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psusilinux-libc-dev says it's source is linux, but the control file in the kernel sources does not list that package.  What gives?01:25
brendandwhy would a system fail to resume when suspended using pm-suspend, but not when suspended via indicator-session's 'Suspend' option?08:42
brendandwouldn't they be the same?08:42
* apw yawns09:20
* cking offers coffee to apw09:25
* apw bites cking's hand off at the wrist09:27
* cking shudders09:28
apwcking, good this morning, other than the stump ?09:30
ckinghard to type now09:31
apwhazzard of the job09:31
apwworking with flighty crazies 09:32
apwwith, Es, ... trying09:32
ppisaticking: you made it to engadget, did you see it? :)10:43
ckingppisati, yep, been tracking the hits over the past 36 hours10:43
apwcking, do you get ping back information from your blog ?11:12
ckingit's been hit by pcworld, engadget, reddit, thevargut liliputing and more besides11:14
cking* thevarguy 11:15
ckinggot 1.2K hits yesterday11:15
apwheh cool11:22
apware they asaying anything sensible or making a molehill out of it11:23
* apw wonders why pcworld even has a blog on this subject given they don't do ubuntu on anything11:28
ckingapw, generally I think they are quoting my blog well, but maybe getting peoples hopes up a bit too high11:29
apwyeah people won't get we are talking 5% saving at best on 20% of systems, ones they don't have11:30
apwoh can i watch11:33
ckingit's predicated on people also verifying that the various fixes actually don't break anything and also all the bugs I'm filing are going to get fixed11:46
Kanohi, whats up with the mainline server?13:28
ppisatiapw: uhm13:38
ppisatiapw: CVE-2011-291813:38
ubot2ppisati: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-2918)13:38
ppisatibug 83412113:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 834121 in linux-ti-omap4 "CVE-2011-2918" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83412113:38
apwppisati, what about it ?13:50
ppisatiapw: see pvt13:50
apwKano, whats wrong with it?13:50
Kanodid not respond13:54
brendandanyone here who i can ask about the status of the Oneiric SRU?14:29
ckinghrm, I can't seem to access any web content from zinc, including getweb pages, is it just me?14:39
ckingapw, ^ can you access any webby pages on zinc?14:41
* cking wiggles some wires14:43
apwcking, nope, will poke is14:43
Kanocking: mentioned that over 1 h ago already14:43
apwyep didn't see your reply as it wasn't highlighted and was talking in another channel14:45
apwKano, cking, should be alive again now14:55
Kanoyes,seems to work again14:56
joshhunti know this isn't ubuntu-specific, but i figured i'd ask - i'm trying to understand how the route cache/table works for ipv6 - does anyone have a good reference? the old o'reilly book appears to only discuss ipv4 (unless i have an old version)15:09
brendandjsalisbury - hi15:10
jsalisburybrendand, hello15:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 904569 in linux "Linux 3.0.0-15-generic-pae causes laptops to fail to resume from suspend (Dell XPS 1645, Sony Vaio VPCF1390)" [Medium,Confirmed]15:11
brendandis this going to prompt a respin?15:11
jsalisburybrendand, hmm, I'm not sure.  Still need to get the cause sorted out.  15:13
brendandjsalisbury - do we know if it's a regression between 3.0.0-14 and -15, or haven't arrived there yet?15:14
jsalisburybrendand, yes, it appears to be a regression between -14 and 15.  Thats what all the bug reporters state.15:15
brendandjsalisbury - we're behind on our certification testing because we have an unmanned lab15:16
brendandjsalisbury - what would people think if this was pushed into the new year?15:17
jsalisburybrendand, that's a good question.  I'm away next week, but I'll continue to work on the bug for the rest of this week.15:20
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argescking, apw: if i change debian.natty/config/config.common.ubuntu, check it in, then build a kernel will those config options be preserved when building the debian/ubuntu way? or perhaps a wiki I should be looking at for this newbie stuff15:20
brendandjsalisbury - i'm just speculating. herton and bjf aren't here so can't ask them directly15:21
apwarges, they will be the stating configuration options if that is the place they appear originally15:21
jsalisburybrendand, right15:21
tgardnerarges, the ultimate .config is constructed from the various files in debian.master/config15:21
apwarges, fdr genconfigs will make a CONFIGS directory with the configs it will use.  after changing anything in configs you should run fdr updateconfigs15:22
apwarges, the former is a convienience to see the configs before waiting on a build15:22
argesso which config files take precedence? if I wanted to add a CONFIG_ for debugging, should I add it to the debian.natty/config/ or debian.master/config directories?15:24
argesi think i can figure it out from here though. thanks guys15:26
tgardnerarges, add it to the confiig for that particular flavour, then run updateconfigs15:27
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apwcking, found that blueprint thing for you, in email15:50
ckingapw, cool, what is it referring to then?15:51
apwarges, the configs for any branch is independant on that branch, debian/debian.env tells you which branch you are on15:51
* cking reads the reply, doh15:51
apwcking, detail in email, too long for here15:51
apwcking, there is a commandline tool mentioned in that commit to change it, assuming you have one of course15:52
ckinggot it - I know what to do15:53
