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zacariashow do you configure xubuntu so that Ctrl+F makes a "find"?00:20
holsteinzacarias: i would probably install something like kupfer, and set the binding to control F00:22
holsteinthat'll find whatever you want to configure it to find00:22
holsteinyou can determine what it is you want "find" to be, and just set that as a keybinding00:23
zacariasholstein: ok, I'll try your suggestion.00:24
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gnu_lorienIs there any way to enable ctrl alt backspace to work in xfce? I tried the setxkbmap options here: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/X/Config/DontZap and they didn't work00:41
gnu_lorienI'm using Xubuntu 11.1000:43
holsteingnu_lorien: what do you want it to do?00:53
gnu_lorienholstein, I want it to kill whatever X session I'm in when I press those buttons.00:54
holsteini usually just tty, and kill what i need00:55
gnu_lorienI do that now too, but I'm pretty angry that every new version of Xubuntu has made it harder and harder to give me the quick kill I need. This game keeps misbehaving and sometimes I have to reboot the whole system because of how resources are being eaten while I switch to tty00:56
holsteingnu_lorien: i think this will get you further http://askubuntu.com/questions/10622/how-can-i-enable-ctrlaltbackspace00:56
holsteinhowever, i think dontzap was taking out of 11.1000:57
gnu_lorienIt was. The xfce keyboard dialog doesn't have any of those options...00:58
holsteinyou could try something crazy like installing it from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dontzap/0.1.2/+build/87978101:00
gnu_lorienI don't know who got it into their head six or seven years ago that the Linux desktop needed to suck and started turning off CtrlAltBackspace, but I hate them for ruining my OS.01:02
Paimunand even after you switch to tty01:04
Paimunthe system is too frozen to do anything01:04
Paimunof course there's always the magic sysrq key!01:05
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holsteinthats happening upstream though.. there must be something else that you are supposed to do01:06
Paimunwhen you say dontzap was taken out, do you mean you just can't set it at all anymore?01:06
Paimunif so that's pretty dumb01:06
holsteini mean, its open right?01:07
holsteinyou can build it01:07
Paimunwell yeah01:07
holsteinand compile your own kernel01:07
holsteinits never *gone*01:07
holsteinits just not in upstream debian anymore for some reason01:07
holsteinand we dont have it either01:07
Paimunit's a lot more work than I really want to do just to enable c+a+b however01:07
holsteinand i dont see a PPA, so i bet theres a good reason01:07
holsteinor replacement01:07
holsteinPaimun: but thats what im proposing01:07
gnu_lorienDid I miss anything important? I dropped out to change to Gnome and change those keyboard settings. Setting it in that didn't actually enable ctrlaltbackspace. I restarted Xorg and it still doesn't work.01:08
holsteini bet we dont enable C+A+B anymore... i bet there is an alternative01:08
holsteingnu_lorien: i was commenting about how it has been taken out upstream, and im wondering what is expected to do instead01:08
gnu_lorienholstein: My experience tonight has been that it just doesn't work. I've set every option anybody refers to and it still doesn't work.01:09
holsteingnu_lorien: right, its changed... thats what im saying01:09
v3ritasSorry to bother with this question, but is there a tutorial anywhere on getting NAS working in Xubuntu? I've gotten access to it with Gigolo but i cant read or modify anything unless i copy to my main drive, edit, & copy back01:09
gnu_lorienholstein: alt + sysrq + k seems to work okay. I'll try to change to that in my mind.01:10
holsteingnu_lorien: i wish i knew the background about why that changed.. maybe ill ask aournd in a -dev channel and see01:10
holsteinv3ritas: what kind of shares?... i connect to ssh shares, but samba is a big one too01:11
holsteini think you'd need to narrow down what you want to share, and how, and then you can find guides.. ssh guides... samba guides..01:11
gnu_lorienholstein: Thanks for your help01:12
holsteingnu_lorien: sure... believe me, i understand the frustration when things change on you01:13
