I'm making?05:20
aeon-ltdheh at the time though no one even had close to 4gb 64bit would have been useless for home use05:20
webnetCanadian1296, i pmd you. talk to me there. too much clutter and other stuff out here05:20
pfifosidney, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and remove any refrences to 'http://hacktolive.org' then retry the above commands05:21
GhostWolfbtw here is the link for the pic that has some info at the end of the recovery mode, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/844/20111209210336.jpg/05:21
ButtersHey I was wondering if someone could talk to me about the possibility of starting a project for building a new linux distro that acts purely as a virtual machine host.05:22
MahaVishnupolardude1983, you tried this ? for file in "/home/christoph/Videos/test/polly\ doggy*.*"05:22
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
Canadian1296webnet: okay, thanks05:23
EvilResistanceis there a way in console to search through the contents of files for a specific word or phrase recursively?05:23
EvilResistance(i.e. in all directories within a given path)05:23
aeon-ltdButters: #ubuntu-offtopic ; but why? wouldn't that just really be server + a few applications?05:24
polardude1983mahavishnu, yes and still doesn't recognize it05:24
w30EvilResistance, grep does that; see man grep05:24
sidneypfifo, do i do this in terminal if so I get command not found05:24
crazytranespaces in filenames=the devil05:24
Buttersaeon-ltd: yes it would.05:25
crazytranepolardude1983, looks like you escaped the space right, though05:25
pfifosidney, try `sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list` remove the lines with that URL05:25
EvilResistancew30:  any way to tell if it fails?05:25
aeon-ltdButters: then why? it would just be shorter to just write a guide and a script that would pull in those packages.05:26
polardude1983crazytrane, but for some reason it doesn't register it like normally05:26
GhostWolfalso if anyone can help me with my issue, you can pm me if it be easier.05:26
mrdebwhat issue05:26
Buttersaeon-ltd: because some programs for different OS' can not be pulled in so easily.05:26
skilzHow can I disable graphical boot and logn05:26
skilzI want verbose bootup05:26
GhostWolfmrdeb, i just posted it few minutes ago, its long so i don't feel like reposting, you can scroll up to see it05:27
mrdebok ghost idk, that is not specific05:28
crazytranepolardude1983,can you do it straight from a shell? ie. (for file in polly\ doggy\*.*; do echo $file;done)05:28
skilzIs I try to remove plymoth, it wants to remove all of gnome05:28
w30EvilResistance, test your command-flag combinations on something you know the answer to.05:28
crazytranejust to see if that works05:28
aeon-ltdskilz: get rid of 'quiet' as the boot option at grub05:28
skilzaeon-ltd, wheres that?>05:28
skilzwhat file?05:28
GhostWolfmrdeb, what is not specific, i posted my issue again im not reposting it cause its a long post..05:28
aeon-ltdskilz: can't remember if you need to change 'splash' to 'nosplash'05:28
aeon-ltdskilz: at boot, when at grub press 'e' at the kernel of your choice05:29
pfifoaeon-ltd, skilz you only need to remove 'splash' nosplash wont do anything05:29
mrdebi mena i dont know what is happening with screen saver in your case05:29
excelsiorWhen watching a longish movie, it sometimes becomes jumpy. Any easy fixes? Or just restart the movie player?05:29
skilzpfifo, where I do remove that?05:29
skilzhat file do I edit?05:29
EvilResistancew30:  oop nevermind i found the source of the break05:30
polardude1983crazytrane, if i change it to /polly\ doggy\ it still comes up with polly  or if i do /polly/ doggy/ it comes up with just doggy05:30
GhostWolfmrdeb, its not my screensaver thats the issue. you didn't read the full post..05:30
urlin2u!grub 205:30
EvilResistancew30:  i should just read build logs.. :P05:30
mrdebi read it05:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:30
pfifoskilz, /etc/grub.d05:30
crazytranepolardude1983, if you type the filepath in a shell, does it tab complete?05:31
GhostWolfobviously you didn't cause i didn't mentioin the scrreensaver was my issue. i did mention the power/screen saver but didn't say that was the issue..05:31
polardude1983crazytrane, not exactly sure what you mean by that. sorry.05:32
crazytranepressing tab in a shell will auto complete the filename05:32
crazytraneso you don't have to type the whole thing05:32
mrdebwell i can help you but that is not clear05:32
GhostWolfdon't then, again its not about my screen saver, its about unbutu not loading period..05:33
crazytraneso "cd pol[TAB]" will/should auto complete05:33
webnetmrdeb the issue is drive failure. figured that out in pm05:33
GhostWolffor anyone else who might be able to help, i also have link from imageshack i took of my monitor from the end of a recovery mode for ubuntu, if its too hard for you to help on main you can also pm me, here is the post, hi all, have an issue, webnet has been trying to help me but he suggested i ask on the main, i woke up earlier today and seemed my mouse and kb stopped working, cause i couldn't get my power saver back to my05:34
GhostWolfnormal screen, manually turned off the pc, turned it back on, it took a long time for ubuntu to load, so i rebooted agian manually, and this time selected the ubuntu recovery console, it seems im having a problem loading ubuntu, i have an image of what it says after the last part of the recovery mode05:34
Canadian1296Can anyone help me with disabling casper autologin on a livecd im making?05:35
polardude1983I have no idea why its being such a butt about this lol05:35
pfifoCanadian1296, set a password for the ubuntu user05:36
=== adante_ is now known as adante
crazytraneit's obviously something with the path, but your script is handling the space right05:36
polardude1983crazytrane, though when I take out the space in the actual folder and just do pollydoggy it works05:37
polardude1983crazytrane, but this is just a test directory, really want it to get working with spaces.05:37
Canadian1296pfifo: Tried that already. Even if i boot, set a password, then type "logout", i get logged back in automatically. I also tried changing the password in the config files before building, with no success05:38
pfifopolardude1983, you need to escape spaces with a backslash \ or enclose the filename inside of quotes ""05:38
polardude1983pfifo, tried that. still for some reason not working05:39
crazytranehe's escaping the space right, i recreated the directory here, and tested your script. works here. lol05:39
crazytranei know that doesn't help05:39
pfifoCanadian1296, hmm, im not sure then... It worked for me last time I needed to do it05:40
Canadian1296pfifo: Which one worked for you? passwd after booting from the livecd, or setting one before building the cd05:41
pfifoCanadian1296, setting one while building05:42
polardude1983i tried changing it to for file in ~/Videos/test/polly\ doggy/*.* but didnt work. hmm weird05:42
Canadian1296pfifo: Okay, ill try again just to see. Did you use mkpasswd and place the encrypted pass in the config file, or just use "passwd" while in the chroot? (I use debootstrap and the chroot into it.)05:43
pfifoCanadian1296, i use debootstrap and chroot in, create a user named ubuntu with the id of 999 and set a password using passwd ubuntu05:44
Canadian1296okay thanks, ill try that05:45
sidneypfifo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/765628/05:46
pfifosidney, looks good05:47
polardude1983i even tried doing in="polly doggy" then /home/user/"$in"/*.* and still didnt work. just did polly05:48
polardude1983maybe a restart will make it work lol :P05:48
sidneypfifo,  the thing is I don't know how it got that way05:48
mrdebis everhyone enjoying ubuntu in this holiday season05:48
pfifosidney, is your machine upgrading correctly now?05:49
bluegoonMy desktop to emitting a steady pulsating drone.. not enjoying this05:49
sidneytrying now05:49
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sidneypfifo, Unable to lock the list directory05:50
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pfifosidney did you run it with sudo?05:51
sidneypfifo, it still failed05:52
bullgard4mrdeb: Me.05:53
sidneypfifo,  it still looking for http//hacktolive05:53
pfifosidney, im not sure then, but yes, a reinstall will fix your system at any rate05:53
sidneypfifo, thank for your time good night05:54
bullgard4»~$ ps faux | grep gvfsd-cdda; /usr/lib/gvfs-cdda --spawner :1.1 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/3«. What does "spawner" here mean?05:54
polardude1983I am gonna try without the directory and just run it within whatever directory i am gonna run it in05:55
gunfire007so ubuntu has support for optimus technology ?05:55
gunfire007i have heared that optimus technology enabled more battery is drained is that true ?05:56
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:56
borarihey is anybody alive on here>05:57
borariso... i got a question about this ubuntu thing...05:58
pfifothis is the zombie channel, were all dead05:58
Canadian1296borari: what's your question?05:58
shareend of the world05:58
webnetborari, whats going on05:58
borariSo i just upgraded to the newest version05:58
black_ruhello al, pls does it work ? i am testing apache05:59
borariand now I cannot log in to my account05:59
usr13borari: put it all on one line.05:59
usr13borari: Wrong password?05:59
borarialright. I just upgraded Ubuntu and can only log in as a guest. when logging in to my regular account, scfreen flashes black to quickly for me to see the text and back to login05:59
usr13borari: Upgraded from ________ to ___________ ?06:00
pfifoblack_ru, seems to be working06:00
black_rupfifo, thx06:00
borariversion 11.04 to 11.1006:01
w30borari, check ownership of your home directory files and folders, especially .Xdefaults and .Xauthority06:01
w30borari, if it turns out to be root that owns these files it can be caused by using sudo for a GUI app. Use gksu for GUI apps instead.06:03
borariownership of my home folder says it is root. is that what I want or do I want it to be my username?06:04
elkyyou want it to be your username, borari06:04
w30borari, for example if your login user is borari, then borari should be owner and group06:05
Canadian1296What packages would you recommend for a LiveCD ("password hacking" tools like chntpw, recovery tools, etc.)? No gui on the livecd so command line tools only please...06:05
borariah ok. can i change the ownership though the emergency ctrl+alt+f1 terminal? I am pretty new to linux here sorry...06:05
sasankhow can i learn programs06:05
w30borari, yes06:06
webnetgo here for a list of tools Canadian1296 http://www.gnacktrack.co.uk/faqs.php06:06
w30chown -R borari.borari  *06:07
elkyborari, you'll need to do: sudo chown borari:borari /home/borari06:07
pfifoCanadian1296, parted and emacs, aircrack06:07
webnetthat is pentest tools btw'06:07
sasankn programs06:07
Canadian1296pfifo: thanks06:08
Canadian1296webnet: okay ill take a look06:08
w30borari, yeah, stick a -06:08
pfifoCanadian1296, i would say wireshark but since you dont have a gui youll have to use tcpdump06:08
w30-R flag on chown for recursive06:08
bluegoonsasnak, there are many books available for many languages.06:08
sasankis there any logic applied in programs06:09
webnetkk. not all are good Canadian1296  but alot of good cracking tools06:09
Stanley00sasank: yes, and, or not and so on ... :)06:09
Canadian1296webnet: thanks06:10
sasankany book for c language06:10
sbtsborari: you may need to also use the -R flag for chown to recursivly change the content of your home dir. but only if things inside your home dir are incorrectly owned06:10
webnetsasank, google it?06:11
Canadian1296Any other recommended packages, more disk utilities now?06:11
borariw30 thanks for the help, off to try and figure it out... I'll be back!06:11
bluegoonsasank, google for MIT open courseware, there are some Engineering development concept programs.06:11
webnethmm Canadian1296 well there is testdisk and photorec06:11
sasankeasiest way for learning any programming language06:11
webnetCanadian1296, those are in my opinion are invaluable. you can add ophcrack as well to help get into windows system06:12
Stanley00sasank: there is no easiest way, the easier way is from basic to advanced06:13
Canadian1296webnet: alright06:13
sasankwhich programming language should i take first06:14
pfifosasank, python06:14
Stanley00sasank: I prefer pascal06:14
Blue1my first language, was fortran ii, fwiw06:15
enotНЯ! ^_^06:15
bluegoonsasank, google Microsoft Small Basic, its very well built for beginners.06:15
sbtsbluegoon: shame on you, suggesting a M$ language in a linux channel!!!!!06:16
pfifosasank, learn m68k assembly for your first language06:16
bluegoonsbts, hehe06:16
Canadian1296sasank: i started by messing around on microsoft with vbs and bat scripting. Then went for it and taught myself C++...06:16
sasankearlier i hd some grasp upon c and c++ but it becomes difficult to write programs06:16
Blue1bluegoon: actuallyh that  isn't a bad place to sart06:16
enotпыщ пыщ пыщ пыщ пыщ пыщ пыщ пыыыыыыыыыщ06:16
Stanley00my first language is pascal, from where I learn algorithm, and then step to C, and OOP in C++, never try python, what a pity!06:17
sbtssasank: it depends on what you want to do in the end. any pascal based language would be good as a first as it will teach you good structure from the beginning06:17
OerHeks!ru | enot06:17
ubottuenot: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:17
bluegoonBluel, I actually read up on Small Basic, its a very honest and interesting project, meant specifically for people new to programming.06:17
sbtssasank: check out freepascal and lazuraus (I think that is spelled right)06:17
Blue1bluegoon: it is a good first choice06:17
sasankfuture in c++06:17
bluegoonBlue1, yep, think so too.06:17
* Blue1 wonders if there is a gbasic?06:18
tikittyI get this error from php when i try to connect to mysql Connection refused (trying to connect via tcp://, any one know what this means?06:18
pfifomy first language was basic included with my commodore 6406:19
Blue1tikitty: yes you are trying to connect to your local machine on port 3306 which off the top of my head no idea what that is used for06:19
sbtssasank: yep c and it's derivatives are a pain the the butt to write in, they are the right language for many tasks (linux kernel for example) but there are a large number of pitfalls for the unwary06:19
Blue1sbts: indeed!06:19
Hatori3306 for mysql06:19
bluegoonJust noticed there is also a #Programming, so asking around there should also be useful.06:19
pfifotikitty, it seems you mysql server is not running06:20
sasankwhat's difference btwn c++ and java06:20
fizyplanktonmy first language was python. after learning TI-84 Basic, bash, java, and c++, i had never been happier to write a python program06:20
webnetjava is based on c++ sasank06:20
fizyplanktonsasank: from a syntax point of view, not all that much06:20
sbtssasank: it is spelled lazarus and is in the ubuntu repositories. it is actually an IDE (integrated development environment) for freepascal that allows you to also write gui apps.06:20
Blue1first home computer as a ti 99-4a06:20
FirefisheI'm using oneiric 11.10.  I use the latest gnome and kde desktops.  I notice that, when I log in, either in gnome or kde, a nautilus window opens by default.  I haven't found a way to stop this from occurring.  What causes this and how can I make it stop?06:21
sasanki want to do game programming, which language becomes helpfull06:21
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap06:21
FirefisheBlue1: We had one of those in my 1984 computer programming class in high school ;)06:22
FirefisheBlue1: scratch that!  I meant a trs-80.06:22
pfifosasank, python has SDL and opengl bindings, and is easy to learn and write06:22
sbtssasank: lazarus is essentially an open source project to duplicate the capabilities of Borland Delphi, the windows capable variant of turbopascal.  it allows rapid visual creation of user interfaces and easy linking of code to the userinterface.06:22
fizyplanktonsasank: if you mean like big direct-x-ey games, forget it. it will take years amd years to learn that much. i would reccommend python as a springboard to other proging languages06:22
fizyplanktonhttp://blog.aegisub.org/2008/12/if-programming-languages-were-religions.html very funny06:23
sbtssasank: if you want to program games, you may be better asking in #programming, then in some game specific channels.  codeing for games is a fairly different field from the rest of the universe06:23
sasankfirstly i want to take a simple game,lets take chess,how can i make a program06:24
pfifoPerl would be Voodoo lol06:24
shareI can't find the 'Virtual Basic GUI' package to track killer's IP address06:24
sbtssasank: there are a number of chess programs in the ubuntu repositories, why don't you download the source code for them, and look at the various languages that have been used.06:25
fizyplanktonsasank: because chess has array and for loop iterations out the wazoo, i would reccoment python. i tried to do that in c++ after only knowing c++ for a week. i ahvent touched ~/c++/chess.cpp in over 6 months. im scared06:25
sbtssasank: from that you should be able to see what you personal preference is for that type of game. for action games it may be better to use something else.06:26
sasankonce i had seen, but it becomes confusing to understand06:26
fizyplanktonpython is nicknamed "executable pseudo code"06:26
fizyplankton(perl on the other hand, is "executable line noise"06:27
pfifosasank, check this out http://pygame.org/06:27
sbtsThe best coders I have personally worked with all started out with pascal like languages, then went on to learn other languages as needed. as I said before pascal teaches good programming practices and techniques. it is afterall what it was designed to do.06:28
pincheHow can I build a private virtual cloud desktop with ubuntu? Is it just a matter of hosting a VirtualBox snapshot on an Ubuntu Server or do I need a more complex environment with Ubuntu Cloud?06:28
pincheI want to be able to build this privately in my home server with Ubuntu. Possible? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDfsMNQ3SrU06:29
sasankwhats the future of game programming06:29
pfifosasank, xbox is using .NET (c#) and psx is using C/C++06:29
sasanksimplest technique for learning pascal06:31
pfifo1 chapter from a book every week, make sure todo all the excercises and answer all the questions06:32
sasankhow much time does it takes to learn pascal06:34
pfifoa couple weeks if you really study hard, but could take years to master06:34
sbtssasank: there are heaps of tutorials with freepascal and on the web. even lazarus has tute's06:35
sbtssasank: it shouldn't take long if you are serious06:35
sasankdo i have to remember the basic commands or first understand them06:36
=== Ttech is now known as PhthaloFox
pfifosasank, hands on practice is the best way06:36
sbtsif you use lazarus it has good built in help, and realtime syntax assistance.06:37
Canadian1296sasank: understand them. But following along as you learn helps A LOT06:37
sasanki learnt linux a long time where i had found only commands to remember06:38
pincheHi, I would like to build a private cloud desktop in my home server. Something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDfsMNQ3SrU How would it be possible with Ubuntu?06:39
almoxarifepinche: its simple enough06:39
almoxarifepinche: install virtualbox on the server, have some os on the virtualbox to serve06:40
sasankwhat should i learn first a basic program or a highly advanced program06:42
pinchealmoxarife: Thanks for replying. So it's just a matter of hosting a VM snapshot?06:42
pfifosasank, learn something easy first06:42
almoxarifepinche: yeap, just like the url you keep spaming(referring to)06:42
sasankhow should we write a prgram in a single line,supose writing a sentence in c++06:43
tokamHi.. I installed postgresql on my ubuntu system but the command to set the password postgres psql template1 is not executeable because my shell does not know postgres as command.06:43
tokamok it is for ubuntu 8 and i am on 11.406:44
bullgard4»~$ ps faux | grep gvfsd-cdda; /usr/lib/gvfs-cdda --spawner :1.1 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/3«. What does "spawner" here mean?06:45
tokamif one of you could help me on this it would save my life. I have to launch a big project on monday and i work since 3 nights without sleep06:45
EvilResistancesasank:  you might need ##programming or ##c ?06:45
pinche@almoxarife: Yikes, sorry, didn't meant ot be spamming that link.06:45
EvilResistancesasank:  well ##programming at the least06:45
kenperkinshow do I track down slow ssh performance? It's taking 6 seconds to execute a command over ssh where the target is a virtual machine on the local host06:46
kenperkins(should be near instant)06:46
tokammy goal is a simple pgsql database it will be generated anyway i have my code on a higher abstraction level :)06:46
tokamI am not starting from scatch installing the dbms when launching on monday haha06:46
almoxarifepinche: of course if I was gonna pay you to access the virtual-os I would want you to show me how I now own it, since I am paying you, lets say, and of course you would have to buy a license for those multiple os's (windows) from the git-go , assuming you were legit, but yeah, why not06:46
sasankafter learning pascal or c++ which any other language should i learn06:47
tokamsasank: java & php & scala06:48
tokamnever worked with scala but i heard it is going to become tha java of the future because oop is not good in multithreading (deadlocks)06:49
tokamfunctional programming is petter here (scala) and the new more law is not that the amount of transistors doubles per year it is that the amount of cores doubles.06:50
pfifotokam, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostgreSQL06:50
sasanki hv windows on my systm,bt i wnt to instll lnx,whts the booting method06:50
tokamthanks a lot pfifo06:50
tokamand some of you got advice how to get the rest out of you?06:50
tokami already put nacl in my eyes to keep them wet hahaha :D06:51
tokami have fun doing what i do but i need to get more out06:51
tokami can not sleep anyway i tried it but i stay awake in bed06:51
tokami can close no eye06:51
atrunoBrian Pham of Houston, TX  http://pastebin.com/qUSTKFLL06:52
michaelhi all06:52
=== michael is now known as Guest84405
sasankdoes it happen if wrongly booting linux will damage the system06:53
sasankwhts the difference between get and getch command06:54
pfifosasank, follow this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/index.html06:55
sasankis there any difference btwn get and getch command or we cn write the same06:57
sasankwhat is php,is it a programming language06:59
pfifophp is a programming language that more suited to web development06:59
tokampfifo: i have installed all the packages but i do not have the command postgres06:59
sasankusing php can we build a website?07:00
pfifotokam, the command is simply psql, not postgres psql07:00
tokammaybe it should be mentioned in the tutorials for tired people as me :) thx07:00
tokampsql: FATAL:  role "root" does not exist07:01
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:01
pfifotokam, it is, the second command on that guide is 'psql -h server.domain.org database user'07:02
sasanki do nt have php latform, in which site is it avalable07:02
pfifosasank, if you dont have ubuntu installed, then first you need to install ubuntu07:03
tokampsql -h localhost database root07:03
