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YokoZarDoes bzr 4.2.2 fix this crash over 4.2.0 (currently live on launchpad build daemons): https://launchpadlibrarian.net/89179259/buildlog.txt.gz (bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'cStringIO.StringI' object has no attribute 'split')00:16
YokoZar*2.4.2 over 2.4.000:17
vilahi all07:58
vilahmm, so, lifeless, regarding pqm, when you say 'pqm uses a temp dir to do the work' do you mean the merge happens in a branch that is created from scratch (but still use some shared repo I presume ?) ?07:59
lifelessyes, and no08:01
lifelessyes new branch cloned from the target (which is on local disk in the bzr config)08:01
lifelessthere is no shared repo08:01
lifeless(And can't sensibly be, because the tests run in a chroot08:01
viladoes this temp branch use a predictable path ?08:02
lifelesseither the test executing wouldn't have access to the repo, or we couldn't trust the repo for the next test run08:02
lifelessvila: yes, it is.08:02
vilawgz: ^ here we go, so the settings should go in locations.conf08:02
vilalifeless: thanks, do you happen to remember which path is used ?08:03
lifelessor make them inherit from branch.conf when a new branch is cloned08:03
lifelessuhm, it will be the wordir + -- + the branch name, I think.08:03
vilayeah :-/08:03
lifelessyou don't need the exact path08:03
vilabut we have no mechanism to propagate settings from branch to branch08:03
lifelessjust set it to / ?08:03
vilait is different for 2.5/2.4 etc08:04
lifelesscan you not just list all the news files and it will do the magic on whichever ones are there08:05
vilawe can set the news_merge_files list to bzr-2.5.txt, bzr-2.4.txt and so on so it will take the first one that exists in the branch08:05
lifelessit should take them all surely08:05
lifelessprojects may have more than one file08:05
vilashould work08:06
vilaso, summarizing, the merge happens inside the chroot so the chroot locations.conf is where the settings should go, correct ?08:07
lifelessthe merge is done by pqm, the tests run in the chroot08:07
lifelessthe path that the merge is done in is within what will be chrooted08:08
vilaha, so host locations.conf08:08
lifelessits a fairly paranoid system08:08
vilais it: merge in host/tests in chroot/commit in host or merge in host/commit in host/tests in chroot ?08:09
lifelessthe former08:09
lifelessgpg key for signing is in the host, not the chroot.08:10
vilapfew, finally, I think I get it now08:10
lifelessit is08:10
lifelesstrusted code in host, untrusted code in chroot08:10
vilayeah, it's always clearer once you understand ;)08:10
vilawgz: around ?09:03
mgzmorning all09:29
vilaheya mgz !09:29
vilaYou may want to read the logs here to get more understanding of the news_merge issues09:30
vilaARGH, http://forums.crucial.com/t5/Solid-State-Drives-SSD/0x00000f4-error-on-M4-64GB/td-p/76392/page/16 discovered less than 2 hours ago seems to kill my SSD just *now* :-( :-(09:49
vilascreen turned black :-(09:50
mgzany better vila? that ssd bug sounds fun.10:16
* vila backups like mad, hopefully the 1 hour window will allow...10:16
vilaafter that I'll try to re-install on a different /10:17
vilawith a bit of luck I won't have to unplug it if it's not the boot disk anymore10:18
vilaalternatively I can migrate my home dir to my laptop and install some alternate mail handling setup and I'll be good for at least next week10:20
viladang it, when I read the report this morning I saw I was at 216.8 days and hoped I would be immune...10:21
vilain one sense I'm lucky it happens now instead of next week...10:22
vilahome backup successful, ticked10:23
vila30 minutes left, what's next ?10:24
vilaattempting backup to laptop while the clock is tickling (20 mins to go)10:45
fullermdWhy not just reset the clock back?  Makes it way easier...10:45
mgzfullermd always manipulates time :)10:46
fullermdYeah, cesium is my bitch.10:47
vilabam, just at the th 1 hour mark :-(10:55
vilaand screen goes to black a couple of minutes after, definitely the same symptoms :-( :-(10:57
mgzvila: babune is down?11:07
vilaoh yes :(11:07
vilathat's where it's running11:08
vilawell, usually :)11:08
fullermdFunny.  After all those years of laughing at and then igoring people who kept saying that MLC's very limited erase cycles would never be a problem in practice, it turns out they were absolutely right.11:16
fullermdAny SSD is going to have such completely broken firmware/controller that it craps itself long before the flash wears out.11:16
vilarecovery plans needs to be practiced to be effective...11:17
vilathat's the only way to know they work11:18
mgzclearly the fail_after_warrenty_expires() function in the firmware had a date bug11:18
vilathe amazing part is that I didn't buy it *just* when it was released but more something like several months after that so many more people should have encounter the issue before *me* :)11:33
vilathis probably means they use theirs on machines that don't stay up 24/7...11:33
fullermdWhat a bunch of wimps.11:36
mgzvila: so, on the news merge side11:50
mgzdo you know where the inside-the-chroot branches are?11:50
mgzbecause I'm not clear from the log what those paths are, the branches we were looking at yesterday were the permanent ones11:51
mgzokay, so we need to find that out, then we can explain to gnuoy and try again?11:51
vilalifeless said the merge occurs on the host in the branch where the chroot will find it11:51
mgzI'm not sure how we know what the right values to put in location.conf are though12:00
mgzor how to find out.12:00
vilaas long as you specify a directory *above* all of them and specify *all* news files, we should be fine12:00