v3ritasholstein: Forgot to include that, was either looking at samba or ftp which both let me access, but not view or modify content01:13
holsteinv3ritas: i find ssh easy from linux to linux...01:14
holsteinyou have user rights in that case01:14
v3ritasholstein: okay, i'll take a look at that instead. I think the permissions is my problem anyway so that sounds like a better route01:15
holsteinsamba always made me sad setting permissions, but it can be done01:15
holsteini dont think FTP is the way to do what you are trying to do01:15
v3ritasonly reason i asked was because i knew it worked that way pre-11.10, then i bounced around a couple distros before coming back & that's when i was no longer able to view content01:16
holsteinv3ritas: in samba?01:16
holsteindepends on the permissions, like you say01:16
v3ritasyeah, i was looking into modifying them but i ran into a wall with configuration. In the past it always just worked OTB so i was kinda sorting thru which part was giving me the problems: the media player, my permissions, or the type of connection01:18
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maxinebi get system lock ups with wireless on (if ethernet not plugged in, so when used?) with brcmsmac and wl, blacklists appropriate whichever is in use, etc. it's a kernel panic and i cant get a dump (or alt sysreq reisub)04:06
holsteinmaxineb: if it were me, i would probably use some live CD's and see if theres a kernel that has support built in04:21
holsteinthen, i would consider just using that kernel04:22
maxinebwell none do, kernel comes with brcmsmac which doesn't work with this particular piece of crap card, though broadcom-sta works on deb squeeze04:22
holsteinmaxineb: also, these days hardware is so cheap, getting supported hardware is an option04:23
maxinebkinda wish things such as wlan card manufacturer would be mentionned on the box and etc :P04:23
holsteinmaxineb: you tried the windows drivers with ndis?04:24
holsteintheres a GUI for it now... its quite easy04:24
holsteinndisgtk? something like that04:25
maxinebtoo tainted04:25
holsteinmaxineb: ?04:26
maxinebalso tried the wl in debian's repos, same thing. i suspect a kernel problem anyway04:27
holsteinmaxineb: you wont try the windows driver?04:32
maxinebsame thing04:42
maxineb(also apparently only wl actually works for this thing)04:42
maxinebill try with the stable 3.1.X kernel later04:43
DaDaDosPromptHello. Has anyone had troubles with any recent updates to lightdm or the unity-greeter?05:46
DaDaDosPrompthttp://9.tc/~murb/images/bootchart111209.gif I ask because my system is behaving rather strangely at the point in boot where the greeter would usually appear. it blinks the monitors for a while before dumping me into what appears to be the last vestiges of plymouth05:53
zusi've set up a group for wireshark, to run it as a regular user, and i still cant get it to see my interfaces. is there something i missed that some one  else has dealt wit06:02
DaDaDosPrompthow are you starting it?06:04
DaDaDosPromptfrom the icon?06:04
DaDaDosPromptor from the terminal?06:04
zusfrom menu06:04
zusterminal is the same thing, just tried it06:04
DaDaDosPromptdid you sudo it from the terminal?06:05
DaDaDosPromptI believe you must do that, otherwise you don't have privileges for the device files for the interfaces06:05
zuslet me try sudo, i know if i log in as root it works, but im trying to  avoid that06:06
DaDaDosPromptthere may be some kind of modification you can do to avoid the need for root privilege to get a successful shark06:07
DaDaDosPromptbut I've only set up something like that on an OS X machine, which was quite a strange process06:08
zuswith sudo it works. then again as per the read me  runiing it as a regular user, and using root to analyze the packets ..06:08
zusis the recommended way, even though it installs by default that root is needed for both06:08
zushmm i even dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common and changed it so no su can capture packets.06:14
zushas anyone got wireshark to run as a regular user?06:43
zusill try later, GN all07:09
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smkhello where09:18
sebxI have the strange problem that chromium gets started with xubuntu every boot. I've disable the "run in backround" setting in Chrome and I've checked the startup applications. What else could it be? Ty11:19
xubuntu225arriba espaƱa12:35