tokamFATAL:  password authentication failed for user "root"07:04
sasankhow can i retrieve a password if locked in my computer07:04
pfifotokam, make sure to run it as root07:04
tokamI do07:05
tokampfifo: http://web916.kerstin.webhoster.ag/pastebin.de.vu/paste722.html07:05
tokammust i somewhere set the pw before running this command?07:06
pfifotokam ask in #postgres then, im not sure how to set a password07:07
tokamfound something here http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/psql-fatal-ident-authentication-failed-for-user/07:07
newbiecosteehi guys07:07
sasankcan we convert a program to another software language?07:08
pfifosasank, no07:08
sasankwhats the use of syntax07:09
tokamroot@tokam:~# find / -type f -name pg_hba.conf07:09
tokamis running cos the file did not exist where expected07:09
sasankdoes it exist that without knowing syntax ,can we run a program07:10
pfifosasank, your not making any sense07:11
tokamfound it in etc07:11
sasanki heard a language named perl,wht is it07:12
pfifoperl is a programming language that is tailored to extracting data from documents, its quite dificult to learn07:13
sasankcan we apply our basic knowledge  and apply it to writin programs07:14
pfifosasank, yes basic is a good first language, it is very easy and will teach you several important aspects of computer programming07:15
=== zkriesse_away is now known as zkriesse
sasankis there any bk easier for learning basic language07:16
sasankwhich language has a good bit of efficiency?07:18
pfifoefficiency how?07:18
bigterdpig latin07:19
bigterdvery efficient07:19
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.07:19
sasankthats ritin the program in two lines instead of 10 lines07:19
=== samsul is now known as samsul|sinau
pfifoperl and lisp are notable for that07:20
sasankdoes perl has many commands to remember07:21
bigterdhaha, piglatin.07:21
pfifoperl is dificult to lear because it has many symbols that you need to use07:21
bigterdmy first i played with was python07:22
sasankhow can i grasp it07:22
pfifosasank, why do you keep asking questions about languages?07:23
cebrerehey i have a question regarding video display if anyone would mind helping me?07:24
bigterdyeah, !offtopic07:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:24
sasanki want to learn many programmin languages07:24
cebrerewell it is regarding ubuntu07:25
pfifosasank, asking questions about programming here isnt going to teach you anything, go download an intrepreter and get to work07:25
sasanki do not any programmin software, where can i get/07:25
bigterdhes asking how to learn it. not regarding how to make it work with ubuntu07:25
cebrerei can't switch my display to on07:26
pfifosasank, goto http://lua.org they have many tutorials and an online intrepreter, its easy to learn too07:27
cebrerei had an hdmi cable plugged into my t.v. and it was working beautifully, then I shut my laptop and it wouldn't detect after that07:27
almoxarifeatruno: the link has been passed on to the police07:28
sasankwhts the meaning of binaries07:30
usr13sasank: apps07:30
sasankin c++07:30
almoxarifesasank: join #c++07:30
usr13sasank: A file containing binary code07:31
sasankwhich programmin language requires buildin a website07:32
anandsasank: just ask these questions to google and u will get a great amount of info07:33
anandsasank: and when u picked up a language and have any problem ask on that language specific channel07:35
sasankcan we reduce the loops in c++ into a single loop in writing any rogram07:36
anandsasank: my suggestion start with python then c then c++ and then java07:36
anandsasank : depends07:36
sasankwhy java comes last07:36
anandsasank: coz by the time u will have great knowledge of programming and java is a languge with lots of packages and fuctionalities that require understanding of programming07:38
skilzAny application (NON GNOME) (preferebly xfce based) to control brightness and contrast for monitor/video card?07:38
anandsasank: u need to learn the programming tech and any language will be easy enough07:39
sasankis ubuntu a linux based operatin system07:39
usr13sasank: Well yes.... Are WE taking a test here?07:40
anandsasank: no one can teach u programming only u can ,,books tutes are just for teaching language syntax.........07:40
usr13sasank: Next question.....07:40
anandsasank: yes07:41
skilzsasank, learn some bash and c, #bash #c07:41
sasanki do nt like to ask questions but i feel dreary in ritin lengthy programs07:41
mascotanand: agreed07:42
mascotwhich language to use to program for ubuntu ?07:42
webnetAiayiu hi07:43
anandsasank: you dnt even know what an os and what ubuntu is dude u need to exit and do some study read books on os networking ,computer organization etc......then think about programming07:44
aiayiuI am freshman07:44
webnetmascot. Java? Tho if you know c u can use qt07:45
almoxarifethere is a god07:45
mascotwebnet: thanx for the reply07:45
mascotI like OO paradigm, so I dont' think I am gonna use C07:46
mascotWhich is the best IDE, eclipse or Netbeans07:47
webnetOk. mascot ok. Try searching the software center for a compler07:47
anandmascot: i think eclipse07:47
webnetmascot. Eclipse07:47
=== rymate1234|away is now known as rymate1234
webnetMore mature and stable imo07:48
webnetNot tht netbeans is bad mascot... id actually say try both. It comes down to which u like better in the end07:50
webnetWhich ur more comfortable using07:50
mascotI am begineer now07:51
mascotI am using VIM07:51
mascotthinking to go with IDE07:51
mechboanybody know what "Send retweets to all services" does in Gwibber ?07:51
webnet Vim FTW! Lol bit yeah youll meed an ide for sure. And a compiler for buildd07:52
webnetHi mechbo. No clue...07:53
mascotBTW is there any vim script to do code folding ?07:54
webnetmascot idk. Vim is HUGE so id have to imagine yes.07:55
webnetTry google. Someone probably wrote one if its not in already07:56
skilzmascot, use nano07:56
mascotwhy so skilz07:56
anandmascot : http://aymanh.com/a-collection-of-vim-tips try this link07:56
skilzit's more user friendly07:56
skilz'just works' easy07:56
anandmascot: there z a section for code folding07:56
webnetSee i figurrd there was one :D07:57
mascotanand: ok07:57
skilzplus its a newer text editor07:57
skilzbased from pico07:57
webnetskilz not as advanced tho07:57
webnetVim is a huge editor07:57
skilzwebnet, Yes but most average users don't need/use all those extra features and they can just become confusing07:59
mascotzfa} works great for code folding in VIM07:59
mascotthanx anand07:59
mascotzo and zc to re-open and close the code fold08:00
webnetTrue. He is programming tho. But skilz you are right about ot being a confusing edotor08:00
anandmascot: u are welcome dude08:00
maohow to let less display the Trademark symbol08:03
webnetMao ??08:04
webnetWhere what r u trying to do?08:04
maowebnet: Some text has trademark symbol,while gedit display normoally08:05
webnetmao ok. Is the tm in the filename?08:06
maowebnet: eh...maybe,I don't know what it exectly called08:07
maowebnet: Not in the filename,but in the file08:08
mascotI can't have my folder named "HTML"08:08
mascotTM changes to some symbol08:09
mascotwhy is that08:09
webnetTm is a charactor08:10
godofmischiefon my ubuntu machine, network devices are no longer showing up when i browse to them, i still have connectivity to network folders that are mounted, and im streaming from one of the machines.08:10
maowebnet: how to let less display it08:10
webnetBut not a standard one so gedit uses a string to display it. Like how copyright symbol is &copy in html08:11
mascothow can I name my folder HTML08:11
=== samsul|sinau is now known as samsul
maowebnet: So less cann't display it ?08:12
webnetMascot mv  foldername html08:12
=== Guest35902 is now known as zkriesse
webnetmao. Is gedit displaying it but not when you run the file08:13
skilz.file is a hidden file, file is a visible file08:14
maowebnet: Gedit display it normally but less cann't08:14
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:14
bullgard4»~$ ps faux | grep gvfsd-cdda; /usr/lib/gvfs-cdda --spawner :1.1 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/3«. What does "spawner" here mean?08:16
maowebnet: Less display the tm charactor as <A9>08:16
maowebnet: Less display the tm charactor as "<A9>"08:16
webnetOk mao let me see... give me a sec so u can try on my machine08:19
webnet*so i can08:19
=== Cr[a]d[a]m is now known as Cradam
=== cgtkd is now known as cgtdk
mascotI want to setup a local server to do some PHP learning08:26
mascotwhat should I choose08:26
mascotLAMP or XAMPP08:26
cgtdkmascot: XAMPP is very easy to setup.08:27
webnetUse apache then seperate install musql08:27
webnetmao what are you entering to display tm08:28
cgtdkmascot: Here's a guide to installing LAMP on Ubuntu 11.10: http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-apache2-with-php5-and-mysql-support-on-ubuntu-11.10-lamp08:28
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf|py
skilzAny application (NON GNOME) (preferebly xfce based) to control brightness and contrast for monitor/video card?08:30
rob__Excuse me. If I accidentally unplug my headphones and plug them back in, no sound comes out of them. Can anybody help?08:33
=== rob__ is now known as rectec
cgtdkrob__: Have you checked if sound is muted?08:34
recteccgtdk: yes08:34
recteccgtdk: same thing happens in both my Ubuntu installations08:34
webnetrectec thats odd do you have other headphones you coyld test with?08:35
rectecwebnet: Good idea. These headphones are brand new so I didn't suspect them. Brb08:35
rectecwebnet: Nope, still no sound. : ( Must have something to do with Pulseaudio08:37
webnetThatd be my guess rectec. The phones were worth a shot08:38
rectecwebnet: Both my KDE and Gnome 3/Unity installations have Pulse, and both have the same problem08:38
rectecRecent update bug?08:38
webnetProprietary driver?08:38
rectecFor headphones?08:38
webnetNo for soundcard08:39
rectecNo pretty sure it's not.08:39
Phayderquestion: when i install a fresh ubuntu, will it auto show up on the network? like will ppl be able to see my comp on the network?08:40
rectecit ocurred recently08:40
Phayderbesides the router08:40
Phayderlike in workgroup/shares or w.e08:40
webnetPhayder if you add it to the workgroup08:40
rectecPhayder: I think you'd need to set it up08:40
sam22hail !!!! people of this channel !08:41
rectecPhayder: Samba maybe? I'm not sure how networking works in Linux08:41
Phayderso there will be no trace of my computer other than the normal checking whos on the router?08:41
Phaydercuz when u install windows, share is on by default, and ur workgroup, is well workgroup08:41
Phayderand ppl can see u if they open up the network window08:41
webnetPhayder... not reallt08:41
webnetOh gotcha08:41
Phayderi dont wanna be seen by any other computer systems on the network08:41
webnetYea youd have tovset that up to show up like tht Phayder08:42
rectecshould I clear out .pulse and reinstall pulseaudio maybe?08:42
Phayderok webnet08:42
Phayderdo u know how to hide from other comps on the network on windows as well?08:43
Phayderive turned off sharing08:43
Phayderand such08:43
Phayderbut im still not sure if i can be seen08:43
webnetrectec. Yeah give tht a shot08:43
rectecTurn off network discovery08:43
Phayderwhere do i go to find that08:43
rectecFunny cause I set up Windows networking with my friend just recently08:43
rectecNetwork and sharing center in vista+708:44
rectecjust search08:44
webnetXp ctrl panel > networks08:44
rectecyeah I kinda miss XP08:45
webnetOh Phayder unjoin workgroup08:45
rectecfirst OS used08:45
DeltaEpsilonwhat is faster? xen virtualizatin or KVM virtualization?08:46
webnetStart>right click computer> properties08:46
Phayderit says its network is WORKGROUP08:47
Phayderi turned off network discovery08:47
Phayderand printer sharing08:47
Phayderand what not08:47
FloodBot1Phayder: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:47
Phayderfor both public profile08:47
Phayderand the home profile08:48
Phayderim not flooding, im lagging :(08:48
rectecI keep getting that brief notification named 'Debconf-communicate whenever I install something in software center...08:49
webnetOk click change next to workgroup08:49
sam22konqueror is based on which browser ?08:50
sam22browser engine08:50
Phayderi unjoined the Homegroup08:50
godofmischiefon my ubuntu machine, network devices are no longer showing up when i browse to them, i still have connectivity to network folders that are mounted, and im streaming from one of the machines.08:50
PhayderControl Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center08:50
godofmischiefjust don't know how to fix this without pulling a winblows deal and rebooting08:51
Phayderit now says Homegroup: create or join08:51
rectecsam22: KHTML/WebKit08:51
sam22rectec is there something els out there not based on gecko or webkit ?08:51
PhayderNow webnet, if both pcs have sharing off and are hidden on the network, how can i share files over the network? local ip via ftp?08:52
rectecsam22: I think konqueror has KHTML by default, with WebKit being available to install08:52
webnetAbsolutly that would work08:52
Phaydersweet, thanks08:52
rectecsam22: lemme look08:52
nevynkhtml is the parent of webkit.08:53
sam22i want another browser for testing not based on netscape/mozilla or webkit08:53
sam22ok guys i found it08:54
sam22thanks and sorry if i took from your time08:54
rectecsam22: wait08:54
webnetOpera sam2208:54
sam22yeah opera is based on presto08:54
rectecsam22: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_browsers#General_information look on the right08:54
sam22let me look..08:54
rectecwhere it says layout engine08:55
sam22very nicee08:55
sam22thanks man.. i really appericate yoru help08:55
Whiskeyanyone here thats good on regexp?08:55
PhayderDa,m webnet, problem08:55
Phayderif i turn off windows network discovery, windows firewall automatically turns on :\08:55
Phayderand if i turn windows firewall off, discovery turns back on :|08:56
webnetGood find rectec08:57
webnetPhayder wjy do you wamt forewall off?08:57
Phaydercuz i have a router08:58
Phayderconnected :p08:58
Phayderwith firewall08:58
Phayderi dont need windows firewall08:58
webnetBut win is a pita and always turns it on08:58
webnetAnd thts good because there are differences between a hardware and softwate fw08:59
rectecwebnet: Do you know how to restart pulseaudio? If I try 'pulseaudio' after using 'pulseaudio -k', it says 'Failed to load module "module-esound-protocol-unix" (argument: ""): initialization failed.'08:59
bullgard4»~$ ps faux | grep gvfsd-cdda; /usr/lib/gvfs-cdda --spawner :1.1 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/3«. What does "spawner" here mean?09:00
rectecNeed to argue with it right?09:00
rectecbut how...09:01
Doggetcan't locate VPN settings in Ubuntu 11.10 using gnome Shell, help more than welcome09:01
webnetrectec try rebooting09:03
rectecwebnet: back in a sec09:03
=== Mud is now known as Guest47337
rectecyeah it still isn't fixed09:07
webnetNo go?09:07
webnetNot working at all09:07
rectecMan it's gotta be hardware-related09:07
rectecNo it always fixes itself on reboot09:07
rectecbut when i unplug the headphones, forget about it.09:08
webnetBut it didnt this time^09:08
webnetOr did it?09:08
rectecno same symptoms as before09:08
rectecI unplugged it again after reboot and it still won't work after plugging them back in09:09
webnetThe issue starting pulse? Or issue with the jack?09:09
rectecI'll switch to Windows and see if it still does it09:09
rectecbe back in a few mins09:10
rectecsorry would've been quicker but my stupid network configuration is faulty09:22
rectecwebnet: it didn't have any problems on Windows...09:23
webnetOdd... hmmm....09:23
rectecwebnet: If I wasn't such a die-hard Linux fan I would've just switched back right now.09:24
ArizonaBahi guys i have a question relating excel :/  and i know someone here will be able to help me09:24
webnetLol. I hear ya. It has to be a compatibility issue i think...09:25
ArizonaBawhy Dcount disregarding my criteria?09:25
rectecwebnet: *sigh* but I believe in Linux and open source and a few hundred problems aren't gonna change me09:25
webnetHahaha. Me niether :D09:25
rectecwebnet: idk it always worked fine up until a week ago09:26
webnetOoh. Have you updated around tht time?09:26
rectecwebnet: was there a pulseaudio update released recently?09:26
ArizonaBano one ; __ ;09:27
rectec*bang.* shot ur question down before it even had a chance : P09:27
webnetIdk. Maybe. Also a dep for something else is clashing09:27
rectec33 days ago09:28
rectecnah that's too long...09:28
Techdude101rectec: what problems are you having?09:28
webnetYea... something else update in tht time?09:28
rectecTechdude101: *using up arrow*09:28
webnetTechdude101 FRESH EYES! :D09:29
rectecTechdude101: If I disconnect my headphones I can't hear them when I reconnect09:29
rectecLet it be known that further questions will result in further answers... anyone? no?09:31
Techdude101are you connecting the headphones to the front or rear socket?09:31
rectecthe *headphone jack*09:31
rectecor input if you will09:31
ArizonaBacan someone tell me whats wrong with this command : Note = "E"?09:32
webnetSo front09:32
Doggettrying to set up a VPN connection in gnome shell, and not finding any VPN settings inside the network manager. Help!09:32
rectecit's a laptop09:32
Techdude101desktop or laptop/netbook09:32
recteconly one audio out09:32
godofmischiefsmb shares are no longer appearing when i browse my network, how can i restore this without having to restart?09:32
rectecDogget: I know man but I have no idea I wish I could help : (09:33
webnetArizonaBa ur asking a ms excel question on a linux irc?09:33
Techdude101rectec: Are you using KDE or GNOME?09:33
rectecTechdude101: It does this on Kubuntu so I installed a fresh Ubuntu with Gnome shell and it still has the problem09:34
Dogget@rectec is is available in Unity? I mean I prefer Shell as it is fast and working perfectly for me unlike Unity09:34
rectecDogget: could you maybe rephrase that plz?09:34
DoggetSorry my bad.09:35
rectec's ok09:35
DoggetIs the option to set up a VPN connection available in Unity?09:35
Cradamyes, why wouldnt it09:35
DoggetThere used to be the option in previous versions of Ubuntu, not sure if it's there now09:35
recteclemme check. I doubt it, as they're both based on Gnome 3 and share the same network manager09:35
Techdude101rectec: is there any info about sound in the logs (dmesg, syslog etc...)09:36
DoggetOk thank you09:36
rectecbut unity does have better applets09:36
rectecone sec one sec one sec09:36
Doggetbut it's like asking a donkey to become a horse racer!09:36
rectecyes I do see options for VPN09:37
rectecVPN>Configure VPN09:37
DoggetOK so if I set it up in Unity will it keep that in Shell?09:37
rectecI'm not sure. If I add a wifi network it does keep the passkey across DEs09:38
rectecGive it a go09:38
rectecor shells, rather09:38
rectecsame thing09:39
rectecnow on to those logs09:39
DoggetOK I am going to check then. Thanks Rectec09:39
sasorimy ubuntu box is a full lamp environment..my question is, how to install  and use svn ? XD ,,I got used with windows svn gui XD09:39
rectecwant me to pastebin dmesg?09:39
=== bro is now known as Guest79927
Techdude101rectec: yeah sure, wouldn't hurt09:40
rectec2 minds are better than one09:40
Techdude101rectec: Also, how are you testing the sound (mplayer etc...)?09:41
rectecTechdude101: Flash plugin09:41
rectecTechdude101: Pandora, web music player, etc.09:42
Guest79927can you help: running ubuntu 11.10 inside vmware with windows 7 host, 4GB ram, 1GB ram assigned to ubuntu, C2D processor. Ubuntu running 2D Unity with graphics drivers installed (and up-to-date) feels slow on interface. everything, from menu, unity, to minimize/maximize windows is sluggish. 3D acceleration in vmware is enabled.09:42
Techdude101rectec: have you tried speaker-test? (speaker-test -c2 -twav)09:42
rectecTechdude101: Line 78609:43
rectecit should work09:44
rectecit's when I unplug the headphones that the audio stops09:44
Techdude101Just noticed that line 78609:44
rectecbut the speakers still produce audio09:44
rectecit's wierd09:44
rectecyeah just thought it was relevant09:45
Kottizenhi - when I ran this: 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa'and then this: 'sudo apt-get update' I got this: http://pastebin.com/TEyqinPt09:45
Kottizendoes anyonw know where that repository has been moved to?09:45
Techdude101rectec: Try using the speaker-test command from terminal and see what happens09:45
rectecfront right09:45
rectecfront left09:45
rectecfront right09:45
rectecfront ledt09:46
Techdude101ctrl+C to stop09:46
Techdude101Is it coming through both devices (speakers & headphones)?09:46
rectecnow when I unplug my headphones09:47
rectecthat's the problem09:47
webnetTry the test after re plug09:47
rectecwhen I plug em back in, no sound whatsoever. Unplug, I can hear the speakers09:48
rectecwell good news09:48
rectecmy laptop speakers are in stereo09:48
Guest79927can you help: running ubuntu 11.10 inside vmware with windows 7 host, 4GB ram, 1GB ram assigned to ubuntu, C2D processor. Ubuntu running 2D Unity with graphics drivers installed (and up-to-date) feels slow on interface. everything, from menu, unity, to minimize/maximize windows is sluggish. 3D acceleration in vmware is enabled.09:48
rectecGuest79927: yeah it's because of vmware09:49
rectecGuest79927: it will always slow it down09:49
rectecGuest79927: I mean virtual machines in general09:50
webnetGuest79927 try increasing the ammt of ram vm is allowed to give to the vm image09:50
rectecGuest79927: or vram09:50
Guest79927rectec: isn't there any way to reduce more 3d/transparency effects in order to speed it up?09:50
rectecGuest79927: are you trying it out or do you need to use ubuntu quick?09:51
Snowiehi all. anyone here handy with realtime audio. have upgrade packages to ubuntu studio, is meant to have realtime. getting choppy sound on playback in ardour. please if anyone could 1/ help me make sure rt is running and 2/ give some advice on optimising it09:51
Snowieubuntu 11.1009:51
rectecHm. Ubuntu Studio has JACKS sound server right09:52
webnetSnowie increase your audio buffer size in jack09:52
Guest79927rectec, no, just trying it out. i'm ocasionally running ubuntu since 2004,  but not as a primary os09:52
rectecpsh I'm overwhelming myself lol09:52
webnetThat is a pro audio problem Snowie.09:53
webnetFor any os09:53
Techdude101Guest79927: You could install ubuntu alongside windows 7 and dual boot09:53
Snowierectec: correct09:53
rectecGuest79927: yeah VMs are good for trying out. Get the real thing though if you want realtime performance. VMs must emulate processes so it takes longer to do stuff09:54
Guest79927rectec, i'll check the vram, but i guess it's already on 128, maximum ammount. anyway, i'm asking about performance since older versions prior unity were faster inside virtual machine09:54
Snowiewebnet: jack is in the repos, so is ardour. thought i would come here first. not like a compiled a tarball for this stuff09:54
Snowiewebnet: dont see an audio buffer size in qjack09:54
Snowieqtjack sorry09:55
rectecTechdude101: line 807. Horrible, horrible network module09:55
webnetYeah im just saying, even in logic or cubase or fl, the choppy audio comes from not enough buffer size Snowie09:55
rectecTechdude101: I have to run a script twice just to get my wifi up09:56
Snowiewebnet: thanks. i have been reading that since 10.11 there is a new way they handle memory locks. i thought i had run the fix for that, as the programs done complain of it anymore. think it could be something to do with that?09:57
