mustafaWhat's the minimum requirement for lubuntu ?00:47
holsteinmustafa: its light... id say try it00:48
holsteinotherwise, you'll probably want puppy00:49
Unit193mustafa: What do you have?00:51
mustafaUnit193: it's a friend00:58
mustafashe has a intel celeron00:58
mustafa1.07 GHZ00:59
Unit193You're installing Linux onto a friend? Might have better convos00:59
mustafaand 495 mo00:59
wxlNO PUPPY00:59
Unit193That's better than the one I use it on01:00
mustafayes I will install onto my friend01:00
wxlyeah you'll do find01:00
mustafabut she said that someone tried before and didn't be successfull01:00
mustafaand that someone said it's not compatible with linux01:00
wxlwell yeah, usually linux is for computers, not people01:01
mustafabut I think this person is noob01:01
mustafaand there's no reason that her computer is not compatible with linux01:01
Unit193Some crappy $randomnamebrand aren't as easy01:02
wxlmustafa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#System_requirements01:02
wxlspecifically calls out a celeron with a quarter of the ram01:03
wxlyou'll do fine01:03
wxlput it on her!01:03
* Unit193 500MHz celeron; 512M01:03
wxlUnit193: ah so you are a bot. an embedded system, no less! ;)01:05
Unit193That's a full desktop...01:06
wxlheadless server you mean?01:06
mustafathe iso of lubuntu makes live cd too ?01:13
mustafalike the iso of ubuntu ?01:13
Unit193As long as you pickup the desktop one01:14
mustafathanks for your helps01:21
mustafagood night01:21
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smilehi :D09:45
pAt__Hi (:09:45
MrChrisDruifAloha pAt__09:46
smileMrChrisDruif: hi! :D09:46
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MrChrisDruifpAt__; have got an issue or question?09:51
pAt__No thanks. I am just hanging around here, loving lubuntu ;)09:52
smile4everpAt__: yeah! :D09:53
smile4ever#lubuntu-offtopic is also nice :)09:53
pAt__Not to help others ;)09:53
pAt__But thanks. Didnt know this channel09:53
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ubot5Do you like to hug alot? - http://bit.ly/aVDMTo10:51
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ubulukasz is here??13:23
AmberJI remember using "Ubuntu recovery mode" from GRUB to change passwd for a user account...15:59
AmberJI tried it on lubuntu 11.10 but it does not works15:59
AmberJwxl, help! ;)16:06
Ahmucki think i'm on 10.10.  how do i get to 11.10?16:07
Ahmucker, 11.0416:07
AmberJAhmuck, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:07
Ahmuckhow then do i check for dist16:08
AmberJOr, use "Update manager"16:08
AmberJI guess it only supports upgrading to 11.0416:08
wxlAhmuck: you get 'er fixed?16:15
wxlAhmuck: well, try lsb_release -rc16:18
Ahmuckwxl: nope :(16:31
AmberJOk...got my problem solved16:32
AmberJ / was mounted as "read only"16:33
AmberJI used "remount" (as read/write) in recovery menu...and then "password user". This did the trick.16:33
wxlAmberJ: you're doing recovery?16:35
AmberJDone already :D16:35
wxlAhmuck: if you look at your repos, do you have oneiric repos???16:35
wxlAmberJ: i struggled with that at first, too. it's not obvious.16:36
wxlAmberJ: networking's purdy easy tho :D16:36
AmberJMy mentor needed to change password on his ubuntu install...He forgot it ;)16:36
AmberJheh yea...16:38
Ahmuckk, the upgrade doesn't do this automagically16:40
wxlAhmuck: typically it's not an issue. i don't know what the deal is with what you got there.16:40
wxlAhmuck: honestly, it usually asks you if you want the next version. that's the default behavior. unless you've changed it. you can always run a software update check, assuming you have it set up to check for new versions.16:41
AhmuckFailed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/oneric/partner/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found16:41
AhmuckSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.16:41
wxltry replacing canonical with ubuntu, Ahmuck, just for grins16:42
Ahmuckah, lts only selected16:42
Ahmuckso it's not looking for upgrade if it's not a LTS release16:43
wxlTHAT will be a problem16:44
wxlok, talk amongst yourselves. i gotta get to work :D16:45
Ahmuckk, that's complete, however no upgrade16:45
Ahmuckthx wxl16:45
AmberJAhmuck, so, got it resolved?16:48
AmberJdid you uncheck "lts only"?16:49
AmberJAnd, did you do "sudo apt-get update" after it?16:49
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Ahmuckdownload the iso16:50
AmberJhey smile16:53
smilehi AmberJ :)16:53
AmberJCare to tell how to record videos using download helper?16:53
smileI don't know it :( but I think video downloadhelper site has info about it :)16:54
smileAmberJ: i'm not using it daily, so (the record feature) :)16:54
AmberJIt has info for a:16:54
AmberJ1. Paid16:54
AmberJ2. Windows16:54
AmberJprogram...how dare you recommend windows, smile? ;)16:55
smileAmberJ: i don't :o16:56
