dscasselMeeting in 1000:50
dscasselHi all!00:59
dscasselDarwinSurvivor jaguar Kamondelious khoover MylesBraithwaite BluesKaj Drone4four Jeruvy KombuchaKip pangolin BobJonkman Kulag perilouspillow willwh bregma FiReSTaRT kavurt ryanakca zeroedout cyphermox jaguar kenjy mars sipherdee zul01:00
dscasselMeeting time!01:01
dscasselHi bregma, Drone4four :D01:01
dscasselPlease introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you and what do you do on/with/for Ubuntu?01:01
dscasselI'm Darcy in Waterloo, ON, and I'm a LoCo contact for Ubuntu Canada. I'll be chairing this meeting.01:02
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dscasselAgenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-12-1301:02
dscasselThanks Bob. :)01:03
BobJonkmanHi all:  Bob Jonkman, from Elmira, in Waterloo01:03
bregmaI'm Stephen, from the back woods of Lanark County Ontario, I'm an inveterate hacker and Ubuntu and Debian contributor01:03
txwikingerHi dscassel01:03
dscasselHi txwikinger :)01:04
* BobJonkman is having some trouble removing focus from a hidden window. Perhaps a Compiz #Fail01:05
bregmaBobJonkman, what version of Ubuntu are you running?01:06
bregmathat compiz bug happened alot in 10.0401:06
dscasselI'm getting a drink.  Settle in and introduce yourself if you haven't already.01:08
BobJonkmanbregma: It's Ubuntu 11.10.  Just switched from Gnome3 to gnome-fallback-session01:09
BobJonkmanI'm finally productive again, but there are still little things01:09
dscasselIt's a short agenda.01:10
dscasselFirst up: Past Events.01:10
dscasselBob, you had UDS on the list. I thought we talked about that last time...01:10
BobJonkmanIt was actually going on during the last meeting.01:10
dscasselI guess we were mid-UDS...01:10
BobJonkmanI thought maybe someone had a summary01:11
BobJonkmanNot me though.01:11
* BobJonkman is a homebody01:11
dscasselI didn't sit on too many sessions after our meeting last time.01:11
dscasselbregma: were you there?01:11
bregmaI was01:11
dscasselAnything awesome? :)01:12
bregmaMono was supposed to be removed from the CD, but that's not cast in stone01:12
bregmaCanonical is looking at putting Ubuntu on TVs, tablets, and phones01:12
bregmaand something about the server, juju, things like that I don't pat attention to01:13
dscasselThe ISO will no longer fit on a CD...01:13
bregmayes, that's the problem01:13
dscasselThe LoCo Council session about province teams was somewhat dissatisfying. I tried to make our case on IRC, but I don't think the room was paying attention to the channel.01:14
BobJonkmanI saw your (dscassel) comments on Jono's update today01:15
dscasselAccording to this: http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/12/13/loco-council-goings-on-in-12-04/ they've decided to give some recognition to city teams.01:15
dscasselYeah. :)01:15
dscasselI had a blog post about city teams a month ago: http://www.flyingsquirrel.ca/index.php/2011/11/04/recognizing-city-teams/01:15
BobJonkmanI got the idea from that they *weren't* going to give any love to City teams01:15
BobJonkmanthat == Jono's post01:16
dscasselFrom Jono's post: "as a compromize, a field on teams pages on the LoCo Teams Portal would be created to add a contact for a city."01:16
dscassel(Jono's getting going a little overboard with his Americanization)01:17
BobJonkmanWell, as with the last meeting, I'd like to continue on just as we are.  There's Ubuntu-ca-kw and others too01:18
dscasselI just want to the LC to recognize that LoCos are composed of city teams (with a bit of administration and resources at the national/state level) even though they don't deal with cities directly.01:18
dscasselYeah, pretty much. :)01:19
dscasselRight now, Ubuntu Canada is Waterloo, Toronto, and your town once you start it up. :D01:19
bregmanothing from the wet coast?01:20