xubuntu225viva franco12:35
zuswhat do i need on xubuntu to play dvd's? (encrypted ones as well)13:37
zusxubuntu restricted extras are already installed!13:37
hobgoblinzus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs13:39
zuschecking  it out brb13:39
zuswill this also work for the latest release on 64bit?13:43
zusbah its already the newest version....13:44
hobgoblinshould be the right version - but I've not used it myself - don't play dvd's on pc's13:47
zushmm. one day,.... things will just no longer  have to be an issue.13:48
zusany update on the weather applet? has it got fixed yet?14:05
zussigh.... dkms.conf: Error! No 'BUILT_MODULE_NAME' directive specified for record #0 Error! Bad conf file  does not represent a valid dkms.conf file.   -- any one  else get this after an update?14:19
zushas anyone got encrypted dvd's working on 1.10 xubuntu?14:30
babblezus: I do, with libraries from medibuntu14:34
babblesec, I'm updating14:34
JoshDI don't think so.14:34
babbleI'll get the exact packages for you14:34
zuslibdvdcss2 or something? i have the restricted extras installed, even.14:35
babblelibdvdcss2 from medibuntu works in 11.1014:35
babblerepo instructions for medibuntu are here: http://medibuntu.org/repository.php14:35
babblerestricted extras are just patent encumbered things like MP3 and MPEG-4 codecs (de-css is a different kettle of legal fish, I think)14:36
zusok ill brb reading the  lnks14:38
zusok, ill wait for this current download to finish, thanks for the link babble14:44
babblezus: if you're still stuck, come back14:44
babbleI may be missing an extra, but I don't think so14:44
zusso far all ive  played and watched  worked, except this dvd i bought...14:45
zusbabble,  sorry for the  delay, i had to finish a download, that was in progress,... the medibuntu bit worked out... its playing in VLC and in parole media player... thanks15:16
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Reklanafternoon all16:00
Reklana quick question if anyone can help, I have just installed xubuntu 11.10 and they software centre is only showing 2515 items available.. On 11.04 I'm sure I could access over 30,00016:01
hobgoblinchek which repos you have enabled in software sources - update/relaod and have another look16:02
Reklanahh cheers, only showing Canonical and Independant  in the other software tab..16:04
* hobgoblin has a quick look here16:05
hobgoblinsame here other than I don't have partners but do have some ppa's -= what about the first tab - I got all except source code16:06
Reklansame here..16:06
hobgoblinmight just need a reload and then look in software centre then16:06
hobgoblinbut tbh - I never use usc - I prefer cli or synaptic16:07
hobgoblinsudo apt-get update in a terminal16:07
Reklancheers its doing alot of updating now..16:08
hobgoblinReklan: k - hope fully that should do it16:11
Reklanthx hobgoblin, that did the trick....16:11
Reklangot 36150 item again..16:12
bigbrovar|Reklan: same here  ucs tend to bring in more bloats than required16:12
hobgoblinbigbrovar|: it should have exactly the same things available as anything else afaik16:13
hobgoblinI just find it ridiculously slow16:13
Reklani must admit I actually use it for my kids.. weening them on to Linux, and find thats better for them rather than synaptic16:15
hobgoblingood use of it I guess :)16:15
bigbrovar|It does just a tend to install lots of recommendations by default16:16
hobgoblinpersonally I think it sums up ubuntu of late - a triumph of form over function :p16:16
hobgoblinyea - I don't think you can stop it installing those16:16
bigbrovar|I once installed an app which pulled in nautilus without me knowing16:16
Reklantrue... :-)16:16
bigbrovar|Till t16:16
hobgoblinbigbrovar|: that was nice then ...16:17
bigbrovar|Till date I don't know which app that was.. Not didn't even know it was installed I saw it by chance16:17
bigbrovar|So I always use -R with aptitude or use synaptic which shows me what is going to be installed allowing me to remove what I don't need16:18
hobgoblinI installed alacarte and forgot to mark no recommends ... glad I noticed the list before I hit go16:18
hobgoblinat least I think it was alacarte16:18
bigbrovar|I think in my case what I installed didn't require nautilus16:19
bigbrovar|Though nautilus and gnome archive manager were both installed16:20