Techdude101rectec: I hear ya, had similar problems09:57
Techdude101rectec: What are you using right now, KDE or GNOME?09:57
rectecTechdude101: Dmesg output... very interesting to see what the kernel's doing as it starts09:57
rectecTechdude101: Gnome shell09:58
rectecTechdude101: hold on09:59
rectecTechdude101: pulseaudio log09:59
webnetSnowie possibly09:59
Techdude101rectec: I have a feeling that there is a priority issue. Had a similar problem with KDE09:59
=== rymate1234 is now known as rymate1234|away
rectechere we go10:01
rectecgot a log10:01
rectecposting to pastebin10:01
ghostnik11hi can anyone recommend to me, a good laptop backpack to buy10:01
ranahow to custom fire animation for ubuntu 11.10? any one help10:02
AlfredHow to install Lubuntu on Macbook?10:02
MK`I have a system with both Windows 7 and Ubuntu installed. I was messing around with some Windows settings and accidentally broke my Windows installation. If I use Windows's recovery thing, will this alter my Ubuntu installation or my boot sector at all?10:03
rectecyeah that's something10:04
ranahow to custom fire animation for ubuntu 11.10? any one help10:04
rectecrana: what window manager are you using?10:05
Techdude101rectec: Have you checked the volume level/mute state after replugging headphones?10:06
rectecTechdude101: yeah let me do it again10:06
rectecTechdude101: the problem isn't with volume. It switches devices when it's plugged10:07
rectecI urge you to go over that log10:08
Techdude101rectec: Just noticed something in the pulseaudio log about mute state and volume level10:08
alb1dude does anyone now how can i install sis163 on here after many many tries and wireless patches no success10:09
Techdude101rectec: Downloading a copy of ubuntu as I'm currently using kubuntu10:10
rectecI think it's trying to use the HDMI port. It does the same thing with KDE10:10
rectecnow that's dedication10:10
rectecI really should call it a night10:11
Techdude101rectec: Yeah, I know how to change the priority in KDE, just not in GNOME10:11
rectecTechdude101: got an email address?10:11
rectec(don't post it here btw)10:12
Techdude101rectec: Was gonna ask you the same thing10:12
rectecwell yeah who wants to quit when we've gone this far10:12
mustuhi, i have installed 11.10 .. flash video is lagging10:12
=== RoozbehOnline is now known as Rosha
mustui have removed and installed many time.. from ubutu repo from adobe website..  no effect10:13
rectecmustu: off the top of my head, try the Flash-Aid FF addon10:13
Gentoo64mustu, are you coming straight from windows?10:14
musturectec: i did tried after reading from ubuntu forums :|10:14
mustuGentoo64: nope10:14
Gentoo64maybe its the gpu drivers10:15
mustui have tried the 64bit from adobe.. and the 32bit with wrappers by the FF plugin10:15
Gentoo64well the 64 bit one is the one to use now10:15
Gentoo64as its properly supported10:15
mustuI tried usign the "Additional Drivers" for my nVidia... i also tried after removing the addition drivers10:15
mustuGentoo64: at first i used the flash plugin from restricted repo ..10:16
Gentoo64for the sake of it, have you tried a different browser like chromium?10:17
mbertensHi, i have a question; is it the general idea ubuntu-group to drop de ubuntu classic gui interface ?, i don't like the unity interface, when  installed the 11.04 i could get it back to the classic interface but now when i installed 11.10 it was a big mess and it did not work correctly :-(10:17
mustuGentoo64: yes10:18
Gentoo64mustu, im not too sure :s10:18
mustuI havent tried the 64bit option by that FF plugin.. however i have manually installed the 64bit from adobe website10:18
mustui m tryign the 64bt by the FF plugin10:18
oCean!nounity | mbertens10:19
ubottumbertens: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic10:19
mbertensoCean: thanks10:20
mbertensi will install it first now in virtual box and see if i can get it to work correctly10:21
Snowie sudo apt-get install linux-rt linux-headers-rt10:21
AscavasaionI am using Evolution e-mail client.  I am downloading GMail via IMAP and it works wonderfully to open mails.  But the moment I am offline and try to open an e-mail it tells me "Unable to retrieve message / This message is not currently available".  how can I make it keep messages locally as well?10:21
Snowienot found10:21
Snowieon 11.10, is that right10:21
SnowieLinux Tank 3.0.0-13-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Wed Nov 2 13:25:36 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux10:21
oCeanmbertens: that's definitely a good way to testdrive it10:22
mbertensoCean; yeah i made the mistake to upgrade directly, so i have to downgrade everything10:23
oCeanmbertens: an actual downgrade is not possible/supported. You would have to reinstall10:23
mbertensoCean: yeah i did :-(10:24
Gentoo64mbertens, if you can, use clonezilla first10:24
oCeanmbertens: but if it is just because you don't like the Unity interface, you can give gnome-shell a try10:24
Gentoo64everyone seesm to be using thta now10:24
GrommetI changed my IP with my internet provider twice and the same mexican dsl IP keeps showing up in my firewall trying to connect on port 22474 UDP10:24
Grommetwhat is happening :/10:24
oCeanmbertens: not sure if you're a KDE fan, but you could also give kubuntu a try10:24
ServerTechLaptopEncrypted HDD shows 'unmountable drive' after entering password? I need a file on it and them I could format it but that file is necessary.10:25
Gentoo64^ I agree, if you're using vbox, just try them all out !10:25
Gentoo64see what you like the best10:25
oCeanindeed, it's weekend after all :)10:25
=== Mud is now known as Guest78358
mbertensoCean; i used gnome for two years now, i switched from Windows to ubuntu and i'm very happy with this, i don't like change to mush :-)10:26
Gentoo64Grommet, no idea, is the ip being blocked then?10:27
Grommetit says it is blocking yeah10:27
Grommetbut I wanna know what he's doing lol10:27
Gentoo64mbertens, well kde looks a bit like win7, xfce looks a little bit like gnome210:28
Gentoo64Grommet, it might just be a generic block, prob nothing to worry about10:28
Gentoo64do you have (or had) something listening on that port?10:28
Grommetbut how does he keep finding my new ip10:28
Grommetno the port isn't open10:28
Grommetthat I can tell anyway10:29
Gentoo64did you make sure you're using the new ip? youll need to reset the modem and router afaik10:29
GrommetI have yes and this IP is the third one he's found me somehow10:29
mbertensGentoo64; thanks but i hate the win 7 interface thats the reason that i switched OSes, and i will checkout the XFCE interface :-)10:30
HALQ: How do you make a oneliner that searches in the folder and then puts 20 files (ALL SAME FILETYPE) and then put them in to new directories in the same folder 100 files each new directory?10:30
Gentoo64mbertens, well xfce is the closest official DE to gnome 2 atm10:30
mbertensGentoo64; ok ill check it10:30
HALQ: How do you make a oneliner that searches in the folder and then puts 100 files (ALL SAME FILETYPE) in to new directories in the same folder 100 files each new directory?10:31
Gentoo64HAL, why spam so fast? thats like 5 seconds lol10:31
ServerTechLaptopEncrypted HDD shows 'unmountable drive' after entering password? I need a file on it and them I could format it but that file is necessary. anyone?;P third day i'm on here ._.10:31
HALGentoo64: the previous was not correct10:31
Gentoo64ok sorry10:33
stevecamis it possible to boot a VHD file from an Ubuntu install?10:33
Gentoo64does anyone here by any chance have a p7p55d motherboard?10:33
osseHow do I use apt-cache to search for packages with a string in the _name only_ =10:33
llutzosse: man apt-cache (--names-only)10:34
ossellutz, brilliant, thanks10:35
ApplesouceHello, I have a problem with my Ubuntu, my WLan doesnt work...10:35
ApplesouceIt workes before but then I reinstalled it on my Notebook and now there is no WLan anymore10:36
HALany bash:ers here?10:36
oCeanHAL: probably in #bash10:36
bazhangHAL, try #bash10:36
TzunamiiHAL: Just state your issue and see if anyone can help10:36
oCeanHAL: in your case it's probably not a one-liner, you have to use a counter (i think) to create your unique directories10:37
oCeanTzunamii: he did10:37
HALHi Guys!10:37
Tzunamiiah, my mistake10:37
HALQ: How do you make a oneliner that searches in the folder and then puts 100 files (ALL SAME FILETYPE) in to new directories in the same folder 100 files each new directory?10:37
osseYou can use {} expansion. mkdir folder{1..100}, touch file{1..100}10:39
ApplesouceCan somebody help me with my Wlan problem :/10:39
osseI sometimes do that on the desktop in Apple stores :P10:39
osseApplesouce, impossible without more info10:40
ossewhich card is it?10:40
ApplesouceEhm, how do I figure that out?10:40
dkovApplesouce, what is the issue?10:40
ApplesouceWell I reinstalled Ubuntu on my Notebook and now there is no Wlan anymore10:40
Applesouceand I cant activate it10:40
ApplesouceIs there a terminal command that tells me what Wlan-Card I have?10:41
dkovApplesouce, "sudo iwconfig"10:41
Techdude101Applesouce: lspci10:41
Applesouceok wait10:42
dkovApplesouce, try "sudo iwconfig" do you see anything there?10:42
Applesouceit shows me wlan010:43
dkovApplesouce, anything but "/msg NickServ identify"10:43
dkovApplesouce, there you go10:43
dkovApplesouce, sudo ifconfig wlan0 up10:43
dkovApplesouce, and you are ready :)10:43
ApplesouceIEEE 802.11bgn10:44
ApplesouceOperation not possible due to RF-Kill10:44
dkovApplesouce, did you switch your wifi on?10:45
ApplesouceI can't10:45
dkovApplesouce, you should have a physical switch10:45
dkovApplesouce, like a button or a combination of keys like "FN + F7"10:46
ApplesouceYes I have this button10:46
ogra_Applesouce, try the following command and see if its soft or hard blocked: rfkill list all10:46
dkovApplesouce, or just push the button :)10:46
ogra_if its hard, then the pyhsical switch is toggled to off10:46
ogra_if its soft, "rfkill unblock all" will enable it10:47
Applesoucethere are two Wireless Lan10:47
dkovApplesouce, you mush have a sort of a let that show if wifi is on/off10:47
Applesouceand on both are Soft and Hardlock "yes"10:47
ogra_si find your switch on your HW10:47
ogra_and toggle the wlan to on10:47
ogra_"hard blocked" means the physical switch turned it off10:48
bullgard4!wireless | Applesouce10:48
ubottuApplesouce: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:48
vampirefrom indonesia10:48
Applesoucewell I have this button but it only works with Windows10:48
dkov'Applesouce has quit' :))) damn he was actually using the wifi :)))10:48
Applesouceno I'm using my PC at the moment^10:49
Applesouceon phy0 says it's Hardblocked10:49
ogra_you want wlan010:49
Applesoucethere is no wlan010:49
ogra_(or wifi_rfkill or some other name that indicates a wlan device)10:50
ServerTechLaptopEncrypted HDD shows 'unmountable drive' after entering password? I need a file on it and them I could format it but that file is necessary. anyone?;P10:50
Applesoucethere is10:50
ogra_phy0 is likely a wired network card10:50
Applesoucehp-wifi, hp-bluetooth, py0 and hci010:51
ogra_hp-wifi then10:51
Applesouceand next to hp-wifi and phy0 is: Wireless Lan10:51
ogra_try the "rfkill unblock all" command10:51
dkovApplesouce, but you want to use wifi or bluetooth?10:51
ogra_and see what changes10:51
Applesoucewell I want to be able to use both but Wlan is more important10:52
Applesoucenothing has changed10:52
Applesoucehp-wifi is soft and hardblocked10:52
ogra_right, then you can only change it with the physical switch10:53
ogra_you said that works in windows, can you boot into wndows ?10:53
dkovApplesouce, press the combination of keys you use on Windows to physically switch on/off you wifi!!!10:53
ApplesouceI already did that10:53
Applesouceand now I'm trying to get into windows10:53
ogra_toggle it to on in windows and see if that persists when you reboot into linux10:54
dkovApplesouce, do you have any type of indicator on the laptop when wifi is on?10:54
Applesouceyes the light is orange or white10:54
Applesouceit was orange all the time10:55
Applesoucenow I switched to Windows and it's white10:55
dkovApplesouce, do ass ogra_  said boot in windows switch it on then reboot in ubuntu10:55
Applesouceok I my connection works with Windows10:56
dkovApplesouce, if you reboot now in ubuntu is it still working?10:56
foul_owlhow do i connect to a wireless access point without using nm-applet?10:56
dkovfoul_owl, iwconfig "device [wlan0]" enc:AABBCCEE10:57
kanouthello everybody! I try to install ubuntu 11.10 on a win7 system. The installer doesn't recognize the win 7 OS. What can I do to rescue win 7 from the installation?10:57
dkovfoul_owl, iwconfig "device [wlan0]" enc:AABBCCEE essid:"name"10:57
foul_owli have wpa210:58
foul_owlwhy can't i use the network manager to connect? there is no connect button anywhere on it10:58
foul_owli run nm-applet, but it doesn't show up anywhere, and it can't add it to the panel10:59
foul_owlhow do i force a xorg app to appear on my screen10:59
niohello all11:00
Applesouceeverything works fine now11:01
dkovfoul_owl, what you see in your "cat /home/me/.xsession-errors"11:01
Applesoucethanks :D11:01
dkovApplesouce, your welcome11:01
dkovfoul_owl, what you see in your "cat /home/me/.xsession-errors | grep nm-applet"11:01
foul_owloh man, lots of stuff11:02
foul_owlhmm i don't have internet on my other computer, let me look for anything relevant one sec11:02
dkovfoul_owl, do you see nm-applet errors?11:03
foul_owlok, i get some warnings like: GConf-WARNING Director `apps/panels/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen1/screen was not being monitored by GConfClien 0x81b9d5011:03
nioi don't whether this is the right place to ask this question but i want to peep inside the ubuntu kernel but could not find how x server starts11:03
dkovfoul_owl, btw change /me/ with /"your account"/11:03
foul_owlyes did that thanks!11:03
dalek_how do I install microsoft ADO with wine?11:04
foul_owli get just an nm-applet warning: invalid connection /system/netowkring/connections/21: etc11:04
dalek_how do I install microsoft ADO with winetricks?11:04
foul_owllike, i can run nm-applet. i can kill it and run it, but it never shows up11:04
dkovfoul_owl, hmm try to reinstall it11:05
foul_owlwhats the command on that11:05
Abidhi...how can i configure PPPOE..?11:07
dkovfoul_owl, "sudo apt-get remove network-manager-gnome"11:07
dkovfoul_owl, "sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome"11:07
foul_owlthanks!! i will try that one sec11:07
dkovfoul_owl, do you have your CD?11:08
dkovfoul_owl, as if you don't have network you will need the source from it11:08
foul_owlhmm i do not have the cd11:09
Lolostart to dl the .deb then11:09
Lolobefore removing netork manager11:09
foul_owli dont have internet on that computer because the nm-applet doesnt work11:09
dalek_I am trying to install iPass client connect in wine.... It says "Database support not found. Your system must meet the following minimum system requirements: 1) Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher 2) Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 3) 16-bit color mode (65536 colors) 4) Microsoft ADO version 2.0 or higher must be Installed" How do I fix this?11:09
bullgard4»~$ ps faux | grep gvfsd-cdda; /usr/lib/gvfs-cdda --spawner :1.1 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/3«. What does "spawner" here mean?11:11
kanouthello everybody! I try to install ubuntu 11.10 on a win7 system. The installer doesn't recognize the win 7 OS. What can I do to rescue win 7 from the installation?11:12
foul_owli can probably download the deb and put it onto a flash drive. where can i download the deb for lucid network-manager-gnome11:12
bullgard4kanout: What installer do you speak about?11:14
kanoutthe ubuntu installer from the live cd11:14
bullgard4kanout: Do you know that there are several Ubuntu installers and several Ubuntu Live CDs?11:15
kanouti have the ubuntu 11.10 iso11:15
kanoutdownloaded from the official site.11:15
foul_owlwhere can i download the deb for lucid network-manager-gnome11:16
hc96Hi! what's wrong with my gitk? http://img7.imagebanana.com/img/pdxosakl/gitk.emacs.d_001.png Maybe it's due to tk, but I'm not sure. How can I correct it? (Look at the fonts in the image)11:16
bullgard4kanout: Still, there are several Ubuntu 11.10 Iso images.11:18
kanoutbullgard4: the installation shows me that message: The computer currently has no operating systems. What would you like to do a) erase disk and Install ubuntu b) Something else.11:19
sam22hail !! people !11:19
bullgard4kanout: Please do not select option a.)11:19
foul_owlwhere can i download the deb for lucid network-manager-gnome11:20
sam22foul_owl minimum installation ?11:20
foul_owli just need that package11:20
kanoutbut shouldn't be recognizing the win 7 os?11:20
foul_owlthat deb, by itself11:20
bullgard4foul_owl: From the official Ubuntu repositories.11:20
foul_owli don't have internet access on that computer, i have to download the deb manually on one comptuer and transfer it with a flash drive11:21
ogra_foul_owl, why ?11:21
oCeanfoul_owl: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/network-manager-gnome11:21
bullgard4kanout: It should. I have heard complaints now and then that some Ubuntu installers do not recognize an existing Windows installation.11:21
ogra_foul_owl, did you do a desktop install on that machine ? then network manager is already installed, reinstalling the same package wont change a thing11:22
foul_owlthank you oCean11:22
ogra_better find out why it doesnt start11:22
foul_owlsomeone suggested i reinstall it11:22
foul_owlnow it is uninstalled11:22
sam22what's wrong with it ?11:22
foul_owlmy problem is this: nm-applet starts but does not show up11:22
ogra_ah, if you manually uninstalled then indeed it wont work :)11:22
sam22foul_owl you are running server installation ?11:22
dalek_I am trying to install iPass client connect in wine.... It says "Database support not found. Your system must meet the following minimum system requirements: 1) Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher 2) Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 3) 16-bit color mode (65536 colors) 4) Microsoft ADO version 2.0 or higher must be Installed" How do I fix this?11:22
foul_owlbefore that though11:22
foul_owlbefore i uninstalled it, i would run nm-applet, and it would be running, but the applet would not appear anywhere11:23
oCeandalek_: support for programs in wine is in #winehq channel11:23
foul_owlhow do i force an xorg program to appear on the screen11:23
ogra_you never run nm.-applet manually ... the session starts it automatically ... better check your logs11:23
foul_owlbut you still can run it manually11:23
dr_willisdalek_:  you may want to check the wine app database.  if it needs IE%+ theres  the various features of winetricks that may be needed.11:23
=== zkriesse is now known as zkriesse_away
foul_owleven when it starts automatically it doen't show up11:24
ogra_manually starting it wont gain you anything ... try to find out whats blocking it11:24
foul_owlits running when i log into gnome11:24
oCean!away > zkriesse_away11:24
ubottuzkriesse_away, please see my private message11:24
ogra_you probably tweaked your panel then11:24
dr_willisfoul_owl:  so what desktop are you using?11:24
foul_owlbut it doesn't show up anywhere, and i can't add it to the panel, it doesn't show up in the list of applets to add to the panel11:24
ogra_and removed the system tray11:24
ogra_so you wont see it11:24
sam22foul_owl remove it and install it again ?11:25
ogra_add a new system tray (right click on the panel) and see if it shows up then11:25
ogra_sam22, what would that solve ?11:25
foul_owladd to panel?11:25
raptor67682which fonts are the lower of windows 98 ?11:25
=== Mud is now known as Guest65028
ogra_foul_owl, right11:25
Xberthow can I display what mount options a device was mounted with?11:25
dalek_dr_willis, I can't find anything mentioning IE in winetricks anywhere. Where do I look?11:26
ogra_foul_owl, rand find the systray applet11:26
llutzXbert: "mount"11:26
foul_owlin the find box i typed sys but there is nothing11:26
foul_owli typed tray but there is nothing11:26
ogra_might be called system tray or some such11:26
foul_owli don't see any sort of tray11:26
* ogra_ forgot how the applet is actually called ... its ages ago i used gnome11:27
foul_owloh, notification area11:27
foul_owli found it11:27
ogra_ah. yeah11:27
foul_owlno, i already have one, it's already showing icons11:27
llutzXbert: or cat /proc/mounts11:27
dr_willis!appdb | dalek_11:27
ubottudalek_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:27
ogra_then look for nm.applet messages in ~/.xsession-errors11:27
foul_owlalready did, there are none11:28
foul_owlwhat i want to know is: why can't i connect to the internet using the network manager?11:28
foul_owlor can i?11:28
ogra_because you cant click the applet :)11:28
foul_owler...why does it depend on the applet11:28
ogra_ask the network manager devs :)11:28
foul_owlwhy isn't there a connect button in the network manager, or is there?11:29
ogra_there isnt11:29
foul_owlhaha maybe i will suggest it11:29
ogra_you just click on the wlan it lists and it will connect11:29
ogra_there is no specific button for that11:29
raptor67682 which fonts are the lower of windows 98 ?11:30
foul_owlok, so how do i force an xorg app to appear on the screen11:30
foul_owlcan i send it a signal?11:30
foul_owlif nm-applet is running, but it wont appear in the tray11:30
foul_owlthere has to be some way to maximize it or restore it or whatever11:31
raptor67682of hte lower taskbar of windows 98?11:31
raptor67682which fonts are of hte lower taskbar of windows 98?11:31
oCeanraptor67682: how is that an #ubuntu issue?11:31
ogra_there isnt, it should automatically register in the notification area once it got started by the session manager11:31
raptor67682yes and not. it is a desktop issue11:31
oCeanraptor67682: this channel is for ubuntu only11:31
foul_owli can tell you what led to this, maybe taht will shed some clues11:32
foul_owli did a sudo apt-get update, upgrade11:32
foul_owlthen rebooted11:32
foul_owlthen this problem started11:32
oCean!enter | foul_owl11:32
ubottufoul_owl: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:32
sam22foul_owl anything showed up on the desktop telling you to delete a broken applet ?11:32
sam22wen you rebooted11:32
dalek_dr_willis, #winehq channel is nearly always dead. I can find no useful info at winehq. The only thing I have been able to find is http://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?p=58447&sid=bdf7395d07a340a90419121a5e4035b0 I have come to this IRC channel as my last avenue of support.11:33
Snowieok, so i have found a post that i think will solve my pulseaudio/jack sync issues. nut the images on it are dead. any help appreciated11:33
foul_owlit complained about the power manager applet, but then i rebooted again and it stopped complaining about it11:33
oCeandalek_: this channel does not provide support for apps ON wine, sorry11:33
ogra_do you user any third party repositories ?11:33
ogra_(PPAs or so)11:33
foul_owli use the firefox one11:33
ogra_from wheer you could have gotten a different nm-applet11:33
oCean!who | ogra_11:33
ubottuogra_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:33
foul_owlno, just the firefox one11:34
ogra_oCean, well, foul_owl obviously got that i talked to him :) but i'll obey :)11:34
dalek_oCean it would be nice if the #winehq channel did once in a while though ;)11:34