dscasselThe Vancouver LoCo is independent.01:21
dscasselAnd Quebec is its own LoCo.01:21
BobJonkmanBut the LoCo council won't prevent us from organizing City events, so it really makes no difference, does it?01:23
dscasselNot really.01:23
willwhhey guys - can't take part tonight, sorry, contracting - firefighting atm :)01:23
txwikingerI wouidn't get ro worked up about the council01:24
dscasselI'm trying to get the LoCo Council to at least recognize that city teams exist within LoCos so that they can be more discoverable and people realize there's a role they can fill.01:24
dscasselLike I said in the blog post, though, most of that work we can do ourselves.01:25
txwikingerWe should focus more about what we can do01:25
dscasselYeah, true.01:25
txwikingerI think there might be some interest in Brantford01:25
txwikingerSo I will further explore and develop that01:25
cyphermoxdscassel: isn't that the purpose of city "contacts" within a loco?01:26
txwikingerAnd I think everybody can do similar things where they are locally01:26
dscasselcyphermox: Yeah. And I'm happy about that development. We'll see how it pans out.01:26
dscasselThanks for the shout out Bob. :)01:27
BobJonkmanHooray for dscassel and txwikinger01:27
dscasselI wanted to write a blog post, but I ended up getting swamped with work.01:27
dscasselI probably should do it anyway. 9_901:27
* txwikinger too01:28
dscasselThanks for your help with the LoCo directory, Ubuntu Hour and meeting minutes, Bob. :D01:28
dscasselEvery day should be UCADay. :)01:29
BobJonkmanUCADay is one of those things that shouldn't need to exist.  Thanx should be spread around every day01:29
BobJonkmanBut now that it's here it can be another rallying point for an event01:29
txwikingerIt is always easy to looik at some visible leaders01:30
txwikingerI think UCA is to appreciate the people who are not getting appreciation on a regular basis01:30
txwikingerLike the person that came to the last Ubuntu hour with a question01:30
txwikingerOr the person that recently decided to use Ubuntu01:31
dscasselI'm all for that.01:32
dscasselUpcoming Events01:32
dscasselUh, kinda a slow month.01:32
txwikingerHey.. I said that!01:32
BobJonkmanMerry Chrishanukwandiwaleid!01:33
dscasselThere's an Ubuntu Hour tomorrow in Waterloo.01:33
* txwikinger is on podcasr duty01:33
dscasselThere'll (probably) be one Jan 6 in Kitchener.01:33
dscasselThere's one in your town as soon as you run it! :D01:34
txwikingerAre the three wise men coming?01:34
BobJonkmanThere were a couple of impromptu Ubuntu Minutes during NaNoWriMo.01:34
dscasseltxwikinger: You, Charles and Bob?01:34
BobJonkmanI gave away a bunch of Ubuntu disks01:34
dscasselBobJonkman: That's awesome.01:34
txwikingerstop picking onmy white beard01:34
* dscassel and txwikinger are in the same room, btw.01:35
BobJonkmanI was sitting at one NaNo write-in, rotating my Compiz cube, and overheard someone ask "What's That?"  and the reply, "Oh, htat's L:inux".01:36
dscasselYou can see us here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kwartzlab (behind the guys talking about the laser cutter)01:36
BobJonkmanSo I gave them disks01:36
BobJonkmanLinux seems to be fairly popular amongst the NaNoWriMo crowd01:37
dscasselCool. :D01:38
dscasselWe have a date for the Global Jam:01:38
dscasselMarch 2-4, 201201:38
BobJonkmanAnything happening for Ubuntu-ca ?01:38
txwikingerThat is better than last time01:38
dscasselStart planning now!01:39
dscasselWe'll be doing something at Kwartzlab in KW.01:39
txwikingerWell. I would say we should slowly start planning01:39
BobJonkmandscassel: That'll be a Saturday afternoon at Kwartzlab?01:39
dscasselI'll see if Sammy is up for doing anything in Toronto.01:39
dscasselBobJonkman: yup.01:40
dscasselIf you're interested, let us know!01:40