Reklanlol  believe it or not .. I'm actually installing Nautilus as we speak16:20
babblethere are a slew of gnome dependencies that get installed with the oddest things (Alacarte (menu editor) is a typical culprit)16:21
hobgoblinbabble: indeed - caught on quick did hobgoblin16:21
babblethe thing is, I haven't a clue why Nautilus - for example - is a dependency for *Alacarte*16:22
babbleit's always likely that there's stuff going on I'm missing, but I just don't get it16:22
hobgoblinit's probably a dependency of a dependency16:22
Reklandoe anyone know if Thunar will be getting network support in the future, so that it can access network shares easily?16:22
babblethen why would it let me UNinstall Nautilus afterward?16:22
babbleit's just odd. hehe.16:23
hobgoblinno idea16:23
babbleReklan: I've got a set of usual network mounts that I keep in a folder as URL shortcuts (those open in Thunar if Thunar is set as your default file manager)16:24
hobgoblingnome-panel is the dependency of alacarte, the list of dependencies for gnome-panel is rather long :)16:24
babbleeech. I'm gonna have to clean install my system.16:24
babble<- fond of cruft, apparently.16:24
Reklancheers for the help guys.. time to pick the wife up.. have fun16:25
babblewoot! the spotify linux preview updated?16:28
babblehuzzah. one less reason to use Winders.16:28
babblesigh. I really shouldn't be using Spotify as little as they end up paying to artists, but...16:32
babbleI do lurves me some spotify.16:32
Sysionly way to get money to artists is donating or going to gigs16:33
babbleSysi: oh, I know typical record deals are hideous.16:33
babbleI just feel. hm. strange? strange, I guess, helping the situation along with things like Spotify16:33
Sysibuilding own music streaming service is kinda dumb when you can get it cheap from somebody, legally16:34
babbleI know it's legal.16:34
babbleit's just.16:34
babblein my better world, artists would be paid better16:34
teknodukei have troubles with volume control16:38
teknodukei cant get the max volume xubuntu block it and mute the output16:39
ThereIsOnlyXULHello folks, I wanted to ask a question about dual monitors. I have arandr installed as a GUI, and I want to use the HDMI TV I have hooked up as an extended desktop, not a clone of the display on the laptop.17:04
ThereIsOnlyXULWhat's the exact thing I need to place in either the laptop of HDMI script to make this happen?17:05
knomei'm not familiar with the arandr gui, but with xrandr, it's something like --left-of17:05
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ThereIsOnlyXULarandr just presents similar options as in the Display preferences and has a textbox for each active display, so it's somewhat user friendly.17:07
Sysiyou can export scripts with arandr17:07
ThereIsOnlyXULBut I will look that up with what litttle confirmation I got.17:08
ThereIsOnlyXULRather, excuse Me...17:09
ThereIsOnlyXULarandr has a textarea field come up to edit the script for stuff like this.17:09
SysiAFAIK it should just export scripts with settings you've done with GUI17:10
jubo2I loved how Xubuntu had the bootable USB stick maker pre-installed under "system tools" urr thereabouts17:11
jubo2and it autodetected the .iso file as well as the stick ..17:12
jubo2What was up with running upgrades disabled the thing that looks like the Scale-plugin for Compiz ( which I did not get to work properly on Xubuntu17:12
jubo2so I'm on Kubuntu ktnxbai17:13
Sysiglad you find something suitable for your needs17:14
ThereIsOnlyXULI found My answer.17:16
jubo2Sysi: I cannot has suspend / hibernate immediatelly after hitting the power button once .. I want the best of Xubuntu and best of Kubuntu and best of GNOME put into one OS and a lot of anti-bug work put into it..17:16
ThereIsOnlyXULxrandr --output LVDS1 --auto --output HDMI1 --auto --right-of LVDS117:17
jubo2there are varying levels of copying Mapple Computer Products Corporation copying goin17:17
jubo2'... on in teh Linuxen17:17
Myrttithat makes limited amount of sense17:18
jubo2Sysi: I've run into bizarre bugs latestly ..17:18
Sysijubo2: you could try debian, spend some time setting kde the way you want if xfce lacks something17:18
Sysior just ubuntu LTS17:18
jubo2Sysi: I have serious problems like the OS ( the Xubuntu ) doesn't know how to put wlan shared secrets into a keyring properly17:19
ThereIsOnlyXULjubo2: You're using Linux. Bizarre bugs is the name of the game brah!17:19