foul_owlis there any other network manager i could install besides the gnome one? i hate the gnome one haha11:35
ogra_foul_owl, there is wicd11:35
ogra_in universe...11:35
foul_owlthat doesn't depend on nm-applet?11:35
oCeandalek_: yes, but that is out of our responsibility11:35
ManDayHello. Would it be difficult to make a live-image of ubuntu, based upon the regular ISO and permanently install a program on it and also make it persistent in that you can store files to a filesystem?11:35
* ogra_ heard that some people like it, i never tried it myself11:35
ManDayis there perhaps a tutorial about that?11:36
ogra_foul_owl, iirc you need to uninstall NM for it to work11:36
oCean!remaster | ManDay11:36
ubottuManDay: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility11:36
foul_owlthanks! i will give that a try. network manager is already uninstalled haha11:36
ManDaythanks oCean11:36
foul_owli will need to locate the deb and then copy it over with a flash drive though :(11:36
ogra_foul_owl, erm, didnt you say you see nm-applet running all the time ?11:36
foul_owli did before i uninstalled it. i had a system tray the whole time too11:37
warlock_handlerhi i need to rip off the audio of a video file.. and only keep the video.. any idea how can i do this?? been googling for a while now11:37
ogra_foul_owl, nm-applet will indeed not show anything if network-manager itself isnt installed, it needs to connect to it in the backend11:37
ogra_the applet is just the UI part11:37
foul_owli mean, both were installed and running11:37
foul_owleverything worked fine until i rebooted haha11:38
foul_owlthen nm-applet stopped showing up. after that i uninstalled the package network-manager-gnome11:38
ManDayoCean: What about the part where I want the LiveCD to offer persistence?11:38
sam22guys i did a server installation and now the little keyboard applet doesnt show 3 letters for the selected language11:38
sam22is that normal?11:38
sam22i know it shows on a desktop installation of ubuntu11:38
foul_owldo you know where to find the lucid deb for wicd?11:39
dr_willisfoul_owl:  somwehere under  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/11:41
foul_owlthank you11:42
foul_owli will try this and see what happens11:42
dr_willisyou could try running some dock that has a indicator applet area. It may show up in it.. i dont know what all you hae done.11:42
foul_owlis the dock built into gnome? i don't have internet so its hard to install anything11:42
dr_willisdependng on how you are networked.. you can connect via the various cli tools.11:43
foul_owlalready tried it, got a NO_KEY error or something11:44
foul_owlspent about an hour following various tutorials. unless you have a tutorial that works11:44
=== LinoSP_ is now known as LinoSP
dr_willisI havent used wireless much in ages.11:44
dr_willisaskubuntu.com would be where i would look.11:44
XeonBloomfieldHow to run script after "apt-get install" or "apt-get upgrade" automatically?11:45
dr_willisXeonBloomfield:  what sort of script?11:45
XeonBloomfielddr_willis: print in console "Running prelink, please wait..." and "/etc/cron.daily/prelink"11:45
foul_owli really appreciate the help everyone. i'm going to try reinstalling the gnome network manager, then try wicd, then try again at connecting via command line. cheers!11:45
dr_willisif prelink is running daily anyway.. why does it matter?11:46
dr_willismake an alias i guess or a little script that does your apt-get upgrade, then runs the prelink stuff.11:46
XeonBloomfielddr_willis: because I want to prelink installed soft immediately, not after e.g. 10h11:47
dr_willismake an alias, or script i guess..11:48
dragomirgood morning everyone. I have ubuntu 10.04 and I copied some files using the gui from an external hard drive to home/desktop using sudo nautilus. the folder shows up in sudo nautilus but not on my regular desktop. very strange. can someone please help me?11:48
dr_willisdragomir:  if you used sudo, then the files are most likely owned by root. check your Desktop file via cli. and see if they are there.11:48
dragomiryes, they are there dr_willis11:49
dr_willisdragomir:  if you want your user to access them. You need to chown them to be owned by your user.11:49
dragomirall I wanted to accomplish was to copy these files to my desktop from this external hard drive, wipe and reformat the drive to hsf using gparted, then put the files back on the external hard drive.11:49
dr_willisdragomir:  what filesystem is on the external disK?11:49
ActionParsnipoh jeez11:50
dragomirmac - lion wasnt seeing the disk11:50
dr_willisif you mounted it with the right options, you wouldent need to use 'sudo nautlils' to access them.11:50
ActionParsnipdragomir: do yu have files larger than 4Gb?11:50
dr_willisNo idea on mac's :)11:50
dragomiryes, the folder is 60GB total11:50
dr_willisdragomir:  any single file bigger then 4gb?11:51
ActionParsnipdragomir: the folder is moot, do you have any FILES larger than 4Gb was the question...11:51
dragomirdr_willis, i dont think so.11:51
dr_willisif the disk is fat32 ;) i dont think he could.11:51
dragomirActionParsnip, checking now11:51
dragomirdr_willis, your right11:51
dragomirI dont think so11:51
ActionParsnipdragomir: FAT32 has a maximum file size of 4Gb11:51
dr_willisso ive missed the whole problem now.. :) the files are there...11:51
dragomirActionParsnip, yes you are right11:51
dr_willisowned by root...11:51
GirlyGirlYou can always back a block file with dd and mount it then copy and paste files11:52
ActionParsnipdragomir: you will need to set the access when you mount the partition to give access to all, or you can make it dead easy and run:  gksudo nautilus       and copy the files over11:52
dragomirdr_willis, so how would you suggest I copy them over to my computer? when I copied and pasted after mounting, it said i didnt have permission11:52
dragomirsorry everyone, i am still very new to ubuntu11:52
bullgard4»~$ ps faux | grep gvfsd-cdda; /usr/lib/gvfs-cdda --spawner :1.1 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/3«. What does "spawner" here mean?11:53
dr_willisdragomir:  they are owned by root.. so you ned to use root to either chown them to be owned by your user. or mount the filesystem where users can access it so you dont need to do 'sudo nautiuls' any more11:53
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions11:53
dragomirthank you everyone for all of your help11:54
ActionParsnipdragomir: gksudo nautilus    will run the file manager as root, and give you the access you need, you will need to repeat when you are restoring the data then chown the files to your user11:54
ActionParsnipbullgard4: man gvfs-cdda     should tell you11:54
dr_willis'gksudo nautilus' is the sort of thing, you really shouldent be doing.. unless you understand the implications. :)11:54
dragomirthank you ActionParsnip what I had originally did was sudo nautilus 2 different file browsers, then copied the files from drive to desktop11:55
dr_willisive seen people in here break things via running  Nautilus as root..11:55
ActionParsnipdragomir: use gksudo with gui appslike nautilus, not sudo11:55
ActionParsnip*apps like11:55
dr_willisdragomir:  a single nautilus window - hit F3 == it will split into '2' windows I think. :)11:55
dragomirin CLI all I type is gksudo nautilus?11:55
ActionParsnipdragomir: or alt+f2 dialogue, either is fine11:56
dragomirActionParsnip, thanks again11:56
bullgard4ActionParsnip: '~$ man gvfs-cdda' tells me: "No manual entry for gvfs-cdda exists."11:56
dragomirdr_willis, i appreciate all your help11:56
ActionParsnipdragomir: the files will be owned by root, so when you copy back you will need to chown the files to your user11:56
EMKODoes Photoshop run on Linux?11:57
ActionParsnipbullgard4: what does the command do11:57
Gentoo64EMKO: no11:57
ActionParsnip!appdb | EMKO11:57
ubottuEMKO: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:57
dragomirActionParsnip, I am learning about chown now using link from dr_willis11:57
Gentoo64EMKO: ive seen it working in wine11:57
Gentoo64so your not out of luck11:57
dr_willisEMKO:  given its a complex windows app.... :) its not supriseing11:57
ActionParsnipEMKO: v12 gets  a gold rating11:57
EMKOOh thanks11:58
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents11:58
ActionParsnipEMKO: I suggest Gimp instead11:58
ActionParsnipEMKO: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1711:58
bullgard4ActionParsnip: I do not know. I presume it is a daemon that is started when inserting a CD.11:58
ravenltsp - possible to boot the installed system on machine a on thin client b?11:59
EMKOI will give wine a try thanks11:59
ActionParsnipbullgard4: all the first part does is grep the running processes, so the next part must be a command, although it has no man page, very strange11:59
bullgard4ActionParsnip: The GNOME Project often is lagging in documentation.12:00
ActionParsnipbullgard4: lacking ;)12:01
ActionParsnipbullgard4: could switch to kde I guess12:01
dragomiris there a gui way to change file permissions?12:02
ubuntu-for-mehi,i'm using lispbox on ubuntu,but i just don't know how to install it. i open the file"emacs",only to find there'is not "install" file?12:02
Gentoo64dragomir: right click i think in the file manager (as root) but chown is better12:02
bullgard4dragomir: Yes. Use Nautilus.12:02
dragomirthank you12:03
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions12:03
sam22guys.. the keyboard applet is not showing 3 letters when i select a language12:03
sam22just a keybaord icon only12:03
sam22how to fix it ?12:03
dragomirdr_willis, i got the file permissions link open the first time. I have it open right now, and I didn't see any mention of GUI access.12:04
dr_willisdragomir:  i alwyas use the command line to adjust permissions and ownership.12:05
dragomirdr_willis, yea it seems more thorough, but I am afraid of doing something wrong.12:05
dr_willisthe ntfs-config tool can set some settings where external vfat/ntfs disks (or internal) get mounted where users have full access.. your sudo nautilus would not have been needed12:06
dragomirin sudo nautilus, if i browser to the folder containing the files, right click and go to permissions, it says the owner to be root. What would I change it to so that no one is the owner and everyone has read/write permissions?12:06
dr_willisto the name of your user.12:07
dragomirdr_willis, but once I reformat the external drive to hsf, I plan on copying the files back over to the drive to be used on another computer (mac) with a different username12:08
dragomirwill it matter? will the file permissions be open for everyone if it is set to my user as the owner?12:08
ubuntu_If do '# mdadm --create /dev/md1 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb1 missing'  I get this error: mdadm: device /dev/sdb1 not suitable for any style of array. Any idea?12:08
ubuntu-for-medr_willis, hi,i'm using lispbox on ubuntu,but i just don't know how to install it. i open the file"emacs",only to find there'is not "install" file?12:09
hc96Hi! See the fonts in the screenshot http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/kkheb8lf/gitk.emacs.d_001.png . I don't know wether it's due to tk or gitk, how could I check that?12:09
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xukunIf do '# mdadm --create /dev/md1 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb1 missing'  I get this error: mdadm: device /dev/sdb1 not suitable for any style of array. Any idea?12:10
ActionParsnipubuntu-for-me: http://collectivegoods.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/lispbox-ubuntu/12:11
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ubuntu-for-methank you12:11
ActionParsnipubuntu-for-me: I don't use the software, I just searched and found that.....12:12
ubuntu-for-mei find it usful :)12:12
dr_willisubuntu-for-me:  never heard of lispbox. havent used emacs in like 10+ yrs...12:12
dr_willis!info lispbox12:13
ubottuPackage lispbox does not exist in oneiric12:13
melvincvHI all, will enabling the root account in Ubuntu 11.04 cause any application to malfunction?12:14
dragomirgksudo nautilus i tried changing the permissions to my username but in file access it wont let me set any preference. in folder access it is set to create and delete. when i tried to move the folder desktop on root, to my user desktop i got a permissions error12:15
melvincvOr will it affect the system adversely in any way?12:15
somsip!root no but, | melvincv12:15
ubottusomsip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:15
frogonwheelsmelvincv: the root account is only disabled for logging in.  Having a password on root is Not The Ubuntu Way.12:16
frogonwheels!root | melvincv12:16
ubottumelvincv: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:16
ubuntu-for-medr_willis, i'm looking the book   practical common lisp by Peter,and i download an slime and use it ,"C-c C-c" and other keg-g ,it always say"unconnect",so i use lisp in a box that he recommend in chapter112:17
ActionParsnipmelvincv: it won't cause malfunction but its not wise in a security way, nor is it needed at all12:18
ubuntu-for-medr_willis, i thought when i used using it,i 'll take slime12:18
melvincvThanks bot ;) Is it safe to  # sudo su?12:18
ActionParsnipmelvincv: sudo -i     is advised, but: sudo su     will work12:19
melvincv# sudo -i   does the same function, right?12:20
melvincv$ sudo -i         oops...12:21
dr_willismelvincv:  its a bit pointles to do sudo su. :)  use sudo witht eh proper options as needed.12:22
asiekierka_ubuntu 10.10, how to retrieve a stored wifi password?12:24
asiekierka_as in the wifi password is stored and saved, how to get it out12:24
melvincvI didn't understand from the man page what exactly $ sudo -i does... someone plz explain?12:24
dr_willisgives you a root shell,12:25
ikoniamelvincv: it gives you a shell as a privileges user12:25
warfarenyou can go to wireless settings and check show password12:25
warfarencan't check exactly how now cuz i'm not on ubuntu atm12:25
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dragomirdr_willis, did you give up on me?12:26
melvincvThanks guys :) Have a nice day!12:26
ActionParsnipmelvincv: (i)neteractive sudo12:26
ActionParsnipasiekierka: maybe in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.network-manager-settings.system.policy12:27
asiekierkawarfaren thanks12:28
dr_willisdragomir:  i dont even recall the issue..12:29
melvincv1 more thing: I wonder where the 'Authentication' GUI for polkit went?12:29
warfarennp, hope you found it12:29
dragomirdr_willis, its OK, thanks anyways.12:29
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raptor67682hello would you know how to change the changing /var/spool/mail/$USER to the one of mutt12:37
dr_willis'change the changeing' ?12:37
raptor67682sorry how to change /var/spool/mail/$USER to the one of mutt12:37
raptor67682mutt has I guess all stuffs into ~/Mail12:38
dr_willis$USER would be a variable. thats the currently running user.12:38
dr_willis:~$ echo $USER12:38
raptor67682 the default one is /var/spool/mail/. and in cli some use this12:38
raptor67682thus ,  how to change /var/spool/mail/$USER to the one of mutt12:39
=== michael is now known as Guest17647
dr_willismutt seems to use several system variables.12:40
sam22is there a way to disable ubuntu power management ?12:44
sam22what happens if i stop it from starting up ?12:44
Kyle6513is it possible from terminal to transfer a currently running application to a screen so I can log out of my SSH without closing the application half-way through?12:44
dr_willisKyle6513:  you mean move from a non screen terminal, to a screen session?12:45
sam22ok ignore my question.. problem solved12:45
Kyle6513indeed, I'm SSH'd into my server and a python script is taking longer to execute than I expected.12:45
dr_willisor you mean 'screen' as in a windows X display?12:45
dr_willisKyle6513:  not sure of any way to move a allerady started app over to screen.12:45
Kyle6513dr_willis, screen session I believe.12:46
Kyle6513dr_willis, alright, thanks anyway (:12:46
=== cgtdk` is now known as cgtdk
dr_willisit  might be possible to use nohup, and job controll to move to the background.. but ive not seen a way to detatch/reattach that way12:46
dr_willisI alwyas set byobu  to start by default12:46
Kyle6513heh, yeah. I thought this would take about 10 minutes so I didn't think I would need to worry.12:47
Kyle6513dr_willis, for reference's sake, I found something. http://serverfault.com/questions/55880/moving-an-already-running-process-to-screen12:48
dr_willisscreen/byobu is to handy to not start by default. :)12:49
Kyle6513dr_willis, I know, I know :P12:49
dr_willisHmm.. interesting artical on the 'dumbing down of guis' :) http://www.theverge.com/2011/12/9/2616204/the-condescending-ui12:52
ServerTechLaptopEncrypted HDD says 'unmountable drive' on entering password?12:54
HQRajaIs there a way to get the Ubuntu Studio style login screen on Ubuntu?12:56
HQRajaI'm in love with that login screen but I don't really need the rest of Ubuntu Studio12:56
dr_willisHQRaja:  most likely a theme for whatever login manager they use.12:57
HQRajaBTW the title of that Login Screen (in the screenshot) says 'GDM Login'12:57
HQRajaIs that the name of the Login Manager?12:57
dr_willissoits a gdm theme.12:57
dr_willisGDM is a login manager yes.12:57
HQRajaI see...and does Ubuntu ship with the same login manager using a different theme, or an altogether different login manager?12:57
amin` i just finished installing lubuntu and let me say it is Nice12:57
dr_willis11.10 uses lightdm.. older relkeases use gdm12:57
amin`and I want to ask what package it uses for notifications " like when networkmanager connect to a wireless connection and or when GNOME Mplayer opens a file"12:58
HQRajadr_willis: Oh OK, so I'll first have to replace my lightdm with GDM...is that process easy? (I come from a Windows background...very recently switched to Ubuntu)12:58
HQRajaBTW this is the screen: http://ubuntustudio.org/files/US3.png12:59
HQRajaIsn't it gorgeous?12:59
dr_willisit may be better time spent learning ubuntu basics and how things work. then worrying about a login screen you see for 5 seconds. :)12:59
ServerTechLaptopanyone has something for me? D: im asking the same thing for 4 days now12:59
dr_willislooks overly cluttered to me HQRaja13:00
jrib!helpme | ServerTechLaptop13:00
ubottuServerTechLaptop: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude13:00
HQRajaHeh true that...so far the transition has been smooth :) I have it setup and working exactly the way I want, and have found all the apps I needed13:00
dr_willisYou can esially change the wallpaper for the lightdm login screen ifyou wanted.13:00
HQRajadr_willis: Well seems pretty slick to me13:00
HQRajadr_willis: Well, it's that horizontal, across-the-screen style login bar that I want...don't care too much about that wallpaper in fact13:01
dr_willisi dont see much point in fancy login screens.. Now if actually had some usefull features like a weather applet/news ticker.. :)13:01
jribdr_willis: or tonight's lotto numbers13:01
dr_willislooks to me like its just how the wallpaper is made that makes that 'bar' seem like a bar.13:01
dr_willis!info gdm13:01
ubottugdm (source: gdm): GNOME Display Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.4-0ubuntu11 (oneiric), package size 1690 kB, installed size 7392 kB13:01
HQRajaOh OK...I thought it's the whole bar laid out over the wallpaper13:02
dr_willisinstall gdm. select gdm as your default login manager.. find whatever ubuntu-studio theme packages are in the repos.13:02
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:02
HQRajaBTW is it possible that there'd be a theme similar to this one out there for lightdm? I mean, is there some active theming going on for lightdm?13:02
dr_willisGDM2 was decently themeable. gdm3 - not as much.. now ubuntu is defaulting to lightdm.13:02
dr_willisno idea how themeable lightdm is at this time.13:03
dr_willisI just chagne its wallpaper.13:03
HQRajaI see13:03
HQRajaThanks for the info...I'll try looking up info on theming lightdm now :)13:03
dr_willistheres other login managers that have more features.13:03
dr_willis!info slim13:03
ubottuslim (source: slim): desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1-8ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 755 kB, installed size 1424 kB13:03
Kyle6513I think the problem with that would be dr_willis is that the specific theme package that HQRaja wants, wouldn't be supported by those managers.13:04
dr_willisif hw just wants the layout. not the acutal wallpaper/images..  he could find somthing similer i imagine.13:04
HQRajaYeah I just want that (or a similar) layout...not necessarily the exact same theme (in fact I wouldn't want it saying ubuntu studio)13:05
HQRajaJust that sort of a slick, across-the-screen horizontal interface, with a wallpaper of my choice13:05
dr_willisi had the login screen tweaked year ago with animated wallpaper. and htop in a transparent terminal.. and other useless stuff. :)13:05
Satyr_Heyguys I am tryingto make java always run with padsp. So I used "mv /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java.bin"13:06
dr_willisyears ago.13:06
Satyr_Then I said /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/ sh13:06
pfifouseless stuff is awesome13:06
HQRajadr_willis: Wouldn't a terminal on the login screen defeat the purpose of having to login to get access to the system?13:06
Kyle6513I would assume the terminal would have a login prompt.13:06
dr_willisHQRaja:  for my single user system.. its not an issue.. unless the dog wanted to get on...13:06
HQRajaOh OK13:06
Kyle6513or not. :P13:06
Satyr_And I am trying to tell it to now do padsp /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java.bin "$@" but it is not working13:06
dr_willisthe term just ran 'htop'13:06
Satyr_Any recommendations?13:07
Luc_need help with cp13:08
dr_willisi dont do much java. so no idea. Satyr_13:08
dr_willisLuc_:  and the problem is?13:08
Satyr_:( Sad day.13:08
Satyr_I am just going to undo it lol13:09
Luc_I want to copy all files and subdirs into another directory, which does not exist, so create, and rename all the files into filename.bac. Can that be done ?13:09
dr_willisnot with just one command i imagine Luc_13:10
dr_willisyou could most likely make a simple script.13:11
dr_willisif you are copying them ALL to a backup directory.. wny not just make the directory name  whatever_Backups13:11
pfifouse mkdir to make the directory before hand13:11
dr_willisi dont se emuch point in renameing every file13:11
Luc_Tried, but then get the message, can not copy backup into its own directory13:12
dr_willistried what exactly?13:13
gunfire007how to enable modules ?13:14
dr_willisgunfire007:  what modules?13:14
Luc_cp -R * /home/luc/backup13:14
dr_willisLuc_:  i beliuve cp has a -P or -p optiuon to make directorys13:15
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Luc_gone try13:15
pppurplehow do you change ubuntu themes?13:15
dr_willisor was that mkdir.13:15
dr_willispppurple:  depends on what windowmanager/desktop you are using13:15
rhinos< on ubuntu server here, learning, how do i check if i got apache2 working?13:15
pfifodr_willis, cp dosent have a -p or -P that does that13:16
dr_willismkdir -p /make/all/the/sub/dirs/to/make/this13:16
dr_willisits mkdir :)13:16
jribrhinos: how did you try?13:16
gunfire007dr_willis: it'for powersaving for optimus technology...13:16
rhinosapt-get install apache213:16
rhinostimes out13:16
pfifoLuc_, why dont you just make a tarball instead of copying all the files?13:16
