mongyanyone else notice thunar access network before loading00:29
mongyand, why?00:29
CrownWheelmongy, is anyone actually talking in here?00:38
CrownWheelAm I set to "invisible" or some other arcane IRC thing?00:38
GridCubemongy, yes, thats pretty much he worst bug in thunar for the last few months00:39
GridCubewhy CrownWheel ?00:39
mongyGridCube, months?00:39
CrownWheeloh...just checking.00:39
GridCubemongy, yes00:39
mongyyay for open source speedy fixes00:39
GridCubewe have had it since 11.000:39
mongymany eyes means, not much00:40
GridCubetheres a workaround00:40
CrownWheelactually, I wrote a good deal about gvfs doing something surprising earler, got zero responses.00:40
CrownWheelIn #ubuntu, someone pulled out a 2008 bug report from Launchpad describing my bug.00:40
GridCubeit happens00:40
CrownWheel(having to do with corrupt permissions on .gvfs)00:40
CrownWheelLooks like it was fixed back in Hardy.00:41
GridCubebug #77511700:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 775117 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Thunar hangs on first launch of each session" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77511700:41
CrownWheelBut I've got the same behavior now in Oneiric.00:41
CrownWheelSo...whadup wit' 'dat?00:41
CrownWheelbug 53151600:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531516 in evince (Ubuntu) "Evince can't handle radio buttons anymore" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53151600:41
GridCubethe workaroun is on comment 1300:41
CrownWheelGridCube, was that comment 13 to bug 531516?00:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531516 in evince (Ubuntu) "Evince can't handle radio buttons anymore" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53151600:43
CrownWheelthat explains it...00:43
GridCubei was talking to mongy and the accessin to network before loading00:44
CrownWheelwhat a coincidence.  I was looking at Bug 531516 - gvfs fuse mount is not functional after logout and subsequent login00:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531516 in evince (Ubuntu) "Evince can't handle radio buttons anymore" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53151600:45
CrownWheelbah.  gnome bugtracker.00:45
GridCubethen maybe that workaround will help you too00:47
CrownWheelwell, it looks like I've got a .gvfs issue, not a Thunar issue.  But, like I say, it's supposedly fixed, as of Heron sometime in '08..00:48
CrownWheelLike I say, it results in corruption of the permissions to .gvfs in /home00:49
CrownWheelit ALSO results in corrupt permissions on /etc/mtab, so I can't even "cat mtab" to see if there's a gvfs filesystem mounted.00:49
CrownWheelIt also managed to corrupt permissions to my .bash_history00:50
CrownWheelWith the corrupted file permissions in /home, Thunar won't display anything in that directory.00:50
CrownWheeland I can't delete the permissions-corrupted file (even with sudo) because it generates an I/O error.00:51
CrownWheelAnyway, Vanna, if I could buy a clue as to where to start repairing GVFS, I would.00:53
GridCubeno idea sorry :(01:03
Fudgehi can talk here re precisde alpha xubuntu?02:29
Fudgeprecise even02:30
Unit193Fudge: Would be far better in #ubuntu+102:34
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FudgeUnit193  i'm there but wasn't sure if xubuntu support or questions were available, thanks02:38
Fudgeum i cant mount this xubuntu precise alpha, has anyone here tried it scucessfully06:00
holsteinFudge: cant mount?06:38
holsteinyou mean, the install is failing?06:38
holsteinmaybe try http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20111226/06:39
the_3f_ruleAny of you guys know a image  app that can browse to a nas?06:39
holsteinthe_3f_rule: ?... if its mounted, you can use what you like06:40
holsteini use gigolo to mount network shares usually06:40