jubo2and it's stopped asking passwd for system modifications.. what's up with that ..?17:19
jubo2and ( this bug also on Kubuntu ) - No soundz in irczorz17:20
Sysigksudo remembers authenticarion for fifteen minutes IIRC17:20
ThereIsOnlyXULUseability thing for people who log into their PC automatically, yet not know their password.17:20
ThereIsOnlyXULI guess...17:20
ThereIsOnlyXULthe update manager nver asks me for a pass on Ubuntu anymore, but this behavior exists still in XFCE.17:20
jubo2Quassel - hit F7 ( preferences ) - The sounds and bubbles are supposed to be on but they're not .. pre-listening listen plays ok, no sound for !stalk match17:21
Sysi#kubuntu knows kde/qt apps better17:22
jubo2Why do the translators lie intentionally, why systems downgrade themselves ?17:24
jubo2Why couldn't you have just one linux flavour that was really bug free and free ?17:24
Sysibecause people have different opinions17:25
jubo2I chose Xubuntu originally because I wanted to be out of the KDE / Gnome axel17:25
Sysiyou really should try something outside ubuntu17:25
SysiI was about a year with fedora when xubuntu had problems with nvidia17:26
jubo2Sysi: well [[Linux Mint]] has Compiz pre-installed and enabled17:26
jubo2so that would seem a savvy choice17:26
jubo2comes in debian and ubuntu flavours17:26
Sysiit's ugly ripoff of ubuntu with weird setup and licensing problem, but go ahead and try17:26
jubo2hey, they have Lxde, that's same WM as Xubuntu17:27
Sysino, lxde uses openbox, not xfwm417:27
jubo2Sysi: so basically go for debian and forget the other linuxen flavours..17:27
jubo2I'm not that techie17:28
jubo2I just want something that is easy to use, intuitive and has reawwy reawwy reawwy little bugs17:28
Sysidebian has problems too, but it's probably most bug free out there17:28
Sysitalking about stable release of course17:29
jubo2On Xubuntu I cannot raise all 4 shells with one action. that's a minus.17:29
jubo2I have to click quatrice17:30
ThereIsOnlyXULarandr is awesome,. and I am stupid.17:30
jubo2"Bu hao" as they would say in China ..17:30
pleia2jubo2: this is a support channel for xubuntu, if another distro works better for you then you should use it17:31
ThereIsOnlyXULAll I had to do with arandr was drag the screen labelled HDMI1 to the right of LVDS117:31
Sysiobvious things can be so troublesome17:31
ThereIsOnlyXULjubo2: Let's get something straight right away.17:40
ThereIsOnlyXUL*buntu is not about stability. *buntu is about having the latest in "Innovative" Linux programming.17:41
jubo2I thought it was user comfort level17:41
ThereIsOnlyXULIf you want stability, then balls to *buntu, go with Debian and configure your own environment like a man. :P17:41
ThereIsOnlyXULOr, something else that uses RPM or YUM.17:42
ThereIsOnlyXULOr better yet, want stability? Give TinyCore a try. Then you only have a minimal GUI and have to configure most of everything by hand! P17:43
jubo2So Ubuntu is about user comfort candy ?17:43
ThereIsOnlyXULHey, least it's 50MB after install. :P17:43
ThereIsOnlyXULYeah, pretty much. Give the user an environment, make t pretty, balls to stability.17:43
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ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!17:44
ThereIsOnlyXULSorry there GridCube, He wanted an answer to a question regarding *buntu distros in general.17:45
* ThereIsOnlyXUL smiles17:45
GridCubestill not support question17:46
GridCubeinvite him to offtopic and discuss all what you want :D17:47
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w30How can I make Parole play .swf files (Shock Wave)?19:23
well_laid_lawn!info xubuntu-restricted-extras19:27
ubottuxubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Xubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 56 (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 36 kB19:27
lumiohello everybody :D I got a liiiittle problem :D I only have a bluetooth mouse and there alreade popped a little box that asks me if I want to allow my mouse to be connected with my computer... "Always accept, Accept, ...." ... unfortunately... I can't click it :P19:28
lumiodoes anyone know how to navigate with my keyboard?19:28
holsteinlumio: plug in another mouse? tab to the button and hit enter?19:28
lumiohm... then I have to search for another mouse :/19:29