ckingthanks, I couldn't figure out what was meant in the bp after all this time15:53
apwcking, yeah i sat an looked blankly at it for some minutes myself, and mid writing "no idea close it off" i remembered15:54
ckingI've been puzzling over it for the past week on-and-off trying to recall what it meant ;-)15:55
apwcking, no idea if you actually have kit with such a thing in it of course, so it may be moot16:07
ckingapw, I do, I'm tinkering now16:07
apwthis is where we find you can save 8w by turning down the wick16:08
ckingcat /proc/cpuinfo  | grep epb 16:08
* cking now kicks off some soak tests to see if the MSR magic does any good16:34
GrueMasterbjf: Will my updating the SRU tracking bugs before Regression-testing=confirmed screw up your scripts or the process? Now that the imx51 (Lucid) and omap4 (Natty) kernels with the mmap fix are in -proposed, I have started my test run.16:48
tgardnerGrueMaster, the stable team is out for the holidays16:50
GrueMasterFigures.  :P16:50
GrueMasterI am running the tests now, but I don't want to screw up the bug tracking automation by premature posting.  I can wait to officially check my box, and just vocally post results here.16:51
* tgardner -> biab16:59
apwGrueMaster, i think i would expect the most likely failure would be for shank-bot to move the thing back to Confirmed when it thinks you should do the testing17:03
GrueMasterapw: ok17:03
apwand well, if it doesn't cope they can figure it out :)17:04
apwGrueMaster, as this is a reasonable thing to do, you may be (in theory) wasting your time if testing done and then a revert was needed sort of thing, but a reasonable scenario that the tooling should cope with17:04
apwthere is so little in these that i doubt we will have any trouble17:05
GrueMasterYea, I don't foresee a regression or other issues.  I'm just getting pressure to test them asap, but I also want to do it right (not just install and run a simple mmap test to call it good).17:06
apwvery reasonable indeed17:06
ckinghrm, that MSR test really don't show up anything, when idle and fully loaded. That's a question to answer for 2012 now :-(17:27
maxime_Hi, are there any plan to provide mainline linux-source*.deb packages along the headers and image ones in kernl-ppa ? see my detailed question here: http://askubuntu.com/q/89542/7567 Thanks !18:04
apwmaxime_, looking18:14
apwmaxime_, dkms doesn't normally need the source tree, normally it uses the 'headers packages' which contain the build infrastructure for out of tree objects18:15
apwmaxime_, indeed dkms is trigggered when both the linux-image and linux-headers packages are finally both installed ?18:15
maxime_apw, that's also what i thought but installing the package still complains18:15
apwinstalling which package ?18:16
apwmaxime_, ^^18:17
maxime_apw, it's a package to get alps touchpad supported. Check this on askubuntu please18:17
maxime_apw, is it okay to post dmks complains here ? not used to irc, sorry ^^18:18
apwmaxime_, ok that looks like a standard dkms package from seth, so i would be very supprised if it needs the source package to work18:18
apwsforshee, ... does you dkms package for the alps touchpad require the full source package to work ?18:19
maxime_apw, this is the last message i get : Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed.18:19
apwmaxime_, and which packages did you install ?18:20
apwmaxime_, and can you pastebin the entire log please18:20
maxime_apw, see http://pastebin.com/szbT8rxQ18:22
apwmaxime_, ok and which packages from the mainline kernel archive did you install18:23
maxime_apw, list of kernel packages i installed : http://pastebin.com/fvsQx1GK18:23
maxime_after downloading them at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.2-rc6-precise/18:24
lamontwhy is it that my system keeps noticing that it has wireless?  (every 5-10 minutes?) it pops up a new box to type the wpa2 passphrase into19:09
cyphermoxlamont: on precise?20:06
cyphermoxthen I'm not sure. is it N / iwlagn?20:07
lamontstock oneiric, 12:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)20:07
cyphermoxogasawara: tgardner: fyi, my patch was rejected. it's been a few days already, but I keep forgetting to let you know20:08
tgardnercyphermox, no surprise.20:09
tgardnerlamont, that driver has some issues, to put it mildly.20:09
cyphermoxtgardner: heh20:09
lamonttgardner: heh20:10
lamontwhich makes it no less annoying20:10
tgardnerlamont, I've got the same HW in a MacBook Pro. NetManager keeps trying to connect, which is why you get the WPA dialog.20:12
cyphermoxis it connecting successfully at all, or just keeps trying to authenticate and timing out?20:12
tgardnerlamont, I suggest you disable wireless for now, or get an external wifi gizmo.20:12
tgardnercyphermox, never authenticates IIRC20:12
lamonttgardner: the alternate solution is to (yet again) type in the wpa passphrase so that it successfully connects, and then it stays there until someone decides that powercycling the WAP is the solution to their networking issues20:39
lamontI'm totally going to stuff that thing in the ceiling where they cannot find it20:39
tgardnerlamont, where you is? at home ?20:49
lamonttgardner: office space I took down with some friends, in town.20:55
tgardnerlamont, ah. well isn't AP power cycling simply matter of training? you should be able to prevail, especially over such a select group :)20:59
lamonttgardner: tbf, the old netgear AP did have a strong tendency to fall over on large downloads21:24
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