smileAmberJ: Since version 4.9, Video DownloadHelper has introduced an additional video capture method through direct grabbing on the screen. This feature relies on CamStudio when running on the Windows platform and on RecordMyDesktop when on Linux, Video DownloadHelper providing a one-click capture start capability, without the need to manually specify the region of the screen to be captured.16:56
AmberJoopsie ;)16:58
AmberJI thought you meant this: http://www.downloadhelper.net/applian-replay-media-catcher.php16:59
smileAmberJ: try to install recordmydesktop :) & find the button in video downloadhelper16:59
AmberJThanks smile :)16:59
smileAmberJ: be sure to check preferences window of video downloadhelper. There is info about it. :)16:59
smileyou're welcome17:05
Ahmuckis there a way to add an ISO to the software sources?17:21
Ahmuckso, do i need to step up?  10.10 then 11.04?17:28
smileAhmuck: yeah. But i suggest you take a clean install :)17:47
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wxlback. what did i miss?18:55
venik212where do I set the preferences for my audio system in Lubuntu?  THe volume control, which in Unity allows access to them, does not do it in Lubuntu18:55
wxlvenik212: alsamixer in terminal18:56
wxl(although just a volume control should exist in lxpanel)18:56
venik212it does exist in the panel, but it only controls the volume.  Under Unity, the volume control indicator also allows access to the sound card properties: which mic to use, etc.19:01
wxlvenik212: no such thing in lxde (yet; want to build one?)19:01
venik212I am confused-- I thought that under Lubuntu I could use any Ubuntu application.  Alsamixer does not seem to see my rear microphone19:02
venik212and for some reason, Google Voice mail wants to use only the rear mic19:02
wxlvenik212: try arecord -l19:03
wxlshould list all the capture devices you have19:03
venik212in terminal?19:03
wxlvenik212: you CAN use any ubuntu app. however, the panel apps require a different panel. at which point you end up steering yourself back towards ubuntu/becoming less lightweight.19:04
wxlvenik212: only way to do it and get reasonable output, eys19:04
venik212wxl-- I know which devices I have (I have a front and a rear mic), but I must have a way of CHOOSING the rear mic.19:09
wxlvenik212: what i'm asking you to do essentially is to see whether or not alsa (which alsamixer uses) sees the rear mic19:09
venik212Alsa listed 3 devices, did not call them mics19:10
venik212udi@udi-desktop-64:~$ arecord -l **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices **** card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC1200 Analog [ALC1200 Analog]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: ALC1200 Digital [ALC1200 Digital]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 2: ALC1200 Analog [ALC1200 Analog]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #019:12
wxlso none of those are your rear mic?19:12
venik212I cannot really tell, but given that it says 1/1, I doubt it19:13
wxlwell if none of those are your rear mic then the basic core audio system is not picking up on it which comes as no surprise why you're having problems19:14
venik212I know how to set it under Unity. so what I need is the name of the application that does it under Unity.  Synapic lists two sound indicators, one with gtk+-- maybe that is the one I need...19:14
AmberJvenik212, Does front and rear mic mean two separate tangible mics?19:14
venik212wxl-- I used this very hardware under Unity yesterday19:14
venik212I think so, since when the front mic is used no sound is recorded19:15
venik212they are the front and back of the mouthpiece19:15
AmberJwell, alsamixer should show rear mic then. I have only 1 mic, still it shows rear mic for me...19:16
venik212I may have to log in in Unity to make that phone call...19:16
AmberJoh k19:16
venik212that is what I use it for-- long distance free calls19:16
AmberJtry: "sudo apt-get install alsamixergui"19:16
AmberJI guess you probably have a low screen resolution and   alsamixer's ncurses-kinda interface refuses to show up rear mic settings on far right side of window...19:19
AmberJSo, alsamixergui might help19:19
AmberJthough pressing right arrow key in alsamixer should take you to far right19:19
venik212screen res is 1920X???19:20
AmberJjust try starting alsamixer once again and press right key many times....19:20
smileAmberJ: i hate alsa :|19:22
smilethat's why I use pulseaudio :p19:22
AmberJwell, alsa (with default configs) has always worked well with my sound card.19:23
wxlsilly smile you DO use alsa19:23
AmberJI don't even know difference between alsa and pulseaudio :D19:23
wxlevery *buntu variant passes alsa through a plugin to pulse audio19:24
wxlread and weep https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio19:24
smilewxl: :(19:24
smilewxl: i want real PulseAudio!! :D19:24
wxltell that to the apps you have that require alsa19:25
smilewxl: kind of compatibility mode? :p19:25
venik212I FINALLY found something called simply MIXER, which recognized all the things I needed.  ALl is well19:31
venik212too bad they hide it so well19:32