wkHi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my keyboard backlights on my Asus G74SX?13:16
jribrhinos: pastebin full output13:16
gunfire007dr_willis: do ubuntu provide support for optimus technology graphic cards ?13:16
llutzdr_willis: cp --parents13:16
dr_willisgunfire007:  its a work in progress due to lack of support from the makers i gather.13:17
sam22anyone knows how to remove notify-osd " notify on screen display " ?13:17
rhinos??im pretty new13:17
Luc_what's a tarball? not working that long with ubuntu13:17
jrib!pastebin | rhinos13:17
ubotturhinos: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:17
dr_willis!tar | Luc_13:17
ubottuLuc_: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression13:17
dr_willis!backup | Luc_13:17
ubottuLuc_: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:17
Luc_thx folks !!13:18
pfifoLuc_, a tarball is an archive like a .zip file13:18
ServerTechLaptopEncrypted HDD shows 'unmountable drive' after entering password?13:18
Luc_ah, ok. But files may not be archived13:18
Luc_just extensions must be renamed13:19
rhinosjrib yea just installed the server, using another computer to use net13:19
gunfire007so for that which flavor i should use xubuntu or lubuntu ?13:19
jribrhinos: pastebin full output13:19
rhinoscant really paste whats going on :(13:19
gunfire007dr_willis: so for that which flavor i should use xubuntu or lubuntu ?13:20
jribrhinos: does the server not have internet access?13:20
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dr_willisgunfire007:  support for the video cards would be independant of what desktop you are using.13:20
dr_willisif you are needing a minimal old-skool type desktop Lubuntu works well.13:21
rhinosi checked the cable. its all good13:21
OerHeksrhinos > sudo service apache2 status13:21
gunfire007dr_willis: i am looking for a desktop which is power saver on my notebook.13:21
gunfire007so for that which one should i use ?13:21
cgtdkgunfire007: Lubuntu13:21
gunfire007whcih flavor lxde or xfce ?13:21
rhinosApache2 is running (pid 825)13:21
gunfire007cgtdk: ok..13:21
jribrhinos: you need to show us what output you were talking about before when you said the install timed out...13:22
rhinosis there a channel we can go to?13:23
jribrhinos: better to stay here so everyone can help13:23
rhinosjust want to get to the stage where i can see my page through apache,13:23
rhinostried setting a static ip and looking at it/pinging it but it times out13:24
rhinosboth comps connected to same router13:24
jribrhinos: ok.  But you mentioned an error/timeout of some sort.  I have no idea what you are referring to.  So I've asked you to pastebin the entire output from apt-get install.  I'll wait for you to do this.13:24
rhinoshaha i cant13:25
wkHi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my keyboard backlights on my Asus G74SX?13:25
rhinostoo noob13:25
jribrhinos: type it in if you must13:25
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jribrhinos: what's the blablabla13:27
rhinoshow do i find my local ip??13:29
jribrhinos: can you get to au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu?  Did you try installing again afterwards and did you get the same output?13:30
jribrhinos: ifconfig13:30
alextum3rhinos ip addr13:30
rhinosnah i cant get to au.archive i dont think13:31
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rhinosi try pinging the server times out. and server doesnt ping elsewhere. but connections are all good13:32
wkHi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my keyboard backlights on my Asus G74SX. Thanks13:32
net4lifeIs there among you who are citizens of Italian?13:34
pfifo!it | net4life13:34
ubottunet4life: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:34
Ville-!fi | Ville-13:35
ubottuVille-, please see my private message13:35
sam22anyone in here knows how to stop notification-daemon from starting up ?13:35
rhinoscan anyone help me with my networking issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/765871/13:35
pfifosam22, the script 'update-rc.d' is used to manage startup services13:36
alextum3rhinos, please paste ifconfig output13:36
ActionParsniprhinos: can you access other websites ok?13:39
ActionParsnipwk: if you hibernate, then wake up, it works13:39
ActionParsnipwk: http://raypendergraph.wikidot.com/running-linux-on-the-asus-g74sx13:39
wkActionParsnip: That didn't work.13:40
kundancoolHi, I want to know is there any software/method to route audio from line-in jack instead of speaker output jack13:40
ActionParsnipwk: https://launchpad.net/asus-keyboard-backlight13:40
wkActionParsnip: I have already googled and looked for any solutions but haven't found one yet.13:41
wkAnd there has to be other fixes than hibernating and waking it up everytime I boot my laptop up13:41
Dj_FlyByI am having some issues with Ubuntu 10.04 freezing during bootup now that I activated a restricted driver for my ATI Radeon HD3450. Any suggestions to fix this please?13:42
sam22anyone in here can help me disable notification-daemon ?13:42
sam22notify-osd is the newer replacement for notification-daemon which i uninstalled13:42
sam22but now notification-daemon tookover13:42
ActionParsnipwk:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flozz/flozz; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install asus-kbd-backlight       supports that package up to Maverick13:43
ActionParsnip!test | koopa5813:43
ubottukoopa58: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )13:43
wkActionParsnip: Up to maverick? I'm running 11.0413:43
koopa58ActionParsnip: new client :)13:43
wkMaverick is 10.10 I believe.13:43
kundancoolcan anyone help me with routing audio from line-in jack instead of speaker output jack13:43
ActionParsnipwk: could compile source, or contact the maintainer to see if there is scope to support later versions (or if it's needed)13:44
ActionParsnipwk: yes maverick == 10.1013:44
ActionParsnipwk: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=188268913:45
wksometimes linux can be a pain in the ass! ;)13:46
sam22anyone in here can help me disable notification-daemon ?13:46
sam22or to remove it13:46
BluesKajHiyas all13:47
indystormyo any hotties in here?13:47
bazhangindystorm, wrong channel13:47
sidneyindystorm, same question last night13:48
JaredKzis there a debian support channe?13:50
ActionParsnipwk: proprietary ACPI garbage is a bigger pain in the ass13:50
bazhang#debian JaredKz13:50
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
wkActionParsnip: added the repository, did apt-get update, couldn't find asus-kbd-backlight13:51
BluesKajgotta be desperate, looking for hotties in this room , indystorm :)13:51
ActionParsnipwk: well yeah, your release isn't catered for in the repo13:51
ActionParsnipwk: you will need to ask the maintainer if they have any plans to support Natty, or the feature may already be in the kernel and you need an option13:52
sidneyOk I have wasted much to much time getting this thing to update. And I was considering putting 10.04 on a intel 2600K13:53
dr_willisseems to have some interesting info on notification deamon.13:55
dr_willishttp://askubuntu.com/questions/81459/can-i-run-notifyosd-in-gnome  first answer seems togive a way to disable it.13:55
pppurpleany one have a link on how i can boot a usb to hold two different bootable ubuntu versions?13:56
dr_willispppurple:  you would set up one to handle the grub. and   it should work.  - i dont see the point in having 2 differnt ubuntu versions on teh same flash.13:56
dr_willisYou can do a full install to flash. same as you would an internal drive.13:57
ActionParsnippppurple: if you have windows you can use this: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/13:57
rhinosIve been messing around with my network settings is there an easy way to go back to defaults?13:57
dr_willisthe second one installed would try to take over grub. so that would be the one that would manage grub by default13:57
dr_willispppurple:  so a live install? or a full install? you can set grub2 up to boot differnt ISO files - if you wanted also..13:58
ActionParsniprhinos: how have you been manipulating them?13:58
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pppurplei only have 1 USB thumb stick and i have 11.10 and want to put a stable version of ubuntu onto that stick as well13:58
pfifo!away > hipitihop-away13:58
ubottuhipitihop-away, please see my private message13:58
dr_willispppurple:  whats so unstable abouyt 11.10 for you?13:58
ActionParsnippppurple: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-via-grub2-using-linux/13:58
wkActionParsnip: I see that these patches are for the 2.6.39 kernel.. 11.04 comes with the 2.6.38, would it work to change it? http://scottsautorepair.net/microsoft.sucks/G73SW.keyboard.lights.html13:58
pppurpledr_willis, i wanted it to hold 2 different ISO...so i can have 2 different live versions13:58
rhinoschanged DNS /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts cant remember default13:59
dr_willispppurple:  you would have to reparton the thing and make a new ext4 partion to isntallto. then start up the installer  and install.13:59
ActionParsnipwk: worth a try13:59
pppurpledr_willis, no its just my first time with linux and wanted to see if there was a differnce or get a copy with out unity to see how it works13:59
dr_willispppurple:  for iso's theres guides on pendrivelinux, and tools that can help with that.13:59
ActionParsniprhinos: /etc/resolv.conf    is generated at boot so just reboot to reset that13:59
mongypppurple, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860413:59
wkActionParsnip: It's tempting just to run these patches on the current kernel and see what happens13:59
Dj_FlyByI am having some issues with Ubuntu 10.04 freezing during bootup now that I activated a restricted driver for my ATI Radeon HD3450. Any suggestions to fix this please?13:59
dr_willispppurple:  you could even set up your current install to just boot an ISO file as one of its grub entries..14:00
ActionParsniprhinos: here is a virgin /etc/hosts file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/765890/14:00
rigasetiadihello all, anyone can help me in this room14:00
dr_willisi have a few iso files in /boot/ i have as 'rescue' booting setups.14:00
dr_willisrigasetiadi:  state the problem14:00
ActionParsniprigasetiadi: without asking your question, no ;)14:00
ouyesrigasetiadi, what is your problem14:00
pppurpledr_willis, that seems like it would be the easiest thing to do with the grub file. have any links supporting that?14:01
rigasetiadiI need some aplication like wardialer in windows, so I can make connection with IP connect14:01
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dr_willispppurple:  delicious.com/dr_willis14:02
ActionParsniprigasetiadi: https://www.softwink.com/iwar/14:03
dr_willisrigasetiadi:  no idea what wardialer does.. I knwo the OLD term for it :)14:03
dr_williswardialer = program to dial random phone #'s  looking for a bbs or other dial up pc.14:03
mecoWhen I'm using openbox I want to avoid using Nautilus as that seems to invoke even more of the overhead I want to avoid. The problem I'm experiencing however is related to accessing an NTFS partition. Usually I mount it by clicking on it in Nautilus, but now I wante to use the mount command only. So it mounts, but when I run my torrent application I get error messages indicating it gets Permission denied when attempting to write. Help please!14:03
rigasetiadiI war , that the *.deb software14:03
fly80i have installed ubuntu on an old laptop... I have now problems using the gdm with effects... afters seconds the display becomes black and I have to manually shutdown to restart...14:03
fly80now i'm connected with the text-bsed interface14:04
ActionParsniprigasetiadi: its not in the repo, but you can compile it14:04
ActionParsnipfly80: what GPU do you use?14:04
rigasetiadithere is a manual step by step to compile??14:04
fly80gpu? there is an ATI mobile14:04
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall14:04
rigasetiadiim not expert to much in compile14:05
fly80ActionParsnip: the cpu is a centrino14:05
pangolinrigasetiadi: read the info ubottu just provided14:05
ActionParsniprigasetiadi: one way to learn14:05
ActionParsnipfly80: try the bootoption:  radeon.nomodeset=114:05
fly80i would like to start ubuntu in safe mode (graphical without effects)14:06
rigasetiadiokey ill try, nice to join this room, you're all so kind thank before ,14:06
fly80ActionParsnip: at start I have no grub interface... how can I set it up?14:06
ActionParsnipfly80: you can choose unity2D from the login screen14:06
ActionParsnipfly80: hold shift at boot and you will see grub14:06
fly80shift? never tried14:07
fly80i'l try14:07
joshigginsmeco: are you running the mount command with sudo?14:07
fly80ActionParsnip: any other hints?14:07
rhinoscan anyone tell me where to begin here14:08
ActionParsnipfly80: the boot option may help, if you use the 2D it won't use 3D accelleration and may help while you get uppdated14:08
rhinosmy lan cable is fine.. i checked it. something with the server14:08
ActionParsniprhinos: why ping as root, users can ping?14:08
dr_willisive seen some disrtos lock down ping :)14:09
ActionParsniprhinos: does the interface have an IP14:09
fly80ActionParsnip: i'll reboot now. Thanks for now. If you see me again something goes wrong ;)14:09
MhDhAcKeREXECUSE ME where can I find backtrack channel14:09
ActionParsniprhinos: does the interface have a default gateway set?14:09
ActionParsnip!backtrack | MhDhAcKeR14:09
ubottuMhDhAcKeR: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition14:09
rhinosinterface? no i changed it back to dchp14:09
bazhang!backtrack > MhDhAcKeR14:09
ubottuMhDhAcKeR, please see my private message14:09
* dr_willis wonders if the backtrack homepage has that info. :)14:09
ActionParsniprhinos: fine, but does it have an IP14:09
VustomIn gparted I flagged /dev/sda1 as boot, but I didn't know what it would do.. now when I boot into my PC I get GRUB, but I can only see my Windows partition which is on /dev/sda1, I've unflagged /dev/sda1 from gparted and reinstalled GRUB, but still no luck.14:10
ActionParsniprhinos: thats the loopback, if you run:  ifconfig     do you see an IP for eth0|wlan0|ra0 ?14:10
rhinosno eth0 :(14:11
rhinosjust lo14:11
ActionParsniprhinos: can you give the output of:  lsb_release -sc; uname -a14:12
VustomIn gparted I flagged /dev/sda1 as boot, but I didn't know what it would do.. now when I boot into my PC I get GRUB, but I can only see my Windows partition which is on /dev/sda1, I've unflagged /dev/sda1 from gparted and reinstalled GRUB, but still no luck, can anyone help me?14:13
mecoWhen I'm using openbox I want to avoid using Nautilus as that seems to invoke even more of the overhead I want to avoid. The problem I'm experiencing however is related to accessing an NTFS partition. Usually I mount it by clicking on it in Nautilus, but now I wante to use the mount command only. So it mounts, but when I run my torrent application I get error messages indicating it gets Permission denied when attempting to write. Help please!14:15
mechboBlame Yo'self14:15
ActionParsnipmeco: could add it in /etc/fstab14:16
ActionParsniprhinos: and what ethernet chip are you using?14:16
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VustomIn gparted I flagged /dev/sda1 as boot, but I didn't know what it would do.. now when I boot into my PC I get GRUB, but I can only see my Windows partition which is on /dev/sda1, I've unflagged /dev/sda1 from gparted and reinstalled GRUB, but still no luck, can anyone help me? anyone!?14:16
rhinoshmmmm? just a lan cable14:16
rhinoscat e 5?14:16
mecoActionParsnip: Could add what in /etc/fstab ?14:17
rhinosi use the same cable on this machine and it works fine. plug it into server :( no good14:17
ActionParsnipmeco: a line to mount the partition at boot14:17
ActionParsniprhinos: what is this " **time**" you have in your uname output?14:17
rhinosits the time UTC14:17
rhinosi just didnt want to type it out14:17
b0o-yeahrhinos    get a new cable or perhaps clean the contacts on the cable and even in the NIC14:18
rhinoscos i cant copy paste14:18
sidneywhen i try to upgrade the system looks in places that are not in the source list14:18
lduroshello, I need to set acpi with acpi=noapic or acpi=nolapic with grub in oneiric. THis is due to a problem with the ASUS U46. What file should I edit in /boot/grub to set this?14:18
ActionParsniprhinos: run:  sudo lshw -C network | grep -i product14:18
VustomCan anyone help me with my boot problem please? :(14:19
sidneymaybe i change the list somewhere alone the line14:19
pfifolduros, /etc/default/grub14:19
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ldurospfifo: that's the file?14:19
pfifolduros, yes14:19
Dj_FlyByJust my luck, 2 PC's 2 Different Problems. PC1 --> Won't boot after activating ATI RAdeon HD3450 proprietary driver  .._-_.. PC2 --> After it boots Update Manager starts automagicly and then the PC gets so sluggish to the point it has to be rebooted.14:19
ldurospfifo: hehe thanks :-))14:19
pppurpledr_willis, that site http://delicious.com/dr_willis isnt loading anything....?14:20
Dj_FlyBysudo apt-get update14:20
ActionParsniplduros: add it in the quotes with:  quiet splash    in /etc/default/grub    then run:  sudo update-grub14:20
ActionParsniprhinos: LSHW, not ISHW14:21
pfifodr_willis currently has no stacks.14:21
dr_willispppurple:  not my fault.. thats a rather big site.. its working here14:21
dr_willisworking fine.14:21
ldurosActionParsnip: add what in the quote? I need to write acpi=noapic -- this should be inside of: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" ?14:21
pppurpledr_willis, hmmm, yeah bad internet over here. ill keep trying. thanks14:21
ActionParsniprhinos: you should also add:     to /etc/hosts14:21
lduros"quiet splash acpi=noapic"?14:22
ActionParsniplduros: yes, change it to:   GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=noapic"14:22
ldurosActionParsnip: ok will give it a shot :-)14:22
mecoActionParsnip: But should there be any qialitative difference between mounting at boot or doing it manually later?14:22
ActionParsniplduros: save the new file and run:  sudo update-grub    you will need:  gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub     to get write access14:22
ldurosActionParsnip: yeh I did sudo emacs :-P14:23
ActionParsnipmeco: you can specify different mount options using fstab, otherwise its the same14:23
ActionParsniplduros: same difference :)14:23
=== hc96` is now known as hc96
ldurosActionParsnip: people were saying to use acpi=off, acpi=noapic or acpi=nolapic -- do you know the difference?14:24
ldurosnot sure acpi=off works or not14:24
horatio_cromwellanyone know if realistically ubuntu desktop would run with 750mb (within Virtual Machine - VBox)14:24
pfifohoratio_cromwell, yes14:25
mecoActionParsnip: I'm mounting with this command: 'sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/windows'14:25
ldurosor maybe that's acpi=off noapic14:25
horatio_cromwellalso is it easy to get multiple monitor support working  in Ubuntu (aparently Vbox supportd it)14:26
ActionParsnipmeco: then using the defauts will be fine, or you can even add the command in /etc/rc.local14:26
rhinosActionParsnip http://paste.ubuntu.com/765914/14:26
mecoActionParsnip: Well, but how do I address the problems I'm experiencing with being denied access?14:26
ActionParsniprhinos: yes, we need the product line14:26
ActionParsnipmeco: the command runs as root, so access isn't a problem14:27
dr_willishoratio_cromwell: multi monitors IN ubuntu running in vbox? huh?14:27
dr_willishoratio_cromwell:  You might  need to give more details..14:27
mecoActionParsnip: As I said in my initial call for help, I'm having a problem with accessing the data on the NTFS partition when I have mounted it.14:28
ActionParsnipmeco: then add it in /etc/fstab and add options to allow users write and read access14:28
mecoActionParsnip: when I look at the folders in question in mc they have full permissions14:29
ActionParsnipmeco: so where is the problem?14:30
rhinosActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/765914/  soz man, takes a while to type it in14:30
horatio_cromwelldr_willis: I want to run run Ubunt as a guest within a windows host (with 2 monitors connected).  but would like the Guest (Ubuntu) to be able to access both monitors14:30
rhinosis there a way to copy from the server to something like this.. when its working?14:31
pfifohoratio_cromwell, vbox supports having mutiple virtual monitors, ubuntu comes with the drivers to support that functionality too14:33
gadakCan any one guide me in how to change CHECKSUM of a reciepi .bb file14:35
Stanley00gadak: what is a .bb file?14:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:38
mecoActionParsnip: I don't know where the problem is. I only know what the symptom is. I'm asking here to find out what the problem is.14:38
ActionParsniprhinos: there is no product line listed there, all you need to do is search for the product line in the output to find guides14:39
gadakstanley: binutils-cross_2.18.bb14:39
ActionParsnipmeco: I'd add the line in /etc/fstab with good options and you won't have an issue14:39
gadakstanley..im build a filesystem,, in which it downloads this binuitls but i get a error saying md5 checksum is different from what required14:40
Stanley00gadak: oh, so it a binary file, I think you have to redownload the file,14:40
mecoActionParsnip:You mean the line 'sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/windows'? And with what added options?14:40
Stanley00gadak: since it say md5sum error, it mean there are some errors in the file14:41
ActionParsnipmeco: no, its similar but not the same14:41
gadakstanley...i downloaded it twice thrice but all the time i get the same error14:41
mecoActionParsnip:then what?14:41
ActionParsnipmeco: then when you have added it, reboot and it will mount as you say14:42
pfifogadak, what are you doing with binutils?14:42
gadaki am building a file system for an embedded device14:42
gadakcan you tell me what does this thing mean14:43
gadakt sometimes happens if the tar'd file changes upstream but the recipe14:43
gadakchecksums aren't updated yet.14:43
gadakThe recipe you are looking for is recipes/gnu-config/gnu-config_git.bb14:43
gadakFirst thing I'd try is removing the downloaded source and checksum files14:43
FloodBot1gadak: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:43
gadakin ${OVEROTOP}/sources.14:43
gadakThen bitbake gnu-config again. This will re-download.14:43
mecoActionParsnip: I mean, what should the line look like as opposed to the line I've been using14:43
Stanley00gadak: make sure download the right version, and btw, how this you download this file, and which prog say about md5 error?14:43
gadakin terminal14:43
ActionParsnipmeco: there are plenty of examples online, I suggest you use the UUID of the partition14:44
ActionParsnipmeco: you can see that with:   sudo blkid14:44
rhinosActionParsnip: mmmh, not really sure how that helps, going to stick a wireless card in. not sure why i get *-network DISABLED could be why nothing works14:44
bahrHi I recently switched using Ubuntu 11.10 as my main OS, one thing I miss though is the ability to to play divx streams in my browser. Isn't this possible in Ubuntu??14:45
ravenhow to save settings i make with alsamixer - all is muted every reboot!14:45
pfifobahr, the mplayer plugin for firefox should help you with that14:46
ActionParsniprhinos: if it's usb based then run:  lsusb   and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides14:46
mecoActionParsnip: What would it look like with UUID E6B08D1CB08CF479 ?14:46