lumiois there no way to be able to use my keyboard?19:29
holsteinOR, try hitting the tab key, and hitting the enter key when you have the button you want to 'click' selected19:29
lumiois there a keyboard shortcut for opening the system menu?19:30
holsteinthese super key, then you can use the arrows, and the enter key, and the tab key19:31
holsteinalt+F2 and run what you want19:31
lumiook... how is the system-tools in xubuntu called?19:31
holsteini would just navigate where you want from the menu19:32
w30well_laid_lawn, I have restricted addons but not extras, maybe that's the trouble. I will get the extras. Thank you well_laid_lawn19:33
well_laid_lawncheers w3019:33
w30well_laid_lawn, nope, that didn't work. Firefox works though. hmmm......19:36
well_laid_lawnI use mplayer 'cause it just works19:36
w30well_laid_lawn, Parole works for everything but .swf so I was hoping for a one shot player *sigh*19:37
w30well_laid_lawn, I am on a new box, I have always had to have mplayer and mencoder for other uses  so I might as well default to mplayer.19:40
well_laid_lawnw30: it'll save some work ;)19:40
w30well_laid_lawn, A good way to speed Linux up is to edit /proc/cpuinfo, line 4 to read "model name      : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz"  *ha*19:42
lumiook I don't have a mouse19:48
ubuntui installed debian on another partition. till the grub portion. when i boot up it says grub rescue>  how can i get xubuntu and debian to show up on my original xubuntu grub? im on a live disc rright now20:16
ubuntudid my  text get chopped?20:17
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)20:17
holsteinhmmm... interesting...20:18
holsteinanyways... i would read the part about recovering from a live CD20:18
holsteinrecovering grub using a live CD20:18
ubuntuthanks, i tried to put debian on a  partition.20:19
holsteinubuntu: right... just recover grub from the live CD... GRUB will find all the OS's and boot them... you can try something like plop or gag too20:20
ubuntushould i do a  /boot next time?20:21
w30well_laid_lawn, thanks again, gotta go..20:37
lightaheya, does someone using netbeans here ? having some trouble lauching it sometime, it's like it's closing with no reason21:20
lightasad =(21:27
Crash_O-Dwhat can i use to decompile swf and recompile?21:39
thirdyhi, I'm planning to try out devilspie, however, I thought I would ask for an advise here first21:43
thirdyare there any other popular desktop customization software?21:44
GridCubei like using screenlets21:52
ubuntuwhat was the grub site again, it managed to get a grub but when i boot into my xubuntu it gets stuck at the bluebackground with that bar sliding side to side.... then nothing21:55
GridCubethen grub has nothing to do21:58
GridCubecheck xorg21:58
thirdyGridCube, thanks, probably the better way of getting what I want22:00
thirdyGridCube, is there an option to embed it on the desktop? meaning it wont get minimized22:06
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GridCubethirdy, http://imagebin.org/187961 see that last check  box? it should say something about the program deamon, uncheck it like mine22:13
thirdyGridCube, great, let you know once I finish installing. cool deskop btw22:15
GridCubethanks :)22:16
GridCubei changed the system font to the ubuntu one, it looks better in my opinion :P22:17
thirdyanother question. I changed my computer's name by editing a config file I forgot about. now I'm getting "unable to resolve host <newhost name>". Luckily I got to fix this quickly by fixing /etc/hosts. Now I wonder are there any other gotchas I need to fix. hmm22:21
GridCubeno idea22:22
DaDaDosPromptyeah, you may have to change it with the hostname command itself22:24
DaDaDosPromptI did that once myself, with the same result, and I feel as though I had to either alter more than one file or else alter a file and run a command22:24
Myrttior change it in both /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname22:25
Unit193!hostname | Should have the info22:26
ubottuShould have the info: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.22:26
DaDaDosPromptAnyone been having any issues with the unity-greeter crashing as of a recent update? I seem to be having that problem, but I can't isolate a cause in the Xorg logs.22:28
GridCubewhy do you have the unity greeter?22:28