the_3f_ruleIt is.06:40
Unit193the_3f_rule: But you may need to install gvfs-backends in Oneiric for Gigolo to work06:40
the_3f_ruleI am a total noob though with Linux06:41
the_3f_ruleI use gigolo also.06:41
the_3f_ruleI should say I have installed gigolo but haven't gotten it to work yet06:41
Unit193First, what version are you on?06:41
the_3f_ruleThe latest. 11.10?06:42
holsteinthe question is more like 'how do i mount my network share on my NAS'06:43
holsteinthen you can use whatever you like to view the pics06:43
holsteinthe_3f_rule: what NAS?06:43
holsteindo you know how its being shared?06:44
the_3f_ruleBlackarmor 44006:47
holsteinso, you might want to read about mounting samba shares06:48
holsteini typically personally avoid samba06:49
the_3f_ruleWell, let me rephrase the question06:49
holsteinUnit193: gigolo will mount a samba share?06:49
Unit193holstein: Oh yes, with the backends06:49
the_3f_ruleI can get to the share.06:50
holsteinthe_3f_rule: i would grab that package Unit193 mentioned06:50
the_3f_ruleWhat I am really looking for is a program that will display thumbnails from the nas.  The application is for my wife's photography business06:51
the_3f_ruleDidn't see the package 193 mentioned06:51
Sysisudp apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install gvfs-backends06:52
the_3f_ruleRgr.  I'll try that thanks06:53
holsteinyup... then thunar should just do it06:53
the_3f_ruleGot thunar and gvfs is already the newest version06:55
the_3f_ruleI'll get more specific.  Does gigolo show thumbnails or just file names06:56
Sysithat gvfs "plugins" package you mean? because gvfs is what uses it :)06:57
Sysido you have gvfs-browser or something set in gigolo preferences? change it to thunar06:58
the_3f_ruleI'll look06:59
SysiAFAIK gigolo just makes it possible to browse remote shares with filemanager, but I haven't used it myself06:59
Unit193It mounts07:00
the_3f_ruleI don't see that option in preferences07:00
Sysifirst tab, "file manager"07:01
Sysimhm, gvfs-open opens it in thunar for me07:02
the_3f_ruleUnsurprisingly I was looking in the wrong tab07:03
the_3f_ruleHoly shit it worked.  Only been working on this for a month.  Thanks guys07:04
the_3f_ruleKick ass!07:04
Fudgeyeah i got it to work, but cant figure out how to get audio working so i can start orca07:48
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lightahey guys, where can I found a rufus package ?09:03
bram_Hey first of all hope everyone enjoyed their christmas.09:52
bram_I've a query if anyone is online for support?09:55
pkugHi there, how can I get multitouch gestures working on Xubuntu ? Is it possible to get zoom-in/out, page-up/down and such ? I have a Synaptics touchpad..10:23
TheSheeppkug: install and run gpointing-device-settings10:29
Ben64There is no notification that updates are available in the panel, how can I make that appear?10:32
Sysishould happen by default, you need update-manager and maybe it in autostarted applications10:33
Sysinotification applet might be update-notifier10:34
pitlimitWith gnome, I was able to monitor cpu usage by adding an applet to a panel12:07
pitlimitThis functionality is no longer available with xubuntu... can anyone help me to get it working again?12:08
Sysithere's xfce4-cpugraph-plugin12:08
TheSheepand a system monitor plugin12:09
pitlimitwhich one of the two has a nicer graphical view :)12:11
pitlimitanyway, I get that xfce4-cpugraph-plugin is already the newest version12:12
pitlimitwhen I add it to the panel, it doesn't appear to work12:12
pitlimitI just see a white box12:13
pitlimiteh too much modification required for xubuntu12:14
_Pete_cpugraph indeed being the most important one :)12:14
Sysi..it's white box which indicates you have very little cpu usage12:15
Ben64gnome has a nicer graphical cpu monitor12:19
Ben64i tried to get it to work with xfapplet, but xfapplet doesn't come with 12.0412:20