bahrpfifo: do you know if there is something for chrome to?14:46
bahrpfifo: but thanks, I will look into that14:46
ActionParsnipmeco: yes, if you look at the lines already in the file you can see how it is used14:46
pfifobahr,  there might be a mplayer plugin for chrome, but im not sure14:47
rhinosActionParsnip: should i just buy a new network card?14:47
ActionParsniprhinos: up to you14:47
E3D3Hi, I'm a TOTAL network-noob or worse a little phobic. To open an extern file in an already running Emacs editor #emacs advised me to use a server & client. Is it true that it has nothing to do with internet ?14:48
rhinosActionParsnip: thanks for the help14:48
mecoActionParsnip: I'll give it a try then!14:48
pppurpleusing http://www.panticz.de/MultiBootUSB do i need to download a GRUB2 and have that on the pen drive and then use that coding for my diffrent ISO files?14:48
rumpe1E3D3, it has something to do with internet when the extern file is located there. Otherwise not.14:49
pfifopppurple, that page is starting from a blank pendrive, so no, you dont need to download anything14:50
qwebirc495354Does anyone know some simple FTP server which you can just start from the command line, like the Python HTTP server?14:50
E3D3rumpe1: No it is only for my own local/intern files. Thanks14:51
ActionParsnipqwebirc495354: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html14:51
pppurplepfifo, how do i get the pen drive to run that program then? i guess im not understanding what will run the code...14:51
ActionParsnipqwebirc495354: if you want access over the web, I suggest you use SFTP which will be automatically enabled with openssh-server14:51
pfifopppurple, the BIOS will run grub14:52
qwebirc495354@ActionParsnip: yeah... but that wasn't what I was looking for14:52
Q-collectivehey all, is it possible to reinstall kernel upgrades? I just got, for the first time ever, a warning that my /boot partition is full and while apt-get quited without errors, I believe it may be installed wrong.14:52
VustomFor some reason VMware isn't detecting my USB Storage device, does anyone know why? :(14:52
ActionParsnipqwebirc495354: then vsftpd will work14:52
ActionParsnipVustom: I'd ask in #vmware14:53
pppurplepfifo,  so if format the pendrive and its blank...what exactly am i putting on the drive beside the 2 diffrent ISO files?14:53
E3D3pppurple: I like MultiSystem for Multiboot USB-sticks, works great: http://liveusb.info/dotclear/14:53
rumpe1E3D3, if you are behind a router/NAT you should be fine14:53
pppurpleE3D3, ok thanks ill look at that as well14:53
E3D3rumpe1: I'm such a noob that I don't know what that mean. I have public WLAN14:53
pfifopppurple, your putting the 2 isos, gurb's config files, and then putting grub into the MBR14:53
mecoActionParsnip:could I add a line to /etc/fstab that looked like this: '/dev/sda2: UUID=E6B08D1CB08CF479 ntfs'14:54
pppurplepfifo, hmm thats a little more advanced then what i know how to do right now. ill try E3D3's link http://liveusb.info/dotclear/14:54
|Long|hi guys, what is the cmd to list a drive directory? cat /dev/sdj1 <--didnt now show me anything14:54
rumpe1E3D3, oh. What kind of server/client should you use? ssh/sshfs?14:54
E3D3pppurple: Easy install and easy use. I have a usb-hd (180 GB) with 200 distro's on it14:55
ActionParsnipmeco: you need to specify the mount point, and then the options too, as I said there are loads of examples online14:55
pppurpleE3D3, ok ill look at it and ask if i have any questions. thanks14:55
rumpe1E3D3, as long as it's not ftp but encrypted and you choose a complex enough password, it should also be no big risk.14:55
pfifo|Long|, first you need to mount the drive14:55
|Long|pfifo, i have so many drives, i dont know which one is NOT mounted14:56
E3D3rumpe1: I don't know about ssh etc, they call it emacs.client and then I should install a server. Even with Googling all those terms I didn't understand. I have no WLAN password, its open.14:56
|Long|is there a way to mount automaticly?14:56
pppurplewhat does actually mounting a drive do?14:57
pfifo|Long|, the 'mount' command will list what drives are mounted and where they are mounted to14:57
pfifo!fstab | |Long|14:57
ubottu|Long|: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:57
E3D3rumpe1: For a little paranoid noob like me does it sounds to complex to trust blindly. Thank you for trying to explain.14:57
|Long|yes, i missing one drive is not shows on mount cmd14:57
rumpe1E3D3, can you describe the scenario more in detail?14:57
qwebirc495354ActionParsnip: well, thanks. I'll look into vsftpd again. I think I'll try to find a way to install the latest rktftpd, which seems more like what I wanted. It just seems more of a hassle to install.14:57
E3D3rumpe1: Sure14:58
rumpe1E3D3, but as I said: as long as it isn't ftp, you should be safe.14:58
ActionParsnipqwebirc495354: vsftp will run as a service and you can start and stop it like any other...14:58
ActionParsnipqwebirc495354: what is so special about rktftpd?14:59
E3D3rumpe1: I have Emacs editor installed. When I want to open a file outside Emacs it opens in a new Emacs instance. #emacs told me to use the (already installed client) and than give some server-commands to let them talk together. They used words that I had to Google for and gave me more scary internet-related info.15:00
rumpe1E3D3, hmm.. I don't use emacs myself. Maybe it's a good idea to ask the (515) people in #emacs15:01
qwebirc495354ActionParsnip: I wanted one that you start in a given folder, and which you kill by C-c'ing it. Like Python's httpd lib15:02
pfifoqwebirc495354, i think apache's ftpserver can do that15:03
E3D3rumpe1: Thanks15:03
ajf_is there any way to run autogen/autotools in a launchpad ppa recipe? I have everything including the debian/ packaging info in the repository, is the only way to get it to build to merge it with a seperate -build repo I need to sync every time I change the configure.ac?15:04
ajf_it works locally, but launchpad doesn't let me use the 'run' command in the bzr-builder recipe15:04
pppurpleE3D3, is that multi usb boot program in english???15:05
ActionParsnipqwebirc495354: you configure ftp programs to start in a particular folder, or you can jail users to $HOME15:06
E3D3pppurple: Multi-language, the site also with help of google-translate. On new distro's I just install with the commands although I can't read French15:06
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pppurpleE3D3, yeah i just found the translate! sorry got a little hasty.15:08
E3D3pppurple: np, I forgot/skipped it to so thats why I told you.15:08
jujugoboomi need to use ndisgtk for wireless drivers, (ndiswrapper doesnt work) the problem is the drivers dont work after a restart and then i have to go in manually and reinstall them15:09
pfifoqwebirc495354, check this out http://code.google.com/p/pyftpdlib/15:09
|Long|after modified /etc/fstab file what cmd is to updated?15:09
qwebirc495354ActionParsnip: Yeah, but I didn't want to configure anything. I'm lazy like that ;) More specifically, I wanted this for those times when you don't have a thumbdrive and want a quickie transfer over a LAN.15:09
qwebirc495354pfifo: thanks, that looks promising too.15:09
IbisDoes anyone here by any chance use the Konversation chat client? A new release came out and I'm looking forward to upgrade ^_^15:10
|Long|do i have to restart to take effect after modified /etc/fstab? or is there a cmd to updated?15:11
pfifo!anybody | Ibis15:11
ubottuIbis: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:11
pfifo|Long|, you must reboot15:11
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|Long|pfifo, thanks15:11
oCean|Long|: the command  sudo mount -a  is sufficient15:15
Dj_FlyBy[ms]how can I stop the update-manager from auto loading on boot. It auto loaded on last boot and was just a grey window and now everything under the "System" menu either doesn't load or is just a grey window15:18
tekoholicAnyone here use batman-adv on their (K)Ubuntu systems?  If so, care to advise on how?  I have the newest available module and batctl installed, but cannot find ANY information on how to set it up at boot...15:18
Jungi love you ubuntu15:21
CradamJung: its a piece of software15:22
pangolin!ot | Jung15:22
ubottuJung: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:22
RaviorCradam: True... A free piece of software...15:22
CradamRavior: you mean there is software out there that isnt free?15:23
Dj_FlyBy[ms]hmmm, for some reason my filesystem mounted as readonly... anywhere I can look to tell me why?15:23
Cradamthe only piece of software i have paid for recently is minecraft :P15:23
pangolinRavior Cradam Please chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic15:23
Raviorthat reminds me15:23
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JungCradam: lol :)15:24
Ravioris there anyway to install Windows on the same HDD without messing up your Ubuntu installation?15:24
pangolinRavior: you will need to reinstall grub15:25
Jung!seen auto_celesis15:25
ubottuI have no seen command15:25
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:25
Cradammrdeb: yes there is15:25
mrdebno it will take over15:25
nvzwhats the proceedure for installing a proposed package?15:25
mrdebinstall windows then ubuntu15:25
Cradammrdeb: see the restore grub link15:25
Cradamnvz: apt-get install packagename15:25
paolociao ragazzi15:26
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RaviorI was wandering if I could install Windows after Ubuntu, not prior to it.15:26
nvzCradam: right, but do I need any special sources?15:26
paoloqualcuno che se ne intende di metasploit15:26
pangolinRavior: you can but like I said you will need to reinstall grub see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub15:26
Cradamnvz: oh, you mean for beta applications and such?15:26
pangolin!it | paolo15:26
ubottupaolo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:26
Q-collectivehey all, is it possible to reinstall kernel upgrades? I just got, for the first time ever, a warning that my /boot partition is full and while apt-get quited without errors, I believe it may be installed wrong.15:27
nvzCradam: yessir.. apt-cache show hedgewars shows 0.9.15 not the proposed 0.9.1715:27
Cradamnvz: you will have to see whether hedgewars has its own ppa15:27
mrdebq collective, try cleaning old kernels in boot15:27
Q-collectivemrdeb: done15:27
pfifoQ-collective, use dpkg-reconfigure <package name>15:27
Q-collectivepfifo: ok15:27
Cradamwikigames has the new hedgewars15:27
nvzCradam: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hedgewars/0.9.17-1~natty0.1/+build/2949258 says its on primary archive universe15:27
malibuHi, if I sync my music to my player via banshee all it does is copy the files.  Does anyone know how to make it create a playlist for my player to use that points to those files?15:28
Cradamnvz: ahh do apt-get update15:28
nvzCradam: I already have 0.9.17 I compiled in my homedir.. but I want to test the new package15:28
pfifoand its the Q continuum, not collective15:28
oCean!info hedgewars15:28
ubottuhedgewars (source: hedgewars): Worms style game. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.17-1~oneiric0.1 (oneiric), package size 2947 kB, installed size 6864 kB15:28
nvzCradam: I did that just now and apt-cache show still says 0.9.1515:28
nvzCradam: I'm on natty15:29
Cradamnvz: ahh thats why15:29
pangolinnvz: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade15:29
oCean!info hedgewars natty15:29
ubottuhedgewars (source: hedgewars): Worms style game. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.15-1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 2298 kB, installed size 4928 kB15:29
nvzno way.. not upgrading to 11.1015:29
oCeannvz: ^see, 0.9.15 is the natty version15:29
Cradamnvz: why not, ubuntu classic mode is there15:29
nvzCradam: unless things drastically changed gnome is horribly broken in 11.1015:29
pangolinnvz: if you compiled and used checkinstall it created a .deb you can install with dpkg -i package_name.deb15:30
amin`guys; in lubuntu; what is the package in charge of notification? like when the gnome mplayer shows that it opened the file or networkmanager when connect to a wirless15:30
Cradamnvz: they didnt change gnome between 11.4 and 11.1015:30
Q-collectivepfifo: no feedback came back. Is that normal behaviour?15:30
pangolinCradam: classic is no longer available in 11.1015:30
Cradampangolin: WHAT?15:30
pangolinCradam: classic is no longer available in 11.1015:30
Cradamim not death, but god thats stupid15:31
pangolin!notunity > Cradam15:31
nvzCradam: b.s. cause 11.4 has gnome2 and 11.10 has gnome 3, and gnome-panel is one thing that is horribly broken in 11.10 doesnt allow the right click at all to do any customization15:31
ubottuCradam, please see my private message15:31
pfifoQ-collective, no, you should have seen it rebuild the initramfs, are you sure you gave it the correct <package name>15:31
Cradamnvz: try mint 11 or mint 12 for a more classic feel15:31
Cradami like mint 12's way of doing gnome315:33
nvzCradam: I'm a 12 year debian veteran.. I am only using ubuntu as a means to understand how it works. I am not interested in mint or changing my distro.. I just wanted to test the hedgewars package.. not a big deal15:33
Cradamhavent tried it yet though15:33
nvzI know how to compile my own, I was just trying to help test the package15:33
nvzI am staying on 11.04 until I either have time to learn unity or figure out a comfortable environment to use. will do that in virtualbox when the time comes15:34
mongyI use xfce now, it has more of a classic feel than gnome3 classic15:36
arooni-mobilemy brightness buttons no longer work.  lenovo t420.  other functions of function + button work just fine15:36
vincent_Does anybody know how to auto start n2n supernode at boot?15:36
pppurpleE3D3, im having some problems with that program...is it just code to run or is there a download on that page somewhere?15:38
mongyvincent_,  if it has scripts, then sudo update-rc.d n2n default15:38
vincent_mongy: No.  It doesn't have a startup script15:38
mongyvincent_,  try adding it to /etc/rc.local then15:39
arnithshey i'm new to ubuntu and linux, i was just instaling playonlinux and when i start it i get the error "You don't seem to have 3D acceleration! We advise you install and enable it" how can i solve this ?15:41
vincent_I searched the web and found this link https://github.com/hpfem/hermes/wiki/Vpn.  However, when I tried the suggested method, it did not work.15:41
mrdebdid u install 3d drive, arnith15:41
Dj_FlyByI am having some issues with Ubuntu 10.04 freezing during bootup now that I activated a restricted driver for my ATI Radeon HD3450. Any suggestions to fix this please?15:42
arnithsi was just reinstaling ubuntu 11.10 and when i started for the first time it pop up new drivers available for you 3d card and i install the recommended drivers15:42
arnithsmrdeb maybe i need some other drivers or ?15:43
pfifoarniths, did you reboot after installing the restricted drivers?15:43
arnithsyes i did15:43
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arnithsi install playonlinux through ubuntu software center15:44
puppenarniths: go get the latest from their site15:45
arnithspuppen i went afterwards here --> http://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html and selected ubuntu and then it does say just type in these commands but like i said i'm new to ubuntu and i don't know how to do this, do i do this all in one command in terminal or ?15:47
puppenenter the lines one at a time.. You'll be asked for your password in there somewhere. You can download the installer just above those text boxes if youd feel more comfortable.. Then hopefully just be able to double click it and install15:48
AlexShirojiAnyone happen to know if there is a way to disable the audio port(3.5mm) on a MacBook Pro running the latest version of Ubuntu?15:49
arnithspuppen ok ill try to download it and double click it15:49
arnithspuppen i did that the promblem seems to be goen thanks for the help15:51
hobbelHey guys, I have an external USB disk which is read only in Ubuntu (File system not clean, disk utility), it works in windows. Disk Utility cant repair it though.. is there a different way to repair it?15:51
puppenarniths: neato :)15:51
BluesKajAlexShiroji, what kind of audioport is a 3.5mm , mini-jack (analog) , coax digital, toslink ?15:52
Tech-1headphones prolly15:52
AlexShirojiIts the headphone port on a MacBook Pro15:52
=== dan__ is now known as Guest60725
Tech-1you could mute it15:53
AlexShirojiWell, its not that I want to mute it. Problem is that the headphone jack broke off inside the port. I want to disable the port so The speakers turn on15:54
BluesKajAlexShiroji, yeah as Tech-1 says mute it in alsamixer , there should be a headphone ctrl , use the M ket to mute15:54
Tech-1then if its broke, you prolly cant, being the jack has both spkr and headphone contacts on it15:55
AlexShirojiah :(15:55
AlexShirojiThanks then :(15:55
Tech-1youll have to physically break it down and rplace the jack15:55
mparodiHey there!15:55
mparodihttp://paste.kde.org/157418 It works if I execute the first two lines but no if I try to do it automatically using /etc/network/interfaces and reboot the system. what's the difference?15:55
E3D3pppurple: Sorry, I missed your question. You have Ubuntu installed ?15:56
pfifomparodi, network-manager might be interfering15:57
ActionParsnipthe interfaces file should override the GUI app15:58
Tech-1AlexShiroji:   turn the volume all the way down, so you dont short the onboard audio amp15:58
mparodipfifo, how to know if it's the case?15:58
pfifomparodi, try disabling network-manager15:59
ActionParsnipmparodi: could add your 2 lines of command in /etc/rc.local above the exit 0 line16:00
BluesKajmparodi, with the way you have the interfaces file setup , it doesn't need NM16:00
mparodiI don't have network-manager installed, by the way16:01
mparodiand ok, I don't need NM but it can't be the problem :|16:01
mparodiit's something else, somehow they're doing different things16:02
ActionParsnipmparodi: makes the system faster if it's not installed :)16:02
mparodithat's weird because ifconfig eth0 says the IP of the other computer is but I can't ping it from this computer16:03
meerkatswhat do I have to do to find, in the terminal, a command by its first letters?16:03
mparodiinet addr: Bcast:192.168.255 Mask:
mparodithat's ifconfig eth0 in the other computer16:04
xanguameerkats: tab16:04
pfifomparodi, wait, i think your file is setup wrong, try this instead http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/16:05
robolobster54I sshfs mounted a drive but i have no permission to access it on the local machine16:06
mparodiok, let me see!16:06
robolobster54What could be wrong?16:06
ActionParsnipmeerkats: find . -name "fire*"16:06
meerkatsok xangua, i made the wrong question: I mean only for the commands I have manually entered, so I dont have to up key, up key, up key... till I find it16:06
ActionParsniprobolobster54: did you give the right username and password16:06
BluesKajpfifo, he's using a static IP16:07
pfifoBluesKaj, yeah, the first secion of that document describe proper syntax for static interface16:07
mparodipfifo, it's the same, isn't it?16:09
mkjackson_mobilehey folks, so I just moved my tmp directory to ram using "tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nodev,nosuid,noexec,mode=1777 0 0" in my fstab... does this mean that it will use as much as it needs or is there a limit I'm not thinking of?16:10
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest18152
pfifomparodi, under closer inspection yeah it is16:10
pppurpleE3D3, yeah i am running 11.10 now16:11
BluesKajmparodi, open or create with permissions a /etc/hosts.allow file and the IPs of the pcs on your lan under , portmap ALL:192.168.X.XX16:11
pfifomparodi, comment out lines 4 and 616:11
ServerTechLaptopEncrypted HDD shows 'unmountable drive' after entering pass?16:12
robolobster54ActionParnsip I sshfs'd in as root, does that answer the question?16:12
ActionParsniprobolobster54: why sshfs as root?16:13
ActionParsniprobolobster54: do you need access to files outside $HOME ?16:13
robolobster54ActionParnsip, no other user will work when sshfs'ing other than root16:14
robolobster54I do not need access to files outside $HOME16:14
ActionParsniprobolobster54: it will, just tell it to mount  the remote /home/user   folder and it will work16:15
robolobster54I think I've tried that, will try again16:15
pfifomparodi, are you sure networking is starting at boot time?16:15
robolobster54ActionParnsip by the way, I am sshfs'ing in with public key authentication, if it makes any difference16:15
hobbelntfsfix: Volume is corrupt. You should run chkdsk.  <-- chkdsk Volume is fine16:16
robolobster54ActionParnsip, indeed it doesn't work logging in the sshfs unless I use root16:17
mparodipfifo, I don't know. I just noticed it stopped working with the first two lines I pasted so I trying to fix that first :S16:17
robolobster54Log says: Permission denied, public key16:17
pfifomparodi, can you ping yourself with ping
E3D3pppurple: Did you opened the install-page (link left) ? Use the 1st block commands: Method 1-Bis. (Not the code for # Debian users) Copy the commands lines (those starting without ##) one by one in a terminal & enter16:20
mparodioh, never mind! it's working now. the problem is that when I reboot the other computer I need to execute "ifconfig eth0 netmask" here again :)16:20
pfifo!yay | mparodi16:21
ubottumparodi: Glad you made it! :-)16:21
mparodiit's weird though16:21
mparodibut well16:21
RaviorAny Ubuntu 12.04 alpha 1 users?16:22
oCeanRavior: #ubuntu+1 channel for that16:22
BluesKajmparodi, for what it's worth here's my interfaces file, http://paste.ubuntu.com/766028/ ..quite simple and it's all you really need16:23
wkActionParsnip: I ran the patches on the 11.04 kernel and it worked.16:23
E3D3pppurple: Or click on the link left in the installation-web-page and translate it. There you see a recommend method that use a download + shellscript.16:23
ActionParsnipwk: wtg :)16:23
wkActionParsnip: Keyboard backlight now 70%-ish functional, I just can't figure out how to adjust it yet, but atleast it works! :)16:23
mparodiby the way, I don't have internet on the other computer since it's only connected to this one but can I configure something to have internet? I would like to install a couple of things using my repos16:24
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=== shubbar_ is now known as shubbar
ActionParsnipwk: you'll need to redo it each time a new kernel is installed, you could pin the kernel version using apt-pinning but you may miss out on other stuff16:24
pfifomparodi, google for iptables masquerading howto16:24
mparodialright! thank you all :)16:25
=== sistem is now known as pingsut
wkActionParsnip: Yeaah I got that.. Problem is that I never liked updating the kernel, always gave me GRUB and other bootup problems.16:25
BluesKajmparodi, how is the other pc connected to "this one" ?16:25
mparodia network cable using eth0 in both computers, that's all16:25
wkActionParsnip: So I'll stick on the current kernel unless something drastically changes.16:25
ActionParsnipwk: then pin away :)16:25
wkActionParsnip: One more thing.. How do I downgrade GNOME 3.2 to the default version in 11.04? (could just google it)16:26
sembaHey, i m new to linux and I'd like to connect a 2nd screen to my laptop but when I simply plug it in as I used to do on windows nothing happens. Do you know how to do it?16:28