txwikingerI will make sure we annouce it early enough in the region01:41
txwikingerI think the treehaus people are a good audience01:41
dscasselYeah. I'd like to have a bit more of a plan this time.01:41
dscasselI think I said that last time too.01:41
dscasselWe could ask around for formal talks/presentations on interesting Ubuntu development/QA things.01:43
dscasselMaybe I can talk to people at UW (eg, the CSC) about joining us.01:45
txwikingerAnybody in other cities willing to organise something?01:45
txwikingerIf needed01:45
bregmawhat goes on in a global jam?01:46
txwikingerwe can have the streaming running so there does not need to be a full organisation with presentation etc01:46
dscasselbregma: Depends on who's running it and what people want to do.01:46
dscasselEasiest thing is install testing for the beta.01:46
dscasselTry it out on hardware.01:46
dscasselThen there's bug triage.01:47
dscasselOr the group can take on a project.01:47
dscasselFlorida will be running a LoCo Directory dev sprint.01:47
dscasselVancouver did their Unity documentation during a global jam, I think.01:48
dscasselPick a package and give it some love. Stuff like that.01:49
txwikingerThe thing is to organise a place and time and invite people01:49
txwikingerTo get some programme together should be not too difficult after that01:49
txwikingerAnd we can work toegther which is in my opinion anyway the idea of a "global" jam01:49
dscasselYeah. If you know who's coming, you can work with their skills and interest.01:50
BobJonkmanI still haven't seen txwikinger's presentation on bug triage01:51
txwikingerI can repeat it if people are aren't bored by it01:51
dscasselNever. :)01:52
hakimsheriffHello Everybody01:52
dscasselHi, hakimsheriff :)01:52
BobJonkmanHello hakimsheriff01:52
hakimsheriffSorry I missed the meeting, is it still going on?01:52
BobJonkmanJust talking about the Ubuntu Global Jam01:53
dscasselhakimsheriff: Yup, but winding down.01:53
hakimsheriffahh okay,01:53
dscasselhakimsheriff: ever been to the Montreal jam?01:54
dscasselI guess it was at the Canonical office last time.01:54
hakimsheriffNo, never,01:55
BobJonkmanDo you think any of the local high-tech companies would be interested in hosting the Jam?01:55
dscasselBobJonkman: You mean in KW?01:55
dscasselPossibly, but we've got Kwartzlab which is easier to coordinate.01:56
pangolindscassel: the last bug jam was at the Canonical Montreal offices.01:56
BobJonkmanI know of some high tech companies in KW.  If we can get them interested, they might host in other location s too01:56
dscasselBobJonkman: I'm all for more events, but I can only organize one. :)01:57
BobJonkmanI'm not sure if places like Google, RIM or OpenText would view an Ubuntu event as "The Competition"01:58
dscasselOpenText doesn't view Ubuntu as competition. (I happen to know...)01:59
BobJonkmanThought you might...01:59
dscasselAnd they'd be open to hosting/sponsoring.01:59
BobJonkmanOne of the women at NaNoWriMo worked at some local high tech firm (forget which one), and declicned my offer of a disk.  Said her company already usess Ubuntu.02:00
BobJonkmanSo there might be a mercenary interest...02:00
dscasselBob, we'll talk tomorrow. :)02:01
BobJonkmanMeet you at the Waterloo Ubuntu Hour :))02:02
dscasselThat's the end of our planned agenda. Anyone have anything else?02:03
marsBobJonkman, what time is the Waterloo hour?02:03
BobJonkmanThe Waterloo Ubuntu Hour is at 8:00pm EST at Whole Lota Gelata02:03
BobJonkmanThey might be closing early (9:00pm) because it's cold and dark out02:04
marscool, thanks02:04
BobJonkmanNext meeting on the 10th or thet 17th of January?02:05
BobJonkmanIRC meeting, that is02:06
dscasselBobJonkman: Either works for me.  10th?02:06
BobJonkmanOK, I'll post it shortly.02:06