Sysiit broke after gnome312:20
_Pete_imo gkrellm is da best12:20
Ben64don't know what to do after 12.0412:20
Ben64i can't use unity, and gnome 3 is almost as bad12:20
Sysignome-shell is quite nice and simple, fallback reminded me about old gnome (but with better settings manager)12:21
Ben64the themes are very bad and non-customizable12:22
Sysigreybird worked nicely12:22
Ben64in gnome 2, you could change colors of certain elements if you wanted12:22
SysiI tried that and I ended up finding better theme on gnome-look.org12:23
Ben64i've got a while to play with it on my test machine before I have to upgrade on this one12:23
Ben64xfce is nice, but I'd like better applets, and would want to see when updates are available12:25
Sysithat works by default on xubuntu and I told you how you should get on any xfce build on xubuntu12:26
Sysi*on ubuntu, anyway12:26
pitlimitWhen I choose to add the cpu and mem monitors to the panel, they don't work12:27
pitlimitwhen I reboot, they simply completely disappear12:27
pitlimitCan anyone help me to get the monitors working?12:28
Ben64update-notifier was running, there was 3 updates available, there was no icon12:29
SysiBen64: check that you have notification area and indicator applet in your panel12:29
Ben64yeah they're there12:30
pitlimitSysi, I have what you suggested I use installed12:30
Sysihum, weird12:30
pitlimitbut no matter what I do, they do not add to the panel12:30
Sysipitlimit: weird, no problem for me12:30
pitlimitI started with the regular ubuntu12:30
pitlimitI HATED unity and so switched over to xubuntu12:31
pitlimitI'm not sure that transition had anything to do with it12:31
Sysishouldn't have..12:31
Ben64i did the same, cpu and mem monitor works fine12:31
Sysirun cat ~/.xsession-errors in terminal and pastebin output12:31
pitlimitugh I love that little window that tells me the work loa12:31
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:31
Ben64its not the same style as gnome's though12:32
pitlimityeah :(12:32
pitlimitas long as it works12:32
pitlimitokay I will pastebin it12:32
Sysisystemload plugin seems to be only usage bar but cpugraph has both12:32
Ben64i couldn't find a memory graph for xfce12:33
SysiI had to use quite a bit of memory to see bar at all12:34
Sysicpugraph settings apparently can only be accessed trough panel settings -> items12:35
pitlimitSysi, http://pastebin.com/FU4M6JEu12:35
pitlimitdude there's a lot of errors in there12:36
Ben64I really like how mine is set up in gnome :( http://ben64.com/bar.png12:36
pitlimityeah, I like that too Ben6412:36
pitlimitBut I LOVE xubuntu's layout12:36
pitlimitand gnome on unity doesn't work very well12:36
Ben64no it doesn't12:36
pitlimitit's terrible12:36
SysiBen64: man that's a mess12:37
pitlimitI tried to drink the kool-aid they are selling over at ubuntu and tried to use it but i just could not12:37
Ben64Sysi: :(12:37
Marzatawhy the change layout option need to be set up every time after reboot?12:37
pitlimitI want it to look that way too Sysi12:37
pitlimitI want the monitor graph12:37
pitlimitI like how you can click on it and see everything12:37
Marzatasystem monitor?12:38
Ben64cpu temp, gpu temp, cpu freq, cpu graph, mem graph, workspaces, notification area, time, user status, power12:38
Ben64its awesome12:38
SysiMarzata: what option?12:38
pitlimitBen64, are you leaving unity too12:38
pitlimitSysi, did you see  my pastebin :)12:38
Ben64pitlimit: yeah, on my test system12:38
MarzataSysi: I have 3 keyboard layouts12:38
Ben64i'm waiting to upgrade on this one12:38
Ben64can't have a broken main computer12:38
pitlimiti see12:38
pitlimitI'm torn ... I just want everything to WORK so I want to like and use unity12:39
Ben64i'm on 10.04 still here12:39
MarzataSysi: I use the super button to change them. but Xubuntu never remembers that after reboot.12:39
