YokoZarWoo, I can now set daily builds to 0.4 recipe version!  ....that crashes bzr before build :(00:01
spmphillw: top right hand corner of the bug "Convert to a question"; unsure how widespread the access to do that is tho00:06
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deryckadeuring, rick_h_-- I've got IRC now.16:08
adeuringderyck: ok, thanks16:08
rick_h__deryck: ty16:08
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psusisay, is anything in the works to make the Opinion status actually usefull?16:57
deryckpsusi, no.  but it's usefulness or lack thereof is a matter of, well, opinion. :)16:58
psusiI would very much like to be able to use it16:58
deryckI could it be made useful for you?16:58
psusicurrently it isn't useful beacuse it is just equivalent to invalid... it would be nice if that were not the case16:58
deryckgah, fail on my typing.16:59
Resistancei disagree with you psusi...16:59
psusihere's an example: bug #77642216:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 776422 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "[Natty] Grub no longer recognizes raid5 array" [Critical,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77642216:59
deryckpsusi, yeah, there are people who want it to be an open status not a closed status.  ut just wasn't designed that way.16:59
Resistancei read "Invalid" as someone thinking something's a bug when it really isnt16:59
Resistancei read "Opinion" as the opinion of someone who wants current functionality fixed to be different17:00
psusithis isn't a bug since it is really a broken bios, but people having the same issue and searching for a known bug should be able to find that bug report and see the workaround17:00
* Resistance uses that format on more than one project17:00
psusiResistance: how you read it != what it actually does17:00
deryckyeah, Opinion is meant to be shorthand for "we have a difference of opinion here, and I need to close the bug and move on to other work."17:00
Resistanceshow me documentation that states what it actually does then :P17:00
psusideryck: right... so the developer doesn't want to see the bug any more.. but users searching should still find it as it may be useful to them17:01
deryckthat's a different issue.  maybe closed bugs should turn up by default in search results? (I'm not sure they do, just saying it's a different issue than making opinion useful.)17:01
psusiResistance: what it actually does is the exact same thing as invalid, which makes it kind of pointless ;)17:02
brendandOpinion is used wrongly in that bug17:02
psusiwhat I'm saying is that there should be a distinction between invalid and opinion, rather than just classifying them both as "closed"17:02
psusibrendand: why do you say that?17:03
psusiit seems to me that having one "closed" status that users still can easily find, but is hidden from the normal bug list so that it doesn't distract devs would be useful17:04
brendandbecause if the problem is in the bios then it's not a bug17:04
psusibrendand: exactly, that's why it is in a closed state ( which opinion is )17:05
brendandif it's not a bug then it's Invalid (also a closed state)17:05
psusibrendand: right, but why have opinion if it is == invalid.. make it slightly different so it has a useful purpose17:06
brendandpsusi - Opinion doesn't equal Invalid (although I have to say I'm not a fan of opinion)17:06
psusibrendand: while that isn't a bug, it IS a problem that is likely to affect people, and it has useful information for people affected by it, so it would be very useful if it still showed up in text search results, but was hidden from the bug list17:07
psusibrendand: how is it at all different from invalid?17:07
brendandOpinion should be used when changing the way something works, not when there is a failure such as in this bug17:08
psusino, that's a wishlist priority triaged bug17:08
brendandisn't it all as clear as day :)17:08
psusiif you marked a request to change the way something works with opinion, it would never get changed because opinion is de facto invalid...17:09
brendandWishlist is *supposed* to be for 'nice-to-haves' and new features17:09
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markjonesIs Malone a codename for the bugs part of Launchpad?21:15
sinzuimarkjones, it *was* a code name, as was rosetta for Translations. We remove the references in the code when we can. We use "Launchpad Bugs" when we talk about the bug tracker21:21
markjonesi just came across the codename in a presentation21:22
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