smilevenik212: i hate sound ;)19:38
doritoDanInstalling Lubuntu for the first time. :-)21:48
doritoDanThe installer is sort of glitched.21:48
doritoDanThe cursor is mirrored and the button icons are badly positioned. :S21:49
wxldoritoDan: uh, which lubuntu you installing via with methodology on what machine?21:58
doritoDanwxl: The latest desktop one using an iso on a VMware virtual machine.21:58
wxllatest = 12.04 or 11.10?21:58
doritoDan11.10. I did not see a 12.04 on the page.21:59
wxlwell it's in the dailies. it's not official yet, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want to go with some bleeding edge alpha stuff. not necessarily recommending it.21:59
doritoDanI never use alphas or betas. :=)21:59
wxlanywho, this is the second issue i have heard that revolved around VMware21:59
wxli wonder if vmware itself isn't problematic22:00
wxlor.. are you doing this on windows?22:00
wxl64 or x86?22:00
wxlvmware in windows?22:00
holsteinlol... i consider all non-lts's beta ;)22:00
Unit193I know VirtualBox works22:00
wxloh hush holstein22:00
wxlyeah i know virtualbox works too22:00
doritoDanVMware could possibly cause the mirrored mouse cursor, but I have a hard time seeing how it would contribute to the image positioning inside the button elements.22:01
wxlit's fairly trivial to install on os x. i might recommend giving that a shot.22:01
doritoDanI think that has to do with me using a localized translation for the installer, and the words beeing so long that the margin between image and text disappears.22:01
doritoDaneffectively making it look weird22:01
wxli have an imac running vbox on a 64 and lubuntu has no problem.22:01
wxlthat's possible.22:02
* wxl looks to see who's on the translation team22:02
wxlwhat translation?22:03
wxlstupid subteams page i can't ever find22:04
* wxl grumbles22:04
wxlyeah i'm kind of at a loss doritoDan without some help from the translation team. i would suggest giving it a shot in virtualbox22:08
wxlan alternative would be using the alternate installer22:08
Unit193Or try the LiveCD22:09
doritoDan_wxl: Swedish.23:00
doritoDan_Also, I don't have virtualbox.23:00
doritoDan_But uh23:00
doritoDan_the installer works.23:00
doritoDan_I'm just saying, it looks weird.23:00
wxldoritoDan_: virtualbox is easy to get. it's free. :D23:03
wxldoritoDan_: it would be interesting to see if the desktop is weird or just the installer23:03
wxldoritoDan_: so i'd check a livecd23:03
wxldoritoDan_: if the live cd is ok use the alternate installer and it will be no problem23:03
doritoDan_How would a livecd differ? It's the same installer. :I23:03
wxlnot for the installer part23:04
doritoDan_In fact, is there even an installer at all on the livecd?23:04
wxlto check the cd out silly23:04
wxlto see if the desktop itself looks messed up23:04
doritoDan_I never complained about the desktop.23:04
doritoDan_Just the installer. :)23:04
wxlanywho either way it sounds like you have a bug of some kind so i'd probably file one23:04
wxlbut first i'd probably eliminate the vmware part of it23:04
wxlso head over to #vmware and see if they know what the heck you're talking about23:04
wxlsorry i thought you needed HELP with the installer23:05
wxlcomplaining about things is best handled in the form of bug reports23:06
doritoDan_I'm neither complaining nor asking for help. I merely commented on it to see if it was a design error.23:07
wxlagain, bug report23:07
doritoDan_Nah, I don't like bug report systems. They're too cumbersome.23:10
doritoDan_And badly designed.23:10
doritoDan_Hmm.. cool. So this is lubuntu. Is there a way to make it automatically bring up the last used user account when starting up the login screen?23:10
doritoDan_because just now it asked me to type in both my username and password23:11
Unit193it's called LXDM, that's the idea23:12
doritoDan_Unit193: What is the idea?23:16
Unit193LXDM does that, it's normal, nothing different there. You can set autologin if you wanted23:16
doritoDan_I don't want autologin - i just want it to automatically pick my username23:18
Unit193Fine, either try LightDM, GDM, KDM, or some other DM that does that :P23:18
doritoDan_Unit193: Aren't those more resource intensive?23:25
Unit193Yes, maybe less so for Lightdm23:26
doritoDan_Isn't there a way to achieve what I want on LXDM?23:27
Unit193It does with 0.3.0, but you'd have to find a greeter that has it23:29
pingcastsdoritoDan_: you can try slim but the project is dead as far as I know23:29
Unit193AFAIK, slim needs you to type username23:30
pingcastsyou can configure it to auto login but I think if you leave out the password it'll just do the username23:31
doritoDan_I got an error when I tried to update my files using the update manager23:31
doritoDan_"The daemon died."23:31
pingcastsyou could also try lxdm23:32
Unit193Lubuntu currently uses that by default....23:33
doritoDan_So does lubuntu run ubuntu apps?23:43
]spectre[sure doritoDan_23:44

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