Sysipitlimit: yeah, you didn't try adding those plugins during that logging or something other is not working12:39
pitlimitI don't want to go back to using unity but things don't seem to just... WORK on xubuntu12:39
Ben64i don't like how unity is like mac12:39
Sysiyou should check out gnome3 fallback12:39
Marzatapitlimit: can't you install it with a plugin. it was possile before.12:40
Ben64i don't want a bar at the top all the time12:40
pitlimityeah Ben6412:40
pitlimitwhich plugin Marzata12:40
pitlimitmy plugin IS installed12:40
pitlimitit just won't work12:40
SysiI didn't check fallback panel options very much but it's not totally crippled12:40
pitlimitSysi, the thing is, unity takes over12:41
pitlimitYou cannot customize things very easily12:41
Sysipitlimit: neither cpugraph-plugin or systemload monitor work?12:41
pitlimitI'll try one at a time12:41
Sysipitlimit: you're not forced to use unity, select whatever you want on login12:41
pitlimitYou lose functionality sysi - I don't know... if I can get xubuntu to do what I want, it's the easiest to customize12:42
Ben64yeah, everything is designed for unity now, makes other stuff kinda messy12:42
pitlimitIt's hard to explain Sysi you need to try it yourself :)12:43
Sysipitlimit: do you have all updates installed?12:43
pitlimitIt's pretty... crappy12:43
Ben64unity is like windows 8 :|12:43
pitlimityes Sysi12:43
pitlimiti'm going to try to log out and in again12:43
pitlimitto see if it sticks12:43
Ben64an os that should be on a mobile device, not a real computer12:43
pitlimitI am now using the system load monitor12:43
pitlimitNo nice graph though :(12:43
Sysiunity is messy, I liked gnome-shell much better12:44
Sysibut I think it's much better on fullhd desktop than netbook12:45
SysiKDE sure is customizable but you can get lost with all switches of course12:47
Sysiif I wanted good system monitoring without kde's plasma Iäd probably use conky12:48
pitlimitevery time i log out and log back in, the stuff I added to the panel disappears12:48
Marzatathere was a plugin to be able to install gnome 2.x applets in Xfce12:48
TheSheeppitlimit: do you have any free space in your home directory?12:48
pitlimitfdisk -l?12:49
pitlimitis that how I check12:49
TheSheepMarzata: it's gone12:49
TheSheeppitlimit: df -h12:49
pitlimitI have 357 gigs12:49
Sysithunar should show at the bottom of window12:50
TheSheeppitlimit: did you change the ownership or rights of files or directories in your home?12:50
Sysihave you used filemanager with sudo, had same home for several installations?12:50
pitlimitTheSheep, my home is encrypted12:51
pitlimitdoes that make a difference12:51
pitlimitSysi, I upgraded from 11.0412:51
MarzataTheSheep: not avail in xfce4 goodies anymore?12:51
TheSheepMarzata: it doesn't work with the new broken gnome12:51
SysiMarzata: well, those applets are gone anyway12:51
TheSheeplike tears in the rain12:52
Marzatayou need gnome 2.x and xfce.12:52
Marzatawhat is gone?12:52
Sysignome 212:52
Marzatagnome 2.x not in the 11.10 repos?12:52
pitlimitwait so are others in here having problems with disappearing applets?12:53
pitlimitor applets that don't appear to work?12:53
Sysipossibly have had12:53
* Marzata moved to Xubuntu long time ago and love it. 12:53
Sysiwould you mind losing your personal settings?12:53
pitlimitwho me, Sysi ?12:54
pitlimitMarzata, did you have problems with applets not working12:54
Sysipitlimit: yes12:54
Marzatapitlimit: in Xubu?12:54
pitlimitwhat kind of personal settings12:54
pitlimityes Marzata12:54
Sysilike panel setup12:54
Marzatapitlimit: what applets in Xfce are not wroking?12:54
pitlimitcpu monitor Marzata and memory monitor12:55
MarzataI have them working.12:55
pitlimitthey show up while I add them, but if I log out and log back in, they are gone!12:55
Marzatapitlimit: have you wrote there the correct net interface? esp. in the net monitor.12:55