thirdyetc/hosts & etc/hostname are the same, thanks, that's one successful fix :)22:28
DaDaDosPromptI'm not even precisely sure why unity-greeter would be running on xubuntu, since it uses lightdm, though it seems as if lightdm's greeter is also crashing on boot22:28
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DaDaDosPromptman, you got me22:28
DaDaDosPromptwant to see my boot chart?22:29
DaDaDosPromptthe behavior is completely ridiculous22:29
GridCubexubuntu uses the lightdm22:29
GridCubebut we use our own greeter22:29
GridCubeits not very pretty yet, but it will be22:29
DaDaDosPrompthttp://9.tc/~murb/images/bootchart111209.gif the image is pretty large, but if you look at the CPU waveform and then scroll down until you see Xorg going berserk, you'll see both lightdm-greeter and unity-greeter crashing pretty quickly22:30
DaDaDosPromptin older charts they seemed to run for much longer22:30
DaDaDosPromptthat little Xorg spasm has a strange appearance22:32
DaDaDosPromptthe monitors blink on for fractions of a second in some unknowable sequence as the X server tries and fails to start22:32
DaDaDosPromptseems like it does that about 55 times or so, then fails over to what I'd guess are leftover plymouth screens, at which point I can login to another tty and startx from there22:33
GridCubeDaDaDosPrompt, edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and change the last line to > greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter22:34
DaDaDosPromptah, it's set to unity-greeter for some reason22:34
DaDaDosPromptmust have been something with a package22:35
DaDaDosPromptguess I should reboot and see what happens22:35
DaDaDosPromptcripes, hope this fixes it22:35
GridCubegood luck reboot and come back to tell us22:36
DaDaDosPromptalrighty, rebooting22:36
DaDaDosPromptsure hope it works. rebuilding this machine is pretty tough for other inscrutable reasons22:37
DaDaDosPromptProbably my punishment for running a GPU that requires proprietary Catalyst drivers22:37
DaDaDosPromptGridCube, you are my hero!22:38
DaDaDosPromptlet's see if I can log in22:38
DaDaDosPromptlost the cool bootscreen with the black background and the white dots, but it's a small price to pay22:39
GridCubeyes, pretty lightdm greeter will come with PP22:39
DaDaDosPromptOk, looks like it's most of the way back. Just gotta figure out what killed my terminal transparency and things should be back to normal. Guess I'll type up some notes.22:40
Sawkusquick question about dual monitors, is there a way I can drag programs across monitors?  I suppose this might just mean disabling dragging across workspaces, which is fine for me22:41
DaDaDosPromptDepends on your GPU. Does your Xorg.conf contain a line concerning "Virtual" ?22:42
DaDaDosPromptWhat sort of GPU are you using, and which drivers?22:42
GridCubeSawkus, depends on how you set up your dual monitors22:42
GridCubeif you just extend your desktop just move your windows22:43
SawkusI'm using nvidia's drivers on an nvidia 24022:43
DaDaDosPromptdid you write your own Xorg.conf, or did the Nvidia tool do it?22:43
SawkusI used nvidia's22:43
DaDaDosPromptok, run this and tell me if you get any output22:44
SawkusI set up this second monitor (actually a tv) just a few minutes ago, so I haven't tried a lot22:44
DaDaDosPromptgrep -i virtual /etc/X11/xorg.conf; echo $?;22:44
Sawkus1 was the output22:45
DaDaDosPromptwhat that means is that it didn't find a "Virtual" line in your config file22:47
DaDaDosPromptcan you take a screencap of your nvidia setup interface?22:47
DaDaDosPromptI don't have one in front of me on a multi-monitor rig.22:47
Sawkussure, which part of it?22:47
DaDaDosPromptone dealing with multiple monitors22:47
DaDaDosPromptactually, let me go boot my Revo. It probably uses the same basic interface22:47
DaDaDosPromptBut on this rig, multiple monitors required that a "Virutal" variable be defined in the xorg.conf, which sets up a "virtual desktop" and specifies its dimensions22:48
DaDaDosPromptand the multiple monitors represent what I would describe as "slices" of this desktop22:48
DaDaDosPromptI believe that's an XRandR feature22:49
DaDaDosPromptthough it may also be Xinerama. I haven't been able to determine which it is from the docs I've found on the subject, and the best book on X11 doesn't seem to know about this stuff either.22:49
SawkusI don't have xinerama enabled, should I click that box?22:50