BluesKajmparodi, so you have 2 nics on the internet connected pc , then thru a router/modem to the internet?16:28
wksemba: Try pressing WINDOWS KEY + P at the same time16:28
mparodiyes, PC1 --> PC2 --> router, that's the idea16:28
sam22hail !!! people of this chanel16:28
E3D3pppurple: I prefer: Method 1-Bis. Just copy those 4 command-lines one by one in terminal, plug in an USB & install as many distro's as fit ;-)16:28
E3D3Some are not supported, see their list although it supports more than on the list.16:28
pppurpleE3D3, yeah i think i am getting the shell as well. the translation kinda didnt translate well and im still a bit new16:28
BluesKajmparodi, but whynot connect the other pc into the router as well?16:29
E3D3pppurple: You don't need the translation, French commands are the same ;-)16:29
pppurpleE3D3, i checked that list and it donst have mint or arch but i can def run different versions of ubuntu16:30
mparodibecause it doesn't have a wifi card and I'm about at 10m of the router (no, I don't have a 10m network cable and it's saturday to buy one!), BluesKaj16:30
pppurpleE3D3, i understand the comands i just dont understand all the instructions haha16:30
ActionParsnipwk: you can log into gnome classic in Natty,it's not an option in Oneiric and later and Gnome2 is no longer developed upstream16:30
sembawk: the bar in the left part of my screen shows up with numbers, but my other screen keeps saying no signal16:30
mparodiactually I have a 10m network cable but I just noticed it's broken (I never use it) :|16:30
E3D3pppurple: It works in new Ubuntu (if I'm not wrong) & also in Mint 12, for me not in Mint 11 & 10.16:30
ActionParsnipwk: if you like the gnome 2 look, I suggest you install xfce4 and use that16:31
sembawk oh and i m using gnome16:31
E3D3pppurple: The first command add a repository:16:31
E3D3sudo apt-add-repository 'deb http://liveusb.info/multisystem/depot all main'16:31
pppurpleE3D3, i just have 11.10 Ub installed and i want to save those other distros to the USB and boot off it16:31
ActionParsnipE3D3: if you do it that way, you will need to manually import the GPG key16:32
BluesKajmparodi, is it possible to move the router closer , if you're on dsl , then you just need a phone line16:32
E3D3pppurple: Do you want a copy of what you have on harddisk or new/fresh distro's on the usb16:32
E3D3wget -q http://liveusb.info/multisystem/depot/multisystem.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add -16:32
E3D3This add the public key16:32
shankysv87i'm having issues with my wireless connection.16:32
mparodihaha it's not. otherwise I will need a 10m telephone cable, and I don't have one neither, BluesKaj16:32
pppurpleE3D3, hmm yeah. i can copy it but i dont understand what all the commands are doing so if i screw something up i dont know how to fix it16:33
E3D3pppurple: This Reload the sources:16:33
E3D3 sudo apt-get update16:33
BluesKajmparodi, ok :)16:33
ActionParsnippppurple: or more intelligently: http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/topic/12618/multisystem/16:33
pppurpleE3D3, i am putting new distros that i have on ISOs16:33
shankysv87did an update last night and my ability to use my wireless adapter has disappeared.16:33
ActionParsnipE3D3: one link said all that you said, and I didn't scroll the channel16:33
mparodiI just want to forward any request PC1 do to PC2, it can't be that hard16:33
ActionParsnip!ics | mparodi16:33
ubottumparodi: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing16:33
E3D3pppurple: Okay, Multisystem is my hero for that16:33
mparodiinteresting, thanks16:34
E3D3ActionParsnip: Am I saying to much ? Or wrong things16:34
amin`holstein:  is notifyosd the lib or the api i mean it is the underlining  substructure or that bubbly stuff16:35
ssbr_So, xtris is broken: http://codepad.org/ZX7OEYWS16:35
pfifo!info xtris16:36
ubottuPackage xtris does not exist in oneiric16:36
pfifo!info xtris lucid16:36
ubottuxtris (source: xtris): client-server multiplayer X tetris. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.15-9 (lucid), package size 67 kB, installed size 220 kB16:36
pfifossbr_, looks like it was removed from the repos16:37
pppurpleE3D3, thanks. im reading that link that ActionPar linked and trying some terminal stuff you posted. it looks like it will work well if i can LEARN!16:38
meadhikariplease help my ssh script does not works while on cron its ""ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub b@a.org"" it works without password when executed alone16:38
sembanothing happens with windows key+p, any other idea to set up that 2nd screen?16:39
E3D3I'm a fullblood eternal noob and just got help from nice people with patience. Love also Multisystem so like to help, if I can.16:39
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HQRajaGuys, is there a way to do sudo apt-get update from the GUI in Software Center after adding a new repository, without having to go to the command line?16:40
pfifomeadhikari, it might be because cron runs without the usual enviroment variables that your user runs as16:40
meadhikaripfifo, i gave the input file16:41
HQRajaI mean, when we can add a repository through the GUI, we should be able to update too, right?16:41
meadhikaripfifo, what other environment is required?16:41
pfifomeadhikari, cron dosent have a $HOME set, so ~ wont work16:41
Dj_FlyByI am having some issues with Ubuntu 10.04 freezing during bootup now that I activated a restricted driver for my ATI Radeon HD3450. Any suggestions to fix this please?16:41
Tech-1HQRaja:  you could install   nautilus-open-terminal  and use the mouse right click for easy terminal16:42
meadhikaripfifo, /home/username/.ssh is also not working :(16:42
pfifomeadhikari, then perhaps ssh requires an interactive session16:42
HQRajaTech-1: Yup I know there are workaround for that...I'm just wondering if there's the update functionality built into the GUI of Software Center (as it should be) or not16:42
Tech-1no, sry16:43
HQRajaNo problem =)16:43
meadhikaripfifo, no, it is not interactive no password or a passphrase needs to be provided16:43
pfifomeadhikari, exactly16:43
Tech-1= ok16:43
HQRajaOh OK16:43
meadhikaripfifo, what you mean by that?16:44
pfifomeadhikari, i mean ssh most likely REQURES an interactive shell16:44
meadhikaripfifo, and now how to prevent that16:45
pfifomeadhikari, why not just put the real script into the crontab of the target computer?16:45
pppurpleis there a way to copy/paste into terminal?16:46
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:46
meadhikaripfifo, actually i wanted to create a reverse port forwarding16:47
pppurplehow do you add a repository?16:47
E3D3pppurple: Control-Shift-V16:47
E3D3pppurple: Paste in terminal16:47
cooper_In the past 10 days I've had  two kernel changes. Today I  updated to 3.0.0-14-generic.  Has anyone else experienced this?16:48
meadhikaripfifo, ssh -i ~/.ssh/id -f -N -q -R 2222:localhost:22 my_name@remote.example.com is my script16:48
is_nullhi all, my mouse is stuck, it happens a lot, i have to reboot every time ....16:48
pfifomeadhikari, that will never work in cron, you should be putting that in /etc/rc.local16:49
is_nulloh there's a kernel package update i'll try that and come back to you16:49
meadhikaripfifo,  i do not have root access to the system, is their any work around?16:49
pfifomeadhikari, add it to your users startup scripts16:50
tonyyarussoI have a laptop (HP Compaq nc8230) that runs 11.10 fine locally.  However, when PXE booting 11.10 from a Clonezilla box, the boot hangs on "input: PS/2 Generic Mous as /devices/platform/i8042/serio4/serio5/input/input8".  Any ideas?16:50
meadhikaripfifo, like @restart in cron? u just said it wont work on cron right?16:50
cooper_I'll have to check and see if the new kernel improves power usage on my acer aspire 4720z.16:50
cassuserHello - I have 11.10 and a Synaptics Touchpad on my laptop. Very often a gesture gets triggered to move the current window, and it is very annoying.  I'm not sure what the gesture is or how to disable the move window gestures - does anyone have any suggestions on this issue?16:51
pfifomeadhikari, right it wont work in cron, add it to xsession or the startup applications16:51
dbuggerhey guys. Im having some problems with DNS. "time echo "" | nc google.com 80" takes 20 seconds but when I use the IP address instead, is instant. How could I fix this?16:51
colloquialismic_Ok Guys16:51
colloquialismic_KDE vs GNOME... which one is sexier?16:51
zkriessecolloquialismic_: Kde16:52
Tech-1my cat16:52
is_nullcolloquialismic_: dwm by suckless.org16:52
colloquialismic_zkriesse, why do you say that ? :D16:52
HQRajaIs there a way to set Gmail as my default email client in Ubuntu? Like...launching a gmail compose window when I click mailto: links16:52
meadhikaripfifo, i can only ssh to the system from inside the lan16:52
HQRajaI could do it in Windows by installing Google Apps16:52
colloquialismic_is_null, dwm? ill look it up16:52
zkriessecolloquialismic_: KDE IMO is more flashy, the main screen even on a default install is just awesome16:53
pfifomeadhikari, and?16:53
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Tech-1HQRaja:  sys/pref/prefered apps16:53
zkriesseThe effects are a lot nicer etc16:53
meadhikaripfifo, i just wanted to ssh to that computer from outside the lan16:53
colloquialismic_zkriesse, yes... but if i want to do some real work done... would u still think kde is best?16:54
zkriesseI've always preferred KDE's prettiness over any attempt at it by GNOME16:54
colloquialismic_zkriesse,  or is gnome a better option for pure work and barebones>?16:54
zkriessecolloquialismic_: They're both great UNIX softwares16:54
is_nullcolloquialismic_: look up "enlightnement" aka DR1716:54
zkriesseJust as effective16:54
colloquialismic_yes. i agree... which one is lighter tho?16:54
colloquialismic_oh ok16:54
HQRajaTech-1: Yup but over there, I don't see any option for Gmail. It's kinda tricky since it's supposed to be a web app rather than an installed email client...but there's got to be a way to do it.16:54
is_nullok everybody, no mouse pointer anymore for me16:54
is_nullcolloquialismic_: enlightenment is light and eye candy16:55
colloquialismic_I am looking at dwm, awesomewm and a few others... i am a pure cli dude ha16:55
Tech-1not sure then,16:55
HQRajaNo problem16:55
cooper_Mouse trouble? Go to mouse and touchpad and uncheck "disable touchpad while typing".16:55
HQRajaAnyone else have any idea on how to configure Gmail to be your default email client? (Not through Thunderbird or another mail client i.e.)16:55
zkriessecolloquialismic_: What it really depends on is how the user utilizes the resources... Any system/OS has the potential to be effective to the best of its capabilities, it's the user that matters16:55
is_nullhow am i going to do that :)16:55
zkriesseHQRaja: Negative mate16:55
is_nullnvm i figured, thanks colloquialismic_16:56
colloquialismic_I think I will use KDE with awesome WM... it looks the best and I used it a bit before16:56
Tech-1HQRaja:  maybe an applet ??16:56
Tech-1like checkGmail ?16:56
colloquialismic_is_null, I will look at ur other 2 suggestions tho16:56
HQRajaTech-1: Lemme try looking it up, thanks =)16:57
Myrtti!info gnome-gmail | HQRaja16:57
ubottuHQRaja: gnome-gmail (source: gnome-gmail): support for Gmail as the preferred email application in GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1-1 (oneiric), package size 69 kB, installed size 628 kB16:57
userhey any of you guys help me out please16:57
colloquialismic_does anyone know anyone here who may know someone about something i need from someone to give to someone?16:57
Tech-1thx Myrtti16:57
HQRajaMyrtti: Awesome...that sounds like exactly what I'm looking for =)16:57
userneed help to setup up proxy server on ubuntu16:57
MyrttiHQRaja: do you use Unity or Gnome-Shell?16:58
HQRajaMyrtti: Unity16:58
zkriessecolloquialismic_: After I figure out that question ill answer ya :P16:58
MyrttiHQRaja: in that case you might be interested in gm-notify as well16:58
colloquialismic_zkriesse, good man :D16:58
HQRajaMyrtti: In addition to gnome-gmail or as an alternative?16:58
useri got all files needed but dont no how to configure it16:59
MyrttiHQRaja: I use both, but have added gnome-gmail to messaging menu blacklist16:59
amin`i am in need of "notification daemon"16:59
Canadian1296can anyone help with disabling casper autologin on a livecd before building?16:59
HQRajaMyrtti: I see...otherwise both notify you?16:59
pfifoCanadian1296, that info didnt work?17:00
amin`does notifyOSD and notification-daemon do the same job or one is front-end and back end17:00
MyrttiHQRaja: otherwise gnome-gmail shows up in the messaging menu without a specific purpose other than being there, gm-notify does a better job in the notification front17:00
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U-b-u-n-t-uwhat is the command to reinstall an upgrade or fix an upgrade install17:01
HQRajaMyrtti: Ah I see...thanks. Since you've mentioned it, how do I add apps to blacklist of the messaging menu? I see a couple of apps there with mere entries there, without doing anything.17:01
pfifoCanadian1296, modify your initramfs have a look at the script 'casper-bottom/15autologin'17:02
cassuserHaving issues with a Synaptics Touchpad where it drags windows around the screen.  Is there any way to disable the feature to move windows and still use the touchpad?17:02
Canadian1296pfifo: No, i created user "ubuntu" with uid of 999 and then set a pass. When i booted from it it logged in automatically, but rather than ubuntu@ubuntu$ it just said $ and started spitting out "sh" errors17:02
HQRajaPS: When I change my online status from the Messaging menu, which IM app does it effect? I have Pidgin and Emesene installed in addition to the default Empathy that shipped with Ubuntu17:02
Canadian1296pfifo: and okay, i've looked at it before, but ill take another look17:02
MyrttiHQRaja: mkdir -p ~/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist/17:03
super789i'm having porblems instaling ubunto 10.10 from the cd in a p3 500mhz17:03
MyrttiHQRaja: then make symlinks there to whichever apps you want not to be visible to /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications17:04
MyrttiHQRaja: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/12/remove-unused-entries-from-the-ubuntu-messaging-menu/17:04
HQRajaMyrtti: Awesome...thanks a bunch =)17:04
super789i get to the menu to pick the language, and after chosing install option i just get a black screen17:04
MyrttiHQRaja: on the IM issue - no clue, I'm happy with Empathy now that it actually works nicely with Gtalk video chat17:04
HQRajaMyrtti: I see...yeah Empathy is pretty neat but I guess I'll have to get used to its UI which seems rather too 'empty' to someone coming from Windows17:05
Tech-1Please deposit all microsoft products to your nearest green box receptacle.17:06
pfifosuper789, how long did you wait?17:06
super789pfifo 5 minutes17:06
MeirDI need to output all process (using ps aux) that uses more thab 0.1 of MEM17:07
pfifosuper789, it will likely take hours to load, try the alternate installer17:07
MeirDI thought about a way to do it easily with awk17:07
MeirDbut my assignment says I have to do it with ps aux|grep -E "^REGEX" only17:07
super789what is the alternate installer pfifo?17:07
MeirDany hints?17:07
pfifo!alternate | super78917:08
ubottusuper789: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal17:08
Canadian1296pfifo: would changing any instances of "AutomaticLoginEnable=true\n\" to "AutomaticLoginEnable=false\n\" do it?17:09
HQRajaTech-1: Heh...well I actually really like Windows 7...merely made the switch to Ubuntu for a change but loving it so far.17:09
super789pfifo thanks. but i don't have any linux skills the instalation will also be user friendlly?17:09
HQRajaLearnign new things about it each day17:09
pfifoCanadian1296, im not sure, but it sounds logical (i was thinking you might try deleting that script all together)17:09
pfifosuper789, its not that hard17:10
Canadian1296Okay, would deleting it have any adverse effects (if something calls it but it's not there)?17:10
pfifoCanadian1296, not sure, keep a backup just in case17:11
Canadian1296well im working in virtualbox and i have several snapshots, so ill try it and see what happens17:11
pfifoCanadian1296, it looks like it simply calls all scripts in that directory17:11
MeirDthis time in one line: I need to output all process (using ps aux) that uses more than 0.1 of MEM. I thought about a way to do it easily with awk. but my assignment says I have to do it with ps aux|grep -E "^REGEX" only. any hints?17:11
Canadian1296okay, so i'll delete 15autologin, and build.17:12
Canadian1296pfifo, before building i was just looking at the rest of the scripts in casper-bottom17:13
Madkisshi there.17:13
MadkissI'm installing 11.10, how do I choose LVM for disk setup?17:13
``PeeRhi either17:14
pfifoCanadian1296, try dpkg -L casper to see everything that casper installed17:14
Canadian1296pfifo, (sorry, hit enter), and i was wondering if deleting 10adduser would prevent it from adding a user at boot? that way i could set a root password and log in as root when prompted17:15
pfifoCanadian1296, that sounds like an option too17:15
Canadian1296okay, ill try it. thanks for your help17:15
sembaany hints how to set up a 2d screen for my laptop (not sure which info you'd need to help me on that so please ask if I m not telling enough)17:16
sam22why you want help ?17:17
sam22with two monitors ?17:17
Madkissit never even asks for LVM initialization orsomething.17:17
sembayes sam2217:17
sam22connect the 2nd monitor and that's it17:17
sembaI did it and it says "No signal"17:17
sam22you want me to sign any papers ?17:17
sam22reboot your system17:17
super789can some one tell me the probability of the memmoryes that i have in my p4 fit in my p3?17:18
pfifosemba, you might need to press a function key specific to your laptop to activate the vga port17:18
pfifosuper789, not good at all17:18
sembayou mean reboot with my 2nd monitor plugged, too, right?17:19
super789ok thanks17:19
warddrCan anyone help me with ironhide? Is there a good step by step tutorial or something like that?17:20
sembasam22: will try and let you know17:21
jjgalvez__does gnome-shell have a widget layer like compiz ? I'm using screenlets and would like to put one on a widget layer, but don't know how to access it in gnome-shell17:21
sam22semba no need to thank me. you will figure it out by your self17:21
super789pfifo: just to confirm pc3200 512MB ddr doesnt fit in the pentium 3 board?17:22
AlexIsAverageI'm having some trouble setting up an Afterglow USB Xbox controller. Can anyone help me out?17:23
endurewarddr: http://www.cmdematos.com/2011/10/ubuntu-1110-oneric-on-dell-xps17-l702x.html - Not really a guide but it got me ironhide running17:23
pfifosuper789, a p3 500mhz isnt going to run ubuntu desktop very well17:23
MedjaiDoes anyone know of a way to switch default bindings for workspace switching from from ctrl+alt+arrow left/right to just alt+arow left/right?17:24
warddrthanks endure , I'll take a look at it17:24
endurewarddr: No prob17:24
super789pfifo i discovered that a few minutos ago when reading the system requirements, do you recomend another distro?17:24
pfifosuper789, ubuntu-server17:24
super789i'm preparing a PC for a children to user office and some browsing17:25
super789the server haves a desktop enviorment?17:25
pfifosuper789, well anything graphical isnt going to be very good, no server dosent have a graphical enviroment17:26
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super789i have a 256mb card in the pc17:26
super789grafic card17:26
pfifosuper789, i guess your stuck with ubuntu-desktop, you wont get any beter performance from a different distro17:26
super789ok thanks17:27
super789i0m finishig downloading the alternate17:27
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pfifosuper789, it would make a good machine to run a remote desktop from17:28
warddrendure, I got it installed, and I found an example that changes the light between high and low energy profile. But the last command,    modprobe nvidea_current    gives me this error:  FATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current (/lib/modules/3.0.0-14-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia_current.ko): No such device17:29
pfifomodprobe nvidia_current17:30
pfifonot nvidea17:30
L3dhi do i need linux-kernel because it sems i havent got another version or anny installed ,and the upd cmd didnt include this ,so what do i do ?17:31
Night-hackswhere are short keys config files ?17:31
warddrpfifo, I know, just a typo here, I used the right command in the terminal17:32
L3dwhy dont i have an older version of this ?17:32
pfifowarddr, then you dont have a supported nvidia card, pastebin the output of `lspci`17:32
Exxonpfifo, modprobe | grep VGA17:32
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endurewarddr: Yer give what pfifo is saying a shot17:33
Madkissany ideas, anyone?17:33
Canadian1296pfifo, making the squashfs filesystem… my fimgers are crossed17:33
pfifoCanadian1296, good luck :)17:33
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warddrender, pfifo ,  http://pastebin.com/GtCJCDxJ17:34
Guest36322i have a ? how do i change my nick?17:34
pfifowarddr, you hyave an intel video card, I dont think it supports 3d acceleration17:34
L3dcan someone say yes or no pls17:34
L3duvd2 and vaapi17:35
warddrpfifo, I have an intel videa card, and an nvidea GT417:35
warddrpfifo, I have an intel videa card, and an nvidea GT54017:35
pfifowarddr, yeah i just noticed the second17:35
soltaniHi,I want to install win7 beside ubuntu , how can I build a bootable flash?17:35
Exxonsoltani, instead going to flash business simply burn a cd and wubi..17:36
pfifowarddr, you might need to use the nvidia drivers from their site instead of what ubuntu is providing17:36
L3ddont foreget avira besides that ,thay also have a boot-anti-virus thingy ,wich is run with a linux thingy17:36
soltaniExxon, my cd drive does not work17:36
pfifo!liveusb | soltani17:36
ubottusoltani: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent17:36
BluesKajExxon, wubi isn't a proper alternative to an real ubuntu install17:36
Dj_FlyByI am having some issues with Ubuntu 10.04 freezing during bootup now that I activated a restricted driver for my ATI Radeon HD3450. Any suggestions to fix this please?17:37
L3dsomeone care to explain why i dont have a linux kernel 13.0.0. bla installed ,this didnt show in the console update17:37
Madkissargl. LVM support is not included in the default installation image?17:37
Madkissjesus christ.17:37
oCeanMadkiss: control your language here, please17:37
pfifoMadkiss, nope, you need the alternate installer17:38
soltaniubottu, I want to install Windows 7,I have ubuntu and I want to make bootable usb,Because my cdrom does not works17:38
ubottusoltani: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:38
oCeanL3d: ubuntu does not provide latest, for oneiric it's currently17:38
soltanipfifo, I want install windows 717:38
Exxonsoltani, http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/17:38
pfifosoltani, follow the links that ubottu gave you17:38
L3ddont have any installed ,isnt that weird17:38
HQRajaBTW look into YUMI too if you want to setup multiple OS installation discs on a single USB flash drive17:38
BarbariandudeHi guys. I'm trying to convert my entire music library from .mp3 to .ogg in command line. How can I change this to cd into each folder and convert the contents inside each as well?   for x in *.mp3; do ffmpeg -i "$x" "`basename "$x" .mp3`.ogg"; done17:39