pitlimitwhat does that mean Marzata12:55
Sysihe's not using net monitor, mem and cpu should just work and not disapper by themselves anyway12:56
pitlimitI guess while you're helping me, you may call me he12:56
pitlimitOverall, everything is working alright, but I really do want the CPU/memory monitor to work12:57
pitlimitI rely on it12:57
pitlimitAlso, I hate using top12:57
pitlimitso archaic12:57
Sysiif you're she, pardon12:57
Marzatause htop12:57
pitlimitMarzata, I want the pretty little graph on panel 1 :)12:58
Marzatapitlimit: the Xfce one?12:58
pitlimitwhat's interesting is that when I add the system load monitor, it adds it to the very right of the top panel12:59
pitlimitto the right of the date12:59
pitlimitto the right also of my login name12:59
Sysithat's default, you can drag from list anywhere you want12:59
pitlimitMarzata, I don't know what the Xfce one is12:59
pitlimitI just want something working with a pretty graph I can look at when I click on it12:59
Marzatapitlimit: are you using Ubuntu or Xubuntu?13:00
pitlimitI switched from Ubuntu last week13:00
pitlimitwell Sysi dragging is not working13:00
Marzatathen just add net the Network monitor in the panel13:00
pitlimitMarzata, it doesn't hold13:00
pitlimitit sticks for the session13:01
pitlimitthen disappears13:01
Sysipitlimit: something is totally wrong with your panel13:01
Marzatacan we see a screen shot?13:01
pitlimitWhere should I paste the image to13:06
pitlimitIt's killing me i've wasted this much time on this matter13:06
pitlimitdudes, I'm switching back13:07
pitlimitthis is slightly ridiculous13:07
Marzatahttp://bapoumba.wordpress.com/2008/01/04/add-gnome-applets-to-the-xfce-panel/ is this still working?13:11
_DeLa_Hello Xubuntu, Good-bye Linux Mint :-ł13:53
_DeLa_I acutally feel like that booting up was a bit faster wwith mint 11 / gnome 2, but once the apps are startet, switching between them seems a lot faster with xubuntu13:54
projekt26stupid sexy mint13:55
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DeLa|AFKshould I enable canonical partner software as a software source?16:11
TheSheepDeLa|AFK: if you want16:11
DeLa|AFKwhat kind of software would be accessable through this option?16:12
DeLa|AFKor: why isn*t this option enabled as a standard?16:12
ablomenDeLa|AFK, because there is propertary software in there, and some people get all mad when that is enabled by default16:18
DeLa|AFKah, I see. thanks!16:18
DeLa|AFKwell, a little "free beer" has not killed anybody yet ;-)16:18
ablomenyeah i agree, but some don't so i guess the checkbox is a good option16:22
DeLa|AFKyes, you are right16:23
DeLa|AFKanother question: how do I install new software packages that are not in the software sources? When I try, I can open it with software center and get the message that there is no software with the name xyz - which is of course right, otherwise I wouldn't download it16:27
ablomendepends on what kind of installer you have, if it  is a .deb file for the right distro and version you should be able to just double-click it16:29
xslis it possible to remove the powerbutton from the lightdm, or how do i deny people to press it.16:30
neroninHi! Im trying to use the CPU Frequency Monitor that ships with xubuntu to reduce my cpu speed. When it sits in the panel i can click on it and supposedly change the "governor" to "power save" performance" etc. But when i chose either one of those options it always defaults back to "ondemand" when i close and re-open it16:42
neroninAny idea why it doesnt stick to what i selected?16:42
mongyxsl, the config you need is /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.consolekit.policy17:32
StormStrikesAnyone here using a HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 printer?17:36
Crash_O-Dhow do you get the sd card to show in list to open it18:16
scopicHi all19:47
