slashtommyhey ebel20:49
BenChapmanhi folks20:50
slashtommygood evening20:50
slashtommywe actually have our heating on, tis getting cold20:53
airurandocoal fire here20:55
airurandojust had a look at the website....20:55
airurandosome spam comments appearing20:56
slashtommyoh noes20:56
* airurando has blocked his first 2 users20:56
mokmeisterhello everybody20:56
airurandohi mokmeister20:56
andru_hello all20:56
airurandohi andru_ aka infoturtle20:57
andru_ya, had to restart to test a script and infoturtle was still here???20:57
airurandovery short agenda for tonights meeting20:59
andru_where to hell do you put scripts to have them run at start up?20:59
airurandoebel or slashtommy should know that one21:00
slashtommy in /etc/rc.local21:00
ebelandru_: when machine starts up? or when you log in?21:00
ebelwhat do you want it to do, and what do you need it to have access to?21:00
andru_log in21:00
ebele.g. if it needs access to your home directory, and you use the ubuntu encrypted home, then it can only run upon log in21:01
slashtommyoh ~/.bash_profile21:01
andru_auto start conky, compiz, irc21:01
ebelif you're using gnome, you can set some programmes (incl. home made scripts) to start upon log in21:01
ebeltis somewhere in the settings, search for 'startup applications' afair21:02
andru_I'm using LXDE and can't find that stinking option, NM I'll look into it later21:02
ebelor you might be able to use some ~/.Xsomething scrupit21:02
slashtommyit's 9.02pm ;)21:03
ebelaye, shall we start?21:03
airurandogo for it21:03
airurandoshould take 5 mins ;)21:03
=== andru_ is now known as infoturtle
ebelinfoturtle: also if you register your nick you can kick it off irc with "/msg NickServ GHOST someoptionshere"21:04
ebelshall I chair?21:04
infoturtlecheers ebel, might just do that21:04
infoturtlego for it21:04
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ebelplease say "PRESENT" if you're here and paying attention21:05
ebelmeeting page is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/302/detail/21:05
ebel#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/302/detail/21:05
ebel#topic CD distribution21:06
ebelI (as PoC) have the box of CDs. Some have been given out (to BenChampman (for coderdojo), to airurando, some in TOG)21:07
ebelhowever i have been bad and haven't actually followed up with people who asked for cds earlier21:07
infoturtleI got some but haven't handed em out yet21:07
ebelthere are still lots of cds here21:07
infoturtlethanks again to airurando21:07
ebelI'll do that after this meeting21:07
airurandoinfoturtle my pleasure21:08
ebelsorry again21:08
airurandono bother ebel21:08
airurandodo you need any help with it?21:08
ebelFor the record, if you would like some CDs, please send me a self addressed envelope. Email me rory@technomancy.org and I'll sort it out21:09
ebelanyone wanna talk on this topic?21:10
moylanis there a public email address that we can tweet for that so that others can see it?21:10
airurandointeresting idea moylan21:10
moylanjust a thought21:10
moylani'd never tweet somebodies private email address21:11
airurandoebel what do you think?21:11
ebelyes, you can tweet that21:11
moylanif you're sure...21:11
ebelthis is a publically logged channel and publically logged meetin21:11
moylanthere's public and scraped web pages public.  how good is that spam filter? :-)21:11
moylansay a subject line of 'ubuntu cd' or something?21:12
ebelI am not sure what you're asking about. This might spread some light on what I think your assumptions are: http://www.google.ie/search?q=rory%40technomancy.org21:14
moylanfair enough.  just thought it might help you filter out requests if you asked folk to use a specific subject line.21:15
ebeltis grand21:15
moylani'll tweet that email address later for folk who want ubuntu cds.  we could all blog the same?21:16
infoturtlecan do21:17
delcoyotehttp://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ needs some make up? css?21:18
ebelanythign else on the cd topic?21:18
delcoyoteany left at tog?21:18
ebelshould be. lots21:19
delcoyotethanks ebel.. need to get there, but I use a different time table21:19
ebel#topic AOB?21:19
ebeldelcoyote: you asked about css?21:19
airurandoThe website21:20
delcoyoteJust comparing ubuntu-ie and loco team websites, and needs some css? the website?21:20
ebel#topic website21:20
ebel(a) another thing i've forgotten to do! (change dns to point to blacknight)21:20
airurandoit is very old21:21
ebel(b) who's offered to do the redesign? (/me forgot()21:21
infoturtleI was on it ages ago with thethomaseffect21:21
airurandothethomaseffect I think21:21
airurandocan someone change the 11:04 banner on the fromt21:22
ebelright, i'll try what canonical suggest to move it to the blacknight host. then it'll be up to thethomaseffect to sort out setting up & configuring the new website21:22
airurandois thethomaseffect still up for it21:23
airurandodelcoyote, are you interested?21:23
