stgraberbut if you strip the gpg signature from archive.u.c or security.u.c, it'll complain (or even skip/ignore the archive entirely, not sure)00:00
penguin42stgraber: Would it do it if the machine had a fresh install of ubuntu and had never consulted security. before?00:01
stgraberpenguin42: IIRC a default live install has archive.u.c and security.u.c lists in /var/lib/apt so yes, it'd complain00:02
stgraberpenguin42: netinstall may be a bit different though, I don't think I ever tried it to be honnest (d-i may have a specific check for that)00:03
elmoI'm pretty sure we fixed the downgrade case a few years back, but I can't find a useful LP reference, the bug in the apt changelog is wrong00:05
elmobut it'd be pretty easy for someone to verify independently...00:06
cjwatsonpenguin42: the installer contains prefetched valid signatures for archive/security Release files00:39
cjwatsonpenguin42: it forces those into place right from the start to prevent unsigned-archive attacks for those archives00:40
penguin42sounds safe then00:40
cjwatsonI'm not at all convinced by that blog - there are definitely design constraints that prevent that attack and I've personally seen them tripping when network errors result in Packages checksums not matching what's in Release00:42
penguin42seems an odd thing for him to post if it doesn't work00:44
cjwatsonperhaps something else had gone wrong first; hard to say00:47
cjwatsonhaving nuked /var/lib/apt/lists/ for some reason and then recreated it could do it, for instance00:48
infinitycjwatson: I'll note that his screenshots conspicuously omit the parts where apt would normally complain about unsigned/broken files.01:19
bbrelinHello all.02:30
bbrelinanybody alive on this channel?02:30
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solid_liqnope, only zombies are allowed here02:31
solid_liqso, if you're alive, go away!!!    woooOOOooooOOo  aaaaAAaaaAAaAHHHH!!!02:31
bbrelinLOL.  Is there a kernel issue in 11.10 with the wireless device and Toshiba Satellite Pro laptops?02:39
bbrelinI've got a Toshiba and when I upgraded to 11.10 the wireless device stopped working.02:39
bbrelinI'm hearing horrible things, like to fix this I have to install Windows XP to turn on FN-F8,, etc. to configure the wireless device.02:40
bbrelinanybody here know?02:41
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goddardwhy isn't the touch pad indicator standard in ubuntu can I make this suggestions some where?06:55
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jkprgHi. I want to modify linux-image-2.6 package (add an additional patch). What's the best way to do it? I assume I need to create a new package. How to name (including version) the package? I also want to protect the package it won't be updated by any standard distribution packages but only by my branch of packages. Thx12:49
penguin42jkprg: In the way that there are linux-image-3.x.x-generic and linux-image-3.x.x-virtual you could have a linux-image-3.x.x-jkprg13:13
penguin42or 2.6 in your case13:13
jkprgpenguin42: I see. How to add "-jkprg" to my package name that I would derived from standard one? Is there any variable in kernel package I can modify?13:15
penguin42now that I can't honestly remember, but I think I'd take a look at the package source for the kernel you want to modify and find where it adds the generic/virtual13:19
jkprgok thx13:27
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