scopicI was wondering if anyone can help me with getting bluetooth working in 11.10, answer some questions. It is for a keyboard, so should be simple...any yet it refuses to pair right19:48
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fivedaysaheadI am stuck on the login screen in xubuntu i had set up automatic login with automatic password and it was working fine but now i restarted my comp and i am stuck on the login screen I have can click login and it goes to a black screen with some stuff like it would normally do if it was giong to login but then comes back to the login screen20:58
Sysilog in to Ctrl Alt F5 terminal and run "rm -rf ~/.ICEauthority"21:04
Sysiback to GUI with Ctrl Alt F721:04
fivedaysaheadcan i do this remotely?21:05
fivedaysaheador do i have to do it on the comp21:05
genii-aroundOn the computer21:05
Sysiremoving that file should work remotely too (ssh)21:06
fivedaysaheadwill try21:06
fivedaysaheadsudo rm?21:06
fivedaysaheadok removed it21:07
fivedaysaheadnow should i just turn the comp off and back on and see if that did anything?21:07
Sysiyeah I think sudo reboot would work21:08
fivedaysaheadyou sure21:09
fivedaysaheadare a genius21:09
fivedaysaheadit worked perfectly21:09
fivedaysaheadwhat does that file do anyways?21:09
fivedaysaheadthank you so much!21:09
fivedaysaheadis there a way to stop apache2 server from starting automatically without make a script to stop it at startup? i guess that way works probably not the best way though21:11
SysiI'm not sure what ICE is, something with login authorization21:11
SysiI'm not really familiar with upstart config21:11
fivedaysaheadthanks again!21:12
fivedaysaheadwhat did the ~/ do?21:12
Sysi~ means your home folder21:13
Marzatawe have bunch of xubuntu machines, all ntped to net time servers but all clocks show different times. how is this possible?21:26
TheSheepMarzata: timezones?21:30
Marzatano, they are in the same time zone, the difference is +/- 30 seconds21:32
TheSheepMarzata: that's strange, they should automatically detect their skew and synchronise eventually21:39
fivedaysaheadSysi thanks again!22:49
fivedaysaheadremoving that file did the trick22:51
fivedaysaheadnow for another question22:51
fivedaysaheadwhen i'm on the ubuntu comp and type echo $DISPLAY i get a blank line output22:51
Sysiyou don't have that variable set22:52
fivedaysaheadam i suppose to set it?22:52
Sysiexport DISPLAY=:0.022:52
SysiI'm not sure about correct value22:52
fivedaysaheadam i suppose to set it?22:53
fivedaysaheador is it fine not to have it set22:53
Sysiwhen not running xorg I guess it usually isn't set22:54
fivedaysaheadwhat's Xorg22:54
fivedaysaheadjust X?22:54
fivedaysaheadsorry i'm a newb haha22:54
fivedaysaheadi mean i have the comp set up and logged in with gui so i guess X is running? right22:55
fivedaysaheadif i run from my ssh terminal > DISPLAY=:0 xcalc it opens on my remote machine if i change that 0 to a 10 it will open on my machine because i have enabled x11 forwarding22:57
SysiI'm not sure how that stuff works22:58
TheSheepif you ssh to it with -X and -Y options, ssh will automatically set DISPLAY to the right value22:59
fivedaysaheadone question do you even know if this is possible where say i call xcalc through ssh and it opens in both my machine and and the remote machine becuase with changing that display i can set it to open on either my remote or my machine just wondering if it is possible to do both22:59
TheSheepand will handle tunneling22:59
fivedaysaheadi'm using putty and xming23:00
TheSheepfivedaysahead: it's not possible to do both, and with the current X implementation it's not possible to move it once it's running23:00
fivedaysaheadthank you very much was just wondering if it was possible that'd be cool if it was23:00
TheSheepfivedaysahead: you can run two copies23:01