dscasselThanks, all. :)02:07
BobJonkmanBack to my 'focus-on-a-window-I-can't-find' problem.  I can type in this window, but the mouse is active somewhere else.  Can't find it.02:08
BobJonkmanI'm considering the IT Crowd solution: Turn it off and on again.02:08
BobJonkmanAny better ideas?02:09
dscasselBobJonkman: no idea.02:09
bregmatry compiz --replace from a terminal window?02:09
dscasselI've had weird focus issues on my desktop lately.  Intermitent and inconsistent too.02:09
BobJonkmanbregma: What does that do?02:10
bregmait restarts compiz, I think, unless X is really messed up02:11
hakimsheriffOkay everybody, Bye!02:11
bregmawhich it often is for me, but I'm special that way02:11
BobJonkmanI don't think it's *really* messed up.  I can move the mouse pointer on the screen, but it appearst to be on something else02:13
BobJonkmanOK, back to normal.  I think02:22
BobJonkmanSwitched to a text screen, killed the tty7 session.  Logged in again, but the left-mouse button was still unresponsive.  Turned the mouse off and on again, now everything is fine02:23
BobJonkmanIt's a Logitech bluetooth mouse,  a really fine beast most days02:23
bregmasometimes bluetooth can go a little wonky too02:24
BobJonkmanScrewed up the Synaptics pad too, though, so I thought it was something else02:24
bregmayeah, that sounds like messed up xinput02:24
BobJonkmancompiz --replace complained it couldn't find the display02:24
BobJonkmanIt doesn't look like $DISPLAY is set on my computer02:25
bregmaoh, that, you have to set DISPLAY=:0 before you run it02:25
bregmaif you;re doing it from a text console (not a text console window)02:25
BobJonkmanOh.  Thought some Xterm process would do that02:25
bregmait remonds me of that every time I do it02:25
BobJonkmanYup, I was using a text screen, not a window02:26
BobJonkmanSetting DISPLAY, is that '=:' the operator, or is ':0' the display number?02:27
bregma:0 is the display number (or :0.0)02:27
bregmayou can;t put any spaces arounf the equals sign because it;s a shell variable02:27
BobJonkmanOdd.  Looks like I gots some reading to do02:27
bregmaX adds 6000 to the left part of the display number to get the port number02:28
bregmaso if you start a second X server on :11, for example, it reads on pot 601102:28
bregmajust, you know, in case you feel like running a second server or something02:28
BobJonkmanWould a second server be running if I use ssh -X ?02:29
bregmano, that does port forwarding02:29
BobJonkmanAlways on port 6000 then?02:29
bregmaby default, yes02:30
BobJonkmanMan, I gots me some readingn to do...02:30
bregmaif you run ssh -X, it opens port 6010 on the remote end and sets DISPLAY=:10, and connects that locally to port 600002:30
bregmait's kind of like call forwarding02:32
BobJonkmanYes, ssh port forwarding (and reverse port forwarding) is awesome.02:36
BobJonkmanI use that all the time, connect to work computers from clients, or provide support to clients from the office02:36
khooverit end?03:14
zeroedoutConsidering it started at 2 hours ago, I would think so03:17
BluesKajHowdy all12:50
bregmaahhh, back in the saddle again....13:47
bregma... by which I really mean comfortable office chair ...13:48
bregma... yeee-hahhh ...14:10
dscasselRide 'em, cowboy?15:05
kenjyhi guys, whats up? did some one call me?17:38
DarwinSurvivorkenjy: you were probably included in the channel-wide ping before the meeting yesterday17:40
bregmathat was 16 hours ago17:40
kenjyups, tnks DarwinSurvivor , Im always late on the meetings xD17:40
kenjyhahaha okay bregma =)17:43
kenjysorry about my absence17:43
BluesKajyeah , I didn't notice til this morning ....18:44
BluesKajanyway , having fun with pulseaudio again , gawd I wissh alsa would connect directly to flash on web audio content18:46

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