DaDaDosPrompterr, hold off22:50
DaDaDosPrompthere's what's bugging me, and I apologize I can't offer more info on the subject22:50
DaDaDosPromptXinerama, from what I can tell, is vastly outdated22:50
DaDaDosPromptthe Xinerama main site, or what I took to be the main site, hasn't been updated in eons22:50
DaDaDosPromptI'd look for some other option, but you can try enabling it if you see nothing else22:51
DaDaDosPromptI don't have it enabled on my AMD, and I'm rolling three monitors22:51
DaDaDosPromptso my xorg.conf has a line reading "Virtual 4480 1920"22:51
SawkusI mean the first thing I should probably try is disabling dragging across workspaces, right?  I can't find the option to do that22:52
DaDaDosPromptbut that said, I don't trust the Catalyst Control center any further than I can throw it, and I can't throw it very far22:52
DaDaDosPromptdisable it?22:52
DaDaDosPromptsounds like you want to enable it22:52
DaDaDosPrompthave I misunderstood?22:52
SawkusI think so, umm22:52
Sawkusdragging across workspaces meaning that as I drag a window across the left of my screen, it moves to workspace two, and if I drag it down, it goes to workspace three (I have 2x2)22:53
DaDaDosPromptooh, hm22:53
DaDaDosPromptyeah, you can try that22:53
DaDaDosPromptis that an option in the GPU config application?22:54
DaDaDosPromptor is that a desktop manager option?22:54
DaDaDosPromptif it's the latter, I'd bet that it won't help22:54
GridCubeSawkus, what if you just have 2 desktops?22:54
GridCubeor just one?22:54
SawkusI have four workspaces if that's what you mean, but I can select to "send to workspace x" or ctrl-alt down/up/left/right to move across workspaces22:55
GridCubebut get just one and see if you can drag the windows to the other monitor22:55
Sawkusmaybe I should specify, I have no problem dragging my mouse to the other monitor22:56
Sawkusand oh, thanks I misunderstood22:56
Sawkusno I can not22:56
GridCubeSawkus, install arandr22:57
GridCubeand control the duality from there22:57
DaDaDosPromptwhat package does arandr correspond to?23:02
DaDaDosPromptalso, hehe, fixed my terminal transparency23:02
DaDaDosPromptthink I'm back in business23:02
DaDaDosPromptmost excellent23:02
Sawkusarandr is it's own package23:02
DaDaDosPromptah. but is it specific to any particular GPU driver stack?23:03
GridCubeits a front end for randr23:04
Sawkusa guide for randr said to edit xorg, but as to which one, here's my xconf:23:05
Sawkus** sorry I mean but I'm not sure as to which line to edit23:06
GridCubeyou have two x instances23:06
GridCubescreen0 and screen123:07
GridCubei don't understand much of xorg23:07
GridCubebut i guess arandr will help you23:07
Sawkusthis probably means nothing but from arandr output:23:08
Sawkus*woops I mean23:08
Sawkus/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/screenlayout/xrandr.py:42: UserWarning: XRandR wrote to stderr, but did not report an error (Message was: 'xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default\n')23:08
Sawkus  warnings.warn("XRandR wrote to stderr, but did not report an error (Message was: %r)"%err)23:08
GridCubeno idea sorry23:08
Sawkusokay, probably no big deal then23:08
GridCubesomeone smarter might help you23:09
SawkusI'm really not sure what I'm looking at for xrandr, the monitor it shows is "Default"23:10
Sawkusis this what it should show?23:13
GridCubei guess so23:14
Sawkusand when I run it with the -q switch, it only shows one monitor as well23:14
GridCubeSawkus, take a screenshot of arandr please23:16
GridCubeand pass it here23:16
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.23:16
Sawkusactually, I didn't have twinview enabled in nvidia display config23:17
Sawkuswhen I switch to twinview, Failed to set MetaMode (1) 'DFP-0: nvidia-auto-select @1920x1080 +0+0, DFP-1: 1920x1080 @1920x1080 +1920+0' (Mode 3840x1080, id: 50) on X screen 0.23:20
Crash_O-Dhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/766400/ errors when trying to make a file to install23:22
XenicideDoes anyone know what the boot options are during install?23:29
Sawkusgridcube: http://imagebin.org/18797523:31
Sawkusas you had asked23:31
Sawkuswhat am I doing wrong?23:32
GridCubeyou just have one screen there23:32
GridCubei don't know23:32
GridCubedoesnt the link i pased you help?23:32

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