fivedaysaheadthat's true but i was thinking more along the lines of it being like vnc but just one program that i can open on my computer and not have to see the whole desktop and also have it open on the remote computer23:02
fivedaysaheadcan you vnc just one program? instead of the whole desktop23:03
TheSheepI'm not sure if vns supports it, I'm sure the remote desktop does23:03
fivedaysaheadi'm running x11vnc and i remote in with the java client it works quite nicely actually23:03
fivedaysaheadjust wondering if there's a way to just do one program so you think the remote desktop might be capable?23:04
TheSheepremote desktop can do that, but it's for windows23:04
fivedaysaheadi'm running windows23:05
TheSheepx forwarding over ssh does that too23:05
fivedaysaheadand xubuntu on my other machine23:05
fivedaysaheadx forwarding over ssh will allow me to do just one program but can i run that in both comps at the same time like say my machine and the remote machine23:05
TheSheepfivedaysahead: x forwarding runs the program on the remote machine but makes it display everything on the local machine23:06
TheSheepfivedaysahead: you cannot make it display on both machines23:06
fivedaysaheadthat's what i was wondering thanks23:06
skegeekHow do you completely disable xscreensaver?23:16
fivedaysaheadsettings then you should see screensaver in there and then disable it23:17
fivedaysaheador i think you might be able to completey remove it23:17
fivedaysaheadsudo apt-get purge xscreensaver23:17
skegeekAren't libcairo, libgtk-pixbuf, libpango needed for Xubuntu to operate?23:19
Sysithen you probably should go with it's settings23:20
fivedaysaheadi honestly don't know enough to tell23:20
Sysiyou may want to check power managment settings too23:20
skegeekWell, apt said they're no longer needed when I removed gnome-screensaver and again when I removed xscreensaver23:21
skegeekxscreensaver I believe was causing freezing23:22
skegeekWhen I had gnome-screensaver installed it was only freezing when using Gnome. But, afterword the screen started just going black and stopped returning to desktop.23:23
fivedaysaheadeven after moving the mouse or hitting space it was still black?23:23
Sysiwell, if nothing but those libs are removed with apps they aren't needed for functioning23:25
skegeekIt didn't remove them, it suggests removing them.23:26
Sysiah, apt-get autoremove or run apt-get install on them if you're worried23:26
skegeekIt suggests removing: datrie, gdk-pixbuf, pixman, xinerama, xft2,thai, jasper, pango, xcb-render, xcursor, xcb-shm0, xrandr, gtk223:28
skegeekAll of their lib packages, that is.23:28
fivedaysaheadit suggest removing xinerama is that installed by default?23:29
skegeekI'm just not sure why it suggests removing them, I would that at least gtk2, xrandr, and pango would be needed for the desktop.23:29
fivedaysaheadit suggest removing xrandr?? i don't think you want to do that23:29
Sysiokay, apt-get autoremove would probably tell you it's gonna remove entire xfce23:29
skegeekI would assume so. Makes me curious why apt would be suggesting to do so.23:30
Sysiyou may wanna run apt-get install to those libs so that it stops suggesting removing them23:30
Sysibecause apt thinks they're not needed because packages you removed needed them23:30
SysiI prefer aptitude, it's smarter23:31
fivedaysaheadi've nver used aptitutde does it have the same repsoitories by default?23:31
skegeekSame as synaptic23:31
Sysiit functions on top of apt23:31
Sysilike synaptic23:31
fivedaysaheadooh it's gui?23:31
Sysino, it can be used via ncurses "GUI" or by commands23:32
skegeekapt and aptitude are command line utilities, Synaptic is a gui frontend to them if I'm not mistaken.23:32
fivedaysaheadgot it23:32
fivedaysaheadjust installed it23:33
fivedaysaheadwhat's the best webcam software out there?23:39

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