mgzah, okay, so that's a change of thingy12:01
vilayeah, my first proposal was conservative but a broader one should work as well12:01
mgzperhaps update the rt with new guidance?12:01
vilamgz: will do (in the middle of reinstalling so half-working setup on *this* desktop too)12:27
vilamgz: what's the rt number ?12:28
* vila shudders12:30
mgzright, after you're all sorted :)12:31
vilait seems that even without booting from it, the ssd (m4 crucial 256 GB, let's advertise ;) bricks the desktop after 1 hour12:31
mgzthe... rt# doesn't seem to be in the email12:31
vila51... something, it shoudl12:31
mgzrt #5015112:32
vilahehe, just found it by searching my mail *files* (don't want to start my MUA for now)12:32
vilacrap, can't boot anymore :-(12:33
vilaback to bios ...12:34
vilacan't enter bios setup ???12:35
vilaweird, settings have changed their (third reboot was the charm to enter bios setup)12:39
vilasomething related to disk order... could be related to the ssd being awol during boot... may be12:39
vilabooting now, pfew12:39
vilaright, disk order have changed indeed, lucky me for using the LABEL trick on all my disks I can keep track of the /dev/sdx used12:45
vilamgz: updated12:54
mgzjelmer's going hooking mad14:42
mgzI still sorta-want a repository open hook, but I'm not sure anyone else would have a need for it.14:43
fullermdYeah, he seems a little hooked up.14:43
mgzwe might even call him captain hook.14:44
jelmerouch, that are some bad puns right there14:55
* vila loves hooks14:58
fullermdKnew that would hook you in.14:58
fullermdAnyway, there are no bad puns, only bad people.14:59
vilaI just put  one on my wall with a little 'crucial' note on it14:59
fullermdSolid plan.15:00
jelmerthanks for the review mgz15:06
jelmerwe should now handle quilt patches much more cleanly if bzr-builddeb is installed15:08
vilafor those following the m4 crucial saga, booting from another hard drive works, the ssd still goes AWOL one hour after reboot though15:39
vila... and crucial announced a fw update for 2012-01-1615:40
* vila notes: next time, shut down for 3 more weeks so we get the fw update *before* the crash 15:41
mgzwhat machine is this in exactly vila?15:45
mgznot your fancy air thing?15:45
mgzso, won't matter for next week anyway15:45
vilamy main dev desktop where babune runs15:45
vilawell, that's where I handle mail too, both fetching and sending15:45
mgzemail holiday!15:45
vilaI'm blindly re-installing the ~1000 packages that the default install didn't provide...15:47
vila... I wonder if using an SSD there will be faster... err wait15:47
mgzjelmer: any ideas on report from buildd issue previously: http://paste.ubuntu.com/79497215:55
vilajelmer: seen the debian bug  about pristine-tar for kde tarballs being closed  ?15:59
mgzyeah, I did a quiet woho when I saw that in bug mail this morning.16:00
mgzAndré seems to have a talent for finding weird errors, the last .bzr.log he posted makes no sense to me at all,16:01
vilacan't remember which version we run on jubany...16:01
mgzcan't tell if all the bzr-svn errors are relevent or not.16:01
vilabug # ?16:01
vila(still no mail here)16:01
mgzbug 814408 comment 516:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 814408 in Bazaar Explorer "Exception "bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock" occurs very often. " [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81440816:02
mgzbut he ends up with a totally borked tree and dirstate file somehow16:03
vilapackage install finished, let's see what blows up on reboot...16:11
vilacan't reboot :)16:14
fullermdHey, that means nothing blows up.  Awesome!16:15
vila..unless I power-off, so the trick is that the ssd requires a power off, but then, the bios lose it's boot disk order, fun :)16:16
fullermdGaah.  And so it took me a good minute to figure out why 'bzr diff' wasn't working in a mtn tree...16:19
vilateach you to use the right tools ;)16:19
fullermdThe right tool as near as I can figure, is "strong-arm Samba into moving into mtn, so that jelmer writes bzr-mtn"   :p16:20
vilapfew, desktop works again, now for all the rest16:28
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jelmermgz: sorry, was away for a bit17:00
jelmermgz: that's still waiting for python-debian to be deployed on the buildds17:00
jelmervila: no, I didn't - why?17:00
jelmer(why did they close it?)17:00
vilajelmer: apparently they fixed it17:02
mgz...ah, it's a pre-python-debian changelog module? I'd expect everything to be broken then.17:02
mgzor do other callsites pass str or something?17:02
vilajelmer: i.e. a newer pristine-tar should now be able to import the kde tarballs produced on suse17:03
mgzI think Joey Hess introduced a binary diff fallback as is used for gzip17:03
mgzI didn't look at the change in detail though17:04
jelmermgz: other callsites pass str17:11
jelmermgz: ah, cool17:11
viladamn, 1 hour is short :-/17:20
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fbondSo ... the PHP PECL code repository looks like one big shared SVN repo used by all projects.18:10
fbondBranching from it with bzr-svn is taking an extremely long time because it is caching all the revisions.18:10
fbondIs there any way to make it only download the revisions that actually affect the project I'm after?18:11
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jelmerfbond: hi18:43
jelmerfbond: you can disable the cache completely18:44
fbondjelmer: Hello.18:44
jelmerfbond: set 'use-cache = False' ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf18:44
fbondjelmer: Okay, thanks!18:44
fbondjelmer: Much better.18:46
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