ScottLmicahg, when you are available i would like to ask you some logistic questions about transitioning the -settings files15:51
ScottLheh, i suppose i could just ask now and you can answer whenever you get back actually15:52
ScottLsince you are going redo the meta packages i think using the same structure as xubuntu would be most advantageous for sustainaibility15:54
ScottLto do this i would in essence be completely replacing the current ubuntustudio-default-settings package, replacing it with xubuntu-default-settings package, and modifying setting/replacing images15:55
ScottLthe question is: is there a preferred way to do this?15:55
ScottLshould i start with ubuntustudio-default-settings, rm everything, bzr remove everything, then add xubuntu-default-settings, and finally bzr add the new stuff?15:56
ScottLanother way?15:56
shnatselScottL: metapackages are generated from seeds and seeds structure probably will be dictated by workflows16:14
shnatselScottL: if we are going to show workflows instead of categories in the installer, of course16:15
ScottLshnatsel, i know, but micah and i had a talk about how to structure the theme and settings transition16:32
ScottLxubuntu uses basically two packages; -default-settings and -artwork while ubuntustudio has more parse out into multiple packages16:33
ScottLif we just went with the xubuntu structure, this would require adjusting the seeds to remove the "extra" ubuntustudio packages16:33
ScottLand require someone to rebuild the metas16:33
ScottLmicah suggested parsing the xubuntu-default-settings into the applicable ubuntu studio packages (-default-settings, -icon-theme, -look, etc)16:34
ScottLwhich would avoid having to rebuild the metas at this time and also distribute the changes across multiple daily images16:34
ScottLbut since he is going to touch the meta anyway for another issue, then i wanted to do the quicker and more easily (i believe) maintained wholesale switch to the xubuntu-default-settings structure16:35
shnatselwe use default-settings and artwork in elementary too16:39
ScottLi presume the changes in studio were incremental and without holistic consideration and therefore fragmented packages were created as needed17:04
ScottLdoesn't mean this is wrong or bad, it's just how i _think_ it happened17:05
ScottLbut i would really prefer to keep it as close to xubuntu for easier maintainability17:05
knomethe good thing with one larger package is that once you get a freeze exception, you can slip in other changes more easily too17:07

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