ebelgood question. they aren't here now...21:23
infoturtleairurando: done21:23
delcoyoteI'm useless but full of ideas, sorry airurando I can't help but I wish i could21:23
airurandoinfoturtle thanks21:24
infoturtleI can take it on again over xmas if we're on black knight now21:24
airurandodelcoyote not to worry21:24
airurandomaybe we could make this a regular agenda item21:25
airurandoI only wish I had the knowledge to dig in21:25
airurandoI'd certainly like to get involved in some way but would be pestering the lot of you21:26
infoturtlewell when I'm free and we're on the new server I can reset things up. Then any little jobs that need doing can be brought up monthly21:27
infoturtleany one who's up to doing the little things can help out21:27
infoturtleor what ever way people want to do it21:27
airurandofine by me21:27
* ebel is unsure if he has email for thethomaseffect, might look and shoot them an email to find out if they are still interested21:28
ebelif we change dns, and nothing happens w.r.t. blacknight, then we have no website21:28
ebel(or at least, it's all offline)21:28
airurandoebel thethomaseffect is one man I think21:28
ebelairurando: i never implied otherwise (you're the second person to mention to me today about my use of "they" as a gender neutral singular pronoun :P )21:29
airurandoebel wrt website is that rock and hard place?21:29
ebelwell, here's an idea, website not being used much. let's bite the bullet, and just switch it. then we can get moving21:30
airurandowhat is the sequence of events that must happen21:30
airurandocan we archive the old one?21:30
ebelthe old one will still be there, on canonical servers, cut off from the internet.21:31
ebelwe can repoint ubuntu-ie.org back to if at a later date if needed21:31
airurandoso are we simply starting fresh on blacknight?21:32
infoturtlewe have that option at least21:32
infoturtlewe don't HAVE to tho21:32
ebeldepends who wants to set it up21:33
airurandowhat is the simplest safest way for us to get up any running on blacknight with a spiffy ubuntu theme?21:33
ebeldepends if they wanna use the same software, depends if they wanna manually re-enter all content21:33
mokmeisterwhere is the advantage of moving the website off of canonical servers and onto blacknight?21:33
ebelmokmeister: canoncial only provide a limited, out of date version of drupal21:34
ebeland i think people wanna set up a new one21:34
airurandoI think we should get it up and running as quickly and simply as possible.21:35
airurandoinfoturtle could you have a plan in place by the time of the Jan meeting?21:36
infoturtlecan do21:37
airurandoebel could you have the 'switch' ready to press by then also?21:37
airurandois that it so?21:38
ebelcan take a several hours for dns to switch21:38
ebeltisn't instaneous21:38
ebel(well gets complicated :P )21:38
ebelanything else?21:38
airurandowe've waited years21:38
airurandoseveral hours is minor21:38
airurandoactions for yourselves?21:38
mokmeisterubuntu hour in Limerick, still happening?21:38
infoturtlethe last few that were on I was at on my own but I would love to see one again21:39
airurandoebel actions?21:40
airurandoinfoturtle to have plan for website in place by jan meeting21:40
ebel#action ebel to be read for dns21:40
meetingologyACTION: ebel to be read for dns21:40
ebel#action infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new websute21:41
meetingologyACTION: infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new websute21:41
ebel#action ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds21:41
meetingologyACTION: ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds21:41
infoturtlewoo websutes!!21:41
mokmeisterhave the ubuntu brand guidelines changed since last november? I suppose they would need to be followed for the new website21:41
ebel#topic AOB?21:41
airurandonext meeting21:41
infoturtleI'll re read em21:41
airurandoWednesday Jan 18th21:41
infoturtleI'm cool with that21:42
mokmeisterwill try to remember! ;D21:42
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Dec 14 21:42:46 2011 UTC.21:42
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2011/ubuntu-ie.2011-12-14-21.04.moin.txt21:42
airurandonice one21:43
moylan5 minutes indeed! :-D21:43
moylanthe more the merrier21:43
mokmeisterinfoturtle: next Thursday too close to Christmas for an Ubuntu hour in Limerick?21:44
infoturtlewe can send out a few notices to people and see what comes back but I can do it21:45
airurandoGo Limerick!!!21:45
infoturtlehopefully, I'd like to see the interest here again21:45
mokmeisterSo Absolute Hotel, 7pm?21:47
infoturtlesounds good, I'll let as many know as possible21:47
mokmeistergood stuff21:47
infoturtlecool, I'll add event to the various Ubuntu-ie things that I can and I'll be in touch21:49
infoturtlefor now I gotta get back to study21:49
thethomaseffectebel:  Ping23:21

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