HQRajaGoogle for YUMI...should be the first result17:39
MadkissoCean: oh, so begging for god's mercy is forbidden in here?17:39
soltanipfifo, I want install windows 7, It makes bootable usb to install ubuntu17:39
oCeanMadkiss: no swearing here. Try to keep the channel family friendly and professional.17:39
sam22praise the lord!! Madkiss17:39
oCeansam22: please move on17:39
ExxonBluesKaj, i accept but is only for testing and to along ..not entirely too far but can accomadate give the user experience that he require.17:40
pfifosoltani, I can only provide support for installing ubuntu17:40
MadkissoCean: yeahright.17:40
HQRajasoltani: You currently have Ubuntu installed and you want to add a Windows 7 installation?17:40
sam22i'm a believer17:40
overdubBarbariandude: for x in $(find . -type f -name "*mp3"); do . . .17:40
BluesKajsoltani, ask in ##windows17:40
oCeansam22: that's not on topic here17:40
MadkissoCean: Lemme guess, you're from the US? :)17:40
oCeanMadkiss: nope, I'm a channel operator17:41
sam22where is the freedom of experssion oCean17:41
oCeansam22: not in IRC17:41
L3dok so is two lone swordsmen actually i am kloot ?? heh17:41
soltaniExactly Horaja17:41
L3dthnx pps17:41
Barbariandudeoverdub, and that will go through each folder?17:41
sam22GOD be with yee everyone !!!17:41
MadkissoCean: That's great, could I get your real name pretty please? And ... what role do you have in Ubuntu / Canonical?17:41
BluesKajsam freedom of expression doesn't include offending others17:41
L3dAvailable version: 3.0.0-14.2317:41
sam22i'm leavig17:41
L3dwhy !!17:42
overdubBarbariandude: will find all files of type file, and name *mp317:42
HQRajaBTW installing Windows 7 will mess up the bootloader and you won't be able to boot into Ubuntu...you must then install grub again and configure it to boot Windows/Ubuntu17:42
oCeanMadkiss: not discussing that here, you can /join #ubuntu-ops if you want to17:42
soltaniHQRaja, Exactly17:42
overdubBarbariandude: in all subdirectories unless -maxdepth is given17:42
Canadian1296pfifo, still there?17:43
pfifoCanadian1296, yeah17:44
L3dlinux header are at 13.0.-14 ?17:44
Night-hacksdoes anyone knows gconf-editor modifies which config file ?17:44
Canadian1296pfifo, it worked beautifully. Now i boot and get a login prompt, and it'll only take to root pass i gave it. Thank you so much  :D17:44
HQRajasoltani: I believe it can be done...just install Windows 7 on another partition. You will then have to boot into Ubuntu using a Live CD and find a way to install only the bootloader without installing Ubuntu again17:44
L3doCean, linux header now are at 13.0.0.-14 ??17:45
pfifoCanadian1296, cool, ill have tro take note of the method for next time17:45
oCeanL3d: what?17:45
HQRajaI haven't done that but that's how it should work in theory. I've myself installed Windows 7 first, and then let Ubuntu installation take care of the bootloader management the way it does17:45
L3dthe newest version is at ?17:45
soltaniHQRaja, I now have ubuntu17:45
Canadian1296Well i modified it a bit… Ill send what i did to you directly17:45
MedjaiIs there a way to switch default bindings for workspace switching from from ctrl+alt+arrow left/right to just alt+arow left/right?17:45
soltaniHQRaja, Is there a way to build bootloader in ubuntu17:46
L3dok so what does grub do ??17:46
Barbariandudeoverdub, for x in $(find . -type f -name "*mp3"); do ffmpeg -i "$x" "`basename "$x" .mp3`.ogg"; done <--- isn't working, says invalid directory. Do I need to include the working directory in ffmpeg or something?17:46
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:47
HQRajasoltani: You have Ubuntu now...use the Windows 7 installation CD to install Windows 7 on another partition (assuming you already have an empty partition...if you don't, make one using GParted). Once you have installed Windows 7, you won't be able to boot into Ubuntu but just use the Ubuntu Live CD or USB to boot, and then install only grub (I don't know how to do that though i.e. install only grub)17:47
HQRajaI hope that long message got across completely....in case it got cut off somewhere, lemme know and I'll paste the rest.17:47
L3doCean, how come i have no version installed and it says linux-kernel and headers vesion at ?17:47
soltaniHQRaja, but problem is my CdROm was broken!17:48
L3du say some other version is the newest ,im confussed17:48
A|i3Nis there an *easy* way to set up a shared network drive on an SSH accessible box?17:48
HQRajasoltani: Your WIndows 7 CD ROM?17:48
BarbariandudeHQRaja, it's sudo grub-install in terminal, if I remember right17:48
A|i3Nmaybe a guide of some sort i could follow17:48
Guest36322i have a question about power supplys does anybody know anything about them?17:48
L3dgues were talking stable "17:48
ScramTechWhat's the question Guest?17:48
HQRajaBarbariandude: I see...and it'll install grub even if done after booting from the Live CD/USB?17:48
Barbariandude!anyone | Guest3632217:48
ubottuGuest36322: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:48
pfifoA|i3N, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo17:49
BarbariandudeHQRaja, yup17:49
RadiumGuys I've tried playing NaCl games like 'Bastion' and 'Pocket legends' but they keep saying there's problems with my graphics card not supporting OpenGL. I just got my new Lenovo H330 computer with an i5  intel proccesor. Does Ubuntu not support it or something?17:49
soltaniHQRaja, No my CdRom which read cd and dvds!17:49
MonkeyDustnaCl is kitchen salt17:49
overdubBarbariandude: could be a few different things. hard to trouble shoot a one liner in chat room. try echo $x to see if you're getting a list of mp3 files17:49
=== nicole is now known as Guest36603
L3di can check on updates /changelog on-line but id rathe ask here ,y"know17:49
A|i3NAhah thank you Pfifo17:49
HQRajaBarbariandude: I see...thanks =)17:49
BarbariandudeRadium, i5s use optimus tech, get ironhide, google it17:49
HQRajasoltani: Oh OK...your CD Drive, you mean. You can easily make Windows 7 bootable USB. Wait, lemme get you the link for that.17:50
Guest36322if you have a 1000 watt power supply but you system only uses or needs about 720 watts is the 1000 watt pulling 1000 watts out of the wall17:50
=== marco is now known as Guest97200
soltaniHQRaja, yes , I make mistake .CD Drive! ;)17:50
Guest36322or does it only pull what it needs17:50
RadiumBarbariandude You'll have to explain that a little further?17:50
pfifoGuest36322, no, it will onyl use 72017:50
gigglefightquickquestion: ppc g4 macmini non-intel or non-amd processor which ubuntu would be best for me?17:51
BluesKajGuest36322, no , the PSU will only pull what is deamded by the pcs hardware , no more no less17:51
MonkeyDust!best| gigglefight17:51
ubottugigglefight: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:51
webnetGuest36322, sort of. it actually only pulls 120 volts at 115 which it converts to 1000 watts inside the psu17:51
HQRajasoltani: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/ (it works with creating Live USB for Linux as well as Windows, but for Windows, make sure you read the 'Very Important' section of that page)17:51
BarbariandudeRadium, you need this: https://launchpad.net/~mj-casalogic/+archive/ironhide17:51
ScramTechno Guest.. it only draws what it needs.  Can easily measure draw with a cheap KillAWatt  http://www.amazon.com/P3-International-P4460-Electricity-Monitor/dp/B000RGF29Q17:51
* Guest36603 nicole17:51
Guest36603hello there17:52
HQRajasoltani: It's a Windows app unfortunately, so you must use either WINE (not sure if it'll work well in WINE or not) or preferably, use some friend's Windows PC to run it.17:52
Guest36322so its not pulling a 1000 watts it can though pull up to a 1000 watts right17:52
L3dok sudo apt-get update ,dint install linux-renel and headers how come ?17:52
BluesKajI wish you Guest guys would choose a real nick17:52
BluesKajGuest36322, yes17:52
RadiumBarbariandude Ah thanks I'll add that PPA. Which packages do I need to install from it?17:52
webnetGuest36322, sort of. it actually only pulls 120 volts at 115watts which it converts to 1000 watts inside the psu. but it will only serve out what it needs inside the computer. if the psu is a 10,000 watter, and the mobo is a 200 watter it will only server out 200 watts17:52
L3ddo /nick wit a cool name ;)17:52
gigglefight@ubottu: thank you; need link for site with distros form selections, like a form that will narrow down the distros.17:52
webnetGuest36322, hope that helps17:53
BarbariandudeRadium, Basically, whats going on is that the laptop uses graphics switching to swap between onboard and card graphics. Nvidia never released how it works, so thats a bit of inventive reverse engineering. The package is called ironhide17:53
Guest36322cool becuse thats what i thought just was not sure exactly17:53
sembasam22 if you re still there I still need your help as I did reboot but my 2nd monitor still won't work: it turned on when my laptop restarted but said no signal just as my normal screen (the laptop one) displayed the login window17:53
HQRajasoltani: Once you have installed Windows, just boot into Ubuntu using a Ubuntu Live USB and run 'sudo grub-install' from terminal (as Barbariandude suggested), and you'll have the bootloader working for dual-boot17:53
webnetsemba, sam22 isnt on right now. i may be able to hel you tho, whats going on?17:53
RadiumBarbariandude Ah okay thanks I'll install it now17:54
HQRajaI suggest you use YUMI to get both Ubuntu and Windows 7 on the same USB for installation and live CD use17:54
L3doCean, did u make a mistake saying its version ? cause i get
Guest36603hei, am new for linux :D17:54
oCean!info linux-image-generic17:54
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)17:54
webnetGuest36603, Welcome to the community! :)17:54
Guest36322ya i was almost going to buy a new power supply because i thought that my 1000 watts was using to much power but it only uses what it needs another reason is because i cant use my backup battery with my system because it draws to much juice17:54
Guest36603anyone help me?17:54
gigglefightthank you! laters!17:55
webnetGuest36603, Welcome to the community what do you need?17:55
L3dthan why does it keep showing up at a version ..14 , is this 3rd party software i included ?17:55
sembaok I want to set up a 2nd monitor for my laptop so I plugged it in as I used to do with windows but nothing happened. Sam22 told me to reboot which I did and my 2nd monitor did turn on together with my lamptop but said no signal when I got the login page to Ubuntu17:56
webnetsemba ok are you on 10.x or 11.x17:56
=== raptor67782 is now known as raptor67682
Guest36322i was think of getting a 750 watt thinking it would draw less juice but since my 1000 watt power supply only draws what it needs then theres no point17:56
soltaniHQRaja, Is there another way?17:56
semba11.10 I think17:56
semba(very new to Linux)17:56
webnetok so unity? semba?17:56
soltaniHQRaja, ...17:57
L3dso when i install a 20A hd-fan over a prev 0.09A does it matter ?17:57
domedagen1I was thinking about getting a SSD to Ubuntu but read a lot about the importance of updating firmware17:57
Exxonsemba, it works with windows not with ubuntu..colclusion xorg is modified to your laptop sepecification not the monitor you attach later17:57
ScramTech20 Amp fan?!?17:57
domedagen1Linux is often left behind when it comes to updates17:57
webnetsemba are you using unity or gnome?17:57
Guest36322and your saying it actully only draws 120 volts and converts it to 1000 watts?17:57
FrozenFireIs there a PPA somewhere for the 3.1 kernel?17:57
``PeeRsomeone is with weechat here?17:57
Neilhello does anyone know anything about programming stacks on netbeans17:57
domedagen1What do you think about a SSD to Linux?17:58
sembawebnet: that name does ring a bell but is there a way to double check?17:58
amin`what are the choices  of notification daemons?????17:58
``PeeRL3d: what's the command to change the color of your nick ?17:58
sembaok gnome17:58
Guest36322i dont think ssd is stable memory17:58
L3dwhen i turn on my "pc" it goes really fast after4 that i dont know17:58
pfifoScramTech, a 20 amp 240v fan17:58
amin`i know xfce4-notifyd what else?17:58
A|i3Nsomeone refresh my  memory on the tool i use to find the ip's on my network?17:58
NeilPlease help me with with programming17:59
L3dthat good sir i dont knwo17:59
webnetGuest36322, yes essentially. american outlets use 120 volts at 115 watts and 150 ohms, eutope uses 240 volts at 130 watts ant200 ohms the psu actually works like an adapter17:59
Guest36322how do i change my nick?17:59
``PeeRGuest36322: /nick yournick17:59
Barbariandudeoverdub, found the problem, spaces are messing with it, how do I escape over spaces?17:59
webnetsemba. top left of you screen. just a ubuntu symbol, or 3 menus Applications | Places | System17:59
BluesKajGuest36322, 120vX15a=1800watts17:59
Neildoes anyone know anything about programming in here?17:59
airtonix!ask | Neil17:59
ubottuNeil: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:59
=== Guest36322 is now known as ImTheDude
webnetNeil what language?18:00
L3dguest use /nick NAME "18:00
``PeeRhey the dude ;)18:00
L3dname being yours ehh18:00
overdubBarbariandude: maybe replace all spaces with underscores?18:00
``PeeRHe's just... The dude, you know :P18:00
NeilWebnet its on java for netbeans18:00
* overdub hates spaces in file names18:00
MonkeyDustthe dude, the big lebowski18:00
webnetok so what do you need Neil?18:00
trismamin`: your other two main options are notify-osd and notification-daemon (gnome-shell also has a built-in notification daemon, but you really need to use gnome-shell for it)18:00
``PeeRMonkeyDust: how did you make your nick orange?!18:00
sembawebnet: that's gnome18:00
webnetsemba, you still with me?18:00
sembayep I just replied gnome18:01
webnetsembo. wow pressed enter at same time. haha18:01
Barbariandudeoverdub, it's a large music library. Sure there's no way to prefix detected spaces with \ ?18:01
L3dbig lebowski ,get of my beach property !! :p18:01
webnetok so then semba go to the system menu > Preferances > Monitors18:01
amin`trism: nice; very nice answer. really thanks YOUU ROCKK18:01
L3dso i gues putting back a (broke) 0.09a disk fan will work better ?18:02
Neili have to create a stack and a queue and i have a button created called push that is meant to create a retangle when i push it and then it has to push some text into it and everytime i push it it moves a rectangle down and replaces it with the next one with text in it and i cannot get my action listener on the button to create the rectangle18:02
L3ddoes the sudo apt-get update install linux headers also ?18:02
L3dthere not provided normaly so i gues not .. than how come i need them now "?18:03
sembai m in a system monitor menu18:03
sembais that ok?18:03
amin`trism:  whic one is better ; good looker18:03
L3di gues the newest version isnt updated ,maybe later ?18:04
ImTheDudeso eveybody agrees that 1000 watt power supply is only going to pull what it needs18:04
=== Shankysv87|lappy is now known as Shankysv87
webnetNeil, ok that question is more geared towards the ubuntu java channel #ubuntu-java check there they will be able to give you better advice18:04
pfifoImTheDude, its impossible for energy to just disappear18:04
BluesKajImTheDude, yes18:04
Neilthank u18:05
L3di dont freakin get it ,my hd-fan pulls like 20 ,will it? ,i keep getting the indicator lights saying its broke18:05
webnetok semba do you see a detect monitors button?18:05
MeQuerSatImTheDude, a 1000 watt psu will take more energy from the wall under low loads18:05
webnetNeil, No prob hope you find what you need :)18:05
MeQuerSatfor example: the efficiency for a 1000 watt maybe be a great deal lower @ 100 watt than for a 500 watt psu18:05
BluesKajpfifo, it turns into heat if it's not used , class A audio amps for example18:05
ImTheDudewhat does that mean18:05
L3dits difficult finding a 0.09a fan these days ..18:05
MeQuerSatthat means that if you just browse the web, a 1000 watt psu will consume more energy than a 500 watt psu18:06
pfifoBluesKaj, no it turns into heat when it IS used18:06
Exxonsemba, http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2009/08/ubuntu-tips-how-to-setup-dual-monitor/18:06
sembanope I have 4 tabs which are system, processes, resources and file systems18:06
mecoWhat's wrong with this line in /etc/fstab: "uuid=E6B08D1CB08CF479 /mnt/windows ntfs"18:06
ImTheDudeis my pg and e going to be worse18:06
ImTheDudebuy alot18:06
webnetgood call Exxon! semba check there18:07
BluesKajpfifo,ever own a a class A audio amp, if you did you'd know I was joking :)18:07
L3dtrhe big space thingy in the midle .. you have headers for tht18:07
=== PhthaloFox is now known as Ttech
trismamin`: I think notify-osd looks the best, but it is lacking some features of notification-daemon (like being able to close notifications)18:07
MeQuerSatmeco: you need to make it UUID18:07
webnetsemba you should be in a monitor preferences window18:07
HQRajaIs it OK to completely remove Thunderbird if I am never going to need it?18:07
pfifoBluesKaj, no18:07
ImTheDudeis it that big of a deal to wher i have to but a lower watt power supply?18:07
HQRajaOr is it required for something in the background?18:07
sembai m now in a Displays menu with a detect displays button18:08
MeQuerSatmeco: you also need two extra numbers, one for pass and one for dump: UUID=E6B08D1CB08CF479 /mnt/windows ntfs 0 218:08
RadiumBarbariandude: Okay I installed that package and restarted. I tried one of the NaCl games and it worked! But I've also tried two others and they still don't work.18:08
pfifoImTheDude, its not going to waste all that much energy, it wont be worth buying a NEW power supply for18:08
L3di have the black border around my window and scalling makes it better but in games i can sti;ll see the diffrance in colour like the border is still there ..18:08
ImTheDudeim i really going to save that much PG and E to buy a 750 watt and take out my 1000 watt?18:08
mecook, I'll make another try.18:09
amin`trism: but it closes itself?  and about the both; any form of configuration?18:09
MeQuerSatmeco: Try this line: UUID=E6B08D1CB08CF479 /mnt/windows ntfs defaults 0 218:09
BarbariandudeRadium, those are working on your onboard graphics. To use card graphics, you need to prefix the run command with 'optirun'18:09
ScramTechdepending on the efficiency rating of the PSU, the extra draw will be negligable18:09
MeQuerSatmeco: I would also use the ntfs-3g driver instead18:09
MeQuerSatmeco: so replace ntfs with ntfs-3g18:09
ImTheDudescramtech what does that mean18:10
RadiumBarbariandude: But I don't have any graphics card present in the computer. I wanted to use the built in CPU ones.18:10
L3dok ill get back at this say ow tomarow ,laters pps18:10
ScramTechDude: it means you need to go read up on how PSU's actually work, and how they are rated.  :)18:10
mecoI read somewhere that ntfs-3g might have to be installed first. I'm using 11.10. Should I check for that?18:10
L3dnot going to install stuff i dont have allready , mean updates :p18:10
ImTheDudewould you buy a 750 watt and over a 1000 watt if the 1000 watt was cheeper?18:10
BarbariandudeRadium, oh, then it's working as intended. What errors are the other 2 spitting out?18:10
trismamin`: notify-osd has hardly any configuration, I believe notification-daemon is pretty configurable but I haven't used it in a while18:10
MeQuerSatmeco: you can do a simple "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g" in the terminal18:11
pfifomeco, ubuntu comes with ntfs-3g by default, you dont need to install anything18:11
mecoAh, ok18:11
MeQuerSatImTheDude, go to ##hardware they love talking about this18:11
webnetok semba did it detect your second monitor?18:11
sembaI m sorry I cann't get to that monitor preferenceswindow!18:11
MeQuerSatpfifo, thanks, didnt know that yet :)18:12
L3dupdating thru the console ,and finding updates in update amnager is really weird ,how come these differe ?18:12
webnetsemba y not?18:12
ImTheDudewhat ever i have another question18:12
L3dr diffrent18:12
ScramTechDude: I would buy what my system requires to operate.  I would buy more than what my calculations require for stable operation of the system.  I would be more concerned about stable system than if it costs me $1 a month to run it.  :)18:12
Neilis there anyone here who knows about java there was no on in the java chat room18:12
L3dupgrade makes em install right ?18:12
ScramTechdude:  use this http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp  then buy what is required18:13
ImTheDudewhats a good board that dont use alot of juice?18:13
RadiumOne entitled 'Angrybots' shows a loading bar that freezes. The other 'Bastion' that says it requires and OpenGL compatable graphics card and I should check that I've got a compatible graphics card with the latest drivers18:13
MeQuerSatScramTech, let him go to ##hardware18:13
MeQuerSatthis is #ubuntu18:13
ScramTechmequeresat: agreed18:13
webnetsemba, pm me so we can avoid all the clutter out here18:13
L3dthats what i just said ,anywho18:13
RadiumBarbariandude I'm going to have to go AFK for a moment I'll notify you of my arrival. Won't be a minute.18:14
sembacann't find it ! I mean I don't see anythingcalled preferences anywhere, but I installed Linux yesterday, not really comfortable with it now18:15
``PeeR20 minutes to find that orange is brown here... lol18:16
ScramTechI need some help installing a Highpoint RocketRAID 2640x4 on Ubuntu Server v11.10.  Highpoint website provides pre-made RPM drivers for v10.10, but Google searches indicate there are issues with those.  They also provide Open Source Drivers for linux kernel v2.4.x and v2.6.x but apparently I'll have to add those as a kernel module.  Highpoint docs are terrible.  Was hoping for native support in kernel on v11.10 but doesn't appear to b18:16
MahaVishnuScramTech, RPM is for redhat ubuntu is .DEB18:16
ScramTechI know, I'd have to convert them18:17
ImTheDudeya thats cool18:17
MeQuerSatI think he gets that, MahaVishnu18:17
ScramTechregardless, other people say don't use them18:17
urlin2usemba, do you have a panel on the left sidee of the screen?18:17
pfifoScramTech, i would build the open source module18:17
MahaVishnuMeQuerSat, he said rpm drivers for 10.10 so I wasn't sure....18:17
Dj_FlyByI am having some issues with Ubuntu 10.04 freezing during bootup now that I activated a restricted driver for my ATI Radeon HD3450. Any suggestions to fix this please?18:17
Exxon``PeeR, orange ??18:17
mecoWhats wrong with this line in /etc/fstab: "UUID=E6B08D1CB08CF479 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g defaults 0 2"18:17
MahaVishnuMeQuerSat, Do you have to build the module from source? it might not be that hard. then getting the module in to the kernel is ez.18:17
MahaVishnuoops ^ scramtech18:17
MeQuerSatmeco: did you use quotes in the file too?18:18
ScramTechpfifo: yeah, figured that's what I'd have to do... am not finding any guides for that.  I'm making the switch from windows world to linux.  Just have alot of reading to do. :)18:18
MeQuerSatmeco: did you reboot already?18:18
pfifoScramTech, building kernel modules is pretty easy, the package should come with instructions18:18
=== GoD is now known as Guest40723
=== Guest40723 is now known as GoDy
MeQuerSatmeco: can you copy the output of "sudo blkid" to pastebin.com ?18:19
ScramTechpfifo:  highpoint docs are -horrible-.  English is definitely not their native language  ;)18:20
urlin2umeco, if you run blkid does is the uuid the same?18:20
Exxonpfifo, download from source has instructions with it..only should know to compile it